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Hamburger Crisis' Hightower Admin Application

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hamburger crisis

ye's dad


>that ain’t christ like >AAAAAAA





Age: 20


Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:170661384



What timezone are you in? 


Mountain Standard Time



Why should you be accepted as an admin? Be as detailed as possible. 


Despite my generally unpleasant disposition, I am willing to take a 180 if the position requires it. I’ve been playing TF2 since 2011, and I have a skillset that is perfect for administration. I am very familiar with SourceMod, my large knowledge of TF2 and the Source Engine in general, the judgement and decision making skills when it involves being an admin (as I’ve explained in a later question), being able to look at things from an unbiased perspective and my perceptiveness involving hackers. My priority when it comes to solving a problem is getting to the root of it to alleviate our workload. Regarding my availability, I’m usually available for at least 3 hours, 7 days a week. 


In addition, I’ve noticed a lot of hackers where there have been no admins, and I have always been there as a witness. Due to my quarrels with Mejilla regarding what the server should be, I also figured that I also might as well help out and try to be a bit more active on the forums as one of the questions suggest. 



Do you have access to discord? 

Yes. Sundownair#2146



Are you able to be somewhat active on the forums? 





Do you have any prior experience with being an admin? Explain if yes.


My prior experience as an admin was on a Garry's Mod sandbox server. The server itself allowed clientside Lua which made it an ideal community for HvHers and builders in general. I was the second (or third) highest rank on the server (Senior Directorate) next to Head of Staff, then Root. My general contributions to the server involve the following:

  • Designing and coding a well designed HTML motd for the server
  • Suggesting numerous features that improved quality of life on the server
  • Creating a clientside menu to make an admin’s job much easier
  • Created resources for other staff members in regards to helping them do their job
  • Removed several problematic players from the server


Whenever any staff members had problems regarding their job, they would often come to me. In essence I was a great example for other staff to follow by.


If you have punishments (warns, bans, and mutes), why were you punished? 


I was banned for a week for harassing Bryce Hoodie.



Who is sponsoring your admin application?

(Looking for sponsor rn, formerly K4)


If you have any questions or concerns, add me at


or reply to this thread

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Hey there.

I'm going to go ahead and deny this application for the following reasons...

1. You are extremely toxic - http://gfl.gameme.com/player_histories/chat/89022
The first piece of evidence here is your week ban that took place. Prior to this ban you were always toxic, and even AFTER this ban, you still remain toxic.

Not only have you been toxic to other players in the Hightower server, you have been extremely toxic to me, my team, and GFL. And you're trying to apply for admin while you shit talk the manager, DL, and GFL in general? That does not look good man. Not at all. Not to mention the fact that you were randomly asking me if I wanted to have explicit pictures several times (you were probably joking, but I'm not friends with you on this level, it came off weird to me and i did not like that).




...And many, many more instances other than these where you were just out right toxic to everyone you come in contact with.



2. You have been spamming as of recent.



The list keeps going on.


3. Your ban and commban.




In conclusion, I do not want someone who is as toxic as you are joining my team.

You do not show any admin potential whatsoever. You would not represent my team or this community well.
Unfortunately, I'm going to have to deny your application.
If you can prove yourself in the long, long future, you may try to apply again.

I simply do not see you fit for my team.
Thank you for applying.


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