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    Hello. With the role of the director ever changing, our workload has become far greater than we anticipated and we’ve not been able to get everything that we want to do done in a decent amount of time. Therefore, we’ve been on the hunt for a new director. After some careful consideration, we’ve decided to promote @RickGrimesTM to director. Rick has been helping us out a lot recently with some of our projects by providing valuable input into many of our decisions and more! Even though he hasn’t been in his current position (community advisor) for long, we feel as though is ready to step up and help out GFL in a greater role. Welcome aboard Rick; we wish you the best of luck! Thanks!
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    Hall of Fame: Hello. Today, I am pleased to announce GFL's Official Hall of Fame. I made it long ago but finally have put it to use. This will be an exclusive badge of honor given to appreciated individuals who have contributed a great deal to GFL in their time within the community. For our first inductees, we will be giving the badge to @Cypher, @X2D, @Kim, and @nick027nd. Each of the individuals met the following guidelines: Made extensive contributions to GFL Been with GFL for a long period of time (1+ years) Retired staff and/or had a major leadership role (i.e. team leader) Generally liked by many within GFL As an honorable mention, That One Guy would have also been inducted. However, he does not have a forum account. If he does make one, he will then be added. If anyone who receives the badge does not have permanent VIP already, they will receive it upon being awarded Hall of Fame. Since this was the first batch of people, we added four people at once but it is planned for the future to only add one or two people at a time between large time intervals since it is supposed to be a very rare badge to have. If you have anyone else who meets the above requirements (still open to change), comment below or contact a staff member. There is a possibility we could add them the next time we plan on inducting a new member. HALL OF FAME LIST
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    GFL COMMUNITY MEETINGS As you may already know, GFL is growing stronger each day. Our staff is working hard to make sure everyone has an enjoyable gaming experience while playing on our server. But it is not only the staff of GFL that makes GFL what it is today. All of our dedicated members and players, who actually take their time to play on our servers, is utterly important for the success of GFL. Therefore it is vital for the general players and members to have the opportunity to speak their mind directly to the management of GFL. I am sure many of you have things to say. So, @Vidmar and I have stepped up to set up Community Meetings for you to attend and give your opinion on GFL related topics, while listening to others. Our goal with the meetings is to strengthen the bonds between the management of GFL and the members of said GFL. We hope to create a bonding that will allow GFL to better know what our community should strive for. The purpose of the meeting is also to give everyone a brief status report from our divisions as well as information regarding certain projects. CURRENT COORDINATORS: - @CrusTi - @Vidmar - @RickGrimesTM DATE: Saturday, May 13 1 PM (PST) 4 PM (EST) 9 PM (UK) HOW WILL THESE MEETINGS BE HANDLED?: These meeting will take place within TeamSpeak. We will be going over topics related to GFL that you request to talk about. We will have to limit the time we discuss the topic to be able to get to everyone who would like to speak their mind. During discussion we will have people recording and taking notes that will be used to make a Post Meeting Thread along with a short survey for users who missed the meeting. HOW CAN I HELP?: Although the idea and execution simple, Community Meetings can be difficult to run on just 2 people who have life's outside of GFL. For starters, the best way you can help is by participating in the first meeting. This will let us see who is interested and can be a valuable person to help out on the back end. If you are still seriously interested and want to get involved now, feel free to message @Vidmar and I about why you would like to help and why you would be a valuable to helping with the meetings. ADDITIONAL INFO: We'd appreciate to gather some information regarding how many members are interested in taking part in said meeting, so if you could fil just fill this survey out for us: GFL Community Meeting Survey Any other Question you may have you can ask in the comments. Thank you everyone for your interest in Community Meetings!