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    Tired of replying to the new players who always type !knife or !ws when they join? If you are, then you should say something about it! Therefore I suggest a plugin to automatically send a message like "It is a violation of Valve's server hosting ToS..." or something similar to the players who attempts to use !knife or !ws for all CS:GO servers.
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    It sucks to be kakarot
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    This is the real photo. @rapperdan tried to hide his memes. #EXPOSED @Joshy
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    Special Thanks To @saucin @Bomber314 @ReconXMaverick @Atboyer1 @Darth @gimpslap 9 Oil Drillers 18 Containers 11 Refineries 30 Shipments $9,000 Per Oil Container $50,000 Entry into the group (3 people entered) GAINS
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    does anyone know why purge went down or an ETA on having it back up. i have more people to arrest and piss off lol
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    Been having an excellent time with the family visiting Queen's Shop near Buckingham Palace M&M World Changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace Cheeky Nandos, @PaulaDeen (I think it was you who was mentioning it in TS? Sorry if I am wrong.)
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    Hi! Just wanted to let everyone know that a new map been added! GeekroomV2. Have fun!
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    Going to lock this as it's up now, if it goes back down PM me on forums, but i'll most likely already be looking into it to fix.
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    US Staffs of 1v1, I present to you... a demo of an aim locker on US 1v1 server around 11pm EST, since the admin(s) that I know weren't available so I just post it here because I was kinda recommended to do so. so here it is. It happened while I am playing on US 1v1, I notice this player is advertising hacks on chat. I thought he might just be trolling but I was wrong, by the time I went to spec still trying to bleach my mind from certain things from the other server, I began to notice this player wasn't kidding about the hacks. This player is literally aim locking on to players through walls. By the time I decided to record demo, the map is over. On the next map, he remained in spectate for some time before joining the game. I waited patiently before recording him aim locking on to fellow players for a few rounds before leaving. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0By28wpYfHj_hd1A4bVpsN05ZcXM Player info: http://steamcommunity.com/id/IceyApples/ Honestly, I don't think it matters anymore (or does it?) since he literally just got a VAC ban as I write this up.
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    We know. We're fixing it. Please be patient --Nap14hockey
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    No I mean put the link to valve's website where they posted the notice. (The request to remove said plugins from your server) Sorry for any confusion, Nap14hockey
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    That's not what he means he means provide this http://blog.counter-strike.net/index.php/server_guidelines/
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    i am trying to make the perfect set of laws so i can arrest everyone. i seen in the motd that taxes are allowed. Must allow up to 3 minutes for mayor to be paid if mayor has tax laws. Highest percent a mayor can tax is 10% how would you calculate 10% . could i put a 1k property tax due at the end of every purge. given the 3 minutes AFTER lockdown to pay.
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    Really dude? It hasn't even been a week since the previous false admin app thing, now you're going to start a new age of shit posting here on the wrong sub forum! In seriousness this is the wrong subforum for gmod zombie survival. Try this link: https://gflclan.com/forums/forum/178-important-information/
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    Or you can donate ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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    I just uploaded my own custom cover photo.
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    Seem like he was Vac Banned this morning.
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    Oh my. So many memories on Richland...
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    I'm OG. I just stay here to piss people off. @Nap14hockey learn to spell.
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    tfw 1k hours and no karma bans But heres one, > shoot t buddy with flare gun for amusement > watch them panic and run in circles > laugh > see their health go red > start to sweat > fire still going > sweating bullets > t buddy dies > proceed to pretend that nothing happened to avoid slay > somehow avoid slay even though Don Patch was on > get karma banned > blame admins for getting karma banned
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    They don't need to scream kos "Insertnamehere" 50 times into their mic/chat, at most 5 should be enough to get the point across, and they can mention it later so no one forgets. If they start spamming it to the point where it is excessive/annoying , admins can warn/gag/mute. But that depends on what the admins feel enough is enough.
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    I'm triggered just reading your post about it.
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    Hey! Welcome to GFL, I am Leks. You will most likely find me lurking in the CSGO Jailbreak server, where I am an admin. :D
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    Just as good as the one in DC, except I tried something different. I just got the bean wrap with no yogurt sauce; I'm a super freak when it comes to dodging sugar and most sauces or creams (I feel like it's overused and a way to cover up bad tasting food). I have to admit that I'm also super concerned about my health and gaining weight because I eat way more than a lot of people.
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    Here's my theory on the matter: Trump tells Mexico he wants to build a wall with their money. Mexico refuses. Trump threatens Mexico and says he will invade if they refuse. Mexico refuses. Trump gets America to invade Mexico United Nations be like "nononononononononono." Putin says to UN "hey you can't say that to my best pal trump, oh hey look how one of my tanks has slipped into your country" Russia assaults UN headquarters. Select countries of UN retaliate and assault Russia. Putin accidentally launches the Tsar Bomba. Everyone dies. The End. Tell me how you think WW3 is going to start! THE END OF THE WORLD IS NEAR!
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    Praise the ass! All is right again
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    You have been accepted. Message me if you have any questions or issues.
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    @Cypher I love the black bars.
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    WW3 will never happen! If the cold war never went hot then there will never be a 3rd world war.
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    we need possesion player if you want go fapescape ex 3. because many people in possesion know how to use like wall . we need leader rulucy or shuffen to beat fapescape rote 2
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    You sure are XD In my opinion it's a really easy way to make money, But they have actually nerfed it and made it 2,500 instead of 9,000. yeah ofc Sorry no vegans
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    Well I got an idea, just add more admins. This way we don't need another rank.
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    As a proud advocate of zombie supremacy, I'd like to offer my own bit of advice. Against RUNNERS! There are three key 'brain' points to focus on when playing as your classic zombie marauder. Your primary objective is to determine how you became undead. Were you hand-picked by god to carry the great weight of being the first zombie? Or were you slaughtered as you backpedaled away from the undead horde, firing a AK from the FA:S weapon pack? It doesn't matter, I just wanted to make that point. You can now bring into play these special tips! 1. Pursuit! You want to be able to catch your skinny limbed buddy named 'Chicken Chaser', but he is just too fast! All those speed perks really give him quite the prowl. You're going to want to always be at an acute angle in regards to your prey. Rounding a corner harder than Chicken Chaser, or even crouch-jumping over a barrier successfully could get you that extra boost you need to sink your slimey claws into his plump ass for a nice and freshly earned -30 2. Selective Hunting. You are undead, and that means that you're entitled to be as scummy and dirt-bagish as you want. That means ball-busting the poor Kleiner standing 10 feet away from zombie spawn holding a plank. There are unseasoned players who want to get in on the zombie beat down in wave 1. One or two strikes on them will normally send them retreating far away from spawn, but if you're able to shovel them away from Chicken Chaser- you might be able to get them to the red. When a player has red HP, their speed is reduced so much that they can barely escape a single headcrab played by one of Smiles's many subordinates. Oh yeah, and don't be afraid to use the benches scattered throughout the map to prop-kill them! A perfectly aimed bench-strike can drop someone from 100 HP to 0 instantly. 3. ALWAYS USE 'F' NIGHTVISION! Not only do you get a healthy sound reduction that makes the nonstop barrage of 'Owen's Blaster' slightly less annoying, but you also are able to easily identify hitboxes and are able to see who's injured more. The 'heartbeat' that shows up without nightvision is not fast enough to /on the fly/ see who's bleeding out. Unless you're taking on more than 3 people, always target the one with the lowest health. It feels good to kill some douche who's trying to steal kills from Chicken Chaser or some other douche with a female model and the Bust Weapon.
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    We just won artika, both endings (only got ss of one)
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    Woah, a not extremely cancer topic from @Vaga_Bond? Interesting...am I dreaming?
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    That was more of a joke. Of course, I believe Overwatch is an overpriced TF2. still demorai tho
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    As in turn of recent events. I caused drama. Therefore I feel due to my "unforgivable" acts. I must leave. I've been demoted on two servers for such a heinous act. I showed utmost immaturity by publicly calling out a board of director for abuse, which with that I handled in a completely immature way. I went against the higher ups and replaced threads that had been deleted "unfairly". Thanks to no one telling me it was a feature on the forum that automatically deleted threads/posts (Why? Why would you keep that a secret for fucks sake?). With this departure and my demotion. I want to dearly apologize for everyone I harmed, in some sort of way. For so long I've wanted to further my role in GFL, I've wanted to manage a GFL server. But due to my emotional and mental disabilities such as keeping grudges, getting angry easily, depressing and so much more, that was not possible, and never will be possible. I've been with GFL for around 4 years. And I took my job here very seriously. My downfall initially started with the event of losing the chance of managing hide and seek around a year ago. Why? I felt the higher ups had been biased with their choice. Thus leading me to be very critical and disrespectful of the GMod DL's. Then when the CS:S tragedy happened. Since I had been a player of cs:s ze, chose to give the people there my sympathy. Some of them were my friends, so I chose to join them by linking my steam account to their website. This was also a mistake which caused me to be criticized by the higher ups for that, along with insulting this community I dug my grave deeper. At the time I had been head admin of GMod jailbreak under @Addy as manager. I loved, my job, and I loved the community. I took it seriously, and maturely as all admins should. But still I was on thin ice. When I continued my push for manager I was shot down for "leaving GFL" for the other community which was wrong, so terribly wrong. I never made my leave official, I never said ANYTHING about leaving GFL for them. Yet someone else gets manager who literally made a post saying he ABANDONED GFL for them. (But that's none of my business) With this final statement. I will apologize once more to EVERYONE and I will take this as a LESSON for when I return. First I'll start off with all my previous managers. @Addy Thanks for being a true friend, and a good manager. I had fun serving under you as a Jailbreak, and Bhop admin. I enjoyed helping you test your upcoming server @HackingPotato Thank you for taking me under your wing as your CS:GO Jailbreak admin. You dealt with my emotional problems and helped me with my self doubt. @Happy Thanks, thanks for giving me a chance at the great potential CW:RP had. You don't know how much that means to me. @Kim Thanks for being a chill manager, its sad that you left... great cs:s admin. @SwegBuster Even though it wasn't truly official, thanks for allowing me to be on the CS:S ZM admin team. @Joshy Thank you, so so much. For defending me when I made my ultimate mistake. I didn't think you'd do that for me. Everyone else... @Jermsquad Thanks for being a great friend, and bad influence for me. It was great, you made my life so much better. @Nomelie Thanks mom, you're always such a great support for me. @RandomBear Panda, thanks for sticking with me and putting up with me even though I'm such a big asshole. @Nubz Thanks for all the advice, when I don't know what to do I always turn to you. Thanks for being a true friend. @Otter Thanks for managing Rust, it really gave me and my friends a place to meme and blow off some steam. @Dano Thanks for the shot at administrating KZ. You always believed in me and supported me. @Shuruia I'm sorry we've had so many disagreements. You opened my eyes to so many things you're basically my mentor. I hope when I come back from this we can be on stable grounds. @Finnick I'm sorry I exiled you from our group, I was such an ass to you. I consider you a friend, and hope you can consider me one too. @Rcool64 Thanks for being a generally great guy, I hope deathrun stays stable for you, such memories of mine are there. @Korowa I'm sorry, I'm sorry I was such a pussy I couldn't even break up with you to your face. @Preliminary or @Liloz01 I'm sorry for being a callous cunt to you, for separating you from your best friend for a greedy reason, I hope one day you can forgive me. @denros I'm sorry I accused you, I was stupid, and blinded by anger. I hope you can forgive me for my stupid, childish action. @Darkling, @PaulaDeen, @Aurelien, @Leks, @Johaw, @bballallan, @Sajco, @Dogger, @FlippySpoopy. Thank you everyone for putting up for my broken attitude on Jailbreak, it was a blast serving with you all. @Reeve It was nice knowing you, and playing rust/cs:s bhop with you, you're a great person. @rapperdan Thanks, and sorry. Thanks for being such a good person to meme, and sorry for that same reason. @SFB Generally cool dude, its a shame you got banned before. @RickGrimesTM Thanks for helping with CW:RP and everything else. generally fun guy. Willing to help anyone. <3 @qDogg Thanks for the good signatures. Your artwork is amazing. @Cypher you're an internet bitch bro, if i ever meet you in real life i'll most likely be catching your hands If I missed you, I'm sorry. And @Hatty , what will you be doing while you're gone? never forget, the fallen member of sword art jermsquad
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    the best way to get more for being a member, is to donate.
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    Notes Fixed all updates being "In Development" for most users (permissions error).
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    Hmmm. .-. @Wow Cause why not. @Frisk No i take that back. @XxKarmaxX Cause she best person ever. @Lukah uhhh. Idek. If you're not on this list, you dont matter.
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    Discord might be good for smaller communities, but since we're pretty large and offer things such as personal channels, then we have to use a more advanced program. One issue with Discord is the way permissions are handled. It's way too simple compared to TS. I like Discord, but I can't imagine us using it.