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    I'm back home but not feeling that great. I'm going to be taking a few more days to rest. Trying to drink as much as I can and eat correctly. Thank you for understanding and let's hope I start to feel completely better soon.
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    I will most likely not be coming home tomorrow. Turns out my gallbladder DID actually explode before getting surgery (it wasn't just highly infected, it exploded all over and infected other parts of my body). This was a very rare case with a young male such as me according to the surgents. But yeah, I still need a lot of time to heal and I still can't stand up without feeling dizzy and light headed. I'm starting to eat more and more though which is a good sign. Just not feeling too great overall yet Once again, thank you for all the support everybody! I apologize if I've been giving too many updates on this recently, I just want to fill everybody in with what's going on with me. Once I come back and I am healthy, I'll be able to start doing things for GFL
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    Well I'm Back To Being Admin On Purge AND I GOT IT THE GFL WAY!
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    Had my last day at Home Depot today so from now on I will not be working on the weekends! I'm going to be trying to focus on GFL during the weekends Though, in the next couple months I may be using some weekends to get some things planned out (e.g. moving to Texas) and getting my health issues fixed.
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    CS:GO update later tonight most likely. Prepare for broken servers Though, I do admit Fletcher is one of the better devs who actually communicates with server owners on some things. At least we have a warning ahead of time.
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    Just another update, I won't be home until at least Wednesday since they want to monitor me for another two days. I am feeling better already though and so glad the constant severe pain is gone! Now only dealing with the soreness which is a lot better than a highly affected (about to explode) gallbladder lol.
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    Hopefully a couple hours left until surgery is performed on me I cannot wait until this pain is gone!
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    My first weekend off in so long. It honestly feels good
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    I just enrolled in health benefits from work and I should be receiving the details in the next couple of weeks. It's time to finally take care of this hernia
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    So here I was a week ago looking at my favorites tab in the CS:S server browser. I saw a random 24/7 Dust2 server and decided to join it not knowing what server it was. It just happens the server owner was on and recently ordered the server from NFO. Since NFO recycles their IPs, I believe this server used to be a server for GFL (either a testing server or another CS:S server). A week later he adds me on Steam and we start talking about the server. I saw a lot of potential in him. He is very dedicated and a genuinely nice guy. Has many hours in CS:S and has a lot of free time. He has a small population team for the server, but he plans on expanding that (obviously). So I asked if he would be interested in running it off of GFL and he said yes. We are most likely going to have a CS:S 24/7 Dust2 (no Awps/Autos/M249s and 32 slots) server added to our rotation with a guy dedicated to running it. This situation is similar to how we got two other very populated CS:S servers (DeathRun and Bunny Hop) back in 2012/2013. I was playing tonight and the server got to eleven players which is pretty good in my opinion for a start. 249 unique players for the past week as well which is great I am personally excited for this due to the way the server is set up. I really like the settings and I will be playing on this server as much as I can. I will post more details in an individual thread as we clear everything up and finalize the move.
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    I finally thought of a phrase to describe the GFL forums and its staff: "toxic positivity."
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    Swallowing 1 tidepod for every like
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    I will be making a few more guides in the next few days. Future guides include how to enable SSL in Nginx, how to set up VSFTPD, and so on. The guide I made yesterday about installing Nginx + PHP 7.1 FPM is already showing up on the search engine as 4th: This is a great sign and I'm sure people will start finding the guide via search engines. When I make guides such as "How to set up a CS:GO server" or "How to optimize a CS:GO server", I'm sure those guides will get a lot of hits from the search engines since we're a gaming community and the guide has to do with game servers. So far, I love making guides. I feel I learn a lot more while making them because I have to research everything before I put it on the guide
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    First time playing BF3 in four or more months: Two vote kicks held against me. I'm honestly proud of myself LOL.
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    Just another update, the surgeons told me I will be in the hospital for another two days or so (hopefully nothing longer than Friday). I was expecting to be released today but my white blood count is still high and I am honestly not feeling well or comfortable. It doesn't help that we have record breaking high temperatures today for the Winter and the room is very hot. I only ate a few crackers today because most of the time my stomach feels upset and I feel sweaty and nauseous after waking up. It sucks being in the same position in bed for three or more days straight. I am starting to sit up and at least try to stretch out. Hopefully tomorrow they can take the tube out of my stomach and I can at least move around... I'm sorry for the inaccurate release date (first it was Tuesday, next it was today, and now it's two days away), the surgery was a lot worse than intended due to the gallbladder literally exploding Hopefully I'll feel A LOT better after all of this is over. I'm going to try to be thinking of ideas for GFL while sitting here in bed (as long as I'm not in a lot of pain, which, is always a possibility). Once again, thanks for the support everyone!
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    Well, other than my health being on a low, things have been GREAT recently! I feel less stressed from work and so on. They put me on the phones Monday and I feel I am doing okay so far (obviously many areas to improve on but I'm doing alright for the first time being on the phone with customers). I've met a great group of people who is also helping me with stuff outside of GFL along with some ideas I have for GFL. I'm slowly building motivation back up with GFL as well. Once I am stable and get my health issues fixed, I'll be able to contribute a lot more (I know I haven't been doing much recently). I've been spending time on things outside of GFL and I find myself thinking of more ideas and ways to improve GFL which is a great thing in my opinion. I'm likely making a doctors appointment today. I'll post another status update with details on the doctor appointment later. @Ashy The Neko nooooooooooooob
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    Just minding my own business and I stumble across a dude with a NEGATIVE reputation. Man, he must be extra special @SickRanchez
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    Now that is how you drive in the snow! /s
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    "Hey furry go fuck a dog" alright don't mind if I do That insult is old and overused. If that's what you have to use to insult me, then shame on you for not getting better insults xddxd
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    "Your life is not about you. Life is about all the people around you. Your life's about all the people you can touch. All the the people you can impact. All the people you can influence, All the people you love. All the people that love you. That's how you source your life from the people around you. From what you can do for those around you. That's what your life is about. " -David Flood
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    As things tend to do, things get really good only to be ruined. It hurts when you feel alone. It hurts when know there's nothing left to do. It hurts knowing that you run around in circles trying to make things right only to end up back where you started. I have learned that I am only burden bound. Have a nice day everyone.
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    CoD 4 FFA #1 back into the single digits regarding the GameTracker rank I also changed the HC TDM server into another HC FFA server (#2). This server has a maximum slots of 22 and an anti-spawn camp plugin enabled. Only issue right now is the B3 RCON tool is running slow for this server at the moment so the anti-spawn camp plugin may be a little buggy. I am looking into it.
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    For anybody interested in Day of Defeat: Source: I just set up a GFL DoD:S server located in Frankfurt, Germany. It's a 32 slot rotation server. I am going to see how population goes the next few weeks. IP: Thanks!
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    I will become rather inactive for an unknown period of time due to me moving. If anyone wants to play some games tonight before 10 pm GMT +1 then hmu in discord. @Roy @King_Wailord
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    what do you call a gay person that lives in france a faguette
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    End of the indoor track season, good season, lots of fun, I'm gonna miss it.
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    I was listening to music on Youtube today, and i was editing my steam profile, and all of a sudden one song ends, and the next thing i hear is that dreaded G Note and i swear i almost had an emo attack
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    Final Releases of my jb undertale video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cxFInmlM38M
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    Overwatch—which is currently in the middle of its Lunar New Year event—will start its free weekend in approximately thirty minutes. https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/free-trial
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    *insert depressing statement about valentine's day* FeelsBadMan
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    Ordered another sweatshirt, get ready for another member directory post:P
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    It's good to see the PVKII server getting some population again
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    Quick get in I'll drive
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    Nick: "I've been searching google for penises for so long now and all I get is pictures of hulk and other heroes" GG Nick, It's time to get some sleep, meme is not life when you search on those things xDDDDD
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    road work ahead? uh yeah i sure hope it does
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    Im so tired and broke, fml
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    can you sponser me for my admin application
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