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Basics -- Surfing with 3500 Max Velocity

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So, given that most of our players are used to playing with an uncapped speed limit when surfing and that I lowered it to something that is more standard, I thought I'd explain how it makes things a bit different, especially if you're going for good times on maps.


Most maps, including the ones on our mapcycle are intended to be surfed on 3500 MV. Without a cap, you'll often be able to skip a ramp or even several where it really isn't intended. 


Something you do in surf in order to gain more speed is to go down on ramps. That being said, when you do that and you already have maximum velocity, you're instead going to waste time and even lose some of that speed. This might not cripple your run, but it will most certainly add some unecessary time to it. 


Furthermore, with this change it is even more important to be very precise with how you land on ramps. Basically, the higher up on the ramp you land, the more speed you're going to get. This might seem inconsequential, but it is quite important on maps like surf_dragon and surf_ing_njv where you have to cover a bit of distance. Taking this into mind and practicing it will naturally also grant you better times on maps, and even help you beat maps you haven't been able to before. 


If anyone has any questions or more tips to give, feel free to post them below. :yes:

// FrenZy


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Small tip: Learn to use turnbinds "+left" and "+right". Learning to use these is not a must, but it can elevate your overall skill and ability to improve on certain maps. By getting used to these you will have a much easier way of going through "spirals" or other parts where keeping momentum while going downwards is crucial. 


Ninja edit: cool guide for everyone trying to learn a bit more a bout surf in general:


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