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    Just to get ahead of crazy theories, haha: I am ready for new challenges beyond GFL, so this marks my final day as staff. I will be staying at least for a little while as team leader of the development team until it can be handed off to a new leader who'll hopefully do a better job lifting its great devs to new heights!
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    Similarly to Nick, I "resigned" yesterday. Before him, I aint no sheep! Good luck. Thanks for the experience.
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    happy birthday my sweet lovely beautiful girl ๐Ÿ˜˜โค๏ธ u better like my cake
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    This is so going to be me with networking, programming, and sports LOL Dies Inside
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    Welp, although I've felt swamped recently with work from GFL and many other things (there's a lot going on right now), I feel I'm making great progress at least. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to work on the Barricade Firewall project this past week, but I'm hoping to start again once I figure out all these annoying GFL issues with the network and so on (I want to expand the filters to Europe soon, but I'm trying to fix some reports first). After finishing the Barricade FW project, I plan on getting back into BiFrost (initially called Compressor V2) with Dreae and hopefully the experience I gain from the Barricade FW project (specifically Elixir) will help a lot. Other than that, I've thought of a great idea for me personally. I've made it known that I want a DevOps position and I noticed that pretty much anything related to DevOps requires knowledge in CD/CI tools along with Kubernetes. I was already planning to get into CircleCI (a CD/CI tool), but after looking into Kubernetes, this highly interests me as well. Therefore, I plan on making two websites. One will be written in Go and the other will be written in Elixir. I will be making both of these separate repos on my GitHub profile. These websites will be testing websites, but I plan on implementing pretty neat functionality such as user management systems along with some other back-end things. I want some resource-intensive tasks within these websites as well so I can see the difference when scaling these websites with Kubernetes later. After I create these websites, I'm going to make two more GitHub repos. One will be for CircleCI and the other will be for Kubernetes. I'm going to be learning CircleCI more and creating configurations that I'll make open-source (into these repos) that'll build both of these websites along with deploy them to production if all tests come back successfully. With the Kubernetes repo, I plan on making a bunch of README files (*.md files) that'll document commands I run with Kubernetes along with results. I want to document how I completely scale out the web application to multiple Kubernete clusters. I also plan on making a personal Vultr account and using some VMs from them for this project. This'll also give me an opportunity to mess with startup scripts on Vultr. I believe this'll look really great for me and it'll be way better than just saying "I have experience with Kubernetes" or saying "I have certs" (personally, I'd think it'd look more attractive seeing a repo I make documented with everything I've done with Kubernetes over some certificate(s)). Still have so much more to do and I've felt quite burned out. But I'm hoping it is all worth it in the end.
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    Did lose quite a bit of time trying to solve an issue that didn't exist earlier. I figured a FUSE mount wouldn't work inside of an unprivileged container, so I tried to mount the FastDL bucket on the host and bind mount it into the container only to hit a bug caused by laying shiftfs over rclone's b2 FUSE mount. Turns out Ubuntu's kernels since 5.0 support FUSE mounts in unprivileged LXC containers, so I was wasting my time anyway. On the bright side, FastDL downloads should be faster soon ๐Ÿ˜„
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    I successfully created a basic user login system with Elixir here ๐Ÿ˜„ It uses Argon2 to hash passwords. Now it's time to start working on my new personal project called "Barricade". This will be a remake of my XDP Firewall project here. I will be creating the back-bone web server in Elixir and plan to implement a user login system just like I did already with the other project and make it so the user can add filtering rules and nodes (servers that the XDP Firewall itself is running on). Both applications will be talking to each other over encryption and I plan to report stats from the server the XDP FW is running on back to the back-bone. I'm definitely excited for this! I think the project itself has a lot of potential as well. I've already started working on it here.
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    For the past couple of days, I've been learning a lot about Elixir, a functional programming language! All I can say is some of its features such as macros are awesome! I've been reading a lot about the Phoenix framework as well which is used for web applications in Elixir. I've been reading about this for hours, but I felt like a lot of the information I would easily forget. Therefore, I decided to create some projects to help me with learning Elixir (e.g. getting hands on experience helps me remember certain things and learn of course): https://github.com/gamemann/GFL-API-In-Elixir https://github.com/gamemann/Elixir-Phoenix-User-System So far I've messed with Ecto schemas, routes, controllers, views, plugs, and templates. I've successfully created an authorization plug here to match an authorization token before accessing the website. After completing the first project, I plan to create a more complex project which is a user system that includes being able to register (with an email and password) and login using the credentials. I still want to read the rest of the Phoenix guides along with general Elixir guides (I've read around 1/8 of the guides there and I feel there are a lot of syntax curves I'm missing compared to other languages I'm used to). It's just a lot to read, lol. With that said, I'm also learning GoLang and started to use it with CircleCI, a CI/CD tool I've became recently interested in. I made a GitHub repo for this here while I learn. I plan to use CircleCI with my Elixir projects as well in the future My goal with Elixir is to use it for most of my web applications. I'm also interested in Go as well, but I believe the features and simplicity Elixir comes with makes it a better language to make web applications with. Though, if I need the best performance, GoLang is still technically faster I believe, but it's probably not noticeable with most operations. Anyways, my end-goal is to get very familiar with Elixir and then remake my XDP Firewall project. The new project will support specifying filtering rules in the web application made using Elixir/Phoenix. With that said, I am going to improve performance in the XDP program as well since apparently bpf_ktime_get_ns() causes a noticeable performance impact according to the XDP Mailing List. Therefore, I'm just going to update a BPF map every second (we don't need nano seconds like bpf_ktime_get_ns() does) instead and use that as the timestamp. I'll also need to look into writing with encryption using a library such as libsodium (I need to make a library in both C and Elixir so both the web application and the XDP user space program can communicate with each other through encryption). I think this'll give me enough experience to actually be useful in Elixir so I can start contributing to the Elixir portion of the major firewall project Dreae and I are working on (Compressor V2 or Bifrost). I'm going to be really happy once I get very familiar with Elixir, GoLang, and CircleCI I feel like the only thing missing from a lot of projects I make nowadays is having a nice GUI or portal to edit settings in and so on. I think making websites with Elixir and GoLang will help a ton with that!
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    it took me nearly 4 yrs of being at gfl and I finally won the day this is the fattest dub i can officially say it: I win.
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    @TomRiddle and I preparing for Jailbreak as messenger dog brings us the news
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    GFL women institution? actually wait no
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    do you guys ever just wish a happy bday
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    No simping allowed, any questions cadets?
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    Congrats cutie on getting GFX ๐Ÿค!
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    Itโ€™s My First Day As A GFL Member If Yaโ€™ll Notice Why I Put Caps On Every First Letter Of A Word It Just Feels Natural. Iโ€™ve Looked At All The Forums And The Community Seems Like A Very Friendly One.
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    Old xD Happy birthday!
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    Happy birthday! ๐Ÿ…
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    Glad to be apart of this community, thanks
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    also 100 signers to me & jguarys change.org petition poggers
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    Hi Xy, how is life?๐Ÿ˜€
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    Happy Birthday baby!!! Love u so much ๐Ÿฅบ๐Ÿฅบ๐Ÿฅบ๐Ÿฅบ now u can buy things in my country!!!
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    u looking cute today bro keep it up
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    Happy birthday!
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    Honored to be a part of your signature bro โค๏ธ
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    Happy birthday!
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    Happy birthday! ๐Ÿ‡
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    hiiiii ducccyyyy poooo
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    Happy birthday
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    Happy birthday! ๐Ÿค 
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    With all I've been learning and doing recently, I honestly have to say I'm proud of myself which is quite rare, lol. For years I've been messing around with programming, networking, and Linux, but I've never actually specialized in anything until the last two - three months besides the period where I was into making websites in 2014 - 2016 via PHP/MySQL. In my case, I really do enjoy writing fast packet processing software via BPF, XDP, and TC in C. Even though it's a huge pain in the ass sometimes (especially with BPF compiler restrictions which I hope is somehow improved on in the future), I feel I'm learning so much from it within a small-ish period of time and plus it benefits the Anycast network for GFL (e.g. being able to implement complex filters to mitigate (D)DoS attacks and more). There's also so many other things I want to get into such as writing encryption libraries (which'll be super helpful for getting into security and making future programs talk to each other through encryption), learning Elixir, Go, and Rust, learning how to make fluent websites with Elixir/Go, reverse engineering, Docker, BGP and complex networking, deeper understanding of the Linux kernel (source code), Linux file systems, and so many more. It's actually overwhelming to think about. These are all areas that highly interest me and I believe after Compressor V2 is completed, I'll begin tackling them. Anyways, I'm also really hoping that I can find a job or position that I'd feel more useful in. I still haven't heard back regarding the DevOps position I applied for (within my current work place) since there's a delay at the moment, but I really hope I can get it since I feel it'd allow me to learn so much more during the work day over what I'm doing now (getting yelled at by customers with cloud support and so on). That said, it'll make me feel more useful as well (I feel completely useless when it comes to dealing with customers and doing general cloud support) and allow me to put my skills to use. I'm still pretty nervous about how the environment would be since I haven't been in that type of position before, but I suppose it'd be a new beginning to my career and hopefully better than feeling useless and getting yelled at by customers, lol. If I don't get the position, I honestly don't know what I'm going to do Lastly, I feel I do really need to focus on my health. My physical and mental health is extremely low at the moment just due to everything going on and the things I'm trying to implement with urgency along with just being stressed/burnt out from work, programming, personal issues, and so on. Sadly, due to the urgency of everything, I need to keep pushing out the new software to all the rest of the POPs in the next few days. However, I'm hoping I can eventually just take one - two days off before getting really into Compressor V2 (or whatever name we go with). It's funny because I keep saying I'm going to work on my physical and mental health, but I feel I haven't had the chance to actually take a real break, relax, and implement the plans I've had to improve my health. I'm hoping I can do it at some point though since the more time that goes on, I'd imagine the harder it is to improve them. I'm thinking about taking an actual legit vacation to somewhere in the future once the COVID-19 situation cools down. I just want to find somebody to go with first, but perhaps this would be a great time to turn things around, or perhaps before that too. I'm really hoping for big changes in my life in the future that leads to me being generally happier (I'm honestly just not happy at the moment and I haven't been in the last few years). I guess we'll see though.
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