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Admin Application Guidelines

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If you are applying for an admin position on CSS MG, here is what to consider and the info you will need to provide.


Whats expected of you;

  • Enforce ALL rules, you don't get to pick and choose what you enforce.
  • Use sound judgement when laying out punishments. Don't hand out a week long mute for someones first offense on something dumb.
  • You aren't there to make up new rules, only to enforce the existing rules. However if someone is skirting rules or being toxic as fuck and killing the server, do something about it.
  • Be active on the server.
  • Don't break my rules. Punishment will be x10 worse for admins.
  • You are there to balance out the server, i don't want to hear/see you arguing with players over dumb shit or getting worked up over stuff. You have to stay calm.



Required info:


Steam ID:


Link to Forums Profile:


GFL Member: Yes *thats already filled in for a reason*


Admin Experience:


Why do you want to be an admin?


Bans in other communities? *if you have a shit load of bans all over this might impact you, be upfront here*



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