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FPSBrett's Admin Application for Rust Vanilla

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Steam Name(s): FPSBrett
Steam ID: 76561198213452871
Age: 18
Play Time on the Server: Not that much because I didn't know yall had a vanilla server
About me:

I am Brett Rankin im 18 and i am very chill and a nice and funny person

Past experience: 

Yes i have owned server in the past time and have been an admin on a 200+ pop battle filed server

Why I want to be an Admin: 

I would love to help the community anytime. I am willing to hop on if I need to whenever someone says there's a cheater or so and so Ik the rules of being an admin. I have been an admin on other servers but not currently. I am very professional when it comes to helping other people out. I will be on from 12am to 2pm every day starting monday.(Because of football which is from 8 to 12:30). My problem solving is very well, I have dealt with kids that have had problems with other kids who are racist and extra. I will be able to be on about 10 to 12 hrs a day some days will not be on all day but a lot of time,i am willing to hop on if a person needs help with a rust glitch or cheater and helping with any bugs or so and so with the community.

Free talk: 

I would like to help the community because there are the trolls and the cheaters and the racist kids on this server. I have run into some cheaters and ik how to find cheaters. I'm not one of those kids that will abuse the power of an admin. I am capable of helping people and getting on whenever you or someone will ask to get on. This community is a very high pop and very nice one besides all the kids that cheat and stuff. I wanna find the kids that waste other people's time by cheating and trolls and I don't abuse my power and I am capable of hoping when someone will ask when they need help.

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Good afternoon Brett,


     I love to see what you have to offer our community... although I checked your playing time and it's only two hours? That's not even the minimum hour span for the chat-mod position. Even if it was enough for the Admin position, we would put you as a Chatmod to see what you are capable of first.


I like to see you interested into our community in that way but i think the first thing you need to do is get more time on our server... and then reapply in ATLEAST the next 3 weeks/wipes. 


Thank you again but for taking the time to write us that beautiful application. But with all of this being said, your application is going to have to be DENIED for right now.

I look forward to seeing you around the community and possibly getting to know you.

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