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Bae's nZombies Admin Application

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Your username: [GFL] Bae, soolee.


Why do you want to be admin?

I would like to help the server when players are stuck since the map is a bit glitchy especially during when you're trying to revive someone. The server doesn't have any players that breaks the rules much as stated by Ben. It's just mostly generic helping players when they're stuck or needs help on how to play the game. So I just want to be able to give a hand in that. I know my ulx commands. 


Discord Tag: Hime#3667


Past Experience:

I was previously admin in L4D2 servers, so very similar, just basic admin commands, not much actually banning anyone.

Former Gmod Purge and TTT MC Admin 

Former Manager for CS:GO KZ

But the first one is more accurate for this situation. I have other but it isn't very affected to address in.

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