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Jessie is Jiving

Jesse Is Jiving says Goodbye to TTT MC 24/7

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5 hours ago, Jesse Is Jiving said:

I had no issues with the original rotation, in fact I really loved it. My issues arise with the 3 rotating maps. They are well made, yes, but they definitely feel unoptimized and cause me issues with performance.


I am not sure how -- the server map is basically the same in terms of performance. If you did not know, a server at full population will run at approximately 30 FPS no matter which configuration of hardware you have. This is simply a limitation of the source engine and is not fixable.


If you wish to improve your FPS, a better CPU is definitely recommended.

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It's really sad to see you go, even if I don't go on the server anymore. 
From the first week I met you I could tell you would be a great admin if given the chance. And, in my opinion, I was right. You were one of my favorite admins, up there with Muse, Time, Beaker, and Buzz. You were dedicated, putting a lot of hours into the server, probably the most constant hours out of any of the current admins. You were also pretty easy to get along with, in my opinion.
I get feeling alienated from the rest of the staff team, and I'm glad you aren't forcing yourself to be a part of something that you no longer feel like being a part of. 
Take care of yourself Jesse! I'm (almost) always available on discord if you ever need to talk.

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