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The song "addict" from the Hazbin Hotel web series, has the speaker explain their backstory to us the listener. The speaker," Angle Dust" explains to us on how  he ended up in hell. Which involves overdosing , and becoming comatose as a result. Despite himself experiencing his death, he is now experiencing a new life in the after life. He also talks to us about his indulgences in his hedonistic lifestyle, and how he does not want to leave that life.


A phrase most commonly repeated in this song is "This hotel is my Atlantis", which alludes to the city of Atlantis  which was about an advanced society that invaded Athens. The Atlantians were very corrupt and seeked glory through means of conquest. In which they attempt to conquer Athens but fail miserably, and simply just sink to the depths of the ocean. The speaker makes the comparison that the hotel (Atlantis) is a lost cause, and that its pointless to try to reform himself there. Angel  believes that he will never change, and that he enjoys the pleasure so much that there is no point coming back. 



Nearing the end we experience a  turning point . Angel Dust reveals to the viewer that he has in fact changed his mind on the hotel. And that things "wouldn't be so bad in this hotel". From my my limited understanding, I can assume that things will turn for the better for our spider boy, and that he can finally find some solace living in the hotel. 



I do apologize for my ignorant/sarcastic, video response because I was not informed and I really wanted to use one of my favorite characters from Archer. But I now am very interested in this series due to the hidden meanings it may bring, and have given it a second chance just like Angel did to the hotel.  


I do find the song very catchy and the beats/ parallel structure make it an absolute blast. 



I rate it 10/10. 


(Note: I have only listened to the lyrics version of the video, because my parents are watching me right now. But I have researched abit on the show) 


(Note: 2 I also do apologize for any inaccuracies provided in my analysis.) 

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