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    Sarcastic title aside, this is my best attempt to explain exactly what happened with Violator's demotion (obviously from our point of view). Warning, this write up is somewhat long. There has been a lot of drama surrounding our recent decision to remove Violator from his post as Division Leader of GMOD, however, this has been in the works for around 2 years now, according to Roy. Back when Dano and Shuruia were directors, there was a discussion to remove him from Staff, but this resulted in nothing being done due to a lack of viable replacement. Fast forward to around February (maybe March or January, can’t remember) of this year. Another attempt at a demotion was made, this time with Myself, Rick, Nick, and Roy as directors. Rick and I believed that, despite his flaw’s, Violator was still a valuable asset to GFL (creating a 2-1 vote; Roy ultimately would vote against this too). Next few months were uneventful (in comparison) then we arrive at the GFLClan.ru merge. One of the conditions was that Juky, a former Council Member (which was the same as director at the time) who had enabled BotoX to steal the CS:S ZE server from us, be unbanned. Wanting the merge to be successful, we complied. Violator was, understandably, angry once he discovered that we had unbanned Juky. Another condition was that we gave all of the CS:S ZE admins, including Juky, the Server Admin rank on the forums (with the exception of BotoX, who remains banned). To both of these situations, Violator objected in a less than acceptable way. Rather than objecting in a calm and collected way, he got rather angry; He even went so far as to manually remove Juky’s admin himself. We probably would’ve removed Juky’s admin (on the forums) as a compromise, but this was not acceptable to the management of the incoming .RU server (Completely understandable). Between Juky’s unban and him receiving admin on the forums, X2D was promoted to Director. This is horrible timing as it led Violator to form some sort of theory that we wanted to promote Juky to Director (possibly even replace him). There were no and still are no, plans to give Juky any position above what the terms of the .RU merge require. (Initially, I asked Roy to consider blacklisting Juky to put these fears that Violator had to rest, but he refused and instead stated that (I’m paraphrasing) while we do not plan on giving Juky anything above Admin, we are not going to set anything in stone. This likely gave some credibility to Violator’s theory in his mind, as the way Roy phrased it was, for lack of a better word, trash.) After a week or so, X2D and Roy wanted to promote Kyptonik to GMOD Division Leader. The existing GMOD Division Leaders thought that 4 Division Leaders would be too many, and I don’t think anybody objected to that. To the best of my and Roy’s memories, X2D attempts to contact Violator to initiate talks so that this may be discussed (as they had expressed the desire for). Violator does not respond to X2D; the reason for this, according to Violator was that he was at the Movies. Some Directors question the truthfulness of that statement, but I personally give him the benefit of the doubt there. He then responds with “Hello, I would request to slow this conversation down as I am engaged in division leader activities.” A perfectly reasonable request. What happens next is problematic from my view. The Directors asked Violator to join a TS3 channel (either that or he just joined without being asked, neither me nor roy remembers; not really an important detail anyways, point is that he joined) and talk about what was going on. This was essentially the initiation of the demotion process; the only problem was the Directors engaging in talks with Violator struggled to provide specific examples of what Violator had done, which was fucking bizarre in my eyes, despite me being relatively neutral in this, there were a number of things one could’ve pointed to: The manner in which he objected to Juky, his exertion of influence over divisions that weren’t his (PVK/Glenn, though I’m not going to sit here and defend Glenn because the way he acted after his demotion isn’t something that I particularly like. In fact, it was rather embarrassing to see someone whom I had vouched for turn into a troll overnight), his behavior prior to Nick’s attempt to demote him. (I don’t wish to explain this equally cancerous situation in full, but what essentially had happened was that Nick wanted TTT to cut down on the number of permanent bans the admins were making, especially since most of them were without proof. He went to Milk Man and told him his request. Milk was willing to work with Nick, but Violator didn’t seem to like that Nick had gone to Milk directly and asserted that Directors were not supposed to speak with managers directly, but were supposed to speak with the Division Leaders. Nick and Violator went back and forward and the situation escalated to the point where there was a vote to demote Violator. This was back in January, February, or March. Again, I don’t remember exactly. Hostility between Violator [as well as Fx to a somewhat lesser extent] and Nick continued despite Nick’s resignation.) Eventually, Roy decided that the conversation in Directors chat was fruitless and decided to step in and made the call to demote Violator from GMOD Division Leader. I didn’t fully agree with this as I had just wanted this to be kind of a chat where we sorted out any issues we had and would continue the next day in a different and productive manner, but in the end, Violator was demoted and offered TTT manager. (Though seeing the way he’s acted post-demotion, I don’t regret not being more vocal). Two weeks later we decided to attempt to ask him to hand over the GMOD Discord (this is when the events detailed in the prior post occurred.) TL;DR he removed all of our roles and we thought he was going rogue (which would’ve been ironic considering how close that action would’ve been to Juky and BotoX’s actions and how much he was claiming to be against them). We closed down that discord and begun redirecting people to the new discord. He claims he was going to let us run it and restore our permissions after this was done (and the only reason he removed the perms was so that Roy wouldn’t see him shit talking him and he wanted to avoid hurting Roy’s feelings, which I guess is honorable), however a couple Directors did not buy into this (and even if they had, what was done was done). The next few weeks were interesting. A couple of TTT admins had decided that they were going to make their own server. We don’t really care about this, but the concern was that they were going to use TTT server files. What prompted this concern was one of them had told another one to ask Violator for TTT backups, which implies that they were planning on using (paid) add-ons for their own server (the leaking of might have resulted in our GMOD Store account being banned [albeit falsely], which would be a problem). So far, I do not believe that server files were transferred and do not believe they will be as one of the admins involved stated (at a later date) that they were not planning on using them. Things were quiet for a bit with occasional arguments and developments which were mostly irrelevant. Yesterday, a group of individuals, who will not be named (I will say that despite my initial assumption, Fx was not involved), had the idea to join the GFL Official Discord with alternate accounts with the names X2D and Roy (you can see where this was going). Violator and a couple of other individuals who will not be named fed the individual lines to say and he said them in the official discord. The mods and I kept banning the user until he eventually gave up. (Ref: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/330098878571610122/509841111859331082/Screenshot_20181106-222715.png and https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/330098878571610122/509841111859331083/Screenshot_20181106-222712.png ) We were able to find the user because he was friended with one of his alternate accounts that he used to impersonate Roy. This brings us to today. A couple things that were not important occurred ( I talked with individuals who I had found to be involved with the impersonation situation ) and Violator had posted the recording of the conversation in directors’ chat to YouTube (If you’re interested, I’m sure Fx and Violator would be more than happy to share it with you). A TTT Admin (who either admitted to it or was outed by somebody else) joined the main discord as a user named ‘Bertha’ (which appeared to be an alt due to the account age and name: [08:33:45] Bertha#8679 (509766222502559765) has joined, account created 0 hours, 4 minutes ago.) and, from the limited stuff I read from it, appeared to be manufacturing outrage and attempting to stir drama up. That brings us to the present. Now, there are two different, conflicting stories and many users will probably not know who to believe. I’m not going to tell you who to believe, that’s your decision. (Chances are if your mind was firmly swayed in one direction, this will not change it). The only thing we ask is this matter laid to rest and that people stop attempting to stir up drama surrounding this. We will not be punishing anybody who participated in or started drama given that they make no further efforts to stir up drama. Discussion may occur and questions may be asked on this thread, though if this devolves into what other things have devolved into, we will lock this thread. Thanks, Xy
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    This is a post being made for the purposes of transparency regarding the recent events that occurred in the GFL GMOD Discord. Some information has been removed to protect the privacy of those involved. A few of you noticed that the GFL GMOD Discord has disappeared from your Discord’s server list. Here is what happened and why it happened. After Violator’s demotion, we wanted to get ownership of the GMOD Discord. We waited a couple of weeks to let him cool off and then I sent him a message. He ignored me/didn’t get online so I tried asking Fx and Zebra (two people I thought could get a hold of him) to ask Violator to check his messages on discord; this time he responded. Instead of responding to my message, he accuses me of being a traitor to TTT for not bending over backwards to save his position. After this, he then goes to GFL GMOD Discord and removes all of the Directors’ roles (except X2D) and begins misrepresenting information about the situation to TTT Admins in order to sway them onto his side. At this point, I have decided that recovery of the GFL GMOD Discord was not probable. Earlier, I had asked Benroy and Kite to prepare a GFL GMOD Discord and wrote a small discord self-bot called Thanos in golang, which had the function of “snapping” (banning) everybody in the discord (this was to prevent the theft of a populated discord by Violator) and sending them the invite link to the new one, as a contingency in case something like this happened. Once the purge was completed, we changed out the links on TTT and posted an announcement stating that there was an event which occurred in the GFL GMOD Discord which made it necessary for a new one to be created. I will not be disclosing specifics of conversations held in the GMOD discord nor my PMs with Vio, but it involved the defamation of the directors, Roy, and the remaining GMOD DLs and the perpetration of several falsehoods surrounding the nature of his demotion. As a result of this event, all GFL discords must be owned by Roy going forward. Thanks. ~ Xy <3
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    To whom' it may concern, Hi The name is Carlos Also known as Taco. I will be around helping out as much as I can. I run my own community with 3 other partners. Don't wanna put much info on that here because it feels like advertising. Anyways I run my own Garry's Mod stuff. Gaming since 2002 Started in windows 95 and finishing strong on the new OS Windows XP. I don't wanna sound like a bad ass but I do make my own Ramen and i also go on Disney site without my parents permission. anyways will be working along side Roy with what ever he needs. I don't want a rank just trying to help. Feel free to add me if you want. Will be helping out on the CSGO part of the community and anywhere else I am needed. Cheers everyone!
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    Well, the title is quite explanatory. I decided to resign for a few reasons. First, I didn't want to be involved with Events anymore and felt like I pretty much had TL of nothing, I wasn't involved with the team as much as I could be, wasn't really active nor doing my job. That brings me for the next reason, I wasn't doing anything, I was feeling useless at my "job". Really sad to disappoint those that had faith in me in doing Events. What now? Well, I'm going down to just Moderator and Sever Admin for TTT. I would like to mention a few people. @MrNoobyNoob thank you for being in the team and accepting my request to step up and take my spot, I have faith that you will do so much better than me. @Xy, @Darkling, @RickGrimesTM and @Roy, thanks for believing in me to be a Council member, and a TL. Sorry to, probably, disappoint you guys with the Events part. @Ben Roy you are a nice guy, keep up being like that. @Violator you probably don't care, but you are an awesome person, always respected you and how you put your views without fear or anything. @MilkMan u still gay. @Kubnair dad. @WigglesWorth and @motorsteak we had our differences, but I respect how you guys are close and have each other back, hopefully we can have a new start with the right foot. @AverageDrink best arab There are many others I would love to tag, but this would be a giant ass post, I would also like to thank @Syntax and @Skits for joining the team and trying to make the team active. Thanks for every TTT admin for being awesome guys, besides times , and I would also like to thank every Server Admin, Manager, Operator, Division Leader, Technical Administrator, Dev, Media and every other rank for being part of GFL and making what GFL is today. It's been a great run and time as a Staff member, time to let new blood in. Cheers!
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    YO WHAT THE FUCK IS UP EVERYONE! I WOKE UP TODAY AND I THOUGHT... YO I SHOULD RETURN TO GFL I MISS THOSE LOSERS! So yeah I'm back. Here's a small update since last time. Work is still hectic as fuck I got a promotion I'm making lots of monies life is good (mostly) I think I can spare enough time everyday to let GFL back into my life again. I missed you all hopefully you guys missed me as well! I'm going to get back to my admin stuffs maybe maybe you know get dat director role if I really want ;))) but most importantly I'm back to get that bread lets go!
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    So uh yeah. Not gonna lie, I had to look at other resignations to see how everyone is kinda doing this. But yeah. I'm just gonna say this off the start. I never was the best manager and I know that. I still dont know more than half of the stuff I'm supposed to know to be a manager. I dont blame anyone for this. But I at this point I dont know if I killed the server or not. My interest has really declined in being a manager. It went from I like this to it being something in the back of my mind constantly. How I couldn't help a dying server. I tried but as time went on my effort decreased as my interest decreased, for this I apologize. I still stand behind my actions of demoting Dan because as a person who is perusing law enforcement I wont put up with such but unfortunately I believe this was one of the many factors that led to the server. At this point, the server is kinda fucked and I have no idea how to fix that with how busy I have gotten recently. I've had really good times with this community and one of the larger things I've ever joined when it comes to the gaming universe. I'd like to thank each and everyone of you that supported me and put up with me. But It's kinda my time to leave now. I'm not active aside from DMs which I will always look at, I don't have the technical skills to restart a server, nor the time. I'm just gonna tag people I know and like say bye. @Darkling Thanks dad @rapperdan I still stand behind what I did. I'm a firm believer in rules and command structure, I hope you respect that as well sometime. @CrusTi If I had a dollar for every gram of we- @Roy Hope you do good man, you're a sweet dude. @ oh shit who do I taggg @Xy_ Mr Director @HackingPotato potattooooo @King_Wailord Always said your name wrong @Misaki If I had a dollar for every time you changed your na- @Bonk I still dont know what I am doing @Sleazoid Your a really cool dude, hope life treats ya well @Twin Stay strong my dude @Vfallen Turn off your hacks lol @jtmj23 Rocket league sometime? @argo Where did you go my dude? @JerryBomb You remind of this dude just running into a room yelling Jerry, idk why @p0lar My first Perma mute, still had good memes after. <3 @Crusty I got you mixed up with CrusTi so many times lol @RickGrimesTM Didnt talk THAT much but still a chill dude @Zebra Youre a chill dude yus Ima add that one thing that everyone does cause I forgot everyone but this experience was magical, thank you all for doing that. I hope y'all have good lifes and stuff, see ya later.
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    Map Modifier Plugin Currently in Beta Testing. Not official yet. Hello As some of you may have seen or heard, @xSnowyAngel and I have been testing a new plugin called Map Modifier on the server. While it is in it’s function-able state right now, we would love to gain some feedback and ideas to help develop the plugin more and add different modifier modes. What is this plugin? This is a plugin Snowy is working on to allow players experience a slightly different map setting modification in the map. The plugin is currently set to pick a random mode and apply it to the map until rtv or if players vote to undo the modification. What kind of modes are there? We currently have three active modes which is picked at random: -- VIP mode -- After ZM infection, a random CT will be picked to be a VIP. They must make it to the end of the map alive or else the CT team will all die. -- 50K Knife DMG for CTs mode -- CTs can instant kill zombies with knives that does 50,000 damage -- Classic ZM spawn mode -- Mother Zombies will spawn with humans after the ZM infection countdown hits 0. They will not be teleported back to the spawn points, there won’t be any zombie freezing. And two more potential modes in the making: -- Fail Nades mode -- CT nades will have knockback on while setting zombies on fire. -- Knife Knockback mode -- CT knives can hurt zombies along with knockback that may send zombies flying. Where or when is this plugin going to be used? We currently are testing it on all types of maps just to see how well the plugin is doing on initial testing but plan to enable it during more casual maps like ze_icecap_escape, ze_platformer or maps like ze_frostdrake, ze_magala_castle once it is more or less out of beta testing. This plugin is mainly to spice up maps that otherwise may be too easy or too boring for most players. How can the players interact with the plugin? The plugin only works if enough players vote for it via !votemm. Once the vote is passed, the plugin will randomly pick a mode and apply it to the map (starting next round). If players do not like the mode, they can vote to disable it via !undomm. Once vote is passed, the plugin will revert back to original settings. Again, this plugin is still in the works so bugs are bound to happen. Please let us know of any feedback, ideas or bugs that you may have seen or encountered for this particular plugin.
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    Well, I'm back (tentatively). I decided with all the buzz that purge may/may not be coming back to town, I thought I'd give it a shot. Besides, I missed a decent number of people anyways. A couple of thanks to give before I continue. @Xy_ You are probably one of my closest if not the closest friend in GFL I've had. Thanks for that discussion last night, it ultimatley pushed me towards the decision to come back. @Zebra Believe it or not, your steam friend-req was what got me into thinking about coming back. Just because I missed playing with you. @Kubnair - You're a fucking retard for blowing me off all the time. Joking, of course. You and I have been good friends for a while, and since you're back, well... @Finnick - Also one of my absolute closest friends. The things you draw for me are always awesome. You and I need to get back to playing together, since you have a PC With all those aside, I hopefully await for a re-release of purge. Hopefully I can fix all my past conflicts, and such. To the board of directors: I've bitched you guys out a ton. I'm not going to apologize for it, but just know, I'll go easier on you guys. You guys have stressful jobs, and my ranting and shit probably didn't help. I want to see you, and GFL succeed. Wether or not i'm frustrated doesn't change the fact that it's the first gaming community that I belonged to. These three years have been a journey. I wont be as active in-game as I used to be (probably) since I have some responsibilites in an APB Reloaded gaming clan, soooooooo. But, I'll be on for sure. Now for the Not-So-Good Part: I said I'm coming back tentatively. That's because i'm not sure what's going to happen with me being back in, and I wanted a catch-all excuse to dip if I feel I need to. I'm going to attempt to avoid conflict, but if I feel that I'm heading down the same path as I did before, i'm probably going to leave. So, I'm not making any promises. But, I hope i'll stay, and be able to help you guys out. I still like this clan, and I still want to help. I just left last time because I was frustrated, and lost purpose. Finally: I hope that I meet plenty of new people, as well as some old friends. I missed a bunch of old friends, and i'd love to reconnect. I've changed, and this time it's for the better. I look forward to what the future may hold for GFL. Regards, Nap14hockey- Your Average Blond
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    So for those who care/don't know yet (i let my higher ups in media, moderation and ttt know already): I have been absent from gfl activity for quite awhile now, i think about 2 weeks. My wifi has been out and i haven't been able to deal with it, and i will continue to be unavailable until pretty much next month. Lots of irl stuff, new employment that's taking weeks to start, moving, etc etc. I'll be back, obviously. Just wanted to let the rest know in case i forgot someone important. Take it easy cucks
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    Zombie Escape Event #33 Halloween Special Event Maps To be played in the following order ze_hell_escape_p2 *Click here to download* ze_slender_escape_rc2 *Click here to download* ze_Halloween_House_b4 *Click here to download* Time/Date Saturday, October 27th, 2018 CDT 3pm Central Time (CDT) 10pm Central European Summer Time (CEST) 4am Singapore GMT +8 Convert to your timezone with this website: https://www.worldtimebuddy.com/ Duration 2-3 hours (unless we beat it before the time stated) Restrictions For ze_hell_escape_p2 only Pistols and Hegrenades Only 10K Damage Human Knives Rules Don't troll with items, or you will be banned from using them.Don't afk in spectate, or you will be kicked.Don't mic spam, let the leaders try to give commands over voice comm.Don't zombie inflate (Intentionally becoming a zombie to give the CT's a lesser chance).Mute round will be applied IF we deem it necessary.All other server rules apply to the event. Rewards Winners for this event will continue having access to TWO (2) skins after Halloween (CST) until November 23rd Skeleton Skins (Human Skin) Colorable via !colors Monkey Zombie Skin *As voted by the community on our Discord* How to earn the reward skins? *Winners must survive at least TWO (2) maps to earn the skins* - Reach the top of the chapel in ze_hell_escape_p2 - Successfully escape the zombies after boss fight on Lvl 4 of ze_slender_escape_rc2 - Survive the last hold on ze_Halloween_House_b4 When you win, just reply on this thread with your Steamid and we'll verify you with the winners lists A screenshot would be good too (optional) YOU HAVE 3 DAYS AFTER THE EVENT TO REPLY IF YOU HAVE WON THE MAP IN ORDER TO GET THE REWARDS! External Links GFL ZE Discord: https://discord.gg/Bkfwg4q GFL ZE Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/GFLCSGOZE thanks @Aze for graphic Thank you and most of all Good luck and have fun!
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    Hello everyone. Over the last couple weeks we have received countless messages and replies from all of you regarding this new server location. All of this input and feedback is more than appreciated and welcome by all of us since in the end it helps to steer the server into a direction where hopefully everyone or at least a vast majority of you can be ok with. However, there is one question that has been in everyone's mind and mouth because we haven't been able to give a proper answer to it, and we're happy to say that we can now give one. "When are we moving the server to the United States?" After deciding it with the Head Admin team altogether, we're happy to announce that the final decision of whether or not we're moving the server will be announced and will take place on Saturday November 3rd, 2018. We'd like to give this server location 2 more weeks (as of this post being written) of testing just to see if really anything positive can be squeezed out of it. Along with you guys, we also often check and notice how has this UK location impacted us in terms of playerbase, overall quality of the server, etcetera. Many of you have been neutral with this change, others showed genuine discontent and displeasure with this location, and while we understand from where are you guys coming with the stuff you have pointed out we would still like to test UK just for a little bit longer. If by the end of these two weeks we deem this location as not worth it and that no real change can come out of it in the future, then we will move the server back to the United States on the day mentioned above (or possibly Sunday, but it won't take longer than that weekend). Why 2 weeks? We wanted to give this new location a fair try at seeing what could it do for us, on November 3rd a full month will have passed since we merged back with GFLClan.com and also since we opened the server in the UK, a month should be a good enough time margin to truly see if the results achieved were what we wanted or not. We wanted to lay this down to you guys as well since it's only fair that you know what are we aiming for in regards of a time limit, and now that we have finally decided on a deadline we thought it'd be the perfect time to make this announcement. This thread is here to inform you about this and also to let you add more input into this whole matter. Things to remember/recap: The United States server will be hosted in Dallas, Texas. Asian players should have slightly lower ping, and all NA players will have much lower ping compared to what they currently have. (Some Asia players may get higher ping though) European players will see a larger ping increase from what they originally had in GFLClan.ru (because server is hosted South-West of the US as opposed to Canada) Moving the server back shouldn't take too long, so it's possible that on that very same day we may be back in the US. See you on November 3rd, 2018.
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    @Joel and I made a document with a number of ideas to improve GFL. These ideas have went through Directors and internal discord. They deal with more general GFL problems or with the forums/discord/TS rather than the game servers since that is not what we are knowledgeable in. Give feedback and such please. I will try my best to prevent any posts from being hidden or this thread from being locked since I do not care what is said here. Just make an attempt to be constructive and on topic. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1du0JE0PURD6BYqjb5-wXWdOOsRqq3U-EYgtjcc1cS9A/edit?usp=sharing
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    Don't let the thread devolve, keep personal attacks out. Throughout the time Violator and I worked together he's earned my utmost respect for him. I don't personally agree with the demotion but I also don't expect it to be reversed. His behavior could've been better, sure, but he was by far the most comfortable Leader I've seen and people (especially TTT admins) were comfortable going to him with issues; he was also keen at fixing said issues. I wish the best for 'em.
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    Hello As suggested in the title, the admin team is potentially interested in holding a mapping event for CSGO ZE. This thread is mainly to gather some thoughts and ideas from the community in regards to how/when it should be held. Some ideas so far that we have - Themed Mapping Contest (should we do themed or no theme) - Guest Mapper Judge - Community voting on their favorite map along with judge panel voting (would notoriety play into community votes?) - Judge panel to be maybe 3-4 judges (and who would be suitable?) -Some kind of point or category system for judging - Time restriction on contest (One month? 2 weeks? to make a map) - New map from scratch, can't be a map that's already in progress - Some kind of reward (Steam game?) -All playable maps will be added regardless of "winning" contest As stated, these are just ideas for now. If you have any feedback, please leave it here for us to consider.
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    Fellow ZE Players, I'd like to announce some changes for future events and also apologize for past events. Let me start with the apology. As many of you probably already realized, our event winners in the past few months were not rewarded and settings for events were not properly set up. We want to apologize to you all and we promise to improve. With the upcoming merge and other matters we were all busy and lost the control over the events bit. I hope you guys can forgive us. Let's now have a look what we will do to improve our events and make them glorious again! After all CS:S GFL ZE was the first server organizing weekly events and being very successful at it. First of all we will start rewarding Event Winners with VIP again! An important note is, that the VIP is going to be valid on all GFL servers! As balance for this generous act, we will make it slightly harder to win VIP as we used to do so far. Next we chose @Nano, @Soft Serve, @omarfire00 and @The Q-man as new "Event Manage Assistants". These volunteers will help @Vanya and make sure everyone goes fine during an event by being present and watching over the server. Furthermore they will make sure event settings are set up and get the winner lists for the rewards. You can also approach them, whenever there is a event-related problem. All this will already be implemented for the upcoming event this weekend. Make sure to join! We are looking forward to host good events just for you! Your GFL CS:S Admin Team
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    Man, the new season of "Real Housewives of GFL" is looking fucking amazing, keep it up guys!
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    Imma begin with i'm resigning from my Admin position from PropHunt and PVK2, I'm starting to fail school due to me being a fucktard and not studying when I get home. Gaming has taken up alot of my time tbh but coming back was great while it lasted. I'll come back sooner or later to enjoy the servers that may come back. Now for some tags @Roy - Thanks for making a cool community <3 @Xy - Thanks for being a big help and being a funny guy y'know @RickGrimesTM - Thanks for setting up the Jailbreak servers @canman1151 - Thanks for being a cool manager and accepting me as Admin @BLAZE - Thanks for being a chill guy and a chill manager @Shark - Can find your name but thanks for being a funny dude that has shown me alot @PotatoMum, @flyingjoe32, @DoctorDJ, @SkyTailor I can't thank you enough for playing Purge with me and showing me a shit ton about it. I've had many many fun times on there <3 @Duc2000 and @Kite9867 Those hobo houses man @rapperban - great memes dude @motorsteak - yes @Bigtime388 - rip your box @Darkling - Thanks for filming me do some freaky shit on purge @Jat, @Glenn_, and @Triple_A You guys are the only reasons i've stayed in GFL, it's been a pleasure working with you guys I love ya <3 @TheLastBee - <3 @LLJ Been a great time playing with you man @Jroek97 eat my peen dawg @Witchsaki im sorry i didnt tag <3 thank u for being the nicest person ive met and being the best ow player If I missed anyone just know I'm forgetful and that you mean't something to be good or bad cya @Dralga - make prophunt great again! @Winter thanks for being a great guy yknow, keep it up
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    Member Permissions Becoming a member is free and these perks can be accessed by simply applying for member. Access to basic player models in the shop. Slightly increased chance of becoming an SCP. A tag denoting your member rank in-game. Supporter Permissions You can become a supporter by donating here. All member perks Access to additional models in the shop Access to many of the cosmetics in the shop The ability to set a custom tag A higher point multiplier VIP Permissions You can become a vip by donating here. All member perks and all supporter perks Access to everything in the shop An even higher point multiplier Tags can be accessed using the !tags command. The pointshop may be opened by typing !shop Suggesting Perks Please reply to this thread with perk suggestions. Perk suggestions must not be: Pay to win. Perks to any rank must not give the user an advantage over others in-game. This includes things like increasing chances to become a certain class or a pass to respawn as NTF. The only reason members get a slight increase to the chance to become SCP is because member is free. Models which are significantly harder to hit due to bad hit boxes or small size also fall under this category. Excessively Stupid. Please suggest things that are reasonable. Fundamental. Things that generally fall under here includes deathmatch, any in-game role, or anything else that a user would typically expect to have access to when joining a random server. Additionally, I may reject anything for any reason. Common reasons include performance (the addon would have a significant effect on the server itself or clients with lower end computers), implementation time (the addon would take too long to implement), features that require Breach API changes (Re-coding parts of the gamemode that other addons depend on), and simply not fitting into the gamemode (i.e. researcher model that does not look like a researcher model).
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    As expected, you come back a day later, this time you are not alone... The GFLClan crew follows right behind you as you take them to the place you visited last moon, armed with their weapons and courage, they insist on pushing forward. As you approach the place where the note was, the crew and you notice the ambience feels heavy... then... you find the note. Frightened by the blood splatters, the crew aims their view behind them thinking about retreating, they know it's too late... They have found them... The crew, flooded in fear run as fast as they can, but they know they can't do anything... they are stronger than them. The crew has no escape, but they run for it anyway, will they be able to outrun them and live to tell the tale? Only one way to find out... Event Overview: Welcome everyone, to GFLClan.com's Halloween Jamboree Super Event, the spookiest two-part event you will be a part of this year in the Zombie Escape community as a whole! For this event, just like the merge event, we will be sparing not one but TWO days throughout the weekend full of maps that are a perfect mix of underplayed, scary, tryhard and chill maps for everyone to enjoy. This event will be very special in length, because we will be playing a whopping twelve maps! That's right, for this event we put together all the Halloween / spooky maps that we could think of and decided to cram them together into a single weekend long event! Because of this, the event will be split in two days: Saturday -- Day One: ze_halloween_house_b4s (totally unexpected amIrite?) ze_barrage ze_luigismanison_fix2 ze_retribution_rc ze_survivors_b5 Sunday -- Day Two: ze_slender_escape_b4 ze_nightmare_dimension_v2_6fix ze_hold_em_v10 ze_biohazard2_rpd ze_biohazard2_manor ze_ravenholm_v04 ze_saw_final Day and time of the events: Saturday, October 27th @ 11pm GMT-0 Sunday, October 28th @ 10PM GMT-0 To check at which time the event is for you, check this website to give you an idea. Eventually the times will be posted in our Steam group for your convenience so make sure to join it so you can see the exact time at which it starts for you! Special Kickers: Retribution must be won by the humans at least 3 times before being able to move on You must win the eighth stage of Slender Hold'em, Biohazard (both maps), Saw, Nightmare and Ravenholm will be played with our trademarked "Chaos" mode. VIP Rewards: For this event, you must win 8 out of all twelve maps in order to win a week of V.I.P. Feeling lucky? Win all 12 to get a whole two weeks! Rules: Regular server rules will apply for this event as usual Micspamming (preventing a leader from leading) is not allowed Sitting in spec unless you're a spectating admin is not allowed. Leaders: Anyone willing to be. See you on Saturday (and Sunday)!
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    - Changed name of MTF Guards to Tactical Response Officer - Added the scout and the m249 - Added 3 new types of Tactical Response Officers that have a rare chance of spawning along side regular TROs, these are the Sniper, which spawns with a sniper and a deagle, the heavy, which spawns with a m249, and the Pyro (better name needed), which spawns with a flame thrower. - Fixed a couple glitches with achievements - Fixed a bug that sometimes caused less than 3 spectators to respawn when reinforcements are spawned in. New achievements are coming soon as well as Update #2 for site 13. I will add a couple of things for halloween, but I currently do not think I have time to prepare a huge event.
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    I was gonna wait until this weekend to post a topic on this, but since we already got a thread going I may as well place my input on this. I want to start off by making a simple pro/con list Pro: Getting new players from a different region Using a machine we already have acquired/set up Cons: Increase in ping for all Americans and most Asians Ultimately, ping is no big issue because for most of us, 100 is playable. This is what I am concerned about: https://unloze.com/threads/what-is-the-deal-with-that-na-server.477/ About a year and a half ago a different community created a server in our "territory" and we as a community were rightfully pissed off. This is slightly different as we are keeping the server as NA based but moving the location. Why change location if we are keeping the same population? Wouldn't it make more sense to locate the server around the regulars of the server? These questions have been asked by all of us regular players and we have yet to get a clear answer. "Our goal is to provide the best experience for as many people as possible throughout the globe" is a really lame excuse because there are plenty of other servers that global players play on (like Unloze, NiDE, Net4All, ZombieDen, etc). They wont magically stop playing on their own servers because a "new server" opened up where they can get good ping on. I think all the higher ups/admins forget that there is this magical factor known as P U B L I C P E R C E P T I O N. The reason why people are complaining in the server/in discord/on the forums is because we do not like the actions made by higher ups without any input from us. I was so happy to see the communication we had when the merge was officially announced a few months ago and this change in server location right before the launch of the server looks really sketchy. I think many players will be more appreciative if you: Gave an exact time frame how much longer we are playing in the UK Looking at this thread/making a new thread to get all of our feedback and responding to it Showing the process of a new server located in the US As a last note, I may feel angry at these decisions made, but I still love GFL and wouldn't leave for any other server. I really want what is best for the server and I just want some answers.
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    Town of GFL A Town of Salem Event Members of GFL, we are here to tell you of a new upcoming event which will be coming soon. This event will be a large game of Town Of Salem. Details Date: November 18th on 3:10 PM EST Host: NoobyNoob There will be a discord voice channel in the public GFL Discord for people to join in. The channel will have a limit for the amount of players who will join in. First come, first serve. There will also be a public chat room for people to put in their usernames and only their usernames. Anything else will be deleted. At the end of the event, both voice and text channel will be deleted. If there is a full lobby of players and other players would like to join, the party will have one or two matches, before the lobby will be filled again with new players. Rules No Ghosting, this means that you shouldn't say any important information, your role or other people's roles, in the discord when you are dead. No Cheating, this is like ghosting, but you are alive, but revealing information in the discord. No Meta gaming, this means teaming with players that you aren't suppose to team with. Killing specific people in the game. Example: Town and Mafia teaming. If you would like to stream or record the event, you may do so and have a permanent spot in the event where you will be able to play all matches. If you are interested in doing so, please privately message me on discord or leave a reply on the post. Have a nice day!
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    Both @X2D and @Joshy did not like having all ideas being discussed in one thread. So, the ideas are being split into several, more digestible threads. This thread specifically will cover just general changes. The others will be covering staff hierarchy changes and forum/Discord/Teamspeak changes respectively. Below are the important topics to discuss. The full document is here for reference and for hyperlinks. (if you have a better way of formatting this, let me know)
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    My Age: Roles: Video Editor/Streamer Voice Actor/Animator Do I have any experience in the selected roles: Yes Examples of my work: Hello!! I'm Sheryl from Singapore, 19 years old and a full-time student. I have been playing Zombie Escape/Scenario/Hero since 2008 in Counter Strike: Online (CSO) and Counter Strike 1.6. I've always loved the concept of infection + escape/strategy games ever since and always wished more people know about it. I play other games such as PUBG & Overwatch too, and here's a video I made a few months back: DVA x EDM (POTG Montage): Why I think I will be a good Creative Team member? I have always wanted to be a twitch streamer/youtuber since I have been playing FPS games since I was 11 (I'm 19 now), but have always been delaying it although many friends encouraged me to be one. I'd describe myself as a cheerful, enthusiastic and creative person (full of memes) that always aim for perfection since i pay high attention to the smallest details. I also love to joke around make people happy, but I know when it's time for work, i'd be serious if i need to. Therefore, since I've been an avid fan of the ZE server and the community seems so fun and welcoming, I would definitely not mind producing content for them or the public to enjoy especially knowing that I can contribute to the community. Also, I'd love to stream/create videos as I strongly wish that more people need to know about this amazing ZE server that i personally really enjoy (to a point that i have to play every night before I sleep). Also, I don't mind being a voice actor because hey don't you guys need a female voice actors that sounds like your anime waifu???? (I'm joking, I just really am enthusiastic in speaking :D) Would I consider making profit: Yes
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    If I'm not mistaken, the community pretty much demanded some degree of transparency after the theft of Paypal funds & the ZE server hijacking. We peons like to know all the details as well, not just what is deemed worthy of us knowing. Personally, I am glad this information was shared. As stated, a lot of just knew he was gone, but had no knowledge of why. I have always had the utmost respect for Violator 's work within GFL. Say what you will, but he got things done & the TTT server was always full. That's no longer the case. From what I have read, his actions were indeed immature & counterproductive. However, we all have our moments of immature behavior, our passions, & our beliefs. I'd agree that bad choices were made, but as humans that is our nature.
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    Well, I'm still keeping up with the news. After viewing a majority of the video, I don't agree with this decision. However, I'm over bitching and whining about things. That didn't work for me last time, so I'm just here being a pretty much unconcerned 3rd party. I guess I'll say this. To everyone who supports his demotion, it's understandable. He wasn't perfect in any stretch. To those who refute it, I aslo understand. If we keep trying to start shit by spreading rumors, videos, etc. All we will do is further divide ourselves. To the board of directors, please start being more transparent. We all know you say you're transparent, but then I see violator without DL, with no information. Which means those who got information got it from Violator. So, it just makes this whole situation worse. Take my opinion with a grain of salt, who cares anyways?
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    This situation is quasi impossible to elaborate given the amount of history, nuances, and general variables to it all. It references numerous other events, which in turn have their own nuances, variables etc. As such I don't think this thread has a place in any public section (and hereby urge you to move it elsewhere). With that said, a couple of things I'd like to point out. It wasn't a condition and I've personally fought against it becoming a condition every step of the way. My unban was exclusively a gesture of good faith. The reason they objected was because one of the conditions was that, once merged, their continued sovereignty was guaranteed and absolute on any issues pertaining cs:s ze. Even so, I urged Dogan to not interfere as I was demoted on the forum. Apologies for the virtue signaling, but it serves a purpose. It's to showcase the extent to which I understand and agree that there is no place in GFL for people that have done certain things, have certain attitudes, etc. While this is a generality, ultimately this should be true on a policy level and any deviation would set (and has, in times long past) wonky precedents. My personal resistance to being forced into GFL as a condition under which the merge would proceed was exclusively selfish, as was the introduction of the idea of the possibility of a merge to relevant parties. It is a desire to atone and forgive myself, forgiveness from .com side (or at least specific people) would have been a blessing, but reconciliation was never a consideration. I'm writing this to illustrate how far out there the idea that I'm trying to infiltrate, overtake, or even become a relevant part of GFL is. It's even more disheartening to see Violators conspiratorial attitude towards me considering I've apologized to him personally at length, have implored him to have a conversation in which I could address his concerns, amongst other things. While hierarchy was definitely the problem (or a rejection thereof) in this specific scenario (and some other broader issues), it is only marginally problematic in the ways you've outlined. The fact that something as abstract as hierarchy is a consideration for anyone but leadership is worrisome. Additionally you holding this specific opinion is telling. And with that I re-iterate that this post should not be public. Intricacies aside, this is a gaming community first and foremost and drama and outrage seems to have become an integral part of what GFL offers. For higher ups this has been always been true to some extent, but now it seems to be an almost universal (i.e. for all ranks) experience. With that said, good on you for taking time out of your day to elaborate on a clearly polarizing issue.
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    Mostly changes related to balance - SCP-500 now cures SCP-610 infection - Players are now notified when infected by SCP-610 - SCP-2639-As now regenerates 2 ammo per second - SCP-1471 now only is stunned for 1 second - Players are no longer notified when SCP-1471 teleports on them - SCP-1471 no longer has his vision obstructed for 5 seconds upon teleporting (now only 2) - SCP-610's orbs now play a sound when they do their AOE infection. - Nerfed SCP-457's base health to 1350 points ( from 1500). - CI now spawn with NTF Armor, but be careful! You still have different rifles. - Karma is now shown on the scoreboard - Karma is now less forgiving - Karma is now healed by 25 instead of 50 per round - Karma is now damaged per gun shot on an ally instead of per ally damaged - Karma is now damaged more for friendly kills - Hitting 600 karma will trigger a karma ban in the future. - Changed the style of the YOU ARE {ROLE} hud message. - Buffed the M249 to be more accurate and deal slightly more damage - Slight theme adjustments to the scoreboard - Gates now have 30,000 health instead of 20,000 - Scoreboard now shows VIPs, Supporters, and Members in their proper colors - SCP-2639-A can no longer escort D Class. - Increased version number - Removed some obsolete code - Disabled Halloween features - Code changes that allow for upcoming updates. Coming Soon: - SCP-2639-A's weapons will be put onto the TFA base - Resolution to some fonts not displaying correctly for all users - SCP-079 buff - FNAF-like interface for SCP-079's cameras - Code work related to NPCs, allowing for scps that are not interesting for a human player to control to still be in the game - SCP-1730 Update #2 with accompanying map specific SCPs, task squad, and round type.
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    You are entitled to your opinion, Fx.
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    don't shoot the cat I enjoyed the video, especially the intro (you timed the elements up to the music really well). One thing that wasn't shown in your video are effects. I didn't see many effects (if any) in the game-play portion of your clip. Do you have any more recent videos? Also, I noticed that you also selected Voice Actor. Do you have any videos or skits or anything like that showcasing your voice? If you could link any of those here then that would be amazing. Feel free to drop your Twitch link here if you have one. I won't be leaving a vote yet, since there isn't much content for me to base my vote on. You come off as very enthusiastic and eager, which is always a great trait. Best of luck!
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    I think it would be nice to focus on attracting young blood into mapping, so i'd suggest to avoid setting requirements on what to/not to make as long as it's within the realm of playable ZE. I'd also suggest at running it somewhat short with smaller projects in mind. I strongly believe that dragged out projects tend to get easily procrastinated and/or scrapped completely. Keeping it simple, short and juicy should hopefully incite more people to join in. If you're interested in trying it out, i suggest checking out this site: https://www.tophattwaffle.com/tutorials The 100% anonymous thing to prevent bias sounds impossible to maintain as people will probably see who the mapper is based on the design itself. Also, if a mapper is to ask for help on things it would just make it harder to keep it a secret. And what if it's revealed who the mapper is? Does that mapper get disqualified? All in all it feel a bit too cumbersome for its cause. If a map is playable and gets added to the server you get the mapper-role, right? That alone is a pretty neat reward as you get a free slot on the server. (though it would never hurt if anyone would like to throw in something extra to attract more people ) Don't worry about my man-nectar @hotEvercLear, i'm busy working on my current projects so i'm pretty sure i'll stay clear from participating.
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    Updated Site 13 Changed name of map to br_scp1730 Added a surface area with an escape zone Added an escort zone Added a medical bay, an office, and Gate A/Gate B to the entrance zone Changed the materials of the entrance zone, bathrooms, and certain other rooms Changed the map's overall light level to be darker Repurposed the testing area(Assuming that's what it was, it was just a bunch of empty white rooms) into an office area, added props. Added a generator room that can be accessed through the staircase in the office area Fixed a couple of the original map's bugs Updated the models that are included with the map to be the same as Site 19's, this prevents vertex errors when you load this map after loading site19 without restarting. Added a couple dead bodies and some writing on the wall cuz scp-1730. This is the first of 2 or 3 updates that site 13 will be receiving, though others will incorporate user feedback as well as the following changes: SCP-914's mode changer is kind of difficult to trigger, but it is possible. It also doesn't move in a circle correctly and looks kind of weird. SCP-914's activator trigger doesn't move out when you press it Some lighting bugs make some parts of the map too dark Some walls are too thin and a tiny bit of the door model seems to clip through it. This bug seems to be inherited from the original map, but I am not sure. Some brushes have some funky brush work due to something that I accidently did (a whole part of the map got shifted by 0.5 units or something), clean up brush work. I'd like to split the map into multiple levels, as the site 13 described by SCP-1730 has 15ish levels. The current plan is to have the D Class/Researcher spawn areas (D Block, Office Area) to be on the bottom, HCZ(Heavy Containment Zone) to be the second floor, LCZ (Light containment zone) to be the third floor, and EZ (Entrance Zone) to be the top floor, below only the surface. I would also like to add an additional area on a floor below D Block. This floor would contain the "pit," the inferno, and the thresher device. Make the surface look better, especially the building on top. Add a helicopter pad Move the reactor per SCP-1730's article Completely redo the pocket realm, it is way too time consuming to exit during a round of Breach. Anything else I decide will be nice Update the map config to use my new json map config loader. I will also be giving some love to Area 14, though after a couple of non-map updates.
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    uh The map will contain 3 bosses, 2 moving bosses and 1 laser boss, the laser boss will be the map ending, and you will be on a train-like thing while dodging the lasers and shotting the boss ofc. The map doesn't contain any trim/troll (joke) but it needs a lot of defending to win. It will have 2-3 Items for humans and it will be a single level with all that shit you read. it will be released with Pandora & Ardeca update maybe this weekend.
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    Just make the first vote “ze_penis” and all those who vote irronically will vote for it, thus removing all “unlegit” votes and everyone can finally shut up about how their favorite map isnt being played enough
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    Saying that they're ruining their own chain of command is way beyond a stretch Voids fill themselves. You think there were always DLs? There were times that GFL had 3 councils, one of them didnt do shit (love you gator) the other one focused on gmod (floopy) and only left one guy to do whatever needs to be done. It didn't work well, but the community moves on, managers step up if they see nobody's here to do their jobs. Void fills itself, it always does. I'm heavily biased, but this demotion was foreseen a long time ago. Whether this event was a correct reason to have him gone or whether it was just the last straw, Violator's a timebomb, i've said this a long time ago and he showed this himself. Reacting to stuff like it's the end of the world, claiming that Stephan hacked GFL LOL (you know what im talking about violator, I don't need to prove anything) I hope the guy seeks professional help. And relaxes.
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    Hello everyone. In this quick tutorial I'll show you how to make a working mini-map / radar for your maps in Counter-Strike: Source. (This tutorial uses a Zombie Escape [ze_] map as an example, but you can use this to make minimaps for any map that you'd like.) Note that minimaps for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive are made in almost the same way, but the process changes at one point so consider this as a CS:S only tutorial. Also note that if your map has a lot of overlapping areas (for example Frostdrake, Santa or Mako v5) then the end result may not look as good. Things you need: Paint.NET or any image editing software that isn't MS Paint Notepad++ VTFEdit The damn game Steps: Step #1: First, go to your game's video options and set the display options to the following: 4:3 Aspect Ratio - 1280 x 1024 Resolution - Windowed Display Mode Step #2: Load your map, once you're in type the following commands in the console: sv_cheats 1, cl_leveloverviewmarker 1024, noclip Note: You can see from this screen that I do NOT have a minimap for this map. However, if I do the rest of this tutorial correctly then I will have one. Step #3: Now that you see that red line across your screen, you need to type "cl_leveloverview X" into the console, where X can be any number you want. The goal here is to fit your map within the red square (since a minimap needs to be 1024 x 1024), you also need noclip to fly up or down so that more of your map is visible at once. Tips: Before typing cl_leveloverview X, go into noclip mode and fly very high above your level, then mess around with the command, if you want to go back to your normal view, type "cl_leveloverview 0" You can also type decimal values, such as "cl_leveloverview 29.4" for a more accurate minimap, just remember the whole map has to fit inside the red square! If parts of your level aren't being rendered, you may need to fly higher / lower If your map has HDR lighting, type "mat_hdr_level 0" in console to remove it until you take the screenshot, otherwise it can lead to weird results where, if the void of your map is green, some of that will get in the way of the image. (Note: The void can sometimes be green [like in the example] and sometimes it can be fully black) Step #4: With cl_leveloverview still on, once you're happy with what you see on screen, you should see that a spam of the same command has generated due to you moving around with cl_leveloverview on, copy the last command that was generated and paste it where you won't forget about it, we will need this info for later. Step #5: Once you have the command copied somewhere, type "r_drawvgui 0" in the console, and everything should be gone from the screen except the overview of the map, at this point, you're free to take a picture of this. It is VERY important that you don't move. Tips: Hitting Alt + PrintScreen gives a more high-res screenshot of the map than taking a screenshot through Steam Step #6: Once you hit Alt + PrintScreen, open your image editing software (for this example I will use Paint.NET) and make a new canvas, when prompted if you want to resize the window or not, hit yes. Tips: Because you hit Alt + PrintScreen, if your game was being blocked by your taskbar, it is very important that you move the taskbar to the side AND THEN hit the key combination, otherwise your taskbar will get on the way of the image, as shown here. This step is done to confirm that you have an image of your minimap, and also to keep a back-up of it just in case. Step #7: Once you have imported your image file to Paint.NET without anything in the way other than the game, now we have to make it a 1024 x 1024 image. Select all of your image with Windows' borders and everything, hit Ctrl + C and then hit Ctrl + N to make a new canvas, set the size to 1024 x 1024. Paste your image in there and when prompted to resize the canvas, press No. Of course, because your image is larger than the canvas, some of your minimap will be off. To fix this, zoom in to the top left corner, and move your image ever so slightly in a way that all of the border is gone As you can see, all that's left out of the canvas is the silhouette of Windows' window, this is what we want. Tips: I recommend zooming in as much as possible to move the image, since you really only want to move the image until the borders of the Windows' window are completely gone If done correctly, our image will look like this: Step #8: For some reason, CS:S sometimes turns the void into green, as seen in this example. If the background color of your minimap was black then feel free to skip this step, if the background color was green, as seen in this example, we'll color it to black. All we need for this is the paint bucket tool, color the green void to black until you are happy with the results: Tips: Some mappers prefer removing the background color completely and leaving it transparent (minimaps like Totemo Roka, Santassination and Westersand do this), personally I prefer coloring the background to black since that helps with visibility in the minimap, but that decision is up to you. Step #9: Once you are done with editing your minimap file, save it with any name as a .png file. After this, open VTFEdit and import your minimap's png file. Once we have imported it into VTFEdit, make sure to tick these two options to the left of the image to prevent your minimap from glitching (making it repeat itself over and over even if you are outside of your level). Now we need to save this as a texture file, for this, we're gonna hit click "Save as", and we're gonna save this VTF into the following directory: > C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Source\cstrike\materials\overviews Note that the directory can be different depending on where you installed the game. The name of the vtf has to be the exact same as your map, for this example I'm working with a map named ze_LOTR_Isengard_v1_5 so I will name my vtf "ze_LOTR_Isengard_v1_5" If your map name is "ze_i_love_MaKo_AnD_WeSTeRsAnd" then your vtf HAS to be named this, NAME IS CASE SENSITIVE, SO MAKE SURE TO INCLUDE UPPERCASE LETTERS TOO Step #10: Once you have saved the .vtf file, now we need to make a .vmt file, this file tells the texture how to appear in-game. While in VTFEdit, press Ctrl + N and this should come up to your screen: When you are here, you will need to have some text written in here so that your texture can appear in the minimap, the text that you need will be hidden inside this spoiler: In my case, because my map name is ze_LOTR_Isengard_v1_5, the text that I will have to write in this file has to look like this: Tip: EVERYTHING here is case sensitive, so if the name of your map has caps (which it shouldn't) then you need to include those too Once this is done, save this .vmt with the exact same name of the map, just like we did for the vtf file. IMPORTANT: Once you have saved the .vmt file, you need to make another copy of it, but this copy needs to end with the word "_radar". So you need two .vmt files (one with mapname and one with mapname and that ends with "_radar") and one .vtf file, if you don't do this then your minimap won't look clear and it will have some rubbish green tint to it. Step #11: Once we're done with this, we need to open Notepad++ to generate a text file that we need. Remember the series of numbers that came up when we did "cl_leveloverview"? This is what we need them for. You will need this format when making this .txt file: In my case, based on the results I got with cl_leveloverview, this is how my txt file should look: Once you're done with this, save this txt file into this directory with THE EXACT SAME NAME as your map, caps and all: > C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Source\cstrike\resource\overviews You are done! If you did everything correctly (and I'm good at explaining), when you load your map in the game again you should be able to see a fully working minimap: Don't forget to pack all the folders and stuff when you are packing the files for your map, otherwise the minimap won't work! Disclaimers / Things to keep in mind If you move around with cl_leveloverview on, you ALWAYS need to keep the last generated command, if you copy the wrong command, or you copy the command, move the image in CS:S and then forget to copy the last generated command again, then the minimap will not be accurate Stuff like water will appear as fully black in the minimap Doors, elevators, props and things that move will turn invisible when you fly out of the world in noclip If you are updating your map (but there are no changes to geometry), you NEED to change the names AND the contents of ALL your files (vmt's, vtf's and .txt and the text you wrote in them) to include the updated mapname, otherwise your minimap won't work Resolutions HAVE to be what I typed, otherwise this may not work. A good way to test if you packed your minimap files properly is to remove the "materials/overviews" and "resource/overviews" folders from your root folder and then test the map. This may seem like too much work, but in practice and once you get the hang of it, making minimaps won't take you more than two minutes to make. They can provide great visual queue to help visualize where the zombies actually are if you can't make it up for yourself in-game (or, say, if everyone's stacking, a minimap can help you know where zombies actually are or from where are they coming from). If you'd like to report something or have any questions feel free to let me know! Thanks to Moltard and j0ueurnul for pointing out a few things that were added in this tutorial.
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    Considering the huge support for this contest (with the exception of Flops and Sniper), there's an amazing principle of life that can be exercised here with regards to possible issues of pre-conceived bias / favouritism. The principle is that if everyone has a biased advantage, then no one has a biased advantage. By what manner would this work or be executed? It should be innately clear that server administrators are the most trusted members of the server, otherwise, they wouldn't have been accepted for their respective positions. As such, each mapper participant should be able to choose one server administrator to be a participating judge in the contest. Therefore, the greater the participation in the contest (which is amazing!), the more inputs will be available towards the judging period. However, it shouldn't solely be those admins on the judging panel, there should also be two guest mappers on the judging panel since they'd also be highly qualified to present their input. Finally, the community following the testing of all the maps should be able to vote for their favourite map, which would account for one vote on the judging panel. In addition, the votes of the judge panel members will be anonymous amongst themselves, the contest participants, as well as the community as a whole. This is to ensure that no inner or outer bias takes place.
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    - Added "Bright in the Screen" special round - Increased chance of drops to 20% - What I had actually intended to release for halloween is not quite release quality and will need to be delayed.
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    Both @X2D and @Joshy did not like having all ideas being discussed in one thread. So, the ideas are being split into several, more digestible threads. This thread specifically will cover staff hierarchy related changes. The others will be covering general GFL changes and forum/Discord/Teamspeak changes respectively. Below are the important topics to discuss. The full document is here for reference and for hyperlinks. (if you have a better way of formatting this, let me know)
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    It's difficult to discuss 20 ideas at once.
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    I never thought I would write one of these for a while but I’m afraid that it has come to that time. I resign from being Server Manager on Pirates, Vikings, and Knights II and from GFL entirely. I have done this mainly because of the lack of communication I have been getting from higher-ups. I have tried contacting people of various positions such as Directors, Team Leader, and other Server Managers. I have tried to bend the wire of possibilities for the server as it was endless in my mind, but the lack of communication is stopping that. The reason behind it I may never know but I can only come to one conclusion. My division is most likely the most irrelevant, and the least important since the game is small. That is understandable. What is not understandable is that I try to communicate with other members of GFL to create special events, and such. I am flabbergasted because they gave me Server Manager only after 3 weeks of being a part of GFL. I am ashamed because I was never properly told what to do. Yeah, manage the server and what not, but I wanted to do more for this server, but they have stopped every attempt to try something new because of the higher-ups not knowing anything about the game. In all honesty, I believe the PVKII division should be permanently shut down. Everyone left the PVKII Division because of the unattentiveness of Directors. I was the last to remain, and I felt like I could change the server for the better. Sadly, you can’t keep building the road... it eventually ends somewhere. My last request is to shut down the PVKII Division. Not only is it almost always empty, but it’ll help by making the bills a little cheaper. Anyway, I’m sorry if I let anyone down, and I wish this community wouldn’t focus only on Garry’s Mod. If you know nothing about a game, don’t get a server on that game. I saw these on other resignations so I’ll do the same. If I didn’t mention your name, that’s because either I never knew you, or you were the reason to why I did this. @X2D You were the only Director that actually cared for my Division, and even though you didn't know how to help, you still tried. I hope you do great things in your life, because your a really swell guy. Take care! @Benroy I never spoke to you much, but I thank you for helping me when I needed help, even if you didn’t know how to help me. @tealchicken I never spoke to you before, and you did nothing on my server, but you seem like a cool dude, and I hope you get better grades. Have a good one buddy! @Glenn_ You were a sick dude to be around, and I thank you for working so hard to get me to where I am. Sadly, I see the truth behind your resignation. I hope you have a great road ahead of you, thank you. Honestly, thank you! @Chef_ You are a cool dude, and I like you. You were (almost) always there when I needed you, and you were a reliable person. You deserve to get admin on other GFL servers. I wish you the best of luck in your future. And I hope you deny the request to be Server Manager, so you don’t make my mistakes. See ya dude! @JGuary551 You were always the guy picked on, and you were good at being an admin, and I had limited time around you, but I hope you do well in your journey of life. Stay Ga... I mean stay Guary... :3 @NOT-LAW You were the guy who afk-ed the server. That’s kind of all I knew you for, but I hope you do good doing whatever you may do. Thanks for accepting me as a Server Manager too! @TheJitFace You were a funny dude, and a great guy to talk to. I hope our paths cross again, and I hope you get Admin on Purge! @Raptor Jesus I will see you along with Ninja tomorrow, or by the Weekend. I would hope that this awares director of this message so they do a better job of listening to sidestream divisions. I will repeat my final request, and I hope that it’s done for the sake of PVKII.. If I missed anyone, sorry. It’s been an honor being a Server Manager and being the quickest to become Server Manager. I one day may return here to triumph again, but it's very unlikely. Thank you, and goodbye.
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    It can be hard and tbh you just have to keep trying. It is the same situation for the Squad Division. I can't rely on our community to populate the server since almost nobody plays it. I have to rely on recruiting people from outside GFL to help me and it is hard. It's a slow process but it can be done and it's really just dedication and A LOT of time. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Anyway thanks for putting time on the PVK Server and at least you tried and you did everything you could.
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    With the whole reinforcement system being revamped and new MTF squads, such as Beta-7, coming after the site 13 rework, I figured now would be the best time to introduce the first specialized C.I. squad. Presenting: Subject 207 Description: Subject 207 is a horrifically modified human being (so much so that the team working on him had to be replaced by people who were blind and deaf), with increased physical strength and resilience. He was created as a means to entice fear into the Foundation as well as raid their facilities. Stats: -Can spawn in during the 8:00 or 2:00-minute mark; the announcement will state that the facility is under attack -Spawn rate should be determined by the amount of MTF alive (more MTF, the more likely it is to spawn.) -Should be a relatively rare spawn, even if there are a lot of MTF - Accompanied by 2 C.I.s with standard equipment and stats (If you want I could find a unique armor model for them.) -Health: 250 -Speed: slightly faster than the average human -Primary attack: simple claw swipe -Secondary attack: a powerful hit that causes the victim to bleed, as well as their vision blur for a couple of seconds -relationship: same as any other C.I. Model: (Either https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=703301895 or https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=703302212) Reason for Adding: With the MTF receiving a bunch of specialized units, I figured it would be a nice change of pace if the C.I.s got at least one or two. The MTF also need that mid-game surprise that would cause fear and require preparation to handle. Finally, the Class D/Chaos Insurgency team is the faction with the least amount of additions currently. It would not need to be added until after the site-13 revamp and Beta-7s.
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    Ok so I kinda got this from @harry even tho he really didn’t say anything about it but I was thinking we should have a GFL talk show. how it would work is we have 2 main guys let’s say like Roy and xy for example like every Friday or whatever day they want to they can talk about news of GFL like what’s going on with GFL they can have like a top ten clips or random things in different days and they could interview different people about there life and there life of GFL just random things. It’s basically a sport center but GFL center. And we could either make a video of the talk show or stream it on the gfl twitch
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    man you american's are such pussies. we european players played for centuries on your server when it was in chicago. as a german i've always had 170+ ping. you'll get used to it. you'll figure out the timing to toss your guns to pick up items before anybody else. you'll figure out what reach the zombies have with increased ping. you'll figure out how much of a selfish gay person you've been for bitching about the server move. play an mmorpg with 170 ping and you'll know what it means to be at a disadvantage. you'll notice how little it affects a game like css.
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    [Part Two] And for some reason, after finding exploits on a map that GFL did not have in our rotation, you decided NOT to inform the management for the server that did. :thinking: And here is you explaining in a random Tryhard server, telling everyone in detail how to exploit Biohazard rpd. We have been quite lax and reasonable with you. But for some reason, you keep taking advantage of it. You accuse us of being "favoured against you" but based on evidence that I have here, it doesn't really seem like we were favoring against you in anyway.
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    As of today, I have been a member of GFL for exactly a year it's been a pretty hectic road, and i wont go through tagging all the people i met along the way since i made that nice things post a few weeks back (i think?) So shoutout to ttt staff, half of breach, my boy Roy, good ole Dan, and all the wonderful toxins i met through discord, like most my close friends now. Thank you jk can i get a refund or something?