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[CS:GO] Surf Timer MOTD

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General Rules

  • No Hacking / Cheating / Scripting.
  • Do not impersonate other players or staff members.
  • Blatant or extreme racism is not allowed. Minor jokes are fine as long as it's in good taste.
  • No mic/chat spamming, prank calling or excessive yelling. Playing instruments or rapping/singing is up to admins to allow or not.
  • Do not advertise or beg for items.
  • Do not post inappropriate links (Screamers, Gory websites, pornography, etc.).
  • Do not harass other players.
  • The admin's word is final. If an admin says not to do something, then don't do it, even if it isn't listed here.


Surf Timer Rules

  • Do not share accounts with other players. This will result in both of you getting banned.
  • Refrain from getting top times on your alt accounts. Includes stage, bonus and map times. May result in a ban. 
  • Prehopping to gain speed before going on a ramp is prohibited and may result in a ban. Exception being the start of stage one on surf_fast.
  • Do not knowingly abuse exploits/glitches in maps to get better times. This will result in a ban, as will encouraging others to do them. This includes double/dropboosting. 
  • Using custom title VIP privileges to pretend that you are either a higher rank than you actually are or a staff member will result in a ban.


Useful Commands (use !help in game to see the full list of commands)

  • !surftimer - allows you to customize the timer hud to your liking, among other things. 
  • !calladmin - Is someone being disruptive? Use this command to get an Admin to come on.
  • !r - Resets your run and teleports you to the start zone.
  • !stage <number> - Allows you to go to any desired stage and practice.
  • !bonus - Teleports you to the bonus, if there is one on the map. 
  • !profile - Shows Surf Timer statistics of any player in the server.
  • !ranks - Shows all of the ranks and the point requirements  
  • !stuck - Stuck somewhere on a stage? Do this command to be taken back to the stage start zone without effecting your progress on the map.


Donator/VIP Features

  • Reserved slot to the servers, allowing you to join through console even if they're full. 
  • !ve - Vote extend command. Will bring up a vote to extend the map by 10 minutes (Can only be done with 5 minutes remaining on a map) Needs 50% to go through.

To use your own custom title, first you must use the command /title in chat - in the pop-up, hit Enable Custom Title.
Setting your custom title:

  • Use sm_customtitle "{green}[Best Surfer]" in console. Play around with it until you come up with a color/text combination you like!
  • Use the /colors command to see all color options! You can add as many of them as your heart desires.
  • Please don't use anything rule-breaking!

Custom Chat/Name Colors:

  • Use /title in chat to customize your Chat and Name colors. You need a custom-title set for your custom chat/name colors to appear!

Setting a custom join message:

  • Use sm_joinmsg "{green}Hiiiii" in console to set a join message. Again, same color options.


Useful Links

  • Apply for GFL Membership here!
  • Donate and become a VIP here!

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