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Server Progress Update

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Hello everyone!

This is a small post just outlining where we are at in production.


Right now we are struggling with an issue that causes the server to crash upon startup. Ideally I'd like to put ARK API onto the server.

It is essentially an addon to the server that would allow us to use plugins. One of which is responsible for a ranking system (the plugin responsible for the admin, VIP, Supporter, member ranks).

Without ARK API, I'd have to find an alternative method to implementing a ranking system. 

It seems the problem has to do with our NFO machine. We are going to try a little work around to get it working on one of our Linux machines (hopefully soon).


During this time I'd like everyone to re-check what they answered on the polls. 

On the "Super Poll PT.2", one of the options was for the Mating Interval. I tried explaining it in the post, but I'm not sure everyone read it. Putting in a higher value on this would cause Dinos to actually mate less frequently. It could be that x1.5 is actually what everyone wants to play at, however I thought I should explain this again. 


A huge thanks to everyone for your patience during this time!

  ~ Stoodly

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