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DST MOTD & Rules

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NOTE: This server is not yet open to the public and things listed here may or may not change.


Welcome to GFLClan's Don't Starve Together server!






General Information


Rule set: Cooperative (at least for the first wipe, open to trying other things too)


Next Wipe: TBD


Mods (This list is not final, looking for suggestions at this time; ideally mods should not detract from the DST experience):

  • No Extinction (Prevents certain creatures from going "extinct")
  • AFK Detection (Protects AFK players from death by darkness and starvation)
  • Discord Button (Add a link to the GFL Discord in-game)
  • Health Info (Shows mob health when you mouse over them)
  • Various Anti-Griefing Tools (Prevents players from damaging other players' property)
  • Wolly Logger (Logs actions taken by players to a file)
  • Moving Boxes (Allows various structures to be moved)
  • Magic Lanterns (Lanterns provide light. Some provide additional effects when near them.)
  • Auto Health Adjust (Adjusts the health of certain creatures based on the population of the server)
  • Respawn Penalty Remover (Removes the health penalty for respawning)
  • Campfire Respawn (Allows ghosts to haunt a camp fire in order to respawn)
  • Personal Chesters (Gives each player their own chester)
  • Hats for Spiders (Spiders can be given hats by Webber)
  • Cherry Forest (Add a new biome with a couple of new items)
  • MOTD (Adds a button to open this document in game)


Chat Rules


  1. Avoid overly offensive terms (i.e. slurs)
  2. While some talk in foreign languages are OK, please try to stick to English, especially if others are trying to talk.
  3. Harassment / excessive toxicity will result in ejection from the server. Repeated occurrences may result in a ban.


Gameplay Rules


  1. Do not place things near the florid postern that may harm new spawns or prevent them from leaving the area.
  2. Do not build right next to the florid postern.
  3. Do not steal or destroy other players' property.
  4. Do not attempt to bypass anti-theft / anti-griefing measures.
  5. Modifying your client beyond what is possible with workshop mods or in a way that gives you a clear, unfair advantage over other players is prohibited. In other words, things like Geometric Placement and Combined Status are allowed, but some speed hack you found on UnknownCheats isn't.
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