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General Ban Appeal

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Which platform(s) are you appealing?: Discord

Discord/TS3 username (Add your tag and ID if possible):



Why were you banned?: Uh, I guess being insensitive?


Why should you be unbanned?


I pretty sure I was banned by that one guy revival or whatever his name is I can't remember

   I guess he says I was being toxic, when all I remember happening was me saying something random when apparently a member of Tango died and I didn't know

He says he can ban me and I'm like ok


then he does it


Do with it what you will but all I really ever wanted to do was post my art, since I didn't really talk to anyone else




juky recommended i appealed a long time ago

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this is really low effort and is leaving out a lot of stuff. try again next time. try again in a month or two

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