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    Hello everyone, I just wanted to let everyone know I will be having surgery next Monday, July 23rd. This surgery includes repairing the hernia I've had for years now (it has been more painful recently, sadly). I've also tried getting this fixed before. However, the surgeon I had back in New Jersey cancelled the appointment and were only making things more difficult afterwards. Therefore, I stopped trying after important life events came up (work business trips and moving to Texas). The new surgeon here in Texas seems a lot more promising and I got everything sorted out today (health insurance, payments, and so on). I am very confident things will work out and this surgery will be done Monday. This will affect my time for GFL next week as well. I may not be able to get on at all the first few days depending on the pain. I should be able to get on by the end of the week or if an emergency comes up. I just wanted to thank everybody for the support! Thanks!
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    My Age: 19 My Talent: Hey, my name is Nicklas. I would like to join the development team, because I am skilled in what's needed here, I can deliver stable and useful code fast, and I also want to improve my skills. I have been inactive recently in GFL, but I cannot seem to leave it all together, so I might as well pitch in. I have been programming for many years. We're talking everything from low-level C to object-oriented Java to something as functional as Haskell. I spent my early years learning the basic paradigms of programming, and I am now quite good at using basically any language. In more recent years, I stopped reinventing the wheel myself and have started working with frameworks and developing my own for reusability. I prefer developing my own and new things. However, I am quite experienced in fixing other's code too, aha. From hobby projects I've gained experience (and feel very confident) the following languages: Java (recently Scala) The C-family (C, C++, and C#) PHP (if I really have to. ) Python JavaScript SourcePawn and many more... I'm currently studying Computer Science at Aarhus University in Denmark. Here I have learned a lot about algorithms and theoretical programming. I have used my knowledge to act as a teacher at a computer science summer camp (sadly I broke my foot during the preparations and had to go home which is why I'm here). I also work as an API Developer at Salling Group (a large danish retail chain) where I expose data from our back-end systems and supply our mobile & web teams with systems for great user experiences. My most recent achievement was piecing four internal system together efficiently in order to deliver images of products by their barcodes. By working here I have learned a lot about team work, management, and estimating work load. From a technical perspective I have gotten tons of expertise knowledge on authorization, HTTP, RESTful webservices, NoSQL, documentation, and CI. We only use JavaScript (strictly linted to avoid most, if not all, JavaScript quirks) in Node.JS. However, we often have to delve into huge, legacy C# applications. I have previously worked with GFL on numerous projects some of these can be seen here. Most notably I did a lot of hotfixes on the forums and made, what I believe, is the current perks binding for Source Engine games. I also recently made a Discord bot that keeps track of how many times Roy says "I guess". I made this challenge for myself by making it use Docker and Redis. Furthermore, I also focused a lot on producing maintainable code and a reusable framework for Discord bots based on Express' model (a web server framework for Node.JS). This project can be seen here. I also have a lot of other minor projects on GitHub. I have picked some out (note some of these are old): CC: My implementation of a node-based networking protocol in ComputerCraft (Minecraft mod). It also includes deployment. Lets-Calculate-BMI: BMI-calculators implemented by me and some friends in multiple, often odd, languages. sm_teleport: A fix and touchup of an old plugin made by zaCade. The most major addition was filtering (e.g. @all, @ct, etc). I have also released a simple plugin on AlliedModders. Thanks for reading my application. Hours/Week: 8
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    I worked very hard on a new TTT loading screen since everyone hated the old one, but TheSadBandit beat me to the punch. So here's my epic new loading screen suggestion.
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    Hello Fellow Jailbreakers! I know many of you have been waiting patiently for the release of the new CS:GO Jailbreak server, and I'm glad to let you all know that it should be up as planned tomorrow! (The time has not yet been decided) The server will be an open BETA test starting tomorrow - This means that there could (and most likely will be glitches and/or problems) The first thing I want to bring up is the removal of gangs from the old server. While gangs were a great way to benefit a large group of people, we (the staff team) felt that it was not fair to newer players, and became quite pointless after a while. Well then, I'm sure you all read the title. On to the sneak peaks for tomorrow's new content! New Playermodels! CT Models [VIP] Donald Trump [VIP] Agent 47 Deadpool Banana Joe [Admin] Shrek Terrorist Models [VIP] Darth Vader [VIP] Batman [Supporter] Coach Nick Storm Trooper Yeah! A lot of player models right! While adding player models I also chose to remove many of the old ones and other models that we don't even use to reduce the download times. Believe it or not, these new models actually take up less space than the number of older ones and junk we had lying around in my model's folder. Hopefully, they will keep you all busy for some time. Now, on to the other content! New Maps I'm sure you're all tired and bored of the same maps over and over again, so I added 5 completely new maps that all have tons of new games and features that we've never seen before. The current map pool includes: ba_jail_futurouta jb_arctic_jail_v2 jb_avalanche_sgo_b7 jb_longstreet jb_moonjail_v2 jb_turkey_minecraft_v2 jb_undertale_v1 (this list does not include exclusive event and special day maps) The map pool will increase as we go along, and after feedback is given maps will be added/removed Unfortunately, I was not able to add our beloved jb_clouds_final05 as it was having an unexpected performance issue that I can hopefully resolve soon. New LR Leaderboard! This leaderboard is activated with !lrtop, and shows the data of everyone in relation to their last request stats. This plugin is relatively new and may have problems. Please contact me if it does not work properly, and I'll see what I can do. Handcuffs and Deputy Role As seen above, handcuffs are a newly fixed plugin that allows you to freeze (put handcuffs on) a prisoner! The Deputy (a new role) and Warden both spawn with a taser that allows them to "shackle" 2 different prisoners. There will be new rules regarding this to clear everything up, but for now feel free to use the taser but only for a valid reason (tasing for no reason will result in a punishment decided by the admins) The deputy role is activated by typing !d, and will give you a taser upon selecting this role. The role of the Deputy is to be the Warden's "right-hand man". When the warden dies (for whatever reason) the Deputy instantly becomes the new warden, instead of needing to wait to type !w. This will hopefully prevent excessive prisoner victories and let guards relax more. The Deputy has no say whatsoever in giving orders, that alone is left to the warden. New Freekill System We also have a new freekill system that I've implemented. If a prisoner believes that they have been free killed they can type !freekill and it will send a report to any online admins. The admin can then deal with the report in a number of different ways, quickly and effectively through a new menu. Hopefully, this will lower the RDM occurrences. (This system is in initial stages and may not work as planned. If there are any problems please contact me) New VIP Jetpack After a lot of thought and editing, I decided to add the VIP Jetpack to the Shop. You may have seen how crazy the jetpack is on other servers and be thinking, "What the hell is Wailord doing". Lucky for you Veteran Jailbreaker's, I've nerfed the Jetpack's stats quite a bit, to an extent in which it does not give the user an obscene advantage over others. The reload time has been increased to 20 seconds, and the fuel lasts for a much shorter period of time. Repeat Command After spending hours upon hours of hearing people complain that they were free-killed because the warden never gave a repeat, I decided to implement a new Repeat command. Every prisoner has (currently) 2 uses of the repeat command every round. To activate it, you can use either !repeat, or use !request and select repeat in the menu. Once activated, a message like the one below will be broadcasted into chat. When this message is sent, the warden MUST give a repeat (only once of course) of his order. If he does not repeat, every prisoner executed is classified as a free kill and the guard will be punished accordingly My WIP (Work-In-Progress) Here is what I'm currently working on! 1. Completely re-do the MOTD. The current MOTD is extremely long and confusing for most new players, so they choose not to read it. I'd like to change this by making it much more simple, and to-the-point. I'll be combining lots of rules, and most things will be simple common sense. Some of the new things I plan to put into this will involve the new repeat command, the deputy and taser usage, and just general orders. 2. Adding new LR's! This has been requested for quite some time now, and I'll be working hard to bring out some new custom LR's for our server. If you guys have any ideas at all feel free to either post them here or in the CS:GO Jailbreak Suggestions thread 3. Get the Rebelling shop working (This shouldn't take long as I have the files ready, just need to edit them and find out the problem) [Sorry rebellers, you'll have to use your credits on cosmetics for now] Thanks, everyone for reading, and a massive thanks to @TheSadBandit for the New Maps art. ~Wailord
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    It's time to say goodbye. GFL has done enough to me that i've grown tired of trying to help it. Time and time again have I been treated awfully. GFL wasn't always like this, but it has changed into something I no longer want to be a part of. With purge being scrapped, I see no reason to stay. GFL was an inclusive community when I joined, they tried to get everyone involed, and really engage players. Throughout the years i've been here, I've seen a lack of enthusiasm, and commitment from ALL ranks, from director to server operator. GFL has just hurt me, over the years, and hasn't tried to fix that. I've just become more and more dissapointed. Before people start bashing me, saying "They're doing what they can, why don't you do something" I hope you know, I've tried. I've tried my best to revive purge, I've asked for something I can do to help GFL, but given no task. My opinion is often disregarded, and the staff refuse to fix what's broken. As @Shuruia said, there is toxic beauracracy in the higher ranks, and I can see that, and it affects all aspects of the community. I feel like I'm not worth anything here. I feel replaceable, and since that's the case, then I'm sure they can find another PAWN to replace me in this game of chess known as GFL. That's all the lower staff is for GFL. We are pawns, we are expendable, and worth little to the server. It hurts me to know this, but it is all we are. I hope after I leave, that GFL either puts up, or shuts up. Either make GFL what it used to be, or just fucking kill it, because why let something die a slow death. Here's what I think needs to be fixed. First, find something, light a fire under your ass staff, stop being lethargic, it's toxic, and has a lasting effect on players and staff alike. Try and activley do something. I know some of you staff are trying, but you are the exception not the rule. Second, try to have some faith in people, I have seen a lot of micro-managing, and it's honestly disgusting. Third, try to see who wants to help, and give them a chance. I've asked for a task to help GFL, and was never given so much as a message back. There WERE plenty of people who loved GFL as much as I, and were willing to step in anytime GFL needed. Those people have since left, because similiar to I, they grew frustrated with the direction GFL was headed. I know new council have been picked, but I'm not sure how much is going to change. It's better to have, and not need, than need and not have. I'm probably going to be bashed in the comments about this or that, and to those people: fuck you. I'm tired of everything. GFL just isn't what it used to be. I would like to say something else: I will be removing most GFL people from steam, discord, etc. Message me if you want to stay on my contact list. If I think of you as a friend, i'll keep you, if not, sorry but I'm never going to speak to you again probably, so why waste the space. (If I said you're a close friend, you will obviously be kept on my list. @Kubnair , @Xy , @Charmayy , @Finnick, @Joshy, etc.) Finally. Before any of you guys comment "I'll really miss you" think about the interactions you've had with me. Few people reached out to me and actually said they enjoyed me being here. I don't want this sympathy BS, because it's disgusting. I want honesty. To the few that loved me, and kept me in the community for this long, I thank you. With that being said, I bid GFL's game servers farewell, a time that I will always remember. Thank you GFL, for the people you have brought me to, and for being the best community out there when I joined. It's sad to see that it is a shell of what it used to be, but it is what it is. Are you happy higher-ups of GFL? I'm finally gone. You've gotten rid of me. You've won. I'll still be on the forums, most likely not too active, but completly disregarding everything the game servers have to offer @Xy - Thanks for being such a great friend, hopefully we will remain in contact. @Charmayy - You are litterally one of my best friends, I can count on you for anything, I will be more active with your streaming, since I always love to hang with you. @Kubnair - You and I have distanced, but we'll talk again, I hope. @Zebra- I'll miss you, even though we never talk anymore. @flyingjoe32- I doubt we'll ever talk again, but we've had some good times. @Rose- Goodbye, hope you're less cancer to people, I'll really miss our times playing together. @JerryBomb - Thanks for sticking up for me in times of trouble @_Marshmello_ - Good times in hide and seek @AciFire - memes @Faex- Purge times were the best @nocheat - You crazy fucking serb, always great to me @Stud- I'll miss you with purge. To the above people, I love you all, and you are welcome to talk to me whenever you want. If i forgot to mention you, i'm sorry. P.S. I have switched from Garry's Mod to APB reloaded, if you play that, and would like to hang out, shoot me a message. With this, It is finished.
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    Hello! Earlier today, one of the players gave me the idea of running a little contest for breach. Simply put, the player who is able to obtain the lowest escape time as a Class D will receive a month of free VIP. Admins, Operators, and Developers are disqualified from entering due to the fact that they already have VIP perks on the server. In addition, anyone who has purchased a VIP which expires after the date of 08/30/18 (The date the vip given out by this contest will expire) is also unable to win. VIP awarded to the winner will only be active on breach. The rules are as follows You must provide a screenshot of the escape time You must escape as a Class D (To keep it consistent and fair) The escape must occur on GFL Breach The screenshot must have been taken during the contest Due to the layout of the maps differing, the map must be site 19 The round right after the map restart doesn't count Special rounds also do not count Anybody attempting to cheat will be banned from participating in future contests. In addition, any posts on this thread that are not entries into the contest will be removed. If all goes well, this might become a semi-regular thing. All contest submissions must be in by July 30th, 11:59 PM forum time. Please direct all questions and concerns to me over a PM on the forums or discord. Good Luck!
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    SCP-RP is a GMOD gamemode where players roleplay being a Class D, Researcher, Guard, SCP, or whatever else on an SCP Foundation site. I am going to be putting together a GFL SCP-RP server. Roadmap [In Progress] Code an SCP-RP gamemode from scratch, not using darkrp as a base. This will likely comprise a majority of the servers uniqueness, containing things such as fairly custom roles, scps, and mechanics. [Not started] Set up the gamemode [Not started] Add in VIP perks [Not started] Get staff members NOTE: There is no ETA on this because a lot of work still needs to be done, a more accurate ETA will be added as the project gets closer to completion
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    Heya, As more people buy higher resolution monitors, this problem becomes more apparent. I am seeing people complaining about this and it would be best to post a thread I can refer to / inform them with! Plugins / maps are using this feature more now it's getting to the point of unplayable (such as one map having text cover the crosshair)... So for whatever reason game_text doesn't scale properly at resolutions higher than 1080p. Here are some examples; https://imgur.com/a/rBvPU https://imgur.com/a/mKFSZ To fix it, you open your game and change the resolution down to 1080p and then back to your resolution. Simple as that... Except you have to do it every time you open CS:GO and it's extremely annoying. You can do launch command (-w 1920 -h 1080) to launch in 1080p and then change to normal which can save a little time (but can mess with recording software such as Shadowplay). Valve are "aware" of the issue, or at least according to this thread they keep referring to (#1360). https://github.com/ValveSoftware/csgo-osx-linux/issues/1445 https://github.com/ValveSoftware/csgo-osx-linux/issues/1360 Anyways, I hope this helped people out! EDIT: This fix works for me (1440p), however it seems that Ultrawides aren't fixed using this method
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    - Added a Hide and Seek special round - Hiders (Researchers) spawn throughout the map without any weapons - Seekers (SCP-035s) spawn in SCP-035's chamber. They have god mode - Keycard requirement removed from all doors. No item spawns. Gate A and Gate B are disabled. - Players that survive until the end win 10k points (might be changed) - Other things xd
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    Zombie Escape Event #30 [Part 1] To celebrate reaching our 30th event and also because we were unable to host an event for June, the admin team would like to host two July events Due to popular demands, it is back! The first July event will be a mini event for Map ze_AESTHETIC_v1_1 *Click here to manually download map* Date/Time Saturday, July 21st 2018 7:00PM Central Daylight Time (USA, Chicago) Convert to your timezone with this website: https://www.worldtimebuddy.com/ Duration 2-3 hours (unless we beat it before the time stated) Rules Don't troll with items, or you will be banned from using them.Don't afk in spectate, or you will be kicked.Don't mic spam, let the leaders try to give commands over voice comm.Don't zombie inflate (Intentionally becoming a zombie to give the CT's a lesser chance).Mute round will be applied IF we deem it necessary.All other server rules apply to the event. Quick F.A.Q Will ze_aesthetic be added back to the rotation? A: Depends, not guaranteed Is there any rewards for this mini event? A: Unfortunately, not for this event. The second July event will be announced after this event is over. External Links GFL ZE Discord: https://discord.gg/Bkfwg4q GFL ZE Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/GFLCSGOZE Thank you for being patience and most of all Good luck and have fun!
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    After receiving some terrible news today I've decided it's time to step down from my position as director as I will be out of action for a long time. I will still be managing CWRP but my activity on there for the next few weeks will dim down a bit as I figure out what me and my family are going to do. I will return eventually ~ Ya boi Rick @Roy thanks for being there for me when I most needed it
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    I just wanted to make a post to explain a couple additions to our forums in more detail. We have added: https://gflclan.com/forums/forum/672-staff-feedback/ https://gflclan.com/forums/forum/693-abuse-reports/ Staff Feedback Some of you have talked to us and said that you wanted a place to discuss openly with staff, actions/changes which you either didn't agree with or disliked in some way. This forum is now the place to do this. We've set it up so that if you make a thread within it, you'll be able to have a direct line of communication with GFL's higher up team to discuss and hopefully make changes to GFL which benefit us all. We've also added an anonymous feature which will allow people to submit issues that they would like discussed, but also remain anonymous to the higher up team. I will stress that Directors will still be able to use logs to see who made these posts, but that will only be used to stop people abusing this feature and "trolling" within this forum. If you use the anonymous feature you won't be able to submit any extra information, so please make sure that you include as much detail as possible when submitting via this form https://gflclan.com/forms/9-staff-feedback/ Overall this feature is a nice touch for anyone who wants to make a difference within GFL without making public posts showing disinterest. I hope that you'll all use this to work through any issues you may have! I would also like to invite you to use this if you have positive feedback as well, although this isn't the desired use for this it is still welcome if you feel the need. Admin Abuse Now in general most of our admins are amazing representatives for the community, they make sure our servers are free from rule breakers and hackers. However occasionally we do still get admins who don't use those powers given to them in the right way on our servers. This can sometimes go unnoticed which results in less players coming to our servers. This is why we've decided to introduce an admin abuse section. This is set up so that once you fill out this form https://gflclan.com/forms/11-abuse-reports/ it will be posted within the admin abuse section which can only be seen by Managers+. This ensures that managers can stop any issues as fast as possible and make sure that our servers are remaining the friendly and fun environment that they should be! If anyone has any questions about these two additions please post them below.
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    Ok, I've made my decision on this application. As of this time, you are accepted. Due to the controversy surrounding yourself, you are on a short leash, I'll be monitoring your activity carefully. I know this might still cause controversy among the gfl community, so if you have any questions or concerns please send me a pm. There are a few caveats with this decision which I would like to discuss with you as soon as possible. Could you contact me via pm as soon as possible.
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    Added SCP-1471 - Primary attack is used for attacking - Alternate attack activates his special, which is to teleport to a random infected player. The player who is chosen is notified and SCP-1471 is stunned for 10 seconds (which can be dangerous if the target is in, say, the middle of a bunch of infected guards) - SCP-1471 can only see and damage infected players and only infected players can see and damage SCP-1471. Every minute, random players are given the infected debuff. Infected players do not know they are infected until they see SCP-1471. Players who have electronic devices, such as Radios and SNAVs are eligible for infection (due to the infectious agent, Malo being a mobile application). To keep the game moving and to prevent malo from sneaking out undetected, at 8 minutes remaining, all living players are given the infected debuff (So everyone can see and shoot SCP-1471, but SCP-1471 can also teleport on to any player at this point).
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    - Added the Serpent's Hand into the Game - Really rare chance of spawning in place of an MTF Unit - Can be spawned by SCP-079 - They team with SCPs - Can escort SCP-079 by standing close to him and typing !escort
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    Well, everyone, the time has come. Not for me leaving GFL, hell no, but for me to actually move on to other servers, which will more than likely lead me into becoming more and more inactive on GFL servers, just because they don't appeal to me anymore. For those who don't know me, I was a former admin on the GFL Zombie Survival (Garry's Mod) server, which sadly has been oof'd, and shut down. It was going to inevitably happen, despite our best efforts to keep it alive and bring up the playerbase. Sadly, with the death of one of my favorite Gmod serves, came the death of my admin rank as well. (Double whammy, man..) But for the OFFICIAL TWO YEARS I've been apart of GFL, I feel like now would be a good time for me to part ways with it. Don't get me wrong I still have Steam and play Garry's Mod and shit, but I won't be active on the forums unless it's to donate, because I love supporting GFL and it's servers. You may also find me on the TTT server occasionally, because as toxic as it it, I enjoy playing and recommend it to everyone. Now for the mentions, here we go. My other dead server admin buddies~ @Z1galord You're gay asf and should still hit me up on steam sometimes hoe, because we're still friends despite you saying "no" @BigBthefluffyredneck You tried to save ZS, was a questionable admin, and toxic player, but we all enjoyed your presence m8 @Scoobers This Man is still dead, everyone pay respects @Deathhawk449 isn't dead but doesn't respond to messages fucking cunt @Aura Was the most hated admin, but one of my closest friends whO SHOULD RESPOND TO MY MESSAGES- @DOOMSlayer_ must've been fun being admin for 2 months on a dead server @Herbert squeaking genius @MegaUpload I forget you exist sometimes, but still a cool dude @JK_Ghosty "fanfictions" is all I have to say @snackdemarco who are you again @LappelDuVide this guy was an admin but idk who tf he is lmao @tenhours Arby's skycade lmao @Everyone Else Who was Admin or was denied you're still awesome, keep on moving in life, and don't give up! My Forum Friendos (That I remember oof) @rapperdan I dislike you sometimes but I can't hate you for some reason idk why @Misaki Never replies to messages but is still loved @Staryu this hoe is dead as fuck @TheClassyBandit You've made me laugh before so here you go @Violator This man keeps his PC on constantly to the point I'm surprised it hasn't caught fire yet @MASTAH you called me cute once @Everyone Else If you mention something then I'll add you For the Most part, I wasn't really popular on GFL, not a lot of people even knew me. But for those who did, thank you for giving me enjoyment in gaming again. It's been a fun run, and I'm going to miss all of it, and I wish I could go back to 2016 and do it all again just to experience it one more time. I haven't ever felt this way with any other community of gamers, and probably never will. The connections I've had, the friends and relationships I've made and built up, I loved every second of it, but once again, the time has come for me to move on. Focus more on my job and schooling, to make something better of myself. Occasionally I'll peep forums, and who knows, one day I may come back and regain my spark for GFL servers, but for now, my time has come to depart. I love you all, and I appreciate all the kindness you've shown me. Thank you, all. ♡
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    What is your alias and ID on discord? rapperdan#6969 is subject to change. How would you describe your activity? honestly I have no clue how ever I tend to have discord running the app and on my shift tab interface for the steam overlay in order to have ease of access. Why are you interested in becoming a discord mod? In all honesty I saw a few of the other apps atm and you guys seem to be somewhat open to others atm so I figured what the hell why not throw a dog a bone where it might be deserved normally I would not even think of applying but hey why not attempt to help what I feel could use some help and lead with care rather then bringing torches to a straw village I believe in the fact that there is other ways to moderate then apply punishments where tbf is not needed and should not happen my plans will be to lead this team into a more friendly face towards it's discord users and I believe anyone and everyone should be welcomed to our community no matter what differences they might have. How would you typically go about handling a conflict between two users? I might punish the person provoking something with a 10 minute mute maybe 60 max other then that I don't see much force needed in order to stop something between two people when we should look towards those two people and aiding them to become friends rather then apply a punishment and make two people resent each other more but if worst comes to worst sadly sometimes people are people and you must stop them sometimes. Have you ever been warned or muted? If so, explain what happened. yea I was banned once for salt reaction which is kinda one of the biggest reasons why I am even applying I see the flaws and would like to help. Discord Moderators and Trusted+, please +1 or -1 this application with an explanation for your vote.
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    Hello. I am Hayden. Some of you may recognize me as a player on many of the G-Mod and some cs servers back in the day. I haven't been on in quite some time, and I felt it fair to make this, open letter of sorts, apologizing for what happened some time ago. You see, when I joined the team, I was very excited at the prospect of expanding my Photoshop, GFX Design and other abilities, however, when I finally did join, and begin work on my first project, something happened, something unexpected, and kinda terrifying. My power-supply exploded, not even a few feet from myself, with a sightline so clear I could see it myself. In a shot of mostly blue and white light, my computer went from fully functional and high end to out of service, almost permanently, not to mention damaging the outlet it was plugged into, and starting a small fire, which I had to promptly put out using a wet blanket. My departing came with very little word to staff or others in the community and was later, too ashamed to return and explain myself. The truth is when my PSU combusted, it also destroyed my graphics card, and my CPU leaving me several thousand dollars in the hole on my pc. It took approximately 4 months, but I, eventually, had it running again, with a new fx 8320, 1050ti and ARC 750, plus some help from my brother, I had everything I needed to get back to work. There was just one hitch. When I realized my pc was running again, I didn't want to come back and explain myself because I felt ashamed that I left so soon after joining, I committed to joining the team and working hard to help improve myself and make the server and community network better, and in leaving without explanation, I'm certain I failed. in failing though, I'm glad to see the success you have all had in the past year, and seeing the network grow more, in recent days I finally worked up the courage to write this and try to explain my failure to you. I am sorry I couldn't simply come back because of some stupid sense of guilt and I should have produced a better explanation at the time, especially after my computer was functional again. In the past months many changes have come into my life, this included taking on a second language, having to fight my local school system to allow me to graduate secondary school, fighting them again when I was refused awards that were owed me, and of course, preparing to live on my own in a whole new city, which by contrast, really made me feel really quite silly about not wanting to come back and explain myself, even if it was just a typed message on the board somewhere. So in short....I'm sorry I didn't come back, I am sorry I couldn't explain myself and I'm sorry I waited so long to return you guys deserved better. I wish everyone the best, ` ~sincerely Hayden
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    Hello everyone, We have recently purchased a new NFO machine after the incident on June 24th. This machine will be costing us $10.00/m less than the old machine because we paid the one-time installation fee ($99.99). The new machine specs are the following: Processor - Intel Xeon E3-1275v6 @ 3.8 GHz RAM - 64 GBs Disk - 1000 GBs SSD Price - $164.98/m The old machine specs are the following: Processor - Intel Xeon E3-1270v5 @ 3.6 GHz RAM - 64 GBs Disk - 1000 GBs SSD Price - $174.98/m Here's a comparison site that compares CPU's single-thread performance. The E3-1275v6 has a score of 2,359 while the E3-1270v5 has a score of 2,169. Since SRCDS is mostly single-threaded, the single-thread performance of the CPU has the biggest effect on our game servers. Overall, our servers will be performing better on this new machine. I plan on moving some of the servers today (probably CS:S Surf RPG DM and CS:S Bunny Hop). I will make an announcement on the public Discord and reply to this thread once I trigger the moves. Over the next few weeks, I am going to be observing the peak CPU usage on both of our NFO machines. If possible, I'd like to cut down to one NFO machine in the United States (this will save us around $164.99/m as well). I will post another update in the next few weeks to say if this is possible or not. If possible, servers like Garry's Mod Breach will also be moved to the more powerful machine which will increase performance. The old machine (E3-1270v5) gets cancelled on July 11th, 2018. Therefore, we will need to have all the game servers moved off of that machine by then. I plan on having all the game servers moved well before then, though. If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know! Thanks!
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    Hello once again! I'd like to welcome @AverageDrink to the GFL Staff team. He will be serving as the leader of our dev team, something that we have lacked for the past couple of months. Thanks. View full article
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    Team Leader @TheSadBandit Sub Teams _________________________________________ GFX @Rose @TheSadBandit @Radify @Katie _________________________________________ Video Editing @JerryBomb @TheJitFace @Katie _________________________________________ Streamers @Worgee @CrusTi _________________________________________ Writer @Ben Roy @Zeugma or Omnibenevolence _________________________________________ Social Media @Ben Roy _________________________________________ PR Team @Unknown @Worgee @RockRoyce _________________________________________ Trainees @debo619bawb @YYZ @LLJ @No Cancer RP @Glenn_ _________________________________________
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    As you may know the zombie survival server has been dead for over half a year, although it was dead I tried my best efforts to come there but it inevitable because I'm alone, I leave my farewell to this great community, I made tons of great friends during my time and even when I was an admin, it was great to be one of the best players of the server, i always happen to survive with the greatest players everytime and was always last human due to hiding in best buy or movies Some people I wanna mention @LappelDuVide - you're the reason why I became an admin, you were one of the greatest players of the servers too Kurama and as for your managerial status i don't have much to say @Z1galord also one of the people who helped me when I became an admin and also one of the reasons I became one also a tryhard zombie, camps in the side of the cade when it's intermission @BigBthefluffyredneck - although you tried your best to save the server, it was inevitable if noone wants to join, you were the best cader of the server and whenever you Cade, the humans survivability rate increases from 10% to like 80% since your cades always survives @Kcim - although you're annoying at most times, you were a great guy, you made us laugh all the time and was also one of the best players in the server @InfernoBurnz - rumors has it that you were the one that killed the server, whenever you're a zombie, everyone knows that they're fucked up lol, one of the best players of the server @Wow - the legendary squeakanese Korean, I don't know what to say much about you but you were a great player to play with in both zombie and human @Dimac - Zero Two you did your best on trying to revive the server, you'd sometimes join us during the last days of GFL and also one of the best players @Marscrafter - Italian architecture at its finest @Trigger - shark guy who cares at movies and friends with @Elizabeth who happens to hide with you there in the back @ZombieSurvivalist224 - Stormsniper you were the only good squeaker to have around @Herbert - don't know what to say about you but I remember that you always play good music in your mic along with @ThePurpleFire that made @X2D say that this dumbass shenanigans of yours is the reason why this server is dying @Deathhawk449 - one of my first friends in the server and was one of the good players too @sabbathizer - the racist admin of the server lol(meant as a joke), very great guy and worked as an operator alongside me, also one of the best players of the server @DOOMSlayer_ - really great guy to play with and also one of the best, worth mentioning here @Smiles - can't forget about our headcrab king, CRAB PEOPLE! CRAB PEOPLE! The headcrab army was so annoying to deal with, you've always find away to enter the cades that aren't headcrab proof and the reason humans die all the time @Dark89998 one of those tolerable squeakers Kataclym - great cader DJ001 - one of the top tier caders of zs that increased humans survivability as well @Chicken_Chaser - FAS user but also one of the best players @BananaBandit99 - also one of the most well known players, great cader too Boots - the guy who's always pissed of for some reasons @Vulchrys - a notable player from another server(LFG) who switched to our server and became one of the best players in our server Thanderfour - from FKWZT server originally and became one of the best in our server too buddythesheep - a youtuber who happened to record some of the best bits of our server(worth checking out his channel, you might find yourself in his vids if you play zs) Now for Honorable mentions: @VERTiiOH @KingDeDeDe11 @SaintSchiz @PickleBandiitz @Vivian @kazewind @tenhours @AdaptOrDie @WarSadist @Pigeon-sama @Dummy @Scoobers @Toasted_Chromosomes @Atoshwing @thecoldsoldier @Lawlithon @shoey150 @TrillionDollarSoup @Purple @snackdemarco @Ronny-ya-dingus @MalevolantMinx( one of the few gamer girls in our server) @milk (gamer girl) @GradierBattle(also one of the only gamer girls in our server) @campo @R0adh0use @smeepdog102 @Officer_Joe_Balogna @nekomorphes @Lit(a notable player from LFG who switched and played to our server, great prop killer) @MoonMan If I forgot to tag other notable zs player, I tried to remember as much as I can but sorry if I forgot some and as for people from other servers some people I wanna mention @Xy @mbs (great guy to play with In hide and seek) @Winter( I enjoyed playing with you man) @Aura(a zs player that became an admin in less than a month, very well known to zs) Farewell everyone I guess this is goodbye, I enjoyed my time in this great community, I took lots of screenshots on almost every great gameplay and I'll cherish those memories, I enjoyed being one of the best players of the server
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    Hi everyone, your best friend Fetty here. I've come to talk about the n word. AHEM Argument 1 as to why the form of the word without hard r should be used. The word is a common colloquialism used by people of every ethnicity worldwide totally casually. Several admins on the server already tolerate the use of it. Argument 2 I have known two black people to ever play on the server in my 3 years of playing on the piece of shit, and yes i am beyond 100% sure they were not offended by it (and one of them even called me it :O) Argument 3 In essence, we are being offended for another group of people who are not even offended in the first place. Argument 4 I can say ANY other word on the server, some of them which can be perceived as infinitely worse. Argument 5 Words are like many other things in our world - They only have as much power as we give them. By allowing the word to "offend" us so much, we reinforce the idea that this totally harmless word already used by everyone casually is SUUUUPER bad... Which it isnt Argument 6 Seriously? just allow us to say it already badmins lol. This isn't a meme post and actually contains serious arguments. Don't immediately shoot it down cause it's controversial. True discussions require an open mind. and... YOUR MOM GAY LOOOOOOOOL POST SCRIPT - THIS IS ALL WITH REGARDS TO G F L Z E other servers go away lol
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    +1 never shuts up might as well make him work for us while hes annoying people.
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    Added: The commander is allowed to command his guards to do anything within reason, he may not override server rules. The guards do not have to follow the commander's commands, nor can the commander kill them if they don't. Yes, because I really had to add a rule saying that random members who join the server and happen to be selected as the commander can't break rules or command others to do so.
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    People here seem to like my thumb. Degenerates...
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    Hello, I just wanted to inform everyone about an ongoing event that started occurring on June 24th. I've been posting updates on the public GFL Discord. However, I never got around to posting them on the website. I apologize for this. Early Sunday morning, one of our NFO machines started experiencing high CPU usage and poor performance. We noticed our stock servers (no custom addons, etc.) consuming more CPU as well. Therefore, we opened a ticket with NFO thinking this is either an issue with the machine or some sort of attack (we've had attacks that aimed for the OS and affected all servers on the machine in the past). In the afternoon, we received the following update from NFO: This was the cause to the higher CPU usage and poorer performance we are experiencing. After I found this out, I requested to move two popular servers (CS:GO Zombie Escape and GMod TTT 1) to a temporary machine. Unfortunately, the temporary machine wasn't set up until early this morning. I also asked what the ETA was for the new PSU and they told me they won't install it until probably tomorrow. Due to the ETA being one day from now and the issue already going on for over twenty-four hours, I decided to start moving our CS:GO Zombie Escape and GMod TTT 1 servers to the temporary machine. I try to stay away from moving big servers like this because there are a lot of files and we've had corrupted moves in the past (which are a hassle to resolve). However, the servers are almost unplayable at this point and I don't want to keep them this way for any longer. I have already triggered the move of CS:GO Zombie Escape and will be triggering the move of GMod TTT 1 soon afterwards. It takes time for these moves to complete since the machine has to move everything over. I will continue to give updates on these moves as progress is made. I apologize for this inconvenience. When I played GMod TTT 1 yesterday and saw the server FPS at a steady <5 FPS, I was disgusted. I am hoping these server moves will go smooth without any major issues and downtime. I will reply to this thread as I make progress and receive updates. Thank you for understanding.
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    Under my leadership there have been many changes to the Media Team and many to come, one of the changes is in the Media Team Application process. Media Team has a new role, it's called Trainee. A short description of this new role is: it's the Trial-Admin/Operator of the Media Team. It's a role for those who feel they don't have the skills to become Media Team, but are wanting to learn, and to eventually become Media Team material. Not everyone is cut for Media Team, but if you are eager to learn, you can apply for Media Team Trainee! Simply put the role you want, and select Trainee, and it will tell us you want to be trained in that specific role, or if you are simply unsure of what role you want to do, just select Trainee! Difference between Member and Trainee: Member - Rank/role in forums. Their work is used for GFL, they are Media Team. They also get tested when they apply, to make sure they are fit for the role. Trainee - No rank/role in forums. Access to the Media Team Discord only. They get to spectate and see how Media Team Member role is, they get to learn (if they are willing to), and after the time period of 1-2 months, they will be tested on their skills, if we see improvement they will be voted upon the team, and we will make a decision if they have the skills to join Member, if they don't, they can stay as the role until they are deemed as Members. Media Team Member/Trainee applications are always open! Apply here!
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    What is your alias and ID on discord? WigglesWorth#9434 How would you describe your activity? voice on special occasions. I'm always on discord mobile and sometimes the actual pc software. Literally all I do anymore. Why are you interested in becoming a discord mod? Honestly, I'm not fully sure myself. All of the higher ups know my issues with toxicity, and my record of lashing out when protecting my close friends. I'm pretty biased without realizing it. BUT, all in all, my main priority is giving back and helping keep alive the community that made me feel alive in return. Not much else to really say about it, it's just a bit of a passion. How would you typically go about handling a conflict between two users? I handle conflict between others much more professionally than when i handle my own conflict. Id ask them each (in pm) their side. Then try to provide an answer/solution. (Peer mediation, pretty much) and if they persist after, kindly ask them to take it to private. If they don't they get a warn/mute, depending on how far up the ladder they skadoodled. Have you ever been warned or muted? If so, explain what happened. No systematical warns, however have been muted twice. The origins of the first one is fuzzy but I'm pretty sure it had something to do with Dan or Darkling. I digress, my recent one was during my dramatic flair of a rant, upon hearing something of mine was being discussed. Crusty was answering to each of my complaints, somewhat, as Pyros muted me out of general temporarily to provide cooldown time. Shortly after we finished discussing with some new understandings. Discord Moderators and Trusted+, please +1 or -1 this application with an explanation for your vote.
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    So, you've probably clicked this looking for a C rated, sub standard shitpost, well guess what, you've came to the wrong forum post pal. This isn't no half assed shitpost you're about to read, this is the truth of the greatest scourge of GFL, a scourge affecting near all of GFLs servers; The blight of anime. Anime of course, was created during the post World War 2 Economic Miracle of japan, wherein a small animated community arose in a similar way to reality TV did in America, but based on the already rooted manga art style of Japanese literature. The style of cartoon quickly grew in popularity, and became one of Japans greatest entertainment exports, resulting in a massive wave of popularity among western countries looking for new entertainment. At the forefront of this expansion, came America, and soon many Anime stories became interloped with the typical plot of a reality TV show. Alongside this adaptation to a massive new audience, came a new Anime sub genre, called Hentai. This occurred after the massive boom of popularity during the 1970-80's of Adult film entertainment, resulting of course, in a new exploitable market for the Anime Economy. This created a massive riptide within the typical sitcom story style, giving birth to an elder teen and adult oriented story telling style that was based off of sex, violence and simplified plots. Now that you have an understanding of this scourge and it's rise of popularity, allow me to explain it's inherent root amidst the young teen and older culture.This stems form Anime's form of simplified storytelling, allowing a newer rising audience to easily understand and interpret the media. The members of the Autistic community. As Western Entertainment media has become more and more complex with the times, it has failed to capture the attention of a key unexploited audience, that of autistic and special needs citizens. This has allowed the anime community and market to exploit this audience, due to it's upfront and simple dialogue and style, the media has become anchored in the Autistic community. This brings me to the original point of the article; How is it a scourge? As i have stated above, and the BBC have, anime takes the majority interest within the autistic community, which is where the problem starts. You see, I am a devout naturalist by nature, favoring the options of Nature over humanities clumsy and damaging hand. This has led me to be a strong supporter of the rule of "Survival Of The Fittest", applying this to the Anime community has actually been an outwith interest of mine, especially following the media attention of the media as of late. Following my belief, i have determined that the anime community is of itself, a roadblock in the way of Humanities evolutionary progress. Due to the large handicap of mental disorders among it's members. As a result, it is of my opinion that anime is a dead weight for our community and its progress to a similar standard of that of evolution as a biological process, so we must cut out this handicap to GFL, and cast it away to rot amidst the piles of recessive trends among humanities progress. And so, I ask you. Will you stand and let this roadblock to you, to GFL, To Humanity, Hinder us? If your answer isn't yes by now, allow me to persuade you further; A predominant group within the anime community, one that has been gathering legal interest, is, if you haven't worked out by now, Lolicon. Or, to put it simply, Anime Child Porn. This tumorous growth has been increasing in size amidst the members of the Anime community, even expanding outwards into larger and more popular Anime series in an attempt to appeal to this depraved fan base. (Konosuba, Steins; Gate). This depraved fan base promotes a recessive back-trot of Children's reproductive and sexual rights, supporting a medieval style of reproductive behavior, where under 18's were frequently subject to rape and sex, some as young as 12. This, for the progress of humanity and the rights of Children and Adolescents, is despicable, and must be stopped. < This is disgusting, and must be stopped. And so, i reach to you greater GFL. Will you stand for this? Will you allow these depraved, backwards, barbarian members of humanity to take root and spread their filth and poison to our members, to the community we call home? The time to act is now, and i hope we will, for the love of god i hope we will...
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    So I just wanna say. It was fun. we decided upon my request and upon me entering the channel and singing firework that we would all sing together. Here are some youtube clips, I'll add the rest in the form of comments https://youtu.be/OpXdhwu2fl4 https://youtu.be/IHo-Ag5Et24 Tagging those involved aswell @Darkling @CrusTi @Crusty @AverageDrink @Liloz01 @Dekko @Toasted_Chromosomes @RickGrimesTM @Aura @MercurialWizard @Winter
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    Name: Russell Crowe Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:1940480 Age: 29 (not as old as pb) Server Playtime: Around 1100 hours (About 300 - 400 hours of admin experience on GFL Zombie Escape) Time you back be on & Timezone: Anytime really. I don't have a set schedule. PST. Anywhere from 9:30am to 6am. Why do you want to become an admin? Same reason as my first application (guessing its gone with the old gfl website plus my forum activity) I've bin playing on the zombie escape server since it started. I still enjoy the community after all these years. It's a Great player base. Helping out new players and leading maps hasent changed, i still enjoy it. Everyday I answer any new players questions or help them with commands that will make their GFL experience SUPER!. I always want to give back to the server I spend countless amounts of hours on and why I was a admin in the first place. Normally I would say "lack of admins on" but it seems admins playtime has increased a bit as of late. I waited about 6 months to reapply to show im not going anywhere. If you have any concerns on why I quit cold turkey while I was admin back in 2015-2016 I would rather talk about that in a personnel message. As time goes by more and more people leave as do admins. such if life Reason for accepting: My Muscles are back. Cheers!
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    We all know the infamous @Astral Rogue, and for some reason, some dummies want them to be a breach admin. Here are five reasons why Astral should not be a breach admin: 1. they never get on, like, ever! well...um, then... 2. they are very...disliked! they don't have a lot of posts, and I don't know anyone who likes them. ok well...um.... 3.! Well they gay! no you! damnit...um well 4. They never reply to anyone, even on their own posts! that's pretty mean! Well um...that...um..well then! 5. Become admin now!
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    He's carrying Gabe Newell's lunch.
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    Preach nigga. GFL fix your shit. Please. This used to be a loving and friendly place. People now feel less obligated to stay then ever, and the people who do stay and want to help feel shut out.
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    Warning - Some of these have been suggested before, i'm just either Updating them, Remaking them or They're good and i wanna show them to people that haven't seen them yet. SCP-●●|●●●●●|●●|● Reason: 2nd most top rated Non-Joke SCP, 173 is the top rated. HEALTH - 1400 ATTACK - 10-20 Due to grab attack ABILITY - Grabs people, person is unable to shoot guns but can use melee. PASSIVE - Anyone that says "SCP-2521" "2521" "SCP2521" "2521SCP" Will be highlighted for SCP-●●|●●●●●|●●|● SPAWN - I Can't think of one, maybe 205's room too SCP-1471 Reason: Cool and its got a model on the workshop MODEL HEALTH - 800 ATTACK - 30-40 ABILITY - Stalk, you are unable to attack your victim until you stalk PASSIVE - Invisible until you stalk someone, when a player stares at 1471 for too long their screen starts shaking [Paranoia] Only visible from a distance SPAWN - 205's room SCP-662 Reason: Can be fun to play, or is it me the only one that would think that MODEL HEALTH - 100 ATTACK - Uses items ABILITY - Short range teleportation, brings up a topdown view of the area they're in, click to teleport to location, if teleported inside of wall, they die. -Cannot teleport when being looked at PASSIVE - When a player rings the Silver Bell 662 will spawn [Random Spectator] on their team and neutral to everything but the ringer, but Hostile to SCPs. Bell can be rang every 30 seconds, but cannot be rung when there is already a 662 alive, Bell's ability includes -Teleporting 662 to yourself 662 Would have to accept the request VIA popup, the popup will go away after 20 seconds or so. -Spawning 662 -A HUD showing 662's Health and Ammo SPAWN - Site-13 662 cell, and Site-19 1123 Cell, to make it harder to get 662 i suggest putting a level 3 lock on the rooms cell and move the card inside out of it onto a table Note: Its more of a teamwork SCP SCP-131-A & 131-B Reason: 173 Counter MODEL - Part of a pack HEALTH - 50 ATTACK - None ABILITY - None PASSIVE - Cannot blink, Can be blinded by 173, Very fast speed SPAWN - A Researcher Spawn Note: 173 needs a counter, it'll add a challenge and make 173 communicate with his team SCP-178 & 178-1 Reason: OK I KNOW IT WAS REMOVED, BUT IT WAS MY FAVORITE ONE TO PLAY 178-1 Model Unity Remake 178 Model HEALTH - 250 ATTACK - 25-50 ABILITY - Phase, Teleport's a bit forward. PASSIVE - 1-5 Spawn, Can only be seen by people wearing 178, slow movement SPAWN - 178's Cell SCP-216 Reason: Could be useful MODEL - Only one i could find ABILITY - Activating it will open a HUD, this hud will have a number slot, max number is [20] entering a number between 1 and 20 will open a storage, you can put items in, a random storage [1-20] will have a level 5 also a random storage will play a distorted sound and can cause -Damage ranging from 10 to 70 -Insta Death -Screen shaking [15 Seconds] -No Sprint [1 Minute] PASSIVE - None LOCATION - LCZ Basement, HCZ 966 Cell, ETZ Bathroom, Gate A Surface MTF/CI spawn, Gate B Surface right next to the entrance to the pathway. SCP-072 Reason: Meh just a new SCP HEALTH - Invincible, Bed has 500 HP to give him and other SCPs reaction time ATTACK - 20-25 ABILITY - Swipe, 072 will cut the players feet infront of it and they won't be able to run for the rest of the round PASSIVE - Can only be killed VIA destruction of the bed, 072 would be alerted of it being attacked and becomes alot faster, about 173's Speed LOCATION - Bed locations can be, Hidden in LCZ basement, HCZ by 049s cell, HCZ in 035s cell, HCZ in 106s cell, HCZ 682s cell SCP-162 Reason: Good weapon ATTACK - 5 per second standing still, 15 per second when moving. ABILITY - Using the Ball of Sharp on people will keep them restrained near you, can be broken VIA another player attacking the user. PASSIVE - Cannot get near it or use it without SCP-148 or SCP-714 and Metal Gloves or else it'll restrain you and kill you LOCATION - Infront of SCP-895 on Site-19 SCP-148 Reason: Goes with SCP-162 MODEL ABILITY - None PASSIVE - Counters againts SCP-162 Passive and SCP-966's Ability LOCATION - SCP-860's room on Site-19 SCP-714 Reason: Good tool to use, i'd rush it MODEL ABILITY - None PASSIVE - Slow Reloading, No running, Counters, 966's Ability, 162's Passive and 049's Attack LOCATION - 714's Cell on Site-19 suggested to lock it behind a level 3 door SCP-513 & 513-1 Reason: Just suggesting MODEL - 513 MODEL - 513-1 HEALTH - 650 ATTACK - 25 Can only attack those who ring the bell. ABILITY - None PASSIVE - Can only be seen by those who ring the bell, can only be seen when not looking directly at it. SPAWN - 513's room on Site-19 LOCATION - 513's room on site-19 SCP-012 Reason: Risk it for the gun? MODEL HEALTH - 1 ATTACK - 25 Per 5 Seconds ABILITY - None PASSIVE - When entering 012's room it takes control of said player, keeps them still, then does 25 Damage every 5 Seconds, Recommend one person goes in first since it can only control one at a time, then kill it with a crowbar or something LOCATION - 012's Room SCP-1499-1 and 1499 Reason: Escape but chance it MODEL - Could only find a ragdoll MODEL - Mask HEALTH - 250 ATTACK - 10-15 ABILITY - None PASSIVE - Can only attack people using 1499, can pass through doors to locate the user easily, user is highlighted - 1499s users are invisible and can only be attacked by 1499-1, user cannot interact with anything, user cannot pass through doors SPAWN - 1499's Room LOCATION - 1499's Room ITEMS ITEM-Syringe Reason: Healing item MODEL USE - Heals 25 HP EFFECT - None LOCATION - Medbay, Random spawns all over ITEM-Hazmat Suit Reason: Protection MODEL USE - Protects against 049, 457 and 008 EFFECT - Screen darkens LOCATION - 008's Cell ITEM-First Aid Blue Reason: Medkit Varients MODEL USE - Heals full HP EFFECT - None LOCATION - Medkit Spawns ITEM-Eyedrops Red Reason: 173 Counter MODEL USE - Blinking stops for a Minute EFFECT - Blurs screen and Damages for 15 HP LOCATION - Eyedrop spawns ITEM-Eyedrops Black/Strange Reason: 173 Counter MODEL USE - Has multiple Effects EFFECT - Blinking stops for 30 Seconds 50%, Blinking stops for a Minute + 15 Damage 30%, Blinking stops for 8 Minutes + 50 Damage 25%, Loss of vision 4%, Blinking stops until you Die + 90 Damage 1%. LOCATION - Eyedrop spawns -Spent 6+ hours working on this-
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    Added Persistent corpses, corpses now stay on the ground. Changed SCP-049 can now revive corpses, so long as the player A) Has not respawned as NTF or any other class, B) Has not set his or herself as AFK and C) Died within 180 seconds of SCP-049 attempting to revive them SCP-049-2s now spawn with a maximum health of 500. They may be subject to other nerfs if they still prove to be too OP. SCPs no longer make corpses Fixed Spectators no longer produce corpses, this means that you should no longer see random corpses falling when the map starts/ every time someone dies in deathmatch.
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    What do you see when you look at this. I see false truths and deception. Enhance Enhance And this... Is... to go... even further beyond! Press F to pay respects
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    - Added achievements, view which achievements you have earned by pressing f4 or typing br_achievements in the console (More achievements will be added over time) - Replaced the Tab menu for the final time - Fixed all bugs formerly associated with the tab menu - Networking optimizations with the way roles are networked, so you don't have to wait 20 fucking years to see proper roles in the tab.
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    i get the feeling that no one will read this
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    What is your alias and ID on discord? [NW]Harakoni#8613 How would you describe your activity? To be honest i'm in and out of the GFL discord near daily, you'll probably see me clogging general or another chat during the day. I'm not the most active, but by far i'm nowhere near the least active of frequent members. During playing the server i'm on, I will often shift to the GFL Discord to see what's going on or join a conversation, which is how i tend to appear 70% of the time Using the Utility bot, I am currently listed as #8 in message score. Why are you interested in becoming a discord mod? I'm interested as often I will come across the chat without a moderator present (sometimes on but not talking/AFK), and very few online. This has resulted in a few incidents (myself included- see final tab) where players have had free roam without punishment. When i first joined the discord, if i'm to be honest, the moderators were bending rules to their own preference, and, not being particularly close to anyone with fear of backlash, I believe I'll be able to effectively moderate and quell arguments/unrest before it begins using the designated rules. Without warping them to my own view or bias. I have had previous experience as a moderator on 2 other discord servers, the largest being 1.4k members; where I was one of 4 Head Moderators. The second being a smaller server of 400 regular/semi-active users, where i upheld a middle tier administrator position. (For reference I no longer hold the head moderator position, due to criticizing the server owners choice to turn the server into a raiding server) How would you typically go about handling a conflict between two users? If I arrive or am present when friction between users start, I would start with a verbal non-recorded warn, telling them to stop or be reprimanded. If the behavior continues, and backlash becomes present, I will then move to a mute and so on down the set moderator track. If the conflict is with me, be it criticism or general toxicity. I will usually hear them out for what they have to say criticism wise, by which point i can tell if they have a legitimate viable concern or are being toxic for the hell of it, I'm not a Nazi stepping on anyone's say. People have the right to opinions. In my past moderator experiences i was notorious for being quite lenient, which also reflects on the Gmod server i Admin on, and wouldn't jump to a mute until a problem had 100% occured. Resulting in many users engaging with me as not an official but another player. Have you ever been warned or muted? If so, explain what happened. The first incident that comes to mind involved the user Ene, where a convo about the actual meaning of national Socialism derailed into an insult fest on both ends. We were both muted by a moderator at that time, and i have been given careful warnings to not incite anything with Ene due to their reputation. A second incident occurred with the user Misaki, where we were arguing about Gender's of transgender people, wherein I was muted after Liloz verbally warned me to stop, as it was becoming more toxic to witness. As to date i have had no argument like events with Misaki, and i hold no past feelings for the incident. I however noted that the event could have been stopped before it happened, but a moderator was unfortunately not present in chat at the time. Thank you for reading and i hope you respond honestly with your thoughts
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    Either on July 17 or 28 I will be going on a road trip to visit my family. I will be able to bring my laptop with me but I'll be focusing more on spending time with my family than on playing games. When I am on my laptop I'll most likely be doing code. So my activity on Breach and Dystopia will be down for a little while. If any Dystopia staff/players have trouble with the server please contact @Xy or @wd40. Thanks. @Roy Also if I can't 1v1 you in Dystopia, I'll just 1v1 you in real life. ( Maybe. )
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    If it makes you feel better, I do neurological work on their larva, killing them with - quite literally - lasers to analyze paths of dendritic degeneration and regeneration. All while taking microscopic photos of them dying, a beautiful reality for their babies.
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    Another Update Our CS:GO Zombie Escape server was successfully moved to the new NFO machine! It should be coming back up once Valve or SourceMod fixes the issue in CS:GO itself. Thanks!
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    Changed - Removed player collisions, they were only used to door block anyways. - SCPs and Spectators can now see which scp a player is on the scoreboard. Soon - SCP-1471 will be added tomorrow. - Other shit that is still WIP
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    I feel lied to and hurt. Roy hurt my feelings.