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    Well, I don't think there's any doubt here. You have been accepted! 😄 Welcome to the team.
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    I can't wait until I'm out of the current slump I've been in regards to my life and my career. I have a feeling things are going to get a lot better as long as I keep myself motivated though I'm trying to learn a lot of new things and it'll be interesting to see where I'm at in 5 - 10 years! I'm probably going to be making more tech-related guides for everyone in the community soon
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    So, do you guys remember when I made a post about the multi-server communication bot? Well, there's a number of uses this can serve. @Miles993 came up with a casino bot idea. Poker, slot machines, etc. And yes, I mean multiplayer poker. So we plan on "joining forces" to develop a casino bot together. We will make one bot for a trial run to get a feel of how we work with Java. And so Miles can get to learn how the JDA works. But after the trial run, we will be developing an actual official bot for casino games and actual joinable lobbies for various multi-person Casino games. I will be responsible for programming the lobbys, databases, data storage, etc. That is necessary for making the bot work. I will need to make this stuff work automatically, and make it work efficiently. This will require a good bit of thought and potentially some planning. I have worked on my lobby "technology" for roughly 4 months now. And there's still some kinks that need to be worked out. I plan to get this system to work perfectly when this bot is developed. Miles will be responsible for programming the game mechanics. I will help design a "library" for him to utilize while making these games. This will make the games he creates communicate with the database and the lobbies without any problem. That way he doesn't have to worry about all that mess. That mess is on me. He will need to decide how each game works, and create all the things necessary to make the mechanics function properly. I will help him as much as I can, but I will try to let him fix some bugs because it's good experience 😄 so yeah, we both got a lot of work to do haha. This will be a project we'll both be working on for a while. We'll both update you guys when we can. In the meantime, here's our current project
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    You can view which skins you have access to and equip them by typing !zclass in game. Then, once a skin is equiped, type !tp to go thirdperson to see what the model looks like.
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    SCP-681, while threatening in its own right, is more frustrating than it is dangerous. As it stands, SCP-681 is a slow, weak, and boring SCP to play as. There are a few things I considered when spicing it up, but i ended up landing on this. SCP-681 (Revised) YOU ARE SCP-681 You are an aggressive balloon filled with poisonous helium. When you move, you leave a trail of poison gas behind you. When you die, you pop, and explode into a cloud of poisonous gas. When you think you're going to die soon- find a populated area and choke the masses! Kill everyone and escape the facility. HEALTH 1000. Health Nerf, she's a fucking balloon. This balances out with her "Pop of Death" Ability. SPEED Sprinting speed of a human. She's way too slow as it is, and with her low health, this would help her out a lot. This does increase the distance between gas patches. MECHANICS TRAIL OF TEARS: SCP-681 Leaves a trail of poison gas behind her that damages all humans within it by 10 damage per second. POP OF DEATH: Upon death, SCP-681 Pops and releases a huge cloud of poison gas, damaging all humans within by 20 damage per second. The radius of the cloud is akin to that of a smoke grenade. OTHER CHANGES: Removed Collisions on SCP-681. Everyone wants this. She can deal Melee damage, but its weak. Rapid-fire at 5 per click.
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    To prevent this previous thread being hijacked, I decided to make this thread. I'll state what I said in the other thread: If you notice something else as evidence this year, we have had heat records in Europe, Alaska, and even a few of those northernmost place on earth. There are a few more things to note with evidence if you Google this, but it is fairly easy to realize that we're causing climate change too quick, which we are undergoing mass extinction event. Now, this is open to discuss - what is your thoughts and opinion on Climate Change and other issues like overpopulation? Do you think that it is happening right now, or is it something different?
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    Hey everyone! So you're probably wondering why I haven't made my usual 2 posts a day haha. Well, I'll probably slow down on activity for a few days or so because I'm starting some new projects. Right now I am both moderating the TTT Rotation server, and I am beginning a new programming project with someone here in GFL. My activity in the forums may slow down a little. But I will still be checking up on the site and reading into a few posts. I'll possibly post a quick response or two if I find a post particularly interesting! Thanks bois, hope you are all doing well.
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    I'll just paste this image again. If we look at the past 5,000 years before present, the temperatures are the same, it rises and it falls, it keeps the same trend. I also did a little bit of research as to what kind of period we are in now. We are in an ice age, and you're right, we do have warmer temperatures, but it's due to us also being in an interglacial period, which is also called Holocene. What happens during Holocene is there are warmer temperatures between the glacial periods (something we are experiencing now), but it's completely normal for Earth's heat & cooling cycles, and has happened in the past. I'm not saying there isn't man-made climate change, but it doesn't affect Earth as much as people claim it does. We also can't create a Global Cooling period, if it happens, it'll be due to natural causes. As for Antartica, sure, if ALL the ice melted off Antartica, we'd be fucked. But with scientific research dating back millions of years ago, Antartica wasn't always cold, and it was once a land where trees grew, many millions of years ago. Here's another image, it shows the temperatures relative to the last thousand years in Antartica. The temperature spikes, it rises & drops. Sure, you could say that we've had a huge increase in temperature over the last 50 years, but it's completely normal, and has been happening for hundreds of thousands of years. All this data is gathered by scientists who travel to Antartica (from both US and UK sources) and drill 3kms into the ice sheets and collect ice tubes, which they later collect data from and see the changes in the past & what our future might look like. We also can't start to justify whether or not the melting in Antartica will cause sea levels to rise, because of the cold temperatures in the Southern Hemisphere near Antartica, melting caps would cause storms, which cause more snowfall. All these environmentalists that have grants make it sound like the end of the world is near, but in reality, it would take hundreds of years for different things to happen: it'll take hundreds, if not thousands of years for Antartica to melt, it will take hundreds of years to gather data whether or not the future of Earth is fucked, and it will take hundreds of years to determine issues that it might cause. True, Earth has risen 1ºC in the past 50 years, but look at the image above, the temperatures rise and drop, and during interglacial periods as the one we are in, there are cold/warm oscillations, which means the temperature will vary from cold/warm. As for the image you showed, the melting ice caps aren't melting at that rate at all. In the past 400,000 years the sea level has risen 120m, which if you do the math is 1m every 3,333 years, which is 0.1m every 33 years, which is 0.0001m every year. I'm no scientist, but 0.0001m increase every year isn't going to affect us as badly as the image you showed, at least not for a couple of generations, which by that time, this "issue" will have been fixed, if not by Earth's natural adaptations, by humans. Edit: I have class in 10 minutes, I'll answer all other questions when I get some time.
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    Event Overview: Hello everyone! For this week we're gonna be taking onto another Dark Souls marathon, but this event will be stellar, since one of these maps will be played with a very exclusive Stripper made by our very own @omarfire00 (he also made the banner used in this thread). For this event we'll be playing: ze_ashen_keep_v0_3 -- Download by clicking here! ze_journey_v1_2 -- Download by clicking here! ze_dark_souls_ptd_v0_4 -- Download by clicking here! Time for the event: Saturday September 28th @ 10pm GMT-0 To check at which time the event is for you, check this website to give you an idea. Notice: Events are schedules in our Steam group, however, we also always announce over at our Discord server when the event begins. Special Kickers: Ashen Keep and Dark Souls have to be won with a perfect score, meaning we cannot lose to zombies a single time. If we lose a round to zombies then the map has to be restarted from Stage 1, if we restart 3 times we move onto the next map. Journey will be played with a special Stripper config, where only two people can get all the triggers, but the three round limit won't apply to this map. VIP Rewards: Due to the nature of this event, two maps need to be won to get one week of V.I.P.! Win all maps for 2 weeks! Rules: This event will be tryhard, so micspam is not encouraged (and you'll be muted for it) Regular server rules will apply for this event as usual Sitting in spec unless you're a spectating admin is not allowed. Each map will be played for a maximum of 120 minutes, Journey will be played for a maximum of 90 minutes. Leaders: Any willing one, although I'll try to be there. See you this weekend, and good luck!
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    This thread has been hijacked from Roy's decision.
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    It's real, exists and is happening but I don't think it's happening at the rates some people believe it to be.
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    Ayy lmao welcome to the development team miboi. Now your next step is to show us your strength as a programmer and hack into the Pentagon. jokes aside, welcome aboard to the ship. We're all nerdy bois who bash our heads against our keyboards. It's quite the time ngl
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    Your application has been denied. Communism always fails.
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    Hi Rocket, Sorry for the late reply, it's the start of fall term of my senior year, so there are many college things I need to take these days such as senior project, club stuff, and course stuff. And yeah of course I'm still interested in the position! I used to thought maybe I was already declined by the develop team since no one contact me or replied me here, so I didn't considered much about this application in the recent weeks. I would definitely willing to talk with you about the application or team stuff, so please contact me!
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    And then what? When they all get the skins it's back to low server count. Also not many people are in it for the skins. They can take it or leave it. There needs to be a major game changer in breach to attract players. Small changes like how skins are earned aren't gonna get anyone back.
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    Thanks to everyone that has my back and sorry if this is considered clutter @VilhjalmrF Also quick thanks to @SovietBoomer for clearing up the time on that other guys ban, i know i was rude in one of my posts and i apologize for that I just wanna make a final statement for now unless someone else replays or new information is found. I hope this can fixed soon as i enjoy JB so much and im in love with the server, the nutty bhops from vin were kinda insane but the SMAC aimbot ban is a bit weird and false, multiple people that were there confirmed nothing fishy was going on prior to the ban other then the actual warnings themselves. Thank you everyone
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    I'd like to, we'll see we can pull some stuff together for it
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    I know a lot of you are trying to be helpful right now but let's keep it between the admin and the person appealing for now. Unless your post actually contributes to the topic. And by that I mean actual info not claims like "Yea he isn't hacking." Thank you! (Just don't want the post to be clutter full of the post that basically say the same thing over and over again.)
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    The only ones who should be posting on this appeal is the creator of the appeal and the admin. Only post here if you have something that contributes to the appeal, if not, then don't post anything. Thanks!
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    To not even go off-topic a little bit more further, I made a thread for Climate Change in order for the thread to not get hijacked: Let's get the thread on topic, please.
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    Slight update, made my website a little cooler, so i'll link it here https://centrix.pw warning it is not mobile friendly Thanks for the tip, but yeah that code is old & I've switched over to net messages also i'm not sure if i'm actually supposed to reply to my own app but like I can't edit it so gotta do this instead
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    Update: I’m currently writing a simple stat plugin for CS:GO with sourcepawn to show that off, I’ll post the Gist when I’m done. I’m mostly familiarizing myself with the idioms of the language. Edit: I'm quite busy with the first week of classes, but I've uploaded the WIP plugin on GitHub.
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    Did this thread just turn into a global warming debate? I mean, I'm not complaining. This is pretty entertaining.
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    Added - Five New D class models, each 100,000 points: - Hobbes (Donator Only) - Ronald McDonald (Donator Only) - Rebel Pilot (Member+) - Gordon Freeman (Member+) - The Playmaker (Member+) - One round item: - Popcorn: You can throw it around to show people how entertained you are. More one round items are wanted; suggest some here. The skins should all download/work well. Prices are subject to change.
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