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    I know that it's easy to say this and I feel like it has been for a while. We have MG, 1V1, surf rpg, surf timer, and bhop on CSGO, and all of them are dead except for ZE. On GMOD we have deathrun, prop hunt, and imperial RP. Not to mention all the other games that have 0 fire left burning in them. It just seems like we only have 3 or 4 active servers with all of the others either dead or dying. I know GFL will never die as long as our core servers remain alive, but that doesn't mean we should ignore the fact that everything else is dead. We have 23 servers but I can only think of 4 living ones. It feels like a star burning its fuel fast due to growing too large. Anyway, I know it's not a popular suggestion, but maybe we should face the truth and cut our losses. I would volunteer to help out with populating a server, but there's 20 that need the help. How do I pick one? The last remaining members of each one want their server to live, and it pains me to see GFL in its current shape. The summer just ended and we're going to see even bigger drops as people have to focus on school. I just hope that we can some how bring ourselves into better shape by summer of 2019. I guess. I want to know what you guys think and why you think it. I think we've bit off more than we can chew. I just want to see us cut down back to 4 or 5 servers and work our way back. The gambler fallacy is strong with us, and we want to believe that if we just keep trying then things will work out, but we don't change our ways. Sometimes losses are necessary for victory, and I hope that we can one day see that. I want to help GFL but there is just too many servers to help out with. I wish we could just do it one at a time. Anyway, feel free to share how you feel. I love GFL, and I've spent almost a third of my life with the community. I want to see it back to how it used to be, and I do think it's possible if we put the time and effort into it. I am hopeful and have no doubt in my mind that we can bring it back if we all work together. Anyway, remember to always be civil and not use this thread as an excuse to level jabs at other people. We're all people who care for GFL in our own way. Thanks.
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    I've said it internally for PR that we might open a population team and dedicate it to ONE server at a time. @Xy and @Darkling would probably be rather excited for a population team as they both really want to see servers grow. Cutting some servers would most likely help as they actually get 0 population and then re-build and re-open at a later point. People not having admin but being part of a team is really NOT an issue. If you really think it's an issue then give me 1 reason for it being so. Most that are part of a team are already admin or former staff in GFL. Most are also former admins but can't return as admin or have no intentions to ever admin again based on experience from their servers. They however like GFL and really want to see GFL flourish and grow to a community where people can have a great time and loads of fun. If you have any issues with a team member then feel free to contact any of it's leaders and tell them the issue. (the team members not being admin is NOT an issue, but feel free to rant away in a PM to me)
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    We were discussing flaws and how much the changes made it worse. We aren't saying change is bad, but some changes were too much of an effect toward the community itself. I personally noticed the amount of admins resigning for reasons of "dead server". Excuse me, I thought it was the admin job to keep it up. Dead or not, you apply as an admin to help the server. If you just want it for appearance or just to make it look like you are admin and only help if necessary. Please don't. The changes right now needs to go slow and wait patiently for what comes. Don't give up just because things aren't going so well. Wait till it's for sure, it's over. At least it shows that you tried and dedicated your time to the server. The only thing we are worried about is the expansion on games that shouldn't be expanding due to population issue. Especially when there is competition that is obviously not going very well. Take it slow.
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    At least he didn't kill a server. This is just a meme not trying to start anything
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    Very late to this, but I wish you the best for your futures! Stay frosty... :3
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    GFL MG Event? GFL Office/Dust2 ZE Event edit GFL Admins vs Normies Event (admins start as zombies one round, normies start as zombies next round) Gay/Trans/Traps vs CissGenders ZE Event a ZE Event where we just stay in the same place and do nothing, no guns, no knives, no movement, no lighting, all dark... ZE Event where we just listen to that guy preach sermons about the bible on Mic (probably would be good for a lot of the members here in GFL to listen to) ZE Event where Fidler and I debate politics ZE Event where we just spec bender as he buys PC components from Amazon and try to return them to Walmart or LOTR event like the one I suggested 1000x in the event suggestion thread... IDK what alpha wants from us in this thread tbh.
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    First off I'm typing this on a phone so there is going be mistakes but like the title says I think we should create and add a tutorial for new players. What do you mean tutorial? I mean create and add a tutorial for all new players for them to understand how to use the forums. You know how you play a game on your phone and it gives you a tutorial about where everything is and so on, well I believe we should add something like that so new players know where everything is because it took me awhile to locate everything I still forget where to change my member title. You should add this so every new player that joins is forced to go through it or skip it. And just in case members who have been with us for awhile still don't remember where to go I think you should add a tutorial tab. Cheers! @Xy_ I think this is a good idea to look into
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    Server Manager @TheJitFace ___________________________________________________ Head Admin @BeatBoxBattleMe ___________________________________________________ Admins @Skittlez @Royce @tealchicken @JGuary551
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    Hello, Some of you already know this, but this morning today, a young boy at my school (15) and his younger sister (13) were both killed by their father in a dual-murder suicide event. The town I live in is extremely shocked that something like this has happened and It's really a lot for me to take in. Luckily, I do not personally know the family and children affected by this horrible incident, but I still grieve for the loss of them. One of my friends did know the boy very well, and I will be supporting him to the best of my ability. I will be attending the public funeral service on Sunday to mourn for their loss. Due to this awful occurrence, I am going to be taking some time off GFL and all games to reflect and pray for the family. The mother of the kids is thankfully still alive and I will keep her well-being in my prayers. Thanks to everyone that is supporting me through this, it means a lot.
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    You won't lose your money on a failing currency, oh and i'll buy you a 20 cent Steam Game if you can find one
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    You invest in bitcoin i'll invest in your assassination
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    @Duc2000 It's mainly people just complaining about 1471 and how 096 is "terrible". a hp boost of 25-50% could solve this though it anything complaints seemed to be based on game mechanics of the mentioned scps rather than the scps not having enough hp.
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    consistent rdm, you can wait it out
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    all those girls who are younger than you in highschool that you think are hot can put you on a list now
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    If you have money, you can buy a bunch of tacos and eat them. Get a job.
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    Telltale was doomed from the start. The moment some corporate executive said THIS was a good idea.
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    If GFL is a "star" as so you put then it's probably a white dwarf at this point with players being condensed to a few servers If the original statement holds true.
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    I know some people on the moderation team don't even play GFL servers or any games really, and this is just something they do, while server managers DO play servers and SHOULD focus on that.
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    I pretty much go to clubs every friday and saturday but for your first time don't drink too much and hydrate I learned it the bad way haha ended up in a car with random girls wasn't bad but could of ended way worse haha
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    Maybe focus more on servers than other stuff don't want to point anyone but like all these teams if they had a primary role as a server admin and secondary as media team exemple they would have to be active on a server to be apart of that team. And tbh a lot of people are active on a server until they get admin and that's when they start fading away because they achieved their goal. Anyway I just think servers should be a priority. Not pointing to anyone but the forums don't need too much moderation as it's semi-active and PR isn't really needed at this moment. If all the people in these teams would be server admins I think it would increase chances of populating. I know it can be annoying to stay on a server alone to populate it but it's something that is needed to increase the chances of getting players. I think we should go back to the old ways and instead of making stuff for the community that we have we should start building it back up because it's been down. Anyway I suck at talking but yeah I hope you guys understand my point. PS: SM+ already moderate the forums so there isn't a need for a dedicated team at least until it starts becoming active like it use to be.
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    tbh i never really liked telltale products but it's still shitty that they had to close down and people lost jobs and such
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    I'm fairly certain it's possible to do. Just would require modifying certain values server side. I don't think the admins could do it, but I think anyone with access to rcon for the server could do it.
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    https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OtWhoXr6yQCRlJSRw-_O8Eg-3OmOOo3W/view did it all online so i couldn't put name and song title (also since it doesn't have a title, just a remix) quick and simple, hope this'll bring in more submissions
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    Yeah, could get complicated with maps with bosses so I was thinking maps that are usually considered easy but require a reasonable amount of defence. I'm not sure if the ammo limitation would actually be possible for the admins to do, but if so I think about 1000 bullets would be an alright amount and people can switch to pistols when their primary gun is out of ammo. And if their pistol runs out of ammo they will need to stare menacingly at the zombies.
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    That's not too bad of an idea. Would need people to use zmarket though, or to disable it and just give a lot of ammo. Otherwise, people would run out of ammo insanely quickly and quit. And if we gave a lot of ammo + zmarket, then it's pretty much no different. Also, someone would need to do the math to see which (if any) boss fight maps are beatable. Some would require too much ammo to beat, or would be possible to beat with some ammo left over, but not enough to hold off zombies. It would be very easy for a map to become unbeatable if this was done as an event. Maybe just avoid boss maps in general, which I think some people would enjoy as a more bare bones feel.
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    Ban/E-ban/Mute Appeal Form: https://gflclan.com/forms/106-css-zombie-escape-muteban-appeals/ In order to report a player, you must create a topic in the Player Reports subforum and copy & paste the relevant form into it. In order to report an admin, you must fill out the form found here. You can then find your ongoing report in the Abuse Reports forum section. - This will only be visible to the player who submitted the report and Sever Managers+ [Player Report Format] Your In Game Name: Your Steam ID: Offender's In Game Name: Offender's Steam ID: Report & summary of what happened: Link to demo or approximate time that the offense took place:
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    Welcome to the GFLClan.com Zombie Escape Server! Useful commands connect : Type this in the console to connect to the server with your reserved slot (Supporters or VIPs). ★You can replace '!' with '/' to make your commands silent so others won't see them (e.g. , "/admins"). !ztele : Teleport back to the current spawn area if you're stuck. !zspawn : Spawn into the game if you joined late. !zmarket : Buy weapons mid-round and customize your spawn loadout. !zclass : Change your human or zombie skin. Skins are cosmetic only (no advantages). !admins : View the current list of online admins; ignore "torchlight." !report <name> <reason> : Report a player for the reason specified. Abusing this command will result in a ban. !sm <name> : Self-mute a player. This will block their voice chat, text chat, and radio. !su <name> : Self-unmute a player. !vip : View your current donator/member status. !glow : Change your skin color (Supporters or higher). !tag(s) : Customize your chat tag and colors (VIPs only). !stopsound : Toggle weapon sounds. !shake : Toggle screen shaking from explosions or similar events. !hud : Toggle displaying the list of alive item holders. !votedisable : Disable TorchTV, requires 5 votes. !toggleimmunity : Toggle mother zombie protection for top defenders. Basic Rules Breaking any of these rules will result in a punishment. Voice chat is reserved for English only. Other languages may be occasionally used through text. No excessive racism and/or defamation. Do not spam the voice or text chat. Do not impersonate admins. Do not use shocking, disgusting, hardcore, sprays featuring genitalia or anything illegal. Your privilege to use sprays may be removed. Your spray may be blacklisted without warning. Do not use hacks and/or bhop scripts. Do not encourage or explain a map exploit to other players, and of course, don't exploit yourself. Do not become a zombie on purpose (also known as "zombie inflating"). Do not team-kill. This includes (but is not limited to): using items to hurt other teammates, knifing zombies towards other humans, and "edging" (standing in a vulnerable area and being infected by a zombie). Minor Rules Actions that are frowned upon but not punishable with a ban. They will be enforced differently by admins, but they negatively impact the server in most cases. You may be warned, punished in a lesser way in-game, or kicked. Delaying rounds. Refusing to contribute to a boss fight (e.g. , not shooting). Using hyperscroll to gain an unfair advantage. Picking on people. Human beings make mistakes, so please don't spend time explaining how bad they are; instead, tell them what went wrong and what they can do to improve. Voicechangers, they are very annoying. Do not abuse the nomination system (e.g. intentionally changing your nomination in the last moments before the vote starts to block a map from being nominated). Teaming up with the opposite team to farm points is not allowed. If you are caught teaming, your rank will be invalidated. Reports and ban appeals Reports can be submitted from within the server using the !report command (refer to the commands section). Alternatively, you can submit reports and ban appeals on our website in the following sections: Ban appeals: https://gflclan.com/forums/forum/788-muteban-appeals/ Player reports: https://gflclan.com/forums/forum/786-player-reports/ Admin reports: https://gflclan.com/forms/11-abuse-reports/ Donator Bonuses Donators are broken down into 2 tiers. Each tier costs "itself" in US Dollars per month. So Supporter is 4.99$ and VIP 7.99$. The bonuses for each tier are as follows: ★If unsure of how to access your bonuses, please visit the 'commands' section! Supporter (4.99$): Reserved slot [Donator] tag Glowcolors Custom skins VIP (7.99$): Reserved slot Custom tag and chat colors Glowcolors More custom skins Discord and Steam Group Join our CS:S Zombie Escape Discord Channel by clicking on this link! We share important information there for the server and the weekly Events. Make also sure to join our Steam Group, where we also announce Events and other importants things. Here is the link: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/gflcssze.
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    It was someone physically close to him (someone who lived near him who he may have seen a lot) and it is very shocking to hear about someone near you dying, because it makes you think of how it could be you or someone you know personally.
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    A past community created their own wiki page showing benefts of each role (Support, VIP, etc.), the capabilities of each leadership or operation role, etc. It had a little bit less about the forums, but I would imagine a wiki page would be easy to begin with a very elegant and familiar format. I wouldn't force people to the page during their first visit, but most people already know what a wiki is and having a prominent tab at the top would be an easy reference.
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    When you're running out of shitpost ideas.
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    Maybe an event where the cts have limited ammo so people need to use their bullets wisely instead of just holding down left click all the time
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    Whoever added fortnite to the banner, I don't like you.
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    Yeeeee Imma close this. Ben can reopen if he wants, otherwise feel free to try again later.
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    Thanks, I think you just helped me get my point across. As for the abuse claims and disrespect. I think I would be able to cite my fellow staff in CW:RP and Imperial RP about this. I rest my case.
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    i KnOw Im LaTe To ThIs, SoRrY sChOoL iS a BiTcH lOl. nO lEaViNg GfL!!! :< shame you ran outta time cus i know you enjoyed it :,( Oh well, good luck! hehe <3
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    babybel still doesnt belong in quesadillas ill still see you in discord so bye lol good luck
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    I’m going to cry, no I’m not. But seriously I know if you had the time you would make PVK fucking amazing. Good luck with school though!
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    :O Good luck with school. Hope everything goes well. Keep in touch; you better not ignore me! -Talk on SC too bb <3
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    This is Amazing grace, a religious gospel song written ages ago. However this transposed version is a lot more classical, or with a more southern style to it. I did not get this from sheet music, all the fancy stuff were made up by me. Thanks for listening.
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    Hello Again! @ButterKing5000 has decided to return to his post as GMOD Division Leader after a short break, and will be helping with the expansion and maintenance of the division. We're looking forward to working with you once again!
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    Hello everyone! Here is a list of the Server Managers & Admins on CS:GO Zombie Escape. Feel free to contact the Server Managers or Admins if you discover any issue on the server. ____________________________________________________ [Server Managers] @xSnowyAngel - STEAM @reduct - STEAM @Vauff - STEAM ____________________________________________________ [Tier 3 Admins] @Sneaky Weazel - STEAM ____________________________________________________ [Tier 2 Admins] @BraveSky - STEAM @Block - STEAM @donchill - STEAM @alpha_steven - STEAM @Chewie2k- STEAM @floaties - STEAM @Loco - STEAM @Tame - STEAM @Fridthiof - STEAM @Kaien - STEAM @Clarence_the_Shark - STEAM @Sabeypls - STEAM ____________________________________________________ [Tier 1 Admins] @willywilson - STEAM @johnwfu - STEAM ____________________________________________________ [Event Coordinators of ZE Events] @xSnowyAngel @reduct ____________________________________________________ [Developers] @PerfectLaugh @Loco ____________________________________________________ *Tier 3's = Senior Admins *Tier 2's = Admins *Tier 1's = Trial Admins If you wish to report admin abuse, personal message @xSnowyAngel Best regards, CS:GO ZE Managers
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