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Event #190 -- Basement Dwellers

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While event vote was set to happen at 5pm GMT-6 - after giving it a thought with the rest of the admin team we decided to start this event at the usual event time (4pm GMT-6) since the former time is a bit too inaccessible for our EU players to attend and play the event, not to mention this one might be a bit long since it also includes a new map. I'm sincerely sorry for any inconvenience this could cause.


Next voting thread will have revised time options as well as a little explanation on why that is so a situation like this doesn't occur again.


Event Overview:

Hello everyone!


This was selected from our Nomination Megathread, which you can check (and nominate your own ideas) here! -- Thanks to all the people who have dropped their nominations over time. If you'd like to see your nominations appear in these threads make sure to drop your ideas in the thread linked above!


For this week we'll be taking at two maps, one of them being new to CS:S. Doom 3 is a teamwork map with only 3 stages, the newer map however, Kitchen, is just like Aesthetic. Map has existed in CS:GO ZE for quite a while now but we haven't had the chance to experience it in CS:S due to how CS:GO mapping techniques are more advanced than in CS:S, making porting some of these maps a harder task. This, just like Aesthetic, also runs on a plugin that we now have, so what better way to celebrate than to try out this gem from CS:GO and get our first win!


For this event we'll be playing:

Time for the event:

  • Saturday July 25th @ 5pm CDT
To check at which time the event is for you, check this website to give you an idea.

Special Kickers:

  • None for this event

VIP Rewards:

  • Winners of any one map will be receiving one week of V.I.P.!
  • This event should be of a somewhat tryhard nature, please refrain from micspamming / using soundboards or mutes will be handled.
  • Regular server rules will apply for this event as usual.
  • Sitting in spec unless you're a spectating admin is not allowed.
  • Doom will be played for a maximum of 120 minutes. Kitchen being a new map in CS:S will be played for 180 minutes.
  • Any willing one.
See you this weekend, and good luck!
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