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    Notes Fixed status updates cutting off when "Use rich text format" is enabled after clicking "Read More" (Thanks for the report @Domps!). Code that fixed this issue: [data-role="statusFeed"] { display: block; } If you experience any other issues, please let @denros or I know! Thanks!
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    Notes General Updated SourceBans to the latest version (1.5.5 => 1.6.2). Upgraded IPS to version 4.2.1 (find out the new features available in 4.2 here!). Finished building VM[01]. Optimized and secured VM[01]. [Done] Finished building VM[02]. [Done] Optimized and secured VM[02]. Website Moves Progression Moved Core Website (GFLClan.com) to new web VM[01]. Moved Stats (stats.gflclan.com) to new web VM[01]. Moved SourceBans (sourcebans.gflclan.com) to new web VM[02]. Moved Loading Screens (ls.gflclan.com) to new web VM[02]. [Done] = Completed. [Can] = Cancelled. Thanks.