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Hey! Amelie here,

im looking for a ghost writer to perhaps write me some dope lyrics for my YouTube!


you can write as little or much as you like! Thanks!!!


p.s. of course I will credit you guys. You wouldn’t really be ghosts.

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First Verse of a GFL Diss Track:

Your face looks like one that you'd touch butt with
Even though Roy Toy cannot even find my bandwidth
Aw, our Twitter died so much faster than ZE did
Cause the group of that 1 word slay'd it and that word is gonna be "Kid"
I'm going to steal all of your money from PayPal
Then my 0 cents are not even going back into GFL
No matter what happens here, it doesn't matter, we lose
Cause someone gonna ban you and that is Mr. Oscar Wiwoz
Roy looks like a Star Trek Fan, and that's because he looks like a nerd
But I'm a taiga masta and by me you have been sick burrrrnnnnneddd

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