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EU Overwatch 6v6 Event

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Overwatch 6v6 Event

Hello again, soldiers! Welcome to another 6v6 event of Overwatch! However, this event will cater for the EU players that were unable to join during the US event! This event will be only within GFL due to complications of finding other communities that do EU competitions, especially with Overwatch. Each team will have to take on the other team’s challengers to win in a 6v6 simulation. Be careful though, as there are competitors who have fought bravely in many battles!



Event Details


Start Date: June 13th (Saturday)

Round Time: 10 PM GMT

Hosted By: Bae

Streamed By: TBD

Map(s): TBD

Region: Europe

Twitch Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/gflclan





  • You must only enter using your own Overwatch/Battle.net account.

    • It must be your main account only!!!

  • You have to be at least level 20 or higher to enter.

  • You must be a GFL Member+ before signing up.


Event Rules


  • Turn up to the event on time.

  • Show respect to all players. 

    • Mild trash talk is allowed.

  • Don’t be a troll, causing your own team to lose!

  • Don’t use bugs/glitches!

  • Don’t spawn camp!

  • The Host and other Event Coordinators have the final say!



  • Forum Achievement Badge

    • Participation Badge (Only for those who didn’t win)gfl-event-participation-badge-2.png.73fc2de4fe08ef4fb46676d989f39803.png

    • Winner Badge gfl-ow-badge-2.png.f3de8e80c4b9833ddda9de2e1e7353a5.png

  • Discord Role

    • Overwatch Elite (Winners ONLY)



How to Sign Up

Make ONE post stating the following:


  1. Your Battle.net ID

  2. Proof of your level

  3. Your Team name & members


Only one person needs to post the entire team’s members. If you have any questions regarding this registration, please feel free to ask them in your own post or PM me.


The cut-off date for registration is June 10th.

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If anyone got a reject squad i can join hit me up on Discord:

Sofics#8200 :thumbsupup:

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  • Your Battle.net ID




  • Proof of your level - 1252



  • Your team name & members

         Pachimo#2351 (@Pachimo)

         Fire#13371 (@ItsFire)

         Shadowrift#21681 (@Rick)

         mucus#21927 (@Mucus)

         Ducky#21788 (no account as of now)

         Dualist#11178 (no account as of now)


             SUBSTITUTE: Liloz01#2793 (@Liloz01)

                                  RockRoyce#2503 (@Royce)

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