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    Well I thought I'd finally make this post since quite a few people are asking about it but as you've probably seen I've stepped down from the director position. I haven't had much time for GFL and work has been pretty stressful abd tiresom recently so I've stepped down to make way for a new director (Edit: I'm on about @RickGrimesTM idiots <3). I just want to thank everyone for giving me a chance at the position of director, especially @Roy as he has been the guy who has kept me motivated and to strive for greatness. Hopefully what I've done has had a good impact on GFL. I'll certainly stay around in GFL but I don't know if I'll ever be coming back to the Higherups. I'll always be around if they need some advise though. You can still catch me in Teamspeak.
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    Hi everyone, I'm writing up this post because I am no longer able to contribute into GFL's workflow due to real life issues that have escalated beyond the point I never thought it could reach. I wasn't that good with many people here, I was mostly here to do GFX work and join GFL's CS:GO servers from time to time, also a part of me isn't very social so that explains a thing or two. I would like to apologise to the Creative team and to the Board for not achieving the things I thought I would. I really had a great idea and a plan for the Creative team and for the future of it, which I sadly can't make true. There are many reasons why this is so, starting from the inactivity of the team itself to shitposts on our subforum but I will not go into detail. The main reason why I'm resigning from leadership is because I've fooled around for too long in my life and now college is at the door and I need to get ready. Over here in the forgotten part of Europe you pay for education with your blood (not lit. but you get the point). I need to put all my efforts into study, so I've also decided to stop playing video-games until I get accepted into college. With all the exams comming up, the list of things I need to study just keeps going bigger and bigger. I will still be able to process private requests (gfx, web, etc..) via my steam. What will happen with the Creative team? I don't know, I hope you guys make something up out of this mess I've stuck you into. Once again, sorry for not accomplishing what I've had in mind. No special tags, people who I was good with already know what I think about them. See ya folks later.
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    welp, thought this post would never come but oh well. I just don't have the time or energy to admin servers anymore I'll still hang around the forums dropping 's in the chatbox and stop by the old servers sometimes special mention to people im too lazy to tired to @
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    Sitting at the hospital and who do I think about? You guys. Just had my second daughter born about an hour ago and wanted to check in and let you all know.
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    Title: Escape From Site 19 Genre: Horror, Comedy Characters: @Kubnair @Roy @RickGrimesTM @Violator @Xy_ @Severely_Artistic @Darkling @Monsoon @Kite9867@Gekkota-Senpai @Winter and @TomRiddle Note: I may not know some of you good, Sorry for adding you in and even tagging you cough tom cough but I thought since I'm adding darkling there was no way I was leaving you out. It was a normal night for me at 12:30 AM. My day usually begins at 12:30 AM. I hopped on GFL’s GMod Breach server and I saw the usual. Most of the server was full of admins and super-admins with maybe 1 or 2 regular players. I was greeted by everybody except for the (as usual AFK) Violator. Then it happened, just as the round started a lightning strike. It was so random, no rain, no thunder just a sudden lightning strike. It struck my laptop and shocked me along with it. I instantly went unconscious and when I woke up, I was astonished. I was in prison gear lying down in a long corridor. I also saw 2-3 other people and we all came back to our senses at the same time. We woke up groaning, staring at our clothes and around us in shock. We ... we were... in the game.. I always wanted to meet the people I see on GFL but... not like this... I quickly noticed a small boy and he was in tears. I assumed this boy to be gecko. I walked up to him and tried calming him, but he pushed me back and yelled “don't touch me”. I noticed all of us were prisoners... that made me think there may not be any SCPs ( Monsters) roaming around. I decided the best plan of action was to find a way out of this place. Site 19... feels so familiar but I've never been here before. People were already freaking out and I noticed Rick and Roy ran off on their own. We tried stopping them but we couldn't. They said we needed to run in order to live. Yes we wanted to live but most of us knew running wouldn't help. We would have ran if we knew what was coming.. from a distance I see this creature about 8 feet tall completely white coming towards us. I could tell it was SCP 096 ( a monster which only kills when stared at). I told everyone to not look at it and walk away. I turned around and ran. Severely, Kunkko, Xy, Winter, and Monsoon followed me. Darkling and Tom were in a completely other world. Both of them were acting like this is only a game and Darkling told Tom "come on Tom, let’s go on our own! This'll be an adventure!". Tom held Darklings hand and they ran in another direction on their own. The other people who didn't follow us were Kite, Gecko, and Violator. Kite respected Violator and wasn't going to let him die. Violator was AFK of course so Kite tried lifting him and taking him but he was foolish enough to turn and look at the monster which was right beside him. It let out a frightening shriek and swiped Kite’s head out clean and then did some unspeakably bad things to Violator resulting in both Kite and Violator dying. Meanwhile, the young boy Gecko was too traumatized to even move. He was sitting in a corner bawling out tears, crying for help but he didn't take his eyes off the monster which resulted in the poor child dying. I managed to find a keycard in the usual spawn and we saw Rick and Roy again. Both of them locked themselves inside a room with guns. I had a keycard so I opened the room and when I went in, Rick shot a warning shot on the floor and told me “get lost Kub this is a director only zone mate!”. I had no choice but to leave with the rest of my group. All of a sudden Winter turns around and runs into the room with Rick and Roy just as they were about to lock it again and Winter yelled " I'M STAYING HERE, THEY WOULDN'T SHOOT A KID! " *BANG* *BANG*. Gunshots are heard. I hear Roy yell "Is that proof enough for ya Kub? We ain't kidding, if we see you guys again, we'll kill ya! " We decide to go to another room to haul up and come up with a plan. We find a room but we also find a monster. It's a small cute teddy bear from a distance. Once we got closer we see it was made of ears. We ran to the room and I locked the door with the keycard but I heard a scream “NO! NO! Please! OPEN UP!”. I realized we left XY out. But I hated him so I yelled out “THAT'S WHAT YOU GET FOR STEALING MY MANAGER!”. XY yells back "KUB THIS ISN'T THE TIME FOR THAT I AM ABOUT TO DIE PLEASE!". “Tough luck” I say, as I hear him crying while the teddy bear screeched. The screech was so loud I heard blood splatter undoubtedly from XY and his last words were “kub.. Please..”. “Why Kub? Why did you not let him in?” Monsoon exclaimed! I told him it wasn't personal, I just didn't want to risk the teddy bear getting in. After calming everyone down we open the room and decide to escape. We run towards the main exit but we had to cross a tunnel first. In the tunnel we see Rick and Roy. They may have done messed up stuff but that didn't matter we had to get out so I asked them to join us. Rick and Roy refused. We didn't care, we wanted out so we ran in a long narrow tunnel. While running, we turned and noticed a HUGE crocodile. It jumped out and bit Roy on the leg and dragged him down. “YOU WON'T KILL ME!” yelled Roy as he pulled out a knife and stabbed it repeatedly. Stabbing the crocodile did not harm it.. Rick wasn't going to leave his best friend behind. He tried shooting the monster but he had never shot a gun before. Therefore, his shot landed right on Roy's head, killing him. “No!” screamed Rick! The crocodile grunted and left Roy's dead body. With superhuman speed the crocodile jumped and completely finished Rick off. We had no time so we turned around and ran for the big gate. We opened it and got a breath of fresh air. We see Tom and Darkling sitting outside on a ledge holding hands as we finish up locking the gate. It's amazing how they are so calm. We yell out from a distance “Hey!”. Tom turns around with a smile but then suddenly Darkling yells “AH!”. The sudden screams freaked Darkling out and he held onto Tom's hand as they fell off the ledge right to their deaths. It was a sad sight but nothing could be done. If only 4 of us got out, so be it. We turned and ran to the exit. Severely tells me he has a bad feeling about this but I assure him it's our only shot. He agrees as we run to the big exit. Instantly we all blacked out. Then I wake up.... ........... “NOOOOOOOOO!” I yell as I stare at myself still wearing the prison gear still in Site 19. There truly is no escape. Thank you for reading this if you read the whole thing. Be sure to like and vote for me if you enjoyed it Took me about an hour to complete. I am not the best writer big thank's to @Roy for helping me with this!
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    Hall of Fame: Hello. Today, I am pleased to announce GFL's Official Hall of Fame. I made it long ago but finally have put it to use. This will be an exclusive badge of honor given to appreciated individuals who have contributed a great deal to GFL in their time within the community. For our first inductees, we will be giving the badge to @Cypher, @X2D, @Kim, and @nick027nd. Each of the individuals met the following guidelines: Made extensive contributions to GFL Been with GFL for a long period of time (1+ years) Retired staff and/or had a major leadership role (i.e. team leader) Generally liked by many within GFL As an honorable mention, That One Guy would have also been inducted. However, he does not have a forum account. If he does make one, he will then be added. If anyone who receives the badge does not have permanent VIP already, they will receive it upon being awarded Hall of Fame. Since this was the first batch of people, we added four people at once but it is planned for the future to only add one or two people at a time between large time intervals since it is supposed to be a very rare badge to have. If you have anyone else who meets the above requirements (still open to change), comment below or contact a staff member. There is a possibility we could add them the next time we plan on inducting a new member. HALL OF FAME LIST View full article
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    hello, I'm here today to make a announcement. I would like to inform that Im resigning my from my breach admin position, me staying in the team isn't making any difference as I was inactive due to personal reasons, this is something hard for me to say as I was one of the first admins, I would like to thank both @Xy_ and @Kubnair for letting me stay admin after they got manager and @Violator for adding me to the staff team once the server was launched. I would also like to thank the whole admin staff for being so nice. Thanks for the opportunity and the great memories.
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    GFL COMMUNITY MEETINGS As you may already know, GFL is growing stronger each day. Our staff is working hard to make sure everyone has an enjoyable gaming experience while playing on our server. But it is not only the staff of GFL that makes GFL what it is today. All of our dedicated members and players, who actually take their time to play on our servers, is utterly important for the success of GFL. Therefore it is vital for the general players and members to have the opportunity to speak their mind directly to the management of GFL. I am sure many of you have things to say. So, @Vidmar and I have stepped up to set up Community Meetings for you to attend and give your opinion on GFL related topics, while listening to others. Our goal with the meetings is to strengthen the bonds between the management of GFL and the members of said GFL. We hope to create a bonding that will allow GFL to better know what our community should strive for. The purpose of the meeting is also to give everyone a brief status report from our divisions as well as information regarding certain projects. CURRENT COORDINATORS: - @CrusTi - @Vidmar - @RickGrimesTM DATE: Saturday, May 13 1 PM (PST) 4 PM (EST) 9 PM (UK) HOW WILL THESE MEETINGS BE HANDLED?: These meeting will take place within TeamSpeak. We will be going over topics related to GFL that you request to talk about. We will have to limit the time we discuss the topic to be able to get to everyone who would like to speak their mind. During discussion we will have people recording and taking notes that will be used to make a Post Meeting Thread along with a short survey for users who missed the meeting. HOW CAN I HELP?: Although the idea and execution simple, Community Meetings can be difficult to run on just 2 people + Rick who have life's outside of GFL. For starters, the best way you can help is by participating in the first meeting. This will let us see who is interested and can be a valuable person to help out on the back end. If you are still seriously interested and want to get involved now, feel free to message @Vidmar and I about why you would like to help and why you would be a valuable to helping with the meetings. ADDITIONAL INFO: We'd appreciate to gather some information regarding how many members are interested in taking part in said meeting, so if you could fil just fill this survey out for us: GFL Community Meeting Survey TS IP: ts.gflclan.com Any other Question you may have you can ask in the comments. Thank you everyone for your interest in Community Meetings! View full article
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    After joining the Discord drunk and angry, Luffaren turns his attention towards the server and, specifically, Mr. Saxo.
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    @Twig has summoned me for a a Short Fictional Story AOTM? lol gg *cracks knuckles* thanks for the mention! @Darkling This will be a more kid friendly non-canon story relating to 50 Shades of Violator with an actual conflict. This takes place before the first chapter, but some of the animals were already on the farm for this story. Cast/Mentions: @Violator @Xy_ @Kubnair @MooTheCow @Bunnynator @Windeetree @PB-n-J @WholeMilk @EJ. (I might edit more people in later) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 50 Shades of Violator The Artistic Farm Story By Severely Artistic Author's Note: Yes The sun rises once more on Artistic's farm. Artistic the Autistic Farmer had been rocking back and forth in his chair on his chair while relaxing to the view of his farm. He had taken his medicine earlier, so he's a lot less hyper. Around the house, animals roam freely in the acres of land. Artistic had chosen his favorite ones and named them. He has Kubnair the Goat, Moo the Cow, and Bunnynator the Bunny. Oh, and of course there is a great oak tree that lays by his house named the Windy Tree. It has an amazing history to be told in a different time. After feeding them some weird food he had bought from the GFL Supermarket, they learned to speak. Artistic had even put the food in his ever-lasting sandwich named PB-n-J, along with a carton of milk he just calls WholeMilk and his talking pickle, EJ. So many things around him had been able to speak! After some time in the morning passed, Artistic had gotten up and went back into his house to see what's on the news. While he laid there, the animals talked about how bored they were around the farm. "What is there to even do around here? No one comes out this far." says Bunnynator. The others just sigh in agreement. "Oh I have an idea! Why don't we check out what's in the new barn Artistic was building? Maybe there's something fun in there." Kubnair asked the others. Bunnynator and Moo follow Kubnair over to the barn. It's appearance seemed almost haunted with how bad the condition of the wood was in. "I have a bad feeling about this... Ma-Maybe we should ask first..." Moo says anxiously. Kubnair and Bunny pretend they didn't hear Moo and kept going. Bunny jumps up and opens the Barn door and they all walk in. Kubnair sniffs the air. "Why does it smell so bad in here?" asks Kubnair. "Careful! Some of the pieces roof is falling down!" Bunny tells Kubnair as he dodges a wooden plank tumbling from the barn roof. "I'm telling ya this place is no good!" exclaims Moo. All three of them stay close with their guard up. "Ever thought there's a reason why there's a 'KEEP OUT' sign outside?" "YOU CAN READ?" a synchronized yell emits from Kubnair and Bunny. Surprised as they may seem, Moo was equally surprised that they couldn't read. "I forgot about stuff a lot sometimes sorry!" replies Moo, rolling his eyes. "Well, what does this say then?" Kubnair points to a sign next to large barrels and a button. "Uhhh it says T... N... T? What's that?" Moo asks. Suddenly, the door flies open and the three of them hide as Artistic walks in whistling. He held a clipboard with a to do list. The top part read " [ ] Blow barn up and start over". "What's that button on the remote do? Why is he walking away with it?" Kubnair wonders nervously. Suddenly, a stopwatch alarm clock next to the three begins counting down from 20 seconds. Moo reads it. "Guys... I just remembered... TNT is an explosive... And that clock is counting down like in those movies! RUN!" Moo screams at the others. All three of the animals burst through the door and jump out and fall flat on the ground. Artistic, in extreme shock, rushes to get all three of them up and get out of the bomb radius. BOOM! An explosion goes off as the three get down on the ground, just in time. "Come on you three! Don't freak me out like that! I had a keep out sign for a reason. Can't Moo read?" Artistic tells the three. Moo nods in sorrow, along with the other two. "We're sorry... It was my idea. It's just that, it had gotten so bored and we didn't know what to do." Kubnair depressingly tells Artistic. Artistic sighs and pets them on their heads. "It's ok you three. But next time, ask, ok?" The three nod to Artistic. "Now run along. I'll try to find ya something." Artistic heads back to his house and goes inside. At this moment, a woman by the name of Xy had pulled up to the front of the house to see the Windy Tree. The tree rarely spoke when there isn't a celebration of some sort. Artistic comes out and talks to the woman. "Hey there. You're that Xy girl right?" Artistic asks. "Yes. I've heard that you planted Windy Tree on your land and I visit it every day, so I figured I'd stop by." Xy tells Artistic. He nods in response. "Well, you can come by any time to visit it. Oh, you should at least meet the residents here though. Just a second." Artistic heads over to the farm really quick and returns with Kubnair. "Xy, this is Kubnair, my goat. Say hi Kubnair." "Hi." says Kubnair. Xy is amazed to see a talking goat. "Hi! That's amazing... a talking goat. Do you want to play with some rubber tires? I have some old ones in my car I was gonna throw out." Kubnair nods in excitement and Xy retrieves the tires and puts them on the grass. "Thanks!" Kubnair runs back to the grass and rolls the rubber tires further out. Xy smiles and continues to talk with Artistic about things going on in her life. Kubnair, Moo, and Bunny all occupy themselves with the rubber tires. Artistic builds a mini park, inspired by the idea, so the animals enjoy themselves. The sun sets once more with the clouds closing in and the farm goes to sleep once more. The End ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hope you all enjoyed! If you did, please like and vote for me for Art of the Month! This took me an hour to make. I tried to stick to a more kid-friendly story so I hope it's still good!
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    HOW TO BE A WEEABOO Step 1: Anime > Cartoons The first and easiest step is to begin indulging in anime. Anime is defined as "Japanese hand-drawn or computer animation." I call it the greatest gift from God. Anime covers all kinds of genres and age groups, and the icing on the cake is it looks so much better than American cartoons: It's incredibly obvious what the superior medium is here. Many great examples of anime to get going are Pokemon, Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Tokyo Mew Mew, Fighting Foodons, Kirby: Right Back At Ya, and Sonic X. These shows are all rich in Japanese culture and history, and will provide great icebreakers at the next anime club box social! Step 2: Ignorance Is Bliss Did someone at the box social tell you that a blue hedgehog running fast isn't actually something that happens in Japan? Bullocks. That kid is just jealous at your superior knowledge of Japan. Keep educating yourself through anime and ignore all those "history" books they keep picking up from that whitewashed public library. Yes Japan does have a school of martial arts for every single thing in existence. Yes there is a well that sends people to feudal Japan Yes the world is a flooded dystopian future where pirates rule with an iron fist. (note I haven't actually seen One Piece.) Anime is an incredibly entertaining way to learn the culture and history of Japan. Especially ones about the superior education system over there. It completely overshadows North America's education system, It's like no one here is even trying. I mean Angel Beats is a documentary on Japanese afterlife high school. It's amazing that actual footage was recovered and shown in a superior anime format. Let's see an American library ever carry books on that. Step 3: Basking In Your Otaku Greatness You've watched anime. Studied everything it as to teach you. You're starting to do away with your inferior north american teachings and praise the wisdom of Japan. You're becoming what great scholars have described as an "otaku". Otaku is the level lesser than weeaboo, but never fear because you're making amazing progress. Why simply listen to the voices of angels while watching anime when you can speak the language of the Gods instead? Yes! It's time to learn Japanese. I highly recommend Rosetta Stone for a learning guide, but if you spent all your money on Rin Kokonoe dakimakuras then I shall provide a few professional translations to start your lessons. Remember kids, kanji is outdated and far too complicated to bother learning. That's why it's never used in most mediums. Only use the basic Japanese alphabets, which are katakana and hiragana! ごめんなさい (gomennasai) = Good evening かわいい (kawaii) = Anime ごはん (gohan) = boys love しかたがない (shikata ga nai) = I love you へんたい (hentai) = Cool person やおいがすき (yaoi ga suki) = I love Pokemon どこにもっともちかいラブホテルですか? (doko ni motto mo chikai rabu hoteru desu ka?) = where is the bathroom? I hope learning these few examples enlighten your soul and empower you to continue learning such a beautiful language. Words spoken only by superior beings. Step 4: Testing For Secret Asian Heritage So you've watched every anime ever and have mastered the very foundations of the superior Japanese Language. It's time for the ultimate test. Having tests ran on your very DNA to determine that you're actually part Asian, but hopefully only Japanese. Yes for only $149 you too can learn your past. Your Asian past through the power of AncestryDNA™. Wait. What's wrong? I'm...not actually Japanese? Not even Asian? Not even 1/100 Asian? That can't be right! I know I'm Asian. CHECK AGAIN. I WATCHED ALL THOSE STUPID CARTOONS AND LEARNED AN OBNOXIOUS LANGUAGE AND YOU'RE SAYING I'M JUST A STUPID EUROPEAN? Step 5: Become Depressed After trashing the DNA testing lab and finishing crying into your tear soaked Rin Kokonoe dakimakura you fall into a deep depression. Life is a lie. Your DNA is a lie. Everything is a lie. In every form except physical you know you're actually Japanese. No DNA test can prove that otherwise. No one here understands your pain. Your suffering. Your endless desire to glomp and play pocky-kissing games. You cannot stay in this lie of a country. It's time to visit the holy land and find the truth. Step 6: Spend Life Savings On Trip To Japan After fishing a high price on eBay for the mostly clean dakimakuras (wink wink) you spend every penny you have on a one-way trip to Japan. Here you're going to prove that you're actually Japanese by seamlessly blending in with the locals. It'll be easy because you're actually Japanese and no one will even be able to tell the difference! Why is everyone staring at you? What're they calling you? Guy Jean? Who's Guy? That's not your name. A woman got embarrassed and ran away when you asked where the bathroom was? Maybe using the bathroom is taboo here. That's probably why it's never covered in anime. That explains it! Press on, my friend! Your journey must continue! The woman brought over a police officer? At least he was polite when you greeted him this fine evening. You asked him where the bathroom was and he arrested you? I guess using the bathroom really is illegal here. Maybe an anime should've covered it. It could have been a suspenseful anime about the tragedy behind the anti-bathroom laws or something. Is there an underground society fighting for the right to poop? Sounds thrilling! Maybe we should find it sometime! Wait what do you mean we can't find it? Deported? For wanting to poop? What a serious crime! Wow! Kicked out of Japan and we just got here! Step 7: Realize You've Made a Horrible Mistake After spending your entire life savings and being kicked out of your parent's basement for having naked pillows of anime girls you're now homeless. You have no home, no education, no money. You spent your entire teenage years watching anime, learning a language wrong, and listening to some schmuck on the internet about something he has no idea about. At the very least you can look back at this abomination of a trip and know the horrors of otaku and weeaboos. There is no compliment to being an otaku. It is not a word to be associated with. There are horrible consequences for learning about another society through the misguided, fanservice-riddled drawing of perverted men (and sometimes women!). There is no afterlife high school. It was all a lie. The past is behind you. You can get back on your feet and be a normal member of society now. One free of that horrible weeaboo virus. At least One Piece was cool. Remember kids: Don't be a Weeaboo. Source: http://www.neocodex.us/forum/topic/130321-guide-how-to-be-a-weeaboo/
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    Name? A little weird so I'm not saying fully, starts with an S though. Age? 14 Birthday? December 30th, 2002 Timezone? Eastern Standard Gender? Guy What would you do if you were the opposite of your gender? I don't fucking know Rank (ie. Supporter, Vip)? Server Manager Which server(s) do you prefer? Garry's Mod Murder, Deathrun, Breach, Ragdoll Combat, and Hide and Seek How long have you been playing? Almost a year How often are you online and for how long? Daily, typically 1-3 hours on weekdays and 3+ hours usually on weekends Biggest accomplishment on this server? Becoming Server Manager and adding a playermodel Best thing that ever happened to you? GFL possibly Worst thing that ever happened to you? I don't know Words/Phrases you say frequently? "AH FUCK", "END MY SUFFERING", "WHAT IS THIS??", " Your greatest fear? That nobody will ever love me (I'm sensitive stfu) Most recent embarrassing thing that happened to you? Ragdoll Combat ragequits Favorite member(s) who plays on this server and why? @Xenaphrina, @tobyty1024, @Dead_Soul, @InfectedKatana, @_SniX_, @PB-n-J, @EJ., @RickGrimesTM, @R0B, @Angel_with_a_AK, @Dex, @Bae, @Impaled, @Lemon, @Tree, @Severely_Artistic, @CopperWingz, @Xy_, @Maskiee, @Ataze_, @Squiishy, @SugarKitty, @Squanchy, @CrusTi, @Cryliosis, @Faex, @rapperdan, @nekos_number_1_bitchboi, @John_Ariana_Man, @Kubnair, @Nap14hockey, @nocheat, @Roy, @xzPuncakeGuyzx, @Rcool64, @Pooty, @TokoWH, @JK_Ghosty, @thecrazbuttstabber, @PastelKitty, @TicciToby, @AciFire, @bnewton, @Z1galord, @Thats_Miles, @_Eli, @Kite9867, @Lapis, @Lynxception, @MrBubbles, @MrManslayerX, @LeafsSon, @Zebra, @Violator, @Sephnessed, @Skittlez, @SarahJ3, @TacoEmperor, @Tay, @cyberkoalaXD, @zee69er, @Mamoru, @Mundo, @canman1151, @ButterKing5000, @Fx280, @Windeetree, @AtomicHeadphones, @InsaneMezkin, @Finnick, and @Astro aka like half the entire GMod Division, sorry for all the tags lol Favorite Animal? Cat I guess Favorite Color? This one Favorite Song? "Say You Won't Let Go" by James Arthur Favorite Book? Wings of Fire book series Favorite Movie? Star Wars Favorite TV Show? The Daily Show with Trevor Noah Favorite vacation spot? San Francisco Coolest place you visited? Alaska Favorite place to be alone? Home Favorite thing to do with your spare time? GFL-relatedhings. Not joking about that Favorite person you enjoy spending time with? @Xenaphrina, or @Tree and his brother Favorite thing to do when nobody's looking? Daydream Something that made you laugh ridiculously hard. Dank Memes Something you wish existed. Perfection Something you wish was still around. John Cena memes Something you wish this server had or had at some point and want back. Good management (I cri) Something you're extremely talented at or have a thing for. Music and baseball Favorite Meme or GIF This took me a longass time jesus xD
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    We have tried Minecraft in the past and it has failed multiple times. Though, I don't believe we should completely cut out the idea of having a MC division in the future. I won't be putting a MC server on one of our NFO machines. Therefore, we're going to have to wait for the Linux back end to be complete for our future OVH move/expansion before considering a MC division again. I also believe we need to start focusing on other important things in GFL and leave the idea of a MC division alone until a majority of our big projects are complete. Overall, I do appreciate the suggestion! I don't think we're completely cutting out the idea of a MC division. However, it will take time until we consider it again. P.S. Yes, I am "insane". Thanks!
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    hi everyone that i use to know and hi everyone thats new to me
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    25 May 2016 A day that shall forever live in infamy A day of disaster, sorrow, and soul crushing defeat A day months of hard work was tossed aside A day the dreams of a tight-knit group were tossed aside Yes, this is the day the forums of GFL went down for good (old forums rip). The downed forums led directly to the downfall of the greatest GFL server to ever exist, TTT3. Upon the crash of the forums, there was no way for new players to find our lovely server, and old players, seeing the forums down, assumed the server was down as well. Population fell. From an average of 14 players on the server, 22 peak, to an average of 3, including the crushed server manager, @Lionel_Moosi and his dedicated admin team. The forums were revived on 4 June for the public, but the damage was done. The server was dead, and on 12 June 2016, TTT3 was shut down for good. Though the day itself is still two weeks away, I would like to dedicate this day as #TTT3MemorialDay as I consider this the day the server died. Please pay your respects below. Thanks, Moosi.
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    Came into this thread with an open mind. Saw this. You just self-forfeited with those four words. Why? Because it not only shows your lack of understanding regarding the circumstances and reasons; it also shows that you simply do not care that the former is true. Try again when you're ready to adopt a dialectic method.
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    ART OF THE MONTH: MAY Brought to you by the GFL Creative Team. Welcome to the sixth Art of the Month (AOTM) contest. If you need to read over the rules and guidelines, refer to this thread: The theme of this month is Short Fictional Writing. Due to the numerous requests for an AOTM involving short storys we decided to include it for this month. We have tried to keep the genre open so that you all can get involved no matter the genre you prefer! You can write within any genre you desire as long as you keep it short and sweet. (minimum of 3 decent length paragraphs) The story must not contain content unsuitable for under 18's! (No adult content) The story must be written in English. (@Dano) You may not use content already submitted to the forums! As said before, the deadline is the end of the month, May 31. Afterwards, a poll will be made to determine the winner. I recommend anyone with any actual artistic talent to participate. If you have any questions be sure to message me or the other Creative members:
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    Quick update: @Infantry will be granted the Hall of Fame badge due to his incredible dedication and work in GFL. Congratulations @Infantry you deserve it my man.
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    Proud to be listed with these dudes. Absolutely a great group of guys. You should see the stuff we've done together since 2014.
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    Name? rapperdan Age? 23 Birthday? september 5th 1993 Timezone? EST Gender? Male What would you do if you were the opposite of your gender? play with my tits what do you think? Rank (ie. Supporter, Vip)? Meme of GFL Which server(s) do you prefer? 1v1 US How long have you been playing? Since in the womb I had an atari in there. How often are you online and for how long? Everyday 24/7 duh Biggest accomplishment on this server? Becoming a sick meme Best thing that ever happened to you? My self Worst thing that ever happened to you? Nothing in my life is bad. Words/Phrases you say frequently? What's going on? Your greatest fear? Nothing I'm a cool dude who has fears lol ecks dee Most recent embarrassing thing that happened to you? I have no shame so ya no embarrassing moments for me lol Favorite member(s) who plays on this server and why? Me because who else is better? nobody point proven. Favorite Animal? I like myselve alot so I guess human lol Favorite Color? What color is memes? Favorite Song? My theme song of course what else duh Favorite Book? My reddit page what kind question is that? https://www.reddit.com/r/DanRappold/ Favorite Movie? What are these question? Favorite TV Show? That's a no brainer Favorite vacation spot? My house is pretty cool Coolest place you visited? My house is pretty dope Favorite place to be alone? In my lake Favorite thing to do with your spare time? I like to meme Favorite person you enjoy spending time with? @SashaGrey @Yuuji @JerryBomb @Sassy @denros @Xenaphrina, @tobyty1024, @Dead_Soul, @InfectedKatana, @_SniX_, @PB-n-J, @EJ., @RickGrimesTM, @R0B, @Angel_with_a_AK, @Dex, @Bae, @Impaled, @Lemon, @Tree, @Severely_Artistic, @CopperWingz, @Xy_, @Maskiee, @Ataze_, @Squiishy, @SugarKitty, @Squanchy, @CrusTi, @Cryliosis, @Faex, @rapperdan, @nekos_number_1_bitchboi, @John_Ariana_Man, @Kubnair, @Nap14hockey, @nocheat, @Roy, @xzPuncakeGuyzx, @Rcool64, @Pooty, @TokoWH, @JK_Ghosty, @thecrazbuttstabber, @PastelKitty, @TicciToby, @AciFire, @bnewton, @Z1galord, @Thats_Miles, @_Eli, @Kite9867, @Lapis, @Lynxception, @MrBubbles, @MrManslayerX, @LeafsSon, @Zebra, @Violator, @Sephnessed, @Skittlez, @SarahJ3, @TacoEmperor, @Tay, @cyberkoalaXD, @zee69er, @Mamoru, @Mundo, @canman1151, @ButterKing5000, @Fx280, @Windeetree, @AtomicHeadphones, @InsaneMezkin, @Finnick, and @Astro @kenny Everyone duh Favorite thing to do when nobody's looking? Make people into memes like myselve Something that made you laugh ridiculously hard. I'm always laughing at myselve because lesbe honest here nobody is as funny as me Something you wish existed. Well tbh I wish I had a clone of myselve because I'm a cool guy and nobody is better Something you wish was still around. well I'm still here can't think of anyone but myselve I guess if I died I wish I was here again Something you wish this server had or had at some point and want back. well considering I'm everywhere there really is nothing but myselve that I want Something you're extremely talented at or have a thing for. Making people do my bidding is pretty fun Favorite Meme or GIF Ask my boi @Sassy He knows ecks dee
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    Minecraft has been tried many times and managed by multiple people and each time it has failed. So in my opinion it would be a waste.
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    I am going on a holiday for summer starting tomorrow! I will be back in 10 or so days. Message @Xy_ until then for any breach related questions. I will be active on forums as much as I can. Notifying some people I haven't told : @Violator @Zebra @RickGrimesTM @Xy_
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    Two Stupid Uncles Running to the Beat A Short Story by Leks Rick was thinking about Roy again. Roy was a brave teacher with ample toes and blonde lips. Rick walked over to the window and reflected on his silly surroundings. He had always hated GFL with its ill, stupid idiots. It was a place that encouraged his tendency to feel sad. Then he saw something in the distance, or rather someone. It was the brave figure of Roy. Rick gulped. He glanced at his own reflection. He was an intuitive, arrogant, squash drinker with beautiful toes and sticky lips. His friends saw him as a green, giant gamer. Once, he had even made a cup of tea for a kaleidoscopic baby bird. But not even an intuitive person who had once made a cup of tea for a kaleidoscopic baby bird, was prepared for what Roy had in store today. The clouds danced like thinking frogs, making Rick worried. Rick grabbed a bright gun that had been strewn nearby; he massaged it with his fingers. As Rick stepped outside and Roy came closer, he could see the pretty glint in her eye. "I am here because I want a kiss," Roy bellowed, in a mean tone. She slammed her fist against Rick's chest, with the force of 5546 cats. "I frigging hate you, Rick." Rick looked back, even more worried and still fingering the bright gun. "Roy, I am your father," he replied. They looked at each other with happy feelings, like two ratty, raw rats bopping at a very virtuous wedding, which had indie music playing in the background and two stupid uncles running to the beat. Suddenly, Roy lunged forward and tried to punch Rick in the face. Quickly, Rick grabbed the bright gun and brought it down on Roy's skull. Roy's ample toes trembled and her blonde lips wobbled. She looked sneezy, her body raw like a steamed, sweet sandwich. Then she let out an agonising groan and collapsed onto the ground. Moments later Roy was dead. Rick went back inside and made himself a nice beaker of squash. end
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    Name: ColdSpray♥ Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:28249019 Age: 22 Server playtime: Approaching 30 days or 720 hours Time you can be on & Timezone: 3 P.M - 9 P.M CST on the weekdays, all day on the weekends Why do you want to become an admin?: I was an admin before, as most of the admin team may remember. I chose to step down at the time to address personal issues which are no longer a factor. Personally, it may be just me but it seems like I'm on when most others are not so I'd like to be available to fill in the gaps for when admins are not around and the players need someone to keep the server in line. Now, that aside, one of the real reasons I'd like to be an admin again is to continue gaining the knowledge I'm not getting as a player. Most people usually assume that admins are either a wealth of knowledge or complete nuisances and I would like to strive for the middleground, proving that I may not know everything, but I'm more than happy to learn it when I can. I would hope my previous history speaks for itself, and that I've been slowly building my time again to prove that I won't disappear at the drop of a hat. Thank you for your consideration. Reason for accepting: I know it seems as if I'm trying to rely on my previous experience of being an admin, however this is not the case. I stated before that I stepped down for personal issues and now that I have managed to work them out I would like to request a second chance at being an admin. Honestly, I could easily use the generic 'I'll be available when there are no admins.', however the admins that I've worked with before can attest to the fact hat I am, indeed, on more often than most. As cancerous as the server may become I would still like this server to be enjoyable for ALL players, and if given the chance would make this my primary focus again. I see a lot of potential in the ZE server, and contrary to popular belief, think it still has a lot of life left in it. This is one of the most frequented Zombie Escape servers and I'd like to offer my help with keeping it that way. I also see that the current team has been around for a little while, and would love the chance to compare my knowledge with those of the current team to see if there is anything old or new that I have missed while I've been gone so I can better ensure a smooth re-acquisition, if accepted.
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    Well, I guess my time has come...
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    *DISCLAIMER* - No I'm not leaving GFL, I'm just telling a story It's been 1 year I still remembered myself in 8th grade, excited to go home and how school was ending in 10 days. I wasn't just excited about that, I was excited to go home and play on my new favorite server on gmod: GFL Zombie Survival. How I discovered GFL and it's zombie survival server was not really that hard, it began when I bored of just playing sandbox mode on single and multiplayer. I wanted to try something new, like another gamemode in gmod. So on my steam username Me DOGEsta, I went around gamemode after gamemode like prop hunt and hide and seek. I then realized about what that gamemode I played a long time ago, the one I had no I idea what I was doing and there were zombies. OH! I remember! It was zombie survival! So I got on that gamemode and looked around at the servers available. I played on a couple and got very interested in it, so I went around more servers until I discovered the GFL zombie survival server. When I got on that server, I was very confused on why the worth points were up to 200 and what those weird weapons were and why the repair and carpenters hammer was free. I didn't mind and spend my 200 worth on the FAS guns and some other tools and traits. It was then I realized that I found it, I found my new favorite server. I began joining in and playing more and more often and learned a lot more of the gamemode itself. I got to a point where I knew what I was doing and decided to know about the regular players at the time. I began talking in chat and got to know a few people, I forget who they were but I knew a couple: UnstoppableKitty and Stg Rex. I began to become more and more know on the server so I decided to get myself familiar with the admins. I know there were more but there were two I knew about: Admin Herbert and admin Triple Herbert: He was the first admin I ever known on ZS and one of my favorites on ZS. He was a regular admin and was quite popular on the server. I still remember when he would talk in his smoker voice and say to the players and I: "Hey kid, you want some cancer?" I would joke around and say: "Yis" or "How much is rectum cancer worth?" I still remember him during those times and he's currently head admin on ZS. Triple: I don't know him as much as Herbert but, still he was an admin I knew during those days. Triple wasn't as funny as herbert, he was more of a serious guy who took his admin rank very personally and would yell at people who made fun of him. He didn't put his admin powers for the good of the server but, to his own good. He abused his admin powers just so he could get an advantage on ZS, I heard that he banned one player for calling him out on that. Thank god he's gone, I don't know what worse he could done to the server. I also remember when UnstoppableKitty and I formed the Kitty clan, I was so into the kitty clan that I changed my to Me KITTYsta. The kitty clan was a small but, popular group on the server. I still remember when the members and I would type in "cheese" whenever a human died, it was sort of like a farewell to the dead human. It sadly died down after a while but I was still proud that the clan formed a relationship in ZS. It's still crazy how all of that happened a year ago. It's sad to see those good o' days gone and I kind of wished the current GFL ZS server was just like that. Now the server is dying, less and less players come on, and it's sad to see the server like that now. However if breach almost died and now it's full with players everyday, there's still a chance that ZS will resurrect. Thank you for reading.
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    Minecraft is more than "hasn't worked in the past." Based on how you are talking, it seems you have not been around for any of them. I believe I was around for two of them and was able to experience exactly why no one in GFL wants another Minecraft server. We have had, if I remember correctly, five or more servers in the past all with different managers (sometimes several trying with one server at once). All of them had promise and were trusted individuals and were all unsuccessful. Minecraft is a hard game to get popular in and it is a dying game regardless. I am sorry to burst your happy little bubble, but no one, not even you, could make a successful Minecraft server with our name on it. It hasn't and will never happen. Servers, like Purge, were new, popular, and innovative at the time of its arrival and have stayed generally popular to this day because of the work the superior staff team did back then. Generic DarkRP, Minecraft, etc. servers that people suggest are not unique or smart. Some of them are proposed only as "potential money makers" rather than as a good, fun server that GFL members actually want to play. GFL does not have the hard working staff/devs willing to put time into servers like Minecraft. I am all for good ideas for servers and change in general. I simply do not support ideas I know will not work or are a risk to the well-being of GFL. I am sure around the same thing can be said about all the other members who refuse to accept your "brilliant" idea, so I would recommend listening to them rather than disregarding their input. Some of us have been here much longer than you have and know how things operate around here. (most of the reply is geared toward your Minecraft suggestion, not other ideas proposed as I am not knowledgeable enough about those other situations)
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    Hi guys, because of the new CSGO update, most of our plugins have stopped working, causing server failure.. While you wait, feel free to join our Discord server listed below. You can check for updates and talk to others while you wait for the server to come back online. >>> https://discord.gg/Bkfwg4q Thanks, ZE Admin team.
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    The Night By: @Gekkota-Senpai Alrighty before I begin this story I would like to put the characters right below so ya enjoy my story. Characters: @Winter, @Kubnair, @Xy_, @EJ., @Gekkota-Senpai, @Twig, @RickGrimesTM, @Nap14hockey, @Thats_Miles, @PB-n-J, @CrusTi, and @Kite9867. One day there was a group meet up between these twelve guys just chilling in the woods on a Saturday night to celebrate there great week on handling the Garry's mod servers. They set up a campsite and a fire to cook up some food then there was some sort of movement in the woods that caused all of the guys to look in that direction. Miles decided to check it out to see if it was some sort of deer they can cook up for a evening meal so he got out his rifle and aimed at the woods walking slowly to not scare off the deer. When he made it to the point where they heard movement there was something else besides a deer.... IT WAS A MONSTER!!! Miles quickley tried to run back it was too late. He was grabbed by the monster and he was not heard of again. Nap wanted to go catch this monster and bring it to justice! Xy did not agree with this idea so he wanted to stay back with PB-n-J and Kite to secure their campsite. So the guys that were going to catch this monster were scared to death when Miles was taken away. When they kept on walking through the woods they found a weird object and it turned out to be a skull with a knife stabbed on the top. They immediatly pulled out there hunting rifles and was very cautious where they were standing. EJ decided to run ahead to make sure there was nothing ahead but he unfournatley ran right into the monster and was in a headlock with it's boney hands. He tried to shoot it as quick as possible but the monster swiped his rifle on the ground and the others were ready for fire but the monster was using EJ's body to protect itself so the monster was backing up slowly until he was a safe distance and then snapped EJ's neck! When EJ's neck was snapped Winter shot the monster but it seemed to have recovered from the rifle shot! Everyone started running as far away from the monster until CrusTi tripped over a branch and had seem to have broke is ankle. Twig went to go back and help out CrusTi before the monster had reached him but Twig was not in time to help out CrusTi so Twig called Kubnair over to help out CrusTi and carrying him to a safe place. Twig decided to take the sacrifise by making a distraction to keep the group as far as possible from the monster. Everyone was running in terror after they heard a snapped bone that appeared to be Twig dead. Everyone met up at the campsiteto discuss a plan but when the guys came back to the campsite they saw Kite's body hanging on a tree. PB-n-J was frightened hiding in a tree nearby with Xy. They explained "The monster was just here and has taken the live have Kite!" That's when Gecko had a idea! He said "How about we set up a little trap so he can not brutaly murder us?" Xy replied saying "Well... that is a good idea but how are we going to catch it plus what are we going to trap the monster?" Winter said "Let's set up a trap with the supplies we currently have!" Kubnair said "So something like from Scooby Doo?" Winter replied "Eh... are you okay?" Nap said "Welp let's start cracking guys the monster will kill us any time soon!" They setup the blue prints as quick as possible. They laid out the whole trap and began to proceed with putting bait right in the middle of the plate and waited for the monster to come. When they finally heard a movement they checked with there scope they had to make sure it was the monster. CrusTi confirmed that it was the monster sneaking around until he finally came to the bait. Winter was in his postion and was aiming at the wire with his rifle. When the monster started to eat the meat Winter 360 noscoped the wire then the cage made out of wood fell from the tree and trapped the monster. There they made bars out of metal and tranqualized the monster. Then they built the home and set up the cave and put the metal bars in front so it doesn't escape the little jail cell. They put the monster in the cave and the guys drove back home to there houses and they will always remember that dreadful day of that night.... THE END.... Comment down below if there was any typo errors or grammar errors. Thanks, ~Gecko
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    I took this last Saturday (April 29th) before work: Thanks.
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    If it wasn't for you I wouldn't be where I am in this community today. When others were in doubt of me you stepped up and took my side in all the situations and that I thank you so much for. You're a great friend and I shall see you around the community from time to time.
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    At the end of the day, there are many people who are left out forgotten out of this list, tho it looks like more of a circlejerk (No offense to nick, all props to you). Iron ladle, Edge, eh eh, Juky, SoJa, Knife etc etc The thing is, GFL probably wouldn't have existed to this day without SoJa. His scum actions can't take that way from him. GFL EU 2014-2015 wouldn't have happened without Juky (Dominating surf, zm, being the first community to use 64 slots on csgo). CSS ZE spoke and speaks for itself. Having whatever credit taken and given to certain individuals over personal bias is cancer
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    I was extremely tired while doing this test so I would say these results aren't 100% accurate, but I tried... Thanks.
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    Name? William Age? 16 Birthday? March 17 Timezone? US Central Gender? Male What would you do if you were the opposite of your gender? Nothing. Rank (ie. Supporter, Vip)? Member of GFL (Trial Admin on Breach) Which server(s) do you prefer? Garry's Mod Breach How long have you been playing? Dunno. I've been AFK way too much. How often are you online and for how long? 4-6 hours a day. Biggest accomplishment on this server? Becoming Trial Admin. Best thing that ever happened to you? Best thing huh? Hmmm nope nothing. Worst thing that ever happened to you? Too many. Words/Phrases you say frequently? SHIT! Your greatest fear? I have no time for fear, it gets in the way of my work. Most recent embarrassing thing that happened to you? @rapperdan Favorite member(s) who plays on this server and why? @Violator @Xy_ @Kubnair @Severely_Artistic @Krzyforbacon @rapperdan @Lynxception @Lapis @mbs @Nap14hockey @nocheat @Marshmello @M'lady @Darkling @Twig @Gary @PB-n-J @Z1galord @Astro @Fx280 @Winter @EnergeticD3X @RickGrimesTM and a bunch of other people. Favorite Animal? @Gary Favorite Color? Dark Gray Favorite Song? Smells like teen spirit - Nirvana Favorite Book? 10 reasons why Android is better than iPhone Favorite Movie? The Spongebob Movie Favorite TV Show? Spongebob Squarepants Favorite vacation spot? San Antonio, Texas Coolest place you visited? Still visiting a bunch of places. Favorite place to be alone? My bedroom. Favorite thing to do with your spare time? Code HTML, CSS, JS, Ruby, PHP, and SQL. Favorite person you enjoy spending time with? @M'lady Favorite thing to do when nobody's looking? Don't worry about it. Something that made you laugh ridiculously hard. Elevators. Something you wish existed. My happiness. Something you wish was still around. @Violator (He's always AFK. ) Something you wish this server had or had at some point and want back. Dunno. Something you're extremely talented at or have a thing for. History and Web development. Favorite Meme or GIF. @rapperdan (You're welcome buddy. )
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    Life Update - Been a while since I resigned from all positions. Now I'm about to graduate from high school in a few days, after that I will be building my PC and coming back to redefine my legacy. (being bad at CS:GO) I'll stay in touch and see ya'll soon <3
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    Sheesh, kids never learn. There were PLENTY of thing we've tried expanding into, like the DarkRP server that we built for GMOD, or the entire TF2 division for the last few months of it's life. We've had great people put up great servers, and they don't work out because after the work is done, we lack the infrastructure to sustain them. I personally know how much work went into the GMOD servers we've worked on in the past, and there were plenty of interest during the conception stages, and much less towards the end of their cycles. The higher-ups at this point are few in number, and there are plenty of reasons why we're not pushing into other gamemodes or servers at this time. Anyone that can do the work has been here for a LONG time, and at some point, they get burned out. Being hounded to do HOURS and HOURS of work for free by people who have absolutely no concept of how many real man-hours goes into making even more simple servers isn't easy to deal with. So all in all, fuck Minecraft. There's absolutely no reason to open a server when we as a community don't want it. We're not a good minecraft community.
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    There are so many things wrong with this. Not only would it immediately kill the server population, it would also make it so that admins would not be able to do their job if they happen to die for whatever reason. There's a lot of incentive for RDM in that. They already can. If you admit that it's useless, then why suggest it? You could just buy an IFAK at 1/10th of that price, or even have a medic/paramedic heal you for free. I can hardly blame DoctorDJ for his (lack of) response. I was admittedly dumbstruck when I first read this as well. We do appreciate suggestions, although these particular suggestions are simply downright bizarre.
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    Hey so, uhh....couple concerns Your attitude towards fellow Team Members was really shocking to me in shoutbox, especially after recently making this. It's not how a Team Member acts and it is not how anyone here will act. Your website was said to be made by your school, and worked in by you. Do you yourself actually have talent in this subject or are you using a different source? Web design is a big responsibility and will not be taken lightly to failure. Lastly, I'm not going to sugar coat things here, but you're immature. You act like a child to others and don't seem like a good fit for the team. Especially after the dispute with another team member. If you want into this team, we act like a team, and don't go against each other, even if we have our differences. -1. Shape up, please.
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    After some serious thought and consideration, my time as an Admin here on GFL has come to a close. I started out as an Admin because I spent a lot of time on the 1v1 server anyway, so why not apply for Admin right? I felt that I could help the community grow and flourish, but that became harder and harder to do when I lost a great deal of interest in CS:GO. I really have no motivation to launch the game anymore, to the point where I'm considering uninstalling it. I believe it would be dishonest to have the game uninstalled and to still be admin here, so that's why I'm stepping down. I really think GFL is a great community full of awesome people and I will look back on my time here as one full of good memories @CrusTi I'm very happy with the direction you have taken 1v1, and I hope you continue to help it grow and develop @nocheat I think you have really grown into the admin position and I wish you the best of luck with it. It is clear that you are passionate about it. @null @Mamoru Best of luck with your trials and I hope you guys can enjoy being a part of GFL as much as I did. @rapperdan Thanks for all the help and tips that helped me become a better admin If I missed anyone, I apologize for that. You may still see me around on some GFl servers if I ever get back into CS:GO again Goodbye and thanks for everything -Funky
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    Probably cause you don't know what you're doing. Plus, it's fun because you get to try to survive/kill other people either as a SCP, NTF, or other character, and with the variety of roles consisting in Breach, it has a lot of replayability, especially thinking about other people's playstyles, their knowledge of SCP Containment Breach, etc. All in all, it's a game people who know what they're doing can enjoy. And even if you don't know, you'll eventually learn, and it'll be pretty fun. I suggest playing more and learning about the game itself before saying it sucks.. Plus, why bother making a post asking why people like something? People like what they want.
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    We have a lot of good story writers in GFL @Severely_Artistic made 50shades of violator which got a lot of good feed back @Roxie_Foxie is a writer @JerryHatTrick is a writer , I consider myself a decent story teller/ writer. I would like to see a story of the month with diffrent themes each month. It could bring out the creative minds and give us great stories. I saw the number of entries for this months AOTM and it made me think a separate Story of the month each month can be hosted I think this months AOTM has more entries than any other. And unlike AOTM story writing can be done by almost everyone Badges can be given for story of the month winner each month. Some ideas for topics if this idea is considered. 1. Short non fiction 2. Horror 3. Comedy 4. Adult fiction 5. Mystery 6. Adult non fiction 7. 18+ Story ( any genre) 8. Any genre ( For kid's and adults) I could think of more Ideas I'm just tired right now I hope this idea is considered, Thank you.
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    When you try so hard to get likes (MOAR EDITS: He try so hard he put it in ADMIN CHAT) @Kubnair and @Xy_ are doing amazing jobs at keeping the server going, not their fault all your good at is cancer, and now before @Bae yells at me for going off topic ima just leave what I said there EDIT Kubs story is kicking your storys ass in pregame likes EVEN MOAR EDITS- See told you I was gunna get yelled at for going off topic @Bae @Darkling Im looking at you two dolls
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    This is a big step in improving communication in GFL and I look forward to seeing how it works out! Thanks.
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    - Removed the masks and pointshop - Added 2 new neck snapping sounds for 173 - Added SCP 035
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    After reading all the replies here I have an honest question for you all. How many of you actually know what the word retired means?