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    *DISCLAIMER* - No I'm not resigning it's just a story My Breach story For some reason unknown recently, people have been making stories about their time in GFL. I've made a similar one about a year ago about my story on GFL and ZS, since its been over a year after I wrote that story and now I feel like it's time to do one about Breach. It all started after ZS's death, it was the middle of May and the end of 8th grade was around the corner and I didn't have that much to do except browse forums and play some Rainbow Six Siege. I got fed up with playing Rainbow Six and I wanted to try something else on GFL Gmod. So I went and browsed forums for any other gamemodes I could be interested in. I saw some but I wasn't that into them because I knew how they went, such as Deathrun and Hide n Seek. I looked at the announcements and saw that there was a new breach server that was created about 5 months ago, it apparently suffered the same fate as ZS, but it was seeing a revival in it. I figured since I had nothing to do, "why not I'll play it", I hopped on and the first time I joined there was a ok 20+ people on, Roy was on but was failing hard as he didn't know what he was doing. The first round came around and I was a class d, I had no clue where to go and what the objectives were. I did play SCP: CB before so I did know the lore behind the gamemode itself but not the map or anybody on. That's when I realized it, my 13 year old mind sparked and I realized that I found my new favorite Gmod server. The end of 8th grade happened and I was free to do as I pleased that 2017 summer. So I got on GFL Breach and played some more, and more, and more. I started to meet new people such as Duc2000, Kite9867, and some other peeps as well. Around that early June, I played about 150+ hours on GFL Breach, knowing all the rules and everything that went with it. I then left for a little bit to get ZS back on its feet during the summer and then came back a little later. I felt confident enough that I applied for admin, but there was one problem, I didn't have a sponsor. So being the cringy 13 year old at the time, I went around admin to admin begging them to sponsor me, I especially bugged Haxray to sponsor me, which he eventually did (probably just to get me to shut the fuck up). That's when I finally had it, I had all the requirements for admin and I played for a lot during the first half of the summer with my admin application up. Everything looked swell that 2017 summer. That's when my activity on GFL Breach nose dived. It started when I had to leave for Boy Scout camp for a week at the end of June which deteriorated my activity, but I later came back to breach. Then I left to go to the beach for another week which further damaged my activity on breach. That's when I left for Taiwan for 3 weeks from the end of July to Mid August, due to the 12 hour ahead time in Taiwan, I had forgotten about GFL Breach but decided to play on GFL Purge instead. Then for the remainder of August, I had Cross Country practice as well as my first year of High School started and that's when I completely forgotten about GFL Breach altogether. It wasn't until 2 months later at the end of October that I remember that GFL Breach was a thing and I used to play on it a lot. I also discovered my long lost app that got denied almost 2 months ago due to inactivity. I started to get back onto breach through out November, making some decent activity on there and as well as most of December. I played a lot through out January and February, getting to know the new admins and the old admins. I also got warned in January for closing the door on poor John and got him killed lol. That's when it happened, the great GFL RN Crisis of 2018. Basically what happened was on March 7th, 2018 at 10:08 am EST. Nigel, the owner of RN SCP, claimed that GFL Breach "stole" his work from his Gmod server content on workshop, which doesn't make any sense what so ever because anything you post on the Gmod Workshop, people have to right to use it freely, but cannot modify it without owner permission. Nigel made a post on his steam group lmao he has a steam group not a website amirte that he declared war on GFL. His group of RN members (I call them RN tards ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)) wanted to do harm to Breach, basically some basic server raiding stuff like rdming, mic spamming, there was even a couple "ddos threats" which never happened. It never really ended as there are still high tensions with GFL and RN SCP to this day. 2 weeks after that sheitshow, I thought about applying for admin again, since I matured a lot since my last app and now I'm 14 and I started to get back into GFL Breach, there was also a ton of rule breaking whenever admins were not on but I was on, I felt like I had to help somehow. I got Teri as my breach sponsor and applied, I got all positive votes and another sponsor for killing John sorry not sorry with a pistol. I played for a lot more, got harrassed by some Breach furries, and I was accepted into the GFL Breach Admin Team (I call us the Special needs). There was also some drama such as me making a meme over the Kite x Rose thing that happened in January, basically I cause GFL drama with memes. That's the story of my time on GFL Breach from then to now. Thanks to all who supported me during my time on Breach!
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    What he says "I was speaking Chinese" What he meant "I was screaming CHING CHONG BING BONG every time I got unggaged"
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    Good story. Love how you mention the RN Crisis. And fuck you for spreading the Aqua, Morgie, Rose x Kite shit. And making fucking fanfics out of them you little asian boi. Love you still, now back to the rice fields you go!
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    GFL DEMOGRAPHIC 2017 Participates: 190 Trolls: 10 #Harry4WeebRank? Thank you to all that participated. I was happy to see we got more people this year and met my stretch goal of 200 people (if I include the trolls). If you see and mistakes (mainly in the religion and political party section), let me know below. If you would like to compare these to last years statistics, click here. Let us hope for another fun year of GFL.
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    To be honest going with aqua sounds like the better end of the deal, she is a girl after all. I also keep my friends list very short. Pls no hate. :c
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    Perfect thank you so much plz
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    tbh I didn't read all of this but it was quite interesting. and how could you forget the kite x Shelby x rose x whatever shit? anyway u cool kid now. good job I guess. ill always be the coolest kid tho
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    So umm not sure if Im allowed to post in here or not, but I saw that that sad said he couldn't do gifs and your request inspired me to do some midnight photoshopping so here. Font and such can be changed but is this the kinda "glitch" animation you wanted?
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    Aw Love you! Thank you for spreading that stuff and making Kite mad!
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    Input: 1 cutting from a saguaro cactus, 1 living raccoon, and an iPhone X. 1:1. (very fine) Output: 28 macbook pros Input: 28 cookies (Fine)
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    Output: 1 living, physically enhanced Cobra Commander. Identical to the action figure aside from it being life-size. (Would say more if I knew what exactly it was) Input: 1 cutting from a saguaro cactus, 1 living raccoon, and an iPhone X. 1:1.
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    this video would help you guys the one thing about boredom, boredom port is easier than css version and better though tip: the grenade do damage to ass boss but doesn't damage to paper boss.
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    be back in a month or two bye
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    Input: Mistake Output: @Logic_
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    ooOOOOoooOooooooo baby
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