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    Well guys, time for another annoying word of advice from me (If y'all even listen lol). I've talked to many people who aren't as lucky as I am (Homeless veterans, kids from the inner city schools, etc.) We need to stop bitching about what we can't // don't have. It seems like the ones who have the least, also bitch the least. In fact, they give the most to others in WORSE scenarios then them. I've lived a very good life, we all have bumps down the road, some more than others. Coveting what we don't have is the easiest way to forget what we do have. Just remember, there's always someone who will be better off than you, and someone who will be worse off than you. The following photo seemed like a very good accompaniment to my rant xP.
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    Hey that's pretty good. I like red.
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    @denros You're awesome! Colors are used in mentions now.
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    Apparently you can get demoted from Member Acceptor lol. Who knew, haha! Ah well. GG
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    It's been around a year now, has it? #gflgate
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    maybe since we're getting a whole bunch of new shit on the forums......................................................................... let's get some new emoticons my nigga xdX
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    Whoever did this is a true fucking hero.
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    Great, more yellow and red names visiting my profile...
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    Man, I never thought lining and colouring a childrens book would be so hard. Jesus... Anyways, here's a page from my childrens/middle school kid book
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    I never knew life could be so painful without her, I don't feel whole without her by my side. We sought off to adventure the world together, but that will never happen. She got taken from me. I throw myself onto my pillow and start screaming. Then I start to cry, punch, kick, anything to get rid of this feeling, this feeling of dread, guilt, loneliness. Nothing works, I can't handle this anymore. I curl up into a ball under the covers. Hoping that maybe this is a dream, and that she will be here by my side, smiling, with all of her energy radiating off to me. She will make me content, even happy. I smile at the thought as I drift off to sleep. I hope that maybe, maybe, that can become a reality. In honor of a person dear to me, that I never want to lose.
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    You guys ready thanks to @Mandrigan This is possible http://imgur.com/a/pxKDF
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    Congratulations. Make me proud, okay?
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    ayyyy I finally got my Graphic tablet glove, now I can draw while having a sweaty hand
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    Found your theme http://i.4cdn.org/wsg/1490992732206.webm
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    Who needs april fools when your whole life is a joke.
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    "Sometimes wrong choices can lead us to the right places."
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    Then as server manager; I will nominate are two women admins to be your loyal whipping poles for a eternity. Let me know. 200$ obo
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    Just watched my mother get married a couple hours ago. Walking her down the aisle was crazy. I now have a stepdad, and stepsiblings. But now everyone's wasted partying in the main room. So whatever, yea? Lol
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    I have a job interview tomorrow morning hell yeah
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    Are you trying to assume my gender? I sexually identify as a toaster.
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    When you accidentally become an admin on all GMOD servers for 10 minutes.
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    "The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary." --Vince Lombardi
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    sharing is caring, but caring is not always shared....
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    “I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they're right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.” ― Marilyn Monroe
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    "The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown." --H. P. Lovecraft
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    I am now a girl, thanks to @Bae <3
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    This is why I love my chemistry class, lol.
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    @RickGrimesTM, let's beat up @Snoopy
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    Update on my recent application at Starbucks: So, after I called back literally 3 times the manager was finally there. He asked me a few questions about school, other work, availability, and whatnot. At the end of it all, he just came straight out and said: "Yeah, so call me back tomorrow so we can get you in for an interview..." At this point I pretty much was flipping out, I told him sounds good I'll call back tomorrow. I really hope I get this job. I need it so I can go to college.