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    Hi everyone, this announcement will be the first of many discussing changes to our community’s top-level leadership. We believe these changes will have a positive impact on how quickly and effectively higher-ups work with staff and the community. The changes are as follows: We are introducing a new top-level authority which we have chosen to call Council. This group of people will set the agenda and direction of GFL. The distinction from the old Director role is that Council members will not inherently be responsible for the day-to-day operations of GFL, and only the Council as a whole can make decisions, i.e. individual Council members cannot make decisions on their own. The Council, as of right now, consists of the Board of Directors and representatives from our larger divisions. Let’s talk about the “new” Board of Directors. The Board of Directors will be responsible for GFL on a daily basis and can make decisions that do not go against the Council's direction. However, there are some things only the Council can decide on. The Executive Director is the chairman of the board and has the overall responsibility for GFL on a daily basis. The rest of the Directors are each responsible for an area of their own. Without further ado let’s introduce the initial roster for the Board of Directors: Executive Director: @Nick Director of Communication: @Shuruia Director of Divisions: @FrenZy Director of Teams: @Ben Director of Tech: @Xy The Directors will be joined by the following two division representatives to form the first Council roster: Representative of Rust: @Skittlez Representative of GMOD: @Pyros If you would like to learn more about the roles mentioned above, you can read about them here. With the Council introduced, we will soon release a schedule for meetings which anyone from the community can attend. We will be looking for members of the community to join the council in the coming weeks. More information about this will come in future announcements. View full article
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    In the Beginning, there was nothing. Then, I arrived. With my peerless mental and physical strength, I set GFL onto the right path. CSS, TF2, GMOD, my pure gamer skill and adminship was unmatched. After many years of just and glorious rule as a Council Member, I decided to ascend back to heaven. Many of you have probably heard this story before. But now as I look down from the heavens onto the mortal plane that is Gflclan, I see evil, corruption, simping, and greed. This place of order has fallen into chaos. I realized in my infinite wisdom that my job was not yet done, so I have returned to set things right. Username: Floopyhiggle Desired Position: Director or God Emperor of GFL Steamid: STEAM_0:1:14659950 Strengths: Peerless Mental and Physical Strength (mentioned above) I do not require sleep, so I can rule over the masses 24/7. 300kg grip strength using only my toes. 2 minute mile. It is impossible to outwit me. I am unoutwittable. My soothing voice allows me to solve any altercation quickly. Very low ping everywhere. 215 wpm typing speed Left Handed Weaknesses: N/A I noticed there was no director application subforum. Feel free to make said subforum and sticky this post as I am the only one GFL needs. Please refer to the images below as examples of my Divinity and Might. Here is proof from a legitimate source of my divinity:
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    Hello there. In this brief yet important post I would like to share some light into what my next plans are and why these moves are important. First things first, I would like to share our new servers: TTT3 Wait, more TTT servers? Yes. With the recent blocked list on one of the biggest TTT competitors we had, it opened a lot of space for us to expand into. Both of our current TTT servers—Minecraft 24/7 and Rotation—are constantly at a really good level of players and bring a lot in terms of good members and donations. With this new server, we hope that we can create another good TTT server that people enjoy their time on. This server will be a mix between Rotation and Vanilla TTT. The manager will be @Waylon Smithers and @Yogpod. TTT4 Yes, yet another TTT server. This one will be a bit more different than what we currently have, complete with a special rule set and way of playing. Anarchy themed. The manager will be @Xy. Global TTT rules This will mostly cover basic rules. This will be reviewed by current TTT managers, so everyone is on the same page regarding punishment and way of acting on TTT specific ruleset. Global punishment guide This is a trickier thing. This will mostly go over stuff that can happen on every gamemode we have. With this, I hope to make a standard on how people are punished on our servers and that every server is following a base guideline. This global guide will be done with the help—and approval—of Director of Divisions (@FrenZy), the Executive Director (@Nick), GMod Division Leader (@Zebra), and Division Developer (@Fafy). There will be a draft where GMod managers (and perhaps those from other divisions) are able to review and suggest changes. Forum cleanup I will mostly be going over each sub-forum to move posts that are no longer are needed and/or are shitposts to an Archive section. This will mostly be done so the forums look clean and have only updated information. The main Garry’s Mod sub-forum has already been cleaned and posts have been moved to Archive. Keep in mind that if your server does not have an Archive sub-forum, I will create one. Managers are more than welcome to either clean their sub-forum or check after the cleanup if there is one post that shouldn’t be there. (Note that this is GMod ONLY ) TTT Rotation Rotation will have it’s tickrate raised to 66 and might be looking into a machine change soon:tm: For other servers that are still on the paper and in the making (i.e. DarkRP, Murder and PropHunt 2), there will be a more detailed post in the following week(s). Cheers!
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    Welcome to GFLClan TTT4 Anarchy! "Anarchy" refers to the fact that the server has a significantly reduced rule set (compared to other servers), however does not mean there are no rules. Please take a moment to read the rules before playing. Gameplay Rules Cheating or using scripts to gain an advantage over other players is prohibited and will result in a permanent ban. Abusing the report system to report players who have not broken the rules will result in a warn. Repeated violations of this rule will result in a temporary ban. Using third party services like Skype, Discord, or Teamspeak to share information about the game in a way that unfairly advantages any player is considered cheating and will result in a temporary ban. Multiple violations of this rule can result in a permanent ban in extreme cases. Mass RDM (2.5+ random kills made in a single round in a way that indicates intent to disrupt gameplay for others), Consistent RDM (4 total random kills made within consecutive rounds in a way that indicates intent to disrupt gameplay for others), or otherwise displaying no intent to participate in gameplay will result in a temporary ban. The length of the ban varies according to the severity of the offense. Targeting / Harassment of an individual by repeatedly calling suspicion / KOS, damaging them, or RDM killing them is prohibited and will result in anything from a warn to a temporary ban depending on the severity of the offense. The Staff have the final say. Should you have an issue, take it up with the manager. Chat / Misc Rules Advertising non-GFL servers is prohibited and will result in a permanent ban. Harassment and the use of excessively offensive language will result in a mute. Sending spammy messages / being excessively annoying over text or voice chat will result in a mute. Please restrict the use of foreign languages to text chat while alive. Pretending to be an admin / the impersonation of any user is grounds for a temporary ban. NSFW / Gore sprays are prohibited. Definitions RDM / random kill - An intentional kill made without a sensible gameplay-related reason. Suspicion - Indicates that you or another player suspects that somebody is a Traitor. You may wish to consider killing them, however you may also wish to merely keep an eye on them as they can still be Innocent. KOS - Short for kill on sight. When somebody asks for a player to be KOSed, they are indicating that the player has committed a traitorous act and should be killed. Traitorous Act - Something that only a T would do. For instance, killing a detective, calling a KOS on a random, innocent player, or throwing a grenade into a crowd. Karma - Karma is a system built into the gamemode to punish players for killing their team mates. The lower your Karma is, the less damage you will deal. Furthermore, If your Karma reaches a certain threshold, the server will automatically issue a temporary ban against you. Karma is easy to lose and hard to recover. Admins will NOT restore your karma for you, so be careful! How To Play Innocents and Detectives must work together to defeat the Traitors among them. Detectives and Traitors can buy special equipment by pressing C on their keyboard. How To Become A GFL Member Register on the forums. Check your email and validate your account. Apply for membership. Another easy way is to type "!member" in-game.
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    im not active + cba (cant be arsed) anymore for community advisorate. yes im staying as manager dont cry cwrp bai @Pachimo hi sister i luv u @ItsFire asked @Kim thank you for this amazing video @Roy thanks for everything broski @Dano HI MOM @Pyros make gmod great again @Liloz01 u are cool retired directorate also i was so inactive i didnt even know ca was being deleted u cunt face ugly poopoobuttface if no tag sorry
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    Hey there! Hopefully this is in the proper location. It technically wasn't a request, except for maybe Roy saying pls do it lol. Please help me decide what color coin looks the best! I have three versions, all in different levels of saturation. Silver, white gold, and 1990's video game gold! thanks! Front of coin choices: (this is the highest level of saturation.) (This is the lighter version.)(This is the silver version.) Back of coin choices: (Highest again.) (Middle version.)(Silver version). oh also it looks like for some reason the pixels freaked out on the back png lol. I can fix whichever gets chosen if at all! P.S. What would yall change???
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    Ok i m not putting this as abuse report because this is not admin abuse. I got up early today just for a fun eu minas session and i was not happy with what happened. So, in today's minas session, Janeas trolled with cade on purpose multiple times which I think deserves a stacked eban according to my experience with the GFL ze server. Luckily, there were 2 admins on the server, Frid and OLIVKA. Unfortunately, Jaenas did not receive any punishment after his first offence because Frid refused to eban him presumably because Jaenas is Frid's friend. Then olivka kicked him because he is a t1 admin he cant eban ppl and I think he did it right. Ofc a kick wont stop our God Gaymer Jaenas stop trolling. He then proceeded trolling with cades multiple times after he rejoin the server. I'm pretty sure Frid knows players trolled with cades on purpose shall be ebanned because he ebanned a player who caded team on purpose immediately during the minas session. So my question to Frid is: Should an admin's friend be punished for breaking the rules?
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    GFL DarkRP Coming Soon!
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    I came back to GFL around 7 months ago and had the best time of my life again it was honestly the best decision I made. During the time of my 7 months I met a lot more people then I did in my 6 years here at GFL and they have always made me better then I am. I have always loved GFL and I honestly wish I could stay where I am as a Senior Admin for CWRP , but better things await me and the better things are the Military and my life just changing. I have decided to join the Military so that I can do something with my education. This has been my goal and I am going to go for it. I need to actually better myself and do something myself. Thank god I was not a Manager this time around and actually got to relax more then anything. I can say this is probably my favorite time I have been around on GMod I was actually able to talk to a lot of the staff members and players of the server help them whenever I could and do what I can to improve the server. I honestly can thank @Rick and @Pachimo for the opportunity for admin without applying again thanks Funny thing is Rick was my Manager on Jailbreak and handed me the server and could honestly thank him for everything that he did for me during the time of Jailbreak and CWRP. I loved the community and I promise I will be back one day. I can say this though thank you to everyone that has talked to me during the time I was going to through my own problems. @Worgee I can thank you for everything you helped me with you were one of my best friends during the time I was here. @Rick Thank you for the opportunity again I really appreciate it seriously you've took me under your wing and taught me a lot of what I will need later on you were and always will be one of my best friends I hope you do good in life man you deserve a lot more then you think dude. @Pachimo I love you thank you for the opportunity you have always been here for me during my hard times and have always helped me whenever seriously I love you let me know if you need anything friend. @ComradeJosh You sir are not 6ft but seriously thank you for the good times on the server and thank you for honestly helping me whenever I needed it on the server. @Bae Thank you for coming around again I missed you a lot and thank you for coming and seeing how cancer CWRP is lmao. @Harakoni You were one of the best SA's that there have been on CWRP thank you for taking initiative and helping CWRP the most. @King_Wailord This man right here was my Jailbreak brother both of us were Managers at the same time and honestly was a an amazing SA during the time he was here. @Karma_Neon Thank you for everything you did for me seriously I consider you a brother more then anything. If you ever need anything just pm me on discord I will always be here. @Hunt You always will be a good friend nothing more you always worried about me. @Stud I love you man I hope youre doing good honestly. You have always been the friendliest and nicest person to talk to its amazing. ALL OF THE CWRP STAFF THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING DURING THE PAST MONTH HONESTLY YOU GUYS HAVE MADE EVERYTHING EASIER FOR ME. This is my final goodbye Ill be back sooner or later who knows.
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    Hey everyone, I just wanted to announce some exciting news regarding our Anycast network! As some of you probably know, I have plans to upgrade our Anycast network. For more information regarding the expansion itself along with what we're planning to do to mitigate (D)DoS attacks, I'd recommend reading this and this thread. The goal of this expansion is to strengthen our (D)DoS protection and acquire better hosting providers which'll result in: Better routing. More network capacity to mitigate higher volume (D)DoS attacks. Better support. And more! I will now discuss the updates themselves individually. New Hosting Provider and Dallas POP (GSK) Recently, I've came into contact with the owner of Gameserverkings (GSK), Renual, and we've been talking a lot the past couple of weeks. At first, we were talking about Anycast and (D)DoS protection in general. However, Renual felt we'd benefit from having them as a part of our network and I agreed. After talking to Renual for the last two weeks, it was pretty obvious he knew what he was doing and he has given me A TON of useful information in regards to (D)DoS mitigation/attacks, Anycast, BGP, routing, ISPs, fiber optics, network equipment, and more. He also mentioned his plans for GSK and I'm honestly really excited for their future! When putting into account his mindset, talents, and goals for GSK, I would not be surprised if they became a very big hosting provider in the future. I'm honestly surprised I haven't heard of them before, but I don't think many gaming communities in the Source Engine world know of them. That'll probably be changing, though. Renual offered us a trial run for a machine with the following specs: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 @ 3.6 GHz (4.2 GHz turbo). 32 GBs of DDR4 RAM. 500 GBs NVMe. $75.00/m (we aren't paying for this yet until the trial run is over and if we are satisfied). These specs are probably more overkill with our current setup, but I want to give this a shot and if things run okay, I think I'm going to take a quality over quantity approach with the network and use GSK in our primary locations such as Dallas, TX and London, UK. They also have VPSs coming up, so if need to be, we can downgrade to a VPS which should still be powerful since it'll include dedicated cores IIRC. They also plan to expand into other locations in the future that includes NYC and Chicago. Once they have these locations available, we'll be likely purchasing machines or VPSs in those locations as well. GSK's DDoS protection is great and Renual has showed me proof of them being able to mitigate larger DDoS attacks (e.g. attacks that exceed 100 million PPS). In fact, a majority of the malicious traffic that goes through this new POP will more than likely be filtered by GSK's equipment. However, with BGP Flowspec support (which will be discussed below as a subject), any attacks BiFrost detects can be pushed to the upstreams. Therefore, GSK's upstreams and equipment could take care of those detected attacks. Another pro is if need to be, we can order special equipment (e.g. switches and so on) and get colocation space within GSK. I don't personally believe we'll need that for now, but it's something to keep in mind for the future. We may also request a replacement with any part in our server (e.g. if we wanted to, we could upgrade our server to a 10 or 40 Gb NIC and GSK has 10+ Gb links available for an extra ~$50/m). Finally, I feel having direct contact with Renual will be beneficial to us in the case an issue arises or just generally speaking. Anyways, the setup of the new POP hasn't been as smooth as I'd like, but it was to be expected. Since GSK's filtering is pretty strict (for protection reasons), we had some issues getting the POP up and working with Compressor and so on. Thankfully, all of that appears to be fixed now and Renual was very quick to resolve these filtering issues. I started announcing the POP this morning and everything appears to be working okay so far. I did have to make some changes to Compressor (that include the new filters) since the function to get the CPU count was actually returning 32 cores instead of 12, so when we were looping through CPUs on our handshake BPF map, after CPU #12, there was garbage data which was resulting in unexpected behavior. Probably something worth mentioning to the Linux kernel devs, haha. If you see any issues connecting to our game servers, please let me know! Also, here's a cool pic of our current Dallas POP server in the GSK rack P.S. These servers are liquid-cooled And I just wanted to give a big shout out to Renual for being so helpful recently! BGP Flowspec Support In Bifrost I just wanted to briefly go over our plans to implement BGP Flowspec support into Bifrost. What BGP Flowspec will allow us to do is push policies to our upstreams via BGP. What this means is if we detect an attack with BiFrost and push it to our upstreams, they will filter the attack instead of the POP server/Bifrost. This'll result in less load on the POP server and if an attack exceeded our POP's link, this would stop the attack from saturating our link since the upstreams would filter the malicious traffic instead. At the moment, this is only supported on GSK I believe, but given we'll be likely expanding with them in the future, this is something worth implementing in my opinion. Unfortunately, you can't push policies that include payload matching via BGP Flowspec. The policies operate more like an ACL. Therefore, if we're getting hit by a larger (D)DoS attack that gets through the GSK filters, but each malicious packet's source IP isn't spoofed randomly each time, we can push a policy to filter that source IP via BGP Flowspec and GSK's upstreams will accept that policy along with GSK's equipment. I believe we'll also be able to push policies including TTLs (time-to-live) and more as well which gives us a bit more control than a typical ACL. Just sadly payload matching isn't supported within the policies themselves. DPDK Over XDP Another subject I wanted to briefly go over is the possibility of us using DPDK to process/drop packets instead of XDP in Bifrost. While XDP is still great and has its own pros over DPDK (e.g. being able to use kernel functionality and just easier to learn/understand/work with at times since the network stack is already implemented), DPDK is still technically faster than XDP when dropping packets. If you want some benchmarks, feel free to look at this. Note that these are from 2018, but I do believe these are still relevant today (I've talked to a few experienced people about DPDK vs XDP recently and they all stated DPDK still has an edge over XDP). I do plan on making my own benchmarks in the future with XDP vs DPDK once I purchase my home servers. However, that'll take some time. The only cons with DPDK are that we'd need to implement the network stack ourselves and it is also a lot more complicated. For example, regarding the first con, we'd need to implement functionality ourselves to handle ARP packets in DPDK. With that said, I tried looking into DPDK in the past, but their documentation is VERY long and time consuming. Please take a look here if you're interested. The third section alone feels like a book to read! There may be easier ways to go about getting familiar with DPDK though, so that's something I'll be looking into. Overall, while DPDK is complicated and time-consuming, I do believe it's something we should try to do with Bifrost because it'd give us more control and it's also probably one of the fastest libraries to use when dropping (malicious) packets. HellsGamers And Our Anycast Network In the past two months or so, I offered HG a few Anycast IPs from GFL's IP block ( to use for a trial run to see if they were interested in utilizing our Anycast network. I got told that they were indeed interested a couple weeks ago after the trial run and they decided to purchase their own /24 IPv4 block that is currently being pointed to our ASN. All the LOAs and BGP sessions are pretty much set up at this point and the only thing left to do is reconfigure BIRD (our BGP daemon) on each of our POP servers to announce their IPv4 block and add IP allocations to Compressor for them to use. I'm hoping to get this completed by early next week. HG will also be paying us monthly for this usage. I will not disclose the cost, but I believe this'll help with our Anycast expansion and allow us to spend more on it which'll result in better DDoS protection, routing, network capacity, and more! As of right now, HG will be the only community outside of GFL that'll utilize our network. I don't have any plans at the moment to accept other gaming communities. However, it's something I will consider in the future once my life starts improving and I'm less stressed since I feel like taking on the responsibility of more communities will add a lot more stress onto me (I'm already very stressed, to be honest). But then again, it's something I'm willing to do once the network is mostly expanded and my life situation starts improving (so I'll be able to put in work without feeling super stressed already). Overall, these changes are very exciting in my opinion! I know a lot of you will not understand what a lot of the above mean due to the technical aspect, but the things we're accomplishing with the network is very impressive. Especially for just a gaming community. We still have a lot more to do, but I'm confident we'll get there If you have any questions, please feel free to reply. Thank you!
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    This will serve as an interim document that describes how the Council and the Board of Directors work until this can be written into an extensive rank definition. Council Council is a new decision mechanism for high-level decisions. This will resemble a board of GFL that sets the direction and makes the final calls for large decisions. The amount of members of Council will vary, but it will be preferred to have an odd number of members since that makes voting easier. The Council in its entirety will not be responsible for the daily operations. This will be handled by the Board of Directors who will always have spots in Council as well.The chairman of the board will be called an Executive Director who will also serve as the chairman of Council. This board will be elaborated in the next section. Each well-established game in GFL will have a representative on the board. Whether a game is well-established or not will be decided by the Council. These will be elaborated in an upcoming section. One or more non-staff members of the community will also take part in Council as Community Representatives. Each Council member has equal say and a vote for each decision. If a vote is tied, the Executive Director makes the final call. The quorum of the Council will be half of the members. Executive Director The Executive Director is the chairman of the Council and the Board of Directors; this might sound very powerful at first, but it is important to remember that everyone has an equal say in the Council. The Executive Director just has more responsibilities to the Council and the Board of Directors. To list some of these: Ensure that the Council is fulfilling their duties and decisions are being responsibly made at an acceptable pace. Ensure that Directors are fulfilling their duties during daily operations. During daily operations, the Executive Director will handle the events that “slip through the cracks”. Board of Directors The Board of Directors are responsible for the daily operations of GFL under the direction of the Council. They are allowed to make decisions within their area without going to the entire Council, but they should never go against the direction set by the Council. Major decisions will be discussed with the Council beforehand. A Director (excluding the Executive Director) is responsible for a specific area in GFL. The following areas exist at the moment: Communication The Director of Communication is responsible for the daily operations concerned with communication. Primarily this is the Discord servers and the forums. Tech The Director of Tech is the leader and spokesperson for the TAs. Furthermore, the Director will be responsible for the daily operations in the backend systems such as game servers, the network, web services, and so on. Divisions The Director of Divisions is the leader and spokesperson for the DLs. This entails ensuring the DLs are fulfilling their duties. Only the Council in its entirety can promote and demote DLs. Teams The Director of Teams is the leader and spokesperson for the Team Leaders. This entails ensuring that TLs are fulfilling their duties. The Director will be the interim leader of leaderless teams. The Council in its entirety must approve new teams or the removal of existing teams. Areas will be added and removed as needed. Division Representatives In order to ensure that our divisions get proper representation in the Council, each well-established division (WED) has a spot in the Council as a Division Representative (DR). Each WED appoints a DL to be the DR in the Council. The Director of Divisions will act as their division’s representative if applicable. The following divisions are considered well-established at the moment: CS:GO GMOD Rust Community Representative One or more non-staff members of the community will serve as Community Representatives in the Council. These are ideally people who often play on GFL’s servers or similar. These representatives will be elected by the community and serve as a member of Council for six months. You must be recommended by at least one Council member before being able to run for Community Representative.
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    Hey everyone, I decided to make this thread to show people who are interested what plans I have for our Anycast network expansion along with the paths we can go down. This post will also include the challenges we have to face with expanding the network. You may also be interested in @Dreae and I's plans for BiFrost (formerly known as Compressor V2) which are detailed here. This includes what we plan on doing for application layer attacks. This thread will be more focused on the infrastructure of the network. What Is Anycast? Before going into our plans, I just wanted to briefly go over what an Anycast network is. Basically, it's a network we fully own that is put in-front of our game servers. We have multiple POPs (Point of Presences) which are servers scattered around the world all announcing the same IPv4 block ( All of our game servers have a public IP from the mentioned IP block under this network. The client routes/connects to the POP server based off of the AS-Path and/or BGP hop count. Usually, this is the closest POP server to them physically. From here, the POP server forwards the traffic to our game server machines that hosts the game servers themselves. This network came with plenty of pros, but it's also a lot to maintain since we're fully responsible for the network (e.g. forwarding traffic, upkeep, (D)DoS protection/filtering, and more). This is pretty much the reasoning as to why I'm swamped all the time in GFL. Thankfully, this is something I'm very interested in and also something that has taught me A LOT about programming and networking. For a more in-depth explanation, I'd recommend reading this CloudFlare post. BiFrost I figured I'd start off with explaining what BiFrost is. BiFrost will be the new open-source packet processing/filtering software that @Dreae and I will create and maintain. This was formerly known as Compressor V2 since we're using Compressor right now made by Dreae. This software will be responsible for forwarding traffic our clients send to our game servers to the game servers themselves. Additionally, it will also be responsible for the following: Filtering and dropping malicious traffic from (D)DoS attacks. Caching specific packet types to fight against low-throughput attacks. Sending non-client outbound traffic from our game servers. For more information, I'd recommend taking a look at this thread which goes in-depth on what type of filtering we'll be performing with BiFrost and more. Our Current Setup Before going into detail on our expansion plans, I wanted to give an overview on our current setup. Currently, we have 14 POPs scattered around the world. Each POP is a VPS from a single hosting provider. We have three POPs in Asia, four POPs in Europe, and seven POPs in North America. Each POP runs Compressor which is packet processing software made by Dreae. I've made changes to this software and added filtering as a temporary solution to mitigate (D)DoS attacks. Currently, I am still expanding these new, temporary filters to our POP servers. With my new filters (which again, are a temporary solution until BiFrost is completed), most (D)DoS attacks should be dropped at the POP. Therefore, if anything, there may be some POPs that get over-flooded during attacks that affects a portion of our players. However, there's a high chance there will be POPs that do not go down. Therefore, not affecting the players routing through those POPs. We've also mostly eliminated a single-point-of-failure on the network by having the game server machines send traffic back to the client directly via my IPIP Direct program instead of having all outbound traffic from the game servers go back through a POP on the network. Some Notes On Finding Hosting Providers I just wanted to point out some things on what we need to look for when searching for new hosting providers for the network. I won't mention pricing since that's self explanatory. Firstly, we need to make sure the hosting provider supports BGP sessions (this allows them to announce our IPv4 block). Some hosting providers do BGP sessions for free while others have either one-time fees or monthly fees. Obviously, I'd prefer finding providers that do these for free. However, if the fees aren't too pricey, I'd consider going with them depending on the quality of their service. Thankfully, there's a helpful Google Spreadsheet here that lists hosting providers known for offering BGP sessions. There are still some hosting providers I've found that support BGP sessions, but weren't added to this list. So that's something to keep in mind. The list is maintained by the community which is neat, though. Secondly, I usually try to find hosting providers that support both GTT and NTT as direct peers. I've found that primarily using these peers on our current network results in better routing along with it being easier to maintain. If we supported a bunch of direct peers, there would be a lot of sub-optimal routes due to the amount of direct peers we have. A lot of hosting providers including our current does support BGP communities (example). This allows us to tune routing easier via setting BGP communities in our BIRD config (the BGP daemon running on our POPs). However, we still don't have full control over the BGP routing. Therefore, there would likely be sub-optimal routes still. This is why I'd suggest just using one - two direct peers for the network. Lastly, the bandwidth limits. Our game servers consume a lot of bandwidth (probably around ~40 TBs a month or more). Usually VPSs have lower bandwidth limits. Therefore, something to check is the bandwidth overage fees and ensuring those aren't too high in the case we do exceed the bandwidth limits. Direct Transit I also wanted to mention the possibility of us purchasing direct transit in the future. Direct transit would allow us to peer with an upstream directly instead of going through our current hosting provider. For example, here's a BGP route in our current setup: Our network (AS398129) -> Our POP Hosting Provider Exchange (ASxxxx) -> GTT/NTT (Direct Peers) -> Other ISPs/peers to destination. If we were to purchase direct transit from GTT or NTT, our route would look like this instead: Our network -> GTT/NTT -> Other ISPs/peers to destination. This would remove the hop in-between our network and the current direct peers we use to my understanding. Therefore, improving routing and potentially latency. Unfortunately, direct transit is VERY expensive and I don't believe this is something GFL will be able to afford. At least from a tier 1 ISP. Especially considering bandwidth is the main factor in pricing and our game servers consume a lot of bandwidth. Though, it's something I still plan on looking into. What would be neat is some of these peers we can purchase direct transit from gave us control over blocking traffic at the upstream level. Therefore, we'd be able to leverage their network capacity to block high-volume attacks. What Approaches We Can Take I wanted to go into detail on the two likely approaches we can take with this project. As of right now, I'm honestly not sure which approach we'll be taking since it depends on many factors, in which, we won't know until we ask the hosting providers we want to go with. Quantity Over Quality The quantity over quality approach is where we would be expanding with a high amount of cheaper POP servers. We would likely be renting cheaper VPSs from multiple hosting providers around the world and using them as our POP servers on the network. We'd likely get above 100 POP servers in total if we went with this approach. One of the key reasons this approach is considered and beneficial is because we wouldn't be relying as much on the hosting provider's built-in (D)DoS protection against high-volume attacks. Currently, most VPSs include a one gigabit link. Let's say we had 10 POP servers with one gigabit links, if the hosting provider didn't do anything about high-volume attacks, we'd basically have 10 gigabits total network capacity. Unfortunately, any filtering we'd apply to BiFrost wouldn't be able to block attacks exceeding one gigabit in this case. Therefore, if we decided to buy 100+ cheaper VPSs with one gigabit links, this would potentially give us over 100 gigabits total network capacity (there's obviously a lot of other factors here such as the actual network capacity at each data center, multiple POP servers being on the same node, and so on). The other pro to this approach is there would be fewer clients routing to each POP. Therefore, if a POP is over-flooded by an attack, less players would be affected. The one potential con to this approach is the amount of maintenance required. Managing 100 servers is quite a task. We were planning to make as many things automated as possible with BiFrost. Therefore, if we did a good job with BiFrost, I do believe we could maintain it without too much work. The other thing is, since these POPs would be cheaper VPSs with less power, we'd need to ensure we have enough power to support BiFrost since that won't be as light-weight as our current software. Quality Over Quantity The next approach I want to talk about is quality over quantity. This is self explanatory for the most part. Basically, we'd be likely renting out dedicated machines as our POP servers. Instead of having many cheaper POP servers, we'd have fewer very powerful POP servers. The one pro about this is it'd be easier to maintain. However, there is a very important factor here. Most dedicated machines include a one gigabit NIC and link still. Unfortunately, machines with 10 gigabit NICs or higher are typically expensive. Therefore, we would NEED the hosting provider to be able to filter high-volume (D)DoS attacks for us. If the attack exceeds the POP's NIC/link, there is absolutely nothing our packet processing/filtering software (BiFrost) can do to mitigate the attack unless we have access to place filtering rules on the upstream level. With that said, since there would be fewer POPs, more players would be routing through each POP. Therefore, if a POP was over-saturated or went down, more players would be impacted by this. One other thing I may consider in the future if this all works out is doing colocation. This means we'd rent racks at multiple data centers, build our own machines, ship them to the DCs, and use them as POP servers. Before doing this, I'd need to learn how to build servers themselves (the hardware) which is something on my to-do list anyways since I want to build two personal home servers to do pen-testing with via XDP, DPDK, etc. With that said, there would be a higher up-front cost with this since we'd have to purchase the hardware to build the machines. However, the monthly cost should be a lot cheaper. Therefore, we'd save money in the long-run. We might also be able to find a data center that sells 10 gigabit links for somewhat cheap and we'd be able to build a machine with a 10+ gpbs NIC giving us the power to mitigate larger attacks on that specific POP. A Mix The last approach would be mixing our POPs with quality and quantity. Therefore, for example, we'd have powerful POPs in locations we see a lot more traffic/attacks in. However, we'd have cheaper POPs in locations that don't have as much traffic. Since BiFrost will be including POP monitoring and statistics in the future, one thing I considered is having all of our base POPs pretty powerful. However, if BiFrost detects a (D)DoS attack causing a specific POP to go over 70% CPU or network usage, we could automatically spin up cheaper POPs (VPSs) in that location to absorb the attack and bring the load down temporarily. The Plans I'd like to now go over the possible plans for the first two approaches mentioned above. Quantity Over Quality As of right now, if we went with a quantity over quality approach, we'd be looking for three - four solid hosting providers with our POP servers for redundancy and coverage reasons. We would be purchasing cheaper VPSs and each VPS would hopefully be less than $10/m. Each VPS would need 2 GBs of RAM to support BiFrost as well. However, they can include low storage space and one CPU core. I was hoping to aim for 100+ POP servers at $700 - $900/m or so which isn't too bad considering the protection we'd gain from it. As stated above, this would definitely be more maintenance. However, we'd have better damage control since less clients would be routing through each POP (so if one goes down, less players would be impacted). One thing we'd need to make sure of is having BiFrost handle everything on each POP automatically. This would result in less maintenance on our part. Quality Over Quantity This is the approach I have a bit more planned out since I've been looking into it the past couple weeks. Recently, Hivelocity introduced more locations for their bare metal machines (AKA dedicated servers). You can find a list here. We did use Hivelocity as a POP hosting provider at one point in the beginning of the year in NYC. However, we needed to cancel the machine due to reasons not related to them. When we did have the POP with them, it did work very well, though. The only complaint I had was the machine's NIC driver not supporting XDP-native (supported driver list can be found here). In fact, the NIC driver didn't even have enough headroom for XDP-generic causing the XDP program to process packets slower than IPTables which was eventually patched thanks to the XDP maintainer (more information can be found in this thread). I would need to discuss this with them and see if we can get a NIC that does support XDP-native. Either that or work to see if we can get XDP-native support added to the NIC drivers they currently use which is a more complicated process (I may be able to implement support, but that's pretty complex and requires understanding the Linux kernel code). With that said, we would NEED to have Hivelocity filter high-volume attacks for us since these machines only include one gigabit NICs/links. If everything went well with Hivelocity, I'd like to purchase their $50/m dedicated machines and use them as POP servers in most locations other than our prime locations. As for our prime locations, I've been in-talks with another hosting provider who has a very nice setup. They claim they can easily mitigate high-volume attacks and they also offer some neat tools such as BGP Flowspec which would allow us to add filters to our upstreams via BGP. This would allow us to potentially block high-volume attacks ourselves by passing filters to the upstreams. This would be pretty advanced, but something I'm definitely interested in doing with BiFrost if possible. Unfortunately, they don't have many locations. However, they do have locations in Dallas and London at the moment along with plans to expand into New York City and Chicago. I consider these cities our prime locations and if we went with a quality over quantity approach, I'd like to use this hosting provider for our prime locations. They also offer colocation and custom builds if necessary. We'd most likely have 10 or so $50.00/m POPs from Hivelocity and 3 - 4 $75.00/m POPs from the hosting provider mentioned above. This should range from $750 - $850/m or so which is my goal for this Anycast expansion. Conclusion I hope this thread interests some people and also helps you understand what thought process I have going into expanding the network. There are obviously a lot of factors that goes into all of this and to be honest, I'm still not sure which plan we'll go with. It's pretty exciting planning all of this out, but I will admit it is a huge project and consumes a lot of time. Especially when you need to write many emails to hosting providers discussing our options, etc. These expansion plans won't be executed until Dreae and I have completed BiFrost as well. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask! Thank you for your time.
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    Some of the admins don't deserve to be here Tier system is garbage that enables situations like this Minas is a stupid map that enables behaviors like this "God Gaymers" deserve harsher bans, is annoying seeing them get away with trolling on every ZE server because they are too burnt out of a game and resort to trolling to get any fun out of it
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    Just thought I'd leave this here: This was taken today
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    Hello everyone! This poll is to determine whether you'd like modded or vanilla EXP and drop rates! If you think of another option that is missing within this poll, feel free to respond and let me know! Harvest Rates: The rate at which harvested items will be received. (Mining, chopping trees, murdering dinos, etc) Experience Rates: The rate at which the player/dinos will earn experience. (From all sources that earn XP: harvesting, killing, idle, etc)
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    It's actually quite crazy how well Linkedin networking works. I wasn't expecting much from it initially, but since I've been sharing all my networking/programming projects (including threads I make on GFL regarding the Anycast expansion and so on), I've been getting many people sharing my posts, following me, messaging me directly regarding it, and more. The best part is a lot of these people are a lot more knowledgeable than me in networking/programming and I've had the CEOs of a couple hosting companies reach out even (one in which was a big hosting company and we were looking into getting them at some point for the network). I will admit though, all of this attention makes me nervous considering I've never seen so many people appreciate open source projects I try to make. I'm still in shock because a CloudFlare System Engineer started sharing all my projects mentioning that they're neat. The best part is I knew of this guy from months ago because he made a really awesome DDoS detection/firewall project here. I finally messaged him earlier stating how much I loved his project and he messaged back stating I'm doing a lot of great stuff as well The fact that all of these people seem interested in the stuff I'm working on helps with motivation so much. Like, it's such a good feeling knowing the stuff I'm making will more than likely be shared and viewed by experts in these areas and more. I also know there are other server owners out there that read a lot of my posts regarding the network as well which is neat. I'm really excited for what will happen in the future if I keep all of this up (which is obviously the plan). I really want to get into a position/role where I'm doing this type of stuff as a job (e.g. Dev/DevOps) and everybody I've talked to so far states I have the skillset for it. Time will tell though, but I hope it isn't too much longer because I want to capitalize on every opportunity possible and I feel the sooner I get into a position, the more time I'll have to grow my career further. Finally, I just have to say thank you to everybody who has helped me get this far, especially @Dreae and @Xy (I still feel your guy's talents are far beyond mine lol). I honestly feel like @Dreae should be getting all of this network programming attention over me considering he is who inspired me to do all of this and also his skillset is far beyond me. Though, in future Linkedin posts I will be giving him as much credit as I can haha. There are many others obviously as well, but I only wanted to limit this update to two mentions haha. Just gotta keep going and learning as much as I can
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    "And I realized that there's a big difference between deciding to leave and knowing where to go." -Robyn Schneider I wish I didn't have to make this post. I wish I could've stayed with Breach for years, being an active, effective manager. But it's pretty clear at this point that I can't be that person. Therefore, I'm resigning from Breach Manager and from the Breach staff team. I had wanted to wait until Site 65 got added since I finally was able to do something for the server, but I'm going to go ahead and leave so someone new can bring in some wonderful things. I know I should leave, but it's still hard to do, and I honestly don't know what I'll spend a lot of my time doing. "I’m sorry for many of the things I’ve done, too. Everyone is sorry. It’s good to be sorry—but don’t make a fetish of it." -Elizabeth Gilbert Countless times I've tried to apologize for my inactivity, for my failure to do the job I said I'd do, for my failure to meet the responsibilities of my role and the expectations of the community. But an apology implies I believe I deserve another chance, or at least that I deserve forgiveness. I think I've used up all of my chances and that many of my actions do not deserve forgiveness. So I won't try to apologize; I'll just explain. "We’re as likely to hurt the universe as we are to help it, and we’re not likely to do either." -John Green I joined breach three years ago, in April of 2017. I almost immediately applied for admin, because I was also trying for admin on TTT and I thought being admin on Breach would be good for the TTT application. That's the truth about how this all started. I was an immature, power hungry 13-year-old. Maybe Kubnair recognized that, because my application took forever. Not that it it would be hard to recognize, I barely had any time on Breach and applied instantly. Regardless, it got accepted after a few months when Xy was manager and after I actually began to play Breach. For a time, I played Breach everyday and was almost active, though I did start playing other games pretty often as well. And then Breach died a bit after I got full admin. I started afking on the empty server. Xy noticed I was the only admin still making any kind of effort, and offered me senior admin. I'll be honest: I expected him to offer me senior. If you want a good title for my Breach story, "Ulterior Motives and Unfulfilled Promises" would probably work well. Breach came back to life not long after I got senior. I believe I played it some, but I ultimately stopped afking and went to those other games again. For a guy who has had no romantic relationships, I sure have a lot of examples of infidelity. Anyways, I tried to fulfill the "duties" of a senior admin. The rank never had any clear rules or responsibilities, but it did have some rough guidelines. And I didn't perform that well there, in my opinion. I was constantly unsure of what to allow and not to allow from admins and players alike, and I was unsure of admin applicants without actually being active on the server. I understand that not knowing what you're doing is normal for people, but I seem to suffer from it almost 24/7. However, I don't think I was a completely horrible senior admin. My biggest failure as a senior was being inactive. Anyways, Xy decided to leave Breach as manager, and he made Haxray and I the new co-managers, which I had expected again (oof). So, I've come to about the present. As manager, I have failed. I'm not the greatest Lua programmer ever, but that's not what really kept me from continuing to improve the server the way Xy always did. I just am not as interested in Breach as I once was. The fire for playing Breach and for being staff that was once in me has long gone cold, and it's time I accepted that and moved on. I find it hard to enjoy a lot of games now, not just breach, but that's not important. I hope the next manager for breach can update it and be active and carry with them a passion for Breach that I never had. I know I wasn't the worst manager, or the worst person, but I wanted to be better than who I was. In the end, I don't know if I left any sort of impact on the server. Hopefully I left something for the people of it. "And sometimes things don't go as planned. And maybe that's a good thing, because too often we chase these moments around only to find out they are the wrong ones and the right ones have been patiently waiting in front of us all along." -Mackenzie Campbell I'm sorry. I know I said I wouldn't apologize, but after saying all that, I want people to know that I regret my actions. Maybe I'm exaggerating my failures, but it's pretty clear I did not succeed as manager like Xy did. I had such exciting plans for Breach, so long ago. But I'm always making plans, not just in Breach or in GFL, but in life. I'm so good at making whimsical plans and ideas, and so terrible at carrying them out. No plan survives first contact with the enemy, and my enemy is life. "Even the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry" is more like "plans go awry" for me. I've tried to do so many things in GFL, and they all haven't gone to plan. Not that I regret doing them; I just wish I had done them better. Anyways, that's enough self pity for one post. To the Breach community: I'm sorry for not being the manager I should've been. I enjoy talking to a lot of you in the discord, and though I know I haven't been a good manager, I hope I've been a good friend. "Sleep tight, ya morons." -J.D. Salinger And now, the mandatory Tagging of the Friends: @Xy Thank you so much. You were the Breach dad. Maybe you didn't always respond instantly or with much emotion, but you were always caring for breach and made it what it is. I hope I haven't disappointed you too much. @Kubnair If Xy was the breach dad, you were the uncle. You were only there for the baby years, and then you drifted away and became a passing memory, but you're still cool. Thanks for letting my admin app sit for a few months; if it had been accepted earlier I would've been an even bigger screw up. Also to the question I know you will ask: Yes. I would. @Cpt.Haxray I'm sorry I wasn't that good of a co-manager. I'd like to think a lot of the decisions we made about admin apps and content weren't horrible. And you had the final say on a lot of those. I hope you enjoy Breach. @VilhjalmrF You don't even play Breach and haven't for years, but you were the older brother of Breach when you did: cool, respectable, someone to look up to. @Kaitsedd You're a good person, just don't let your temper get to you. @Rollnaway I spent 190 hours on an Enigmatica 2 Expert Skyblock server rather than play Breach because of you. And you weren't even on with me for like half of those hours. smh. @Nicole ❤️ @The Templar Hope you do good in life. I'll still be in the discord to talk to if you want. @RaeTheGay Never forget the Jameskii riots. Sorry though, that shit sucked. @KaitoKiriyama Thanks for all the voice acting you did for Breach. Sorry I couldn't create more stuff for you to voice. @cd326s Hope you stick around Breach if you still enjoy it. You're one of the older admins and really fun to play games with. @Carthing2 Go to horny jail. Also, we'll play VR together at some point. Probably. @The1337Gh0st You're cool. @John Jeez Man your voice is nice @Minishogun721 Sorry the server died; you were a great admin and a funny dude. @Deathz You were one of the first people I sponsored for admin. One thing I don't regret. Severely Artistic: Never forget the Memory Access Violation. Also thanks for making 1162 and the 500 model. @-_Fx_- Even though you aren't here anymore and hate all of us, I remember when you commented on my second TTT admin app "+1 I like homosexuals". You were the first to make me question my sexuality and I was only 14; thanks. Shoutout to all the other Breach admins; past and present; you guys are the best.
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    Saw one of these cool things. They deliver food. 4th of July
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    Hello @Zeins. The GFX team has decided to allow you the opportunity to be "tested" on your skill and knowledge of creating artwork. This test will help us determine if you qualify to be on our team. Below I have listed two prompts with descriptions on what is expected for each. You only need to complete one of the two options provided. You will be given until August 6th to complete your choice of prompt. Once you have completed one of the two prompts, post the files in this thread. After you post your work, the team and I will evaluate what you provide us, and make a decision. If you choose to not complete one of these two prompts, or if you fail to submit your work on time, your application will be denied automatically. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask them within this thread, or DM me. Option #1 Artwork Type: Banner Theme: Tropical Paradise Size: 1024×256 File Format(s): PNG & .PSD Text(Centered): Chillin' Details: Design a custom profile picture based on the theme described above. You may use assets from online sources if need be. OR Option #2 Artwork Type: Profile Picture Theme: Liloz01 Dog as a Character Size: 1024×1024 File Format: PNG & .PSD Text: None Details: Design a custom profile picture based on Liloz01's dog profile picture. You can find the assets required to begin this here: Within that thread you will see examples of what you are being asked to create (I would look at the ones RVFK and I have posted, as those are good examples of what we are asking for). I would recommend picking a recognizable character, but not one that has previously been done in that thread. The choice of character is up to you. Overall scoring: How you choose to manipulate the resources provided and how much attention to detail you provide will influence how the GFX team will respond to your application. We will also be reviewing the .PSD file submitted to properly view your creative process.
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    Event Type: Game event; Call of Duty Modern Warfare Event Description: Gunfight duo as theme of this tournament. Game's mode description The mode features two teams of two players facing off in multiple rounds — the first to six wins the game. Every two rounds a new set of random guns and equipment is chosen and all four players must use those weapons. Additional Information: Restricted to two players per team There could be more type of this events, such as Sniper only FFA - in short maps such as Rust.
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    @Pachimo Oh are you, now? @OrLaNs21 Well, yeah.. AND it's the official GFL Server.. Where you at, doh?! @Spazzin I'm afraid I'll be claiming those testicles this week. I'll send my mailing address... though, we can compromise.. inquire within bb @Mordecai Indeed. Now where tf are you............. @Yuuji Indubitably. @Comrade Quesadilla You could most definitely help by playing a bit on the server when you have time. My bb server is STRUGGLING. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ALL YOU NERDS TURN TO GHOSTS?! DECOY DODGEBALL IS A GOT'DAMN LEGENDARY GAME-MODE, AND YOU SHOW IT THIS KIND OF DISRESPECT? For Shame... FOR FUCKING SHAME. I will be reprimanding each, and every one of you. unlessyoucanhelpalittlebitbyplayingontheservereverynowandthensoitisn'tconstantlyemptythanksbyenow.
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    Glad to see the Directorate understanding my true position within the community.
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    What is your TeamSpeak username and Discord ID? JGuary55#3440 Which platforms are you applying for? All GFL Official Discords How would you describe your activity there? I’m active in main discord csgo discord rust discord not so much gmod, I am not in TF2 or cwrp but will join and get back into them, my activity before I left was great I was active everyday helping a lot, till i resigned ( I needed time off and to get away get better in life) and now I’m back getting my activity up a lot. Here are my numbers as of rn (csgo 3175) (main discord 9800) (rust 3250) (gmod 930) Why are you interested in becoming a Moderator? I want to be a moderator because I do help a lot of people out I am active a lot basically all day and Untill I go to sleep at whatever time late at night, I have been a mod before so I know my way around, I would love to come back and help again. Like I said I was mod before so I guess you could say I am trusted to withhold this position, I know all the m till I resigned and left for a m a break from everything, and now I’m back, my activity is starting to go up again I’m talking more in the main GFL discord in the rust and csgo, I am also very helpful, done a lot to help out with discord for liloz and Ben. I know all the mods very well so there’s no “weird lining between us, all on good terms, How would you typically go about handling a conflict between two users? Well first I would see what’s wrong, try and get both sides of things maybe give some input of my own try and de escalate everything if that doesn’t work warn them then mute them for appropriate time. Have you ever been warned or muted? If so, explain what happened. Nope not that I know of. Moderators, please +1 or -1 this application with an explanation for your vote.
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    Public Skins Big Boss SAS William Umbrella Leet Elizabeth Noire Member Skins Agent47 Helga GSG9 Miyu Natalie Leet Kumla Kumla FBI Supporter Skins Captain Price Hunk SAS Terrorist Jill VIP Skins Batman Venom Slenderman Spiderman Mummy Arctic Squad Medic Leon Kennedy
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    1. added a cool button that instantly scrolls you back to the top of the website (to use the navbar or whatever is at the top) (does not appear on mobile): 2. updated favicon (the image in tabs, bookmarks, etc.): before: after: 3. various theme bug fixes 3.1 weird white background bug on topic hover before (scrolled content has white background) after (background is consistent with post) 3.2 weird select button appearance - this page also had some weird form appearance where descriptions were floating above input fields and misaligning everything, i don't have any pictures onhand but that's also fixed lol before after 3.3 staff page background inconsistencies before after (they're now all the same size, even if no rank title) 3.4 form gaps before (big gap for no reason, happened on every form field) after (no more weirdly large gap) 4. forms now tell you why you can't use them not logged in: not member (when trying to apply for staff): there's a few other things i did but didn't write down or document, whoopsie.. probably just random permissions and misc. cleanup/updates of forms/forums
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    Relevant Discord announcement:
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    A few pics I took today after attempting to push a ~271 pound treadmill up the stairs solely (that didn't work out well). I also gave myself a haircut last week for the first time and I think it's looking okay lmao.
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    +1 This man slept with my wife. The only reaction that I could muster was a single tear of joy as the euphoria ran through me.
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    If you idiots don't take this man to be your lawful wedded Director, you're making a terrible mistake...
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    I appreciate the ideas in this thread, and some of the plans that I have are similar to those in the original post, just moving fairly inactive crap out of the way; or just merging it with something else (which is in essence "removing" it with extra steps, I guess). I'm working towards making topics to propose changes to all forums and most permissions (which also involves new groups), but figuring out what is possible and not in that regard is tough, as it requires a lot of updating of old forums, menus, groups and in some cases - plugins (such as the forms plugin, which will hopefully be updated soon...). All while consulting Team Leaders, Server Managers, Division Leaders and Directors (yuck, imagine being one of those). Please do keep in mind, we're working with some fucking jank systems here. There's a lot to handle in terms of forum management because it hasn't been dealt with properly for years. It takes extra long as I'm creating documentation and guides to go along with most things, so that things don't get out of line in future as they have now. Appeals to emotion 101. Kisses and hugs.
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    Zombie Escape Event #49 The Unbeatables: Part 1 Maps To be played in the following order • ze_three_eyes_v1_1 • ze_rush_B_v2_2 • ze_trials_v3_test Time/Date Saturday, July 25th, 2020 5 PM Chicago, USA GMT -5 (CDT) 10 PM GMT +0 6 AM Singapore GMT +8 Convert to your timezone with this website: https://www.worldtimebuddy.com/ Duration 2-3 hours (unless we beat it before the time stated) Rules Don't troll with items, or you will be banned from using them.Don't mic spam, let the leaders try to give commands over voice comm.Don't zombie inflate (Intentionally becoming a zombie to give the CT's a lesser chance).Mute round will be applied IF we deem it necessary.All other server rules apply to the event Rewards Eligible rewards: 1 month Banana Joe, 1 month Supporter HOW CAN I EARN THIS REWARD? External Links GFL ZE Discord: https://discord.gg/Bkfwg4q GFL ZE Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/GFLCSGOZE
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    A lot of posts that show up in Latest Topics or posts are irrelevant (examples below is a player report and a moderation application, which the typical member probably should not post in), but not every user wants to browse the entire forums to find new threads that may be of interest to them. This reduces the likelihood of them posting and does not help forum activity. Similar to the suggestion below I think each role should be looked at again so that the Topics advertised on the right side is more fitting for each role; this would be pleasant if the Posts shown below that area are within those categories as well. If they are not a Server Admin, then what's the point of having player reports? If they aren't a Moderator+, then should they be responding to New Moderation Application? The other day I even saw a feedback to Staff thread that I do not have permission to when I clicked on it. My suggestion has the word "configurable" in it. This is for bonus points. I would add a section in settings or possibly have a checkbox available within categories or sub-categories so that a user can toggle it; they can choose which categories they want to appear in their latest posts beyond their default. We have something that allows toggling its display, and so I would imagine it's not a terrible stretch to save it in a setting related to Latest Topic although including sub-categories would be even better. Similarly we have followed content, but I'm not interested in having notifications every new thread or post... just want latest topics to reflect more relevant or interesting topics.
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    Im sure this will end as well as before
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    Hi everyone, this announcement will be the first of many discussing changes to our community’s top-level leadership. We believe these changes will have a positive impact on how quickly and effectively higher-ups work with staff and the community. The changes are as follows: We are introducing a new top-level authority which we have chosen to call Council. This group of people will set the agenda and direction of GFL. The distinction from the old Director role is that Council members will not inherently be responsible for the day-to-day operations of GFL, and only the Council as a whole can make decisions, i.e. individual Council members cannot make decisions on their own. The Council, as of right now, consists of the Board of Directors and representatives from our larger divisions. Let’s talk about the “new” Board of Directors. The Board of Directors will be responsible for GFL on a daily basis and can make decisions that do not go against the Council's direction. However, there are some things only the Council can decide on. The Executive Director is the chairman of the board and has the overall responsibility for GFL on a daily basis. The rest of the Directors are each responsible for an area of their own. Without further ado let’s introduce the initial roster for the Board of Directors: Executive Director: @Nick Director of Communication: @Shuruia Director of Divisions: @FrenZy Director of Teams: @Ben Director of Tech: @Xy The Directors will be joined by the following two division representatives to form the first Council roster: Representative of Rust: @Skittlez Representative of GMOD: @Pyros If you would like to learn more about the roles mentioned above, you can read about them here. With the Council introduced, we will soon release a schedule for meetings which anyone from the community can attend. We will be looking for members of the community to join the council in the coming weeks. More information about this will come in future announcements.
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    Unblock me on discord so I can harass you.
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    I feel like there should be a feature for the remaining map extensions that we have indicators to show how many extends we have left instead of relying on !extendsleft. I know I saw this feature on CSS ZE as well. This feature is useful to people who are curious to know how many extends we have left also. For Example: [SV] : The current map has been extended (53-100% of votes.) [SV] : Extends available : 0-2
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    and finally, some mediocre holiday ones
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    i'm so sorry for what i have created
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    Its time for you to be a cutie! @Liloz01
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    As I was involved I shall give my 2 cents. Liloz spam to me was a joke between bois, if I had a problem I would've said. You did it to be annoying because you dislike liloz, as you've shown as you got super hostile at him for no reason. I've talked to you before about involving yourself in every conversation and having to be the centre of attention, but you haven't stopped. Here's some screenshots, note the one where he says he's joking for those who don't get it The hostility wasn't needed or welcome and the ban is just, in my opinion
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    Map Nomination: Last Man Standing -- The Real Deal Consists of: ze_last_man_standing_v5_1 Why this map again when we played it so recently? Over the last few weeks Klixus, Alcolo, willy and myself (mostly Klixus) have been working on making a definitive stripper to play the map. This stripper includes changes like fixing the Predator's nuke, starting the map at extreme only (effectively making the map 5 stages instead of 10, and let's face it, nobody really cares for Normal mode), giving infinite ammo at the end of stage 5 to ease the final defense and all that sort of good stuff that we feel could improve the balancing of the map. Stripper was tested on Nide a while ago and it proved to be a much more fun experience, since we haven't tested that here I figured now would be a better time than ever to test it and see if any further tweaks need to be done.
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    Hey everyone, I just wanted to briefly address recent performance issues with our GS12 machine. Unfortunately, the machine's processor down-clocked a lot more than I expected at higher load. As of right now, it clocks to 4.3 GHz on all cores at ~50 - 60% load. This is because the processor is getting too hot running all cores at > 4.3 GHz and it needs to down clock. At 20 - 30% load, we see 4.6 - 4.9 GHz on all cores which is what I was hoping we'd get at 50 - 60%+ load. This is resulting in bad performance with servers on GS12 that include all of our Rust servers. @Xy and I have been talking for the last few hours in voice and we've been talking to our current hosting provider in Texas. We believe we've found a solid solution and will be looking to order a new machine in the next day or so depending on the benchmarks we get back from the hosting provider (which are likely going to suit our needs). Our hosting provider also has better solutions coming at the end of the month that'll result in better cooling. Therefore, we'll be able to get higher clock speeds with the same processor. We will be using the same processor as the GS12 machine (the Intel i9-9900K). However, we'll have higher clock speeds at the same load GS12 is running at (likely > 4.6 GHz). Once I have another update, I will let you know. I apologize for the poor performance as well. I wasn't expecting the machine to down-clock this much at 50 - 60% load. Thank you for understanding.
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    Your favorite trashcan gamer is back boys! I wouldn't say in the same way as before. I have found my place in SurfRPG now. I am now living a peaceful life and would like to get back in touch with those of you here who made my time amazing, I miss those of you. I am back and ready for the memes ect. Alot has changed with me since I left and I can say they are all for the best. You won't see me here on the forums much, if you wanna find me peek SurfRPG and come say hi ❤️
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    As seen here, It would be nice to put our Discord Tags, Xbox GT, PSN ID, NNFC, and other things viewable on our profile so people can friend us / get in contact with moderators easier on the Forums. We already have this with PC Specs, so I suspect it would be relatively easy to implement.
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