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  2. Thank you for report. He's been banned for super mass which is a perm ban.
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    my forum profile update
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  5. Your Information Name(ingame): Joe98999 Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:88475047 Their Information Name(s): Larson Steam ID(s): STEAM_0:0:196773102 Time of incident(include timezone and date): Abut 2 am-2:15 am CST What happened: Super Rdm (9+) (Also aimbot, i have no proof sadly other than the fact that he got 9 or so headshots with a huge from top of tower Proof:
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    [MASK REQUEST]: TF2 Spy Mask Name - TF2 Spy Mask Image -
  7. Hello everyone. Please join our story of the month - theme park. Use your imagination! Deadline is June 28th @ 12PM EST
  8. Hi Jonathan, Thank you for posting the demo, he's clearly using a shaky aimbot and is now permanently banned.
  9. @PopeofSpice by any chance are you using a vpn? or used one when joining, and may i ask what server was this specifically in? whoops didnt notice you put this in the right place,
  10. Steam Name(s): ookydooky SteamID: STEAM_0:1:60410333 Admin that banned you: CONSOLE What kind of punishment was it (mute/gag, server ban): Ban Why should you be unbanned? I've never received a VAC ban before, and im not sure what actually got me banned, i played FFF in 2019 and decided to boot it up today and was told i was banned with no explanation.
  11. You're active, you're helpful and you have past experience on the role. That's definitely a +1 from me my boy.
  12. Neutral I have nothing agaisnt you, but at the same i don't know you at all. I would like to see more interaction on the server. And i would also like to see you on the server for all kinds of maps, not just the same specific maps.
  13. Here's one of the first writing requests. This one is for my boy @Daystar who got writer recently. So, to keep him entertained, I'll give him a good one. Since you love Star Wars, write me a scenario similar to your Darth Vader one on mattpad explaining what would've happened if General Grievous didn't die. Have fun writing!
  14. Me pissed while waiting for @TomRiddle to find wherever the fuck @Leks hid Jailbreak



  15. Neutral I've known you for quite awhile now. Tbh you really need to play more if you wanna stand a chance to even get it. More improvement would be needed. You need to put in more effort , come on for more maps , get to know some of the other admins better etc etc. Goodluck my fellow fisher
  16. Hello. So, the clan tag in and of itself isn't an issue. This is going to be made more clear to our staff from now on. Moving on. Given the ban reason that was listed lining up with what you claimed (bad clan tag), I did remove your 4 hour ban pre-maturely. Upon reviewing this case further it has been made apparent that you did in fact advertise your servers. Chat logs showing you posted an IP to one of them, as well as the fact that some people on the server revealed you were boasting about your anti-cheat being better, among other things prior to the point that the admin in question connected. As someone who owns a community such as yourself, how would you react to finding out someone had attempted to poach your players in this way? Let alone the leader of another community. I personally find it impossible to see this ordeal wasn't malicious on your end. Alas, the decision has been made to make this ban permanent. Thanks.
  17. I've held my tongue at work, and across all of my social media accounts for the simple reason of me not understanding it. Of course i understand the George Floyd situation, and the seemingly endless brutal killings and examples of police brutality. I've never felt oppressed or anything of the sort, But for some reason this one example has really changed something, in me, in the entire country. It has made me reevaluate a lot of my values, and the way i think. I was a Sheriff's deputy from ages 18-20, in a small town. Surprisingly i personally never ever witnessed or experienced racism in the department. It's sad to say, i don't think i would have had.. well honestly the balls, to stand up to a superior and tell them they're wrong, or need to stop doing something. Now, i'm in the military and have a certain level of authority, and i tell people to call me out on my shit. I don't get mad or upset if someone tells me if i'm wrong, or if they tell me i need to chill out. I wish that leadership was more well represented in our law enforcement, but i truly don't think it ever will be. My city is burning right now, riots are widespread, and i can't say i disagree with them. They've tried the peaceful way, kneeling during the national anthem, BLM marches. Nothing seems to be clicking, so i truly think the only way to get people high up to listen, is to start breaking things they care about, start making enough noise so someone actually listens to them. If you've managed to read all of this thank you, not sure why i'm making my first comment about this on a gaming community, but it kinda feels right.
  18. im sorry for my actions on your server and it wont happen again
  19. i'm too fucking lazy to read it Is this essentially saying twitter cant censor what the president is saying because its against their TOS/ negating TOS from sites like twitter and other media platforms that people consider to lean left when making decisions on removing certain posts. if that the case then i understand why their could be an outrage, at first i thought of this as very supportive. Then I thought of the implications of allowing certain hate speech on platforms that wouldn't normally allow it.
  20. holy shit thats huge ^ LOL
  21. chat-media-video-BF323361-15A8-40B3-9B3D-CA066C3A51FD.gif.mp4
  22. Steam Name(s): schmoke SteamID: STEAM_0:1:439122809 Admin that banned you: velocity What kind of punishment was it (mute/gag, server ban): server ban - 1 day Why should you be unbanned? I called velocity a faggot and he banned me. How is it my fault he's a faggot 🤔?
  23. This is your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:439676414 Sourcebans isn't showing a ban for you, but I'll try and find someone who might be able to do something
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