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[EVENT] GFL's 1st Annual Talent Show

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Hello all,

Welcome to GFL's 1st Annual Talent show! This is a bit different than our karaoke nights we had in the past.

In the talent show, you can perform a wide variety of things!

You can play instruments, sing/rap, perform an original poem/spoken word/short story, comedy, and just about anything else you could do live!

The event will be hosted in the main discord in the “Annual Talent Show” channel on Saturday, November 30th at 5 PM EST.

If you have questions contact me via personal messenger or on discord at Mejilla#1997.



Audition Requirements:

  • You must be a GFL member (apply here - https://gflclan.com/memberapplication/ )
  • Keep your acts professional. Do not use racial slurs or other content with malicious intent.
    • Please use common sense when going about this. Meme/"shitpost" acts won't be taken as seriously, which might hinder your spot in the talent show.
    • If you have questions about this, feel free to message me and I will clear any confusion.
  • We're using the honor system here. If you're doing art, poems, stories, etc, PLEASE make sure YOU are the one who created it.
    • The auditions and main event will be recorded. If need be, we will go back and do searches to find out if your act is original.
  • Keep your act under 5 minutes. If it's a tad bit over, that's fine.
  • Sign up under this post to audition using the format below.
    • All replies under this post should be sign ups ONLY.


Your audition will be held in a PRIVATE discord call with me on Saturday, November 23rd starting at 5 PM EST.

  • I will be adding you as a friend on discord as soon as I see your sign up. It is required for you to accept.

I will make an announcement in the discord on the 23rd stating that auditions are starting.

Audition order will be in the order of the sign ups below.

On the day of auditions, I will release a doc keep track of who has completed auditioning.

  • This will be helpful for you to estimate when your audition will be. Please be prepared by the time I call you.
  • Should there be an emergency and you cannot make your audition, please let me know before auditions start.

Signing up for auditions will close on November 22nd.

A set list will be posted on November 25th. This is the run order for the talent show.


Talent Show Rules for performers and audience:

  • Be respectful to all participants and spectators! 
  • You must be a solo act. No duos, trios, or above are allowed.
  • Do not mic/text spam when someone is performing. 
    • This can be very distracting/annoying to the performer and audience.
  • Be respectful and mindful of the general discord rules found in #rules-info of main discord.
    • Violating any of these rules will come according to punishments.
  • You will be disqualified and permanently banned from all future events if you are caught giving yourself or someone else an unfair advantage.
    • Event coordinator members will be immediately demoted and banned from events if they are caught doing this as well.
    • This means you using exploits in the poll to give yourself or others multiple votes.


There will be an announcement at 5 PM EST on the 30th when the talent show begins.
Please make sure your mic is muted/set to push to talk when the contestants perform.

The audience will be provided a straw poll at the end of the talent show to vote on a winner.

  • Since I am the host, I will not be voting on a contestant for this event.

The poll will be up for 30 minutes. The winner will be announced shortly after the poll concludes.

Talent Show Prizes:

1st Place - VIP for a month, "Talent Show Winner" discord role and forums achievement.

Achievement visual: image.thumb.png.ce8525e4c826307f03f9804720edc2a5.png

2nd Place - Supporter for a month.



Audition Sign Up Format:




Discord tag (ex. mejilla#5911) : 

Steam ID (https://steamid.io/lookup) :

Stage name (this can be anything you’d like, just keep it appropriate. if you don't have/want one, I will go by your forums name) :

Name of your act (Are you singing, telling an original short story, doing an original spoken word, etc?) :

Act’s length in minutes (if you do not know, leave this blank. I will time this myself during your audition) :



Interested in joining the Event Coordinators team or other Public Relations teams? Click here to apply!

Edited by Mejilla
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Discord tag: mejilla#5911

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:115183664

Stage name: 4headilla

Name of your act: Singing

Act’s length in minutes: Roughly 4 minutes

Edited by Mejilla
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Discord tag: Mario#4521

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:90678893

Stage name: Random Noise

Name of your act: Electronic music (pre-produced during November)

Act’s length in minutes: About 3 minutes

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Discord tag: BeatBoxBattleMe#2511


Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:154162410


Stage name: OmidBox


Name of your act: Beatboxing


Act’s length in minutes: Idk its beatboxing. Literally comes for the top of my head

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Discord tag: Dustin#5962


Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:93622813


Stage name: Programmer Boi Comedy Minute


Name of your act: Comedic Story


Act’s length in minutes: Might be roughly 3 minutes. It depends on how much material I come up with. It'll be a story I write playfully poking fun with some GFL members. I mean, my only other talents are skills with a couple retro games, speedrunning hotline miami, and programming lol



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Discord tag: daddy#4588

Steam ID : STEAM_0:1:106416116

Stage name: wtvr u want. im being forced to do this by mejilla 

Name of your act : i guess u could call it singing

Act’s length in minutes :

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Discord tag: ana 🍑#0027


Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:155729219


Stage name: Ana


Name of your act: "Body And Soul - Bill Watrous" Cover


Act’s length in minutes: 10 Minutes give or take.

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