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    Hello. This is my resignation and departure from GFL thread. Ironically, I have shown how much I don’t like these threads, but, here’s mine. To start off, I would like to give a shout out to everyone who’s given me joy during my rather lengthy stay here, you know who you are. The reason why I have decided to leave this community is very simple. Nothing I do here brings me joy anymore. Everything feels like a burden. I am not young enough to be spending my time with things of which I will not be getting anything in return, even if it’s a tiny amount of serotonin. I was extremely fed up with the CS:GO Division for a very long time, so when I saw the opportunity to move to CS:S, I thought all I needed was a change of pace and a different environment, that it all would make me enjoy doing what I have enjoyed for so many years, to make GFL a better place. Unfortunately, it was not the right path and for that, I would like to apologize to everyone that was expecting more from me. I will be stripping myself from any and all ranks I currently hold and I do not wish to be contacted about this community in the near future. So long ✌️
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    This document is the MOTD (Rules) of our Gmod DarkRP server. Most things here are common sense, and can easily be followed. General Rules: Show a basic level of respect to all players and staff. Excessive trolling or minging will not be tolerated. Hacking, cheating, and exploiting will all result in severe punishment. Do not spam. (Ex: Mic, Chat, Props) Do not kill and/or arrest randomly; RDM/RDA is not tolerated. FailRP: FailRP is ultimately up to the admins. (Use common sense) Do not kill yourself to avoid an RP situation. Do not bait others using OOC. Do not randomly weapon check. Basing: Cannot claim sidewalks as part of your base. Do not claim more than one base/property for yourself or your group. You cannot build/edit during an active raid. Floating, or sky-bases are not allowed. Your base must be possible to raid. Keypads must be visible, and not obstructed. There is a maximum of 4 fading doors in 1 base. (You can have two stacked against each other) Your keypad "Access Granted" hold length must be 4 seconds or longer. You cannot kill someone for "Loitering" outside your base. You cannot have a building sign with drugs, weapons, etc. inside your base. (Nothing that raiders may want) You may not prop climb to get to certain parts of your base. (You can still build on a roof, so long as you can get there naturally). Hobos are an exception (hobo homes) Raiding: You cannot kill people for simply being near a raid. However if a government official or vigilante is near the raid you can kill them. (Ex: You cannot kill someone for trying to walk down the street with no intention of interfering because they are simply 'near' the raid) Do not raid the same person(s) more than twice per hour. Raids against the same party/individual must be separated by at least 15 minutes. You may not raid the PD during the Mayor's grace period. Do not raid a base with a building sign up. You must advert the type of raid you are doing. (Ex: Party Raid, PD Raid, Bank Raid, Counter Raid etc.) You may not return to the same raid once you have died. (NLR - New Life Rule) During a raid you may not use your fading door hotkeys. (You must use the keypad itself) ; FDA Is not allowed. Kidnapping/Mugging: Anyone who is being kidnapped/mugged may defend themselves. You may kill someone for running away from a kidnapping/mugging. (This does NOT include people who were already moving. They must be aware of your attempt to mug/kidnap them) The maximum you may demand for/from a person is $5,000. You cannot hold someone for more than 10 minutes. You must wait 15 minutes before mugging the same person. ____________________________________________________ Job Specific Rules Government: You cannot make your own base; Use PD as your base. (Excluding: Paramedics, FBI) During a lock-down you may only arrest someone while they are on the streets. Do not arrest players who are in un-owned buildings or in the PD. Do not chase someone who was on the streets into a building and then arrest them inside. Running from PD could result in a KOS set on you. (They must clearly be chasing you) Mayor: 1. All laws created must be reasonable. (No immediate KOS, or Jaywalking laws) 2. The maximum you may charge for a gun license is $5,000. 3. Lockdown(s) can last for a maximum of 3 minutes. 4. The mayor has a 15 minute grace period where he cannot be killed, mugged, or kidnapped. Undercover Police Officer: 1. You may assist in creating drugs to blend in, however you cannot use drugs for profit. 2. You may break minor laws to maintain cover. Paramedic: 1. You may setup a hospital somewhere on the map. 2. Paramedics are not allowed to be private. FBI: 1. The FBI leader may make a base separate from the PD. 2. All FBI must have access to the FBI base. (Including bought doors, and keypad codes) Hobos: Hobo houses must be constrained to a modest 2 stories tall, and can only take up SMALL sections of the map. Hobos can mug, and kidnap. Hobos can build in public. Vigilante: Vigilantes may break minor laws to carry out justice. You may kill anyone who is raiding, kidnapping, mugging, carjacking, or performing a hit. You must witness the crime to act upon it. (You can't just see /advert and track the person down) Service Jobs: You cannot participate in raids. Gun Dealer / Black Market Dealer: 1. You cannot be a private dealer; You cannot exclude people, unless they are actively causing an issue. 2. You are allowed to sell for any price within the scope of RP. 3. You can only base with Private Security or a different service job (BMD and Gun Dealer cannot base together). Private Security: 1. You may defend a person(s) base and property. (If someone shoots at your boss's car, you can kill them) Mechanic: 1. You cannot be a private mechanic; You cannot exclude people, unless they are actively causing an issue. 2. You can only base with Private Security. Crips / Bloods: The leaders of either group can /advert "Gang war!" to start a war. You may only kill the opposing team. You must listen to the orders of the Crip/Blood leader. Genetic Researcher: People may defend themselves if you randomly infect them.
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    Starring: @Nick @Shuruia @FrenZy @Aurora @Ben I wrote this story last night because I was very bored and since it's October, why not? This is heavily inspired by the Saw movies. I hope you enjoy. The GFL Directorate wakes up in a room, each of them with metal collars around their necks, connecting them to the walls. How did this happen? Who put them here? How will they escape? The first to wake up is Shuruia. He notices a collar around his neck with electrical wires attached to it. He looks around the room and starts to wake the others up. As Shuruia, Nick, Ben, Aurora, and FrenZy all stand up, they each find four buttons on the wall behind them, all labeled with the names of their fellow Directors. “What the fuck is this place?” Ben says. “I blame Salad for this...” Shuruia exclaims. As they examine their surroundings, Nick points out a tape recorder hanging from the ceiling above Shuruia’s head. Shuruia decides to reach for it (obviously with his massive thumbs) and he presses play. As the room fills with silence, a distorted voice begins speaking: HELLO DIRECTORS, I WANT TO PLAY A GAME. AS YOU CAN SEE, THERE ARE FOUR WIRES CONNECTED TO EACH OF YOU, AND THOSE WIRES LEAD TO THE DOOR THAT WILL ALLOW YOU TO EXIT THIS ROOM. THE ONLY WAY TO UNLOCK THAT DOOR IS BY SENDING FOUR ELECTRIC SHOCKS TO THE DOOR. YOU ARE EACH WEARING AN ELECTRIC COLLAR THAT BINDS YOU TO THE CONFINES OF THIS ROOM. DEPENDING ON THE BUTTONS YOU CHOOSE TO PRESS, YOU WILL BE ABLE TO UNLOCK THE DOOR. FOUR ELECTRIC CHARGES AT THE SAME TIME IS ENOUGH TO KILL ONE OF YOU, BUT WILL UNLOCK THE DOOR SETTING YOU FREE. IF YOU FAIL TO OPEN THE DOOR WITHIN TWO MINUTES, YOU WILL BE LEFT HERE TO DIE. WHO HAS THE SPARK TO HELP KEEP GFL ALIVE? LET THE GAME BEGIN. "Who the fuck was that?" Ben asks in a confused tone, to which he gets no reply. Almost immediately, the Directors begin arguing about who will be the one to sacrifice themself for the greater good. Adam suggests that Nick, the Executive Director, should be the one to take the fall, but Nick quickly dismissed the idea. Nick then begins shouting at the other Directors, telling them to electrocute Shuruia for even suggesting that they kill him. Ben, Aurora, and FrenZy are all still very unsure of what to do. One of their two minutes pass and they still haven’t made a decision. FrenZy eventually decides to side with Nick on the decision to sacrifice Shuruia. Time is running out, so Aurora and Ben also agree. Shuruia begs and pleads them not to do it. Ten seconds. The four directors press each of their buttons marked with Shuruia’s name, electrocuting him and subsequently freeing them from this torturous trap. The door unlocks, and they walk out, leaving Adam dead on the floor. As the remaining Directors enter the next room, they notice that this room is filled with all kinds of Furrets. Stuffed animals, posters, keychains, and many more Furret themed monstrosities. Ben notices a tape recorder with a note that says “Aurora” on it and hands the tape recorder to them. Aurora plays the tape and the same unrecognizable voice begins to speak again: HELLO AURORA. I WANT TO PLAY A GAME. YOU CLAIM THE FURRET AS YOUR SYMBOL, BUT CAN YOU PROVE YOUR LOYALTY TO THE POKÉMON? BEFORE YOU ALL ARRIVED HERE, I PLACED AN EXPLOSIVE CHIP IN THREE OF YOUR FELLOW DIRECTOR’S SKULLS. IN FRONT OF YOU, YOU WILL FIND A TABLET. ONCE YOU UNLOCK THE TABLET YOU WILL BE TESTED ON YOUR KNOWLEDGE OF THE POKÉMON YOU USE SO OFTEN. IF YOU ANSWER ALL OF THE QUESTIONS CORRECTLY, YOU WILL ALL SURVIVE AND THE DOOR WILL OPEN, HOWEVER, IF YOU ANSWER ANY OF THE 3 QUESTIONS INCORRECTLY, THREE OF YOU WILL DIE. LET THE GAME BEGIN. Aurora unlocks the tablet, and there is a giant button marked “START” highlighted in green. She begins the quiz. The first question is rather simple, and FrenZy reads it aloud. “What colors are predominantly present in the design of Furret?” Aurora immediately chooses brown and beige, boasting about how she will complete the quiz easily. The next question is similarly easy. “What region is Furret natively found in?” Aurora ponders the question for a few seconds and then exclaims “Johto!”. She answers that on the tablet and the third and final question appears. “What generation of Pokémon is Furret?” The room falls silent. “I don’t even play Pokémon....” says Ben. “Furret is stinky, how should I know?” FrenZy says angrily. Nick remains silent. As Aurora thinks on the question, Nick notices a timer at the top of the tablet’s screen, noting that they only have 20 seconds left to answer. The directors begin shouting at each-other once again, and Aurora enters the number three onto the tablet, hoping that she's guessed correctly. Nick looks up at Aurora and says “You better be right abou-“ *BOOM* Before Nick can finish his sentence, his head explodes in a flash of blood and guts. Shortly after, they hear an explosion come from the first room. Adam’s head exploded. Finally, as he walks in to check on Shuruia’s body, Ben’s head explodes as well, leaving only Aurora and FrenZy alive. The exit door of what FrenZy coins “Furret Hell” opens, and Aurora and FrenZy walk into the third and final room. As the two process the deaths of their fallen friends, a voice comes over the intercom in the new room. WELCOME TO YOUR FINAL TASK. IN FRONT OF YOU THERE ARE FIVE BUTTONS. EACH OF THESE BUTTONS MUST BE PRESSED IN ORDER TO RELEASE YOU. EACH OF THESE BUTTONS IS CONNECTED TO AN IMPORTANT PART OF GFL. PRESSING THE BUTTONS WILL DELETE SOMETHING YOU ALL WORKED EFFORTLESSLY ON TO CREATE AND MANAGE. ONCE ALL FIVE BUTTONS HAVE BEEN PRESSED, THE DOOR WILL UNLOCK, SETTING YOU FREE. ALTERNATIVELY, SHOULD YOU CHOOSE TO KEEP GFL INTACT, THERE IS AN AXE THAT CAN BE FOUND IN THE CORNER OF THE ROOM. WITH THIS AXE YOU CAN EACH CUT OFF PORTIONS OF YOUR BODY AND PLACE THEM IN THE CHUTE AT THE BACK OF THE ROOM TO UNLOCK THE DOOR. 5 BODY PARTS ARE REQUIRED TO ESCAPE. WILL YOU ALLOW THE LOSS OF SOMETHING SO VALUABLE TO YOURSELVES, OR YOUR COMMUNITY? LET THE GAME BEGIN. FrenZy begins to examine the five buttons in front of him while Aurora's eyes fixate on the axe in the corner. The buttons are each labeled “TTT ANARCHY”, “GFL REDBOT”, “THE DEVELOPMENT TEAM”, “CS:GO SURF TIMER”, and “CWRP”. They both immediately decide to press the buttons labeled “ GFL REDBOT” and “DEVELOPMENT TEAM” as those are of least importance to them. If Ben and Nick were still alive, they’d be punching the air right about now. Shortly after that, they press the button labeled “CWRP” as well. Two buttons to go. The two begin bargaining with each-other on how they will recover the loss of their two favorite servers if they decide to press the buttons, but neither of them give in. FrenZy is ready to give up Surf in exchange for his freedom, but Aurora is not so willing when it comes to TTT Anarchy. Frenzy continues to become enraged as the minutes pass, eventually punches Aurora square in the face. They fall to the ground in the corner, laying motionless. As FrenZy finally decides to give up his beloved Surf Timer servers, he press the button. Immediately afterwards, he reaches for the final button, that of TTT Anarchy. As his hand gets closer to the final button, he starts to panic. "What have I done?" he asks himself. As he begins to press down on the button, he hears a noise come from behind him. Aurora rises from the ground, axe in hand, and decapitates the Director of Divisions in a single motion. She continues hacking away at FrenZy’s limbs until there are five individual body parts separated from his body. Aurora throws all of the beloved Director's remains into the chute, and the final exit door opens. Aurora, covered in the blood of the fallen directors, walks out of the room into darkness, uttering one final phrase. “Nobody fucks with TTT Anarchy.” roll credits
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    I knew this was coming for a while, but I guess it's finally time. I'm not good at goodbyes so I'll keep this short Special thanks to @Beaker - being there for me from the start, encouraging me to be my best @Arson With The Numbers - being an inspiration and goal for me and other admins @TimeForYouToGetAWatch - being cool and inspiring me to be admin in the first place and everyone else along the way. My memory's shit so I'm sorry if I didn't mention you by name, but for all you who helped me, thanks. I feel so disconnected from the community, the server, and the staff team. -I cant relate to the new influx of players. There's too many new faces and I don't have the energy to learn and engage with them. -I don't enjoy the server like I used to. The game as-is just isn't fun anymore. The changes we made just don't sit right with me. -I feel alienated from the staff and their close-knit friend-group, and feel like if I have issues with one, they all take issue. I feel as though my issues on ideas are ignored and dumbly shot down by certain people. We should be a team, but I don't feel like we are. We need equal representation rather than immature arguments that amount to nothing. We are responsible for out players, but some people just don't think that way. I could cite specific examples, but if this pertains to you, you know who you are. So instead of forcing what wasn't meant to be, I'm going to take the responsible route and step down. I can say so much more, but I just don't have the energy. I'm tired. I'm fed up. I'm not taking what I don't deserve. All the best, Jessica W.
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    After a little delay, we are finally ready to announce GFL's two first Community Representatives. I am very impressed with this election. A total of 377 votes have been cast from 239 individuals. It was nice to see so many help us shape GFL's future. 😄 The two new Community Representatives will be: @Liloz01 with 104 votes @Salad with 92 votes We will only be making the vote counts of the two winners publicly available. I'd like to say thanks to all candidates who took part in this for their time, interest, and motivation for GFL. We hope to see you in the next election and around GFL. 😄 Congratulations to the new CRs; I look forward to working with you!
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    Hi, Jerry. I'm sorry that you feel slighted, but let me tell you that the only application we denied (that wasn't a joke application) was yours, and I'll also tell you why. Realistically, I would have preferred to do this over DMs and not shunned you publicly, but given your continued rant about this which has been going on all over (Discord, shoutbox, forum posts), you effectively left us no other options. You verbally abuse other people in Discord. Your behavior is erratic -- it shows that you do not think before you speak sometimes, which is a real detriment because this is a staff position. The two people that do get elected will be part of the council, and will thus be privy to a lot of information that is private. As a staff member, you are required to act as an example. We don't want someone who acts in a downright abusive way to represent us or the community to any capacity. When asked if you would change your attitude if you'd have been given this role, you took to Discord to hound us out for even asking you to, and proudly stated that you never would. This shows that you are not fit, and also shows that you are perfectly happy to leak things. I wish you the best, but this just doesn't cut it. If you want to have a conversation about it, feel free to message me on Discord, but I will not be debating here.
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    I think I mentioned this in the staff Discord at some point, but it probably got lost and this is probably better for documentation / transparency anyway. The reactions right now could probably use some cleaning up, for a whole lot of reasons, I'll list the ones I can think of. For one, some of them seem to be pretty much the exact same thing. "Like", "Thanks", and "Winner" seem to serve the same purpose. "Haha", "Confused", and "Sad" seem very "Facebook-like", if that makes sense. They seem unfit for a forum and they just look out of place in my eyes. Yes, they do serve different purposes, but they seem very out of date. (both the pictures and the reactions themselves) Some of them seem to be used as an alternative to constructing critical posts or are just used to clown people. I notice "OMEGALUL" and "Confused" sometimes used in a seemingly negative manner, or to make fun of a post they don't think is good. I think discouraging this and instead encouraging people to express their thoughts in words would not only improve discussions, but perhaps increase forum activity across the board. Reactions like "Hypers" and "Poggers" also seem out of place as they don't properly portray any sort of actual "reaction".. or maybe I'm just uncultured. Same really goes for "OMEGALUL", I feel like people don't really understand what your reaction is with these Twitch icons. I think people are often unaware of whether or not a reaction will give reputation and it's even unclear to me currently which ones do or do not and why. I think we should aim for simplicity with just a like button. (or name it "thanks", doesn't really matter) It's a cool way to show support for a well made post without people posting "I agree" and getting a free post and clogging the thread. You could argue that an opposite reaction should accompany it, like a dislike, but I, once again, think that it'd be extremely discouraging to get bombarded with dislikes. I'd personally much rather be bombarded by well-constructed posts that actually offer insight as to why they're disagreeing with what I'm saying. To reiterate, that could potentially improve the quality of discussions overall.
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    A lot of things this month.
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    Hello everyone! For the people that have been with GFL's GMOD community for a while, you know we've been developing a GFL DarkRP server. After countless months of work, the day has come to finally release the server! **The server is live, copy this link into your browser steam://connect/ or do "connect" into console** In case you're new to our community, GFL began working on this DarkRP server in November of 2019. Development has been a huge challenge for us. We've tested and tried a ridiculous amount of content, and we hope that we're bringing you something that was worth the wait. We are still in the very early stages of the server, so please bear with us moving forward, and let us know of any bugs and issues you encounter! Make sure to go to this page on the GFL forums to get a gist of server rules Go here if you are curious to the variety of useful commands that you all have access to!* This page will take you to the main DarkRP Server Forum Page. https://gflclan.com/forums/forum/41-darkrp/ View full article
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    I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT A GFL DIRECTOR WOULD SEND ME AN UNSOLICITED DISCORD INVITE, THIS IS LITERALLY AGAINST THE RULES!!!!!!! We need to ban this fellow from every single gfl discord immediately and deny any appeals/excuses they come up with. If we don't do this, who knows what other evil things this terrorist could do!! for real though, this is basically the reason that I was banned from every gfl discord and I don't understand why. Sending a person you know a single discord invite is not a bannable offense, and if it was then I guess Xy would have to be demoted. I know this is kind of an out of nowhere thing to post but I literally have made 2 appeals already and both were denied even though I literally explained how every aspect of my ban is dumb. I know this probably won't get me unbanned because there are certain people in this community who will keep me banned for the rest of my existence even if I didn't break any rules, but just wanted to let you guys know that if you get on the bad side of a few of the higher ups you're eventually going to get banned for some made up reason because they don't like you.
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    I'm gonna go ahead and drop my vote now. When I was mod TL I avoided voting because if I thought someone was fit for the team, I'd just accept them. With that out of the way, I've seen a lot of stuff that worries me here. You have a lot of roles, last I checked it was up to around 8 (+/- one or two) and that's a lot. I had trouble keeping up with three roles. For this next bit, I'm just going to quote others in this thread because they said what I want to say in a much nicer way than I probably would say it on my own. pretty much everything that's been said here is spot on. I'm sure your numbers have changed with message counts since then but the general trend still fits. You're really only active in rust. This is repeating some stuff I know, but it's still valid and it adds a bit that I've been trying to explain to you since your first app was denied. You follow the rules to the letter and not the spirit of the rules. You also over react extremely often over extremely petty things to the point where you were trying to get the mod team to be your personal gestapo and mute/ban people who had criticisms for how you were/are running the rust servers that you were put in charge of. This brings me to reason 3 of those two other responses. You knew I was being harassed for denying your app, you knew who was doing it, and you knew why they were doing it. The fact that you didn't make any public attempt to curtail it is embarrassing and just further proves to me that you are a poor choice for any sort of moderation. Now for my last major point/piece of "evidence". When a mod refuses to vote on a mod application, this throws up even more red flags. It says "I want to -1 you but I don't want to deal with any backlash or repercussions for giving a vote". This states that it's because you only want mod in one disocrd but I feel it's because they don't want to risk being the target of any harassment like I discussed earlier. EDIT: You are hiding replies to this app like you are a moderator. I know the hidden replies are from people who aren't allowed to vote, but it's not your place so don't do it. final vote still stands. EDIT 2: Thank you for the angie, you proved my point. With all that being said I guess it's time to cast my final vote. My final vote is unsurprisingly a -1, but it's not a normal -1, it's a -1 that would be a -2 or worse if I could vote that way and still be taken seriously.
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    Hello everybody, Around 1:50 PM CST today, our GS14 machine went down who is hosted with GSK. I was at a GP appointment at this time and @Aurora was looking into this issue. Unfortunately, we didn't have KVM access. Therefore, we asked GSK to reboot the machine which resulted in it coming back online. However, once we tried launching a game server, it went down again. When I got home, GSK was in the process of getting a KVM attached to the machine. At 4:51 PM CST, the KVM was successfully attached and I was able to connect. However, I received a call and had to go for another ten - twenty minutes. So investigation with the KVM didn't start until 5 - 5:10 PM CST. Last night, we updated our control panel which included a daemon update that was applied to all of our game server machines. For some reason, the new configuration file on GS14 was setting our control panel daemon to use the entire host machine as its network instead of the separate bridge it creates internally ( Basically what this does is exposes the interfaces on the host machine within the game server's Docker containers and network namespaces. Now, without our Anycast setup, this probably would have worked fine. However, exposing each container to all the interfaces on the machine defeats the purpose of isolating each container's network and would be less secure. The reason the machine was going down is because we use Docker Gen to deploy an IPIP tunnel for our Anycast network to use (since Compressor forwards traffic from our POPs to our game servers via IPIP formatted packets, we need to setup an IPIP tunnel/endpoint in each container with the remote host and internal IP). When running our control panel in "host" mode, Docker Gen would execute these commands on the main host interface instead of inside each game server's network namespace. Two commands this ran were deleting the old default gateway and replacing it with the new gateway which pointed towards the IPIP tunnel. Since this was being ran on the host, it removed the main machine's gateway (which went to GSK's router of course from the NIC) and replaced it with the IPIP tunnel (which wasn't even configured at this time). This resulted in the machine losing network connectivity and could not be restored until you either restart the machine or attach a KVM, log in that way, remove the old default gateway, and add the correct default gateway (which is what we did). To resolve this issue, firstly, we modified the control panel's daemon config to set up its own bridge which are linked to the veth pairs our control panel adds when spinning up a game server within Docker containers. Afterwards, restart the daemon and if the machine is still offline, you can check the default route via the ip route command. If the default route is set to the IPIP tunnel Docker Gen was trying to set up, you will need to delete the default route via ip route delete default and add the original default route via ip route add default dev <Main Interface> via <Gateway IP>. After this, we were able to spin up servers, but they weren't getting network connectivity. This was due to my IPIPDirect program here and when it first started up (on machine boot), it's supposed to get the default gateway's MAC address here and here. I believe it was starting up when the default gateway was set to the IPIP tunnel (so the MAC address was probably 00:00:00:00:00:00 or something virtualized/fake). This resulted in outbound game server traffic not being routed out properly. Simple restarting the application via systemctl restart IPIPDirect resolved this issue since it was able to save the correct destination MAC address (the default gateway's) and all game servers were online again. What's not yet clear is why the machine didn't go down after the panel update last night. My suspicion is we updated the panel and it started using the internal network initially. However, the config file was still specified to use the host network. Therefore, at some point, the panel restarted today and that's when everything went down. @Aurora and I will most likely be digging through the logs to see if we can find anything that would have caused this. With that said, we're going to be looking into purchasing our own KVMs for GS14 along with our future game server machines with GSK. This is just so we have our own dedicated KVMs we can access at any time and don't have to rely on GSK manually attaching a KVM (which can be used by other clients which is why it took longer than usual this time). I understand this post is more technical, but figured I'd give this information for those interested and who knows, maybe if I'm not here, this'll help others like @Aurora with what to look at and so on in the case this happens again. I also wanted to say thank you to @Aurora for looking into this and contacting GSK while I was at my GP appointment This would have taken longer if she hadn't started looking into it. I apologize for inconvenience and thank you for your patience regarding this. If you have any questions, please feel free to reply!
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    When you and some other person has same much likes today but you get put at 2nd place SAD DAY GAMERS
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    Back from my hiatus. Not on the team officially anymore but I'll be taking requests. Glad to be back
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    Hello! My name is Serenity. I am 18 and a very big gamer. I took a VERY long break from gmod because I did not find it interesting anymore but just recently came back because of my love of TTT and moderating servers. I have almost 2 thousand hours on GMOD. My favorite gamemodes are TTT, deathrun, and Bhop. I am also apart of the LGBT + community so that is a fun fact. The forums at first look seem a little confusing but when I get a hang of things I should be fine. The last community I was a mod/player in was [cG] compact gamers but they are not around anymore. Hope to see you all around in game and on the forums! ♥ Feel free to add me or dm me if you wanna talk always open to new people!
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    After a little delay, we are finally ready to announce GFL's two first Community Representatives. I am very impressed with this election. A total of 377 votes have been cast from 239 individuals. It was nice to see so many help us shape GFL's future. 😄 The two new Community Representatives will be: @Liloz01 with 104 votes @Salad with 92 votes We will only be making the vote counts of the two winners publicly available. I'd like to say thanks to all candidates who took part in this for their time, interest, and motivation for GFL. We hope to see you in the next election and around GFL. 😄 Congratulations to the new CRs; I look forward to working with you! View full article
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    Allthough i think its weird to pick favorites cause most are pretty even for me but here goes. Server Managers @TheThirdReaper @Duck. Senior Admins @Captain Blythe @MooTheCow Admins @Adversary @Moo Im A Goat @Misery @KeiraJJ @dr0ps @Muse @Bae @Buzzz Once it gets to admins theres a pretty decent list since i really like most my admin buddies but these are the people who come to mind all for different good reasons when i think about my favorites for each category.
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    @Captain Blythe @Daddy Issues @Duck. @Misery @Pyros @Yogpod @Waylon Smithers @Womburt @KeiraJJ @Reverb @Septic All of these smol beans have my vote for best Staff And Ex Staff, Mr. Mango and Mr. ZZ always be in my list @VilhjalmrF @Zero These handful deserve some appreciation because I couldn't ever pick just 1 ❤️
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    gaming w/o glasses ...because anti-fog began to fail:
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    Alright, I do not typically comment on applications due to the fact that I trust the moderation team to hold a global mutual feeling for all applications. However, it seems as if that is not the case here. To start of, this response is not intended to start a discussion and I will not bounce back and fourth debating every statement I make. I have my reasons for this and need not to explain myself. Nevertheless, let's start diving into some of this application. Blue (Bue.) is a server manager for the Rust Modded x3 server. She is a senior server admin for the rest of the servers. Also, let's point out the facts that the event server has a population of less than 10 and x3 also has a population of less than 10. So really, she is a manager for the Modded x3 server which is not stressful at all since I handle the majority of the backend stuff. Along with that and is server admin for the other more populated servers, along side a rather large staff. It's not an insane load of work on Blue to administrate in the Rust division. However, this is not me undermining Blue's abilities, it's quite the contrary. Blue has been extremely dedicated to Rust, all of GFL really, since the first day she joined. Yes, I will admit and Blue agrees, when she first became chatmod/admin she overdid it a little bit. But that's expected; she has reflected and has been a much better administrator since then. I agree with your pros @Royce and I've already touched on your cons. Next, let's break this down in to multiple parts since there is a lot to digest here... Uh, these numbers are somewhat inaccurate... I'll post some current statistics for message count: OFFICIAL : 122 CS:GO : 20 RUST : 4,767 (PUBLIC) 384 (INTERNAL) GMOD : 245 TF2 : 78 CWRP : 32 If I'm being honest; I could really care less if Blue is active in other discords. Mainly because why should she be? She is an admin and manager for the Rust division. Blue may not even have Garry's Mod in her Steam library; why should she have to be super involved in the CWRP discord? Similar to the other discords, why would she be super active in the CS:GO discord or the TF2 discord assuming the fact that she never plays these servers. Yes, I understand that being part of the community represents a good face for the moderation team. However, if all we're looking for is her moderation abilities and, just like a majority of the other moderators, the ability to respond to a @Discord Moderator ping then I see no issue. There is no way that I can be active in 4, 5, 6 thousand player discord servers - so it's completely unrealistic to expect someone to have a super high activity level in every discord. This is actually a going place to point out the facts that she has over 5,000 total messages in the Rust division and she has only been in the Rust discord for about 5 months. That averages out to about 33 messages a day for 5 months straight. To be fair, that's pretty impressive. Lastly, she has over 500 hours in the Modded x10 server alone. that's around 20 days of activity. I've heard people talking about this for a while now and it really baffles me that people believe being a server manager instantly means that you have hours and hours of work on your shoulders. Being a Rust server manager is probably one of the easiest SM positions you can get. Considering the fact that I do a over majority of server side maintenance you cannot hold the fact that she is a server manager against her. And like I pointed out before; events and x3 get less than 10 players per wipe, x5 has a somewhat low population compared to the other servers. And the most important factor is that she is not the only person managing/administrating in Rust. There are 15 other staff members in the Rust division that work on multiple servers alongside Blue. Not to mention the fact that I've practically made administrating as simple as cake. There are so many anticheat plugins installed that detect a majority of the players cheating on the server it's ridiculously easy. So I wouldn't consider being a SM for rust as 4-5 positions, it's at most 1-2. Next is writer; that is not a work intensive role. As a community we do not utilize the writer role enough to deem it a major role for someone. We were even considering retiring the role entirely a few months ago... The forums gets maybe 4-5 reports a day and those are handled literally within the hour. So similarly to the writer team; being a forums mod is not really that intensive of a role. Also Ark literally just started; I don't even know if it's released yet... Seems more like she's just trying to help populate it more than anything. And I don't know what limit you're referring to at the end; there is no limit to how many roles you can have in GFL. Blue doesn't just order people around like the owns the place; that's not a trait of hers. She is a lot more easy going and more passive. It's not her fault that others took matters into their own hands and blew things out of proportion. It also doesn't help that the reason it was denied was completely ludicrous. The fact that she is willing to take her time to rewrite an even more detailed moderation application even after she got denied for the previous reason shows dedication. I still do not understand why that phrase is being spread around the moderation team. Rules are explicitly defined for a reason and the consequences are thoroughly thought out. To tell other moderators to not follow the guidelines and to punish based on their person feelings is preposterous. Considering we're going for a Discord Partnership it's going to be even more imperative that we enforce rules even stricter than we were before. Plus, being consistent is what builds professionalism. Lastly, I'd say 5 months of consistent communications with the Rust Division is more than plenty of time to "get to know how we really run things." Your first point really makes no sense to be honest. Muting for small snowflake things? If you're trying to connect the immature high school Rust players who spam the hard R in chat and blast earrape through voice communications to the official GFL discord then I believe you need to rethink your statement. Blue doesn't mute people for being mean or whatever you're insinuating. Actually, after the first ordeal we had when she first got promoted I haven't seen any further reports of her misusing her permissions. How did we go from having 6 roles to 8 roles? Either way, I already discussed how she doesn't have 8(?) roles. As I already discussed; this is the most absurd statement I've seen. To expect someone to comply with your demands or buzz off is ridiculous. As the DL for Rust I would rather have her only moderate the Rust division since when I ping discord moderators I am lucky if I get one or two responses. Let's see how the moderation team's activity looks in the Rust discord. Last Time Moderating Canman: 08/21/2020 Lurn: 09/16/2020 JGuary: 09/30/2020 Duc: 08/21/2020 Wailord: Left server 07/10/2020 Qas: 01/24/2020 Royce: 05/23/2020 Motor: 08/31/2020 To begin, I will reiterate myself for the third time now: Blue does not have 8 +/- one or two roles. Last I checked she is Rust staff and a writer; both of which require very minimal effort. As I previously mentioned, I handled the over majority of the server side maintenance and there are 15 other staff members that Blue works alongside to deal with players in the Rust division. Also, it's comical to assume being a writer is a lot of work for her. The writing team was almost scrapped because we had no real reason to keep it (lack of work). Also, you can't really gauge your full-time job where you're on call pretty much 24/7 to Blue with her various roles. There is a pretty big difference between a high schooler's free time and yours. Yes, for very good reason. She is a server manger for the Rust division and wants to be a discord moderator for the Rust division. You can't really beat on her too much considering the statistics of moderator activity I posted above for the Rust discord. Moderators are not paid, there is no reason to expect them to spend hours of their day reading every single chat message. I'd be more than happy if I could just get some actual validation that the moderators don't just have the Rust discord muted (I'm assuming over half of them do). Once again, I will repeat myself: I'm really not sure where this "spirit of the rules" phrase came from but it genuinely needs to stop being spread. We have spent many hours developing very explicit rules for people to follow and similar guidelines for punishments that are intended to be used as a guide. To tell applicants that they would not follow the guide too much makes no sense. If someone is spamming/advertising and it's against the rules you go to the guidelines and read what it says to do. ... warn player for advertising if first offense... return to the chat it happened in and warn them. Truly, the "spirit of the rules" has gotten really out of hand. The inconsistency in what the punishments are for each rule is practically obsolete. Moderators are not consistent in their reasoning when they warn/mute/kick/ban people. I've seen many warnings/mutes for reasons such as "ok time to stop." How is that helpful down the road when we're trying to determine if their punishment should be more severe? Nevertheless, I don't even really have a comment for your second point. It's so vague and honestly seems like you were trying to find something to say. But yeah, I don't see why we would tolerate direct staff abuse in public chats. If someone is refusing to file an abuse report and is just flaming someone in chat they should be muted/warned? Isn't that one of the rules that we established: private matters. Motor the embarrassing part is not the fact that you were being "harassed" like you actually even cared. It's the fact that you created a private moderation section that only moderators can see in a private GFL staff discord. And not only is it a private chat you utilized that chat to trash talk not only Blue but the entire Rust division. Since I have no need to prove my point I won't be posting screenshots of your messages in the #mod-rants chat. So, I'm not really sure how you can try to grill Blue for "harassing" you when you and other moderators sit in a private chat and talk shit about her behind her back. That type of demeanor is extremely unprofessional and pathetic; especially coming from the moderation team leader. This statement is not very concise. JGuary's reasoning for his "copy paste -1" was because he dislikes people who apply for a single discord since he believes we all should be one team. Somehow you gathered from that that a moderator doesn't want to be targeted and harassed for putting a -1... I really don't know what to say to that. You're making it sound like we're a bunch of children getting bullied for our lunch money. I'm pretty sure you're a grown man in a salary position. You don't just get bullied around by children on the internet. I don't really understand how you believe the moderators are afraid of getting harassed for putting their opinion on a moderation application. They've never had that feeling with the other 20+ applications that we've denied. Seems pretty arrogant to be honest. Once again, this doesn't seem like a great way to lead the moderation team by publicly blasting a server manager for helping you out. Seems like a discord message would have worked just as good. What does this have to do with her application? Rather, why did you actually feel the need to edit your post and add this? Yet again, this "proves my point" that you clearly cannot demonstrate a professional opinion in any manner. So, to conclude; first I'd like to apologize to you @Bue. for just how terrible this entire moderation process has been. Based on my previous 5 months of working with you, the real unbiased responses, and the effort you've put into this application I'd be more than happy to give you a +1. As you know, you can always DM me in Discord if you have any questions. Thanks, Aaron.
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    Fax we should add as a reaction. If u agree like this
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    "Wait so we can no longer modify our tags to use an icon called 'Admin Shield' as a VIP perk, which is used on the vast majority of Gmod servers to indicate a status of a moderation or administrative role which as a result makes it the most widely known indication of a staff member, and as a result people will think us feature abusing VIPs are an admin allowing us to fuck around with them which has definitely not already happened on HnS, even though we use the shield to indicate admin status of all administrative roles and thus abusing the tags system to have us equip the shield would cause confusion between annoying VIPs and actual Staff?" "Yes" "But that makes no sense because no actual reason!111!1!!!!1!" Why are people like this.
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    @Nick Fuck you @Aurora Fuck you @Ben Fuck you @Shuruia Fuck you @FrenZy Fuck you Part 1 fuck you the end this is obviously a joke dont take it serious yk I love you guys
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    Hey again, everyone. @Salad, @Trigger, and I have decided and would like to announce the winner of GFL's first meme competition. @MooTheCow Image: Story: I go onto the forums and see a funny post, but no longer there, are the poggers, nor the hypers. I slam my keyboard, stomp my feet, how dare they do this to me, I'm not a baby who wears diapers! I sob and sob, but I soon realize the truth, perhaps this was indeed for the best. I see the circle which contains a greyed out heart, perhaps said heart represents the one in my chest. I click the reaction and sit back in utter bliss, to which the heart replies: "Moo The Cow like this" @Wachumacallit Image: Story: There once was a server by the name of "TTT MC" which has no relation to GFL. The server manager Milkman, decided to dip and get some milk while leaving the server with an open position. Jinzu then takes control of it and makes it the best server ever. Milkman then decides to comeback, then spongebob (rosyp) tells the playerbase to cheer for jinzu too. But the playerbase, say "boo" which in this universe means poggers. Then they all decide to have a nice celebration : ). This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, business, events and incidents are the products of the author's imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. @LawMyl Image: Story: Alright, you load up your favorite Garry's Mod server looking to have a good fucking time. You are enjoying your round of GFL Minecraft 24/7 TTT and you get blasted in the head for no reason. You report the person who did such a thing and their response is "I don't know how to play this game." After seeing this response you feel a bottled up anger inside of you. Like all TTT players you think the right thing to do is to scream slurs in the mic and which for some reason you didn't know was against the rules. then you get gagged for it and never play again. The lesson here is don't be a twat and please read the fucking rules it makes it easier for us admins Congratulations to the 3 winners! You'll be awarded your badges/prizes shortly.
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    Went to GP doctor today and was told I most likely don't have colon cancer which is good. Last Friday, I started showing symptoms that could be related to a serious condition such as colon cancer (I was having internal bleeding basically). Happy about that However, I am getting a colonoscopy next week just to be sure (I want to be on the safe side). Still feeling really good from exercising more daily which is nice Going to keep up this routine and I hope it helps with my physical and mental help (I feel a lot better at times).
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    hello, im leaving from gfl i dont know how long but i might not be back. I am learning to code lua and gmod lua and wanting to code a addon i want and then go on there i may pop up again sometime. with that said ill be away from gfl but i hope you can understand. i have a lot of things on my mind and want to fix them, but anyway i guess this is goodbye. Amazing people: @Bue. @Roy @Nick @Aurora @Alexis @TheJitFace @Duc2000 @Ikus @Doomnack @Volk @strawberry crab @ShadowjabUltra And @Bae i hope i will see you all again at some point.
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    Hi, I'm Paul. I used to be admin on ttt rot, then I went away for a bit and now I'm back. I make scuffed addons for gmod by hitting code with a large hammer until it does what I want. Also I don't have any cats. I never made an introduction the first time I joined GFL like a year ago so I figured I'd make one now that I've rejoined. I mostly hang out in the rot discord channels making ghetto thrown together mods and sometimes I'll even play the game. If you have any ideas for things you want to see made in gmod let me know and I can probably make something that vaguely resembles what you have in mind if you stand far away and squint a bit. That's all for now, See you around Paul
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    Just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to everybody who has shown support over these past couple of weeks. Really means a lot to me ❤️
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    The BloodbathNo deaths occurred.Day 1SCP-682 dies from hypothermia.Night 1No deaths occurred.Day 2King Wailord pushes D-9341 off a cliff during a knife fight.SCP-966 kills SCP-079 while he is resting.Night 2SCP-966 attacks Bue, but Leks protects her, killing SCP-966.D-6969 dies from hypothermia.Day 3No deaths occurred.Night 3No deaths occurred.Day 4SCP-106 sets SCP-066 on fire with a molotov.Arena EventThe remaining tributes begin to hallucinate.Liloz eats a scorpion, thinking it is a delicate dessert.SCP-106 drowns Salad, who he thought was a shark trying to eat him.Infra drowns SCP-939, who he thought was a shark trying to eat him.Liloz hugs a tracker jacker nest, believing it to be a pillow.Salad mistakes Bue for a bear and kills her.SCP-096 eats a scorpion, thinking it is a delicate dessert.SCP-372 mistakes Leks for a bear and kills her.SCP-173 hugs a tracker jacker nest, believing it to be a pillow.Night 4No deaths occurred.Day 5SCP-372 sets an explosive off, killing Leks, and SCP-106.King Wailord attempts to climb a tree, but falls to her death.Night 5No deaths occurred.The FeastKing Wailord cannot handle the circumstances and commits suicide.Salad shoots a poisonous blow dart into Bue's neck, slowly killing him.Infra severely slices SCP-378 with a sword.Day 6No deaths occurred.Night 6SCP-372 severely slices Salad with a sword.Day 7Infra and SCP-372 work together to drown Infra.Night 7Infra pushes SCP-372 off a cliff during a knife fight.The winner is Infra from District 2!
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    Useful Commands General Commands // /a or /ooc - This means "Out Of Character" /advert - Advertises in game situations/events (Ex. Raiding, Mugging, Selling Guns, Inviting people to cult, ect) @ - This is to contact admin /pm {name} {message}- This is to privately message someone [ color ] Message - Changes color of text /y or /yell - This is to yell (Larger vicinity for people to see your message) /w or /whisper- This is to whisper (Smaller vicinity for people to see your message) /me message/action - (Ex. /me drove a car | Dalaw drove a car ) /afk - To go afk or unafk /drop - Drops whatever is in your hands/bar (Things you do not spawn with) /check or /cheque {playername} {amount of money}- Writes a check to that player | /check dalaw 100 /dropmoney {amount} - Drops specific amount of money /demote {playername} {reason} - Demotes a player from a job (Make sure it's valid and no admins are on) /g - Team/group chat /nick, /name, /rpname - Changes ingame name /job - Changes Job name /[name of job you want to change to] - Changes your job quickly ( /thief , /prothief , /drugdealer , etc. ) Building Commands /addowner or /ao {playername} - Adds a player to your door without doing f2 /removeowner or /ro {playername} - Removes a player to your door without doing f2 /sellalldoors - Sells all doors you own Mayor / Government commands /addlaw law - Ex. /addlaw Guns in Public is AOS /removelaw - To remove a law (Ex : 5. Guns in public is AOS | /removelaw 5) /lockdown - To start an active lockdown /unlockdown - To remove lockdown in progress /givelicense and look at player - Gives gun license /warrant playername reason - Warrants a player /unwarrant playername - Unwarrants a player /wanted playername - Makes a player wanted /unwanted playername - Makes a player not wanted /broadcast - Broadcasts a message /lottery - Starts a lottery /911, /000, /112, /999, /cr - calls the police to come help
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    To piggyback off of what frenzy said, I'm not terribly sure why you felt it was necessary to make another post, since @Dini most certainly gave you an answer on your other one, but I'll spell it out- The ban isn't getting lifted. Doxxing pertains to posting information about people online without their consent. Since this cellphone number is registered to, and I'm going to take a stab in the dark here, your parents, any degenerate can do a lookup on this and get information about whoever the phone number belongs to. Address, personal details, whatever. If you aren't old enough or mature enough to understand why this is bad, and why its necessary for your (or your family's) own protection to ensure this information doesn't get blasted out to 40 random strangers on the internet, then I'd recommend not participating in online games that have chat capabilities. Don't do stupid things like this again.
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    I decided that a day was long enough to get a good amount of responses to the survey I posted yesterday. If you didn't know, the survey asked questions regarding personal opinion of traps and some demographics. There were responses from 48 individuals, 3 of whom were tossed out due to joke responses. You let people enter their own gender, and you get this... So, let's get into some fun graphs! General Demographics First, just an overview of the demographics of the sample population. The population obviously is not a representative sample of GFL; it's just people who volunteered to take a survey on traps. Figure 1 is a pie chart for the genders of the participants. Figure 1 There were 3 females, 39 males, 2 who answered "prefer not to say", and 1 non-binary individual. This obviously already skews the data, as without a large number of female participants, we can't say for sure if the data accurately represents females within GFL (except for if there is an equal percentage of females within GFL as in the study, in which case... that would make a lot of sense). Figure 2 is a pie chart of ages. Figure 2 There were 5 participants who were 12-14, 16 who were between 15 and 18 (yes, I do know I technically put 18 twice. get over it), and 24 people who were 18 or older. This is actually a relatively nice spread between the three compared to the gender chart. My reason for using these three age ranges was because they're about the age you are in middle school, high school, and out of primary education, at least in the US. I wondered if the different atmospheres of each of this ages/school settings could be associated with opinion of traps, but we'll get there in a moment. The final pie chart for general demographics is Figure 3, a chart of sexuality. Figure 3 I'm not surprised by these percentages: 27 heterosexual individuals, 13 bisexual or polysexuals, 3 homosexuals, and 2 "Other". I apologize if you were confused by homosexual being there because you believe bisexuality falls under homosexuality. It technically does, but I believe that most people just use homosexual as another term for gay or lesbian. A quick addition: Figure 3.5 shows the percentage of people in the sample population who like traps. Figure 3.5 Nice to see that slight majority. We love traps. Anyways, on to the actual analysis: Analysis My methodology for analysis was forming segmented bar graphs, as each question asked a qualitative question. These graphs would have a demographic as each bar and the frequency for the 2 non-demographic questions as the segments. Figure 4 is the first graph, opinion on traps by gender. If you don't know how to read a segmented bar graph, each bar represents 100% of the individuals in that category. For example, the bar for females represents 100% of the 3 females in the study. The bar is then divided based on responses from those individuals: in this case, 33.33% of female participants believe traps were sexually attractive, and 66.66% believe they aren't. Figure 4 Based on the data in figure 4, males within the sample population are more likely to like traps than females are to like them. To be honest, that's mostly expected. Traps, after all, look feminine, and are designed to cater to a male audience, regardless of their sexuality. However, with only 3 female participants, I'm unsure if this really represents the majority of females in GFL. But As for "prefer not to say" and the Non-Binary individual, I definitely can't say anything about them. The number of people in each group was too small for the data to mean anything. Figure 5 shows the opinion on traps separated by age group. Figure 5 The graph suggests that there is an association between age and not liking traps: 18+ individuals are less likely to be attracted to traps than those under 18 within the sample population. Obviously this could be because of the sample size and non-randomness, but it's still nice to see trends. Figure 6 is the opinions on traps separated by sexuality, probably the most important graph. Figure 6 Well, these numbers aren't too surprising. Bisexuals and Polysexuals were way more likely to like traps than heterosexuals. I guess a few of you heterosexuals just have good taste. I'm a scientist, can't put bias in the presentation of the data. Anyways, homosexuals... actually weren't likely to be attracted to traps. 0% probability that they would be, in fact. Is that because of the combination of both male and female characteristics? Do they just want 1 or the other? That would make sense, but I can't say for sure. The graphs just show association. Also, there were only 2 homosexual individuals in the survey population, so that data could be heavily skewed. Maybe homosexuals actually all love traps and we just didn't survey the right ones. Again, the non-randomness of the sample comes into play. Also, all individuals who put "Other" for the sexuality liked traps. While there are only two of them, I guess it would have been interesting to know what the sexuality actually was so we could see if that affected it. Figure 7 is the first graph looking at knowledge of the dick, separated by gender. Figure 7 Essentially, this was asking if you thought the trap was more attractive with or without the dick. Figure 7 shows that females were most likely not to care, likely because the females just didn't like the traps in general. For males, none of the options were over 50%, but the appeal decreasing was the highest percent. This goes back to Figure 4: we can see that about the same percentage of males who didn't find traps attractive also said the dick made the appeal decrease. Does this mean that the obvious is true, and that males don't like traps because it has a dick? Why yes Duc, and why did you spend so much effort to reach that conclusion? Because I felt like it. Anyways, based on the raw data alone, males were more likely to not like the trap having the dick than any other gender, including "Prefer not to say" and non-binary, but remember, every gender but male had a low number of individuals, so the data doesn't really mean anything. Figure 8 is a graph of knowledge of the dick and appeal based on that by age. Figure 8 The values here were all about the same. There's no association between age and the effect a trap's dick has on your perceived appeal of said trap. Pretty unsurprising. Figure 9 is the final segmented bar graph, a graph of sexuality and whether the dick affected the appeal or not. Figure 9 So, unsurprisingly, heterosexuals were most likely to not like the trap having a dick. When you consider that statistically, most of them were male, it makes sense. There's almost an equal percent of bisexuals/polysexuals for whom the appeal stayed the same and increased. So about half of them like the trap more because of it, and half don't. Homosexuals were likely to maintain the same view of the trap regardless of the dick, and "other" don't like dicks I guess, even though they liked traps... Conclusion Is any of this data useful? Not really. I just felt like collecting it. Overall, we learned things we already guessed: bisexuals like traps and heterosexual (likely males) don't. Older people don't like traps. And when it comes to bisexuals, their opinion on the dick is (based on Figure 9): Now, we can't explain these findings with the data gathered. We can only guess at why older people don't like traps (hmmm maybe the data is skewed just a thought though). All the data shows is association, not causation or really even correlation (you need quantitative variables to talk about correlation). So, thanks to all who participated! I'll try to do another one of these soon, hopefully with a quicker data analysis.
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    Common wailord and salad pretty cool people
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    Sadly Omegalol in particular is used to make fun of people who have something serious to talk about or are leaving/resigning, yet it's used by some people (on occasion, managers as well) to mock the person. I feel it'd be good to get rid of it.
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    A few pics I took today and I look dead af inside:
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    Cut down greatly on bureaucracy, leave more things up to admin discretion based on context and not as strict guidelines. Slightly change on what content is considered 'nsfw.'
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    Hello! This is a list of the things we'd like to see in a DarkRP Admin. If you're interested in the position, please read this Post. Here are some of the qualities we need: Authoritive - Doesn't respond to public admin requests and handles things professionally via private chat or a private area. Calm - Doesn't let emotions control their actions.Loyal - Knows about GFL, talks up the donation perks, willing to commit to this community.Experience - We expect you to have some admin or leadership experience before being a DarkRP admin.Motivated - Wants to help, your goal is to keep the game moving and take action when necessary. Fair - Listens to people and doesn't assume, Honorable - Doesn't involve themselves in drama or create an unfair advantage in game.Time Management - You have to know how to balance work, life, school, gaming, etc.Active - There's no point in applying for a position if you're not going to be in the server. Unbiased - Just because you're friends with the accused/victim doesn't make it OK to treat them any differently than you would a new player. Regardless of if they're your friends, a known player, a known rule-breaker, etc. Other important stuff: 1. You absolutely need to know the MOTD and keep up to date with changes in the server. (We're not asking you to memorize the whole MOTD, but to have a general understanding of it.) 2. You need to be active on the forums and Discord. Reports, appeals and server changes/MOTD changes. 3. If you want to prove that you have these qualities, you may start doing so by making player reports (forums or in-game) OBS is a very useful tool to record your sceen and in-game audio. Please keep in mind that being an Admin isn't for everyone. It isn't fun all the time. However, if you think you have what it takes, feel free to apply. If given a shot, you will be put to the test.
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    FYI that I had a procedure yesterday that was supposed to be painless, but a couple days ago I developed a blood clot (likely due to lifting/exercising, go fucking figure lol) which made things A LOT more painful and I've been in pain since. I also wasn't able to sleep much from the pain last night, so trying to find the opportunity to rest. Only thing that helps are baths, pain medication and so on don't help at all sadly. The pain I'm getting from the blood clot is to be expected, but I'm unsure when it'll go away (hopefully in the next day or so). I won't be active during this time and if you haven't received replies from me on Discord, etc. this is why.
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    Hey. So i've finished my military service a couple months back, and i'm looking for a change, I mean a big change of direction in my life right now. I'd like to put myself out there, see the world. Wondering if any of you magnificent bastards could give me any thoughts or advice, that'd be great. The type of job i'm looking for would be overseas, temporary and mostly stress-free. I'd love to fly over to New Zealand or Australia for over 6 months and work in a farm. This is my line of thought, just stress-free, not neccesarily very highly paying, temporary job for a guy who wants to relax and earn a little bit of money and see the world. Offer anything you'd think would be appropriate. There are no deal breakers for me. Completely open minded. Anywhere around the world is a go. Something worth to note, I have a german citizenship, should help a lot with the proccess of visa, jobs etc.
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    Wait, guts came out of my head? Is this your way of saying I have shit for brains, @Salad? I thought we were cool, man.
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    Still rocking on the beard + I have quarantine hair
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    I'm finally starting to exercise more. I'm starting to run into a lot of physical health issues again (need to get a GP appointment scheduled) and this triggered me to finally start working out (on the treadmill and lifting weights). Thankfully I've been lifting more for the last two weeks. I do have to say though, it is already making me feel a lot better! I feel a lot more energized after exercising and it also forces me to drink more water which I highly struggle in already. Hopefully this results in better things and helps my mental health which I will admit, has been very low lately. Also, I'm going to start Twitch streaming more! I did it for the first time in a while last night and I actually really enjoyed it. I like laid-back streams and I'll probably be playing games like CoD 4, CS:S, Doom, and newer campaign games. If you're interested, here's my Twitch channel! I'll be streaming today soon I believe Yesterday it felt really relaxed and I felt better physically and mentally (especially with exercising more).
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    I've made this thread so that anyone can easily access the content of every council meeting if they couldn't make it. We've had two public meetings thus far, the agendas of which I will link below. They contain the summaries for every topic that was brought up. We will update the thread with new posts going forward, so by all means follow it if you want to keep up to date. #1. September 6th, 2020. #2. October 9th, 2020.
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    @Ben @Salad @Hamtaro @RivalRevival @flamingpixelations CHICKEN NUGGET
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    hello, I like cats, manage vanilla ttt, and dev for rotational ttt see most of my cat collection here
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    Firstly, I'd like to clarify: This is not true; omegalul, hypers, confused and sad give 0 reputation score, everything else gives +1 (bringing this up will make sense when I talk about removing reactions later). I read up about when we discussed this sometime ago in the Staff Discord and my stance is still the same; having only a singular "like" reaction (or whatever, something positive, "thumbs up") would be beneficial. I believe this for a few reasons: It mustn't feel good for users when they get a passive aggressive reaction Current reactions don't provide good feedback If you have negative feelings, "omegalul", "confused" or "haha" are not good descriptors on how to improve or what is wrong Having only a single positive provides good feedback, it means.. obviously, you support/found joy in/agree with whatever was posted - there's no guessing as to what "winner" or "thanks" (which is a trophy?) means. Having only a single positive reaction would encourage people to verbalise when they do not support/find joy in/agree with whatever is posted, this encourages more discussion and hopefully better outcomes Apart from the passive aggressive emotes, all others have massive overlap. I figured a way to remove reactions without removing rep score from users, so that isn't a concern if we do want to remove certain reactions from the forums. Not sure how we'd want to go about deciding what to do though; perhaps I should just take the reigns and start from the ground up with only "Like". Thoughts? Thanks for bringing this back up, @Dominic.
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    Hi I just got my first computer a few days ago for my birthday and my friend said I should join this community because you guys have fun servers. I'm thinking of buying gmod and cs:go because he plays on those servers sometimes. I haven't played those games beforre but I've seen youtubers play those games and they look fun do you guys think its worth it to buy them?
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    Same reason players can't have the Admin tag next to their name, it's a blatant indicator of their staff status, the Shield linecon is also a clear and universal indicator of staff. The Banhammer weapon & headcrab hat are more of a status symbol than anything. Shows contribution, per-say. Why can former VIP's still access the Playermodels, hats and masks they bought? Why can members still wear Halloween/Christmas event items after Halloween & Christmas? Why can people wear their event items that they won after an event is over?
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