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    Name: OLIVKA Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:66995061 Discord Handle: OLIVKA#3830 Age: 24 Server Playtime: 1300 (1000 as OLIVKA and 300 as CAPITAN OLIVKA) Your timezone: UTC+3 What time of the day are you usually on ZE? 16:00 pm to 17:20pm (2 hours break) then 19:00 pm - 3:00 am UTC/GMT+3 Do you have any unique skill sets that can help with maintaining/improving the server? Are you in school or already in the workforce? Workforce (also study at the University) Are you able to understand any other languages besides English? Russian (native) and German (B1) Why do you want to become an admin? I decided to reapply because I would like to help the server, which for five years has become a great platform for me in spending free time. I really like to share my experience and help other players, as it is useful for the development of the community. As an admin in past i know how to resolve difficult situations on the server and hold long-term discussions with the people who are trieng to brake the rules. I have the experiance in bilateral conversations with mic spammers and trolls. As an old zombie escape player i met a lot of good people and friendly boys ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) who are taking part of amazing atmosphere of GFL. I would like to add that i am not respekting the people who trying to boost the zombies, using glitches and cading their teammates because it is ruining the fun of playing ZE and make the people nervous. In conclusion i would like to add that i am ready to answer on all your questions and lets provide server amazing future together 😊
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    Hey everyone, I just wanted to say we've made another achievement! We've hit over 1000 active users on all GFL's game servers at the same time! This hasn't happened since 2015. Our all-time record is 1300 players on at the same time and keep in mind we had a TS3 server at 100+ users at the time being tracked. Therefore, the actual record for players on at the same time for game servers is probably around 1200. I just wanted to say thank you to everybody who has contributed to the community Our next record to beat is getting above 10,000 users on our official Discord server which I hope to achieve soon-ish once we fix the GMod Discord Integration addon! I think it's amazing we continue to make these achievements many years later as well! Thank you.
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    Alright Hi boys been a minute, but a certain discussion forced me on here to suggest this... Since GFL I was able to join a good semi-pro team for gaming. This team includes streamers, competitive players, and more. Thus, leading them to gain multiple sponsorships', community support, and even their own branding line made by Soardawg. This led me thinking as to why GFL has not tried this before? From my understand we did have social media and tried comp teams out, but have we really done it in a sufficient way? GFL needs to start recruiting streamers, who will be able to promote GFL all together, while just having fun playing. This can bring in a fan base who not only likes the streamer they are watching, but it will also bring in more people. This is what all big gaming communities do if you just do the research. For example, SOAR, Obey, Faze, and literally every gaming community out there. Secondly, GFL needs to create competitive teams who will literally compete in tournaments. There should be tryouts with certain requirements within the community for members and everyone else to be able to have the opportunity to join the team. This should not be a team consisted of admins, managers, and more because you need the best players to be able to win and bring in money. Sorry, but that is business. Along with that, we can all agree the competitive scene is bigger than ever. Every single sport is practically cancelled, but you know what sport isnt? Esports. GFL needs to hop on that immediately. Finally, you cannot have any of this without proper social media. Right now Twitter is by far the best place to go for gaming community to gain popularity. It is also the place where you can find sponsorship's and more. From my understanding, GFL did have social medias but lets be honest here. Everyone here most likely plays games on a religous levels and probably does not like to be on social media too much (this is just an assumption). You need people who need to know how to bring in people, advertise, and more. This role should also be run by more one person, who are TRUSTED within the community. Thank you for coming to my TedTalk. This is just a rant and a thought that will bring GFL the next level. Its time to grow and grow big. This could potentially bring in a lot of revenue, members, and success within the community.
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    Hey everyone, I just wanted to announce some changes to our CS:S Division. This is part one and part two will be released in the near future. Unfortunately, I won't have time to manage the 24/7 Dust2 server because I'm busy with many other things within GFL at the moment and the server definitely deserves better than an inactive manager such as myself. Therefore, the following changes will be implemented: @Runda will be moving to primarily manage our 24/7 Dust2 server. @Dreae will be primarily managing our Surf RPG DM server. Dreae will be doing technical work within the CS:S division as a whole. He plans to make some pretty awesome plugins such as Discord Integration along with fixing any technical issues existing on the servers at the moment. These are things that if work well with the CS:S division, they could spread to other divisions as well! Runda will still have access to Surf RPG DM and implement some changes from time to time when need to be (this is okay with Dreae). However, Runda will primarily focus on 24/7 Dust2. Thanks!
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    Its time for me to post another controversial thread because quarantine has made me bored out of my mind. If you want, skip to the second issue of stacked punishments cause the first issue is really just me ranting LOL I'd like to talk about two issues for now: First and kinda unimportant issue: Randoms on the forums _________________________ I don't see why morons in the GFL community who have nothing to do with ze constantly feel the need to provide nonstop commentary on SERVER/SERVER CULTURE issues in this forum. I get the obvious irony here seeing as I hardly play ze, but hey at least I've played before :^). yes i also know its a forum where anyone in gfl can contribute but like shut up no one cares about what a forum moderator or about what a gmod server admin thinks about ze issues this is literally you @motorsteak __________________________________________ SECOND AND ACTUAL IMPORTANT ISSUE Stacked punishments I seriously don't understand stacked punishments, and I think they are a stupid form of dealing with rulebreaking in a server like GFL. Stacked punishments should only really be in place if there was a huge lack of server admins. The obvious solution to this issue would be to implement stacked mutes, since long punishments may be necessary if the server cannot be kept under watch at all times. This would prevent a dedicated troll from just coming on at 3 am when no admin is on to screw around. In a server like GFL, which is THE biggest CS;GO server, is kept on near 24/7 watch, and has a report system, there certainly is no need for stacked punishments. Under the system of stacked punishments, here's what admins can do: 1. Gag permanently for small offenses like hitting a bind 2. Mute someone for a week for having a bad microphone one time (perhaps mouth too close to mic, etc) 3. Be assholes to players and bait them into getting long mutes/gags if they retaliate like normal humans would (going back to the double standard I mentioned in an earlier post) 4. Something that JUST happened btw: permanently ban a player for throwing pistols at item chasers and causing 1 second delays in a person getting an item. Seriously? Why did we stop evaluating offences in context? A person spamming the n word and boosting and blasting earrape on microphone can be banned/punished for less time than a person who hit a silly copypasta bind on his keyboard. You guys are turning into the fucking US justice system with stacked punishments. There's also a huge issue with a lack of warnings. I literally have not seen an admin warn another player or communicate discontent since 2018. Hey guys, remember communicating? Even under this system, don't you think a person would stop rulebreaking if you just remind them that they will be muted/gagged/banned/ebanned for a long time? Nah, instead lets just mute/gag/ban/eban instantly, and then be assholes when people complain about it. I feel like we've lost the spirit of ze. Trolls who are doing harmless things to keep the game fun are being treated like malicious e-terrorists who hold the server hostage. This may be due to an admin team full of silent randoms who are gonna leave in a year anyways, or other factors. Regardless, I don't think the spirit of ze is keeping the server permanently silenced with no fun/spice whatsoever. An admin team that just two years ago embraced a spirit of casual trolling and fun is now intent on stamping out all attempts at having fun. THIS IS NOT TO SAY THAT I THINK ALL TROLLING IS OKAY. People who boost, do huge item trolls like walling everyone off, and people who blast 150 db earrape on the microphone are malicious and should be punished as such. However, there simply isn't a distinction being made anymore. Have you guys forgotten what ze is? Fun, chill, and casual at its core. As a long time player and undeniable troll, I feel sad when I see fellow players and friends be punished like Al Capone at his prime in 2016. A system like this is doing lots of harm to ze's culture of lighthearted tomfoolery. Ignorant, out of touch, and unreasonable admins are the root of this problem. Stop playing ze like its your fucking job, start warning people again. and abolish this dumb system for good. I'd love to see a return of lighthearted fun along with admins who contribute to that fun culture as well. rant over and seriously, please don't put your two cents in the comments if you don't play ze or are named motorsteak
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    Recently, i've been attempting to explain my grudges against the currently implemented system in the CWRP Discord in regards to moderation and functionality for our staff team, the players, and the mods themselves. I've come to a few ideas, solutions, and pullbacks that can be done to produce a better 'quality of life' and user interfacable environment for everyone. Outlined below will be sub-headings with their own separated issues and functions that can be implemented or worked on. 1 - Restoring powers to those who use and understand the discord - I don't seek to alienate or give the assumption i'm somewhat xenophobic to a mod team the discord doesn't have a say over, but as the current standing sits now the sorting of power between staff and mods is rather poor. When first introduced, the vast majority of the staff team lost all of their moderation abilities for channel management, voice chat tools and kick and ban permissions. These were sold to us to stay once the mod team was moved in - the overall explanation was they were there to help us - however, they overall replaced the staff teams ability to manage their own discords moderation. This actually lessened the effectiveness of our moderation power, as the original permissions were set up admins+ had the ability to mute, ban, and kick people from the discord; At the time, we had about 14 admins in the discord each capable of moderation and user management. This gave the moderation capability of the discord trust among the servers base and higher staff; each was an admin in game and was of little to no risk of lashing out or suddenly maliciously abusing this power. However when the mod team arrived, this community was stripped - which was demoralizing and jarring to members including myself. A built up trust within the mods has still yet to be built up fully, people in the discord aren't used to a majority foreign team telling them what to do. It creates an air of unease and idle distrust about the Discord Mods currently there, even with some of our own admins as members. I propose a solution - albeit undoubtedly unpopular with the mods, and it's restoring moderation capability to the people who interact with the server the most. We hit 50 people + in the gmod server a day and have 500 people in the discord, 4 staff as mods do not make up enough to interact and understand situations with people in discord and on the server. The permissions would be set to the admin rank exclusively, Gamemasters would not get kick or ban perms, maybe voice moderation due to their heavy use of those channels. Trial admins would not get mod permissions until they earn their wings in game - trust is earned through proving themselves, and provides more concrete solidarity than placing an applicant maybe only known to the mod team into our discord server. I personally am entirely unsure where the issue with admins as moderators appears - If I can trust them as people while i'm a Senior Admin, I believe they should be trusted enough to moderate their own home turf. The key issue here is trust. Unfortunately it works in both directions - with the mod team distrusting of the staff as moderators (most of which were before the change to no incident and did a good job), and our staff and players distrusting majority of the mods due to their alienated arrival and status. 2 - Visual Hierarchical Priority in the Roles List - Our discord functions as a separate private entity away from core GFL, and is more akin to an extension of the game server than a communal discord - as such, i believe the moderation role hoist should be modified to display what would be important primarily to the users. Take HnS or Prop Hunt's discords for example, each has discord mod and admin roles given to active, trusted members - and do a great job at moderation. However, hoisted in the sidebar are roles of importance directly related to the server - Manager, Senior Admin, Admin, Gamemaster, Commanders, etc. A good quality of life attribute of a discord designed for a server is it's display of server features. When needed, moderator can still be tagged and requested, and it can remain how it is in the list as it is now - it would simply not be locked onto the sidebar location. This would avoid issues for people going to mods for server issues, which has happened prior, and give users joining a better and more direct idea of what the server is used for - as mentioned previously, less of a general discord chatroom and more an extension of the server itself. 3 - Removing our "Official" Designation - This will most likely be the least popular of the suggestions, but i'll do my best to explain why removing this designation is more beneficial to us than a negative. As our server stands, we have not gained anything while switching to an Official GFL discord. We have simply changed Discord Management, which is neither positive or negative. We have lost a larger, trusted moderator body in place of an alienated and unfamiliar team. We've replaced our smooth, fast, and simple system for a clunky and slow one involving bot command moderation. Additionally, some community members have less reason to talk as they would due to an unknown moderator team sitting in the sidebar who the majority of they will not have seen on the server. For clarification, this would not be an independent transferal, HnS's discord is entirely independent from outside moderation but is owned by Benroy or Zebra (Don't know which, but it is one), and operates under it's own server related rules. This same format would work well within the discord, considering we are a semi-serious server a more jokey lax approach can be taken - presenting a better welcoming and fun oriented approach. This also allows more freedom for our server to change and adapt if need be. Our current rules actually break the implementation order of official discords, as these discords operate under a universal ruleset - thankfully it was not as the server would probably not enjoy more stricter rule enforcement - this current ruleset would persist, meaning no slurs, offensive content, NSFW, etc. This would avoid any exterior conflict with broader GFL discords and still keep our rules related and consistent. As a final note for this point this is a process of reversal not complete change. I am not asking for less stringent overall rules or for more serious rules. These are suggestions, so if anyone wants to suggest a change, update or an addition - please give a response. Thanks!
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    I've finally done it. I hit 2,000 hours (83d, 8h) on HnS. I cannot explain how happy and grateful I am to have gotten to this point, so I wanted to do something pretty cool as a way of expressing my thanks to others who have helped me along the way. I've been thinking about what I could do for this, and I think a good way of saying thanks to this journey is to thank every single admin that I've ever worked next to. The staff team has been very supportive and has kept me on consistently. I cannot express how grateful I am to be a part of a consistently good staff team in a consistently good community. If I forget anyone, just let me know. Here goes nothing... @Zexired - The first manager I worked under and the guy who accepted me. Always so grateful to play with him and just a cool dude to be around. 💙 @mbs - That guy who knows WAY too much stuff for my brain to handle. Seriously though, I love that he's been around to help me consistently about my computer and he's one of the most knowledgeable admins I know. He seems to never get in drama and he's just a super cool dude in general. 💙 @KryptekBlu3 - One of the newer admins that I've been around, but he's a super cool dude who's always down to talk and have a good time. Always a pleasure to hear about his stories. 💙 @bnewton - A really funny, yet relaxed admin that I've always wanted to be more like. He always seems like he's just playing his game, and that's something that I've always found great about him. I've only seen him about 5 or 6 times in total, but every time I see him, I like being around him. 💙 @Jat - A very chill admin that seems to always be in control of things. Like Bnewton, I've only seen him 5-6 times maybe ever, but when I was applying, I saw him and was like, "Wow, I wanna be like him." 💙 @littleshake - That Serbian that made the best quotes lol Very nice admin who wasn't afraid to talk about anything. Overall, good experiences with her. 💙 @Impaled - Eerily chill and calm and one of the best people for solving conflicts, but it was sad when his power went out on Golf With Friends. 😢 💙 @FrankAL - A super savvy guy when it comes to politics. This man knows what's going on in the US. While we don't necessarily agree on everything politics wise, it's still super fun talking to him and debating controversial topics, plus he's a really chill senior who's always a good person to talk to when he gets on. @PsquawOsaurus - I've only played with him ~2-3 times (as I remember) but he was a cool dude who is enjoyable to play with, plus he needs his Psquaw Powers again am I right? 🌍 💙 @Harakoni - The guy who I argued with WAY too much Literally one of the funniest dudes I've ever met on HnS and always a blast to play with, I'm really sorry manager ended the way it did and I hope you can be more active in the future. 💙 @Clufy - Super funny guy who'd always make good quotes with Harakoni and Fafy, always a blast to play with and I wish you came back. 😢 💙 @Fafy - One of my sponsors and one of the smartest guys I know on GFL. I could probably try coding for YEARS and not get to his level. Also a cool, calm, and collected dude in general, plus Argentina is pretty cool. He's accomplished so much and he's so knowledgeable about so many things. I can't wait to see just how many things he does in life. 😄 😄 @nelso531 - Really cool dude who sponsored me and who I worked with, I'm really sorry that things got so out of hand late. Seriously though, he's pretty cool and has a very interesting story about his time. 💙 @IDKEMBER - Badmin lol I barely played with him as admin, but he was pretty cool and showed me many different spots and made a great first impression on life. 💙 @Nix Pardus - That guy that gave me a neutral 😄 Super funny admin that made pretty cool insults and quotes. It's honestly hard to not like this guy even if he tries to annoy you, plus he came up with "WufWufWufWufWuf", which is pretty cool tbh. @Diablodoggy28 - A cool dude that sponsored me and that was always chill. Haven't played with him recently, but he was super nice and enjoyable to be around (Also if you see this tell Prodigy I said hi 😛) 💙 @Musical - The dude of so many voices who is constantly fun and helpful to others. He is super nice in game and in DM's to people, plus he has cool stories to tell us about and is always an entertainer. 💙 @TheRealViper3 - One of my closest friends ever on GFL and such a funny guy in general. He and I would race for time early on, get to know each other pretty well, and we did so many things together. He and I developed this bond that I only think I can say I've had with one other person ever on the server (they'll be mentioned later) so you know he really meant a lot. I really don't know where I'd be without him tbh, he really deserves more recognition that he gets. 💙 @Creepy Bronx - Cool dude who had a very unfortunate end to being admin, but we spent so much time together and I can say he's one of my good friends. I was so happy when he got accepted to the team even though he got mixed reviews, and he did a really good job. Honestly, this guy at 12 is probably more mature than me at 15. 💙 @Darkness Angel - One of the nicest people I think I've ever seen on GFL. I don't think I've ever heard a mean thing from this man's mouth. He helped me with so much, especially when I was a newer player. I just really look back in 2018 when we were both crazy active and think, "Wow, those were good times". 💙 @TacoGames - Here's the other dude who even comes in at Viper's level for me. I don't think I've ever heard a mean thing from his mouth. He is so nice to everyone on the server and was one of the coolest dudes I think I'll ever meet on GFL. This little fluffball and I did so much together, so much that we'd call each other just for fun and play games with each other, just showing how good our relationship was. I'd be dying to get him back on, honestly. 💙 @DragoonMCL - Town of Salem boi We've had so many good times together and we'd play Town of Salem so much together and be the most judgmental people 😄, but he's a cool guy who I've found nice to hang out with and I'm really glad he applied. 💙 @Clueless C. - He was a cool dude who always was nice to people on the server and was always a good person to talk to. I haven't played with him recently but I saw him as a trial and he seemed like a cool dude. 💙 @SS PigeonShit - The only dude with as many different voices as Musical A cool guy who was fun to destroy in Golf With Friends play with on HnS and seemed to always bring a lot of energy to the server and keep players on. @Booster - Mbs' wife A really cool and calm dude who gets on and is just there to have fun on HnS. Simple as that. I've always loved playing with him and I am so glad he reapplied along with Mbs. 💙 @Rennadai - Short bunny A really funny person who I am super grateful to for stepping up to the task of being manager with a lot of work on her hands. She is always really nice to everyone and is a joy to play with in HnS. She also made Emo Wuffers, which made me turn something I grumped about into something that I think is a part of me. 😄 💙 @Shabby - C tier A really honest and fair guy who's fun to play with. He is a very neutral and objective guy, which is always nice and essential for a server admin. 💙 @PopcornGoesPopping - One of the smartest guys politically that I'll ever meet. He is super nice and he respects others' opinions and differences. He also is very good about staying out of drama, and I think he's one of the more quiet admins but should really be more noticed. He's the type of guy I'd like to be friends with in real life if I want someone to talk about issues with. He takes being understanding to the next level. 💙 @spookyowo - Toxic Aussie A really funny guy on the server that is nice to be around and brings so much joy to the server. He makes great insults and is really a cool guy when you get to know him. He also is very open to you and he reminds you of those friends that insult you because they really like being with you. 💙 @Jamie-Jay - Literally the most innocent guy I've seen on the server. This man is WAY too nice to everyone on the server. I swear, you can try and get him banned and he'll still be nice to you. I've never heard a bad thing from this man's mouth to another player. I could try to be this nice for years and still fail. He was always a guy who'd go to you if you needed something and was just super fun to play with. 💙 @Pyros - A guy with a very good-looking future as a DL. He is one to always listen to problems going on in HnS, no matter what happens. He helped me immensely when I had an extremely bad reaction once, along with Musical, and I still can't think him enough for it. I just can't wait to see what this man is able to do later on in GFL. 💙 To all of my other friends, regulars, supporters, and people who have contributed to HnS, I thank you as well. I would shout all of you out individually, but that would take me forever, so I'm shouting you all out here. I appreciate all of you! You all have kept me playing for over a year and without all of you, I would never have gotten to the point where I am. 💙💙💙💙💙 💙 I love you all, and I can't thank you all enough for bringing me here, my life wouldn't be the same without HnS 💙 -Wuffy
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    Name: ✟ Death Note ✟ Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:134028486 Discord Handle: ✟ Death Note ✟#5181 Age: 27 Server Playtime: 874 hours Your timezone: (GMT-7) What time of the day are you usually on ZE? Almost always Do you have any unique skill sets that can help with maintaining/improving the server? Customer Service experience Are you in school or already in the workforce? Both (Part time school and Part time work) Are you able to understand any other languages besides English? Arabic and Armenian Why do you want to become an admin? The reason why I want to become an admin is to help keeping the server enjoyable and entertaining by assisting new players who have questions, preventing griefing and trolling, and making sure the rules are being followed without any exception. I have been playing on this server for a long time, and it feels like a family to me. I would like to dedicate good amount of my time to make the server enjoyable for all players. I do enjoy leading maps to build up leadership skills. I also used to be a higher-up admin on an Arab server back in 2014, so I have some experience on performing admin duties. I’m also aware that I have some downsides, however; I’m open to hear what the admin team and server manager advise me to do or change in order to become a fit admin candidate. I would appreciate any advise you will give me and try my best to apply it. I appreciate your time reading this post 😊
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    I am very pleased to announce our most recent addition to the CS:GO Division, a VIP/Top 100 server! This is something Ash and I have been working on for quite some time. After a critical hardware failure resulting in the implosion of both the intermediate and beta test servers, several rounds of crying, and the hand checking of approximately 200 + 600 maps (Thanks Dini, Infra and Foolish for helping us out!) on both servers, we were able to re-release the intermediate server, and bring back the beta test server in the form of something we'd been thinking of for awhile - a VIP/Top100 server! With 532 maps, this server has every map that we've got tracked that doesn't need fixing in some form. As we fix other slightly more broken maps, it'll have around 630 maps across all tiers. Feel like grinding some of those Tier 1 maps in a slightly less social environment than the Beginner server? We gotchu covered. Expert server has a Tier 6 map and you're trying to work on Tier 4s? We gotchu covered. As mentioned, this server is going to be more of the spiritual successor to the Beta Test server. Maps will drop here first only because adding maps requires taking the server down to ensure the "map differs" error won't happen on load. Once the map is confirmed to not have issues, it'll be queued for the respective server it belongs on, and added there once or twice a week during off-hours. There may be a slight delay initially due to the sheer number of maps we've added, but all maps will make their way to the public servers they best fit. If you'd like to see a list of the maps we've got on this, check out our updated server map list at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1zrfjFhTzY3jgDHkS-LQfkwt_lgCHaVhvdXad9byKt-4/edit?usp=sharing Thanks! We hope you guys will enjoy. IP to the server: gosurf5.gflclan.com:27015/ View full article
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    Thanks for the suggestion! Ambitious projects like this can only be properly executed by people who are truly passionate about it, so it is hard to start a project like this "out of nowhere". No doubt about it being a good and cool idea, but there is a big chance it will just fail again. I'd love to see a project like this, but in my opinion someone who is passionate about this and GFL should step up and say "I want to do it". I don't think anything good will come out of it if it's the other way around (i.e. staff saying we want to do it and then looking for someone).
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    Pulling raw data from the famous csgo spreedsheet here : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/11tDzUNBq9zIX6_9Rel__fdAUezAQzSnh5AVYzCP060c/edit?usp=sharing Bizon vs P90 breakdown Reloads Bizon: 2.13 seconds 1.24 seconds faster P90: 3.37 seconds Rate of fire Bizon: 750 BPM (A bullet every 0.08 seconds when firing) aka cycle time P90: 857.14 BPM (A bullet every 0.07 seconds when firing) Difference over 64 bullets is .64 seconds faster With reloading this makes Bizon 0.6 seconds faster. BPM calculated with reloading Bizon: ~509 BPM This equates to about ~4 % faster BPM with reloading P90: ~489 BPM Draw times **Time it takes to pull out guns (rebuys, switching weapons, etc.) Bizon: 1.1 seconds P90: 1.0 seconds 0.1 seconds faster Raw(Base) Damage: Bizon: 27 +1 damage at close range P90: 26 Range modifier (damage drop off over distance *units) Bizon: 0.800 P90: 0.860 0.60 better range modifier Distances when one smg does more or equal base damage to the other Bizon does more damage from approx 0-100 units (2.5m/8.2 feet) +1 Bizon damage 27/26 P90 does equal damage at 100 units (approx 2.5m or 8.2 feet) 25/25 damage P90 does more damage at 400 units and beyond (approx 10m or 33 feet) +1 P90 damage 23/22 Spray control in images Bizon Bizon has very different, and hard to master, spray control compared to almost every other weapon in the game. P90 P90 has a less curved spray control than bizon, especially first 10. Accuracy stats (there is a ton of stats on this so I will focus on main ones) Recoil: Backwards momentum of the gun when it fires bullets. Bigger number means worse recoil. Standing accuracy: Basically how accurate first shot is standing still. Max Standing fire inaccuracy: How accurate your worst shot is mid spray while standing. Running Accuracy: How accurate first shot is while running and standing up. Max Running Fire Inaccuracy: How accurate your worst shot is mid spray while running and standing. Recoil//Standing Accuracy//Max Standing fire inaccuracy//Running Accuracy//Max Running Fire Inaccuracy Bizon: 18 //15.00 //18.88 //42.57 //46.31 P90: 16 //14.65 //19.91 //45.65 //50.52 Better:P90 P90 Bizon Bizon Bizon Tapping stats (tapping is best way to fire at mid-long/long ranges with smgs) Tap Interval 0.170 seconds for both weapons. (Fastest you can Tap) Recovery Time Standing: After firing a bullet time it takes for accuracy to completely "reset" while standing Recovery Time Crouching: Same as above but for crouching. Recovery Time Stand// Recovery Time Crouching// Bizon: 0.3316 //0.2368 P90: 0.3721 //0.2658 Better:Bizon Bizon Rebuying Segment Cost of Bizon: 1400 $ (cmon admins!) Max Rebuys (11) Cost of P90: 2350 $ (6) Total amount of bullets possible with max rebuys Max bullets//Total time "rebuying"//Estimated Bullets per minute. Bizon: 704 //68.42 seconds //~617 BPM P90: 384 //32.88 seconds //~701 BPM ~12.6 % faster fire rate than bizon rebuying Better:Bizon Bizon 2.08 x longer P90 Conclusion: Both really strong weapons without rebuys. Clearly both can be viable in almost every situation in ze. Yes both are viable. Long range tapping is slightly better accuracy wise for bizion but it has way worse damage over distance than p90. Overall considering sprays, p90 is a better weapon for 1 taps or 10 and under bullet sprays. If you can fights zombies in a very close range and need the fast reload bizion is better, but for more mid range and being able to survive longer reloads p90 is better. ^^Ideally you want to use smgs as close as possible and being mid range with a smg is subpar for its role. Spray pattern is a underrated part as p90 is way easier to use for average player but its a hard thing to gauge statistically. P90 better rebuy weapon if u need more BPM in a 33 second window or damage beyond a 15 feet range. Bizon better rebuy spamming beyond 33 seconds and slightly more dps in a shotgun range. Why I did I do this? Well......I mean I made like 4 google docs for ze about a year ago trying to figure out a good balance on clip sizes/ price tags. So what do I know ? Use this knowledge however you like.
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    I personally apologise for my lack of action in ZS, I wish I could be faster in dealing with situations like these as it's engaging for me but there's so much to deal with nowadays. With there only being two Directors and GMod DLs (there's also only really one, spread across all of GMod), it's hard, massive demand due to everyone being at home but a slow ramp up in staff capacity. Not an attempt to appeal to pity, just an explanation and apology. Hopefully we can continue to find and retain more staff members. I appreciate your recent posts (1 2 3) in which I believe you are trying to extract causes of the outrage both within the Server and Forums alike while also putting forth some remedies to certain parts of the outrage. I will quote your summarisations and qualms and try to address them. @Kcim was recently banned due to the use of an alternate account to evade content moderation imposed upon him for spam/shitposting (Find the Forum rules here: https://gflclan.com/rules/forum-rules/). There is also a link at the top right of every page). Several other users have also recieved content moderation and I hope they do not evade, as it leads to a ban. When posts are reported by Forum users and dealt with by Moderators, they are often hidden to, well, obviously reduce spam and keep topics/forums on track, as to why you cannot view them. The users can appeal their punishment and try to justify what they did or falsify our evidence against them. We do not make this evidence public, unless if they request it, for privacy reasons. As is mentioned @Z1galords post (4) @k2nods front facing activity has took a dive from what it potentially could be, for an obviously justifiable reason - he's a "frontline worker" and there's currently a pandemic, though, it is obvious to see that it does not justify him staying in the position - if I am not active as a Director because I'm dead.. well obviously my activity is justifiable because I'm dead, I can't do anything. That does not mean I stay in the role. I am currently looking into his activity from an objective standpoint, along with other staff members. By objective I mean: Active hours on the server, Active hours on the Forums, Active hours on Discord, SourceBans activity, (in the case of @k2nod) FTP activity, and other aspects. From my talkings to members of the ZS community and ZS staff members, it's unclear who is and who isn't doing their assigned "duties". Unfortunately, most of this will also be private but you will be able to see the end results and what can be announced publically, will be. Concerns of staff "attitude" and "abuse" are also being addressed. I apologise for the time this takes but it is actually far harder than you'd (maybe not you as in specifically, @DessertOverlord due to your experience, but other readers) think to wade through what is shitposting intended to be funny (doesn't always land), what is just completely unsubstantiated and false and what is real. It's the issue with people like "Kraft and his group", they include a few valid points but pad it out with ad hominems, false dichotomies and assumptions. The assumptions, maybe the fault of not being transparent enough. That L is taken into account; it creates anger and confusion for the people who "need" to deal with it and also those who do it. I think it'd be easy to ride the high horse here and say "well if everyone just waited and wasn't so mean, we'd get there eventually", but that isn't good enough. Situations like this can be prevented through proper practice and transparent messaging. I'm currently also working on, as you mention.. a Trello and other methods of messaging to the community what is being worked on and more effective ways to create suggestions. I don't know who told you that.. because I certainly didn't tell anyone publically, but. Whatever. I was planning on making a seperate announcement for the list of changes that are coming to help streamline ZS's development, I still will, but if someone is blurting out my half baked ideas from the staff chat before they're discussed and approved, blegh. More issues to deal with. I agree, apart from the "ignore" part. Lol. Stay calm but please don't ignore if a rule is broken. It's a reason why I believe the server also got into this state, quite a lot of "scared" action from admins. I joined for 28 minutes yesterday and things were said by multiple people that would, in my opinion, definitely warrant a at least a warning or gag/mute. (I understand, teams can't hear each other. Admins were everywhere but at least it highlighted another thing that can be worked on! (admin guidelines)) Great way to end the post. I agree. I'm going to be honest here that I just woke up but I have read this over before posting, if it's incoherent in places please ask for clarification. TL:DR: Changes are coming. Expect an announcement thread soon. Read all of the above if you want some expansion on some of changes that are likely (not confirmed to be) coming and my thoughts on "this ordeal". Those who break rules, please stop. We are going to be clamping down on ad hominem attacks to try and restore the "servers environment" from the toxic hell hole it largely is today to just well.. it's GMod.. still a toxic hell hole but less so. Thanks, @DessertOverlord.
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    Name: Beter Griffin Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:205162511 Discord Handle: Beter Griffin#3605 (B in brackets) Age: 20 Server Playtime: 1400 (50 of which are spread across different names) Your timezone: GMT +7 What time of the day are you usually on ZE? On the Weekdays: Depends on my class schedule but usually during the night and on the Weekends: basically all day if I don't have any schoolwork. Do you have any unique skill sets that can help with maintaining/improving the server? Some experience in graphic design Are you in school or already in the workforce? School Are you able to understand any other languages besides English? Yes, Indonesian and Javanese (Not that it would be useful). Why do you want to become an admin? I've been thinking about it for a while now, and I've made the decision to apply for admin. I've been playing on the server since mid 2017, and I've loved almost every single minute of it. Now I want to repay it by dedicating myself to the server and help out the server when there aren't any admins on (which is rare but still happens). I also really like helping out newer players who aren't accustomed to ZE or CS:GO in general.
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    Hello its been a month since I been gone and honestly I couldnt feel any better from that break, definitely thought it would of been longer but who can stay away from GFL xD. Games ive been playing recently have been GTA 5, Call of duty MW and Valorant, If you ever wanna play hit me up I am always down!
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    @braed @K4 da bae4 @ReaperGFL @Lurnondius @Saizy @BeatBoxBattleMe @Liloz01 @Ben @Roy @Kaitsedd @Coven I love you all ❤️
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    Just git gud and nom first
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    Well, I'm back. Hi. :D
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    i just wanted to take some time to say thank you to all you guys on the staff team....even vortex but i don't count him too much. i used to play back in 2016 when i was a fat little 14 year old with no friends, but quickly this server became home to me and some people from then still recognize me now that i've started to play again. but my life was really bad and i went through a lot of bag things(mainly brought upon myself by myself). I was on the brink of death around 4 or 5 times..not suicide but heavy drug problems. i cleaned my life up 2 years back because of some people that i was in touch with from the server who no longer play. I soon left for a Military boarding school for my end of junior year through 1st semester of senior year in highschool and lost 60 pounds and went through rehab. All thanks to just a few staff members. Noq the whole reason i bring this up is because recently i've been living in a frat house because i got kicked out of my main house, and you guys(the staff) have probably noticed ive been wildly more active all of a sudden. and its because you guys will always be my family, i leave for the navy in 2 months and i want you all to know that i love you guys in case i don't say it before i leave. I hope ill be able to come back from the military to the same loving environment. Thanks for listening to my ted talk :)...sorry i had to make a joke at the end of this serious post. ❤️ -Max/Rainbow
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    Hey everyone, I'm creating this thread to store my notes regarding findings with filtering rules that I plan to implement into our Anycast network when Dreae and I complete Compressor V2. I also address recent (D)DoS attacks on the network and things we're implementing in the future to mitigate these attacks. I am making this thread public to educate others or perhaps myself by somebody who may have looked into this before. If this is an interest to you, please feel free to reach out or post a reply The more help with these findings, the better. Our Problem We've been getting continuously hit by (D)DoS attacks recently and since we don't have many filtering rules applied at the moment (besides generic SRCDS hardening rules), all malicious traffic is forwarded to the game server machines creating a single-point-of-failure. While there is no way to completely remove this single-point-of-failure because game servers simply can't be "Anycasted", we can apply filtering rules to drop as much malicious traffic as possible on the POP-level. Why This Isn't As Simple As People Think I've seen some people complain recently about the network and how it should be easy for us to find a new hosting provider or get better (D)DoS protection. While I understand the frustrations from these users, I just wanted to briefly explain why this is a lot more complicated than it looks. It's simple actually, we own our Anycast network (we have our own IPv4 block and ASN). This network sits in-front of all our game servers and is responsible for forwarding traffic to our game servers. This network has been responsible for a lot of the success we've had in the past year as well and it's really the thing I'm most interested in on GFL (on a technical-level). Therefore, removing the network isn't really an option and I will admit, I would probably lose a lot of motivation if it was. Since we own the network, we need to also implement processing and filtering software. As of right now, we use Compressor, a project made by @Dreae (one of the smartest people I've seen in networking and network programming). Unfortunately, Compressor V1 doesn't include in-depth filtering rules at the moment. This is our main issue. With that said, since Compressor V1 doesn't connect to a backbone to handle game server connectors (it relies on a config file on each POP), it's not easy to spin up many POP servers as well due to maintenance. These are all things that will be tackled with Compressor V2 (read below). To conclude, adding protection to our network is a lot harder than it looks. Thankfully, this is something Dreae and I are very interested in. I'm still pretty new to this area as well, but I've made a lot of success the past few months with network programming and so on. Therefore, we're doing everything we can to protect the network. However, Compressor V2 will take some time to make. Keep in mind, hosting companies pay developers a ton of money to implement filtering rules and so on for (D)DoS protection. Dreae and I are both doing this for free and open-source. I do understand the frustration regarding downtime from malicious attacks, but I just wanted to go over why it's a lot harder than people think to upgrade our network capacity and (D)DoS protection. This is still nothing compared to what we used to see back in 2014 - 2016. We were having servers getting nulled daily for 4 - 12 hours at a time back in those days (a null route is when a hosting provider sends all traffic to a specific IP to a blackhole via BGP usually). Thankfully, servers are very hard to null route on an Anycast network since we're using the overall network capacity from multiple data centers. Temporary Solution Since Compressor V2 won't be available for some time, I'm implementing a temporary solution in hopes to block this malicious traffic at the POP level. Due to the nature of Compressor and XDP, there's no real way to perform packet captures on the POP level. Technically, you could use bpf_trace_printk() (a BPF Helpers function) to print to /sys/kernel/debug/tracing/trace_pipe within the XDP program, but the output looks horrible, only three arguments are supported, and performance would be highly impacted. However, you may do packet captures on the game server machine. One thing to note is the format is in IPIP (basically an outer IP header is added with the size of 20 bytes) and sometimes that's hard reading with something like Wireshark or capturing with tcpdump. For example, I still haven't found a way to sort by the inner IP header's source/destination on Wireshark and tcpdump. I'm pretty sure it's possible with tcpdump though. I just need to find out how. Anyways, I hard-coded these filters into Compressor V1. The challenge I've mostly faced with implementing these filters is trying to whitelist Steam traffic. I was able to do so after some time and multiple packet captures. I had to do this with each game we host under the network at the moment because some games use TCP to communicate with Steam while others use UDP. It's a mess in my opinion, but I believe I got it figured out and I've tested this 5 times per game with all successful attempts. As of right now, I'm waiting for our POP hosting provider to fix our BGP issue which is causing a roadblock with deploying the temporary solution. I'm hoping to move away from this provider eventually or at least get more hosting providers in the future (read below) so we aren't relying on just our current provider (their support has been horrible in my experience). Since we've got our own ASN, we're considered multi-home and can find more hosting providers. I've already done this when we setup our Hivelocity POP in NYC a few months back (this was discontinued due to unrelated issues and pricing). Therefore, I know what I need to do for the future. This temporary solution should stop forwarding TCP/UDP floods along with reflection attacks to our game server machines. There's still a chance the POP could be overloaded and if it is, only traffic routing to that POP will be affected. From what I've seen, the attacks recently are just typical UDP floods. There's nothing special about them from what I've seen. It's also important to get the TC BPF program I made here working on GS12 so we don't have another single-point-of-failure. I'm still waiting for our hosting provider to look into why certain upstreams are filtering traffic spoofed as our Anycast network (needed for the TC BPF program to work properly). I will request an update on this tomorrow. All other machines are using this program successfully. Permanent Solution The permanent solution to this issue will come with Compressor V2. While Compressor V2 will support both a whitelist and blacklist approach, we (GFL) will be taking a whitelist approach to all game server traffic (client => game server) which is a lot safer in my opinion. The goal is to make it so no malicious traffic will ever be forwarded to the game server machines. If this is the case, the (D)DoS protection will primarily rely on network capacity and resources. The plan with this is we're going to be heavily expanding our network by getting 60 - 100+ POPs along with 2 - 3 solid new hosting providers (I've sent many emails to hosting providers in the past and continue to do so). With Compressor V2, we're planning to automate literally everything. Therefore, all new POPs will be setup automatically with Compressor V2 using API scripts, etc. This shouldn't be too difficult and we'll just need a template for the BIRD config for BGP. With that said, we plan to implement a monitoring system that will check the resource usages (CPU and network) at each POP and location. If a location or POP is found with high resource usages, we'll automatically spin up temporary POPs to load balance the traffic. Most hosting providers load-balance traffic between POPs at each location such as our current provider (a round-robin method). This is so we're not wasting money on POPs we don't necessarily need while attacks aren't going on, but if there's a long (D)DoS occurring, temporary POPs will be spun up to absorb the attack. Filtering Structure For Compressor V2 I'm going to share an image of my idea for implementing filtering rules and modules (for whitelisting clients after validating a game server handshake) into Compressor V2: I won't go into detail on this since that's out of this thread's scope. However, I will provide more detail later and I'll likely post something here. Note that malicious traffic will be dropped via XDP-native (one of the fastest hooks in the Linux networking path besides maybe DPDK). I had a discussion on the XDP Newbies Mailing List here. David Ahern (a super intelligent guy) confirmed that XDP-native is still a lot faster than XDP-generic even on the virtio_net driver (what we'll be using since we're going to have a VPS as each POP server). Beforehand, I was under the assumption XDP-native would only be useful if the hosting provider offloaded packets off their cluster's NIC directly to the VPS. This is not the case and there's actually a separate XDP mode for this (XDP_FLAGS_HW_MODE) along with only one NIC driver being supported. Rate Limiting And Sent/Received Ratio Thresholds The first line of defense we'll have on the network is rate limiting and sent/received ratio thresholds. The first part is pretty self explanatory. We're going to be limiting the amount of packets per second (and bytes per second) a source IP can send to our network. If they're found sending more than the thresholds, we'll add them to the XDP program's blacklist map to have them dropped via XDP-native for a certain amount of time (probably 30 minutes or something since they're definitely malicious traffic). The second part is going to be a ratio for the amount of packets a source IP sends and receives. Empty UDP floods not targeting a specific service will likely not receive a UDP response from our game servers. Therefore, we'll start blocking the source IP after a certain threshold (e.g. 200 sent packets per response). We'll have to find a way to exclude when a game server is down for example as well. Note - Legitimate traffic based off of the whitelist handshakes (explained below) will be accepted before the blacklist map drops traffic. This makes it so an attacker can't start spoofing as a random source IP each packet and possibly get the IP address of somebody on the game server and impact them. We'll still have fair rate limits applied to users on the game servers as well. Therefore, spoofing as a certain player IP will still not be able to take down the network. It may impact that client though (if it does, they'll have to change their public IP). I'd be surprised to see an attacker go that far (I haven't seen it before), but better to be prepared Cached Packet Types Attacks targeting a specific service can be damaging (e.g. the A2S_INFO query). I've done a lot of pen-testing and it's super easy to take down a server when sending many A2S_INFO requests for example if the game supports these queries (all of our game servers do). Since the server replies to these requests, it's usually easy to make the server use all of its resources by sending a high amount of low throughput packets (e.g. the A2S_INFO request payload only needs to contain bytes 0xFF 0xFF 0xFF 0xFF 0x54). To prevent this, we will be caching these specific packets. This'll make it so the attackers can't target a specific service within our game servers and cause it to use all of its resources. The load will be distributed all throughout the POPs instead. Note - Some games support caching the A2S_INFO query via an extension. I haven't been able to find a working extension yet, but theoretically, if it was compiled correctly, it would be a decent defense. It's still better to cache the packet on the POP level though since it'll allow you to distribute the load throughout all the POPs instead of having the game server respond to each with the cached response. You can still take down the game server if you use the extension from my findings. Note - Compressor V1 currently caches the A2S_INFO response as well. However, this is hard-coded into Compressor V1 and with Compressor V2, you will have the ability to cache certain packets easily by adding them via a form in the panel. More info on the plan to implement this can be found here. How To Whitelist Outbound Game Server Traffic? Since we're taking a whitelist approach with Compressor V2 along with a module system, the first thing I thought about is how we're going to whitelist traffic that the game server sends out (e.g. Steam traffic, API requests from the game servers, MySQL connections, etc). Due to how we're going to have our Docker containers and network namespaces setup, outbound traffic the server sends will be encapped in FOU and will be processed on the POP by the two TC BPF programs I made here. This does NOT include traffic from the game server going back to the players since that's going through a separate route and device not being encapped with FOU (e.g. the veth pair/bridge connecting the network name space to the main host). FOU is similar to IPIP, but it includes an outer UDP header of 8 bytes as well as the outer IP header (20 bytes). The outer UDP header's source and destination port will represent the FOU port. This supports UDP and TCP for the inner headers. Therefore, on the POP server, we'll add the inner IP header's destination address to a BPF map for the XDP-native program whitelist for any valid incoming FOU requests for a certain period of time (let's say 45 seconds). We don't want to permanently whitelist these IPs, at least that's not an approach I'd like in the case the malicious attacker spoofed the IP as something on that whitelist. Ez pz (not all that easy in programming terms, though, due to certain checks we'll need to implement, etc) Whitelisting Game Server Traffic Now this is when things get interesting I've been doing plenty of packet captures just trying to understand the handshake process for players to our game servers. I've been using Wireshark to inspect these packet captures, but using tcpdump to record the actual packet captures on our game server machines. I still need to do a lot more digging into the Steam Networking library to confirm everything below, but here's what I have so far. Also, here's a screenshot of all my packet captures! Quite a bit 😄 SRCDS Games When a client connects to standard SRCDS game servers (in our case, FOF, GMod, CS:S, TF2, and CS:GO), they're usually using 27005 as the default source port. This can be changed by adding +clientport xxxxx to your launch options. However, there is rarely ever a need to change it. When I first connected to my test CS:S server, I sent a request with 0XFF 0XFF 0XFF 0XFF 0X71 as the headers: Afterwards, the server sends back a response with 0XFF 0XFF 0XFF 0X41 set: Then, the client sends a response that differs per game I believe (0XFF 0XFF 0XFF 0XFF 0X6B for CS:S, though): Finally, the server sends back a response with 0XFF 0XFF 0XFF 0XFF 0X42 set: While I haven't inspected the actual data yet (I plan on doing so), I believe the 0xFF 0XFF 0XFF 0XFF 0X42 request the game server sends back to the client is an indicator that the client is legit and valid. Therefore, with our module system in Compressor V2 and utilizing TC ingress and egress filters, I believe we can whitelist traffic when the server responds to the client with a the first five bytes being 0XFF 0XFF 0XFF 0XFF 0X42. I will dig more deeply into this later to confirm as mentioned above. However, that's my theory as of right now. Rust Rust is pretty easy to detect as well. It uses the RakNet networking library that I'm not that familiar with yet, but I do want to look into it more in the future. The first request the client sends contains a single header byte of 0X05: Afterwards, the server sends a response with a single header byte of 0X06: Then, the client responds back with a single header byte of 0X7: And finally, the server responds back to the client with a single header byte of 0X08: Note - I blocked out irrelevant information since I performed this packet capture on a public Rust server. Therefore, I didn't want anybody to get my public IPv4 address. Anyways, I believe we can whitelist legit Rust player IPs based off of the destination IP of the response the server sends with 0X08 set as the single byte header. I still need to look into the RakNet library to confirm this specific response means the connection is valid and accepted. Other Games Other games I will be looking into the near future for this include: Killing Floor 1/2. Left 4 Dead 1/2 (they should be using the standard SRCDS methods, but I just want to confirm). Arma 3. Red Orchestra 2. DayZ. FiveM. RedM. And more. Conclusion I know this is a very long thread, but I hope some people find the discoveries interesting. I also hope this clarifies some of the recent statements regarding our network and shows that Dreae and I are doing everything we can to strengthen our (D)DoS protection. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! Thank you.
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    Which platform(s) are you appealing?: Discord Discord/TS3 username (Add your tag and ID if possible): atomicheadphonez#1736 Why were you banned?: Advertising in DM's Why should you be unbanned? I was banned for sending a discord invite to a user via dms with no context. This user reported me to an administrator that he was friends with, which makes me believe that it was a bit of setup. I've looked through the guidelines for the server, and there is nothing about "advertising in dms". I was told upon my first appeal that discord admins could take discretion when it comes to giving out bans for certain reasons, but I think that a perma ban from all gfl discords for something that happened outside of the discords that was non-malicious is a little harsh. I've been banned for about 2 weeks at this point, and I think that I've served my punishment for what I did, even if I still think the reason is a little wack. I don't intend on "advertising in dms" again, and I honestly just want to be unbanned because I would like to be able to rejoin the community I've been apart of for over 4 years.
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    More changes to the cooldown systems. Maps in a group consecutively played will no longer be punished with a full cooldown on all maps in the group. Instead, playing any map in a group even once will put all the others on a much shorter cooldown (currently 4 maps). ze_deadcore and ze_mist have also been added to the "Final Fantasy" group.
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    @Thomasdavid097 @ccapfer @Darkling @Rick @Pachimo @Roy @Hello. @AverageDrink @Leks when he doesnt call me stupid @Fafy my alt
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    After my post of the new 64 clip p90 vs bizon and breaking it down, I decided to do a few more weapon breakdowns to compare to to Bizon. The Bizon for one, is in the SMG class along with the 40 clip MP9 and then comparing both to a weapon a in the rifle class in whats likely the best in its class, the AK 47. Most my info is gathered from the famous csgo weapon spreadsheet found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/11tDzUNBq9zIX6_9Rel__fdAUezAQzSnh5AVYzCP060c/edit?usp=sharing Thanks to @Vauff for helping me out by lending me the gfl server damage and knockback numbers for ze. Bizon vs MP9//AK 47 breakdown Basic stat comparisons. BPM BPM calculated with reloading Bizon: ~509 BPM ~4.5 % faster than MP9 BPM, 36.5 % more than AK MP9: ~487 BPM AK 47: ~373 BPM Reloads: Bizon: 2.43 seconds MP9: 2.13 seconds Fastest reload of any primary automatic weapons. AK and mp9 tied for second. AK 47: 2.43 seconds Draw times ** Time it takes to draw the weapon (from rebuys or switching your items) Bizon: 1.1 seconds MP9: 1.2 seconds AK 47: 1.0 seconds Max Speed: Bizon: 240 240 best possible speed for weapons draw. Max speed is 250 MP9: 240 AK 47: 215 Damage values Raw (Base) Damage Bizon: 27 MP9: 26 AK 47: 36 +1 more damage than Negev/UMP. GFL has implemented a damage and knockback modifier for all weapons in ze that should be calculated that I just recently got to dive into. Showing old and new damage numbers. (both damage and knockback share same numbers) Bizon: 1.0x ////27 MP9: 0.8x ////26 (20.8‬) Lowest base damage of SMG class if you include GFL damage modifiers. By a fair margin. AK 47: 1.2x ////36 (43.2‬) Highest base damage of automatic primaries with these settings. P90: 1.0x ////26 Multiplier ////Base damage (damage after multiplier) Range modifier (damage drop off over distance *units) Bizon: 0.80 MP9: 0.87 AK 47: 0.98 Damage falloff is basically nothing before 150 feet. Damage per Minute estimates (including reloading in calculations) at different ranges. ~~~ if every shot lands in torso for a whole minute how much damage the weapon can do in gfl zombie escape with damage modifier calculations ~~~ Bizon: ~12,715 DPM ~79% of AK ~10,986 DPM ~70% of AK MP9: ~9,736 DPM~76.5% of Bizon ~8,763 DPM ~80% of Bizon AK 47: ~16,050 DPM ~15,677 DPM [email protected] units 2.54m 7.5 feet///[email protected] units 12.7m~41 feet (point blank) Sprays Patterns: Very unintuitive spray pattern that is easier to control the last 45 or so bullets than first 15. Either fast taps/small bursts or full sprays with this gun. had to make a new gif over original pic which made a hilarious mistake Pretty simple spray pattern who's only problem is how fast it fires, so you have to be very fast in controlling the spray past bullet 9-10, and the recoil punch as well. Great burst on 3-10 bullets. First 10 bullets are literally a straight line. Amazingly accurate and reliable 1-3 bullet taps and 10 burst sprays, after that is gets very back and forth. Have to be very skill with this weapon to spray from bullets 12-40 from anything mid range and longer. Accuracy stats ~~~there is a ton of stats on this so I will focus on main ones. Recoil: Backwards momentum of the gun when it fires bullets. Bigger number means worse recoil. Spread: Additional inaccuracy calculated per bullet. Standing accuracy: Basically how accurate first shot is standing still. Max Standing fire inaccuracy: How accurate your worst shot is mid spray while standing. Running Accuracy: How accurate first shot is while running and standing up. Recoil//Spread//Standing Accuracy //Max Standing fire inaccuracy//Running Accuracy Bizon: 18 //1.00 //15.00(worst for smg)//18.88 //42.57 MP9: 19 //0.60 //9.60 (rifle like acc) //13.86 //38.64 AK 47: 30 //0.60 //7.01 //20.55 //182.07 (Don't run and shoot with AK please) Best: Bizon//Tied //AK // MP9 //MP9 Tapping stats ~~~tapping/bursting is best way to fire at mid-long/long ranges with automatics. RecoveryTimeStand: Time it takes after firing while standing to reset accuracy completely Tap Interval (secs)//RecoveryTimeStand (in seconds) Bizon: 0.170 ~0.3316 MP9: 0.170 ~0.2580 AK 47: 0.250 ~0.3680 Best tapping stats: MP9 Rebuying Segment Cost of Bizon: 1,400 $ (cmon admins!) Max Rebuys (11) Cost of MP9: 1,250 $ (12) Cost of AK47: 2,500 $ (6) Total amount of bullets possible with max rebuys Max bullets//Total time "rebuying"//Estimated Bullets per minute // $ Paid per bullet Bizon: 704 //68.42 seconds //~617 BPM~about 3 % faster //$21.88‬ per bullet Literally almost cheaper per bullet than the 400 $ glock. $ wise value is best in GFL. MP9: 480 //48‬ seconds //600‬ BPM //$31.25‬ per bullet AK 47: 240 //30 seconds // 480 BPM //$62.50 per bullet Conclusion(s): Bizon -At even mid range this weapon compared to even a 80 % mp9 has similar damage to get an idea of its damage and range problems. But this weapon is made for close combat which suits it well for its 240 mobility and being in the SMG class. -Outside of any range or burst tapping this thing is the clear choice over most SMG's regardless besides maybe the P90. Its raw DPM at shotgun range,BPM, cost per $,and its style of consistent firing and low reload speed make it a top tier weapon so long as you get in zombies faces. -Speaking of this guns style, it suits itself so perfectly if you think about it. It's a SMG that has a large clip that fires at average rate for constantly tagging zombies, quick reload for fewer gaps for zombies to punish you with,range is bad but with smgs and this being ZE the range shouldn't matter, then you have the spray pattern which is actually easier to control the longer you hold fire, from bullets 20-64 , which again fits the Bizon's role as you wanna be spraying in zombies faces at close range. -I would say this is a consistent firing weapon compared to the burst style of say a P90 or even a Negev. Always viable MP9 -MP9 with 80% of its base damage and knockback makes this weapon at point blank range the worst dps of all smgs %, even worse than mp7 with 50 bullets with its 0.9x modifier. However, its accuracy stats are across the board one of the best in the SMG class, and its BPM is on par with 64 clip P90 and Bizon numbers. This gun gets value over other smgs with its BPM and fast fire rate along with its strengths of very good burst sprays with its straight down spray pattern for its first 10 bullets. This weapon is best range smg overall. ~I personally would value this slightly above the mp7,mp5 and ump for its BPM,quick reloads, and accuracy/ranged abilities. (Also those 3 smgs have 0.9x modifiers on them as well doesn't help. Semi viable, niche. AK -AK is the new Negev in terms of raw DPS in long stationary holds (16k DPM vs Negev's old 18k DPM), course its BPM is about 70 % of Negevs (373 vs 531 BPM). This gun has the punch of a negev with a little bit more options of mobility at the cost of being sorta sup bar in Bullet based boss fights (373 BPM is like 26 % less than bizons 509 BPM). -This gun is a beast with all its good forms of firing at range which the Negev actually lacks. Tapping and 3-10 bullet bursts are horrible on Negev compared to the AK. So holding zombies in corners/walls with 1 tapping/bursts is actually underrated. -Gun does have low move speed (215 vs 230-240 of most smgs) and horrible accuracy stats on the run and jumping. -Weak vs bullet registering bosses compared to even the mp7. Flip side is its great versus damage based bosses. Rebuying with AK could get like 10k Damage in 30 seconds, if the damage modifier works on bosses at least Very viable weapon. Problems in mobility compared to SMG's/Pistol's, but High Damage output with several very good forms of shooting. (Spray at close range, tapping for headshots,tapping/bursting at mid-long ranges. ) Post any questions or thoughts you got on this subject. Thanks for suffering through this! Stop playing diddle plz
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    I laughed so hard at the supposedly evidence that he demonstrated, there is literally nothing that proves that he was wallhacking. The most un-professional ban that I've seen for quite some time now. If there is a concrete proof that shows that he is actually wallhacking, I take back what I said.
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    yo I agree fuck motorstreak hello all forum staff I would like to thank you for monitoring my account and hope you enjoy my post
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    Zombie Escape Event #47 Old School ZE Maps To be played in the following order • ze_JurassicPark_p3 • ze_biohazard2_rpd_004_p3 • ze_isla_nublar_p3 • ze_slender_escape_rc2 • ze_predator_ultimate_p7 Modifiers • Negev/Bizon restricted • No CT bhop • No rebuys • Primary ammo limited to 800 • Reduced zombie knockback • Fall damage enabled Time/Date Saturday, May 30th, 2020 5 PM Chicago, USA GMT -5 (CDT) 10 PM GMT +0 6 AM Singapore GMT +8 Convert to your timezone with this website: https://www.worldtimebuddy.com/ Duration 2-3 hours (unless we beat it before the time stated) Rules Don't troll with items, or you will be banned from using them.Don't mic spam, let the leaders try to give commands over voice comm.Don't zombie inflate (Intentionally becoming a zombie to give the CT's a lesser chance).Mute round will be applied IF we deem it necessary.All other server rules apply to the event Rewards Eligible rewards: 1 month Banana Joe, 1 month Supporter HOW CAN I EARN THIS REWARD? External Links GFL ZE Discord: https://discord.gg/Bkfwg4q GFL ZE Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/GFLCSGOZE
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    Brief Introduction I took a two-week break from GFL recently. I didn’t really announce it except for in breach and to the mods team, so I doubt anyone noticed. But I took that break to focus on AP Exams and my own mental health. So here’s all that occurred during my hiatus: School I took 5 AP Exams and wrote an academic research paper. I had 6 total AP Classes this year—Physic C Mechanics, Calculus BC, Psychology, Research, US History, and English Language and Composition. If you’ve never heard of an AP class, it’s essentially a college level class taken in high school. The exams this year were done online, were 45 minutes long, and most consisted of a single question. A year of teaching boiled down to one question that will be graded on a 5 point scale with no feedback. It wasn’t exactly desirable. However, for AP Research, I only had to do the paper rather than also make a presentation, which was nice. I’m now finished with my junior year of high school. To be honest, it’s rather anticlimactic. I didn’t get to have any fun after finishing those exams and I didn’t get to say goodbye to my senior friends, my amazing teachers, and my not so amazing teacher (they were bad at teaching physics). I just finished the exams and then stood up from my desk, alone. Next year, I’ll be taking 6 more AP classes, but I honestly don’t know who I’ll be around. One of my best friends was a senior. We weren’t close in the way that best friends usually are, but I spent three years with him before school and during lunch, playing games in the media center. Our connection was through those games and through the random jokes we made while driving off campus to get food. And that connection ended with the closing of school. The files on our computers would be reset, removing any trace of us playing games there. It’s not that I’ll never see him again; we are still going to meet a bit, but those seemingly endless days of playing games are over. I also had several friends in other classes, including a girl and a guy who I liked. I wasn’t really close friends with them, but I had hoped I might have had a chance with at least the girl if the school year kept going. Now I don’t know how much I’ll see them: during senior year, a lot of people either do externships or dual enroll, and I’m doing neither. All of this sounds a little sad, but I’m not hurt that much by it. It’s how school always end up being. You make friends, people who you talk to because you’re in the same class. You talk about the teacher being bad or the work being hard or you just make a lot of jokes. In the end, I wasn’t really close with anyone at school, and they’ll become memories that I’ll think of fondly. I might wish it wasn’t so, but as introverted as I am, it’s difficult to try and connect with people without school to connect us. Writing I decided to start writing some fiction. After a year of writing nonfiction essays and FRQs, it was nice to just write something enjoyable. Not that I don’t enjoy essays, but this is exciting in a different way. I wasn’t writing to argue; I didn’t have to make my language sophisticated; I wrote a story I liked with a lot of dialogue. In fact, the stories I wrote were quite amateur, which almost disappointed me, but I haven’t written that much before, so it’s to be expected. I do eventually want to write a book, but that’s not my primary goal in life. Mental Health I struggled with my mental health a bit over the break. That was one point of it, after all. I felt an enormous amount of stress this school year, mostly due to physics. Just before AP Exams started I felt that I had reached the exhaustion stage of stress, which is not a good place to be in when you’re about to deal with more stress in the form of exams that could give you college credit if you succeed on them. So I separated myself from GFL and didn’t play games with friends every night like I used to. I believe it helped a lot. I’m glad I took the break. I had some depressive moments. I finally was able to talk to my parents about it and ask them about seeing a doctor. Now right here, I have to give a warning: I am not a psychologist or a medical doctor or even close to an expert on the subject. Everything I say here is based on my subjective experience. I took so long to tell my parents I was feeling depressed for a few reasons. The first was that I wasn’t sure if it really was a clinical issue—I do believe it is now. The second reason is that I was worried about how they would act and feel towards me, and about how others would as well. To put it bluntly, I don’t want pity. I don’t want to be cared about a lot more, for people to act like I need extra attention or aid over this. I was finally able to tell them yesterday, and so far, they have treated me differently. It’s not to an extreme, though, and I believe it will go away in time. I tried to make something clear though: I don’t really want to talk to a therapist or about my thoughts at all. In my eyes, the thoughts I’ve had are illogical and based on a biological imbalance, possibly a low level of serotonin in my brain, and so I believe taking medication is the best way to help me. Again, I will state that I am not a medical professional and have yet to see a doctor, but this is just what feels right to me. Consult your own doctor if you need help. Anime I watched a lot of anime. I started and finished all of SAO, another anime called Guilty Crown, and another one called Orange. I enjoyed all of them, especially SAO, though I did have some critiques for Guilty Crown. Also, I rewatched Your Lie in April because I love it so much. I also got my mom to watch it with me this time, lmfao. She seemed to enjoy it some. Piano I’ve started practicing the piano a lot more. I’ve played it for 11 years now, but for a bit I wasn’t practicing as much as I should have. This year I’ve started practicing it more. Due to schools closing, I had more free time and ended up playing a lot more, though I didn’t play for most of the day because my dad has to work from home and works right next to the piano room. Now that I’m completely done with school, I’m going to be practicing about 2 or 2.5 hours a day. I ordered a A-Z binder organizer so I can finally organize all my music. I’ll post some pictures when I do. “What songs am I playing right now?” I can hear you asking. Well, it’s proably “cAn YoU pLaY tHiS yOuTuBeR’s CoVeR oF tHiS aNiMe ThEmE?” but I’m going to answer that by saying what songs I’ve been playing/memorizing: I’ve been focusing on Patrik Pietschman’s cover of Toss a Coin to Your Witcher. I played it for a good half hour today, working on some rough patches. I plan to memorize it once I’m done. I’ve also been focusing on Maple Leaf Rag by Scott Joplin. I’ve been trying to speed it up, but it does sound rather rough. I also plan to memorize it. I’ve begun to learn Clair de Lune by Claude Debussy, . It looked easy at first glance, but there are some rough patches to smooth out. I’ll memorize it as well (If you couldn’t tell, I’m just going to try to memorize all the new pieces I learn). I’ve started working again on Jarrod Radnich’s Virtuosic Pirates of the Caribbean piece (can be found here: https://youtu.be/n4JD-3-UAzM) It’s a rather difficult piece that I “learned”, by which I mean I played it slower than the arranger intended and ignored errors. Now I’m fixing those errors and returning it to normal speed, but oh boy is it difficult. I have memorized Invention 8 by Bach and continue to refine it to try to make it smooth. It’s really annoying in that I know what my fingers need to do, but they just occasionally don’t. Here’s someone playing it so you can imagine the pain: https://youtu.be/31nLua3FMMw Today, I got my dad to buy me Patrik Pietschamn’s cover of Time by Hans Zimmer, from the inception soundtrack. It’s not that difficult of a piece (compared to some of his other covers), but I love it a lot. Here’s a link to it: https://youtu.be/b8HVQtIoBYU I also got my dad to buy me Jonny May’s ragtime cover of Wake Me Up by Avicii, which is incredible and incredibly difficult. It’s a good thing I’ll be playing for about 2 hours every day now… Anyways, here's a link to it: https://youtu.be/Bv0NDgCzl6U I’ve gotten the sheet music for Liebislied (Love’s Sorrow), Rachmaninoff’s piano version of Kreisler’s piece. It’s a little difficult and I haven’t worked on it much. I got the sheet music for Chopin’s Op. 25 No. 11 “Winter Wind”, which is an amazing piece but also extremely hard to play. I’m not skilled enough for it yet, which is yet more reason to play for 2 hours a day. I have memorized Fur Elise and keep playing it as extra practice. I have memorized The Piano Guy’s cover of Perfect by Ed Sheeran and continue to play it because I love it and want to make it perfect. I have memorized River Flows in You and keep playing it to keep it sharp. I have a few easy songs memorized that I play as warmups. I have played a lot of songs as well (I've played for 11 years, of course I've played a lot) that I now can play without having to sight read, but I don't regularly play them. To conclude this lengthy piano section, I have one thing to say: my fingers hurt. Random Stuff I finally ordered a VR headset, the Oculus Quest. It won’t be here for another month. I’d probably get it quicker if I drove to the warehouse myself, but I haven’t found a road that leads to China yet. I’ve watched a ton of clips from old episodes of “Whose Line is it, anyways?”, especially hoedown and Irish drinking song clips. They’re amazing. I listened to a lot of songs on Spotify. I went through several favorite songs through the past two-weeks. I listen to a lot of instrumentals, including, movie soundtracks, classical piano, anime songs on piano, and piano covers of songs. I also listen to a random assortment of songs with lyrics. Conclusion And with that, it’s time for concluding thoughts. I enjoyed the break I took a look immensely. It helped my focus on those exams (I’ll share my scores when they come out in mid-July) and on doing stuff I enjoyed and on that pesky mental health. Side question: did anyone actually read all of this? I hope so, despite it's length. I still plan to be in GFL and try help out breach. There’s changes and additions to the game people want, and I’ll work on giving them. But I’ve made plenty of posts were I said, “I want to be active and to try to be better” and it didn’t work out that well. I can see a future in which I decide to resign from GFL and just hang around, but it won't be a for a little bit.
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    Sometimes I spill my milk and I explode in anger. Someone else seeing this might claim it's spilled milk; nothing to cry over. What they didn't see is that I've been spilling my milk 300x per day everyday for the past 10 years and I've done everything I can trying to prevent my milk from spilling, but it still happens. I'm not angry that the milk spilled once; I'm angry about it always happening. This incident itself is horrible, and nobody should lose their life over a petty or nonviolent crimes. Worse is that it's not even giving light to a greater problem; that greater problem has already been well-known for a very long time. I mean not long ago exactly the same story, but people were talking about Eric Garner. Still very recent was Ahmaud Arbery maybe just a few weeks ago because being a person of colour and going for a run is a high risk activity. This wasn't just a racist white cop against a black man, but there are (subconscious) bias and systematic racism. People of colour and minorities are always running against the wind (and possibly bullets); there are huge barriers for the most basic and fundamental needs or respect that people like me automatically have. It's not a trivial problem. There are a lot of programs aiming to wipe this bias and topics like this are being covered in school and elite universities. I literally took a class at my university that basically told me that I was racist, and it was really challenging for me. Something I've noticed between my younger girlfriend and I is that her lack of bias is very much natural compared to my thought process. To me it's like translating a language. It takes me a moment to tell myself "Oh, that's kind of racist" or "That's not fair." I have to correct myself or go against my intuition. I don't want to think the wrong way first and I am embarrassed, but I grew up in a society that was okay with this way of life. A lot of people still don't even bother correcting their self. So maybe as the next generation assumes many of these leadership roles where doing the right thing is more natural for them, that these problems will happen less. Unfortunately, for now, being quiet about it doesn't seem to be working and so while being loud isn't the preferred method it's practically the only way to possibly get something.
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    Let me burn down my own community and ruin peoples lives out of protest. The cop involved should not have been that negligent and im glad that justice is being served (hes being charged with murder). But i always hate when people go apeshit and riot like this because innocent people not involved are caught in the crosshair. Businesses destroyed, lives ruined; its like the fucking purge.
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    First thing's first. Download the pack: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1705515819 And on top of downloading the pack, download this: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1842978869 Downloading TFA base, LFS Planes, and VJ Base is probably a good idea as well, since the server uses these(I think). TLDR: 1. Download the pack, the CSS Textures, TFA Base, LFS Planes, and VJ Base. Join the discord. 2. Change your name to the format. CT PVT #### [NAME] 3. Study the information on the wall. 4. Use "/advert I need a trainer." 5. Pass the test. 6. Participate in as many events as you can, following orders, making good decisions. 7. Look out for Tryouts, joining a regiment you like could make or break the game for you. 8. Avoid the Jedi. Jedi suck. It's not as cool as you think it is. 9. When you've gotten promoted to the highest rank possible for your regiment, try joining a new regiment. 10. Remember to follow your standards. Your standards should be shaped by your environment. Always remember that even though you're expendable to the republic, you're not expendable to your peers. Now, when you join this server you will be a Clone Recruit. A bum that sits in a single room of the base. You cannot leave that area without being whitelisted, though some maps have buttons on the other side that can allow you through into the rest of the base. But don't try it. It's illegal. The second step is to set your name. The format is this: [Regiment] [Rank] [A Four digit ID] [Nickname] For example: CT PVT 1011 Watchdog Get used to acronyms and shortened words. It shouldn't be too hard to figure out what they mean, but don't be afraid to look it up online. If you turn around you will see a bunch of colored text on the walls, listing: -All the ranks and regiments -Who you should salute to -Basic formations -Formation commands, or Faces. (Things your leaders will shout at you to tell you which way to face your body.) -Defcon levels, and what they mean. These aren't just here for you though, because in order to get whitelisted and let into the rest of the base, you'll be tested by someone. I'm pretty sure this can be SFC+, but they still need an admin or a trial admin to whitelist you. The trainer who is testing you will be looking at the wall too, trying to remember what exactly they need to teach you. They'll really only be testing you on your faces and your basic formations. So study those in particular. But knowing the other information is good, but not essential to getting in. When you're being tested on faces, keep these facts in mind: -Right face and left face are always 90 degree turns. If you're looking at your leader and they say "right face, right face", you would have your back to them, because you would have turned 180 degrees. -When you are commanded to "about face" or "front face", always turn over your right shoulder, never your left. So if your back is turned towards your leader, and they say "Front face", you turn right until you are facing them. When you're being tested on formations, keep these facts in mind: -Each leader has a different standard when it comes to formations. Some want their troops to squeeze in tight, some want to be able to walk between the troops. But if you aren't sure, just do what everyone else is doing, or if it's just you and one other person, keep it loose unless told otherwise. -Double columns should be wide enough for your leader to walk between the lines. -Prisoner diamonds face inward, VIP diamonds face outwards. If you follow instructions well, you'll do well. You should pass without a single hitch. When you're ready, type: "/advert I need a trainer." /advert and /comms messages are seen by everybody, both are used in character, /advert can be used out of character. If you don't have something serious to say, keep your filthy hands off of these commands. Events happen everyday. The scenes and the enemies are spawned by admins and gamemasters. They cloak themselves and give themselves invincibility to fly around and build events around you and the rest of the army. Normally they do a good job keeping things immersive. There are three types of events, as I've seen: -Big events: Most of the time these start and end in the DB room. Most of the time these result in a map change, to show how the actions of the army has planted you and your peers in a different location. -Small events: Sometimes these events start and end in the DB room. -Mini events: It's somewhat rare for these to start in the DB room, but most of the time these end in the DB room. Events are important, your actions during them determine your success in the game. Let me explain promotions real-quick: -You can get promoted once every two days, two days is the cooldown. -Fleet can negate the cooldown, but it's discouraged by admins. So they'll only do it if they think you really deserve it. Certain ranks are able to promote to a certain level. -- Will be updated in the future --
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    I wasn’t going to make a post so soon, but I’ve been asked by many already what’s going on. So here I am giving y’all the run down of what’s going on. This is something that I truly did not want to do. I would absolutely love to stay here and continue doing what I’m doing. Leaving is not something I ever wanted to do, but some people have ruined it for me. The atmosphere of being around certain staff and people have made it completely unenjoyable for me. I took a break from GFL for the week. During my break, a huge group of friends and I were playing tons of games like jackbox and VALORANT, GTA, etc. I had more fun than I have had in a while. It got me to thinking about how almost miserable I was getting from being in GFL. Constant drama, fights, splitting headaches, etc. This is a gaming community and simply isn’t worth my own health. It’s not like it’s a huge severe thing, but I shouldn’t be constantly upset or getting headaches from being here. That’s not how it’s supposed to be. Enough about that though. I started in GFL back in February of last year. I joined in on a karaoke night that happened, actually ended up winning it, and I just enjoyed being here ever since! My first staff position was Purge admin, thanks to @BeatBoxBattleMe. Then Purge shut down, and I didn’t even know we had TF2 servers until Dalaw mentioned it. I decided to jump straight into the TF2 Division considering TF2 was one of my “babies”, as I’d like to say. Been playing for about 9 years, so I was stoked. After getting admin on Hightower, I eventually gained Senior Admin, then Server Manager. Many people were not happy with how quickly I gained my roles, but I was more than fit. A little while after that, Public Relations split and Events became its own team, which then I became Events Team Leader. Events has been more alive than ever and I’m so proud to see how well it’s been. Months after gaining TL, I ultimately became Division Leader for TF2. It was one of the best things to happen. That whole division has my heart and love, and I’ll miss them more than ever. Especially you too, @mtc . But now my journey has come to an unexpected stop. Some people might be mad, some people might be glad. I don’t know and frankly, it doesn’t matter to me. I served my positions well and gave GFL all I had. I did more for GFL than people know or understand. I kid you not when I say I balled my eyes out for a good hour after alerting the Directors about my decision. I truly did not want to go. But with recent GFL situations, some IRL situations... my decision was made solely for my own good. I have met so many good people in this community, so many lifelong friendships, and I do have GFL to thank for that. TL;DR - I left due to the consistent drama, fights, and headaches I’ve been given recently. I’m also about to start college for Music Production, and now have a guy in my life that deserves my attention more than GFL. ❤️ Here is where I will do that cringe honorable mentions thing... yeah: @braed: Though I’m leaving GFL, you are my best friend and we talk every single day regardless. I am so glad to have met you when I did, and to be able to bond with you unlike any other. I love you to the moon and back ❤️ @BeatBoxBattleMe: We were on a journey together. We always worked by each other’s sides. From Purge, to TF2. And now we can work together as members We’re bonded for life as well so you aren’t going anywhere from me bitch @ReaperGFL: YOU ARE MY BUDDY AND I LOVE YOUR BALD ASS SO MUCH! Meeting you, and listening to that ridiculous laugh has been a big thing for me. You’ve definitely made an impact on me whether you believe it or not ❤️ @K4 da bae4: We started off as champs, and we left together as champs. You have been one of the most important people I have met here. You’ve been one of my good friends for the longest time, and we are truly bonded forever. I wish you luck with your upcoming surgery ❤️ @Lurnondius: My child though I am leaving you can never escape me and your other mother Lindsay. You are stuck with us for eternity. On a real note, I’m so glad to have met your southern ass, especially when you just shit yourself @Roy: Oh where do I begin with you. From the start of our friendship where it would long calls just ranting and talking about life, to you meeting Lindsay ( @braed ) in person before me.... 😂 We’ve been through a lot and I think you know what it means to say that being drained out and stressed is not fun. You gotta join in some more jackbox games soon! @Liloz01: Hello my lover, my sugarplum, my husband. You’ve been the first person I’ve loved to annoy since day one. I’m sure you’re gonna miss how annoying I can get on a daily basis Heres just another list of some more honorable people I want to tag that have made an impact on my life in some way: @Ben @RivalRevival @Shuruia @Coven @Debra @Toxic @TheThirdReaper @Leks @FrenZy @Angry @Pedro @Chewie2k @Kaitsedd @Saizy @Duc2000 @Foolish @RodBender @yuptodat @JadedJade @Mr. Lucifer @Mamoru @motorsteak @The Entire TF2 Division There are so many more people!!! But I will miss you all so much. I’ve been playing a shit ton of VALORANT so if y’all ever want to play, just hmu on discord I main Viper so watch out. On a serious note, it’s been real. Thank you for all of the opportunities and memories! Much love for you all xx Goodbye. ❤️
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    Would also like to add that I have talked to the admin team about not allowing you to use these binds, kaien has not made this up out of nowhere. Also in addition to kaiens warning, I know that I've definitely warned you ingame already to not use these binds. Follow the form next time too.
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    Eid Mubarak For Everyone! عيد مبارك للجميع Eid Mubarak to everyone in this community and hope you have a great time and thank you for taking the time to look at this post.
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    suggestion 1: keep the mute on in between the first map vote and the run-off vote. Could decrease the amount of mic spam and prevents players with mics to easily influence the vote. suggestion 2: decrease afk timer to around maybe 2 or 2 and a half mins I have seen a few people raise concerns over afk players at the start of rounds that contribute to the initial zombie numbers. Thoughts?
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    Overwatch 6v6 Event Hello again, soldiers! Welcome to another 6v6 event of Overwatch! However, this event will cater for the EU players that were unable to join during the US event! This event will be only within GFL due to complications of finding other communities that do EU competitions, especially with Overwatch. Each team will have to take on the other team’s challengers to win in a 6v6 simulation. Be careful though, as there are competitors who have fought bravely in many battles! ------------------------------------------- Event Details Start Date: June 13th (Saturday) Round Time: 10 PM GMT Hosted By: Bae Streamed By: TBD Map(s): TBD Region: Europe Twitch Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/gflclan ------------------------------------------- Requirements You must only enter using your own Overwatch/Battle.net account. It must be your main account only!!! You have to be at least level 20 or higher to enter. You must be a GFL Member+ before signing up. Event Rules Turn up to the event on time. Show respect to all players. Mild trash talk is allowed. Don’t be a troll, causing your own team to lose! Don’t use bugs/glitches! Don’t spawn camp! The Host and other Event Coordinators have the final say! Rewards Forum Achievement Badge Participation Badge (Only for those who didn’t win) Winner Badge Discord Role Overwatch Elite (Winners ONLY) ------------------------------------------- How to Sign Up Make ONE post stating the following: Your Battle.net ID Proof of your level Your Team name & members Only one person needs to post the entire team’s members. If you have any questions regarding this registration, please feel free to ask them in your own post or PM me. The cut-off date for registration is June 10th.
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    Server Perks The perks you will get depending on your rank in GFL Breach: Member Member tag/scoreboard; Higher chance of getting SCP; Skins for D class and Researcher; 2 one round items; Supporter Ability to change chat tag with !tags; A special 1 round item; Exclusive skins for D class and Researcher; Discount in pointshop; Accessories; VIP Ability to change chat tag with !tags; A special 1 round item; Exclusive skins for D class and Researcher; Discount in pointshop; Accessories; CWRP: Member Member tag; Supporter Supporter tag; Access to Advanced Recon Commando (ARC); Event Specific jobs; PAC3; VIP VIP tag; Access to Advanced Recon Commando (ARC); Event Specific jobs; PAC3; Half-Life Co-Op: Member Member tag; Exclusive access to 40+ Pointshop items; Supporter Supporter tag; Exclusive access to 5+ more Pointshop items; Access to donator-only emotes in the emote system; VIP Access to !tags; Permission to send your playermodel in Outfitter to all other players (so they see it too); Hide and Seek: Member Member tag; Access to pointshop; Supporter Supporter tag; Access to higher tier cosmetics in pointshop; VIP Access to an even higher tier of skins and cosmetics; Access to emotes; Access to !tags; nZombies: Member +500 Exp (same as starting out at level 2); Supporter +900 Exp (same as starting out at level 3); +1 skill point; VIP +1600 Exp (same as starting out at level 4) +2 skill point +1 prestige point Access to !tags Prop Hunt: Member Access to member+ Pointshop skins/items Includes the free "Nomad" weapon GFL Member | chat tag in-game Supporter Access to supporter+ Pointshop skins/items GFL Supporter | chat tag in-game VIP Access to exclusive items in Pointshop Custom chat tag in-game (requests for it to be edited must be submitted to a Senior Admin+ All previous perks from member/supporter TTT MC 24/7: Member Member tag/scoreboard; Access to cosmetics on the pointshop; Ability to buy a Traitor pass every 7 rounds; Supporter Access to higher tier skins and cosmetics on pointshop; 25% off all items; Ability to buy a Traitor pass every 5 rounds; You receive more points; VIP Access to an even higher tier of skins and cosmetics; Ability to buy Traitor pass every 3 rounds; Access to !tags; 50% off all items; You receive even more points; Reserved slots; If you donate above 200$ you get access to a custom leaderboard rank, a custom skin and all of the above. TTT Rotation: Member Member tag; Access to cosmetics on the pointshop; Ability to buy a Traitor pass every 7 rounds; Supporter Supporter tag in game; Reserved slot; Ability to buy a traitor pass every 5 rounds; Access to higher tier skins and cosmetics on pointshop; VIP Access to an even higher tier of skins and cosmetics; Ability to buy Traitor pass every 3 rounds; Access to !tags; Reserved slots; Access to jihad sounds; If you donate above 200$ you get access to a custom leaderboard rank, a custom skin and all of the above. Zombie Survival: Member Custom "Member" tag. Custom player model. Supporter Custom "Supporter" tag; Custom player models; VIP Custom player models; Custom "VIP" tag; Custom "VIP" Colors; Access to "!tags";
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    Not every server (in CS:GO at least) has strafe-walking since it requires certain configurations that make stafewalking possible. Strafe-walking is only (?) dependent on the server Con(sole)Var(iable) sv_friction AFAIK. Every Source Engine game (correct me if I'm wrong) until CS:GO has sv_friction 4 by default (i.e CS:S) CS:GO on the other hand has sv_friction 5.2 as default. The higher the sv_friction value the less speed you'll get from strafe-walking, 5.2 is enough I think to actually loose speed with strafe-walking. So every CS:GO server you've been playing on that has strafe-walking probably set sv_friction to 4 (or uses other things to achieve the same behavior like inCS:S). The reason why you might got the impression that strafe-walking got messed up on GFL could be the fact that sv_friction can be changed by the map you play on. It's possible, because there's a textfile in the server called bspconvar_whitelist.txt that has all the ConVars listed that can be changed by a map, which includes sv_friction. For example, you probably noticed that on ZE maps that have little surf segments (or are just whole ZE surf maps) that sometimes in chat you'll see a message like: Server cvar 'sv_airaccelerate' changed to 100 That is an example of a map changing a server ConVar, sv_airaccelerate is a whitelisted ConVar So there might be a chance that the map you were playing on where you noticed the strafe-walking issue was just the map changing the sv_friction ConVar. OR There was just a problem loading the map/server config that changes sv_frictio to 4 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    @Duc2000 due to our SAO standom & his overall chill energy. @Kaitsedd for being a fun person to play with. @Mejilla due to being one of the two gamer girls I can tolerate, other one is @braed ;). @Roy, even tho I talk to him little, I love his music taste and I’ve never met anyone with similar music taste haha. @Ben, cause even if I leave GFL, his Minecraft server will be my go to always. @K4 da bae4, hope I got the right @, really fun dude to play Terraria with and is an excellent nude connoisseur. Of course, there are others but I’m insanely sleepy right now so it just doesn’t come to mind.
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    I have just the perfect guy twitch.tv/rapperdan93
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    https://sourcebans.gflclan.com/index.php?p=banlist&searchText=STEAM_0%3A1%3A51172384&Submit=Search Tagging @KeiraJJ to take a look at this for you.
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    After reviewing the provided evidence, I do not believe @Meramipop was cheating. Therefore, @Meramipop was unbanned. I will be reviewing this case further later on and will reach out to those involved. Thanks.
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    What is your TeamSpeak username and Discord ID? Fafy#9164 Which platforms are you applying for? Forums How would you describe your activity there? Mostly daily lurking around Why are you interested in becoming a Moderator? I want to be a moderator because I want to help the mods on the forums (because I don't use the discords), I was a Division Leader at one point so I know how the forums work already. Also I'm used to watching over players as I was admin on HNS for more than one year and I was also DL for some months. How would you typically go about handling a conflict between two users? If the conflict is irrelevant or uncivilized I'd ask the users to take it to DMs and would hide comments that do not provide to the post. If the conflict however is relevant to the post I'd ensure both sides provide to the post (as in, they have info for example in a ban appeal) and are not just insults/shitpost. Have you ever been warned or muted? If so, explain what happened. Weirdly enough I've never broken a GFL rule in all my years of playing Moderators, please +1 or -1 this application with an explanation for your vote.
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    Bizon fires more bullets per minute normally, P90 fires more bullets per minute when using rebuys or with an infinite ammo item (so it can be situational). Using base damage value (which is then multiplied by a modifier based on which part of the body you hit) * bullets fired per second, bizon gets about 229 dps reloading like normal and P90 gets about 212 dps reloading like normal. Here is a spreadsheet that roughly compares the values, pink values are for GFL's current ammo settings: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1nup8e-kr5RfnQMRSKyvQtkW-2wqTyLzHYv8oU0ce0FQ/edit#gid=0 Obviously this is just theoretical data though, as if you don't know the recoil pattern with one or are just bad at aiming, it may differ in practice.
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    Moderators in this community don't know when/how to chill, it's okay for people to fuck around with each other, I find it quite ironic how some players can go from being extremely cancerous and toxic to disciplined cunts as soon as they get an important role.
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    We can't be on 24/7, and obviously can't play it like a job, which is hwy it's not kept on watch 24/7. You want us to watch it 24/7, but then not play it like a job? Stacked punishments in my opinion are effective as it's consistently the same people who boost, troll, micspam, etc. Look at yourself, or even zeo, and compare it to a player like ricca, or gkuo, both of them have played on gfl for a while, gkuo's been on ze waayyyy longer than you, yet never had an issue. It's seemingly a small part of the player base, that consistently does the same shit. Why not stack punishments if it's the same 5 people doing it over and over and over again? Edit: I'd also like to say I find perm bans a bit extreme, and for zeo's case I'd say ban him for a year, as people can change, and he did go 6 months since his unban without trolling.
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    It makes me sad to see the Moderation team get a bad rep. I've said this time and time again but I truly believe the Moderation team is excellent in terms of consistency, response time and communication. Sure, some outliers have existed, nothing is perfect. I'd consider this situation to be one of those outliers. Miscommunication between Moderation leadership and Server staff has created a lot of frustration, leading to even worsened communication, making things even worse. As pointed out by @Pachimo: If the goal all along was to just "teach" current Admins how to use our bots, that would not warrant becoming "Official", which was agreed upon, nor would it happen at all. Our bots, forums, etc. are all used by the Official Moderation team only. This is due to the fact that all infractions are synced, including bans, which are regularly discussed before occurring in the Teams Discord, to which no Admin has access to. "14 admins" having Moderation ability within a Discord might be more "effective" in terms of coverage and response time, it does not ensure quality or consistency; since the CWRP Discord became Official at least 5 unbans have occurred from the old CWRPs Moderation for being far too harsh or otherwise falsified. I don't believe an unwarranted ban in any other Official Discord has been given in months. To make it terribly clear, I'm not saying "all CWRP Admins are incompetent and therefore cannot be trusted!". Of course not, there was just no real Discord rule/punishment guideline structure given to you by your leadership. This also is not to say that our Moderation system intertwining the Teams Discord, all bots, the Main Discord, the Forums, etc. is the absolute perfect system either, I already said that at the beginning of this response; it's just how it is and I'm under the belief it is better than what an unofficial GFL Discord could achieve... unless if you wanted to self host many bots and develop custom modules for them. I started writing this before @motorsteaks response, so excuse any repeated points, but I do agree with most of what he says, I agree with not displaying Mods, just having them mentionable for "RP reasons" and this: It really sucks that the Mod team are painted in such a bad light just because of some conflated issues; it's not the fault of the Mods that all of this occurred. My resolution for this situation is simply, if you would like to Moderate... apply for Moderator and adhere to the standards. If us upper-management are totally out of touch, which I obviously don't believe we are, then perhaps other measures e.g. server-specific Moderators or limited/full permissions being given to Admins. Take for example Breach, it was recently integrated to become "Official" and things are going well; communication between the Mod Leader, Mod team, Admin team, Server Managers and others (Xy, I don't know what he'd categorise himself as - Developer.. Manager.. thingy) is great and perhaps that is all is needed here, a conversation to straighten things out and grow that "trust". I don't know how else to do it, if you don't feel trust toward the team, and don't want to integrate with them but the team is actually fine, I really have no other solution. Thanks.
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    Pyros and I agreed that this makes sense and the discord mod roles have been unhoisted. I can explain this one pretty well. It has to do with the how I've seen suspected ban evasion handled by server admins that were just given mod perms in the past just because they were senior admins. There was no proof other than "i know it's (banned account), they dm'd me and said they were joining on an alt" this happened more times than i've been able to count. When I've refused to ban said "ban evading account" I became the bad guy in the server admins eyes for not shooting from the hip and banning an account without evidence that wasn't breaking any rules other than existing. If server staff had moderation perms and they were abusing the moderation perms, it becomes an issue of who handles that abuse. I am in charge of moderation but I'm not in charge of the server admin that's abusing with moderation perms, and the server manager isn't in charge of moderation but is in charge of the server admin. How does that get handled quickly and efficiently if one of us isn't there to come to a decision on how to handle the situation? I'm not letting that happen when a discord ban from cwrp means that person gets banned across all other official gfl discords where that person could be a regular and actually enjoy spending time. This brings up another "complaint" because it's not based on anything other than certain individuals attempting to create an issue from a non-issue. These certain individuals claim that mods are inactive, don't respond to pings to do mod work, and don't know the server or how it runs. This is false for a number of reasons. These individuals avoid pinging mods to allow issues to escalate beyond what they initially were so they can say "mods are inactive, remove them". I accepted mod applications from a few server staff, (game masters and admins) and I plan on accepting more cwrp staff in the future. A group of discord mods even started playing on the game server itself trying to integrate into the cwrp community and learn how things work. Every time mods are pinged there's usually at least two or three of them that respond almost instantly, like they're waiting to do work. They just need to know where there's stuff that needs done because you can't watch literally everything at once. I'm not sure what we did that was hostile but please enlighten me so I can attempt to fix it. But I do know that quite a few server staff were extremely hostile towards myself and my team for something that we had no vote in. If you didn't want the official mod team to come in you should have explained your reasoning better and convinced your fellow staff and your server managers. I'm still unsure of why you guys keep bringing this up, it's not your decision to make and @Pachimo, @Rick, and myself have discussed most of these issues at great length already.
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    This is pretty much the thing I would love to see in most division discords, I see no reason for mods to be hoisted above Managers when most people that need help they contact the person that is higher on the list, and some servers the amount of mods online sometimes makes the Server Manager role to be not shown unless you scroll. As for the rest of the changes, I believe keeping an active communication between the Mod team and admins/managers to be the best to solve issues. It seems that both sides (Mod team and Management of the server) got different ideas and/or different views on how permissions and how the whole deal would be.
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    Can't remember if I posted this one or not... didn't want to scroll through it all so i'll risk posting it a second time if that's the case. Was in January was just browsing an Apple store for fun. Tried taking a few funny pictures too to save for the next customers.
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