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Soo im gonna go on a hiatus,

Being a part of gfl was a very wonderful experience and its definitely something that I will cherish. But I guess good things come to an end. Surely, I would miss the good times I spent on rotation. I wanna give special thanks to Two Thicc Asians and @lizzeroni for getting me vip, but most importantly, for being great friends. And this goes without saying but I also wanna say thanks to @Jhay Moon, @Waylon Smithers, @Bunny_Fany, @AlphaOwl , @NorthernBear, @MoeTheFro and Testicle Salesman for treating me well and being such good friends to me. Obviously this also goes for the regulars and I'm sorry if I didn't write your name here but, I just wanna say that the time we spent together really means a lot to me. I also wanna say sorry if there are people who I may have hurt or offended throughout my time on GFL.


That being said, I'm not leaving GFL for good. I just wouldn't be able to play on the server for months and I wouldn't be as active.



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Now i can't say "YO is that SYAFI " anymore :(((( !!!


here's my bind of u !!

[misclick] syafi: AM SOEED


I will miss playing with you


wish you well ! Stay safe !!


 Family Time Reaction GIF by Lifetime

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