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35 Monkey Facts

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🐒  This is a forum to educate gamers of the great monkey race    🐒

1. Monke cool

2.their genetics are very close to humans i find that interesting

3. they got thumbs

4. technically monke own Uganda

5. monke eat cool bug with stick

6. they deadass rob people

7. there is only monkey

8. Link from hit game franchise TLOZ is actually a monke in hiding

9. their feet are fucKING HANDS

10. that one gorilla spun one time

11. Some say that you can still hear the voices of the monkes of ancient if you listen to a banana peel very closely

12. the monke emojis were created because we forced representation on apple's part

13. orangutans are extremely smart. If you were to perform a slight if hand trick on one, it would try to mimmick you

14. There are the reason twinkies still exist today

15. who asked? monke did

16. There bond is stronger than any steel you can reasonably create

17. Contrary to popular belief, chimps are a monke minority

18. There feet act like hands 2: electric boogaloo

19. swingin'

20. if you really think about it, monke created humans, and that makes us god


21. 9+10 was decreed to equal 21 by the council of monke in the ancient year of 2014

22. they can learn fucking sign language

23. Documents found in the great library of monke dictate the growth and shrink of the Monke empire

24. probiscus monkeys got da nose

25. some monkeys throats go 

bWOOOO like a frog


26. Whoever came up with the caveman easter egg in Halo 3 got a monke medal for representation

27. They were enslaved by shaka zulu before the british invaded

28. There are also currently 264 known monkeys

29. They have Epic Smiles 

30. They doxxed Skai Jackson

31. not one member of monke is a femboy, meaning the men are burly

32. council of monke

33. They were apart of very great wars

34. the back scratcher is a useless invention, monke has a better invention: the tree bark

35. doodoo balls were used in medieval times when monke fight monke. very flammable and explosive

     This post is made by monkey       gang And our fellow monkeys 🙈🙉


@Shuruia @Pyros @Harakoni @Killes @mbs @Zexired @Xy

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