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Event #198 -- Map Votes


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  1. 1. Map Votes

    • Event Nomination: "STOP EDGING"
    • Event Nomination: "Danmaku Series Megamix" Map Combo
    • Event Nomination: "Underworld Hardcore"
    • Event Nomination: "Double Big Chungus with Cheese (Hold the Pickle Ricks)"
    • Event Nomination: "Untitled"

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  • Poll closed on 09/18/2020 at 06:00 AM

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General Information:


This is an event-vote based off our Event Megathread (which means next week we'll open up a regular nominations thread), if you'd like to see your own nomination show up in these megathread votes don't forget to drop your nomination in said thread and it'll be picked!


Information on what these nominations are will be written in this post.

These votes will close on: Friday September 18th @ 1:00AM CST


Event will be on: Saturday September 19th @ 4:00PM GMT-6 unless "STOP EDGING" wins, in which case the event will be had on Saturday September 19th @ 3:00PM GMT-6


Event Nominations:

Event Nomination: "STOP EDGING" -- by mrlust

Consists of:

  • ze_rush_b_s1
  • ze_santassination_css2

Special Kickers:

  • M249s and pistols only for both maps


Event Nomination: "Danmaku Series Megamix" Map Combo -- by Yooh and yours truly

Consists of:

  • ze_minimal_v4_1
  • ze_mist_v1_3


Event Nomination: "Underworld Hardcore" -- by Lv.100 Crobat

Consists of:

  • ze_undertale_g_v1_2s2

Special Kickers:

  • Undyne battle with 20hp only
  • No heal items


Event Nomination: "Double Big Chungus with Cheese (Hold the Pickle Ricks)" -- by Longus Dongus

Consists of:

  • ze_gris_fyk
  • ze_grau_s2


Event Nomination: "Untitled" -- by ShadowCreepy

Consists of:

  • ze_ffxii_westersand_v2d
  • ze_stalker_ultimate_v3
  • ze_ffxii_feywood_a2
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