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    Hello friends! My name is Cypher and I'm hoping that I can come here and make lots of friends. (I fixed my computer and am back permanently.)
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    Hello GFL! Decoy here. I wanted to post and get to know the community a bit. I met Roy in CSS, and it looks like GFL will be taking over my CSS server. I'm 28 years old, I live in Montreal, and I'm a CSS addict. I run my own company and work from home, which gives me plenty of free time to game. I played over a thousand hours of CSS just in the last year. Up until I resigned a week ago, I administrated a very popular CSS server which was setup very similarly. I left for a few reasons, the main being I wanted to learn the ins and outs of setting up my own server, and I wanted a server with good hit registry (something that previous server was severely lacking). I didn't expect much when I launched it, but to my surprise a lot of random people began joining and playing (including Roy). The server is in Chicago and 32 slots 16k 'no awp/auto/m249' + throwing knives + bomb wire pulling. It's meant to be a fun server, but also have good competition. There is definitely a lot of players looking for this type of server, hopefully some GFL people too! My only options previously was to play with a high ping causing bad hit reg or play with a low ping on a VPS server with terrible hit reg. We can fill that void, I will be in the server daily and I'm confident we can build a community of regulars. It's great to see such a large and long lasting community. Hope to see some of you in game!
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    GFL= The Fifth Reich Congratulations to the GFL team for beating out all the competition and coming home with the trophy! For anyone who wanted to know the team just head over to this thread: It was a hard fought final match and everyone played there best! This is GFL's second inter-community win and I am proud of how all our competing teams played in all of the tournaments. I would also like to take a moment to say just how proud I am of every person from GFL who visited the stream or has been involved within the GCC Discord. You guys are representing GFL well and showing that we are a community with a high integrity and team spirit! I want to finish this off with my favourite clip from the tournament - https://clips.twitch.tv/DarlingBoxyHerdHassaanChop A wonderful pronunciation of @Shuruia's name.
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    Wassup my dudes. It's ya boi, @Jat! I have some news for everyone. This may be very unexpected for a lot of you, but my time has come. I am officially resigning from everything. Now that I'm leaving, I'd like to explain to you how I got here. I remember looking at macs on ebay. (Yes, I know that was a huge mistake lol.) I found a mac and ended up buying it. It came in around the end of January 2017. A long time ago, my friend showed me this guy called Vannos. He played this game called Garry's Mod, and it was pretty funny. I started to watch him. Years later, which was when I got this mac, my friend told me that he bought GMod, and he wanted me to buy it as well so we could play games like prop hunt and hide and seek together, so I bought GMod. When I got GMod, I looked at all of those servers. I was thinking about what to play, and I chose Hide and Seek. I looked at which Hide and Seek server that had the most players and chose it. That server was the GFL Hide and Seek server. I got addicted to it and couldn't stop playing it. I never knew about these forums until the day I reached the "Family Member" time rank on the server. I thought that the time rank would give me that [Proud GFL Member] tag next to my name, but it didn't, and right then, I saw this one thing that I've been ignoring for months. It said, "Apply for member today by typing !member". I instantly typed !member, and it brought me to the forums. I applied for member and got accepted almost instantly. I was happy to have finally had that tag next to my name. A few months later, @Lynx, who was an admin at the time, told me about how to apply for admin, and it interested me. I started to shitpost to get that 25 content count so I could apply faster, oops. Soon enough, I finally met the requirements to apply, and I did it. A few days later, I chose to withdraw from my application because I noticed that I was being really annoying to everyone about it because I wanted to be accepted fast. I noticed that I've basically been really rude to everyone, talking a lot of shit, and that if I wanted to be an admin, I should fix my attitude. A few months passed by, and I finally acted like myself in game. I never thought about reapplying until everyone kept thinking I was an admin for some reason. I finally chose to reapply. The next day, probably my closest friend from GFL at the time, @Dex, just left forever. It saddened me, and then, about 30 minutes later, I got promoted. I was very happy to finally be a trial admin for my favorite server in the world. I will never forget that day. I started to get really involved with the community, and then I found out that there was a jailbreak server. I always used to play jailbreak if I wasn't playing HnS, so I was hyped to play on the jailbreak server. Later, I got accepted as an admin on there. Sadly, it died shortly after. I also got admin on the new prop hunt server when it came out. All of my friends from HnS were a part of the prop hunt staff team, so I wanted to be a part of it, too. I got admin on there, and I resigned from it a little sooner than I was hoping. Later came breach. @Gary got me addicted, and then I applied for admin later. I am now an admin on 3 servers. I've been on a long journey for this past year, and that journey has come to an end. Now, here I am, not able to admin like I used to be able to. I just don't have the time that I used to have, and I've gotten pretty bored of GMod in general. I am going to be done with GMod, but don't worry, I'll still be active on the forums. I will also be done with my daily dabs. I'll still do them every once in a while, but not every day. I'd like to thank everyone for everything that you guys have done for me here, and I wish to still see everyone here. Thank you! Now, time for the mentions. @Roy - Thank you for creating this community. It has changed my life. I have had so much fun, thanks to you! @Xy_ - Thank you for giving me a chance on breach. You have been a really big help to me. @ButterKing5000 - Thanks for letting me do those daily dabs on your discord server lol. @Winter - You are a great friend. I'm glad to have met you. You have made my experience here a lot better. @SashaGrey - Sorry for messing up your council tag. (It was @mbs' fault, but #BlameJat amirite.) @mbs - I remember the day we met, when I was just a user, and you were just a trial admin. I can't believe how far we have come. You have done everything for me. You trained me, you sponsored me, you promoted me to senior admin, and you were always there for me. Thank you for everything. @Gary - The one and only birb. I know that we have been mad at each other lately, but I'll never forget the times we have spent together. Thanks for everything. Never forget Gat. @_Marshmello_ - You have always been a great friend. We have had some great times. Thanks for everything. Cya sploob. @bnewton - Thanks for making me a trial admin and an admin. You were the best manager, especially after adding that left shark playermodel. @AtomicHeadphones - I remember meeting you when I first started playing on hide and seek. Thanks for everything you've done for me, and thanks for the chance on prop hunt. @Dex - You were my best friend here when I started playing. I was quite annoying to you, though, sorry about that. I couldn't believe it when you completely left. Thanks for sponsoring me and always being there for me when I was just a member. @Impaled - I remember meeting you when I just started playing HnS. I know that you don't remember, though. I'm glad that you came back so I could get to know you. I can't believe that you actually blocked the DL's lol. Savage. @FrankAL - Why the hell do you have to be so good at HnS? You're the best. I'll miss ya. @Zexired - You are perfect. It's crazy. You're the coolest dude on the planet. I'm glad I got to know you. I hope that you'll be the senior admin to replace me. (cough @mbs cough) @AciFire - I'm glad to have met you. How have you not been demoted yet lol. (I know you like it when I say lol.) @Lynx - One of the nicest people that I have ever met. Thanks for everything. @KryptekBlu3 - I remember when we were trial admins together. You're a great friend. @Charmy - Thanks for buying me that supporter. Oh yeah, and thanks for joining HnS and giving me 3 million points lol. @Nap14hockey - You're a cool dude. I wish you the best in life. @Color - You're my favorite color. @sciguy429 - Come on, we all know that you're gay and a furry. Thanks for everything. @BlockHero - Guess what, the senior badmin has been demoted! @littleshake - You're a great friend. Thanks for everything. @Harakoni_Hellraiser - Thanks for making me feel disappointed in myself after I saw your amazing afro. @PsquawOsaurus - You're a great admin and a great person. I'm glad to have met you. @Deadlol69 - I've had some fun times with you. I remember that rainbow snowman crew that we made. Good times. I'm glad to have met you. @Distorted_Illusion - I'm as clueless as you are because I had to resign to get demoted. @MB101 - No need for those petitions anymore lol. I am now gone. @shelby - You are very friendly and helpful when it comes to things such as @Gary being @Gary. Thanks for everything. @NukeTheFox - It was nice to get to know you. Hopefully, your application will be accepted. Good luck! @Mistarpotato - I'm glad that I met you. You are a great friend. Thanks for everything. @Eucalyptus - You have gaids™. @Clippy - MR. BONES! I know that we have been in so many arguments since I started playing. I am glad that we stopped doing that. You're pretty cool. Thanks for everything. @bandj94 - I remember when we were always together. We had some good times. Thanks for everything. @NaratoHeHeXD - You're a good friend. I hope to see you some time soon. @ZaKLaKe - I'm sorry for everything. I know that we wouldn't get along very well. I hope to be friends again, just like we used to be before all of this nonsense happened. @Logic301 - We've had a lot of fun on jailbreak and HnS. Wish you the best, cousin, or should I say, adopted cousin. @canman1151 - Thanks for giving me a chance on jailbreak. You're the best. @Eli - I'm sorry for leaving you on jailbreak. Thanks for everything you've done for me. I wish you the best of luck on jailbreak. @Anonymous Lee - You've been a great friend. I'm glad to have met you. You're the best cousin. @TheRealShark - Your cancer is amazing. I love it. Thanks for everything. @Lil_Skies - When I met you on jailbreak, we became best friends. I'm thankful for having you. I was sad when you were banned. I'm glad that you could come back. Thanks for everything. @BLAZE - I'm glad to have met you. You're chill and a great friend. Thanks for everything. @Faex - You're a great guy. I'm glad to have gotten to know you from jailbreak. @eddiegdo - You're the best. The nckz gang though, eww. @Temmie - You are an hilarious guy. You're really fun to play jailbreak with. @Bobisanawesomeman - You were the best. I couldn't believe it when you left. I wish you stayed. @Terraxtroyer - I'm glad that I met you. You were a good friend who would always be there to help. @Narus - Sorry for when I would get pissed at you. You were a cool guy and a great friend. @Perfexionn - I was sad when you left with everyone else. Never forget that OG jailbreak group. @InfernoBurnz - I miss you my dude. @DoctorDJ - I enjoyed jailbreak with you. You were definitely the best warden. @Dreamm - I was glad to have you on jailbreak and to guide me when I had completely no idea what I was doing on purge. @Agent_Washington - What a great friend. You are a great guy. Thanks for everything, and stop changing you name lol. @TheLastBee - You have been fun to work with from the prop hunt server, to the prop hunt discord, and even breach. Thanks for being a great friend. @Billy_Ariana_Man - You were fun to mess around with. I totally won that bet, though. @Triple_A - We've had a lot of fun, especially on discord. Thanks for everything. @flyingjoe32 - Thanks for believing in my dabbing. I feel bad for leaving and quitting my daily dabs. I'll always be the dab legend, though. @Joel Smith - Teach me your ways and secrets on how to be a pro at sniping with low gravity. @PotatoMum - I wish I could play purge, but my mac won't let me. You're a great friend. Hopefully, I'll be able to get on some time. @BubblyPanda - I can't believe how long it took me to realize that you were Mr. Bubbles. I'm glad to see you back. @GeorgeJW - You're one of the best friends I've made on the purge server. Thanks for everything. @Abyss_ - Lucky you, I'm not dabbing as much. @gay_luigi - I will never forget when we got falsely banned together lol. @Kite9867 - The kinky breach admin. Thanks for everything. I'd like to see you get that senior admin back soon. @Duc2000 - I was glad to have that marketing team opportunity with you, which didn't really last long. I've had a lot of fun with you. @John_Ariana_Man - Thanks for everything, especially that random story that you made up and steam messaged me lol. Have fun getting drunk some more lol. @Rose - Thanks for everything. You're very friendly and a great person. @DOOMSlayer_ - I regret going into your nsfw gore chat lol. Thanks for everything you've done, but you disgust me with that gore lol. @wolfblade109 - One of the admins I met when I started playing breach. You're a great guy. I wish you the best. @Gun_Slinger - Who was the most active admin for this week? Oh yeah, it was @Gun_Slinger...again. You're a great admin. I'm glad that I was able to meet you. @Keisuke4321 - I've been on quite a few GFL servers with you. I'm glad to have been an admin with you. @DJTapDatZombie - Nice lenny faces. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) @Aquaticfilly0 - You're a very nice person. Thanks for everything. You should have admin already. @CheesyFishBitz - You are a salty little fish. @Kubnair - I JUST WANT THE COOL DUDE ROLE! @Pyros - As I said, I JUST WANT THE COOL DUDE ROLE! @Astro - My roblox division leader. @motorsteak - @motorsteak. @MegaUpload - We were never too close of friends, but I enjoyed having talks with you. Thanks, and I hope to see you more. @i have had it up to here - The one and only rapperdan. You are amazing. @Kcim - You're the best lol. From jailbreak, to deathrun, to breach, you just don't care and get warned about 20 times a day. Legend. @iPro - Even though you're banned, thanks for accepting my member application. @GFLBot - Thanks for being the worst part of my experience with GFL lol. @nocheat - Just adding to the longest mention list in history. @misaki - Sorry for not mentioning you, but thanks for helping us out with jailbreak. I wish I had the chance to get to know you better. Before I go, I know that a lot of you guys are curious to see what I look like. Since I'm resigning, I feel like it's time for me to finally do a face reveal. Well, thanks for everything GFL! Bye! -Jat
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    Some info about the map. It has an Introduction (Warmup) and 5 stages: 4 chapters (6-9 minute long) and so-called 1999 mode (about 20 minutes long). Here are some tips given by the map in the chat during the introduction (in italics), that usually no one notices, with my comments below: 1. Big Daddy is immensely strong. Don't let him get close. This is about the skin that looks like the first boss, which zombies can pick up near the spawn. His role is actually to stay near Little Sister to keep her alive. 2. Repeated losses will make the map easier. Don't give up! After 3 losses on a stage its difficulty is changed from Hard to Easy. On Hard difficulty there are more difficult holds and alternate paths in some places; also red circles appear on the ground with the screaming sound from time to time, humans take a lot of damage if stay in them. 3. Plasmids are limited use. Keep count! This is about human items. They have less number of uses on Hard an more on Easy difficulty. The number of available uses in the Entwatch (on the scoreboard) is wrong. You can see the correct number after picking up an item in the pop-up description on your screen for a few seconds. 4. Upgrade your Plasmids at Power to the People stations. Upgrades are PERMANENT. Choose carefully! There are 7 plasmid upgrade stations on the map, each of them can be used only once during the entire map. 2 of them are available in chapter one, 3 in chapter two, and 2 in chapter three, and 4 of them are once again accessible in 1999 mode. An unused upgrade station glows white, a used one loses its glow effect. There are 6 plasmids on the map, each of them can be upgraded first to level 2 and then to level 3. Level 3 items are much more powerful. With 7 upgrade stations total, only 3 plasmids can be upgraded to level 3, and another one to level 2. I would suggest upgrading Winter, Insect and Electro. I don’t know how efficient Incinerate at level 3 is. Sonic and Gravity can’t be used in all situations, because Sonic is wind and can boost zombies, and Gravity can boost zombies as well, if someone shoots them while they are being held by the plasmid. It doesn’t matter if we win or lose a stage, the upgrade effect will remain and we will pick up an upgraded item (in the same or in the next stages). In order to use an upgrade station, you need to come close and press your Use key, if you have a plasmid. If you are close enough to an upgrade station, your plasmid will not be used if you press the Use key. The upgrade stations are kind of clunky and don’t work every time, but I would rather lose a plasmid charge, but have it upgraded. 5. Little Sister can harvest corpses to buff her teammates. Search them out! This is another zombie item, which can be picked up near the spawn. Picking up the sister unlocks picking up Big Daddy. If you picked up the sister as a zombie, don’t pick up Big Daddy yourself, or the sister will be lost. There are 3 corpses in each stage, that the sister will automatically harvest if comes close (halts for a few seconds and whispers something). Little sister has a beacon that all zombies can see. Zombies within the beacon get a speed boost. 6. Gene Tonics take effect on death. Don't die in vain! This is about the two “knife” human items, that can be picked up on the left side of the spawn room. One of them should stun and the other one blind zombies upon your death. You will need to rebuy all weapons if you pick it up. 7: Lost health? Visit a health station to recover it! There are multiple health stations on the walls in each stage of the map. Just come close to one of them, and your health will be automatically and quickly regenerated. The map has a Good and a Bad ending. To have a Good ending in the 1999 mode, humans need to get a token in each of the 4 previous chapters. Collecting a token realistically means shooting a black round box (it has some textures if map particles are loaded) on a wall (you need less than one SMG clip), they all look the same. There are 4 places in each of the first 4 chapters, where the token can appear. The location is chosen randomly each time we (re)play a stage. It should be enough to shoot it just once (no matter if we win or lose the stage) to get the token. When we get a token, a message like this appears in the chat: “SECRET: Found the Bird Token” (can be Bird/Cage/Airship/Vox Populi token). Here’s a gallery of some objects on the map, if you’re not sure how they look like: imgur.com.
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    Hello everyone I’m sure you have noticed but the CS:GO division is going under a revamp myself and @xSnowyAngel are currently looking for active managers and admins, We are currently looking for managers for: Surf Minigames 1v1 EU Requirements: Active member for at least 2 months General Server knowledge 15 years old+ Active on the forums We are currently looking for admins/operators for all servers except Zombie escape Requirements Active member for at least 1 month Working microphone Active on the forums Application> https://goo.gl/forms/pou9k6mwfQuzXW513
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    Pow don't I look good omg yas
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    @littleshake and I have been seeing each other for sometime in secret. I recently proposed to her and she accepted. I hope you wish us well.
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    Hello everyone, I just wanted to announce we will be soon adding a new server to the CS:S rotation. The server will be 24/7 Dust2. Currently, the server is owned by @Decoy. However, we will be moving it to GFL. This will benefit him because he won't have to pay for the server and it will be moved to a dedicated machine instead of shared hosting (better performance). You can learn how we met by reading this status update. @Decoy has a small team that will be helping populate the server. He will be obviously expanding his team as time goes on. With that said, @Decoy will be the server manager and he will be able to dedicate a lot of time into the server. The last two times we did something similar to this (offering somebody to move their server to GFL), we were very successful. We did this with CS:S DeathRun and CS:S Bunny Hop back in 2012/2013 which were both very successful servers in GFL. Server Features 16K cash each round start. No Awps/Autos/M249s. 64 tick (may go to 100 tick in the future). 32 maximum players. 24/7 Dust2 Quick defuse. HLStatsX. Server Gametracker Server IP @Decoy, welcome to the team! I look forward to playing and working with you! if you have any questions, please reply to this thread! Thank you!
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    Hello! Please welcome our newest addition to the CS:GO division, @xSnowyAngel! @xSnowyAngel has successfully managed our #1 CS:GO Zombie Escape server for over a year now and has proven to us he is very talented and dedicated. The CS:GO division is still in the process of being rebuilt and we decided to add an additional Division Leader to help @Bonk rebuild the division! What Happens To Our CS:GO Zombie Escape Server? Many will now ask what is going on with our CS:GO Zombie Escape server. I had a couple long talks with @xSnowyAngel about this and we both agreed this server still needs to be mainly focused on. @xSnowyAngel will remain as Zombie Escape's server manager and will be offering a second hand with other servers in the division along with helping @Bonk. We will ensure Zombie Escape still gets the attention it needs to continue succeeding and staying as CS:GO's #1 server. Overall, congratulations @xSnowyAngel! I know you'll do a great job! Thank you! View full article
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    Hello! Please welcome our newest addition to the CS:GO division, @xSnowyAngel! @xSnowyAngel has successfully managed our #1 CS:GO Zombie Escape server for over a year now and has proven to us he is very talented and dedicated. The CS:GO division is still in the process of being rebuilt and we decided to add an additional Division Leader to help @Bonk rebuild the division! What Happens To Our CS:GO Zombie Escape Server? Many will now ask what is going on with our CS:GO Zombie Escape server. I had a couple long talks with @xSnowyAngel about this and we both agreed this server still needs to be mainly focused on. @xSnowyAngel will remain as Zombie Escape's server manager and will be offering a second hand with other servers in the division along with helping @Bonk. We will ensure Zombie Escape still gets the attention it needs to continue succeeding and staying as CS:GO's #1 server. Overall, congratulations @xSnowyAngel! I know you'll do a great job! Thank you!
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    Well, My job interview got cancelled, and I had nice clothes on, so might as well do something with the moment. Hopefully, It gets rescheduled soon
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    After weeks of intense training, I feel like I am proud enough to share the results Happy "I'm single and desperate" day, since I'm on that boat too.
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    GFL 24/7 Dust2 No Awp/Auto/M249 ABOUT GFL 24/7 Dust2 is meant to be a fun server with good competition. On the fun side, you start each round with $16,000, and we have included wire pulling and throwing knives. On the competitive side we have included GameMe to keep track of all your stats, and we're hosted a dedicated server configured for good hit registration. Please take a moment to read through our short list of rules. To ensure your rates are set properly, we have included instructions at the bottom of the page. RULES 1. Do the objective. Terrorists must try to plant the bomb; Counter Terrorists must try to defuse the bomb. 2. A-only until there are 5 CTs. (at admin digression) 3. Terrorists must be out of spawn by the 1 minute mark. 4. Legit bhopping is allowed, as long as it's not abused for speed running etc. 5. No scripts/macros/cheats. 6. We believe in free speech, however excessive abuse (racism) will result in a gag/mute. WIRE PULLING The bomb can be defused normally, or you can pull a wire (pick a color) for quick diffuse. You have a 25% chance to pick the right wire. However, make sure to buy a defuse kit, as without a defuse kit, even if you pull the correct wire, you will have a 50-50 chance of the bomb exploding. THROWING KNIVES Everyone spawns with 2 throwing knives, left click to throw a knife. Any knife kill will earn you that player's remaining throwing knives. GAMEME We have included GameMe so you can track all of your stats. You may type these commands into chat: rank - View your current position and stats, as well as your current session stats. top10 - View the current top 10 players. stats - Open gameme stats page to view any player's stats in full detail. DEDICATED SERVER Many server operators overlook this incredibly important aspect when setting up their server, resulting in lag spikes and poor hit registration. Our dedicated server runs at 100 tick, offers high performance and high bandwidth; combined with our competitively optimized configuration offers lag-free gaming and exceptional hit registration. RATES If your FPS is consistently above 100 frames (check with cl_showfps 2): cl_cmdrate 100 cl_updaterate 100 If your FPS drops below 100 frames (check with cl_showfps 2): cl_cmdrate 66 cl_updaterate 66 If you have a stable connection with a low ping: cl_interp 0 cl_interp_ratio 1 If you have an unstable connection or a high ping: cl_interp 0 cl_interp_ratio 2 The rest of your rates are set automatically to their optimal settings by the server. How to use rates: Place these rates into your autoexec.cfg, this file does not exist by default, you will need to create it. Find your Steam installation directory and then navigate to \steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Source\cstrike\cfg Place your autoexec.cfg file there. autoexec.cfg example: cl_cmdrate 100 //use 66 if your fps is below 100 cl_updaterate 100 //use 66 if your fps is below 100 cl_interp 0 cl_interp_ratio 1 //use 2 if your connection is unstable or you have a high ping rate 100000 fps_max 301 //set this well above your cmdrate value - DO NOT set to 0, this will cause your fps to lock at 59 on our server Let's have fun, and don't forget to add us to your favorites! Note: Our MOTD will be updated periodically.
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    Congrats! I'm glad you finally beat my map It's not so hard once you understand what is going on.
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    Sometimes you need to grow a thick skin in the online world, especially if you want to be yourself. Unfortunately there will always be trolls and "mean" people wherever you go, you just need to find out how you are going to deal with it. If leaving and trying to avoid those situations is your solution then I wish you a good life. However I do think that you should just try a different way. Join TS/Discord and just talk to people. Play with people you know are nice, eventually you will realise that it is only the odd few who tend to troll. I do however disagree that you being "different" is the cause of the issues. We have had all kinds of people in GFL such as traps/trans/gay/bisexual/furry etc. This has not stopped anyone from enjoying there time here. I am gay/bi and have the occasional, "you're such a faggot", but I have grown that thick skin and understand that some people have to use that kind of language towards things they don't yet understand.
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    One last update, I am feeling a lot better already! I am very sore but I can finally take deep breaths (haven't been able to in the last two days due to the pain) and drink water (didn't eat or drink anything for two days). Though they had liquids go through the IV. I will be staying in the hospital until Wednesday since the gallbladder was very infected and was nearly about to explode (also caused a fever). They just want to make sure I was okay. Even better news, the same surgent offered to do hernia surgery for me in a couple of weeks and we will be doing that as well :D Ultimately, I will be feeling amazing in two weeks or so from now. I am also in the process of changing my diet and starting to eat healthy. I am taking fiber packets three times a day to ensure I am getting enough fiber in my diet which should get rid of constipation and so on. Thank you for all the support from all of you! I really appreciate it and I am sorry for waiting this long already. I also apologize for any grammar mistakes in this post, I am about to pass out due to me being really tired at the moment.
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    Just an update, I am officially done surgery but still feel very sore around my stomach. Thanks for all the support everyone! You can tell I look dead right now lmao. I will need another day to rest. Thanks!
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    Hello everyone! I'd like to start off this post by congratulating @RockRoyce on his promotion to full admin. Good job, you deserved it! Now on to progression for the server, this post is just a general update for all to see. Server Crashes We understand that the server crashes are very frustrating, but we've got our DL @Bonk and several other people looking into it, and hopefully, we will have a fix soon. MOTD/Suggestions A reminder for anyone who hasn't checked it yet, we updated the MOTD and added a few more sections to benefit all Jailbreak players' experience, so make sure you all refresh yourselves on the Jailbreak Rules. MOTD updates will be happening more frequently as we (admins) come across rules that can be abused easily. If you players come across a rule being abused, or you simply just have a new idea, you are free to suggest a new rule in the Jailbreak Suggestion Thread. Future Plugins After conversing with several members of the team, we've created some ideas for future plugins that will benefit the server. The first idea is an automatic AFK swapper. The problem with this plugin is that wardens' often order prisoners to AFK freeze (meaning you cannot move or will be killed) which means the timer for this plugin must be an extensive amount of time to ensure that it will not swap people who are simply following orders. Our second idea was a plugin to give an entire team a specific loadout (such as full armor, full HP, and a sawed-off shotgun). The plugin will also be able to randomly pick one prisoner to receive special perks for an event round (For example, once it targets a randomly chosen player - they may receive blindness, 200 HP, and a 1-hit knife). This one will generally help us with events and possibly vote-days. (This post will be updated and changed as things are added and removed) Thanks everyone for reading! ~Wailord
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    People who make this kind of post should be forced to leave anyway...
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    Is this just "whoever is the richest" wins?
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    Hi I'm not new here but fuck you anyways. This is a shit post and you're all gonna hate me for it. Just wasted your time. Bye now. ( And no Xy I'm not drunk. )
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    I'm back home but not feeling that great. I'm going to be taking a few more days to rest. Trying to drink as much as I can and eat correctly. Thank you for understanding and let's hope I start to feel completely better soon.
  28. 8 points
    Good riddance. If you're leaving GFL just because you sit around taking all this harrassment and not doing anything about it... shows exactly the type of person you are. Sometimes people just need to grow a pair.
  29. 8 points
    I will most likely not be coming home tomorrow. Turns out my gallbladder DID actually explode before getting surgery (it wasn't just highly infected, it exploded all over and infected other parts of my body). This was a very rare case with a young male such as me according to the surgents. But yeah, I still need a lot of time to heal and I still can't stand up without feeling dizzy and light headed. I'm starting to eat more and more though which is a good sign. Just not feeling too great overall yet Once again, thank you for all the support everybody! I apologize if I've been giving too many updates on this recently, I just want to fill everybody in with what's going on with me. Once I come back and I am healthy, I'll be able to start doing things for GFL
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    Here's a picture of my sister and I from the hospital today. I rarely get to see my sister (sometimes up to a year at a time) so obviously her showing up today made my day She is also a full time nurse so she knew just as much as the other nurses who were helping me which was awesome. I know I look horrible in the picture but I've been laying down for the last 3 - 4 days straight This is the first picture with her in years. Thanks!
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    Been a while since I posted one - so here you go
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    - Removed SCP-178-1 and SCP-178 - Added SCP-017 (Suggested and prepared by @Cpt.Haxray) - Can dissolve into shadows - Attacks by going under a victim and pressing the attack key - When attacking, or if the shadow pool timer runs out, you will be teleported back to the point where you entered the shadow pool - Currently 500 HP and 180 speed, stats subject to change.
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    We need a shitpost filter
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    MAP ze_bioshock_v6_2_csgo4 TIME/DATE January 27th 2018 (Saturday) 7pm Central Standard Time US(CST) / 2am Central European Time EU(CET) / 9am GMT+8 Duration 2-3 hours (unless we beat it before the time stated) Rules Don't troll with items, or you will be banned from using them.Don't afk in spectate, or you will be kicked.Don't mic spam, let the leaders try to give commands over voice comm.Don't zombie inflate (Intentionally becoming a zombie to give the CT's a lesser chance).Mute round will be applied IF we deem it necessary.All other server rules apply to the event. Rewards Supporters ( 2 weeks ) will be given to those that win the 1999 stage How to Earn it? When you win, just reply on this thread with your steamid and we'll verify you with the winners lists A screenshot would be good too (optional) YOU HAVE 3 DAYS AFTER THE EVENT TO REPLY IF YOU HAVE WON THE MAP IN ORDER TO GET THE REWARDS! Ex: External Links GFL ZE Discord: https://discord.gg/Bkfwg4q GFL ZE Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/GFLCSGOZE To convert your timezone easily, you can use this website to help you: https://www.worldtimebuddy.com/ GOOD LUCK AND HAVE FUN!
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    We might as well get an overwatch DL at this point
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    Hey everybody, I just wanted to give another update. I have returned home on Thursday. I am still experiencing some issues (mostly flu-like symptoms from the body trying to recover and heal along with soreness). I hope to be feeling completely better in the next couple weeks. Once I heal from this surgery, I will be scheduling another surgery for my hernia. It will probably take some time to recover from that surgery as well. So it's not over yet but we're almost there! I would once again like to thank everybody for the support! I really appreciate it! Thanks!
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    Thank you all for the warm welcoming!
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    CSGO Extravaganza 5v5 Date: March 17th+18th (18th Finals) 5PM EST Hi guys, we have been invited to the next inter-community event which will be taking place within CSGO! For the past 2 big tournaments we have come out as the winners! Let's see if we can make this the third tournament that we can take home! We will be looking for at the very least 7 players to sign up to this tournament (5 as main competitors and 2 as subs). All 7 players will receive a badge on the forums for participating (extra snazzy if you win ). Requirements: Must be a member in the respective community with no active bans who has also been a member for at least 2 months! Players are asked to be in the GCC discord 30 minutes before the event- https://discord.me/gccofficial Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/gamingcommunitycentral Challonge Bracket: TBA Rules: No cheats, exploits, glitching, or 3rd party tools that give u an unfair advantage over other players. No ghosting Don't be disrespectful No sexual harassment of players Do not be racist or use racist terms No mic or text chat spam No advertising other communities events No name impersonation of anyone. Details Date: March 17th, 18th Time: 7PM EST Location: US Servers Maps: TBD Tournament bracket will be added in later, once we receive signups. The matches below semi finals will be BO1 double elimination, the semi finals will be BO3 and the finals will be BO5. (finals may change to BO3) Current Roster Team Name: (suggest a name below) Player 1 - name Player 2 - name Player 3 - name Player 4 - name Player 5 - name Sub 1 - name Sub 2 - name Teams will be finalised on the 13th of March at the very latest. If we have a full team signed up before that point we will begin practice but still allow sign ups! You can sign up to the tournament as a solo player or as multiple players. I'll be testing players who sign up out if needed. To sign up just use the template below: Steam name CSGO rank: Experience in ESEA/FaceIt (or others): Rank in the above: Position(s) you play: Proposed team name:
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    Well I'm Back To Being Admin On Purge AND I GOT IT THE GFL WAY!
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    I'm literally a bi furry and i get made fun of but do i give a shit? Nah nigga. I move on cause i know i'm the better person. If you leaving because there are trolls online is supposed to be our fault, then you can leave, nobody's stopping you. However, if there's an admin doing this, report it instead of complaining. We literally had someone else do this, with the same responses. EDIT: No this is just the same person doing this again for some reason. Seems you didn't learn the first time. Anyway, i find it meaningless to complain and resign from whatever you were, due to harassment. If *you* were an admin on something, you can...you know...mute them.
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    As promised. New sweatshirt came in and id thought id share (I'm trying to compete with joshy with number of photos) Yes, I'm wearing bills PJ's. Gotta rep my team.
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    The only possible reason you'd want the traditional "/advert raid" garbage is to differentiate between RDM and actual RP. This servers management is competent and can write some simple lua scripts, right? Instead, have a command like /advert but just logs it to a system which can be accessible to all players, but NOT announced when something is posted to it. Allow /adverts to be used for advertising exclusively and make shit slightly less dull. The element of surprise is very powerful, and when you just can check your cams whenever you see a raid advert pop up, that ruins that.
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    too lazy to click buttons but can write a 5 page essay on bioshock
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    \ It's me. A THOT HUNTER. I've come to GFL to rid these forums of these awful creatures. Sending booty pics and tiddy pics for some Administrative powers will happen NO MORE! BE GONE THOTS! - Thot Hunter 69
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    Had my last day at Home Depot today so from now on I will not be working on the weekends! I'm going to be trying to focus on GFL during the weekends Though, in the next couple months I may be using some weekends to get some things planned out (e.g. moving to Texas) and getting my health issues fixed.
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    Haven't posted in a while, hows everyone doing?
  47. 7 points
    CS:GO update later tonight most likely. Prepare for broken servers Though, I do admit Fletcher is one of the better devs who actually communicates with server owners on some things. At least we have a warning ahead of time.
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    I feel like the discord can do better with activity if we did more events. The last event we had was some where around 12/19/2017. When we had that event the discord chat was active for a few days. So I propose we should do events more frequently. Here are some free ( website ) games or activities we can do for our events. Games/Activities: Town of Salem Cards Against Humanity Scribble Hang Man Watch GFL or GCC Streams ( or even watch some GFL members stream. ) Movie Night Karaoke Feel free to suggest more if you like to. Not sure how often the events should happen but should be like 1 or 2 events every 2-3 weeks. The Discord Mod team or Council should manage these events since both are more active and have permissions on the discord. The Discord server should have an Event category with it has its own voice channels where it should only be visible and usable to everyone when we hold an event. Example: In my opinion, most of us in discord should participate in these events. It might help the activity on the discord server a little bit. Well this is my suggestion. Feel free to bring up some more ideas. Gimme your thoughts about this.
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    - Updated SCP-178 - SCP-178 is assigned a random target at the beginning of the round - SCP-178 can only be seen by his target - SCP-178's target is given the glasses - SCP-178 can only damage his target and anyone who has shot him - SCP-178 no longer attacks by colliding, he attacks much like any other SCP - SCP-178 has an ability to see his target's location through walls using his Secondary Attack (Once every 45 seconds) - SCP-178 can choose to be assigned a new, random target every 90 seconds. - Discombobulators - Added a few days ago, but not documented. - Used to push yourself and others around. It's a grenade so its single use - Concussion Grenade - Obstructs vision and distorts sound for anyone in its radius - Smoke Grenades - Added a few point shop models (Also was done a few days ago, just not documented) Still looking for suggestions on pointshop items!
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