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Map Suggestions/Request

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Please use this thread to Suggest/Request new maps.

Please keep in mind this is a MG server. I'm not going to add surf/cs/fy/gg/dm maps.


I know course maps are considered MG maps, we have a few on the server already. I would rather not add any new ones for a while.

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I'm not sure if all these maps aren't on the server, but I know there are definitely a few that aren't:


  • mg_battle_slider_v3c - A classic sliding map.
  • mg_battleforce_soccer - A soccer map.
  • mg_bob2_n00b - A course map, but there isn't any spawn killer and it's common for players just to join in and play.
  • mg_bobiii - Another course map with no spawn killer.
  • mg_ig_bob - Yet another course map with no spawn killer.
  • mg_car_survival_v4 - Fun map where you have to dodge cars (if you can dodge traffic, you can dodge a ball).
  • mg_escape_prison_beta - Classic course map.
  • mg_ka_trains_detach - Fun map with moving trains and it's common to bhop.
  • mg_n64_goldeneye_v2 - Weapon multi-games which is fun and definitely a classic.
  • mg_office_coursee - A classic course map.
  • mg_pauls_smash_reborn_v2 - Survive falling objects.
  • mg_piratewars - Classic map where there are cannons you can shoot at the opposing team. I'm not sure if the physics on the map still work with CS:S.
  • mg_randomizer_v5 - Fun multi-games.
  • mg_ski_mountain_resort_fix - Classic surf-like map with a bomb site.
  • mg_smash_cannonsz - The original cannons map.
  • mg_WarmCup_Headshot - Weapon multi-games and another big classic.
  • mg_wipeout - Fun course-ish map.
  • buses_from_hell_fixed - Two bus drivers (Ts) try to run over CTs and they have to survive 2 - 3 minutes (round time).
  • mg_invisibleman_fin - One of my favorite maps back in the day, but the last time I played this, it wasn't working due to one of the CS:S updates breaking it. May be worth seeing if you can fix it (just need to make the Ts actually invisible).


@Jekyll - I have all these maps on my test server, if you want me to upload them, let me know. I can still upload them and you can add them to the map cycle if you'd like.



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