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    http://g.gflclan.com/22121a5932d5a7.mp4 Starting the development of the new donation system I'm creating. At the moment, I'm just doing some testing but the "wizard" module doesn't work as it should I'm going to do more testing with the IPS 4 API and try to learn more of it. Afterwards, I can actually start developing the donation system which will come with more features than the current one.
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    I would not recommend trying to start the Cha Cha Slide on a GMod RolePlay server. It results in death 99% of the time.
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    Truest thing I've seen yesterday. Though, I rage more than that guy lol.
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    got my high school diploma today esskeetit my dudes
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    I apologize for the long wait on some people’s requests. I’ve been busy with school, family issues and soon my living situation. I will hopefully have more free time in June to finish them. Thank you for being patient.
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    I am loving my new apartment and area! Getting my PC sorted has helped a lot along with the Internet improving. Here's my current PC setup with the built-in desk from the apartment: I still need to clean up a bit but in a week from now I should be good I'm so happy about this new place! Now it's time to start paying bills (kind of used to it from paying some GFL bills manually along with my parent's cable/Internet in the past).
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    @Roy Yesterday was my last day of school for life. I don't know what to do now.
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    To anyone who wished me a happy birthday today, in and out of the forums, thank you. I love you all~ don't yell at me for being corny, pls. i can only take so much when i'm sleepy zzz
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    Dystopia seems to be doing well recently.
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    Ok, I'm glad I got VIP again, I love this community
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    He's haxing i swear
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    Welcome to Brussels, Belgium. Already tried a Belgian waffle (seriously) and it was amazing Flying from here to Venice in like an hour
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    I've got your birthday present wrapped up at my house. Come over for a good time
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    Well, it looks like I'm coming back and forth in waves...
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    Feliz aniversário portuga
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    https://passwordsgenerator.net/ Just so you get an idea how random the password for CWRP is.
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    Welp, that's the last time I'm using Fedex to ship my PC lol. It arrived yesterday all banged up. Hard drive mounts are broken (three out of four of my hard drives are literally on top of each other now). The motherboard power cable was disconnected. It was running into a Windows boot error yesterday and I was afraid my main SSD was damaged, but after working on it for six hours, I got it to boot correctly. Now my CPU is running at 95 - 100C constantly because I guess they damaged my custom CPU cooler. I will be going out to Best Buy and getting thermal paste and rubbing alcohol to seat the CPU cooler again. Just have to wait for my TV stand to be delivered from 8 - 12 CST today. Looks like I will have to be inactive for a bit longer.
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    nice to see you back. and always remember... F R E E D O M S Q U A D saving our fellow ducks from injustice!
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    happy birthday... why is your name the way it is... go back to ZaKLaKe just so I can call you something...
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    Your last message on my dead discord was exactly 2 months ago. Time to say something, no?
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    don't be talking shit dog ill fuck you up nigga holla holla get dollah
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    I'm not very funny.
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    can we get 38 sigs guys? https://www.change.org/p/everyone-shut-down-murder-it-kills-it-s-self-look-at-this-picture-after-all-it-s-like-hanging
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    When you go on the forums and you have 18 notifications and none of them are about people liking your posts and it's all FUCKING @Xy COMMENTING ON EVERY FUCKING POST HE CAN
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU FILTHY COMMUNIST!!!!! One of my first friends in GFL even though you're a bully 24/7 to me, hmph.
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    Happy birthday, maybe you can make some accounts to tell you happy birthday
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    Just Xy things~
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    Year three in GFL going on strong. Hell yeah boys
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    Happy birthday, share one.
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    Happy Birthday! (and yes I love you <3, I just like teasing you :P)
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    yall niggas gay
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    Going to a family lake house Saturday thru Tuesday won't be on the forums or CWRP/Deathrun as much. Just a heads up.
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    As I have faded into irrelevancy, I offer one suggestion: enjoy your time. It doesn't last forever. Pre-Notion. Possibly more to come @ a later time.
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    Happy birthday <3333
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    Happy birthday!
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    Happy birthday!
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    uhm i just finished my last final...officially done with high school, just gotta make it to my own graduation lmao
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    So I re-seated my CPU cooler with new thermal paste and so on. Fortunately, things are working great! I got the CPU temperature back down to 60C peak (while playing games). My mother will be coming down tomorrow, though. So I'll more than likely be busy still. Thanks!
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    ayyyy ohhhh happy birthday mr happy bandit go smash those classy girls like damn son.