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    My Age: 25 My Talent: Hello! I'm a hobbyist programmer who enjoys and challenge of coding! I'd like to contribute in GFL and development team! I'm experienced in Sourcemod, Go, Python, MySQL, and C#. Projects that I worked so far 1.Public stuff Advance Fun Command - Made 4 years ago, it was requested by Kim. Root flag user can have fun time with this plugin ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). I'm planning to rework on the source code to fit 1.10/1.11 SM when I have time. Model Color Changer (MCC) - Worked with Ariistuujj (ex. GFL dev) to change a player model color. It was used by GFL ZE 3 ~ 4 years ago but it's now deprecated private forked/modified version is in the ZE server. Zombie Leader - Original plugin is from Anti-teal, I added feature requested by Snowy, Nominate leader can make a ring marker at aimed position with +Spawn/-Spawn in chat Secretary Discord Bot - I made bot using Red-Cog Python API while I was playing MMO-RPG call Albion Online. Essentially bot is able to track/query any Guild Silver deposit & withdrawal. It's not included in this repo but I was adding a feature where it hooks into Google doc & spreadsheet & calendar with Google API to announce any guild event and management stuff but guild went to 💥 before finishing it. Entwatch Port to CSGO - This is forked/modified version of old CS:S ZE team made. I also added a feature for glowing effect around the weapon when player drop a item has been drop. 2. Private stuff - NDA with Snowy server manager of ZE. If you wish to see the code let me know I I will invite those who want to see it. Bosshud - The original plugin is done by Anti-teal. I've added feature to display boss health bar and hp on CenterText. ZE is currently using slightly modified version to track only bosses and fixes for recent csgo update. CustomStat - My biggest & ambitious project ever worked on it this includes: SM Plugin - In-game tracking of human / zombie play time, infection count, and item pick up count. It also tracks number of boss killed, leader, and top defender. The data is stored in MySQL right now. Simple cronjob program for Golang - Get the SteamID64 from DB and queries into Steam web api to get profile name and Avatar URL and updates back to DB. Website: Currently working on the design of the leaderboard website. If you have any questions please feel free to leave a reply here or my discord Loco#9024 Thanks! Hours/Week: 10 ~ 15 hours. Activity depends on my real life job
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    Excited to start my AP Java course next year. Can't wait to get into the programming/developing world
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    So last night I was goofing around before the event and some people came up with the idea of doing things with zclass and such. I have done it before in my days of controlling the server and I was thinking that was not a bad idea, but it would obviously take some time and shouldn't be done in a rush as any mistypo will just crash the server. Here are some potentially ideas for an event; Event - Hide N Seek Map: dz_blacksite, cs_insertion zclass: Humans get half invisible predators, Zombies get facehuggers (Could be other way around) Weapons: Knife super buffed Event - Shotguns and Snipers Map: Any zclass: Default Weapons: Shotguns and AWP only Event - Humans are Powerless Map: Any zclass: Make perks for zombies(Attacker, Tanker, Jumpy), Weapons: Default Event - Rather Dead than Red Map: cs/de maps zclass: Humans will need multiple knife hits before infection Weapons: Pistols Event - Confusing Shreking Map: Default zclass: Everyone is Shrek, you dont know who is the real zombie! Weapons: Default This is just ideas, if you like it I will discuss with the admins and the current management. If you have more goofy ideas feel free post it
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    Hey Everyone, I was looking around and realized, cs:s has gone down to 0.99 cents for this rock-t-ember sales event on steam, so if anyone is interested in getting cs:s for FREE, just please reply in this thread and add me on steam https://steamcommunity.com/id/Wilsonwilly/ p.s. I don't know how many copies I'll be able to shell out as I'm selling off skins for this, so supplies may be limited (also only up until the end of the steam sale*) What's the kicker? If you get CS:S for free, you NEED to drop by ANY gfl css ze event before the end of the year
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    just dont let echo manage the server you guys should be good to go
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    Hey everyone, I just wanted to post some code I've modified in Pterodactyl's daemon to support mounting another volume to the Docker container game servers/applications are running in. I would recommend reading more about Docker volumes here. I'm still a bit of a noob when it comes to file systems (sadly something I've kinda lacked in, at least in-depth understanding), but I'm starting to learn a lot more and I think this is a good start Warning - The below is somewhat messy because nothing is official yet until the to-do list is implemented. If you'd like to help with any of this and are an experienced developer, please feel free to Back Story + Benefits This is a project I started yesterday after installing Pterodactyl locally on a VM I dedicated to it. This project is being used to host our Killing Floor 2 servers which have the same base files mounted. The benefits of this are: Less space being consumed since you're using the same volume for each game server/application. Less maintenance. For example, if you need to update all the game servers using the volume, you only need to update the volume's base files and all game servers using that volume will be updated. I will not be doing a pull request on the Pterodactyl GitHub repository because this project isn't finished yet and I still have quite a bit to implement as time goes on to consider anything solid at the moment. The current configuration works to our needs which is why I'm posting it, though. To-Do List Here is everything on my to-do list for the project: Docker doesn't support having the same destination for multiple mounts which is to be expected. Therefore, you can't "overlap" mounts. However, apparently there may be a work-around to this here. I would really like this implemented somehow because it'll make things a lot easier. Imagine being able to install the base files on top of the server's default volume located in /srv/daemon-data/<UID> by default (with the default volume taking priority in the file system)? That'd be pretty cool, but I'm not sure if it's possible (I doubt it is with the file system anyways). Make the "File Manager" look at the custom mounted directory if set. It'd be nice to find a way to implement this without editing the actual daemon source code. Unfortunately, Docker Gen won't do for this, but maybe there's something else? It's just annoying because these changes will be erased if you need to update Pterodactyl's daemon. * If the above gets implemented somehow, I will suggest this project to Pterodactyl's developer team. Environmental Variables Here's a screenshot of all the variables I set in Pterodactyl for each egg to support this: Here are short descriptions for each: MOUNT_SRC - The source directory on the host to mount. This is the location to the volume on the host machine. MOUNT_DEST - This is the target directory within the Docker container to mount the volume. MOUNT_DEFAULT - If 1 or not set, this will mount the default server's volume located in /srv/daemon-data/<UID> (default path) to /home/container inside the Docker container. The Image I had to modify our Docker image to support changing the working directory to the custom mounted directory before running applications inside the custom mounted volume. I will provide the entrypoint.sh file along with the Dockerfile below. I've already built this image and it is available on Docker Hub (gamemann/gflsev3). You may download it to your host machine by performing the following command on the host: docker pull gamemann/gflsev3 Please keep in mind, this image was made for GFL and it was based off of Pterodactyl's Source Engine Docker images. So you may need to modify it to your needs. Here's the current entrypoint.sh: #!/bin/bash sleep 3 # Set Ulimit ulimit -c unlimited echo "Set: ulimit -c unlimited" # Set the default working directory. workingDir=/home/container # Check if the MOUNT_DEST variable exists. If so, set it to that. if [ ! -z "$MOUNT_DEST" ]; then workingDir=$MOUNT_DEST fi echo "Changing working directory to ${workingDir}" cd $workingDir # Update or validate server. if [ "$SERVERUPDATE" = "1" ]; then ./steamcmd/steamcmd.sh +login anonymous +force_install_dir /home/container +app_update ${CSRCDS_APPID} +quit elif [ "$SERVERUPDATE" = "2" ]; then ./steamcmd/steamcmd.sh +login anonymous +force_install_dir /home/container +app_update ${CSRCDS_APPID} validate +quit fi # Replace Startup Variables MODIFIED_STARTUP=`eval echo $(echo ${STARTUP} | sed -e 's/{{/${/g' -e 's/}}/}/g')` echo ":${workingDir}$ ${MODIFIED_STARTUP}" # Run the Server ${MODIFIED_STARTUP} if [ $? -ne 0 ]; then echo "PTDL_CONTAINER_ERR: There was an error while attempting to run the start command." exit 1 fi Here's the Dockerfile: # ---------------------------------- # Pterodactyl Core Dockerfile # Environment: Source Engine (GFL) # Minimum Panel Version: 0.6.0 # ---------------------------------- FROM ubuntu:16.04 MAINTAINER Pterodactyl Software, <[email protected]> ENV DEBIAN_FRONTEND noninteractive # Install Dependencies RUN dpkg --add-architecture i386 \ && apt-get update \ && apt-get upgrade -y \ && apt-get install -y tar curl gcc g++ lib32gcc1 lib32tinfo5 lib32z1 lib32stdc++6 libtinfo5:i386 libncurses5:i386 libcurl3-gnutls:i386 gdb lsof iproute2 \ && useradd -m -d /home/container container \ && mkdir -p /tmp/dumps && chmod -R 777 /tmp/ \ && chown root:root /tmp/dumps USER container ENV HOME /home/container WORKDIR /home/container COPY ./entrypoint.sh /entrypoint.sh CMD ["/bin/bash", "/entrypoint.sh"] You can build the image and push it to Docker Hub with the below assuming you're in the directory where the above files are stored: # Build the Docker image. docker build -t gflsev3:latest . # Login to Docker Hub (will prompt for credentials). docker login # Tag the build. docker tag gflsev3:latest gamemann/gflsev3 # Push the build to Docker Hub. docker push gamemann/gflsev3 I understand there are different ways to push images or make them visible/used on the host, but this is the way I'm the most familiar with. I will probably post the above on our GitLab in the future. But since the files are altered for GFL's needs, I'm not going to do that until I make it more user-friendly. The Daemon Modification The daemon modification is quite simple and it was made to the /srv/daemon/src/controllers/docker.js file. We will be making modifications to the create_container callback located here. The below is the new function/callback that supports adding a custom mounted volume with the environmental variables above: create_container: ['create_data_folder', 'update_images', 'update_ports', 'set_environment', (r, callback) => { this.server.log.debug('Creating new container...'); if (_.get(config, 'image').length < 1) { return callback(new Error('No docker image was passed to the script. Unable to create container!')); } // Initialize the mounts array and add the timezone default. var mounts = [ { Target: Config.get('docker.timezone_path'), Source: Config.get('docker.timezone_path'), Type: 'bind', ReadOnly: true, },]; // Check for custom mounts. if (config.env.MOUNT_SRC && config.env.MOUNT_DEST) { // Add onto mounts array for custom mount. mounts.push( { Target: config.env.MOUNT_DEST, Source: config.env.MOUNT_SRC, Type: 'bind', ReadOnly: false, }); } // Check to see if we should add the default volume. if(!config.env.MOUNT_DEFAULT || config.env.MOUNT_DEFAULT == 1) { mounts.push( { Target: '/home/container', Source: this.server.path(), Type: 'bind', ReadOnly: false, }); } // Make the container const Container = { Image: _.trimStart(config.image, '~'), name: this.server.json.uuid, Hostname: Config.get('docker.network.hostname', this.server.json.uuid).toString(), User: Config.get('docker.container.user', 1000).toString(), AttachStdin: true, AttachStdout: true, AttachStderr: true, OpenStdin: true, Tty: true, Env: environment, ExposedPorts: exposed, HostConfig: { Mounts: mounts, Tmpfs: { '/tmp': Config.get('docker.policy.container.tmpfs', 'rw,exec,nosuid,size=50M'), }, PortBindings: bindings, Memory: Math.round(this.hardlimit(config.memory) * 1000000), MemoryReservation: Math.round(config.memory * 1000000), MemorySwap: -1, CpuQuota: (config.cpu > 0) ? config.cpu * 1000 : -1, CpuPeriod: 100000, CpuShares: _.get(config, 'cpu_shares', 1024), BlkioWeight: config.io, Dns: Config.get('docker.dns', ['', '']), LogConfig: { Type: 'json-file', Config: { 'max-size': Config.get('docker.policy.container.log_opts.max_size', '5m'), 'max-file': Config.get('docker.policy.container.log_opts.max_files', '1'), }, }, SecurityOpt: Config.get('docker.policy.container.securityopts', ['no-new-privileges']), ReadonlyRootfs: Config.get('docker.policy.container.readonly_root', true), CapDrop: Config.get('docker.policy.container.cap_drop', [ 'setpcap', 'mknod', 'audit_write', 'net_raw', 'dac_override', 'fowner', 'fsetid', 'net_bind_service', 'sys_chroot', 'setfcap', ]), NetworkMode: Config.get('docker.network.name', 'pterodactyl_nw'), OomKillDisable: _.get(config, 'oom_disabled', false), }, }; if (config.swap >= 0) { Container.HostConfig.MemorySwap = Math.round((this.hardlimit(config.memory) + config.swap) * 1000000); } DockerController.createContainer(Container, (err, container) => { callback(err, container); }); }], Here's the important part of the above code: // Initialize the mounts array and add the timezone default. var mounts = [ { Target: Config.get('docker.timezone_path'), Source: Config.get('docker.timezone_path'), Type: 'bind', ReadOnly: true, },]; // Check for custom mounts. if (config.env.MOUNT_SRC && config.env.MOUNT_DEST) { // Add onto mounts array for custom mount. mounts.push( { Target: config.env.MOUNT_DEST, Source: config.env.MOUNT_SRC, Type: 'bind', ReadOnly: false, }); } // Check to see if we should add the default volume. if(!config.env.MOUNT_DEFAULT || config.env.MOUNT_DEFAULT == 1) { mounts.push( { Target: '/home/container', Source: this.server.path(), Type: 'bind', ReadOnly: false, }); } I'm also attaching the modified version of the docker.js file to this thread (docker.zip). This code will mount a custom volume if the environmental variables are set above. Unfortunately, if you need to update the daemon, you will need to perform these modifications again if it replaces the docker.js file. I know this is frustrating, but there's really no alternative for now unless if we find a way to do it outside of the daemon or if Pterodactyl's Developer Team implements this. That's It! That's really about it for now. I understand it's quite messy at the moment and once I actually dedicate time into this project, I'll make it more user-friendly along with posting code on GitLab, etc. I'm hoping to be able to implement things on the to-do list since that'll make things a lot smoother. I hope these modifications help someone and it can be used for at least something outside of GFL Thank you for reading. docker.zip
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    I am loving this Discord server I recently joined regarding networking 😄 Been learning so much from it and just love reading the discussions people have. I've asked a few questions and been given a ton of answers/advice. I see people posting there for advice on production environments too which is great in my opinion (BGP, routers, switches, and much more). I really can't wait to see where I am in a few years from now in terms of experience with networking and programming! If you're really into networking and would like an invite to the Discord server, just hit me up.
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    After a long break, we've decided to reopen our Gmod Murder server! The server will be on GFL's Anycast network and will have most of the addons and scripts that the server had before we closed the server down. A lot of things will be implemented, new and old, over time as the server progresses and after we find a manager to take care of the server. The forums page for Murder is officially back open, with old topics archived and a fresh start to the section. However, not everything has been play-tested to the fullest extent until proven working, so please notify us if you find any bugs on the server so we can fix them as soon as possible. Haven't heard of murder before? Allow us to explain. Murder is a gamemode in which a player is randomly selected to be a serial killer. All of the other players must use clues to their advantage to find out who the killer is, and unanimously call him out to the sheriff. What's the sheriff's job? Well, his job is easy! Shoot the killer before the killer stabs him and his fellow bystanders! The killer must use stealth, false clues and misinformation to help him take down all of the bystanders. Due to the nature of this gamemode, and the fact that it's highly customizable to anyone who knows what he is doing, this gamemode is known to have hilarious moments, form bonds with peers in the community and ties with new players, and an overall fun and relaxed environment for all, staff, players, and manager alike! So, if you want to have fun or pass some time, then visit our Gmod Murder server! Ready to join? The servers IP is Alternatively, you can type "GFL" in the murder gamemode's search bar and the server will show up! We're also going to be looking for someone dedicated to the gamemode or garrysmod coding to manage the server efficiently. Feel like you would fit in? Message me (Zero#2784) or Fafy (Fafy#9164) over discord and we'll see if you're a possible applicant!
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    Hey there everyone. So, as you might know, I am a diehard m16 user. Many people have questioned why I religiously use the gun. Many of you have told me that <gun> is better than the m16. Why do I still use it? Do I just think it's better than anything else? Is the m16 better than everyone thinks? I will start this off by saying this: the m16 is not the best weapon. The times I memed in the server saying "it's the best weapon" are all jokes. In all reality, guns like the mp5, shotgun, and hell even the mac-10 are better weapons. The m16 is nothing special at all. But before I continue, I want to explain why. The m16 is hard to use reliably. You can go on sprees with the mp5. Aiming with the shotgun is easy. The mac 10 can tear through a person in a tight space. The HK has more ammo. All these guns have a perk to them that makes using them so easy. You don't have to learn many strategies with them. The shotgun is incredibly consistent. The mp5 just requires recoil control. Same with the mac-10. The reason why the m16 is so bad in everyone's eyes is due to one reason. It isn't consistent without smart strategies. Most people pick it up and try to use it, and die quickly. It takes a lot of practice to even USE this damn gun. So why use it? The answer? You don't. No seriously, don't use this stupid gun. People see me use the m16 now. I have gone on killing sprees with the m16. I have been able to fend off against 3 traitors on my own with the gun. And I seem to always get at least 3 kills as a traitor. I have been able to use this gun more effectively than I ever did with any other gun in the TTT gamemode. This isn't because I am some top notch player. It's because I wasted many traitor rounds trying to get used to this stupid weapon. When I first decided to start using the m16, I made so many dumb mistakes. I barely did 20 damage to other traitors who shot at me. I would at most get 1 kill before getting mauled. No one wanted me as a T buddy lol. I wasted hours trying to get used to using the gun. And I probably killed off brain cells trying to think up new strategies to make using this gun more consistent. It wasn't until after a month of this shit before I could actually use this gun effectively. I could probably be way better with an mp5 or a shotgun with that amount of practice. So really, don't try to use the m16 lol. I mean after coming back from a 2 week break, it took me hours of playing to get back into the groove. Until... RocketToday at 2:28 PM @pehnicholas btw to answer your question if I am getting washed up, let me explain the last 4 rounds I have had round 1: I am an innocent. I accidentally kill a detective when I tried to kill a traitor. I then killed the traitor lol. A little later, I found 2 people killing a guy and not IDing the body, I manage to kill them both. Round 2: I am an innocent. i hear footsteps in a traitor room and wait there. There was 2 traitors in the room, one who was next to me and started shooting. I managed to kill all 3 of them without help, and still had 61 hp :D round 3: I am a traitor. I manage to kill 3 people with headshots. round 4: I am traitor. I killed 5 people, 4 with headshots. One of the people I killed was a detective with a double barrel shotgun, fought him at close range :D Like I said before, I just need to get back into the groove eggs dea 2 weeks without playing was rip pehnicholasToday at 2:30 PM bro it was a joke RocketToday at 2:30 PM lol gottem pehnicholasToday at 2:31 PM you're good just rusty RocketToday at 2:31 PM still though, for some reason your movement always trips me up especially with the damn crouching My only shot at reliably killing you is making sure the first shot is a headshot. That way I just need 2 body shots If I don't do that, I'm pretty much dead because you're also a good shot which is pretty spicci ngl pehnicholasToday at 2:33 PM it's my special technique lag RocketToday at 2:33 PM Before anyone decides to start using the m16, I should say. Even though I always meme around and say the m16 is the best weapon. It really isn't. In fact you are much better off with other guns. I have always just used the m16. And for most of my time using it? I was horrible with it. it took many wasted t rounds to get good with the damn gun don't be like me lol Don't use this gun. Please don't. But if you do, I might start making tutorials on it because funny meme.
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    Name? You can call me Kosha for short or Koshaboy Age? 21 Birthday? Jan. Timezone? -5 EST Gender? Male very very much a male What would you do if you were the opposite of your gender? Shove as many things in me Rank (ie. Supporter, Vip)? Member hopefully some type of Game Admin/Manager soon Which server(s) do you prefer? MG is my main game but I usually play GMOD TTT/DARKRP if im bored How long have you been playing? Mhhhh 2 weeks? Maybe 3? How often are you online and for how long? If im not working I'm usually on Biggest accomplishment on this server? Almost making a World Record Best thing that ever happened to you? Getting my current job ( I am a Firefighter / Critical Care paramedic - I fly in the helicopters / Ambulances) Worst thing that ever happened to you? Loosing my best friend recently to Non hodgekins Cancer Words/Phrases you say frequently? You're a Nerd or a booma because im from Mass Your greatest fear? Drowning Most recent embarrassing thing that happened to you? Having a brainfart almost everytime I need to think Favorite member(s) who plays on this server and why? @Leks because hes a cutie, White because hes a kid , Mercy because hes mature for his age and really shows it Favorite Animal? Bear Favorite Color? Blue/Red obviously Favorite Song? Hell of a Night - Schoolboy Favorite Book? Don't read at all Favorite Movie? Saving Pvt. Ryan Favorite TV Show? Chicago Fire/PD/Med and or Seal-Team Favorite vacation spot? Bora Bora - Just came back a month ago Coolest place you visited? Dubai Favorite place to be alone? My room Favorite thing to do with your spare time? I'm a big fitness freak but I also like to just drive around for no reason Favorite person you enjoy spending time with? My computer count if not my Lovely Girlfriend whos a Nurse Favorite thing to do when nobody's looking? Funny faces Ask me anything if ya want not afraid to answer anything
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    Current Server Record: Round 38 You need to be a witness to see a record breaking this round. Should be simple to beat this server's record as long as we work together as teamwork.
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    Yah we need more info? Budget? Any items you already have? Stuff like that.
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    Hey guys, my name is Gumb4ll'98 I just recently joined your servers and I'm having a blast and not a blast at the same time, but that feels pretty standard for high capacity servers on Gmod. I used to play a lot (and i mean a lot) of LifePunch Jailbreak, i probably have around 1500 hours on their servers before they cucked themselves to death. I'm saying this because i used to help (somewhat) moderate their servers because it was very enjoyable when there wasn't anything bad going on relatively speaking, and i feel like i could offer that same service to these servers as well. I'm not trying to put myself on a pedestal here and try to rank up as fast as i can, but i want to be inclusive since i do care about most of the players on these servers.
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    We were not able to pass wave 43 with 3 players, but I was dead so it was just Black and @Wolf Battleblade.
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    This is the Murder Changelog thread. All updates, changes, and new content will be posted here. 12/2/2019 Changed all hats (barring Text Hat) from Supporter+ to Member+ Added Sans (Member+, 8000 points) Added toggled thirdperson (!3p) Added HatsChat chat system Added commands to open the GFL discord (!discord), forums (!forums), admin application requirements (!apply), and this changelog (!changelog) Added some fun commands Fixed some commands Broke some commands Up Next: Add more adverts about the gamemode, the server and its features Fix SourceComms Stop breaking commands Adding clues to gm_snowstruct
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    Issue #3 is resolved. Issue #7 is resolved. Issue #25 is resolved. (We've been using the forums for the old murder until we get a manager who will create their own) Issue #20 is resolved. Issue #21 is resolved.
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    This post is color coded. Red means highest priority Orange means high priority Yellow means medium priority Blue means low priority Green means no priority/accomplished This post is not meant as a suggestion to be completed, but rather a roadmap to be followed. As such, it should not be put in implemented/denied ever. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Fixing this bug where pressing r to change spectator modes gets you stuck with a red screen anytime you go into spectator after that round 2. Fixing the occasional blood splatter that glitches out 3. Fixing the disembodied arms glitch while spectating 4. Removing player collision 5. Adding custom names 6. Adding more pointshop items 7. Making the round timer dynamic in a way that more people equals more time to play the game. Minimum time should be around 1 minute, maybe 1 and a half, and max should be however long it would take to play hot potato with 50 players on. 8. Adding the anti-hiding measure that allows the murderer to see players through walls when only 4 people are left (including the murderer) 9. Adding clues 10. Speaking of clues, adding the clue map 11. Fixing the bug where the hot potato round malfunctions and the person with the potato can't run or transfer the potato to someone else (not yet known what causes this) 12. Adding the occasional server message like "Type !member to apply for member and gain perks like the ability to use pointshop and more." and others 13. Getting admins (seriously the amount of times I've seen the hard r is too much) 14. Making Winter server manager 15. Adding uTime 16. Adding thirdperson with !3p 17. Increase player walking speed in hot potato rounds to match the normal walking speed in regular rounds (for some reason, it's a tad slower) (I believe this is caused by the fact that the server has a higher walking speed than usual, but the code for the potato makes it so that transferring the potato from yourself to someone else makes your speed the usual walking speed of Gmod) 18. Adding double murderers after a certain player count is reached, some people just can't get around 20 kills as murderer and rounds with lots of people are heavily favored against the murderer currently 19. Changing the mute time from 5/15/60/p to 5/15/30/60/p 20. Removing the false votes rule as there is no voting system in place 21. Merging the camping and camping the gun rules 22. Adding the GFL comms system because sourceban mutes don't work well 23. Pinning this post 24. Creating a section in the GFL Gmod Discord for Murder 25. Creating forms for the mute/ban appeals, player reports, and admin applications (maybe even making a form for suggestions) 26. Adding something for spectators to do, like gambling (who doesn't love gambling?) or a small minigame like cookie clicker (I know it sounds ridiculous but I know of a server that had cookie clicker) 27. Creating roles for Murder staff (forums and discord) 28. Fixing the clues; some of them you can't actually pick up 29. Fixing thirdperson, right now it allows you to see through walls 30. Removing the double jump restriction, if it wasn't broke don't fix it (the restriction also sometimes doesn't work, so sometimes double jump is normal, but most of the time it is restricted) 31. Fixing the ladder in secret room (see image from 29) 32. Fixing this spectator glitch (happens whenever you are spectating with nobody playing) 33. Fixing this game breaking glitch where if the round ends, the round keeps ending for several rounds, ignoring special rounds, then has a normal round (the number of rounds this happens is seemingly random) (pay attention to the "# round(s) left before special round" counter in the video) (skip to 1:08 for the glitch) (possibly fixed by resetting map, but for how long this fix lasts is unknown) 34. Getting the server unblacklisted
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    I'm internally screaming right now from coding all day. I need a break rofl
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    Greetings! We've decided to remove this ban. Sorry about that and thank you for participating in our involuntary anti-cheat beta!
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    You can change your Forum name by clicking on your current name in the top right > account settings > display name (change). You can only change your name 3 times every 30 days. I hope this helps!
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    1. Map name (make sure it's an AWP map): awp_india_nav72 (replace this india with the current india you already have 😐 ) Link to map (If you have): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=126313712 Screenshots (Optional): 2. Map name (make sure it's an AWP map): awp_lego_8 Link to map (If you have): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=138746041 Screenshots (Optional): 3. Map name (make sure it's an AWP map): awp_lego_2011 Link to map (If you have): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=143361396 Screenshots (Optional): 4. Map name (make sure it's an AWP map): awp!_whore_go Link to map (If you have): https://gamebanana.com/maps/180888 Screenshots (Optional): 5. Map name (make sure it's an AWP map): awp_snow2018_d (this would be cool for the winter time) Link to map (If you have): https://gamebanana.com/maps/198113 Screenshots (Optional): 6. Map name (make sure it's an AWP map): csgo_awp_aztec Link to map (If you have): https://gamebanana.com/maps/164981 Screenshots (Optional): okay im done for now
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    Welcome to GFL!
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    Welcome, welcome.
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    -1 Same reason with sneaky. I think this application was rushed. I also noticed you just started playing again when I queried your in-game stat yesterday and you only had 2 hours of playtime in the server. Like sneaky said reck up some playtime and get the feel of the server and reapply again. Also consider joining our discord and hang around the players as well. I believe your reasoning to joining our admin team is weak. Try to be creative but don't go too overboard with the reasoning. Good luck in the future!
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    Doing a very stingy project at work for 2 weeks, so I won't really have time to focus my energy on working projects at the moment. I'll let y'all know when I am back to doing things again.
  30. 1 point
    +1 You're very active on the server and helps us populate even when it's dead.
  31. 1 point
    Today is the first day you can start making Christmas art! Use any software you’d like! The last day to submit artwork will be December 24th. The winner will be announced on December 25th. Merry Christmas!
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    @toothpick ? @Harakoni
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    watch The Mentalist it's the best show evur (it was removed from netflix but ITS SO GOOOD) Also Rick and morty Gravity falls Sherlock Brooklyn99 Doctor who Misfits white collar lucifer hilda the good place the dragon prince the umbrella academy they al good
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    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! EAT WELL!
  40. 1 point
    As far as I am concerned, this will be reversed soon
  41. 1 point
    Just don't fall for the bait in the first place and let admins handle things. The biggest issue is that you... Try to lead zombies as a zombie when try hard maps are on which is frowned upon (comms can become cluttered) Try to lead on try hard maps and it's clear that you have no clue what to do aside from "fall back" >> "defend" when mechanics are in play Or there's a leader already. This leads to you getting muted as you're potentially causing 10+ CT deaths after we warn you to stop. We've ask that you come to the forums to talk about it which you've refused to do until now (welcome). I can explain my mute onto you which was only 5 mins to get your attention to relax. You can get hypy as a zombie but don't continuously dump gallons of gasoline to fuel chaos in the server.
  42. 1 point
    In Game Name: BadD Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:69847853 Banned By: Harakoni Ban Reason: Trolling, Staff impersonation, encouraging rule breaking, constant rule breaking while no staff are on, toxic attitude and actions towards other players Why I should be Unbanned: 1/3.a)trolling/encouraging rule breaking: I told the first seeker to type retry in console(did it only once when I was new to the server and didn't know rules that well, haven't done it since then) 1 b).trolling: I kept sending links somebody didn't want(won't do it in future) 2.trolling/staff impersonation: I DIDN'T I've never told anyone that I'm an admin nor that I was demoted(more below) 4.i wasn't constantly breaking rules unless it's about sprays then I would like to make a separate appeal for that 5th. the only time I was very toxic is when I decided to attack wuffy with manzy because he warned him for prop surfing and we took it a little bit too far Other than that I was only calling new players noobs(It encouraged 1guy to "get good", also fags sometimes but in last weeks I tried to not use it that much)and about "There will now be zero tolerance for the use of Nigger, Nigga, Faggot, Fag, Chink, Coon, and whatever else you can think of under the sun in an aggressive context. " "There will be now" i was banned before it was posted in discord and even tho i can't be nice 100% of time i can try to "improve" And this is the end of me "impersonating staff" thing it's just this guy spreading it But speaking of new players(and somebody saying that i'm one of reasons why server is dead)even tho I was calling them noobs I was also doing everything I could to help them when they were asking for it(whenever it was how to: go into 3rd person,become member,fix chat/missing textures or ban/mute/gag appeals)
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    OK I found a working Strat Start off with Dicklet, but save cake until the very end, then with our 180 hp, --> we go omaha (to minimize trim) --> shrek (incase anyone takes any damage) --> turtles (then we use heal at the end so we all go into final diddle with 100 hp) --> weaboo forest (to chill for a few seconds before....)--> final diddle (Imo we need to play this safe af, and go with 3 push, 1 diddle, 1 legendary, the rest walls, otherwise, if we try any fancy strats we'll just get fucked, we don't practice fancy) Edit: The reason we start off with dicklet and omaha, is because we need to get the harder levels out of the way first, incase there's too much trim, we can reset sooner, and practice these more, wasting less time than if we went from ez to hard.
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    Welcome to GFL! If you have any questions or concerns feel free to message me!
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    Hi, @SwagMaster13. I did ban you yesterday. I banned you for CONSISTENT RDM. When I was online, I had noticed that there were four reports against you during the map in a few different rounds and once on the previous map. Consistent RDM is when someone rdms 3 or more times in a single map, which you exceeded. Even if you kill a traitor, it can still be considered RDM and in the case you mentioned, the round had just started and you killed Morgan who happened to be a traitor. Your reply? "I was a traitor". However, you were detective. Every report that was against you, you just replied back with "I was a traitor" when you never were. I will not be lowering the ban or unbanning you and you will have to stick out the rest of the ban. Based on this appeal, you also don't know the rules, so I suggest to read the !motd when you return so this doesn't happen again. Thanks for appealing.
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    Age: 321 Availability: 321 How often do I visit the forums: 321 What differentiates me from the other applicants: 123 Examples of my work: 321
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    As I said with other suggestions, I don't think there is a need for more infectious scps.
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