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    GFL's Official Discord Server! Hello everyone, as some of you can already see we have opened up an official GFL Discord server! This is something that was talked about in the past which we didn't think would work alongside our TS3 server. Now that we understand it much more, we can see that TS3 and Discord both have slightly different, but useful, functions. @denros has been hard at work making the GFLbot for the server, this comes with a few commands which can be used, such as: !role / !roles which will change your role on discord to match your forum rank. !8ball command to ask the bot questions and receive a yes/no or in between answer. We'll be looking at what we can do to improve the server as well, so if you have any suggestions make sure to let us know. The discord is going to be moderated by CA's, DL's and the Directorate until we decide upon a Discord admin team to help out. If you want to join make sure to link your discord account with the forums by clicking here You can also join the discord by clicking here Hope you all enjoy and happy chatting!