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    You know how you'll get 8 likes or more on a post you'll post will get a orange heart boarder around the post and there'll be a heart in the top-right corner of the post? Well, how about the same thing but with a different Emoji. Like if someone's leaving GFL and the post gets 8 sad emojis or more, the post will have a blue boarder around the post with a tear drop in the corner. A side note, on the forum page there'll be a slideshow on the right side of the page that'll say the saddest post of the day, or yesterday. A thought...
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    - We now support HTTP2. This should not effect you. Browsers that do not support HTTP2 should not be having trouble connecting to the site (though if your browser isn't modern enough to support http2, wtf are you doing)
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    I honestly don't know how to go about this besides the fact that I don't have the time I used to for GFL. I thought my passion to restore PR would give me a new reason to stay, but due to inactive directors none of my plans will come to fruition. Instead of typing for decades the list of things I have issues with, I just want to skip to the mentions and end this year and a half run on a good note. (This gonna be a long one) @Roy I've made a very valuable friend in you. You've taught me tons and we've shared many emotions in our friendship. Keep me updated on the great things you do. @Ralsei #1 hour farmer this side of breach @Rick cool lad, wish we had talked more in time. @Ben I'm very proud of your progress and hard work. You've come a long way. @Nick Here's to everyone being nice to you @Kite9867 you've done great reviving l4d2, here's hoping it blossoms further @Liloz01 Best TL ever @RVFK probably the closest to a natural leader in PR. If you're up for it, I'd recommend you for PR TL. @Zeugma or Omnibenevolence great writer. Media is blessed to have you @Trigger I know you'll make me proud, you're a great dude. @Le Quack great admin and great PR man. If RVFK doesn't take TL, I hope you think about it. @MilkMan Thanks for everything you've done for me. It's been the best ride any one could ever ask for. I'll pop on and off when I get my new pc. Feel better soon. @MooTheCow one more shitpost for the road? @JadedJade one of my favorite people I ever met. You're a blessing to anyone you cross paths with. Thank you. @Spazzin inactive fucker, I miss you tons. Post on snap every once in awhile, yeah? @Zero you've been with me since day one and I'm glad we shared all that time together. Best Traitors around, lad. @loucop you've done great as an admin, even if you suck more as T than last year @TheSadBandit name stealer, imma miss you sometimes lul @Korowa started out showing me surf RPG when you managed it, became a best friend. You're great @Toni Bamanaboni my main fuckin dude, I give you tons of shit but you're always gonna be in my heart @Harakoni we've had many ups and downs professionally but you're an amazing person when I'm not a mod @Duc2000 you've always been enjoyable to be around and I love your TED talks @RockRoyce my son! You always do your best and always keep it up. Best child anyone could ever ask for. @Syntax first person i ever talked to in discord, best EM to date @Amelie haven't known you long but you're cool af. Be good to harry! forums won't let me tag anymore but thanks to all my friends I've made here in GFL. You all know who you are. I appreciate everyone who's made an impact on me here in gfl. I love you all. Message me on discord if you want to keep in touch. Goodbye GFL
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    SCP-3108 "The Nerfing Gun" Alright, now that I have your attention with this obnoxious color, I have a idea. Ever since Nighthound brought up the idea of the nerf gun, I've just thought of a idea for funsies, like usual. Oh, if you see @The1337Gh0st's post, it's because Nighthound has their ideas, whiles I have mine. SCP-3801 Description: Stats: Damage: None Attack Speed: Slow (Due to only having one bullet) Clip Size: 1 (See Above) Magazine: 30 Reload Speed: Slow Spawn Area: Any place where a pistol would spawn, and make it replace the pistol slot. Specials: The effect here would be for it to have a randomized (Or mash it all up together I don't care) effect for 30 seconds or 1 minute, such as: Blindness Slowness Item Stripping Maximum HP to 75 (For Humans and Perm) Take away one quarter of a SCP's HP (Perm) Bleeding 795's rat effect Remember, these are just ideas however. Effects are up to Xy. However, comment below for effects you think I should add. Model: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1588345531&searchtext= Use the maverick, or use 1337's idea and a retextured version of the HL2 revolver. I mean Nighthound's idea is cool too check it out I guess I don't know
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    IMO: Remove the clubs for - Arma 3 - BF - CS:GO JB Move back to subforums - Gaming - Art (Is it really "on topic" for a gaming community?) - Mapping ??? - Programming. I personally believe there are better places for this than GFL, but this one I can see either way
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    for the context of this reply anything considered lewd will be considered minor NSFW and this isn't about the distinction between the two Earlier today in discord, someone posted that gif of Katy Perry holding the monkey. You demanded it be removed on the grounds that it was minor NSFW. You went out of your way and messaged a mod about it saying it should be removed. You didn't just tag a mod and ask for it to be removed. Just to get some stuff out of the way before I get to the next part of what i'm saying -I do not care who posted the gif in case that was your motivation for demanding it be removed -I do not care that the gif was posted in general instead of off topic or memes -All i care about is that your problem was the gif could be or is interpreted as NSFW (no difference between "major" NSFW or "minor" NSFW here, just that something is or isn't) You complained about the "no lewds" rule on grounds that it's an inconvenience. With some of the stuff I have seen others post in anime, if your goal was to truly prevent NSFW then why didn't you say anything about those other instances? You see others post stuff there and then meme about how mods are gonna drop the hammer on them and they are arguably just as bad or worse than the Katy Perry gif (they may not show as much but they definitely imply sexual things). The question I am asking is, what's the discrepancy? Do you not count anime things as NSFW? Do you think that only something that shows actual people can be NSFW? Please explain why you thought the katy perry gif needed removed but not some of the other stuff that gets posted, especially in anime? My vote is still neutral at the time of me posting this.
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    Every topic in clubs basically goes unseen, after it disappears off the recent post list no one will ever see it, as the top tab isn't used imo
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    change it to like technology then u can use it to discuss programing new hardware etc
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    Suggestion by @Loudnoise918. Description: SCP-3108 is a heavily modified metallic NERF-brand gun, and is paired with SCP-3108-1, a NERF-brand dart. When paired together, they "nerf" whatever it hits, making it "inferior". Weapon stats: It has 6 shots and no reserve ammo, but ammo cannot be replenished. Occupies the pistol slot. Upon hitting someone on the SCP team, they are instantly changed to be a different SCP. Upon hitting someone that is a human, they are instantly killed and transmuted into a random item. Suggested Spawn Area: Spawns anywhere pistols would spawn. Suggested model: A retexture of the Half-Life 2 revolver that is yellow, or it could be gray.
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    This could potentionally be a weapon model btw: its really epic.
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    Changing Vote to a +1 Maturity has increased Toxicity Decreased Good Luck On Your App.
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    Well, firstly, can you provide proof of this quote "other instances" and how they are worse. If you'd like to recall, on Tuesday i did actually call in a mod, the only one actively online, to anime because people were posting lewd images, as i have done several times before with Soviet's posting of such content. I don't see what you're implying here; that i enact a bias towards anime images that you've deemed sexual or suggestive? Because i don't. As i said before, i'm not queue, this stigma that i want lewd images allowed is false, to be blunt. I merely advocated beforehand that images containing subtle areas of skin or "suggestive" faces were not to be deleted. I never advocated for anything lewd to be allowed, i complained about the over-extension of what was lewd and what's not. Considering i haven't posted anything, in my opinion, that would warrant such an accusation of distinctly lewd since the middle of last year, i don't see where this idea comes from as I have not have i supported any form of this "lewd posting". In addition, my comments of "Moooods MOOOODS" or "Mods gonna deado you" for that are satirical in nature due to my previous experience of being hounded for posting an exposed shoulder or showing a slight embarrassed emotion on a face. Secondly, to answer your question without this blabber - No, I make no distinction between lewd anime posts and lewd "ordinary" posts, if you believe i don't, please provide evidence of both.
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    Nah I feel like it's rewarding for good behaviour, like not rebelling during freeday.
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    Much better +1 It's nerf them to nothing.
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    its nerfing or nothing oh yeah and +1
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    +1 I think this is much better than previous 3108 suggestions, nerfing wise and fun wise on both sides.
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    whyyyyyyy do all our bomb leaders just leave us ;( i guess everyone's got their times it's sad to see that the directors being gay caused a good man to leave, i'm sure your plans would've benefitted us all good luck on your future endeavours, and don't forget not to die
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    what if you gave it the 076-2 sword but still retained the ability, and maybe tone down the health to ~150-250 hp that would make it more interesting
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    I mean, you gotta keep in mind, of course the community who regularly plays the server will fight for it, but some of the things that contributed to it being taken away (I'm guessing, no real evidence or proof of this) was the amount of people who actually played on the server, and probably server performance too. Lets be real here, Purge can have a pretty dead player base kinda often, and before it was CONSTANTLY lagging. Kinda needed a lot of work, but sometimes the work it needs is hard to do when the server is active. Realize this too, how happy has everyone been since Purge was resurrected? (Again, all that is just my opinions, and in no way is true reasons as to why the server went down. I wasn't even active on GFL when it was removed)
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    Thank you all for your responses thus far! I am slowly (but surely) making my activity somewhat better.
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    Imagine shooting 106 with this and it turns into 378. +1
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