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  2. I think the people who are working on it need to put out some updates on the forums so we aren't left in the dark.
  3. The Unbeatables Map(s): ze_rev_a6_3, ze_rush_B_v2_2 , ze_blue_zenith_v0_2, ze_escapetheworld_o32, ze_three_eyes_v1_1, ze_trials_v3_test Restrictions/Limitations: None Event Time preferred: Anytime Others: None It doesn't have to be all the maps mentioned above but just a select few.
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  5. I'm just looking for a possible solution to a problem I've encountered. I'm not really too mad about it. P.S. girls find it attractive when men know the difference between "then" and "than".
  6. Now that I am admin, I feel I can vote? Anyways here is how I stand on your application; I feel that you have the experience in being a chat mod, and deserve a chance on being a chat mod for the vanilla. I saw you in the 10x and you were very responsive and helpful. You did what you could do as a chat mod and handled problems accordingly. So I believe you have my vote +1 on this application. Best wishes on the votes!
  7. Yes! Very happy, thanks for the submissions.
  8. Thank you for the feedback Sabey. While, yes, I decided to take a break from ZE back in August of 2019 because I felt that I couldn't manage my time, I now feel that I'm more capable balancing my real life with ZE stuff. Now that my semester is coming to an end, I can focus more on ZE. Once it starts up again, my playtime wont be as much but I will still be able to play 3-4 days a week, especially on the weekends.
  9. No name Event ze_pirates_port_royal_v3 ze_ffvii_mako_reactor_v6_b08 Kickers: On Pirates we will play the entire map with just Heal and Wall. On Mako we will play with pF settings.
  10. researcher 1.5v whit now a new r8 and a 05 to him rush tro and escape in no time to have a 50/50 fundation win that already happen a lot lol
  11. common event ze_portal_story_v3_2 ? (dont remember the stable version). ze_ffvii_mako_reactor_v5_3 ze_madara_temple_v3fix ? (dont remember the stable version). plaguefest 900 on portal and mako (falldamage). default settings on madara.
  12. Are you satisfied with the artwork provided? @King_Wailord
  13. Are you happy with the artwork provided? @Stud
  14. I have been teamed with you for about a full wipe now and have been in call with you as well as chat, you are new to the game but you have learned the mechanics quickly. Your ability to be bilingual is good because we need more chat mods like that. i have seen you in chat and you are not toxic and do provide help when needed. +1
  15. ^ @Fafy punching the air right now.
  16. It is because GFL does not have any developers capable of coding DarkRP.
  17. Ban appeal denied because he admitted to evading using a VPN and alternate account.
  18. As far as the game itself & the server, it's almost done like Pyros said. Rocket's busy doing some IRL stuff atm (he's the more back end-y manager). I'm working on the MOTD right now, and considering I'm having to re-write loads of it, it's not the fastest thing to finish. I can tell you that a DarkRP MOTD is 10x as long as something like Prop Hunt or TTT, it just takes time to think of the stuff to put, and to make it reasonable in every scenario. Addons are also a tad hard (for me), as I don't really know how to code, which is why Rocket/Zebra/Pyros help me with that, and the availability all 4 of us have atm to work on it, we're not available 24/7. Not to bad mouth GFL in any way, Manager is a voluntary position, and due to corona & losing my previous job, I was focusing most of my time to secure a job. My time's been mostly given recently to re-scheduling it so that I give enough time to all of my roles, while also securing a job (found one, and finished applying, just have to follow up daily). I did want it to release before May ended, but I did lose my job & money income, and IRL comes first.
  19. The following people now have 1 month Banana Joe/Barry B.Benson (bonus skin!) @Loccstan @jord @DUSTY @white cat22 @PHOSACHEE @Skadoosh @Evort @RussianCini @no_sound @Not_Jackie_Chan @live action cow @TheDankArab @Mithrios The following people now have 1 month Banana Joe/Barry B.Benson (bonus skin!) and 1 month Supporter @Ianccc @Iciclesss @Jolyne Kujo @Sneaky Weazel @RussellCrowe The following people I could not confirm @ouuwee @Kappoochino
  20. Yesterday
  21. Hi there. DarkRP is almost done. We are just finishing come custom coded stuff regarding how the economy works.
  22. I think you would do fine as an admin and it'll be a great learning experience for you. My only concern is when Uni picks up. Last time you applied, you disappeared during the tail end of your application cause of Uni. Specially now that you're taking a 2 week break for exams.
  23. Neutral If you can find a nice median between having fun and being responsible and this is what you want, then you'll have my support.
  24. Honestly, from what I’ve seen, it’s only taking a while until public release because of in-real-life issues that cause delays in work as well as... well... it’s DarkRP. It’s not a gamemode that can have a good server made on it within a day up to a few months. DarkRP is one of those game modes where it takes time to not only add things that people will enjoy upon release and will be balanced for the economy, crimes, etc. That being said, not sure if you’re a beta tester for it or not cause I’m too lazy to check, but if you look at the discord channel for it, (again, if you’re a beta tester) the management team for it are taking their time to craft it carefully. It’s seen that balances and addons that may not be wanted are taken into consideration. I’ve also heard talk that it’s planned release is this summer, so, if that is the case, not that long. Trust me, the wait will be worth it. Time is being put into it to make it the most likable it can be.
  25. Neutral I honestly don't think we've been on the server at the same time which isn't a negative. You have admin experience from SG but like others have stated, it seems you don't come to GFL as often.
  26. So I don't wanna call anyone out but 👀 @TheSadBandit & @_Rocket_ whats taking so long to put up a Darkrp. i understand its not over night but a year 😅. Any news or something about when it will be out
  27. It's jojo but likeeee it's a good one also this is for time out eor
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