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OneBitGaming's GMOD CWRP Suggestion

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Name: Shadow MSGT SO FAM 6010 Ringo

Type: Something else



Is grappling event characters fail rp? This was in episode 9 of season 2 Grievous Intrigue at 16:47.

I understand staff have final say but I think this is enough evidence to say grappling event characters is not fail rp or grapple abuse.


If it still is grapple abuse then I'd like to ban Commander Cody and the two 212th troopers.

Why: To give grappling another purpose and also so event characters can't just tank damage and run away.

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You could have just create the thread in the normal part of the forum: https://gflclan.com/forums/forum/1100-cwrp/

But anyways, grapple hooking event character is FailRP. It's the same way if you arrest an event character, that's failRP as well. Just because the movie or tv show show that it's not failrp doesn't mean it's allowed on our server. There's a lot of things in the movie/show that we don't allow on the server. 

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Grappling other players, event characters included is failrp/kit abuse. Basically if you misuse the grapple besides it's intended purpose, it's failrp. The grapple is to be used to transverse a landscape, not to grab other players and restrain them.


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