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    Hello everyone, this will be similar to this thread. I went for my follow-up appointment today and got hernia surgery scheduled for next Wednesday (March 14th). While the surgery should be quick and I'll be back home the same day, I may be resting. Therefore, I will likely be unavailable most of the day Wednesday and possibly days afterwards depending on how I feel (I will be in pain like before in a different area). I have needed this surgery for a very long time (3+ years) and I am happy I am finally getting it I just wanted to thank everyone for all the support from the last surgery regarding the gallbladder! I also want to thank everyone who has known about my hernia for over a year now. Especially the friends who kept telling me to get it fixed. I know it has taken me a long time to finally get this scheduled (unfortunately personal issues prevented me from scheduling the appointments early on). I apologize for taking so long. Thank you!
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    I've been in this community for just under seven years. Within those years, I've been a TF2 division leader, Council member and director. I don't think I can stand that anymore. Everything in GFL's upper echelons is so regimented and authoritarian nowadays, to the point where I feel as though GFL is losing its soul and direction. This used to be a community of gamers on the Internet, but now it feels like a company of unpaid interns. It's just too depressing to associate with any further, to be honest. It didn't used to be this way. This isn't me leaving GFL as a whole; I highly doubt I'll ever fully leave GFL. As a matter of fact, I intend to retain some projects that I was previously helping with, such as the About GFL project. I will also still be available to proofread anything that you fellows wish to give me, as well as helping with some admin shifts on Purge. This is me taking a step back from the tedious bureaucracy that goes on within GFL's upper echelons. I'm out of my depth at this point. Obligatory mentions: @Dano My best friend and greatest creation in all of my time in GFL. @Alejandro My first good friend in GFL. @Amelie Helped me to come out of my shell and be less reserved. @Darkling I still have nightmares about you breaking into my home to do lewd things to me. @RickGrimesTM Honestly didn't like you at first, but I came to greatly respect you. @Nerd Helped me through my college depression. I'll never forget you. @Zebra Suave horse. @Deltacommander Smelly boy. @Rose Glad you found your way, sister. @Crusty Best fisherman in all of Texas. @Misaki Breath of magic. I love you.
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    Figured I would finally escape the dying communist regime known as modern day GFL. I have been here 3.5 years. I have had my fun. I did what I could to help GFL but it went down the wrong path a long time ago. I do not think it will ever be fixed. I do not exactly have much of a reason to stay at this point. I know most people in GFL who knew me were not very fond of me and are happy to see this thread, but I do not care. Glad some people found me at least tolerable. I hope to go down in infamy for most and become a legend for a small amount of others. I can almost guarantee this is the most toxic "goodbye" post there is and will ever be. Let's see if I can create the longest mention list (as retarded as they are) and see how many people I can trigger: @Domps VERO.co Amanda > Akko @SashaDuck I am leaving you in charge of the Freedom Squad, you mexican @Bigtime388 Gay @DevilEagle America > Britland @Otter Screaming weeaboo @OtakuSupreme Blind screaming weeaboo @IAmSuperFineMan Best black man GFL has ever seen @CLITPUNCHER Best nudes dealer GFL has ever seen @PaulaDeen Rhode Island is trash @StupidMe Best purge admin @Crayzze Swooshmaster @SoJa $17k is nothing. You should have stolen more. @Skittlez Easily the most toxic ex-staff we have @CrusTi Stop vaping and smoking weed, it is not good for you @Rose You used to be extremely toxic. Now you are moderately toxic. Good job. @-_Fx_- I wish I was able to get you demoted. You are easily the most toxic person in GFL currently. @Violator See above. @starsandspiders Thank you for being able to take my criticisms instead of getting triggered like everyone else. @John Jeez Man A tolerable hypocrite @Misaki step on me please. also, you are a weeb. @Snoopy https://youtu.be/Q4nk1U6gj30 @StickDuck @DoctorDuck @ToniDuckboni @harry @Floopyhiggle Best symmetra player @Cypher Best Purge manager @Sir42 Rocket league king @brandonthepinkwizard @CNe7532294 Best bird drinker and person to talk to about politics @Major_Push @Xy_ Keep making emotes great again and stop hiding posts about politics @Roy Thanks for allowing me to be CA and other ranks way back. For the future, pick more competent staff and take Shuruia's advice. @Winter Stop advertising servers in shoutbox. It doesnt work. @AceOfSpades See above. @Telemetry Loli king. @Gamer4Life Biggest joke of GFL @Kyptonik @Based_Matt RIP DarkRP @Omid Never forget #UnbanOmid @nick027nd Best GFX leader @Azura Thanks for taking over for me, even if it was only for like a month. @Amelie Make more good music @GrumpyR3aper Tell Amelie to make more good music @Shiny 2nd best purge manager @Zebra You killed purge. Also, you should learn to hide your biases. @ButterKing5000 Kill off purge please. End its misery. You have the power. @X2D @i have had it up to duck @shinigami_senpai Send me some 3d loli hentai please. @DOOMSlayer_ MAGA @Joshy Chaotic Good. Stay that way. @Yuuji Flat is justice. @Ariistuujj Talk. @Ben Roy Best minecraft server @SwegBuster @Nick In case you could not find it: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/3op5l7ix9lah8xi/AACFPGh1Wb4WPJvExygnng-ga?dl=0 @Mary You are an attention whore. @Bunnynator See above. @PB-n-J Stop ignoring me. @Jerry Hat Trick @Leks RIP Teamspeak @GFLBot You are useless in your current state. @inHaze One of the best GFX members back in the day @SaladFlake You should have DDoSed purge more. @Severely_Artistic Minecraft server idea was retarded. @Auggie Shovel more snow. @MilkMan Do not get triggered over facts. @Joel Smith Nice new community you made with some other people. Hope it goes well. @JerryBomb Macs are trash. @Nap14hockey That is all the people I can think of or care to mention in this mess. All my GFL memes: I will stay around for a day or two to read a few replies and then I will be off. If you need to talk to me, I will still be using Teamspeak and there are still other means of contacting me (see signature).
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    Hello people of GFL! I have compiled a list of open positions (A job wall) which can be used to see if the server you wish to apply for is open for admins or any other role within the community. Job Wall Roles describtion: Server Manager: Manage the server which include keeping it up to date, make sure it has population and a staff team. Add new plug-ins and mods as needed for the server to work and become popular. Server Admin: The server admins are serving as the law & order of their servers. From dishing out punishments to rule-breakers, to ensuring that everyone enjoys their time on GFL servers, server admins remain one of the most important roles in any community. Operator Like the server admins you are to moderate the server and try to give input and feedback. You’re main role is the moderation such as keeping mic-spammers/spammers off the mic/chat etc. CS:GO Job location: Surf Job name: Server Manager Requirements: Active member for at least 2 months General server knowledge 15+ years old Active on forums Additional information: Apply here Job location: Surf Job name: Server Admin Requirements: Active member for at least 1 month Working microphone Active on the forums Additional information: N/A Job location: Jailbreak Job name: Server Admin Requirements: Check requirements here Additional information: Application template Job location: Minigames Job name: Server Manager Requirements: Active member for at least 2 months General server knowledge 15+ years old Active on forums Additional information: Apply here Job location: Minigames Job name: Server Admin Requirements: Active member for at least 1 month Working microphone Active on the forums Additional information: Application template Job location: 1v1 EU Job name: Server Manager Requirements: Active member for at least 2 months General server knowledge 15+ years old Active on forums Additional information: Apply here Job location: 1v1 EU Job name: Server Admin/Operator Requirements: Click here Additional information: N/A Job location: 1v1 US Job name: Server Admin/Operator Requirements: Click here Additional information: N/A Job location: BHop Job name: Server Admin Requirements: Active member for at least 1 month Working microphone Active on the forums Additional information: Click here Job location: Surf RPG DM (EU) Job name: Server Admin Requirements: Click here Applications: Create a new topic on this subforum, after reading the requirements, to apply for this job. Additional information: Add @Misaki on Steam or PM her on the forums if you are interested in the position, have questions and/or would like to further understand the requirements. Job location: Surf RPG DM (US) Job name: Server Admin Requirements: Click here Applications: Create a new topic on this subforum, after reading the requirements, to apply for this job. Additional information: Add @Mould on Steam or PM him on the forums if you are interested in the position, have questions and/or would like to further understand the requirements. CS:S Job location: BHop (US) Job name: Server Admin Requirements: Click here Additional information: N/A Job location: Surf RPG DM (US) Job name: Server Admin Requirements: Click here Additional information: N/A Job location: 24/7 Dust2 (US) Job name: Server Admin Requirements: Click here Additional information: Application template GMOD Job location: Breach (US) Job name: Server Admin Requirements: Click here Additional information: Make sure to read one of their guides and learn the basics of the gamemode. Job location: Deathrun (US) Job name: Server Admin Requirements: Click here Additional information: Make sure to learn how to bhop to make the gamemode more enjoyable. Job location: Zombie Survival (US) Job name: Server Admin Requirements: Click here Additional information: This might require some AFK hours to help the manager. Job location: Hide and Seek (US) Job name: Server Admin Requirements: Click here. Additional information: This one is kinda tricky. It may look like it’s really easy, but sometimes it can be quite hard. Job location: Jailbreak (US) Job name: Server Admin Requirements: Ask @Violator @ButterKing5000 @Zebra Additional information: To make sure you get to know the rules and all the mini-games inside this gamemode, please read this. The application template can be found here. Job location: Purge (US) Job name: Server Admin Requirements: Click here. Additional information: You may experience some lag and/or FPS drops. Job location: Prop Hunt (US) Job name: Server Admin Requirements: Click here. Additional information: You may need to AFK a lot to help the server manager. Job location: TTT (US) Job name: Server Admin Requirements: Click here. Additional information: The server can be toxic at the worst of times; wouldn’t recommend if you can get angry easily and/or triggered. Job location: TTT 2 (US) Job name: Server Admin Requirements: Click here. Additional information: The server can be toxic at the worst of times; wouldn’t recommend if you can get angry easily and/or triggered. Also, there is no subforum made for TTT 2 admin applications yet. Forums Job location: GFL’s Forum Job name: Media Team Member Job description: Create GFX art, or any art that GFL might need. Could also include writing posts and moderating social medias etc. Requirements: Click here. Additional information: Great place to practice your art and/or artistic skills. Job location: GFL’s Forum Job name: Developer Job description: The developers are tasked with coding anything that the community might require. From server managers requesting addons to be written to fixing server errors, the developers of GFL remain inspired and active. Requirements: Click here. Additional information: You might get some perks in some servers. You will also get a private Git environment and a private website folder. Communication platforms Job location: Discord (https://discord.gg/qqpM47e) Job name: Discord Moderator Job description: Moderate the Discord server and make a nice and enjoyable environment. Requirements: Click here Additional information: Be a nice person who can stay objective and make sure justice is done. Being creative is also good since we host discord events. Enjoy! -Worgee Special thanks to @Pyros, @Dano, @Shuruia and @Cally
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    Hello everyone I’m sure you have noticed but the CS:GO division is going under a revamp myself and @xSnowyAngel are currently looking for active managers and admins, We are currently looking for managers for: Surf Minigames 1v1 EU Requirements: Active member for at least 2 months General Server knowledge 15 years old+ Active on the forums We are currently looking for admins/operators for all servers except Zombie escape Requirements Active member for at least 1 month Working microphone Active on the forums Application> https://goo.gl/forms/pou9k6mwfQuzXW513
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    Hello, I just wanted to give an update regarding our OVH expansion in North America. I would like to note that I still need to talk to the Division Leaders about this but I would say we're most likely going with this plan. Our Initial Plan Initially, we planned on purchasing an OVH machine in the new data center located in the United States. This was specifically located in Vint Hill, Virginia. Recently, machines there became available with the discovery option. The only issue I had while purchasing the machine was PayPal not being a supported payment option and I'd highly prefer paying for these machines with PayPal. After contacting OVH's support about this issue, they told me PayPal would be added as a payment option. Though, they said this would be after the discovery period meaning the machines would be more expensive when we would be able to purchase the machine. I asked if we could still get the discovery price after PayPal is added and they told me more than likely no. Our New Plan OVH has another data center located in Montreal, Canada. Since this data center has been opened for a lot longer, there are a lot more machine configuration options to choose from and overall more cheaper and powerful. The reason we were trying to expand into the new data center (Vint Hill, Virginia) over the old data center (Montreal, Canada) is the location. Montreal is further north and in a less populated area in my opinion. However, we believe the difference wouldn't be much regarding the ping of the average user. @Xy_ did some math to prove this. Though, it all depends on where the user is located. There have been a lot of successful game servers hosted in the OVH data center located in Montreal, Canada. Due to how the Valve Master Server picks servers based on your geo-location, we've seen a lot of servers in this data center have their IPs geo-located to places like Chicago, US and so on. We plan on doing the same and I will be sending emails to geo-location companies. We would like to purchase a machine from OVH's Montreal data center. Read below. OVH Options OVH has machines configured for game servers in Montreal. You can look at the options here. We currently have one MC-32 machine located in Europe and it performs very well. The machine is $89.99/m which is very cheap, especially for the hardware it comes with. This machine, in my opinion is very powerful as well. I had planned to purchase another MC-32 machine for the Montreal data center. However, I continued to search for cheaper options. I soon remembered So You Start which is an (official?) OVH re-seller and supports the Montreal data center. SYS Options SYS also re-sells OVH machines configured to run game servers. You can look at the options here. We've used SYS in the past and it has been very successful to us. With that said, the prices on these SYS machines are insanely low in my opinion! In fact, the GAME-3 machine which is around $20.00/m cheaper than the MC-32 machine has 32 more GBs of ram along with the same processor and disk. Though, OVH has 2x480 GBs SSD in Soft Raid while the SYS machine has only 1x480 GBs SSD. But this won't matter much since we're performing automatic backups. At the start, the only thing stopping me from purchasing one of these machines was some questions regarding how IPs are handled and so on. With OVH, we could do these things but I just wanted to make sure we could with SYS. I called SYS's support number yesterday which I believe is basically OVH support and here is the questions and answers summed up. Q - If we were to buy an IP block, would we be able to gain ownership over the ARIN records with SYS IPs? This would allow us to change WhoIS info along with some geo-location data. A - Yes, for IP blocks of 4 and over. This works! I would be purchasing a block of eight IPs. Q - If SYS starts offering a new machine with more powerful hardware, would we be able to move our IPs over from an older machine to the new machine if we purchased it? We could do this with OVH. A - Yes, a time transfer (something I've done before with OVH) would be the best option and this is simple to do. This works as well! Q - If we decide SYS isn't the best option for us, would we be able to move our IPs to an OVH machine in Montreal? A - Yes, however, you cannot move IPs back to SYS from OVH. This is great and means we're basically covered. If we don't like SYS, we can move our IPs to a machine with OVH. Q - When will SYS start offering i7-7700K machines? A - We have no ETA on when we will but hopefully in the future. Not a big deal but having the Intel i7-7700K available would be nice! Q - When will the GAME-3 machines be replenished? A - Machines are replenished at the beginning of each week. There is also a system out there made by one of our customers that emails you when a machine type is replenished if you subscribe. This is also great and I will be purchasing the machine as soon as the machine is replenished! After that call, I became very confident that this is the machine we will order! With that said, I would like to note that if this machine does become overloaded, I believe we should look into ordering the GAME-1 machine. The single-thread performance of the Intel i7-4790K is similar to the Intel i7-6700K according to the benchmarks I've seen and single-thread performance is the most important for SRCDS servers in my opinion (Source Engine game serves). Although the disk space is low (120 GBs), we could still easily host 3 - 4 very popular servers on that machine (e.g. Garry's Mod RolePlay servers). Also, for that price ($34.30/m), it is literally a win-win. Conclusion I would like to purchase a game server machine from SYS as soon as the stocks are replenished. This should be tomorrow or Tuesday and after I talk to the Division Leaders. The machine will cost us $69.99/m and we will be able to handle a lot with it! After this machine is ordered and set up, we will start our expansion with Garry's Mod (RP servers to be specific) along with Left 4 Dead 1/2, Killing Floor 1/2, and Call of Duty 4. The Division Leaders are very confident and motivated to have this machine set up. They have been waiting for this for a long time now. If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know. Thank you for reading!
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    I am resigning from Writer and Social Media (if it ever comes back) Since my introduction into the team on January 24th 2018, I have done nothing and feel unused and therefor unwanted on the team. I will be available to be used for the Team if you need something written but I no longer want to be a part of the Team. Tags @Xy_ Thanks for accepting me and giving me a chance @Ben Roy for the +1 and friendliness shown to me during my time @Heaven for the +1 and your promotion to Team Leader, I know you will bring the team into a new era @Joshy for convincing the Team to even consider me and the massive support / tips to impress @Duc2000 for reopening my application and leading the Team during my beginning @Bae For putting my application on hold allowing me to prove myself @PB-n-J For never giving me that damned SOTM Badge -Riggs- GFL's Former Writing Raccoon
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    Made by @Rose __________________________________________________________________________________________ Media Sub Teams What they are and their expectations Graphic Designers - Know the basics for designing programs such as Photoshop, GIMP, and so on. They usually deal with art based requests and is expected to be able to handle criticism along with stick to deadlines. Video Editor - Know the basics of video editing and is able to donate a decent amount of time. They are also expected to stick with deadlines. Streamer - Knows how to set up a stream and hold an audience. They are expected to keep things PG -13 during streams. Voice Actors - Know the basics to voice acting. They must have a mic with a decent quality. Animators - Know the basics of animation. Are expected to stick to deadlines and provide updates. Writer - Know the basic of the English language. Are expected to proof-read posts, take writing based requests and stick to deadlines. Marketing - Know the basics of marketing and leadership. Are expected to pitch ideas and know how to guide other sub-teams for projects. Event Coordinator - Know the basics of planning and maintaining events. Usually deal with hosting events such as AOTM, SOTM and so on. ___________________________________________________________________ Requirements for Joining the Team Maturity - This is a large part of being on the team as you will be given responsibilities. Knowing the basics of the role applied for - You don't have to be an expert, but please know we're looking for people with some experience. Mindset to improve - There's always room to improve! Always seek out ways to improve! Ability to handle criticism - All criticism that's given is only there to help you improve, not a personal attack. Activity - You are expected to be somewhat active on the forums. Even if it's a like or a small comment it still counts! ___________________________________________________________________ I want to make it clear that the Media Team do not have any special perks on any of the GFL servers. This is purely a voluntary position to help contribute to the community! ___________________________________________________________________ If you're interested in joining the team that's great! You can apply here for the position! Good Luck!
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    I'm too lazy to get my shoutbox ban/content moderation appealed. The community has been on a roller coaster since 2015. And how it seems, is finally on it's last couple of ups and downs. The community is filled with the fun police and nazis. cya, for the 9th time, idiots.
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    @Snoopy @PB-n-J @Joshy @Ben Roy @CrusTi @i have had it up to here @Shuruia @Violator @THOT HUNTER 69 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alignment_(Dungeons_%26_Dragons)#Alignments Template:
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    Hello everyone. I know I'm gonna sound like a bleeding heart politician here. Please stick with me, this is very important. We all know that the current state of GFL Zombie Survival is dead. The server has died and been brought back many of times. However this time it's been dead for a while. This has lead to even my homie Zigalord stop bothering with being the Manager. This has lead to the position being opened up. With the spot open, The Division Leaders have looked at other fellow admins to become the new Manager, myself included. I have been interviewed by the Division Leaders, and will be awaiting their say. However one thing I feel that was a little lackluster on my end would be goals/what I would have planned for the server if I became the next Server Manager. This is where this post comes in. Here I wanna let not only the Division Leaders know what I would like to accomplish for the server, but the general player base of my ideas for pointing the server into hopefully greener pastures. Keep in mind I know next to nothing on how to code outside of the programs to use, but I'm learning bit by bit, and I hope to become one hell of a programmer for the server! If I get the position, keep in mind these proposals and ideas won't take immediate effect. This may be a long process, depending on the changes, but I will try my best to fulfill these ideas if they can work, will work and are generally well liked by others. Here are my CERTAINTIES on what I'd like to do and almost immediately: 1. Publicity/Host scheduled meet ups on the server: Biggest problem the server faces is no players. This is because the regulars from 1-2 years ago have most likely lost interest, don't have the time, and most likely a whole host of reasons. This has lead to a dead server, and with no one even in the server, new life can't be brought in. Most Gmod players are like moths, and booming servers are like light. So my 1st certain idea would be to host specific meet up times for a few of the regulars and play or mess around in the server. Hopefully this will get the snowball rolling and traction will start to come back to the server. I've even started a guide on how to play ZS on Youtube! I've made a guide for beginners, and I have another episode of the guide in the works on how to barricade. With players back in the server, this will keep a good thing going once again! (Youtube Channel Whore) Link to My First Episode of Gmod Zombie Survival Guide Series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KI4BmT38qJQ&t=3s 2. A deviation from constant 24/7 Mall Zombie Survival: I love Mall Zombie Survival. One of my favorite maps in ZS. But I know a lot of people can and have gotten sick of Mall ZS. It does get stale, especially with EVERY FUCKIN KLEINER AND THEIR MOTHER cading anime and Buffalo Wild Wings. This is where I propose we have more maps brought into the server. It's a little sad, breaking from the traditional map stance. However other maps have been tried before, mainly other mall maps like Mallmart. However I want to add fun and enjoyable maps. I've been exploring other Zombie Survival servers and what they do, and I've sampled a LOT of Zombie Survival Maps. The initial plan is to have a large pool of maps I feel have been enjoyable for both Survivors & Zombies and have people play with em. If theres a large approval/disapproval for a certain map, it'll be promoted or dropped. Variety is the spice of life, and Zombie Survival for GFL sure as shit could use some! 3. Severe Tweaking/Removal of FAS, WW2 and MW2 weapons: This is a controversial move, but most regulars of GFL ZS know my stance on these weapons. They're overpowered, too easy to acquire, confusing for new players, and are NEVER fun to fight against. I'm torn between removing or tweaking these. However I'm probably gonna tweak them to either reduce damage, make ammo more expensive, or be harder to acquire. I know if I removed them, there would be an outcry, so I'll toss the idea around for a bit. 4. NEW ADDITIONS TO THE SERVER!!! My favorite thing to hopefully do, I have a few ideas tossing around here or there to add to the server! I will list a few of those hopeful ambitions and see where they go. Keep in mind these are still in the rough draft stage and these may change, be dropped or something new may come along. If anyone has any suggestions or recommendations, by all means comment them down below! Some of the hopeful additions I'd like to add (but not limited to): * An idea where Honorable Mentions will stack up and stay collected on your profile of the server. There will be incentives and rewards for completing them a certain amount of times. They will kind of like medals. These will stack up, and the more you collect, the bigger the reward will be once you reach that interval. I was thinking of intervals at 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, and 100. Say for instance you were the best doctor and did the most healing and you only ever were the best doctor. This would lead to you getting the Best Doctor Honorable Mention more and more. This would eventually lead you to getting to the intervals. Once you reach a specific interval, you get a reward. The more of the mention you get, the greater the rewards will be once you hit that interval! A general outline of this would be: -Getting a certain Honorable mention 1 Time: A Small bonus of point shop points -5 Times: A Medium amount of Point Shop Points -10 Times: A Large pool of Point Shop Points -25 Times: A Neat tag you can put next to your name that would be related to getting to a specific honorable mention 25 times. Like Best Doctor would be Human Healer, Most Zombie Kills would be Zombie Slayer, Stupid would be Dumbass, etc etc. -50 Times: A small, but noticeable permaperk you could select and use. This wouldn't be tied to the worth menu, it'd be a separate tag with the stats you can view on and once you reach 50, you can select the perk to use. Id limit the amount of mini permaperks you could have active at once to be 5, otherwise it would be too OP. Like if you got best doctor, the perk may be an extra 10 free health. Not game breaking, but a neat little add-on you could have. All honorable mentions would have a mini permaperk related to once reaching it 50 times. -100 times. A Large and helpful permaperk related to each Honorable mention. These would be AMAZING free perks you can use at any time, like the mini perks. An example of this would be id you got Best Doctor 100 times, the Large Permaperk would be like Extra 20 HP and you're granted the Surgeon Perk. I would limit only allowing 3 large perks to be active at once. These would be hard to acquire, and it would be an incentive to keep playing on GFL, to grind for these amazing perks. To help counter people farming these, I'd most likely set a required amount of players to be on at one time in order for the Honorable mentions to count towards the milestones. Say 15 people or more. * Bittersweets. I've made a suggestion about adding these to the server a while ago and I'll link the page I had for these, however I'll explain what these are. Bittersweets would be an addition to the Worth Menu at the beginning of the game. They'd be a hybrid of free perks you could use, however they'd apply a negative trait to you as well. Like a double edged sword. For example, one Bittersweet idea I had would be called fitfat. You'd be given 25 extra health to work with, but your hitbox would be 25% larger. I'd set a limit of how many Bittersweets you could use per game. More would be added. If you're interested, heres more Bittersweet ideas I had: https://gflclan.com/forums/topic/13855-an-addition-to-the-worth-menu-bittersweets-tab/ * More Zombie Types/Tweaking of other zombies/New Zombie Abilities. This includes bosses. I'll have to look at what would be fair and fun for players to both play with and fight against. For example, I'll nerf the chem zombies damage. They're a little too powerful in my eyes, even better than Zombines. I'd also tweak Shielder, because I feel its game over when someone goes Shielder with a decently sized horde. I'll have to look into this more obviously, but zombie additions and tweaking will happen. * Becoming More Kleiner Friendly. Look, I get it. Kleieners make me wanna rip my hair out from all places on my body. But the way we treat them scares them away from coming on. I have no intention to police peoples behavior, that'd be a douchebag thing to do. I want to cater towards Kleiners a bit more. Make a tab in the Worth Menu that has categories of playstyles, so people can just jump into the game without being confused on the worth menu and how to navigate it. Leave breadcrumbs of tips for them, like how to navigate the menu, maybe make a mini manual for them to read so they can understand the TL:DR of zombie survival. We need to appeal to new players, or else if the server gets lifted again, it'll be right back at 0 players. Its something that has to be done. * NEW WEAPONS! It does get stale using the same 20ish guns and 10ish melee weapons. It would be nice to have different weapons that can be accessed to and have fun with. Problem is when new weapons are added like FAS, they're too strong. It'd be a thing that'd need to be play tested. ***Keep in mind that is list isn't something I have set in stone. Things may change, be dropped or added. This is just stuff I Feel would be amazing to help distinguish the server from being boarderline vanilla ZS. It would help bring In new players and hopefully, help us retain the flame of the server.*** I Thank you very much for reading this whole thing! If I become the new Server Manager, I will do what I can to help bring this server right back to its rightful glory. Nox is gross, FWKZT is meh and HG is something I have a like/hate relationship with. I want the good ol GFL ZS server back. I'm going to tag a bunch of the regular players here, because I want EVERYONE associated with GFL ZS to read this. You need to know about this, and the possible future that could happen to the server. @Vivian @InfernoBurnz @Wow @ThePurpleFire @Z1galord @Scoobers @Herbert @BananaBandit99 @Valin @ButterKing5000 @Violator @Zebra @Pikachu2204 @MegaUpload @Smiles @snackdemarco @h3r0_0f_t1m3_FMTL @DOOMSlayer_ @Firestorm @Marscrafter @LappelDuVide @Major_Push @Filthyninja @JK_Ghosty @thecoldsoldier @Lawlithon @Chicken_Chaser @Vulchrys @WarSadist @KingDeDeDe11 @Deathhawk449 @PickleBandiitz @Kuramai @Yimmmy_ @Pasta_La_Zony @Toasted_Chromosomes @EdgyFrog @DJ001avatar @TrillionDollarSoup @campo PLEASE LET ME KNOW ABOUT HOW YOU FEEL ON ANY OF THIS! THIS IS A THING WE ALL NEED TO BE IN THE KNOW ABOUT! COMMENT YOUR THOUGHTS, IDEAS, SUGGESTIONS, ETC! #MAKEZSGREATAGAIN!
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    Since a lot of ya don't know what I look like, here ya go fellow peoples from JB and anyone else who cares to know who I am
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    Hello everyone! If you're similar me, you like to stalk read posts all around the forums and get in on ALL THAT DRAMA important information, but sometimes you miss things! I'd like to suggest a numbered selection menu beneath the Latest Topics tab on the main forums, to scroll through posts that you may have missed. Essentially, it'd just be a replica of the numbered menu that can be used to scroll through status updates (as seen below) but for latest topics. <--- Status Updates menu A tab to allow you to scroll through the most recent topics to quite an extent, going back a few days, would be delightful. Tell me your opinions! ~Thanks Wailord
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    Leaked footage of me playing the Sea of Thieves beta:
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    This week's event will feature all ShroomForest maps Vote for the time best suited for your availability MAPS *to be played in order* ze_shroomforest_p6 - download ze_shroomforest2_p6 - download ze_ShroomForest3_p - download TIME/DATE Saturday, March 3, 2018 Time: 9am Central Daylight time (CST) / 4pm Central European Summer Time (CET) / 11pm Greenwich Mean Time +8 (GMT+8) Duration 2-3 hours (unless we beat it before the time stated) Rewards VIP ( 2 weeks ) will be given out to the winners. VIP's will get BANANA JOE How to Earn it? *IMPORTANT* Win 2 out of 3 of the maps final levels (*extreme 3 from shroom1, The End from shroom2, and/or time loop from shroom3*) When you win, just reply on this thread with your steamid and we'll verify you with the winners lists A screenshot would be good too (optional) YOU HAVE 3 DAYS AFTER THE EVENT TO REPLY IF YOU HAVE WON THE MAP IN ORDER TO GET THE REWARDS! (MARCH 7th) Rules Don't troll with items, or you will be banned from using them.Don't afk in spectate, or you will be kicked.Don't mic spam, let the leaders try to give commands over voice comm.Don't zombie inflate (Intentionally becoming a zombie to give the CT's a lesser chance).Mute round will be applied IF we deem it necessary.All other server rules apply to the event. External Links GFL ZE Discord: https://discord.gg/Bkfwg4q GFL ZE Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/GFLCSGOZE To convert your timezone easily, you can use this website to help you: https://www.worldtimebuddy.com/ GOOD LUCK AND HAVE FUN
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    Applications for the position of Discord moderator are now open again. This was decided due to our Discord server reaching a milestone of 1000 (not including bots) users. This opportunity will remain until the Discord team are comfortable with the new amount of moderators, upon which this post will disappear. Applications are now closed until we feel that we are in need of more Discord moderators.
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    Finally my time is come. I got my contract working as barista in starbuck and it's full time. I only got one day holiday eventhough from starbuck they gave me 2 holidays but my college is still running on saturday. So im only free on sunday. I dont think i can keep server for 24/6 again as usual. So yeah See ya next 2 years. @PB-n-J@WigglesWorth @BlakeS @Lawlness_@Duc2000 @Lone Sniper Skeleton @Jroek97 @Kubnair @Pyros @Violator (You fuck) @Cally @Haxx @Cas @myPHART @MooTheCow @Spazzin
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    I thought this filter was cute
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    To those who care, I'm officially stepping down as admin on JB but have found someone else to take my place as senior admin. I do this in order to solely focus on bettering GFL as I find it more important right now. I Will be working alot more with Roy and decoy from now on and This might include shutting Down the rust division till Everything we want under control is That way. I'm not going to tag anyone. Those That think they Would've been tagged knows who they are and why 👍🏻 Cya on the forums kiddo
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    Hello everyone, I just wanted to give an update on our Call of Duty 4 division regarding the progress we're making. HC FFA #1 We started this division back in July of 2017 and we started off with a mixed server containing TDM, sabotage, and FFA. After idling on the server for a couple weeks, I found the server not gaining many randoms, etc. Therefore, I tried changing it to HC FFA and that's when the server took off. Since then, the server has been filling up to 32/32 every day and there is no need to idle on the FFA #1 server at this point (I rarely find it empty anyways). I am very happy to see this server performing so well and it has gotten to the top 10 on GameTracker multiple times which is also great to see. The only struggle we had until a week ago was there weren't many admins. I would play on the server daily and handle player reports. I added @Worgee a couple months ago to the admin team as well. Though, it's not until a week ago that I promoted two new admins, @Snoopy and @Omarock. Ever since then, we've been able to take care of more hackers playing on the server and so on. I am still on the lookout for potential admins for the server. HC FFA #2 While having our HC FFA #1 server up, we tried having a second server which initially was running different game modes. We tried running HC TDM and HC Search & Destroy, but both game modes didn't get much attention after idling on the server. I do believe these game modes would work out if we had a dedicated team trying to populate the server. But we unfortunately do not have that at the moment. I decided to switch it to a second HC FFA server and add an anti-spawn camp plugin along with setting the maximum slots count to 22. Ever since then, the server has been receiving a lot more population. @Decoy has been using his client to idle on the server and the server has been doing fairly well. I believe this server will continue to perform well and we'll see the server's population start to stabilize along with filling to 22/22 on GameTracker. The server shouldn't need somebody idling on it after a couple weeks. What's Next? Zombie Mod I would like to make another server that runs the Zombie Mod game mode. As of right now, there are two Zombie Mod game modes, one uses bots and the other uses only players. I would like to run the game mode that runs only with players. Here is a game play video of the game mode I am talking about: Finding the game mode will be difficult but I remember finding it years ago. I will try finding it again and seeing if we can bring up a server for it. United States Expansion After we order and set up our OVH US machine, I will be running another Call of Duty 4 server on it identical to our current HC FFA #1 server. Only difference will be it's obviously hosted in the United States. B3 RCON Adjustments As of right now, the B3 RCON tool is lacking features that our admins need. I'm going to talk to some of our developers and see if any of them are interested in making a plugin that adds these features into the B3 RCON tool. If they cannot do this, I will end of doing it myself. Conclusion That's all for now! I am very happy with the progress we are making in our Call of Duty 4 division! Once we expand further into the game, we can look into starting up servers with high player counts and so on (Zombie Mod will most likely be a 64 player server). Thank you!
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    Name? Jasiah Sinette Age? 19 Birthday? Oct 29 Timezone? Est Gender? Male What would you do if you were the opposite of your gender? If I was a women I would be a hoe. Rank (ie. Supporter, Vip)? VIP admin S-admin Which server(s) do you prefer? Why idk How long have you been playing? 5 years. How often are you online and for how long? Every now and again. Biggest accomplishment on this server? Made a dick and balls on purge server. Best thing that ever happened to you? Won 15k irl on a bet. Worst thing that ever happened to you? Got my ass handed to me. Got in a motorcycle accident which led me to be at the hospital bedwritten for like 6 months. Words/Phrases you say frequently? Cans of whoop ass. Or mothafuckas Your greatest fear? Doing white people things. Most recent embarrassing thing that happened to you? Fucked up my own hair. Favorite member(s) who plays on this server and why? @ButterKing5000 his ass was there from the start. @StickDuck because he is funny. @SashaDuck my nigga. @qDuck VERO.co he represented snoop dogg. @Zebra we were admins together. It's kinda like a brotha hood. But eventually these mothafuckas got a life. @Bigtime388 memories. We also want to stab each other. @Cypher this mothafucka gave me the chance to be and admin on his server and I will always owe him for that. @Shuruia this mothafucka is proper as hell. When he talks I turn white a lil. @Rose my lil underage smartass. @John Jeez Man we got admin the same time aswell I believe. We didn't really spend to much time together but ehh. He is a good admin. Favorite Animal? I got like 14 of these lil mothafuckas (dogs) Favorite Color? Blue Favorite Song? Mary Jane (Rick James) Favorite Book? Fuck a book. Favorite Movie? Idk Black Panther Favorite TV Show? I was into Pokemon. 90s kid Favorite vacation spot? Bahamas. Aruba Coolest place you visited? Dubai Favorite place to be alone? My room. Favorite thing to do with your spare time? Nothing. Favorite person you enjoy spending time with? Family Favorite thing to do when nobody's looking? Jack off. Something that made you laugh ridiculously hard. Vines. I REALLY miss vines. Something you wish existed. Time machine Something you wish was still around. If u r not from the 90s or 2000s you no nothing about good tv shows. Something you wish this server had or had at some point and want back. Meth barrels Something you're extremely talented at or have a thing for. Speaking my mind. Favorite Meme or GIF. @i have had it up to duck he has a gif of me.
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    Name - Allie/Misaki Age - 16 Birthday - December 6th Timezone - GMT Gender - Female What would you do if you were the opposite of your gender - Kms. Rank (ie. Supporter, Vip) - Server Manager Which server(s) do you prefer - CS:GO Surf RPG EU How long have you been playing - Almost 5 years How often are you online and for how long - All day, literally. Biggest accomplishment on this server - Becoming the manager of it, beating GOHF in ranks. Best thing that ever happened to you - @Shuruia Worst thing that ever happened to you - A certain relationship. Words/Phrases you say frequently - "I am confusion", "URRR", "Shut up/fuck off Crusty", *insert swears* Your greatest fear - @Dano Most recent embarrassing thing that happened to you - "Oira Mult" Favorite member(s) who plays on this server and why - @ToniDuckboni @Cloud_ @MucusCough @Octavia @Aurelien Favorite Animal - Cat. Favorite Color - Pink and blue. Favorite Song - No. Favorite Book - I don't read much. Favorite Movie - I don't like watching stuff. Favorite TV Show - ^ Favorite vacation spot - I don't go on vacations. Coolest place you visited - Lisbon. Favorite place to be alone - My room. Favorite thing to do with your spare time - Play games. Favorite person you enjoy spending time with - @Shuruia @Dano @Crusty @Rose @John Jeez Man @Bigtime388 @RickGrimesTM Favorite thing to do when nobody's looking - Do retarded shit like usual. Something that made you laugh ridiculously hard - Adam trying to roll his r's. Something you wish existed - Time machine (I have many regrets). Something you wish was still around - I also don't know. Something you wish this server had or had at some point and want back - Population. Something you're extremely talented at or have a thing for - Being retarded. Favorite Meme or GIF
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    I'm glad I joined the GFL community. I'm slowly getting to know people, so far everyone seems to be easy going, chill people, that are happy to help each other out. I was glad to see some of you checking out the GFL Dust2 server. I'm honoured to be running a server for such a well known and massive gaming community. I've been browsing the forums trying to learn more about GFL. I want to be more involved with the community, but I still have a lot to learn. I've been chatting with Roy and learning about some of the current issues. Maybe everyone (you) can help me out by answering a couple questions from your own perspective. What do you love about GFL? What are the current problems with GFL?
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    I would also like to add these future managers should be active on their server daily regardless of low player counts and so on. I would also HIGHLY recommend idling over nights and when AFK if you can. For example, @Decoy idles with his laptop and his desktop on our CS:S Dust2 server overnight and when AFK. This will help with server population A LOT and will show you're dedicated. With that said, idling helped a lot with very successful servers in the past for GFL. For example, @Xy_ does this for our Garry's Mod Breach server (very successful) and still does it at nights. If you're not going to play on the server due to low player counts and so on, being server manager is not right for you and the server will likely not succeed unless if it gets populated by randoms. We need dedicated people who will be on the server daily and enjoy playing the server regardless of player counts and so on. Thanks.
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    Hey everybody, I just wanted to give another update. I have returned home on Thursday. I am still experiencing some issues (mostly flu-like symptoms from the body trying to recover and heal along with soreness). I hope to be feeling completely better in the next couple weeks. Once I heal from this surgery, I will be scheduling another surgery for my hernia. It will probably take some time to recover from that surgery as well. So it's not over yet but we're almost there! I would once again like to thank everybody for the support! I really appreciate it! Thanks!
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    My Age: 20 Roles: Graphic Designer Do I have any experience in the selected roles: No Examples of my work: My Age: 20 Roles: Graphic Designer Do I have any experience in the selected roles: Yes Examples of my work: GFX: https://radifygfx.carbonmade.com/ IG: @Radify.fx Why I think I will be a good Creative Team member? I was already one, left due to military training. But now I'm back at it more than ever. Love learning new things and applying em to my skills. Would I consider making profit: Depends, I just do this as a "get-away" from stress. Cause I can't do drugs lol. Why I think I will be a good Creative Team member? I'm good at what I do & I listen to requests. Would I consider making profit: Yes
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    My Age: 17 Roles: Graphic Designer Social Media Marketing Event Coordinator Do I have any experience in the selected roles: Yes Examples of my work: GFX: Check my about me, don't check my art thread. My art thread was where all my beginning stuff was made. My about me is more up to date. Soclal Media: I made the last two recent posts on the facebook, even when resigned, and it generated likes so i mean might as well give it to me anyway >:-) Marketing: I've taken Two marketing courses in high school, a business course, two accounting classes, and am currently in an economics class. I know my way in Marketing and Business. Event Coordinator: I'm an EC for GCC, and have helped alongside their efforts in multiple occasions. (alright so i swear to god if one of you are like "omg u didn't do anything last time" yeah well now i will so ayy lmao give me a test to prove. Why I think I will be a good Creative Team member? I was already one, i have more business experience than most of you (probably) and i'm an all-around worker. Would I consider making profit: Yes
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    Thanks for the shoutout and good luck in the future. Although from what I've always experienced in GFL, goodbyes aren't always forever. Most of us always come back eventually. Look at myself for example, I go MIA for months at a time only to come back on an occasion like this to type this!
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    TTT is just one big circle jerk, eh? inb4 Vio is told to hide this post and does it because hes a cuck
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    Sorry for the wait. The current team roster will be. Team Name: (suggest a name below) Player 1 - @Lemonjayde (swapped as blaidde) Player 2 - @Asmi Player 3 - @Jishoa Player 4 - @Astonished Player 5 - @Mamoru Sub 1 - @Dano Sub 2 @TomRiddle I have pm'ed all of you to get some practice going. I had been in contact with a few high ranking NA players, who used to be within GFL, but they couldn't play.
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    FREEDOM SQUAD Who are we?: We are supporters of freedom and ducks. We advocate for unbans of those who have been wronged and for freedom of speech on GFL. Who has been wronged?: @Otter @Telemetry @harry and many others. Harry was the easiest to make our mascot because there was already an emote for him. Who is currently a member?: @SashaDuck @i have had it up to duck @StickDuck @DoctorDuck @Otter @ToniDuckboni @WashingDuck How to join: Step 1: Go to @harry's profile and save his profile picture (or save it from here) Step 2: Go to your profile and edit your profile picture. Step 3: Change your name to something that resembles your previous name, but with the word "duck" in it. (optional) Step 4: Spread the word of the duck .
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    Hello Everyone! After our revisit to the GFL's Got Talent event earlier today, we've completely reset our gang's plugin, meaning that all gang data has been CLEARED! The revamp was carried out to attempt to level the playing field for newer players who don't have the maxed out upgrades. I understand that many of our veterans are frustrated that your progress has been lost, but fear not! Future Events will heed slightly bigger credit prizes to boost your newly created gangs and allow you to get those helpful upgrades. For those who have not played CSGO jailbreak, gangs allow you to team up with other players and combine credits to purchase upgrades such as higher knife damage, more health, lower gravity, and faster speed. Those upgrades are then applied to every person in that gang, benefiting all members. Gangs also give you a gang tag that is viewable in the TAB menu. I'm also proud to announce that @Moose will be taking over as our newest Senior Admin. With his extensive knowledge of the game-mode through his extensive time as an admin, I hope he will do great things for our server. Congratulations! (you deserved it ). In a short period of time, we will also be revamping our Event Coordinator team once again, as to replace the recently resigned @TomRiddle and @Worgee (Thank you both for your time). With a larger team, we hope to create more enjoyable and entertaining events for your players! If anyone has any suggestions, you are free to submit them in our Event Suggestion Thread Thanks! ~Wailord
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    My Age: 22 My Talent: Currently, I don't have a whole lot public on my GitHub since I keep a lot of it private. Here is my GitHub link: https://github.com/UPGStorm I actually use to be a developer got GFL in the past but college came along and I got really busy with my life. I currently have a college degree of A.S in Computer and Infomation Technology along with certification in Java 1 programming. Now I have run multiple online communities in the RSPS, DayZ, Arma 2 and Arma 3. All of which have been very successful. Written a lot of scripts for Arma servers as well, unfortunately, none of which are no longer around other than one Arma 3 community that I use to work for. I was the old main head developer for http://www.exo-servers.com/ and we use to have a lot of players and servers at the time when we first started out, but ever since I left the community and Arma 3 have fallen downhill. Though I have not been very busy on GFL because of my past history with my college since I already graduated with an A.S degree the rest of my classes are online so I have a lot of time to do work apart from my real life job which includes developing and fixing things. I have worked with PHP, HTML, CSS, Python, SQF, Java, C# and C++ plus a whole lot. Also written applications for IPB. I have an older Arma 3 whitelister program (gets data from a SQL server integrates with BE) on my github but I have a better coded one in my private. I will mention that I don't have a whole lot of experience with Lua and SourceMod. Hours/Week: 4-5
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    Another suggestion would be to describe the positions once, and then to list the positions instead of putting the same description with each one ie. (overall description below) - POSITION DESCRIPTION - Server Manager Bla bla bla bla we lollygag and don't know what to do lala lalalala please help me what's an if statement? I also never play on my own server and lose motivation if the wind blows north. Server Admin I know how to do everything until you make me a Server Manager, and I don't code nope. Make me Council. k. thx. bye. Operator I'm really the same as an admin. I have superpowers now. I will tell people what to do. . . . (list of open positions without descriptions since its already described above) - AVAILABLE POSITIONS - CS:GO ZOMBIE ESCAPE Server Manager Server Admin Trial Admin CS:GO SURF RPG DM Server Manager Senior Admin Server Admin . . . I think the technical goals the team has is ambitious, but it's not practical to maintain unless you expect the positions to be open for long or you have an easy way for the Server Managers to update the webpage. Given our history: I doubt that is the case. This could make a very good thread, and it would be more easy to update unless the Developer team already has something in place-- if they didn't, then I still think you've made a solid framework and have something to work with, and so I'll say bravo; you can start it off as a thread and then transcribe it to a webpage later when it's ready (just work with whatever known good system you've got for now). Some positions can get a little more specific such as Developer... I always see them responding to applications "bla bla we have enough LUA coders I'm looking for PHP", and so you could describe it vaguely looking for someone who is conceptually sound or competent, and then hint at some of the programming skills that'll make an application stand out (example case). The same applies for the Media Team. I'm not sure if we're short on people wanting to apply for positions? Are we short staffed? I'm not sure if advertising the positions more is going to help us much although I cannot say it would hurt, and I suppose it would be helpful given the "external" stuff. I'm really glad the team is considering people from outside of the community too... too bad I practically had riots against me when I went for it.
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    I thought a separate thread for this idea was necessary. GFL's game servers receive a lot of traffic, I think we should be trying to convert players into members directly on game servers. A simple route for this could be including the signup form in MOTDs. We could possibly include the sign up form directly in the header where it says: Existing user? Sign in > [Sign Up] We could change it to: Existing user? Sign in > | Sign up: [ EMAIL ] [ USERNAME ] [ PASSWORD ] Possible areas to place the sign up form: People already playing on GFL servers will be the easiest to convert to members. And rather than forcing them out of game to sign up, we could have an in game advertisement that reads "Type MOTD to sign up and become a member of GFL!" We'll need to test all games with different screen resolutions to see exactly what is visible in the MOTD to decide the best placement of the signup form. Since a CAPTCHA is needed to prevent bots from signing up. But putting it in the header would make it look cluttered, maybe have it appear only once the form is active - IE: after a visitor clicks into any of the form boxes (email/username/password). Or have it appear once the visitor fills all the boxes and clicks signup - IE: 'complete CAPTCHA to confirm registration'. @i have had it up to duck has brought to my attention that the idea of targeting users in game was already done. However he's explained that the current implementation is unresponsive and requires maintenance. I believe going the MOTD route will solve the responsiveness issue as well as avoid continued maintenance. Please let me know your thoughts on this idea, I love hearing criticism early on so we can move forward in the best possible way. *Credit to @Snoopy for inspiring this idea and suggesting a second area we could place this.
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    Even in 2018, email marketing is still the most effective form of online marketing. As we work on increasing sign ups to the forum we'll be collecting more and more emails. Using a service such as MailChimp, automated email campaigns can be set up. Example: Immediately after sign up - send a welcome email with a new focused Call To Action, like: Join us on Discord. And then schedule an automated email for new sign ups 2 days later to advertise game servers, etc.. Re-marketing to currently active and inactive members is much more effective to increase activity and re-engage members than trying to acquire new members. This is because you know the person is already or was interested in GFL enough to sign up to the forum. Example: On a Monday send a newsletter to advertise a GFL Play Pubg event happening on the following Friday. Then send a reminder on the day of. Minimum this gets people thinking about GFL and visiting GFL's website, even if they're not interested in the specific event. @Snoopy
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    Your experience with relationships (Good or Bad) Good Relationship Status Currently Single and enjoying my time with some good "friends". I'd rather stay away from serious for a while. How many relationships have you had? Serious relationships = 2. Not as serious ?. Which one was your favourite? All of the "non-serious" "relationships". Did you ever experience the friend zone before you started? In school I fell for two women. I am still very good friends with both of them so I guess I am still in that friend zone. Partners Gender? Mostly male but does include females Which base is the highest you've ever hit? (1,2,3,4) Do you have anything above 4th base? I've gone well past that point. Have you ever had a Long Distance Relationship? No. What is your favourite thing to do with your partner? Sex. What's the best thing you've done with your partner? ^ What's the worst thing you've done with your partner? ^ (don't ask) Would you put your partner above friends, even if friends are right? Generally no. My partner would have more weight in decisions compared to friends but both are important to me. If circumstance or fate pulled a giggle or something, would you go back to your ex? I got rid of them for a reason. Time won't change that. Would you date someone to get back at your ex? No. Is it wrong to talk to your ex and Just be friends even if you're taken? I still do. Would you care if your partner talked to their ex like a friend would? I generally don't get jealous regardless who they are talking too. If I wanted to make sure nothing was going on I'd ask. Do you consider yourself jealous? No. I like to flirt with people even if I am in a relationship, so I don't mind if they do the same. Do you consider yourself obsessive? I have a life. They have a life. We have a life. Our lives are linked but we aren't tied to each other (outside of the bedroom at least). What was your first date like? I went a little overboard as it was valentines day. Candle lit dinner, film and I actually did the rose petals to the bed. Rate your first kiss 1/10 5 Would you do anything for said partner (even it its illegal)? Yes. If he murdered someone and trusted me enough to tell me. I'm already grabbing the shovel. Would you ever introduce your partner to GFL (as in the community and servers, not the people, kinda) No. I would prefer to introduce them to the people.
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    Thank you all for the warm welcoming!
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    One more day until surgery I can't wait until it's done and over with.
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    Mei teh burdz b w/ u
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    lol, jokes on you, I did read it. You're still a trial admin for me.
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    Also very shy but trust me once you have done one u find yourself throwing pics around to everyone so here u go
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    ~~ ~~ Toxic bitch
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    @Xy_ has updated the control panel used on our OVH machines. We've been waiting for this update for a while now. Currently, the CoD 4 B3 RCON tool is broken from this update and I will have to contact the control panel's support team. Once I get that fixed, we will make some other adjustments and things should be good to go. We will be ordering an OVH machine located in the United States once things are good to go and from there, will start our expansion with Garry's Mod and other games such as Call of Duty 4 (another FFA server in the US). With that said, I will be setting up stock Left 4 dead 1/2 and Killing Floor 1/2 servers as well. I will also be ordering a NFO VPS located in Europe and will start our Battlefield expansion. We will probably start off with a 64-player BF3 TDM server like we had before. From there we will expand into Battlefield 4 and other locations. I have a team ready to help with our Battlefield expansion (@RockRoyce, @Kite9867, and @sl3yz) as well along with other future expansions. Finally, I am submitting another Discord partnership in hopes that we'll get approved this time Things are looking good :D
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    I've discussed making changes to SCP-035 with a few Admins. Basically things that would be changed include: - SCP-035 would appear as a D Class, allowing him to kill/be killed by SCPs - 035's goal would be to escape at all costs rather than assisting the Class Ds. - Rule changes that would go along with this: 035 can team with anybody (including SCPs) in order to escape. SCP-035 would be likely to betray somebody when it no longer benefits him to team with them. - When killed, 035 will drop his mask. When a player (Any team but SCP) walks over it, they will put on the mask. The player will be able to resist the mask's influence (similar to the Jockey from l4d2), however if the player fails to do so, they will become 035 - 035 will no longer spawn with an AK47. To compensate for this, he will spawn with an SCP-500 and will be able to leave his containment during preparing (also so he can get ahead of 049 and 066). - Special Ability would be to raise a tentacle from the ground and attack nearby people for 25 seconds (Cooldown 60 - 90 seconds) These are just some ideas I had, this may or may not happen.
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    What do you mean shit post? This is quality content.