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      GFL is an ever expanding gaming community. Our servers are created, customized and optimized to give every player the gaming experience they deserve. In addition to this, we hand pick all of our admins and take pride in having the best team to keep our servers clean. We are always recruiting, and welcome new members daily. Feel free to apply for membership if you haven't already!

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    2. CS:GO Expansion -- 24/7 Surf Utopia

      Hey everyone,   I am happy to announce our latest addition to our line of CS:GO Surf servers - a 24/7 Utopia server! This server aims to give newer players an easy way to play one of the most popular and well-known surf maps. As a twist, this server will rotate across a small variety of surf_utopia maps every 60 minutes - surf_utopia_njv, surf_utopia_v3, and surf_utopia_night.   IP: Be sure to check it out, add the server to your favorites, and join the CS:GO Surf Discord!  

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    3. An Update to the Directorate

      Hello everyone,   @Aurora has decided to resign from her position as Director of Technology, including her Council seat. She will maintain her role as GFL's Systems Administrator, as well as her general role of maintaining various technical and monetary aspects of the community. All Technical Administrators will still be under her leadership with this change. This move has also led to some other decisions which will be touched on below.   The Council has come to the decision to revive the Executive Director role within the Council with @Infra (myself) filling the position, therefore leaving my current position as Director of Divisions vacant. With that in mind, @Salad has been selected to fill in as the Director of Divisions and will oversee the game server divisions of GFL.   There is one position left to fill, that being the SCM (Staff Council Member) role that Salad previously held. Council will be internally selecting a new SCM within the next few days, and an announcement will be posted once a selection is made from the interested candidates.

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    4. New Graphics Team Leader!

      Hi guys! After a long time of being GFX Team Leader, I have decided to pass it on to someone who I know will do amazing things with the position, that person being @Clavers! Clavers has been with the GFX Team for quite some time now, and he is easily one of the most skilled and easy-going people to have ever been on the team. Without further ado, please join me in congratulating him on his new position!   If you're interested in joining the team, click here!

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    5. GFL Newsletter - October, November, & December 2021

      Hello! This is the October/November/December newsletter for GFL’s stuff. Just for a short introduction; I’m Dragoon, and I am one of the PR Team Co-Leads. I’m going to be working on the newsletter along with the Writing Team from now on! For each newsletter, we have one Easter Egg hidden somewhere. If you find it on a future newsletter, please be sure to message @Dragoon (Dragoon#5140) or @Salad (Salad#6564) to get a prize! For this Newsletter, @ItzTropicalx found the Easter Egg and received a 1 Month VIP Prize! - @AMP Late in October, the GFL Council had agreed to acquire the Physion community! Physion is a clan similar to ours that hosts 8 different servers for the game Unturned. However, even though its staff (which consisted of the owner and 1 developer) departed once our merge initiated, we had decided to maintain some of Physion’s distinctness and autonomy; essentially, it has become a “branch” or subsidiary of GFL.   However, the following changes have been proposed/implemented to bring Physion into the fold:   Physion’s staff team is now made up of GFL staff, much like how one of our existing departments is structured The Physion community has a separate donation system, not linked to GFL's donation system at the moment, however all funds are pooled. Physion’s servers were all ran out of a Windows VPS. The VPS was quickly replaced with a Linux machine that integrates their servers into our GFLPanel framework. Expansions are planned, but nothing is confirmed yet, stay tuned!   Interested in Physion? You can take a trip over to their Discord server by clicking here.   Are you an Unturned player and want to check out what Physion has to offer? The 5 that are open are listed as follows:   PEI ( Washington ( Russia ( Arid ( Hawaii (  - @AMP Around the same time as the Physion announcement, we were saddened to learn that @FrenZy would need to resign from all of his GFL positions. However, as it concerns his Director of Divisions position, the staff team had decided that @Infra would be the right man as FrenZy’s replacement!  If you see them around, we’re sure Infra would appreciate a couple more warm welcomes and FrenZy a few more thank-yous for all his work!  - @Dragoon A while back, @BlazingArson resigned from their positions. Though their departure was only from staff positions, they left an empty void in the Events Team as the former leader. However, this void was filled by @Copium Queen and @Duck. who are now the leaders of the team. Of course, we’re not only looking forward to seeing some very good work, but we’re also looking forward to seeing where they’ll take the team from now on!  - @Dragoon While the newsletter had been on a break for some time, the Community Representative (CR) election cycle progressed from a humble beginning to a blossomed finish after a few road bumps along the way, including a run-off election. In the end, @Shuruia and @DaPainWayne were voted in as the CR’s who joined Council, and have currently both retained their positions. As always, be sure to commend those who ran and the cool people elected for their work. (Rust Division Relaunch) - @Dragoon For those that didn't lose hope, it may please you to know that the Rust Division has been brought back! Though there's only one 5X server that's been released so far, it's been announced that a 10X server will be opened in the near future! Due to their contributions before Rust was temporarily closed, @Baconator has been selected to be the Division Leader for Rust. If you're interested in checking the Rust Division out, you can click here to go to their Discord! Council: @Infra - Director Of Divisions @Joshy - Staff Representative @DaPainWayne - Community Representative Teams: @DrakoHD - Senior Moderator @Copium Queen - Main Discord Moderator @M3M3drag0n - Main Discord Moderator @Foe - Main Discord Moderator @CrazyChocolateChip - Main Discord Moderator @NotPaul - CWRP Discord Moderator @Gigi - TF2 Discord Moderator @Omega Ryuu - CWRP Discord Moderator @ItzTropicalx - Surf Timer Discord Moderator @Ozkody or Killes - Rust Discord Moderator @Dragoon - Public Relations Team Leader @Copium Queen - Event Coordination Team Leader @Duck. - Event Coordination Team Leader @ColeCWRP - Event Coordination Team Member @Token SomethingOrOther - Development Team Member @B10001100110101 - GFX Team Member GMod: @Kwehs - GMod CWRP Manager @TheREEBoi - GMod CWRP Senior Admin @Swiftyy - GMod CWRP Head Gamemaster @Karl. - GMod CWRP Head Gamemaster @Torro - GMod CWRP Admin @R3NWR3N - GMod CWRP Admin @Feather - GMod CWRP Admin @ukeji - GMod CWRP Admin @Papabear - GMod CWRP Admin @REST DD Teal - Jedi Rakan - GMod CWRP Admin @Nomadic_Man - GMod CWRP Admin @Damocles - GMod CWRP Gamemaster @Myers - GMod CWRP Gamemaster @212th Jib - GMod CWRP Gamemaster @KingSlayer51 - GMod CWRP Gamemaster @ExtraCrispy - GMod CWRP Gamemaster @Omega Ryuu - GMod CWRP Gamemaster @Big Man Fatty - GMod CWRP Gamemaster @DG - GMod CWRP Gamemaster @FeedMonster59 - GMod CWRP Gamemaster @Mozzie - GMod CWRP Gamemaster @RangAtanG - GMod CWRP Gamemaster @GRIM68490 - GMod CWRP Gamemaster @Jamie-Jay - GMod HNS Admin @Kaylode - GMod HNS Admin @lewis - GMod HNS Trial Admin @Toxic - GMod Prop Hunt Trial Admin @Doctor Pig - GMod TTT Anarchy Admin @DodoMans - GMod TTT Anarchy Admin @TechnicallySaney - GMod TTT Anarchy Admin @xilon100 - GMod TTT Anarchy Admin @Ember The Flareon - GMod TTT Anarchy Operator @Red Five - GMod TTT Anarchy Operator @SunBeam - GMod TTT Anarchy Operator @Neon Cat - GMod TTT Anarchy Operator @MD_Prometheus - GMod TTT Anarchy Operator @Avi - TTT Rotation Server Manager @BraeLyn2212 - GMod TTT Rotation Senior Admin @AlphaOwl - GMod TTT Rotation Senior Admin @Kettermelon - GMod TTT Rotation Trial Admin TF2: @Gigi - TF2 2Fort 2 Server Manager @The queen of flies - TF2 2Fort 2 Admin @clappingcablegray - TF2 2Fort 2 Trial Admin @SovietArsonist - TF2 2Fort 2 Trial Admin @buttmoan69 - TF2 2Fort 2 Trial Admin @Token SomethingOrOther - TF2 MGE Server Manager CS:GO: @ItzTropicalx - CS:GO Surf Timer Head Admin @kami_ - CS:GO Surf Timer Admin  @4chan - CS:GO Surf Timer Trial Admin @Akott - CS:GO Surf Timer Trial Admin @SimplyEesa - CS:GO Zombie Escape Admin Rust: @Baconator - Rust Division Leader @Alexis - Rust 5X Server Manager @Lonely - Rust 5X Server Manager @Foostiee - Rust Modded 5X Senior Admin @offline - Rust Modded 5X Senior Admin @Rockwolf - Rust Modded 5X Trial Admin @bradye - Rust Modded 5X Trial Admin @luccaros - Rust Modded 5X Trial Admin Unturned: @Salad - Unturned Division Leader @Bendy - Unturned Server Manager @Moon_FRE - Unturned Server Admin @LemonInDisguise - Unturned Server Admin @rozachka - Unturned Server Admin @Lachaine - Unturned Server Admin

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    6. Holiday Sale

      Hello everyone!   In celebration of the winter holidays, we're offering discounted rates for both VIP and Supporter from now until December 31, 23:59 CT.   Both VIP and Supporter have received a 25% reduction in cost:   Supporter: $4.99 / mo -> $3.75 / mo VIP: $7.99 / mo -> $5.99 / mo   If you'd like to try out some of the donator perks we offer on our servers while supporting the community, this is an excellent time to do so.   Happy Holidays!

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    7. The Return of Rust

      Hello, everyone!   Back in August, we announced that the Rust division would be closed down indefinitely due to several issues with performance and many other factors. After a long break, I am delighted to announce that the division will be returning, led by @Baconator, from its break on the 17th of December at 5:00 PM CST!    One of the biggest issues we faced before the division took a break was our server's performance issues, with quite a bit of lag and stuttering plaguing the experience. Over the past few months, efforts have been made to maximize performance across all of GFL, with significant improvements seen across the board - especially in some of our most demanding communities like CS:GO Surf and GMod CWRP. We hope that our newfound performance gains will prevent the performance issues faced by Rust in the past!   To start, we will be launching with a single server: a Modded 5x server! IP Address: rust5x.gfl.gs:28015 ( Managers: @Lonely & @Alexis Launch: 17th December 2021 - 5:00 PM CST   As we make progress with this server, we will be looking at community feedback to see what we can bring to the table next, so please join the discussion in the GFL Rust Discord: https://gfl.gs/rustdiscord   A sincere thank you to all involved in making this possible, and we hope everyone enjoys the server! The sub-forum for Rust will be opened upon launch, so in the meantime, join the Rust Discord.

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    8. Community Representative Results Electric Boogaloo

      Hello all,   The runoff election for the remaining Community Representative slot has concluded. The results are as follows:   @DaPainWayne - 52 votes @Alexis - 32 votes   To keep things consistent, @DaPainWayne's term will expire at the same time as @Shuruia's.  

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