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    We have so many great ideas in plan for GFL that will honestly have a big impact on GFL's future. We just need the people who are motivated and dedicated enough to implement these ideas. We will continue to look for motivated/dedicated individuals who will have a major positive effect on GFL in the future. Very excited for GFL's future. Not only aiming to make GFL a larger and greater gaming community, but also aiming to improve community servers for specific games in general. We'll see soon
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    It's great seeing the staff communicating like this! It has been this way for the last four days or so (all day). This must keep up in my opinion and communication is improving a lot from it. We will be making adjustments and changes in the next few days or so!
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    what happened to gfl can't even say u want someone to get shot anymore gay nazi shit
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    hahahah dan been wasting his life on the server n got demoted hahahhahah
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    Well, I along with a few others (@Ariistuujj, @Xy_, and @Darkling) have been preparing the current forum theme for IPS 4.2. Hopefully once that's done, I'll get the new web VM fully setup soon and we can finally move the website over to the new web VM (NGINX) and upgrade to IPS 4.2.x
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    Guys check out what @Nick has been doing on the beta fourm! https://beta.gflclan.com/index.php?app=forums&module=forums&controller=forums&id=2
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    Me: "Time to quickly write down some ideas under the brainstorming section before writing the actual post!" Ends up writing two - three pages of ideas Typical...
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    I'm making a lot of changes to the GFL Public SourceMod plugin pack. Going to be adding features to the Server Hop plugin by making it more friendly to newer games we expand into. For example, it will have the option to advertise servers from other games (with the game's abbreviation in front of the advertisement). I'm going to try to get this done by today or tomorrow (going to require some thinking on how I'll do things). I'm also working on other things right now. Server Admins, expect a thread to be made sometime today addressing the ideas I'm very excited about. I will also be stating the fact that we are looking for more motivated/dedication individuals who will have a positive effect on GFL in the future. If the ideas I've been talking about are implemented correctly, I'm very confident in GFL's uprise. Although, we definitely will NEED more dedicated/motivated individuals. I am also searching around for help from trusted individuals outside of the community. Things are looking better. As usual, still A LOT to do.
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    someone sent me this on steam so i figured I'd share for good laughs
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    Happy birthday bois :D @Outbreak_Prime @Xy_ Love ya both
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    Looks like one of our OVH machines went down for the second night in a row. I have looked at the boot logs for VMWare and I don't believe it's anything on our side. With that said, according to the boot log times and time of when the our CoD 4 server went down, the machine was down for a few hours and stated back up an hour and a half ago (by OVH probably)... I've submitted a ticket to OVH asking about this. Also going to see how the progress is going with Pterodactyl since I want them to add a feature that automatically starts up servers when the machine is booted up. Servers that were affected in this event: Cod 4 FFA/S&D, Rust, and CS:GO Arena/Surf RPG DM/BHop. I apologize for this inconvenience, let's hope OVH replies soon!
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    After starting up a Gofundme for @Roy he repays me by raping me
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    Happy Halloween to everybody celebrating it I will most likely be unavailable most of the day (from 2 PM EST to late). Going over my brother's house with a friend :D Other than that, I got some threads to make. @Xy_ and I have been working on our game server machines!
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    I've been brainstorming ideas for the IPS 4 application we're going to create in the future. I still have more ideas to write down. After I complete the outline for this project, I'm going to work on brainstorming ideas for the "About GFL" project. I've been talking to @Xy_, @Nick, and many others about GFL recently and honestly, things are looking great In my opinion, things like Trello are really helping the Higher Ups team communicate. I'm confident in GFL's future for games such as Rust and Arma 3. We have two dedicated teams working on servers in those games. Also, Garry's Mod and CS:GO are going to be making a big comeback in the future. Overall, things are looking great!
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    Dammit, you called it... :middle_finger: you
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    one like on this and I will get myself banned again
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    I've spent my entire morning working on the back end of GFL. I've been reading a lot about optimizing MySQL & MariaDB along with PHP-FPM and NGINX. I've optimized the PHP-FPM pools on our Web VM that hosts SourceBans, HLStatsX, and so on. I've recently made changes to our MySQL server that should overall increase performance as well. With the help of @Ariistuujj, @Xy_, @Darkling, and I the IPS theme we currently use is prepared for IPS 4.2.x (we will be upgrading in the near future). Still fixing a few bugs here and there related to CSS. I will be talking to people tonight about GFL and I hope to get a lot of stuff done with the community as a whole.
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    Just another normal day in HnS discord chat with @bnewton, @Gary, @ButterKing5000, @Impaled, @mbs, @R3DD3AD, @RedTerraria, @sciguy429, @ZaKLaKe, @_Marshmello_, and @Zebra.
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    Yooo I didn't know I get to be a Developer now
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    Alright alright alright! It seems like things are finally on an up-swing for me in awhile. So, I should be less of a bitter person, but still just as sarcastic , anyways, just a litle update in my life (If any of y'all actually cared lmao) Thanks y'all Nap
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    JB Getting some population, hoping to get it at least like this every night.
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    Logging out for the first time, and the last time. One more time, thank you everyone.
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    I wish EA could give us the server files for BattleField 3/4. Though, I understand why they don't (malicious servers can exploit the ranking system). It would be cool if they gave the server files to trusted communities and made them sign a contract or something though. I suppose that's too much work for them (it would be a pain to monitor as well). I just want to host BattleField 3/4 servers off of our OVH machines Perhaps I'll try emailing them (it's worth a try).
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    getting sick again after previously being sick is not fun l o l achoo
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    Extremely excited to meet the new CS:GO Division Leaders, I hope the right people are picked. <3
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    I'm going to be learning more about SourceMod Methodmaps. I want to use these in my Server Hop plugin (replacing the enums). Let's hope this works out :D
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    "An undefined problem has an infinite number of solutions." --Robert A. Humphrey
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    "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover." ― H. Jackson Brown Jr.
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    “I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.” ― Douglas Adams
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    https://lab.gflclan.com/gamemann/GFLPublic-SourceMod/commits/master Looking into optimizing the code though.
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    This place is absolutely beautiful especially at night. I have no idea what this is called, and typing it in Chinese won't help y'all.
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    No way. Please don't tell me the real Roy Halladay died (pitcher's name I named myself after)...
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    I have my first date this friday night. Really nice girl, can't wait!
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    I would like to let everyone know that my laptop is dead! It was having power issues and the battery would refuse to charge (o% battery and not charging). It started a few days ago and would suddenly turn off without warning. This became more frequent and now is literally unusable. This of course means that I now have no means of my own to play any game which can't run on my trashy old laptop. This does mean that I will be taking the jump and building my own desktop. I had already planned to do this once "Black Friday" arrives due to the saving that I will hopefully be making on buying the majority of the parts during the sale. Until then I will be limited to any and all games which can run on a potato. My Father has also allowed me to drive over to his house to use his desktop for any bigger games/events which does mean I am not completely out. I will still be in TS and discord as normal though @PB-n-J now what games could you play on Intel graphics again . I am sure you managed CSGO on Intel graphics My beautiful laptop
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    Congratz, @ButterKing5000! :D Don't forget your roots... the dev team.
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    My birthday present to you is actually doing my admin work because i'm finally moved in and have wifi
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    Happy birthday! (Be wary of @JoelSmith and @Darkling, FYI)
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    So with that last status about what i said about the suicide, I didn't know this was my own friend who was the victim of this. This actually physically and emotionally damages me because of how good of a friend she was with me, and I don't even know why she did it. it also ruins me because i feel like i could've stopped it somehow, i saw her today first period and she was a little off, but i thought she was just tired. She never usually acts depressed and always jokes around, hell, even yesterday she was laughing along with all the jokes me and my friends made with her. fucking hurts man...