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    Hi everyone, I just wanted to make a major update post addressing the upcoming new year, 2019 in regards of GFL from my point-of-view. I first want to thank everyone who have positively contributed to GFL along with those who have stuck around. 2018 has been a rollercoaster in regards to GFL and my personal life. For myself personally, I’ve gotten a new great job along with moving out on my own. As for GFL, we’ve had our ups and downs. However, ultimately, it was a very successful year and I really think things have been setup for 2019. Before continuing, I’m not going to go over everything that is going on in GFL. I’m only going to go over the things I want to focus on myself along with my view on certain things. I am encouraging other directors, division leaders, and team leaders to make a post outlining their goals in 2019 in regards to GFL. Though, that is optional, for now. I just love writing about this stuff and letting everyone know what I’m working on, lol. With that said, I believe 2019 is our year. With the recent spike in our CS:GO division, I’ve gained so much motivation for GFL and I haven’t had this much in years. While there is still a lot of work to be done (there always will be), I feel we’re in the position to make great things happen in 2019. Anyways, I will begin. The CS:GO Division Unsurprisingly, the CS:GO division is the first thing I want to talk about. With the recent addition of @VirusKing, our CS:GO division is looking very promising. With CS:GO going free-to-play, the use of new hosting providers, and the enabling of weapon skins/gloves plugins, our newly released servers have been receiving a lot of population (many new players). Here are GameTracker links/images of our new servers in the CS:GO division: Our Surf Timer and Arena servers have been doing well. Although, there is still a lot of work to be done. All New Global Servers There are few things I’d like to work on for all of our new servers in CS:GO. Firstly, we need to ensure everybody understands that we want a laid-back and fun/enjoyable environment on all of our servers. We will need to write proper guidelines and rules for all of our servers in the near future that obeys the laid-back environment our vision holds. More details on this will be released at a later date. Secondly, we need to find ways to keep players coming back to our servers along with encouraging users to idle on our newer servers that need population. An idea for this is setting up a store plugin where users will have to work for their credits by either playing or idling. We will be discussing these ideas in the future. Thirdly, we need to find a way to recruit new players from the servers into the community. We want people to sign up on our website and apply for member whenever possible (it’s easy and free). From here, they’ll be able to discover our website, Discord servers, and TeamSpeak 3 server. I’d suggest giving Members a player skin on servers like Surf Timer personally. Back in 2015, we made the store and weapon skins/gloves available for only Member+. This drove in A LOT of players onto the website. Though, I don’t think restricting the weapon skins/gloves to Member+ would be a good idea for now as we’re receiving a lot of new players who want that access once they join the server. With that said, I’d like to be training our admins to get players into the community as well by actively recruiting and advertising. Finally, we will be on the search for competent staff including admins and managers for our servers. I know servers like 1v1 are severely lacking staff right now (admins). We will be finding staff members and training them to be competent. Surf Timer Our Surf Timer servers are off to a great start. However, there is still work that needs to be done. We’re currently in the works of getting a new server manager since @VirusKing and I are starting to get burnt out from handling the Surf Timer servers and the CS:GO division as a whole solely. We are currently holding a vote in regards of @juky being the next Surf Timer manager. Feel free to have a look at the thread and poll here: As of right now, it’s looking like Juky will be Surf Timer’s next server manager. However, the poll will stay open a little bit longer. 1v1 Our 1v1 servers are doing great! We’ve launched the UK server today and it’s already reaching 20+ players. So far, the only issues 1v1 is suffering from is the lack of staff members and a very odd server crash that happens very rarely. However, the server crash is a loop. There is a possibility we have fixed it, but we are not certain. The stack trace did not give us much details and when debugging the crash dump in GDB, due to missing debug symbols, I can’t gain additional information. Jailbreak Jailbreak is our highest requested server in the CS:GO division. @VirusKing will be taking lead of this project since he’s more experienced in Jailbreak than I am. This server is the next on our list to tackle down. I will be sharing the Server Manager applications for Jailbreak to VirusKing. Applications are still available and can be found here. Please fill out if you’re interested. Bunny Hop Bunny Hop is the next project I will be working on when I get back home (on the 1st). I look to build the Bunny Hop game mode and release two servers for it (one in the US and one in the UK), similar to how we have Surf Timer. The servers will most likely be 100 - 128 tick. Danger Zone The Danger Zone server is currently down until I add our GSLTs to the server. I will be doing this soon after this post. @TOG is still making changes to the server and doing a good job. As stated in other posts, this game mode is not a popular hit for community servers and it’s not really made for community servers, either. It’s quite buggy. I think it’d be nice if we could make changes to the game mode itself via SourceMod extensions/plugins and make it as community server-friendly as possible. I think the only way to populate this server is if we make events for it. However, first, we need to ensure the server will work with many players. I’m not sure if the game mode has been tested with many players on community servers. I saw an AlliedMods post a little while ago stating their Danger Zone server couldn’t spawn 10+ players into the game. We need to ensure these bugs won’t occur. Other Game Modes After the above game modes are built and released successfully, I look to work on TTT, Zombie Mod, Zombie Hunting, Decoy Dodgeball, and other game modes. I may start building these game modes and then release them when the time is right. Conclusion Our CS:GO division has a lot of potential. While it still isn’t as big as 2014/2015, I do believe we’re on that path for the future. Especially if Valve decides to rebuild the server browser! We just have to continue building our servers up and properly training users to take them over along with leading them. I’d also like for a team to go on other CS:GO servers outside of GFL and see if there’s anything they are doing that we can try and possibly do better. Basically ideas, etc. CS:GO Reddit Post As stated in other threads/posts, I’ve been wanting to make another Reddit post addressing concerns for community servers in CS:GO to Valve. You can read the first and second Reddit threads here and here. With our recent discovery of the Linux limitation being lifted here, I am running out of things to address. Valve appears to be supporting community servers more which is honestly awesome. There is still one big subject I plan to address and that is a new server browser. You can read the following thread for more information: If you see any other issues regarding community servers, please let me know. I will add it into the post. If you’d like to help with writing the post or would like to spread the post around to others, please let me know as well. The more exposure to the post, the better! Garry’s Mod Our Garry’s Mod division is the next major project I plan to work on. After we get CS:GO going, if the Garry’s Mod division still needs help, I will get to work on it and push it forward. The division has been mostly on a standstill as of recently and had the additions of Murder, Prop Hunt (revamped), and our newest game mode, Don’t Blink. Our servers are doing great recently as it’s holiday season. However, population will go down a bit once the holidays are over. Current Servers I haven’t dug through the current servers in our Garry’s Mod division (non-like CS:GO), but I’d like to do this at some point in the near future. I’d like to go over how the servers are doing and how we can improve. Purge Purge has been in the works for the last couple months. However, I’d like for it to start getting pushed forward faster. This is a highly requested server and used to be one of our most successful servers in Garry’s Mod. I still see a lot of potential in this server if it’s setup correctly. Other Game Modes After Purge is completed, we should look into propping up new game modes. This includes RP and non-RP game modes. Any game modes that doesn’t require high maintenance and a big admin team shouldn’t take long to prop up and release. We should also look into replicating some of the current game modes into different locations (e.g. an idea I had is once US TTT and US Prop Hunt are stable, replicate these servers to the UK). The UK location is a hot spot for new players and that has been proven with Murder. Conclusion I don’t have much to say about this division yet because I am not as actively involved. However, once I am done with CS:GO, I’d really like to get involved with Garry’s Mod because this division is major and has a lot of potential. Rust Our Rust server is slowly inclining and has been doing better over the holidays. @VirusKing is still managing this server since it’s vanilla and doesn’t require much maintenance. I believe as long as the server is stable, the player base will continue growing. As we pull in more people from CS:GO, Garry’s Mod, and other games, we’ll gain more people interested in helping populate our Rust server. Squad Squad is a game I still feel has a lot of potential for GFL. @VirusKing offered to help in this game, but due to him being busy with other things, we’re going to hold off from that for now. Just like I said about Rust, the more people we gain from CS:GO, Garry’s Mod, and other games, the better of a chance we’ll get players interested in helping populate Squad. Call of Duty 4 With the server switch from OVH, our Call of Duty 4 servers have been dead. This is mostly due to our servers crashing constantly with the newer version of CoDx. I will be reporting this crash to the CoD4x developers and hopefully we can get this fixed. I still feel CoD 4 has a lot of potential for GFL. Especially considering we had a server that was constantly in the top 10 on GameTracker for a couple years until we had to cancel the machine a few months ago. The servers also take very little resources at high player counts which is great. Rebuilding The Back-End Donation System This has been a thing I’ve been wanting to do for a year or so now. However, I’ve been too busy to relearn the IPS 4 API and spend time rebuilding the entire donation system. I will instead try to find somebody that can do this. I’d like goals implemented into the donation system so users can donate towards specific goals. For example, a goal for giveaways and so on. If this is implemented, it will open up a lot of opportunities in the future (e.g. proper giveaways, raffles, and so on). Server Hardware The next topic I want to go over is regarding our game server machine’s hardware. As of right now, our CS:GO Surf Timers are struggling at 50 players since running 50 players at 85 tick is a lot to handle for our machines. Most of our machines run with the Intel i7-4790K processor or weaker (excluding our OVH machine in Canada that runs with the Intel i7-7700K OC’ed to 4.7 GHz). We have the lowest-end machines with our new hosting providers because we wanted to try them out first. So far, both hosting providers have been great. Therefore, I look forward to upgrade our machines. For our US hosting provider (GMCHosting), we have the option of going with the Intel i7-7700K which comes with 16 GBs of DDR4 RAM and 500 GBs NVMe storage for $180/m. The next option is the Intel i7-9700K which is overclocked to 5.1 GHz. This comes with 8 cores, 16 GBs of DDR4 RAM, and 500 GBs NVMe storage. This is for $260.00/m. I’m not sure which machine I’m going to get. However, I’m leaning towards the Intel i7-9700K if we have enough consistent income to support such an upgrade and if our game server divisions are looking promising (which they are, right now). The Intel i7-9700K machine will be overkill but that will guarantee we have some of the best performing machines out on the market right now. For our UK hosting provider (Croncos), we can request a custom build and they are generally cheaper than our US hosting provider. I will be looking at options. If it comes down to it, we can have a build similar to the US, but perhaps with more RAM (16 GBs is somewhat limiting). I will be reaching out to our hosting provider’s directly to discuss this. I will go with the options that guarantee the top performance for our game servers since that’s something important to GFL as a whole. The more promising our divisions are looking, the better machines we will get. Though, that Intel i7-9700K machine is really one of the best machines we can get right now especially with it being overclocked to 5.1 GHz, lol. Expanding Into New Locations Finally, I would like to address a plan I have which is on the backburner until we stabilize our divisions in the US and UK. I haven’t thought too much of this plan. However, what I want to do is come up with a system that makes it so we can easily replicate game servers to different locations with as little overhead as possible. All servers should be the same on a technical aspect. With that said, they should have an environment similar to the servers in other locations (e.g. laid-back). In order to do this, we’d have to heavily increase our internal training system so we can put people in-charge of the servers in newer locations. The next location I plan to expand into is Australia. This won’t happen officially until we stabilize everything in our US and UK locations. If we can ever find a way to deal with language barriers (open to suggestions), we can also expand into places like Asia, Russia, etc. We can try games such as CS:GO, GMod, Rust, and TF2 out in these newer locations. Servers that don’t require an active admin team and high maintenance should be setup first, but as we expand, we can introduce heavier game modes into these locations. Again, this plan is on the backburner and hasn’t been thought out. However, I will be trying to work on it in the next few months. I might also do some unofficial work meaning trying a server out there just to see how it goes. Conclusion I believe 2019 will be a very successful year for GFL. As long as we have time and are motivated, we’ll get work done and get far! I plan to make more update posts similar to this in the future. I’ve had people tell me they miss these type of posts and I have myself. I just like writing about what I am working on, etc. Google Doc Thank you for reading.
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    Hi everyone, I just wanted to welcome back @Xy_ as Director. Xy stepped down from Director a couple months ago due to not having enough time. However, he stated he would come back once he had time. Xy's schedule has freed up and he now has more time. Welcome back, Xy! Thanks.
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    GFL DEMOGRAPHIC 2018 Participates: 159 Trolls: 4 #Violator4Director? Thank you to all that participated. We did not reach the goal of 200 participates, but there is always next year. If you see any mistakes, let me know below. If you would like to compare these to last years statistics, click here.
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    Hi everyone, I just wanted to announce our new CS:GO division leader, @virusking. VirusKing initially came back to help with our Rust server. However, due to it being a vanilla server, it required little maintenance and VirusKing had plenty of more time. He expressed interest in our 1v1 server and after giving him access, he fixed up the server quickly. The server is doing quite well now: VirusKing has also been helping with the other servers in the division such as Surf Timer the last couple weeks and has been doing a great job. I personally need help in the division and recently have became exhausted as the only acting CS:GO division leader. I believe this will help the division and we'll be able to get things done quicker. One goal VirusKing and I have is training our managers on the technical aspect of game servers. We will be making guides and knowledge base articles for our server managers and I'm hoping this can spread into other divisions as well. Welcome to the team, VirusKing! Thank you. View full article
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    Stupid idea to merge all the teams back, they were inactive when they were together under Media Team, when they were separated they became active and now it's going to re-merge but with a different name? We've seen shit like this happen in the past, with Council becoming TL, and back to Council, new name doesn't mean shit's gonna work lol. There's a good old saying: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it", the teams being separate weren't broken, they just had a lack of communication, which was easily fixed with the merge of the discords lol, but I guess do as you want.
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    Yep, you heard me. If you don't know what I'm talking about, see this post: I finished the LEGO Hogwarts Castle, their second largest lego set with 6020 pieces. It took roughly 15-24 hours working time over a 4 day period. And holy shit, is it cool. See below for more pictures.
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    - Added a nice bowl of candy in Dr.Harp's office that you can use to heal. Please only take one or two!
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    I'll be leaving for a planned holiday and will be away between 7th and 16th of January, I will be completely unavailable during this period of time and as such any issues regarding CS:GO should be forwarded to the server manager or @Roy. I will try to complete most of the tasks on my TODO list before I leave for the holidays to make sure the division doesn't burn down in my absence. Thank you and happy New Year!
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    Hi all, As stated in my major update post here, @VirusKing will be leading the CS:GO Jailbreak project since I have less experience with it (I will be working on Bunny Hop when I return instead). I am making this thread to gather suggestions for Jailbreak. As far as I'm aware, the server can be setup in many different ways and we want to know what you guys want. @VirusKing will be going on other servers to see what they're doing as well. Please outline your vision and play style for the server. Here's an example from @VirusKing: I think Jailbreak is a server that has A LOT of potential with GFL. Especially given the game mode's loyal player base within GFL. Thanks!
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    Hi all, We're looking for a server manager for CS:GO Bunny Hop in the future. I will be sending this to our Team Members+ first. Here is the form to apply: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfeeIaFQOv-tGyEEH2fx0nSg9ogdM41jFfF3qPb3j0soePQ3Q/viewform?usp=sf_link We're looking for a server manager who will want to manage a laid-back environment (admin team and player base) and somebody that knows the technical aspect of game servers or at least wants to learn. The server should be simple (e.g. no "unnecessary" plugins) and our main goal is to attract new players from CS:GO (therefore, we don't want the server running competitive settings). We can always setup additional higher-tier servers in the future. From a technical view, I want the server aiming for stability and performance. This means little to no server/client crashes and high server performance. This is why we're hoping to have somebody that is experienced on the technical side of things. Our Surf Timer server hasn't suffered from a server 'crash' in over 10 days. This is how I want Bunny Hop to perform, especially since it has similar plugins and settings. Feel free to apply and if you have any questions, please let me know. P.S. I'd recommend the Surf Timer manager and Bunny Hop manager to work closely together since both servers run similar plugins and I'd like for the environment to be the same on each server. Thanks.
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    Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas everyone, and happy holidays to all. I have some extra steam keys lying around and I want them to go to good use so I'm giving a few of them away. The only requirement is that you be a member for 3 of the games, and two of them will be available to only supporters+ (that includes VIP). The raffle process will be a bit complicated, but it will depend on how many people reply to this post (See below for details) so make sure to share it with your friends to have more games available. I will post pictures of the raffle results once the giveaway is over, and once the winners are announced I will PM you to ask which game you want. The game selection will be decided by the order in which the winners won, and VIPs will have the choice of a member+ game AND a supporter+ game as well. There will be five drawings just in case a supporter+ decides to only pick one game and raffle off the other. If you are not a VIP or supporter yet but wish to be one then consider buying it today for a discounted rate: To be counted into the giveaway, simply reply to this post with what you wished for this Christmas or holiday season. The following games are up for anyone who is a registered member: With 20 or less replies only mega man is available: Mega Man Legacy Collection: https://store.steampowered.com/app/363440/Mega_Man_Legacy_Collection/ (Normally $15) With 20 to 30 replies, only mega man and tacoma are available: Tacoma: https://store.steampowered.com/app/343860/Tacoma/ (Normally $20) At 30 replies or more, Owlboy, Tacoma, and Mega Man will all be available. Owlboy: https://store.steampowered.com/app/115800/Owlboy/ (Normally $25) The following games are available to supporters+ only regardless of how many people post: God Eater 2: https://store.steampowered.com/app/438490/GOD_EATER_2_Rage_Burst/ (Normally $50) Kerbal Space Program: https://store.steampowered.com/app/220200/Kerbal_Space_Program/ (Normally $40) The giveaway will now end January 7th at 12:01 a.m. Pacific Standard Time (GMT - 8).
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    Hello fellow Zombie-Escapers, It has come to my attention, that the goofy things I sometimes do on the server, may not be as funny to everyone and that's okay! @Roy has received a small amount of reports. Instead these reports should have been sent to me. I have only received good laughs and a funny environment on the server, so it hasn't really been easy to understand everyone as I now hear. In the beginning of december, I joined ZE more often again. I have had a lot of study to do and me and my friends always have something when we are free. I have basically been gone for good 1,5 year. This means I may not understand the current playerbase as much as I did before. The server has definitely changed since, I understand some rules are enforced harder than the once I made in the beginning, which makes me to believe, the server has become more into a competetive mindset. I would just have you guys to know, that my intention would never be to harm this server, if anything I would be overprotective as I had it from the very beginning. Not long time ago, I did a massive goof while playing a map which had triggers everywhere. I noclipped into the boss chamber, which instantly turned the round into a loss and that was not okay. This was of course with no bad intention, as i didn't know the map that well. There is no excuse to this silly move and I can only promise that this will not happen again, and I hope with this being said, that if anything I ever do that you don't like, you shouldn't feel bad about talking to me about it, but do it privately. The server chat has a great mix of toxic/trollish players. Now let's celebrate, Happy New year folks! - Kim
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    These changes are in the process of being reverted back to the Council role as the Team Leader role ended up having the wrong focus when it came to GFL. I want to thank everyone for their hard work.
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    Division Leaders @Roy @VirusKing Managers To be announced. Server Admins None. Operators None.
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    - Added SCP-795 - Is foundation per https://gflclan.com/forums/topic/33728-scp-795-reality-bending-cat-bribed-with-catnip/ - Starts with 100 HP, this may be changed depending on feedback. - Can change D Class (Neutral), SCPs (Hostile), and Chaos (Hostile) to rats. - SCP-795 does 5x damage (base is 5 damage, so 25 damage total) to rats, all other attacks to rats do 2x damage - Rats last for 4 - 9 (subject to change) seconds before changing back into their previous forms and having the weapons restored. - Attacking SCP-795 has a small chance (10%) of changing the attacker to a rat (this effect might be changed depending on feedback) - Standing near SCP-2845 for 3 seconds now results in the player being turned to metallic hydrogen. - Made SCP-999 slightly more common
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    Thanks for reading, just wanted to let everyone who remembers me or cares to know that I'm back after around a year or so of being silent. Around the time I left, some pretty big things happened that took all of my attention away from here; some regarding my own health, and others that I feel that - out of respect for my family, shouldn't be said. As of now, my doctor has had extensive talks with me about my health and how to maintain it the best I can moving forward - as of today all I can say is everything seems fine. I wanted to also say I'm sorry for the abrupt leave, and also to the TTT staff for not letting you all know I was going to be gone for a while, especially when I held a position on the team. In regards to everyone here, thank you for keeping this place alive, and thank you to all of the staff on the site, regardless of server or rank. We're all one big family, and I hope I can be with you for as long as I can.
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    @HackingPotato and I were working on the server the day before I left for my trip to New Jersey. I can't do anything to the server until I come back to New Jersey which will be on the first of January. When I get back, I plan to work with @VirusKing and @HackingPotato to finish the server. Recently, we've been working on Surf Timer and that is making great progress. You can always request an update and I will provide it to you. With that said, I would like to state it's the holidays. Therefore, don't expect as much progress due to people being generally busy (in my case, I'm not able to access my desktop so I can't play any games). I've been giving updates regarding JailBreak in posts such as this. Thanks.
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    A change in our direction A few of you might have noticed that the Council role was removed. This is the result of some internal changes that occurred earlier today. It has become clear to us that we have become increasingly focused on our teams and the council rather than the servers. We have decided this combined with the drama caused by it does not serve our mission of providing a high quality gaming experience to our players, so we have decided that it would be best if we cut down and simplified. We believe that in order to best accomplish this, we needed to remove council. We also have a few other changes to the structure of teams that will be dropping after appropriate internal discussion has taking place. The specifics are TBD and TBA, though we hope to simplify the structure significantly. The last thing we have changed internally so far is trusted. We have removed some members of trusted who we felt were not very active or otherwise didn't really fit with the team. Trusted will now be chosen by directors from members who are interested in helping GFL move forward. We're looking for people that we can trust, give constructive feedback, and active within the community. There will not be any applications for this role however. I would however like to take a moment and thank the following individuals for their time and dedication: @Worgee @Joel @Kite9867 @VirusKing Kite9867 will be staying as co-leader of moderation along with Benroy. I am uncertain of the plans of the other three. Promotions Speaking of @Ben Roy, I'd like everybody to welcome him to Director. He has remained dedicated to GFL for a long time now and has done some excellent work with discord. We hope he continues his good work as director! Transparency In addition to the other changes we have acted on, we would like to work on improving transparency. I would like to advocate that all staff begin using trello again so that we can communicate the current projects that are being worked on to the public. Currently we only really have a trello for the directors, which has not been updated for quite some time, but I am going to push for this to change soon. Directors: https://trello.com/b/890AW0QM/team-directors Do take into consideration that some things will naturally be kept private regardless. Concerning Team Members This bit really only concerns team members, but in interest of transparency, I'm going to write this here rather than make another post. We have decided to remove Team Members from the staff discord. So you have not been kicked in error. Communication will be done through the public discord and the PR discord. You can join the public discord by clicking this link: https://discord.gg/qqpM47e If you are a team member and need a link to the PR discord, message me for an invite. As of now, nobody has been demoted from teams nor has any team been dissolved. Conclusion If you have questions, comments, or concerns. please comment on this thread. I will be doing my best to address concerns and questions as they arise. However, we would like to avoid arguments or fights, so please do not do that. Thanks!
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    Hello everyone, Currently, the teams are all split up into individual teams, this is going to be changing. Moderation will be staying the same and will be managed by Kite and Benroy, they will both decide on a sub-leader to manage Moderation, so they will only need to step into if the leader needs help on decisions, the sub-leader will be running the team and working closely with other sub-leaders. Media Team, Events Management and Public Relations will all be combined into 1 team managed by Joel, and Worgee. The team will also have sub-leaders this team will have 3 sub-leaders one for PR, 1 for Media ect, they will all be in charge of the Sub-Division inside of Public Relations, this is the new name of the all of the teams combined. We expect that all of the sub-leaders will work together and communicate, if the council believe the jobs aren’t being pushed and things aren’t progressing, the council will take control and make sure all of the jobs and tasks are done. Council will be there to help execute ideas the sub-leaders and team may have and to deal with situations which need council members to help to deal with. The council role will not be primarily focusing on the teams, the council will be there to assist if any of the teams need help, but the primary focus of council will be pushing GFL projects and being the face of GFL making important decisions ect. Move MA to PR team. Hierarchy: Council - Joel and Worgee A potential leader of the PR team ( TBD ) Sub-leaders for subteams (PR, Media, Events or what is needed) Media - Aura/Rose/Ms.Shadow PR - Private pull/Major push Events - Worgee (til a substitute can be found) Team members (any current leader can stay if they please)
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    In honour of the holiday season, God emperor Roy has bestowed upon us a holiday sale! VIP and Supporter can be purchased at 40% off their regular rates until January 7th and may be purchased using the following link: https://gflclan.com/donate Thank you everybody for an excellent 2018 and we hope for an even better 2019! View full article
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    - Added SCP-689 - Primary Attack: 55 damage. Is capable of attacking fairly rapidly - Secondary Attack: Teleports to last person who saw it, cannot use it while being observed by a player. Frozen for 3/4 of a second after teleporting. - Is rather slow, around 049's speed - 1100 base health.
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    I think the only way to make amends is to put weeb skins on the server
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    - Updated the SCP-079 UI, other changes still pending.
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    Hi everyone, I just wanted to announce our new CS:GO division leader, @virusking. VirusKing initially came back to help with our Rust server. However, due to it being a vanilla server, it required little maintenance and VirusKing had plenty of more time. He expressed interest in our 1v1 server and after giving him access, he fixed up the server quickly. The server is doing quite well now: VirusKing has also been helping with the other servers in the division such as Surf Timer the last couple weeks and has been doing a great job. I personally need help in the division and recently have became exhausted as the only acting CS:GO division leader. I believe this will help the division and we'll be able to get things done quicker. One goal VirusKing and I have is training our managers on the technical aspect of game servers. We will be making guides and knowledge base articles for our server managers and I'm hoping this can spread into other divisions as well. Welcome to the team, VirusKing! Thank you.