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    Made some great progress on our new OVH European machine tonight!
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    When a shit post goes too far...
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    This new IPS 4 update includes Two-Factor Authentication I look forward to updating tonight!
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    RIP @Joshy, you were a pretty cool higher up
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    A GFL Happy Birthday from @Roy @Cypher @Dano @Kim and myself. (This was made by Kim)
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    I finally got my tax papers and work permit turned in. Now I can start working. I start tomorrow and I work 4-9pm. They're starting me out with a lot of hours, but money is money.
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    are you talking mad shit to my son? boi, cash meh out side how bout dat?
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    I'd just like to say thanks to everyone who submitted a response to the survey yesterday. helps me out a lot. We got 102 responses, pretty crazy. Thanks guys!
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    Hey guys if you'd like to help me out by taking a quick survey, it'd be really appreciated. Helps me out with a project. Thanks! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfAh4Zv9HOFj_icWZ3ExGslrNwsoEdfXAHgr9-aBQM1jVHM4A/viewform
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    when you wear socks with sandals or crocks w/ socks you are too fucking sexy for this earth
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    I love it when you have a school that somehow makes you be there for literally more than 50% of your time. While it's fun and all, I wanna play video games too D:
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    I made my award lesgo WINNER OF MEMES
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    Nobody goes offline on me and gets away with it. Not even if I spammed you
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    So a Hanzo main stopped me from hitting Top 500 today. Colour me surprised. /s
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    Predictions are open! http://gflclan.challonge.com/gflow1v11
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    Here's a tip to all ladies: If he doesn't like Yu-Gi-Oh then he's gotta Yu-Gi-Go.
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    #bringback@Joshy #@Joshydidnothingwrong #comparewhatotherpeopledocomparedto@Joshytheyarenotdemoted
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    I was silly back in 2011... Source
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    Got my shirt on at work. Ready to watch this pussycat become president.
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    I now have the internet speed of a normal household in England instead of my old rerouted through Africa and back, barely 1mbps shit.
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    The font sizes are getting me fucked up
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    Where the hell is your Retired Staff badge?
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    Sorry if any of you fellows are being spammed with notifications regarding the member map; I've been adjusting some settings in an effort to refine it.
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    Too many yellow and red names visiting my profile... I sense nothing good
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    Good news, Ubuntu LTS is now running on the Compaq Presario, but I had to remove Windows Vista (doesn't really bother me though). I would have prefered to have it dual-boot, but that wouldn't work because it kept hitting a size allocation error. Bad news, still running a single channel of 512MB RAM, which is very slow for those of you who don't know. I'll be getting a pair of 2GB RAM sticks sometime in the next month or two, and we'll see where it goes from there.
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    about a month ago I had about 4 followers and now I have 11
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    when it's literally you and 20+ other girls in your gym class.
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    Whale. I'm a bit excited. I've had my hands on an old Compaq Presario v3500, and it hasn't worked for quite a while. However, it hasn't worked for some reason. But, yesterday, when taking tinkering with it, I took out a RAM card and it started up properly. So, I plan on putting a little bit of money into it and getting new RAM cards for it (it only accepts DDR2 unfortunately, so it is definitely a shitty tower), and installing a Linux-based OS (even though I have no idea how to work Linux, but it's never too late to learn). I already have a Ubuntu OS on a flash drive that I'm gonna test today, Wish me luck.
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    "In the blink of an eye. Everything can change. So forgive often, and love with all of your heart. You may never know when you may not have that chance."
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    writing my resume made me realize how boring my life really is