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How to fly a LFS ship

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You're either here to just read or really don't know how to fly LFS ships. Anyways, here is a guide as to how to use one.



Step 1.















Ask through comms. If it gets approved, an admin or game master will spawn one for you.


Step 2.


Enter it via pressing E on the ship, make sure you're in seat 1. Seat 1 will always be the pilot seat and pressing 1 again will lock other seats from being occupied.


Step 3.

Hover the cursor over your crosshair and press R. This will start the ship. Now, hold SHIFT until you are a decently high enough.


Step 4.


Just hold W until you're at the speed suitable for the terrain you're in or the maneuver you're performing. Holding S will decelerate you until you have no more speed, then when you have no speed, you'll start lowering toward the ground. Holding A or D will tilt your ship in that direction. For ships that aren't the LAAT, it'll do a barrel roll if not completely stopped. Moving your mouse will point and move you around.


Step 5.


Not much else besides being able to "free look" by holding ALT. Do note that you will not be able to steer your ship while holding ALT. However this is useful for shooting precisely without moving the ship.


Step 6.



Holding left click will shoot the ship's lasers, right click will shoot it's alternate fire which is usually rockets but sometimes in the case of a Tri-Droid or V-Wing, it'll shoot pellets of lasers.



VTOL is the same however take-off is different. Just hold W, and when you are high enough, just press space and you'll start going forward. Press it again to go down and touch-down.


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