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i am hamburger crisis (a god btw)

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and i am here to stay (and not get banned again)


i am a god tier sfm artist and tf2 youtuber. my other hobbies include


  • watching anime
  • reading manga
  • cooking
  • drawing
  • graphic design
  • 3d modelling
  • swimming
  • working out
  • video editing
  • streaming
  • modding
  • video juegos
  • playing tf2
  • killing friendlies in tf2
  • looking at shitposts on r/kanye
  • creating shitposts
  • listening to asmr while i play tf2
  • propagating my contagious cancer


i have also had other brief hobbies as well, such as music production, sound design and paid commission work (which burned me the fuck out throughout my first college year; seriously don't try this at home)

currently i am studying graphic design and front end web development in college, and i am also seeing a mentor to help establish business relationships. 


since 2011, tf2 has been my most favorite game of all time (+8k hours btw), and i main heavy, soldier, pyro and demo. i have created many assets such as sound mods, particles, models and materials. one of my most notable projects was the tf2 model removal pack which i have posted to teamfortress.tv. (it removes all hats, festivizers, etc..) it was an update to the nohats mod which the original creator abandoned. (just updated the mod today btw 🐵


my gamer disabilities include: an i5 processor, an AMD GPU, a curved monitor and a life threatening allergy to maps other than hightower.


feel free to add me @ https://steamcommunity.com/id/sundownair

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