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  1. 1. What Maps do you Like? (You can change your vote at any time)

    • ttt_67thway_v14
    • ttt_mc_nuketown
    • ttt_rooftops
    • ttt_skyscraper
    • ttt_instigated_ruins
    • ttt_innocentmotel
    • ttt_community_pool
    • ttt_teenroom
    • ttt_mc_dolls
    • ttt_minecraftcity_dark

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Please note: This poll can change at any time. Feel free to return to this poll at a later time if you want to see any newly added maps or to change your vote.


Unless we decide to try and make some sophisticated map rating system in game, right now the only feedback we are getting from people in regards to maps are as follows: this map sucks, this map is great what do you mean? And that's about it.


I think for the staff teams sake and especially the server managers sake we need to have a single place we can go to for feedback. So, I wanted to make this small poll to allow popular opinions to be heard. Simply put a vote on a map that you like. Spread this around if you can.


If I am missing any maps let me know. I haven't been on PC in over a week due to my current situation, so I have no idea what maps are currently in the server haha.

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In my opinion, considering there is already an MC only server, this server shouldn't have any MC maps. Instead dolls should be replaced with the original and nuketown removed.

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