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New map suggestions

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hi , thought I'd plonk them here instead of spamming the suggestion bot with them, also gives room to Have a discussion about them.


why do we need new maps?

to spice up gameplay, i love 67thway as much as the next guy but a larger map pool to choose from is healthier for a server.


this might be a large amount of maps but its to get the ball rolling, i have put them as steam workshop links as most people prefer them to Gamebanana.

i felt like putting new ones on as i think you guys already have a list of classics.



TTT_canvas , a art gallery based map



TTT_terminus , a map based in a large train station



TTT_lego , as the name suggests map out of lego (plural or lego is lego btw)



TTT_bf3_scrapmetal , a medium sized bf3 map



TTT_millennial_fair , a map based on the chrono trigger level



TTT_egotrip a moody map with some really nice lighting , even has a disco to get your dance on!



TTT_black_mesa_east_v1_fix2 HL2 level that has been converted to TTT , works well , feels kinda like innocent hotel due to verticality.





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I have played all of these in single player so playtests with the server as an event or something might be good.


(Edit : started playing them on another server that has a rotation, they work well)

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