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    There is never a good time for a post like this, but with recent news, it's better safe than sorry. Since I've been a part of this community, I've gotten to know a lot of people. Regulars, passerbys, staff, resigned... All kinds of people to GFL. I became friends with them all, and anyone else that I could welcome to a place I considered family. I told each and every one when they felt down, sad, or upset: "I'm here for you, even if you don't think anyone is." You're never alone. Depression, self-harm, suicide; it's painful to not only you, but to those who see you as the star in the sky you can't see yourself. Whether its family, friends, fellow admins/members here, or coworkers/students. If you ever feel like there's nothing left, or there's no hope, please don't hesitate to reach out. Even if you don't know if anyone is there to listen, I am here for every last one of you, no matter what. If you'd rather confide in a professional or a stranger, here are these resources to use: National Suicide Prevention Lifeline https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/ United States 1-800-273-8255 NHS https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/suicide/ United Kingdom (Multiple Resources on Web) Crisis Services Canada http://www.crisisservicescanada.ca/ Canada 1.833.456.4566 Global Listing Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_suicide_crisis_lines Please note these resources are not for emergencies if you or someone you know are in an emergency dial 9-1-1 or your local emergency services number. We care, and we are here for you. You're not alone. Thank you.
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    Hey everyone, I've been thinking long and hard about something the last two - three months or so ever since I started building out the Anycast network with @Dreae. I had a decision to make and after long talks with my colleagues, my friends, and others experienced in the area, I've finally came to a conclusion. The decision was whether I wanted to pursue a career goal of becoming a hosting provider in the future. Last night I decided I wanted to give it a shot. Obviously, this is way easier said than done. There is A LOT that would go into this and the reasoning I've thought about this decision for so long was because I kept telling myself I wasn't ready (many said I was overthinking everything as well). However, my approach to this will be starting out small (as it should be). I do still feel I have a lot to learn, but I am willing to learn everything I can and I'll more than likely even find it fun/interesting along the way there. With that said, I have a lot of support from others experienced in this area that are willing to help me out which I highly appreciate. Although, I want to learn as many things on my own as I can because self-teaching yourself is the best method of learning in my opinion. I will be creating this company with one of my IRL best friends as well. I want to talk about myself and GFL next. I've been working on GFL daily for the last 8+ years and although it isn't perfect, I do feel I did a pretty damn good job at it. It is an overall successful community. I still have many plans written out for it, but I don't feel I have the motivation and time to implement them (this is something I've struggled with for years). Realistically, I haven't made a single dime from the community in profit (never have, never will) and my job needs to take priority since that gives me a paycheck and supports my life. With me pursuing my goal of becoming a hosting provider, I will need to take a big step back from GFL. I just don't feel I have the capacity to handle my actual job, GFL, the Anycast network, and the new hosting company I create. I am not going to step down from TA because I will be handling the Anycast network and some back-end related things with the web machine, but I cannot be expected to do anything in the community itself. I will be talking to our internal staff regarding this and the community will be put into good hands. But again, I'll still technically be here, so there's that. As for the new company I plan to create, even if it were to fail, I would still learn a lot from it and it would give me a lot of experience (perhaps later on I could attempt it again if it were to fail). I can use this new knowledge elsewhere and it'd be great to put on my resume (putting what I've done with GFL on my resume is already great, but putting what I've done with my own hosting company would be great as well, lol). My personal end-goal is for it to eventually support my life solely so I can put 100% into the company daily. Obviously, I have a lot of other goals for the company itself. I just need to start out small and think things through. It could even takes years before it takes off. I plan to make my own personal website in the future. I'll be posting things there about the progress I'm making and how my overall life is going. I'll also be posting stuff here as well to share to all of you because well, GFL is and always will be in my life more than likely. If you want to know more information about this, please feel free to message me or reply here. Thank you!
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    Words do not express the amount of love and respect I have for GFLClan, Roy, and the rest of the staff here. Thank you for your kind words to our community, and reminding your community that someone is always there.
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    Hey everyone, I just wanted to announce my new company, Scorch Host along with how my activity will look in the future. Please read this before continuing: Scorch Host As stated in the thread above, I am creating my new company. The team has decided that "Scorch Host" would be the best name for the new company (we had a few other close ones). We will be providing the following services plus more as time goes on! Web Hosting. Remote (D)DoS Protection. Managed Services. Unmanaged dedicated servers. Unmanaged VPSs. IPv4/IPv6 blocks. Domain names. And more! We won't be starting off with all of the above services, but the end-goal is to support all of them. We will be launching with web hosting and remote (D)DoS protection. I am very confident with our team. It consists of @Dreae, one other, and I at the moment. We will more than likely bring on another member to the team who has a lot of experience and who I know very well (they're very interested in the company). I'm hoping to start making a lot of progress the next few months and officially launch sometime in the Fall or late Summer. That's the plan. Anyways, I have created multiple social media pages/groups. Please feel free to follow/like these pages and invite your friends I would highly appreciate the support! Steam Group. Facebook page. Twitter page. As of right now, there isn't much content on these social media pages. However, once the company starts being developed, more information and updates will be added! One last thing, GFL will be using the remote (D)DoS protection service Scorch Host offers. GFL's current Anycast network will be moved to Scorch Host and GFL will pay for the service. My Activity With the above stated, I would like to note my activity will be heavily decreasing. I did say this in the thread I made in the Member Activity forum, but I noticed I still receive a lot of messages from people regarding needing help in GFL and after explaining my situation, some still don't understand. I currently am working a full-time job on top of developing this new company. I unfortunately cannot spend much time into GFL at this point. I will still be around, but I cannot be expected to do really anything. I will now be working on this new company during my hours off from work instead of GFL. The Directors will be handling GFL and @Xy_ will be in-charge of the back-end. GFL is doing GREAT! Recently, our TF2 server reached #1 in the world! And from the looks of it, the community has exciting plans ahead! Keep up the good work, everyone! If you have any questions, feel free to reply. Thank you for your time.
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    As referenced in Roy's announcement in the Administration section of the forums (that Server Admins+ can view), there is going to be a rework of the donations system: So... that being said, what would you guys like to see in the new donations system? You can literally suggest anything related to the donation process. Be it perks, the way the donation page looks, how servers announce that you can donate, the costs, what roles there are, what the payment model is like, what payment providers we allow, standalone purchases, anything! Know that for now, nothing will change. All changes will be documented before they even happen, so you'll know what is coming and have a chance to oppose, promote or improve them. Suggest with this form: https://gflclan.com/forms/43-donations-rework-suggestions/ All valid suggestions will be placed on to this trello board: https://trello.com/b/lS7uSTtd/donations-rework/ After suggestions stop rolling in, we will announce what will be implemented and what wont be (we (GFL Staff) may alter suggestions slightly to better them or make them better fit what is feasible). An announcement will be made once this is done. Its purpose will be to make sure everything is well. Then we'll make the changes. Thank you for reading. p.s give me your money.
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    As a sufferer of suicidal ideation (and someone who has attempted multiple times in the past), it makes me feel more sane seeing someone announce this but I also want to point out that the suicide hotline's reaction to you talking out isn't always positive because not everyone who has been screened to volunteer for it are empathetic. Not everyone who you reach out to will react with kindness, unfortunately. It's always hard hearing about someone whose life was taken away by suicide because from the outside looking in, everything seems fine. But from someone who suffers from terrible mental illness, things aren't always fine. I'm always here if someone needs to talk but I always want to encourage people to seek out counseling too (if they're able) because no untrained professional should be the only source of encouragement/support/etc for someone. Life can be really rough and difficult but things DO get better with time. To people who need help, I highly suggest journaling because it has helped me immensely with reviewing my progress in my life and my erratic outlook on it. Good luck to those who are in that dark place and my condolences to the ones whose hearts are hurting from this tragic loss.
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    lol kite boomer Anyways your most favorite retards and brainlets from the breach server are about to fucking duke it out. Which ever one won was a complete mystery to me because I couldn't rig it. I hope it wasn't going to be someone less important like maximino or something. Every admin is here, and a few former staff. A couple of notable members too. Doomnack couldn't make it though because he's too busy looking at esix or something, like a loser. Anyways here's our groups. District 1: the important people District 2: three degenerates and Haxray District 3: Some other neat people I guess. District 4: more people District 5: Proud GFL Members District 6: competent people District 7: additional kids District 8: cool kids club District 9: gamer girls and an asian District 10: who the fuck are you District 11: even more people District 12: the undesirables It's a total of 48 tributes. Only one will win. If you see your name on here, good luck. (I'll be citing some of the more notable events) The Bloodbath Ripjaw is a pussy. Lambda and Supreme join together and beat the shit out of Cosmic and Haxray. Speaks for itself. Ravelord !slays Nebula. Cheeseburger gets put down. Shark spooks Nooby. OH GOD OH FUCK Day 1 Carthing screws himself over. Some peeps bully ghost. WHAT ARE YOU DOING. Meow makes Rwanda look like a joke. Angry boomer is chased by an even angrier boomer. (Kite's still not dead) Rice begins to prove why he's always top-fragging. AquaticFilly demonstrates natural selection. Atomic loses it. Oh, and so does that one British guy. Ripjaw spooks cd326s. Klourice nearly slays Supreme. Night 1 Some peeps have fun. RAVELORD IS GONE. Supreme gets karma for the death of !respawn. Toasted and Ripjaw has a nice conversation. Panzer prepares to demonstrate mass RDM. Ikus helps Boomer for whatever reason. Fuck you Mythrl, I hope you're reading this. Viper turns blue and fucking dies. Day 2 Klourice tries to end it all. Mr. Z opens the forbidden tuna. Sofics gets warned for attempted RDM. Bitch spooks Bitch. cd326s liven't Pizzy loses it. Military chad bullies people, as usual. I don't even know how you managed to die, but nice job. Joker hunts furries. Night 2 Suggestion nibbas go ham. Brony is bullied for his lunch money. Toasted dies in the lamest way possible. RDM in progress. Kaito dreams of Nebula's admin application Day 3 Strawberry ends the degeneracy. WHAT ARE YOU DOING DUDE Awww, ❤️ Sofics wonders where his stack of 64 iron ingots went. What a bitch. Night 3 Keisuke begins his downwards spiral. Lambda is a loser. THE ASIAN IS GONE. Why. A possible foreshadow. British guy trips at a bad spot. Day 4 BOOMER KILLS BOOMER. ( F ) Shit is about to go down. Dude what the fuck. Atomic gets capped. Shit is about to going down: Vol. II Nicole loses minesweeper. If you're still reading this, then I applaud you. I don't even know if this post has enough space to have this many images so if I have to split it up into smaller posts then that's really fucking homosexual. Oh and here's everyone's current stats. Uh, okay then. Bye. Night 4 Goat is tired of @staff pings. Bruh moment. Shit has gone down: The finale. Uh. Ripjaw begins to accept death. The Feast The cornucopia is resupplied with weapons and supplies and shit. A majority of the remaining tributes didn't go. Bad stuff happened to those who did. Day 5 Wraithviper gets karma. I don't even know anymore. lol Hughy types kill in console. Night 5 AQUATIC IS GONE. AverageDrink and Joker bond. Incoming mass RDM. NoobyNoob wonders why Doomnack even put him in this shit. Day 6 Finally. Top-fraggers duke it out. Umm. Night 6 Rather uneventful, but some stuff ends up happening nonetheless. Days are gonna' get a lot shorter, due to fewer tributes. Day 7 Military chad bullies people: Part 2. Joker nearly escapes. KEISUKE IS not gone. Night 7 So here are all the tributes that currently remain in the game, and from this point onwords I'll list ALL the events that happen each day. Hopefully someone cool wins. Dude. S l e e p . F Day 8 Chads bully Goat. Nooby and Panzer work together. Night 8 Some peeps prepare for tommorow. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Bruh momentum. Foob. Super F. Day 9 Jeez Panzer hunts degens. Dissapointment noises. Night 9 Gameplan time. Rice has officially lost it. Day 10 Oh fucc. WEIRD ARENA EVENT IDK WHATS GOING ON Help Which in that case means. Congrats, the brony won. Anyways, if you excuse me. I have to wonder why the fuck I made this.
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    So a bunch of losers from GFL join voice chat and have wonderful discussions. And we have this man named Astral Rogue who likes to qoute what we say. Unfortunately for those who participate in the voice chat, you all won't have any context of what started all the shit we said. So you might get the wrong idea. Maybe. But regardless it's funny as shit. Note: None of this shit we said can relate to the next qoute. Special thanks to the peepz who join the voice chat: @Astral Rogue, @RaeTheGay, @KaitoKiriyama, @Nicole, @Xy_, @cd326s, @Lipquip, @morgie, @Chro, @Toasted_Chromosomes, @Duc2000, @AtomicHeadphones, @Aquaticfilly0, Bossman, and there's more but they don't join much. Special thanks to our fallen comrades who use to join us (or rarely join us): @Aura, @Celltastic, @WigglesWorth, @IHeart, @shelby, Astro, EJ, @Jat, @Harakoni, and many others. 💔
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    Added: - SCP-079 (Implemented according to the ideas of @KaitoKiriyama) - SCP-079 is an intelligent AI from the 1980s. He was given access to the facility's network by the chaos insurgency and is now seeking revenge against his former jailers. Use the facility's own defenses against its staff and assist your fellow SCPs! - SCP-079 is completely invisible and does not collide with any entities. This includes doors and players. SCP-079 can only be damaged by shooting the computer, which is protected by a level 5 blast door that requires a special procedure to open (Something something RDC) - SCP-079 can open any door that is level 3 or lower (use this to allow your team passage). - SCP-079 can activate traps around the facility. These traps show up as little red hands. You can trigger them by aiming at one and pressing your use key (by default e) - SCP-079 cannot escape. SCP-079 may only be escorted by Serpent's Hand Members. The serpent's hand members must be near his computer when typing !escort - SCP-079 currently only exists on site 19, but will be added to site 61 and possibly area 02 in the future. Fixed: - Game Time Awards (GTAwards) was not working due to a misconfiguration in the addon's SQL code. It should be working now. - Escaping with SCP Objects (See above) now actually gives you points. 500 points per item and 5 frags per item. Additionally, for purposes of win calculations, each item counts as 2 kills for your team. Changed: - The SCP selection code is now more random. Soon: - SCP-1799 ( @KaitoKiriyama did the voice lines ) - SCP-3008? - Whatever else is on the trello. As usual, if you notice any bugs or have any ideas for improvements, let me know or make a suggestion in our suggestion subforum.
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    - Recoded some parts of the breach game mode to make future additions easier - Added Class E personnel - Spawn somewhere in HCZ on site 13, site 61, and area 02 - Have a special piece of equipment (selected at random) - Have a meme / cognitohazard that they carry, currently only 2 available, selected at random, variety will be added. - Hostile to all - Bodies now fall to the floor as corpses again, this time the server crashing issue has been fixed (hopefully, I have not been able to reproduce on test or live server) - SCP-049 may now reanimate corpses again that died within a certain amount of time
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    The loads of fun I had in EU Surf RPG, like Liloz said. I wouldn't trade it for ANYTHING. Great friends, great laughs, and it took years to get dull. Makes me feel good that I still talk to old members of the Surf RPG community, and we're all still connected even if most are gone. Spent most of my CS:GO hours in just 1 server, and that was enough to have a blast during summer '14. I hope we get to relive those moments one day, most of us just together and having fun again like old times. Will always love every moment I had in RPG with @Liloz01, @Octavia, @agendus, @ALostPuppy, @Toni Bamanaboni, @Cloud_, @Senseifluffy, @Aurelien, @Rick, @Worgee, @Sonic393, @johaw, @Mucus and of course many others.
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    After all the chances you were given, you lost your credibility. You ignored admins orders and continued to spam admin chat. Then, when you got a short ban, you spammed forums and discord like a maniac. Then, you got banned again for a couple days for the same type of reasons. AFTER ALL OF THIS you tried to join the server with a duplicate account, and you got perma'd. I think you've caused enough trouble and you've deserved your sentence. Because of this lost credibility I do not believe you have "matured".
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    This server literally helps my depression.. It kinda makes me forget about my problems..
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    After a long night of running around the airport looking for other airlines because our initial flight got cancelled due to weather, I finally got home late last night
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    Just returned from a 3 day camping trip to Owasippe Scout Reservation in Michigan. It was an enjoyable weekend with my brother, his boss & kids, and another friend & his family. We stayed at an area called Hiawatha Beach, which isn't used much these days, apparently, and generally for more advanced Scouts, as it's more primitive than the other sites on the Reservation. (My brother's boss was a Scout Leader some years ago, and Alumni can camp there in the off-season. )
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    For some people, doing the same thing over and over again can get repetitive and boring. Contracts could help this some. Basically, you could buy a contract with a command. The contract would ask you to kill a certain number of enemies (Kill 3 D class as MTF) or kill an enemy with a specific item/gun, or kill a specific player who is an enemy. You would just buy a random contract for a couple hundred points or so, and the next round you'd get to try it. Now, dying with a contract could go two ways. One, you get to keep the contract for a few rounds (3 or so) or 2, you lose a contract when the round ends. Contracts could have just points as a reward-a good amount more than you spent to buy it-but I would prefer to have contract specific skins/items, to make them have a good reward. They would still be fun without anything special to gain from them because it would be something different. One problem could be some RDM getting caused by a player spawning as a D class with a contract to kill an MTF, then dying, but then coming back as NTF and killing the MTF to finish the contract, which would be RDM. One solution could be to just have it so that you fail a contract when you die, and maybe make the contracts a bit cheaper.
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    Hello all, I am aware users haven't been able to receive their Supporter, VIP, and Member perks in-game since the website move detailed here. I've identified the issue with our back-end system and fixed it. It is confirmed working now. With that said, I've added two weeks of free Supporter or VIP to the users who have purchased them after the web move (chances are, they didn't receive any perks in-game due to this issue). I've manually inputted all the Members that haven't received their perks into the database as well. If you're still not receiving your perks, please post here and contact the server's manager you're not seeing it on. Chances are, the manager hasn't updated the server's MySQL settings because I've confirmed everyone is in our database and set to the correct group. I will continue to monitor new Supporters, VIPs, and Members to ensure they are entered into our database correctly as well (already did this with one and confirmed they were entered successfully). I apologize for the delay on this. I was very busy this week with work and personal things and unfortunately nobody else was able to fix this. Thank you for understanding.
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    Well this was probably unexpected for most of you but yea I'm done being admin. Just annoying to deal with the players. Don't get me wrong I loved my time being admin, got to help people and did my best. But there just comes that time when you just gotta move on. I've been admin for like 3-4 years maybe? Get's boring after a while to be honest.. especially when people just don't know when to be mature. But main reason why I'm gonna stop being admin is because lack of motivation. I just don't how to explain it. But life is gonna hit me pretty hard in the face soon. I'll still be moderating the forums and discord though. Anyways it's been fun. Won't be mentioning people this time. I'll hop on TTT and Breach from time to time. Maybe.
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    How freaking awesome is this? FromSoftware are well known for their amazingly built and detailed games, with astonishing story-telling and levels. Now paired up with George Martin himself, the characters arcs, story, levels etc will be heightened to a whole new level. These are really exciting times to live in for a FromSoftware fan. Although I don't think he will be able to dispense much time due to him setting a deadline for the final books (Source), the name itself bears a heavy weight. More info about this: https://gematsu.com/2019/05/george-rr-martin-ive-consulted-on-a-video-game-out-of-japan https://wccftech.com/from-software-george-r-r-martin-fully-open-world/ https://www.gamesradar.com/great-rune-the-rumoured-george-rr-martin-fromsoftware-game-apparently-wont-be-fully-open-world/ And a VaatiVidya video about the topic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0-vGNxS1MDI (Vaati is probably the most notorious FromSoftware-related youtuber, I love his content) So what do you guys think? Excited? Yay or Nay?
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    So it occurred to me, wtf happened to my TTT life? My computer basically self imploded and now I'm here. I left GFL but not with a resignation. Let me fix that issue in standard GFL form. @motorsteak the dad i never had @MilkMan pretty cool @WigglesWorth he left but he was still the first person to deny my first admin app @Lone Sniper Skeleton i think he resigned a while ago but he was better than me at sniping so I hate him @TimeForYouToGetAWatch pretty funny Am I not being brutal enough? @Violator he didnt train me @Tlar i like him @Jerry Hat Trick hes also cool. hes old but old is okay @LawMyl you were my henchman @TheSadBandit +1 @Arturus what have they done to you old friend? @MooTheCow @Mr.DarkSide you were my meanest favorite @Gaxy Hi galaxy @Spazzin you were the coolest admin @Duc2000 epic @Pancake Jenkins miss me? @SkydivingSquid i like you @SkydivingSquid youre so cool i put you in twice @myPHART i think highly of you I couldnt find Fx so I just wanna say that she was a nice mother while it lasted. I'll add on to what I can remember later, but for all of you in TTT, you toxic assholes made my 12 yr old ass cri (im 13 now and less mature 😄) Sorry it couldnt be more heartfelt. I can barely remember shit back in 2018 with my memory loss. I just finished middle school so I remembered playing TTT 24/7 last summer so I made this. I'm playing fortntite now I'm living a better life. From, The Youngest Admin I swear if you hire an 11 year old im committing !slay * I have just 1 more humble request. The next person who applies for admin and is too young + isnt qualified, please deny them with the reason, CeeJay thank you for reading my stupid "try to remember everyone" post and have a toxic nice day. Edit: Adding more people.
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    My Age: 11 My Talent: Hey! My name is John. I work mainly in web development, and in my spare time I might do some game design and game mapping. Programming languages I'm fluent in/have a lot of experience of include: PHP; Lua; HTML; CSS; JavaScript; Python; and SQL. I do have experience with SourceMod, my only problem not having something to host my game-servers on. I do work with Git and currently own a Raspberry Pi B, and a private Git environment would be very helpful for programming, so thank you. CONTACT INFORMATION DISCORD: @Johnodon#9360 PS: I know that I will probably be denied because of my age. I just want to let you know that I have a lot of experience and am very mature for my age. Thanks, John Hours/Week: 5-15
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    Last time I signed in here, I wasn't so friendly. I had made an embarrassing shout on here that I ridiculed the TTT admin staff, and targetting Tsor. I know words are cheap and seem meaningless but I wanted to try and say sorry. I really enjoy the TTT community and the staff just more, and I didn't mean to cause any permanent damage (if any) or make enemies here. I can't remember what I was feeling or how it came out, but I did feel a little bit poor judgement towards myself with the way the people and admins were on when that happened. I felt bullied and ganged up against, but I'm also known to be dramatic. I hope I didn't ruin my reputation here at GFL, but hopefully I can show some humanity with this apology post. I may not like certain people on TTT, but I shouldn't lash out at them, or say anything that may not be true. I guess I took everything personally at the time, but I'm glad I was able to come back and continue playing and a chance to redeem myself. I have a nasty feeling that I won't have as much chance as getting a sponsor than before, but I'm just glad to still be around. Thank you, ~Jake
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    One tired motherfucker after 11 days straight out in the field. Earned my first medal!
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    I don't really do anything anymore, so I'm going to resign. Don't feel like making a post.
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    I've noticed more and more that people love their special rounds. The problem is that it feels like half of the special rounds can be really boring. Not only that, but it can also really be annoying when people constantly vote for special rounds when you just want to play a standard round. I've thought up some tweaks that I feel special rounds could use. I also threw in some new special round ideas. - Tweaks/Changes - I don't know if it is intentional, but you can vote for a second special round during a special round if everyone votes during the 1 minute grace period. I would suggest removing this; however, some people might be opposed, so let me know what you think. Like I said earlier, some of these special rounds really are boring. I'm talking about O5 Retrieval, 106's Funhouse, Hide and Seek (for me its boring), BrightInTheScreen (in its current state), and Trouble in SCP Town. I'd suggest to remove/rebalance O5 Retrieval and 106's Funhouse as the majority of players don't really find them fun. (At least, I don't like them) Maybe Trouble in SCP Town too. - New Round Ideas - 079's Funhouse (a completely original idea) - There are 3 079s. They all share the same health and same UI with the same cooldowns. There are 3 of them so they can cover more area. - The rest of the players spawn as Class D with radios. They can either choose to escape or chose to attack the 079s. - There are no reinforcements (besides the SH that 079 spawns) - There are increased O5 keycard spawns Karaoke Night (i'm not sorry) - A completely normal round except there is no intercom limits. (All micspam rules still apply) - Have fun. SCP: Containment Breach (this one is meant to be spooky) - Only CB SCPs spawn: 173, 049, 106, 096 - The human's vision is constantly limited like in BrightInTheScreen. The vision would be limited to being a bit smaller than a Site19's hallway length. (Door to door) - The SCPs are nigh unkillable (9999 health). 049 zombies aren't included and have the standard health. (Optional) - All SCPs start at 682 speed, but will slowly gain speed as the round continues. (Except for maybe 096/173?) The SCPs speed will continually increase past the normal speed capacity. I planned to add more events including Class-Es but Class-Es just need to be reworked. The only real unique thing about them is the 1-shot 300 damage taser. That's it. Let me know what you think about these events, suggest your own below, yadda yadda
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    Zombie Escape Event #40 To celebrate the release of "Pokémon Detective Pikachu", here's an event with maps that contains pokémon Maps To be played in the following order ze_Pokemon_Rivals_v1_8 *Click here to download* ze_pkmn_adventure_v9_3 *Click here to download* ze_ShroomForest3_p *Click here to download* Time/Date Saturday, June 15th, 2019 CDT 5pm Chicago, USA GMT -6 (CDT) 10pm London, UK GMT +0 6am Singapore GMT +8 Convert to your timezone with this website: https://www.worldtimebuddy.com/ Duration 2-3 hours (unless we beat it before the time stated) Restrictions Pistols only for ze_Pokemon_Rivals_v1_8 Rules Don't troll with items, or you will be banned from using them.Don't afk in spectate, or you will be kicked.Don't mic spam, let the leaders try to give commands over voice comm.Don't zombie inflate (Intentionally becoming a zombie to give the CT's a lesser chance).Mute round will be applied IF we deem it necessary.All other server rules apply to the event. External Links GFL ZE Discord: https://discord.gg/Bkfwg4q GFL ZE Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/GFLCSGOZE Good Luck and keep a look out for the next event in June!
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    As some of you already saw from the announcement by @WigglesWorth on discord. The server has been released, please be mindful that it is kind of chaotic since it's expert mode. Please send any feedback of the server that you feel should change, add, or remove from the server. We're taking in any suggestions. It'll be tested, of course, if it's doesn't work, it will be unfortunately denied. Do not be sad over it, it may worked on other server due to possibility that it was a custom-coded plugin. We are also currently looking for admins for the server, managed by @Runda. Please post your application in this thread. You are required to make an event at least once every week or biweekly to keep activity of the server. IP: Format: [b]Name:[/b] [b]STEAMID:[/b] [b]Availability (Approx. times you play, and time zone):[/b] [b]What can you do to help the server?:[/b] [b]Why do you want to help the server?:[/b]
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    Didn't know what happened until now, and that truly sucks. Hope the family, friends, loved ones can recover one day from this. As for the post itself, thank you. Thank you so much. Makes me feel at home being in a community knowing I can always reach out to someone. Same for everyone else. And, if anyone ever needs, I'll always be here to help as well. ❤️❤️
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    I am here for those who needs a vent, someone to listen, or to talk, or just to be there for them. Depression, self-harm, and suicidal is no fun, as the Wiggles stated, you are never alone. We game for life.
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    GFL ze_Gargantua_v2_0 ze_Ffxii_paramina_rift_v1_4 ze_Last_man_standing_v5_1 (extreme only, don't want us here for years, but we have to actually try extreme 2, 5 times at least, we can switch off it after) GFL event that accurately describes us, rooftop? check final fantasy? check Hard non-laser map? check
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    With the release of 1.14, we decided to do a full reset to the survival server. Be sure to come check it out when you have some freetime! Hope to see you there! Server IP: mc.GFLClan.com
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    To be completely honest, my biggest regret is thinking I know the world better than my aunt and uncle did. Long story short, left the second i turned 18 to live with gf, life went to hell immediately, broke up not even 3 months later, was homeless and a senior in high school, best friend brought me in, I met a new girl, ended up moving in with her. Ups and downs, selling drugs to pay rent, total of 3 years back and forth drama, conflict and worry. Left that situation, got a new job, new apartment and my best friend as a roommate. Pretty much if I never rushed out of home, I could've been much more prepared for life. But I was dumb. So ye, biggest regret
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    Letting things go wrong in my life simply because I was afraid to face my fears and problems.
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    As you may know, Murder is not seeing the best population. However, afking on the server has shown results. I ask that anyone who has the time could get on the server and afk. You don't need to do anything else, but actually playing on the server would be appreciated.
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    Hello everyone Summer is here, classes are over with mostly so I am going to just drop a quick update. Next reset I plan to tweak the XP rates a bit, moving them up and making it easier for people to start getting levels, I also am going to try and add some double XP weekends or something throughout this reset and see how it goes. I missed a post for the last reset (4/1/19) due to classes, so I apologize. If anyone has any questions, comments or any input you would like to give, send it my way or post it here. Thanks in advance, Runda
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    Ok buddy. Ok r word. You are SCP-817 You are a human male, with anomalous shapeshifting abilities Every minute you turn into a different SCP, with a small period of normalcy inbetween. Kill everyone and escape the facility. Gameplay Mechanics: Controls: In its "normal" form, this class has no weapons or abilities. Stats: Base Health: 1500 Speed: Human Running Speed (in its "normal" form) Achievements + Points: Like most other SCPs, SCP-817 earns points by killing people. No achievements are related to this SCP. Description: So if you haven't noticed already, SCP-817 is literally devoid of any attacks, and is relatively simple when not shapeshifted. When grace period ends, SCP-817 has 15 seconds before it begins to "shapeshift". SHAPESHIFT: SCP-817 transforms into a random SCP from the entire gamemode. This does not include SCP-610 for a potential snowball effect, nor does it include SCP-049-2 for being too weak. After 45 seconds of being shapeshifted, it transforms into its "normal" form for 15 seconds, before shapeshifting again. The process repeats for the entire round. The fact that is shapeshifts back to its human form allows other players an opportunity to attack SCP-817 while it is temporarily weakened. Purpose: Wanted to try a concept I had for some time, an SCP that can transform into other SCPs. Not sure if this is even possible or relatively easy to code, but suggesting this was worth a shot. (insert shrug here) Resources: When it is in its "normal" form, it pools from the default male citizen models included in Gmod.
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    hi it's me, your friendly neighborhood purge manager. so as most of you know i pretty much resigned and @DaLaw took my place as a co-manager of sorts. i stayed on the team as kind of a consultant, helping out wherever help was needed. @DaLaw has done wonders as memeger, and i finally have some hope for the server there's no super deep reason i resigned or anything, i just didn't have the time nor the drive to do so. i was disappointed in myself for letting the new purge go back to the way it was before, and i was busy irl so i had to drop it. tags below @Zebra giraffe, thanks for believing in me and also all the work you've done. you were an amazing manager, a great DL, and an even better friend @ButterKing5000 you probably never check this but look, i resigned thanks for the opportunity @Nap14hockey look i did it. you're amazing, thank you for all the support you've given during my stay on purge. wuv u ❤️ @Dreamm hey there buddy, thanks for being there whenever i needed it. we've become great friends through purge, and there's no one better i could've asked for @DoctorDJ dream's the better senior @DaLaw good job on the server so far, i hope you're able to figure out the crash issues and make purge great again @TheSadBandit u suck. good luck as purge admin @zoroark please come back, we all miss you. @Mr.Elite hope you're doing good, we should talk again @DaPainWayne bring back the lesser joe @Unknown hey there bud, hope you're well. thanks for being a role-model during my time in purge @PotatoMum revive your discord plis @Finnick how could i forgot you, luv u 2. i don't fuk with that furry shit but you made it cool to anyone i missed, know that i love you too. i'd like to thank the community for letting me help out purge for over two years, and helping out GFL as a whole as a council member/team leader for around 8 months. i won't be resigning from forum moderator for the time being. thanks!
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    My Age: 18 My Talent: I've been programming for the past 4 years roughly, working my way from Python through Java. I'm currently working in C++ and studying assembly. I realize this may be an immediate turn off but I've devoted a lot of my time to cheat development for CSGO, but I also realized it'd be nice to give back to community servers and help them prevent cheating, which is why I wanted to apply here. A lot of the work I do is not published on my github since I usually do it for fun/as personal challenges. I've decided to, in the future, go into the realm of cybersecurity. I've got a pretty good understanding of IDA and reverse engineering since I've been working as a file analyzer for a certain popular cheating website (if you guys are interested to know feel free to ask for my profile link). This summer I'm doing a bootcamp of sorts over a couple months in order to get the certifications to become an SOC analyst, as well as furthering my malware analysis and reverse engineering skills. Regardless of that though, I'm still very passionate about programming and code quite often. From a personal perspective, I'm always excited to learn new things when it comes to programming and computers in general, so if there's ever anything I need to know for a project, I'll be sure to read up on the subject as thoroughly as necessary. Alongside all this I love working with statistics, which is reflected somewhat in my most current programming project: exploiting Valve's weak RNG in order to replicate sentry file generation. (The main issue with their RNG is the fact that they use their own modified function that instead of using standard cryptographically unique features, uses purely constants (https://github.com/VSES/SourceEngine2007/blob/master/src_main/vstdlib/random.cpp)) I'll link my github and discord below. If you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to message me. Best Regards, nci Github: https://github.com/monosec-nci Discord: nci*#8948 Hours/Week: 15-20 depending on workload
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    My most 'exciting' moment was probably when CS:S Zombie Escape reached #1 in CS:S on GameTracker for the first time on July 4th, 2012. I remember having to go to my mom's friend's house for the Fourth of July that day and I just wanted to be home celebrating this moment with people in GFL at the time. It was still an insane run (a month and a half from a new IP to #1 in CS:S, we didn't drop a rank once during this run). I guess being 14 at the time was awesome as well. I was still a stupid kid just enjoying watching my servers populate, lol.
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    Forgive me if the title seems a bit harsh, I don’t intend it to be that way. I’ve resigned, then came back so many times that it doesn’t even matter at this point, but this time is final. Being here in this community for 4, nearly 5 years has taken a toll. The more I played, the more I felt tired and empty about playing, until I realized that it’s just not for me anymore. Video games, as a medium for fun, is no longer fun for me. And that worries me. I’ve made so many memories with all the games I’ve played and all the people I’ve met over the years, yet now, whenever I boot up my faithful laptop, I just don’t feel it anymore. I thought being an admin would help alleviate that feeling, and it did. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve laughed with some people over some stupid bullshit that happened whenever I hopped onto a server to do what I signed up to do. The memories are great, ngl. But sooner or later, I felt the same lethargy that I feel whenever I want to play a game. It feels like a slow-growing balloon inside, simply getting larger and larger whenever I try playing anything. Nothing seems to abate it, not playing with friends, not trying to play different things, nothing. I guess me being here, trying to be an admin, was a desperate attempt at reclaiming what I loved to do, but now I don’t see it. Coupling that with recent events and an impending demotion, and here I am. Pondering on whether or not I should even keep playing anymore. For me, being an admin was fun. Being able to watch over nonsense while sometimes partaking in said nonsense is something that I loved to do. But I’ve been here way too long. The repetition is enough to make people do very stupid things in order to break that tedium, and I fell for the trap. Oh well. Things happen. You can’t take back what you’ve already done, but you can change what you do for the future. So I’ve made up my mind. I’m done. With this community, with the people I’ve met, with gaming in general. If I don’t like what I’m doing (in this case, playing video games), then why even bother? I’ve made a decision to cut it out of my lifestyle entirely and focus on making myself better as a person, instead of a gamer. So here we are. After this, I’m going and uninstalling anything related to video games. If I’m going to do this, I need to go all in or nothing will change. I’ll just be sitting there in a useless cycle wondering what to do next. I’ve actually planned for this for a while now. I have a great new job set up, and I’m going to start next month. Once I gain some experience, I’m going to join the U.S. Navy for their benefits, and hopefully find a new calling. It’s been nice knowing you guys. It really has. You guys have introduced me to some really great and funny things that i never would have found if I hadn’t joined those 4-5 years ago. But I need to cut this out of my life because I’m not moving forward. I’m always stuck in the same spot every time. So that’s it. I wish you all luck in the future. Try not to let the same thing happen to you guys, huh? I’d hate to see such a great community go under. P.S. Maybe in the future I’ll see you guys again, and we can all have a good chat about our lives. Peace out.
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    Which platform(s) are you appealing?: Discord Discord/TS3 username (Add your tag and ID if possible): Ene#3939 Why were you banned?: Overly toxic to other users, before and after a moderator has warned Posting suggestive imagery of children (which was grouped under NSFW by moderators) Having had too may second chances within previous appeals/issues Why should you be unbanned? I apologize for my behaviour and reflected upon my actions. I won't act as impulsive anymore and not look for the blame in others but in my actions. I would also like to add my shoutbox ban from the 16th December 2016 to this appeal, which would be toxic behaviour against the member @Jerry Hat Trick
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    Just leave and come back two weeks later as a director... For bonus wiggy points: be inactive before you leave
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    Event Overview: Hello everyone! For this week (thanks to Q-Man) we're venturing into some of the popular maps from back in 2015-2016. You may remember how back then we used to struggle really hard with these maps at all points (to the point of losing 4-27 in Mako v6) but nowadays with rebuys and all that sort of stuff, it seems as if the maps have gotten easier. But have the maps gotten easier, or have the teams gotten better since then? If the maps have gotten easier then how about we make them harder? For this event we'll be playing: ze_STRANGE_escape_b3 ze_journey_v1_2  ze_slender_escape_b4 ZE_FFVII_Mako_Reactor_V6_B08 ze_UT2004_Convoy_v2_2_1 Time for the event: Saturday May 18th @ 10pm GMT-0 To check at which time the event is for you, check this website to give you an idea. Notice: Events are schedules in our Steam group, however, we also always announce over at our Discord server when the event begins. Special Kickers: 1.0 Jump Height No rebuys of any kind, this means no kevlar and no secondary grenade either VIP Rewards: Winning 3 out of the 5 maps will reward you with 1 week of V.I.P! (For Strange Escape, only winning the backwards stage counts, and for Slender, only winning the Final Madness mode counts) Rules: Due to the nature of this event, random talk on the mic will be allowed so long as it doesn't get in the way of the event too much. Regular server rules will apply for this event as usual Sitting in spec unless you're a spectating admin is not allowed. Leaders: Anyone is free to lead. See you this weekend!
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    ive been blessed, if only i could figure out how to unlock the other 900 mbps
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    Currently in Skagway, Alaska.
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    Hi admins, I'm actually not banned nor muted. I'm here to propose to BAN MAKO REACTOR MAP FROM THE SERVER. PLZ ADMIN BAN IT FOR A DAY. Since MAKO causes people becoming more toxic, I'm here to protect the players from being more toxic and so forth. GFL SHOULD BAN Final Fantasy VII - Mako Reactor Your In-Game Name: Final Fantasy VII - Mako Reactor Your Steam ID: Final Fantasy VII - Mako Reactor Ban reason and Length: Final Fantasy VII - Mako Reactor Admin That Banned You: Final Fantasy VII - Mako Reactor Appeal Reason: BAN Final Fantasy VII - Mako Reactor PLZ
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    Pretty excited to start working on this big project. Time to start writing a bunch of things down!
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