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    What is your TeamSpeak username and Discord ID? TheSadBandit Which platforms are you applying for? Forums How would you describe your activity there? I'm active on the forums, current MA, and will talk more about activity in the box below Why are you interested in becoming a Moderator? (Some parts were copied from my previous app) I'm fairly active on Forums, and I'd like to do something other than be TTT Admin on Gmod, since I can only take so much cancer from the server & would like to assist in other areas of GFL. As TL I moderated Forums & Discord a little (only when it seemed necessary mostly because I wasn't trained in the areas, so I didn't want to get involved, but would step in if things got way too out of hand). Talking about my activity, I'm on the forums daily, sometimes I comment, other days I just look around, but I do see a lot of shitposting or things that are out of place that sometimes need to get moved to the right location. An example of this is people who post Admin apps in the wrong sections, and other random things like that. When I was TL, I really liked moderating the forums more than Discord, as it was a more relaxed form of moderation in my opinion, something I'd like to put my time towards again. How would you typically go about handling a conflict between two users? Step in and tell the 2 to chill out and continue their conflict in private DMs. If they continue to argue in the Discord, then I mute them (I'm assuming upon being hired Moderators are given a general timesheet for mutes/bans). Shoutbox-wise, I would tell them to calm it down, and tell them to move it to PMs, if that doesn't happen, I'll issue both of them a shoutbox mute for an hour (or whatever the length is) to give them time to chill out. Usually I wouldn't result to muting people, I would try to defuse the situation as much as possible before actually muting. Have you ever been warned or muted? If so, explain what happened. No Moderators, please +1 or -1 this application with an explanation for your vote.
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    After an application process and vote from current Staff/CA, @Pyros and @Skittlez have both been promoted to CA for their continued efforts in assisting in the maintenance and growth of GFL. Please join me in welcoming them to the secret sauce society of GFL.
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    Peeing after holding it in for like nine years. Ex. When your'e on a roadtrip and you dont want to make any stops.
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    P maps event ze_Parking_v2a ze_paper_escaper_v7_1 ze_PoncherMonkey_Shooter_v3_5 ze_pizzatime_v4s
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    "This is why Unlose is shit" ze_UT2004_Convoy_v2_2_1 ze_starwars_v2fix ze_GoT_The_North_b4
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    "This is why Nide is better" ze_ffvii_cosmo_canyon_v5fix ze_shaurma_v4_a05 ze_Genso_Of_Last_v2_2fix
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    Gay, Racist & Weird ze_Pidaras_v1_4fix3 ze_PoncherMonkey_Shooter_v3_5 ze_v0u0v_a6
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    New friendly SCP SCP 2295 Kairos the Bear http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-2295 (kinda like an echo fighter for 999) Description: SCP 2295 is a patchwork stuffed bear that activates whenever it is near a wounded human. SCP 2295 will anomalously produce tools and materials and tend their wounds, being able to replace entire organs with patchwork materials. How he'll work in-game: He will be able to team with all humans and non-hostile SCPs He will be able to heal humans and non-hostile SCPs He will spawn in instead of 999 Abilities and stats: He will be much faster than humans (maybe around 795's speed) He heals slightly slower than 999 900 HP - 1.3k HP Possible Specials: I'm thinking maybe he should have a special that is an AoE that heals nearby friendlies (maybe about 966 AoE's range or smaller) for 25-50 HP and it takes 30 seconds or 1 minute to recharge. OR A passive ability to detect wounded humans, that are below 50% of their HP, through walls, much like 2521 (or maybe a new voice command in the B menu, forgot what its called, to yell for help which will allow SCP 2295 to know where you are). That's all I have so far for this idea, I'm open to suggestions P.S: I'm having a little trouble finding any models so I would appreciate it if you link anything you find in the comment section This is my first suggestion so don't clap my cheeks too hard m8s thx
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    I'm gonna upload it to the ban on sourcebans.
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    Yeah I got proof. Video proof, plus screenshots tlar sent me.
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    No. I was removed with the whole Trusted purge.
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    @Korowa Nothing Maybe I am lying, maybe I am not, the world may never know
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    its because we want forums to be as least cancerous as possible by providing cancerous changes to the vip and supporter ranks
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    Ugly, nasty looking changes. Thanks?
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    6-man D.va bomb. ez clap.
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    sorry for the delay, i applaud you for being so patient. i shall finish working on it today in the afternoon. might be able to finish either the banner or signature. hopefully both ๐Ÿ™‚
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    As the guy who screamed fuck you at him, and knowing full well that this is ninja chris, I still think 18 months is a bit extreme, maybe down to 1 month tops? I mean it's not that big of a deal tbh
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    perhaps we could allow rifles?
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    Map(s): ze_crazy_escape_v5_5_1 Restrictions/Limitations: No nades, smgs, negev and or anything out of the pistol catagory Event Time preferred: Saturday 4:00pm Western time Others: If this challenge seems perhaps to be impossible or to hard we could maybe allow shotguns
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    In Game Name: Zircon Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:188422244 Banned By: Cake Anti Cheat Ban Reason : Aimbot Why I should be Unbanned: I was banned for the reason aimbot on Hide and Seek which dosent make sense because its hide and seek and dosent involve weapons or combat. I dont really understand why I got this ban I havent played on the server in a few weeks and I didnt get banned before logging off the last time i played. I believe this ban was a error and I hope the ban can be lifted and I can resume playing the server.
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    "yeah bro i don't know why i got banned for aimbot im not a hacker bro i swear i'm just good" ll upload these here since i was the one that took them and pulse will be adding them to source bans since i don't think he'll be adding them here. (Also don't get salty about the specifics of the hacking and what kind of hacks you were and weren't using it's still hacking.
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    This is a quality suggestion
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    she is a degenerate weeb from portugal
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    besides her being a weeb, can't see something wrong
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    - M249 and Negev no longer slow you down as much - Added ES III and Volk
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    Perm banned because my little sister plays zombie escape as well? This is outrageous...
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