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    Our public Discord server in action:
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    I'm going to try taking a break from GFL in the next couple weeks. I've been under a lot more stress than normal recently and I just want to try to relax. There is still a lot of things to do, especially in the front-end and I am well aware of it. Though, I will admit the back-end takes a lot of my time. When I become active again (who knows, maybe I won't take a break), I will try to focus on the front-end. I'm also going to be contacting some people outside of GFL to see if they're interested in helping. I hope you understand. Thanks.
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    Made some progress on the donation system I am making (personal project) I've been doing stuff mostly with jQuery but soon the PHP part will begin :D Here's a video of the donation system as well. Time to take a small break though. Going to work on GFL for a bit
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    I can't be the only person who finds hospitals interesting and not "scary", right? I mean, other than seeing the other patients (which is sad), I somewhat liked it (other than that Ultrasound..). My sister is a Nurse, so that may also be why I have an interest in it (she has taught me some stuff about it).
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    Just started making a donation system (personal project) and I think it looks good so far: Just started to use my first PHP Template system called Twig. I love it so far The website uses BootStrap, jQuery, Twig, and an awesome MySQLi wrapper. Now I just need to find a good Steam OpenID class (I don't really like the popular ones). Feels good to be back into PHP though. Anyways, for GFL we are currently discussing a lot of great ideas that I believe will improve GFL in the future. I will be making new topics soon with even more ideas!
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    After I get over this food poisoning (going to use Alka Seltzer and Pepto Bismol to try to get rid of it), I'm going to finish up the NFO Frankfurt machine. I will be backing up and shutting down our European Surf Timer servers since our Frankfurt machine expires very soon. Afterwards, I'm going to be making a post for our Server Admins+ to read. I still need to get a lot of work done to the back end and I will be hopefully talking to @balon tonight (as long as I feel okay) Still a lot to work to get done as usual P.S. @Punkette Hia!
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    Customers @ Home Depot thinking regular glasses are going to protect their eyes during the Solar Eclipse. ... Lol.
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    CoD 4 server is doing so well :D https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/
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    Still one of my favorite videos of all time 32.33 repeating of course percentage of survival...
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    So the new IP block I ordered for our OVH Germany machine ( will have its geo-location set to Germany next Tuesday :D I also got some other things working on the OVH Germany machine today and all that is left to do is move the servers from the temporary OVH machine over to this one. It's time to learn how to use FTP commands in Linux :D (I'll probably just archive the server files and download the archive over FTP on Linux). Things are looking good
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    I plan on finishing the OVH Germany machine today. I've redone the CoD4x installation scripts and such so now it uses a Docker image to copy the base files over (better than downloading a 5 GB file every time we want to install/update a CoD4x server). After that, I will move the servers from the temporary machine over to the new Germany machine and also email MaxMind to have our new IP block set to Germany's geo-lcation (currently set to Paris, FR). After this is done, I'm going to work on our current FFA server in CoD 4 including setting up RCon tools and setting up a new manager. Still a lot of things that need to be done and I'm going to try my best to get them done.
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    How to accurately describe GFL as a whole with one picture @Kurama @Syntax
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    after months of searching for a fucking job I finally found one yay
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    Welp, time to purchase another OVH machine (MC-32) to replace our current MC-32B machine. I have around fifteen days or so to setup this machine but knowing myself, I will probably rush it and try to get it completely setup in the next couple days. I will be setting up B3 RCON bot on this machine along with moving our CoD 4 TDM server (I want all CoD 4 servers running on the same machine so we only need one B3 installation). Unfortunately, the CoD 4 TDM server will change IPs but this server is currently not populated (only gets to ~3 - 5 players peak). Apart from that, I want to finally move our main website to the new VM @balon has setup for us along with upgrading to IPS 4.2.x and optimizing our MySQL server to gain better performance. I plan on doing this after getting the other stuff done. After all the back end work is done, the Director team will form together and start working on the front-end of GFL. On a personal level, I will be receiving a call shortly that will tell me the complete test results (e.g. how bad the infection is and such). After I take these antibiotics for 10 days, I will schedule my appointment to get surgery on my hernia. Once that is done, I will update my "Taking a break from GFL" thread with the date, etc. I also have other personal projects to work on as well (coding and Linux). I still plan on taking it easy for the next couple weeks. Although, not really sure if doing back end stuff is considered "easy"
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    family member that lived in Houston went to Florida to get away from Harvey, then ya got this bitch Irma coming along. stay safe
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    Currently moving, thanks @Roy for the boxes
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    The OVH Germany datacenter now supports additional IPs Once this strange error goes away, I'll order the Germany machine and start setting it up!
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    Made some changes to my personal project: I think it looks nice I just need to make some adjustments to the Top Donors table and that should be it for the style! Here's another video showing some of the functionality in the system! Thanks for TeamViewing me and giving me support @Benroyjam!
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    Hey man, I'd like to say as a former Head Admin for GMod jailbreak. Thanks for getting the server active. I never thought I'd see the day where GMod jailbreak got this active. Last I saw was maybe during the summer of 2014. Thanks man. you've made me proud.
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    I'll be busy drowning in 35 inches of rain with Stache, Backstab, and Bae.
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    @Finnick i think my artistic skills surpass yours.
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    Shoutout to my boi @Loli and all the other NL homies
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    There are some people who should be banned from using the enter key until they finish a god damn sentence.
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    Who ever did this. I'm about to get you a big smooch by the scaramooch Look at these kissing lips. They are at the ready girls better watch out.
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    Roy, how have you been buddy? Hope things are going well all around, GFL, work, health and any other things going on. Gotta play some COD4 sometime
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    Welp, woke up with the stomach bug again I guess it wasn't food poisoning... Hopefully I'll start to feel better soon but perhaps I should rest. Anyways, currently debugging server crashes with CS:GO Surf RPG DM (EU). Two interesting server crashes and one includes an Assembler dump. I want to learn how to read Assembler code. This will most likely help me find the cause to one of the crashes and also help me with other things I do (e.g. trying to find a SourceMod gamedata signature with IDA). Yesterday, I spent a while thinking of great ideas for GFL. I'm going to write about them and bring them up to Trusted members Lastly, I am most likely going to be shutting down the European CS:GO Surf Timer division tonight. I cancelled the renewal for the machine and it will be expiring soon.
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    This week is going to be really busy for me at work, so you may not see me as much. My coworker has taken a week off and this means I have twice the workload to get through. Sucks but money is money. I'll be back to normal on Wednesday .
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    One more night shift before my two day break. Almost there bois
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    Dead by Daylight was streaming today and i was bugging the devs and mods to respond to my email IT WORKED
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    Congrats on being one year closer to the end of your life. Did the emo phase end yet
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    so ya I'll see all you Gmod JB players in 6 months.
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    Threaten me one more time and this will happen:
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    The GFL experience >throw a childish hissy fit wanting to get banned >insult other players, admins, harass them, throw around racism >get banned permanently >come back a few months later >just tell them it was a prank bro xD i changed i swear >get unbanned >rince and repeat
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    Ladies and gentlemen of the troll army whom answered my call We were successful in our endeavors the person has said that they will pay on the seventh You guys are amazing and I love you all If they don't pay on this day. We will revamp and go all out on him
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    Pro tip; If you buy Alienware and you have technical issues with it. Contact Dell Support, as they are 1000x more useful than Alienware Support. Dell just fixed several critical hard disk errors, and my corrupted OS while alienware only told me that the OS was corrupted.
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    Welp, now that the CS:GO European servers are moved to the temporary OVH GS machine, I have to remove the rest of the servers on the NFO Frankfurt machine. That'll be fun... Other than that, I'm going to be writing some updates and learning more about Linux, PHP, and such (as usual)
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