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My Age: 25


My Talent: 

Learning GLua to implement functionality and fixes into mapping in the future.

Have a list of SWEP ideas I'd like to work on for TTT-MC.


5 days experience with GLua

    Minecraft Trident - Replacement for the harpoon SWEP


  • Minecraft model and sounds.
  • Able to pickup if it has not hit a player.
  • Fixed issue with projectile passing through players if they are too close.
  • Shows DNA, Body search information shows Trident was used to kill.


3-4 months mapping experience - Further focus in mapping will be geared towards optimization 




Java - Modified a Minecraft Sign Generator to remove JSON functionality and utilized Swing toolkit to copy customized signs to clipboard in 256x128

  • Will be using this small program to create new sign textures for my Minecraft maps.



Hours/Week: Dependent on project and availability

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@Roythis guy shows some decent potential.


Hey there Loke. Right away you are showing dedication which is very promising. I also like the fact that you're a mapper (which is irrelevant to what this position is about, but a couple servers could still benefit from that). At the very least it shows you are capable of putting in the hard work.


How long have you been programming for? Are there any other languages you have experience with? Hope to hear from you soon!

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Heya Rocket,


Have some experience with C# from playing with Unity3D, basic academic familiarity with Python and C++.

From previous project experience in Warcraft 3 world editor I've used both JASS and GUI (Visual programming interface for JASS) scripting to make maps.


Maybe 6 years experience scripting with JASS/GUI while mapmaking, 2-3 years learning object-oriented languages with some functional experience.

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