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    Hello friends! My name is Cypher and I'm hoping that I can come here and make lots of friends. (I fixed my computer and am back permanently.)
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    Hello! Please welcome our newest addition to the CS:GO division, @xSnowyAngel! @xSnowyAngel has successfully managed our #1 CS:GO Zombie Escape server for over a year now and has proven to us he is very talented and dedicated. The CS:GO division is still in the process of being rebuilt and we decided to add an additional Division Leader to help @Bonk rebuild the division! What Happens To Our CS:GO Zombie Escape Server? Many will now ask what is going on with our CS:GO Zombie Escape server. I had a couple long talks with @xSnowyAngel about this and we both agreed this server still needs to be mainly focused on. @xSnowyAngel will remain as Zombie Escape's server manager and will be offering a second hand with other servers in the division along with helping @Bonk. We will ensure Zombie Escape still gets the attention it needs to continue succeeding and staying as CS:GO's #1 server. Overall, congratulations @xSnowyAngel! I know you'll do a great job! Thank you! View full article
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    Pow don't I look good omg yas
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    @littleshake and I have been seeing each other for sometime in secret. I recently proposed to her and she accepted. I hope you wish us well.
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    After weeks of intense training, I feel like I am proud enough to share the results Happy "I'm single and desperate" day, since I'm on that boat too.
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    One last update, I am feeling a lot better already! I am very sore but I can finally take deep breaths (haven't been able to in the last two days due to the pain) and drink water (didn't eat or drink anything for two days). Though they had liquids go through the IV. I will be staying in the hospital until Wednesday since the gallbladder was very infected and was nearly about to explode (also caused a fever). They just want to make sure I was okay. Even better news, the same surgent offered to do hernia surgery for me in a couple of weeks and we will be doing that as well :D Ultimately, I will be feeling amazing in two weeks or so from now. I am also in the process of changing my diet and starting to eat healthy. I am taking fiber packets three times a day to ensure I am getting enough fiber in my diet which should get rid of constipation and so on. Thank you for all the support from all of you! I really appreciate it and I am sorry for waiting this long already. I also apologize for any grammar mistakes in this post, I am about to pass out due to me being really tired at the moment.
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    Just an update, I am officially done surgery but still feel very sore around my stomach. Thanks for all the support everyone! You can tell I look dead right now lmao. I will need another day to rest. Thanks!
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    Been a while since I posted one - so here you go
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    The only possible reason you'd want the traditional "/advert raid" garbage is to differentiate between RDM and actual RP. This servers management is competent and can write some simple lua scripts, right? Instead, have a command like /advert but just logs it to a system which can be accessible to all players, but NOT announced when something is posted to it. Allow /adverts to be used for advertising exclusively and make shit slightly less dull. The element of surprise is very powerful, and when you just can check your cams whenever you see a raid advert pop up, that ruins that.
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    Here's a picture of my sister and I from the hospital today. I rarely get to see my sister (sometimes up to a year at a time) so obviously her showing up today made my day She is also a full time nurse so she knew just as much as the other nurses who were helping me which was awesome. I know I look horrible in the picture but I've been laying down for the last 3 - 4 days straight This is the first picture with her in years. Thanks!
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    As promised. New sweatshirt came in and id thought id share (I'm trying to compete with joshy with number of photos) Yes, I'm wearing bills PJ's. Gotta rep my team.
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    - Removed former staff - Added @Aquaticfilly0 to admin, congrats - Added @AtomicHeadphones to Operator, welcome to the team.
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    These fake “I’m resigning” is getting old.. Nothing but “oh, give me attention and likes please!!” Holy shit man.
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    - Buffed SCP-017 - Buffed SCP-096 - Spectators no longer count as views for 096
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    gonna upload another pic once my hair drys just figured I'd make the before and after approach after I comb my hair kind of deal. I let my hair dry out naturally if anyone wished to know :L also I gave you guys some extra shoulders and I am slowly letting some hair grow out on my face to this day @syrus I remember when you said grow out your facial hair so it would not look like the famous "merkin hair" you linked me to some streamer and asked if I could grow it out like him and I said give me time as I do not wish to be over here not trimming and looking like some dude in the middle east kind of deal, so I trim with scissors almost every day... in due time @syrus in due time lmao don't mock me on my dimples please guys lmao fyi that might be the biggest smile you guys have ever seen out of me I might have been somewhat happy as a person recently :L god damn it I was trying not to crack up while taking that pic... shhh I am not the person with a smile on my face almost 24/7 also gonna give you guys my dinner I made some linguini using some garlic gloves and put pepper on that shit ayy lmao
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    In a recent post where I had called out @Violator for confusing me with the trial admin known as @TheSadBandit. Violator had said the most hurtful thing to me in my life. He said something that was quite obviously targeted towards me, and my character. I like to think that violator was joking, but I genuinely believe he was making a personal attack against me, and what little dignity I have left after I was promoted to full admin on TTT1 and TTT2. In addition to my resignation, I would like to tag some wonderful individuals that I have spent time with while i was in GFL. @TheClassyBandit You were always there for me, helped me through my darkest times and I love you.
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    Never clicked faster to a post in my life.
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    - Removed SCP-178-1 and SCP-178 - Added SCP-017 (Suggested and prepared by @Cpt.Haxray) - Can dissolve into shadows - Attacks by going under a victim and pressing the attack key - When attacking, or if the shadow pool timer runs out, you will be teleported back to the point where you entered the shadow pool - Currently 500 HP and 180 speed, stats subject to change.
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    Added: Stolen cars cannot stay stolen for more than 15 minutes. After this time, they must be abandoned or returned to the owner for a price. Thank you to @Nap14hockey for the suggestion:
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    They already can do this, however they must be in a party.
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    Fixed: The casino's back! After we determined what was causing the crashes, we held off on re-introducing the casino add-on. With some careful reconsideration, the Casino Kit is once again on the server! The best part? Your chips should still be where they were! Someone else is back, and his name is PressPlate! That's right, you're able to once again pay off your debt to society by making license plates. Who would sit in jail for 6 minutes when you can mash E and get out faster? If any issues do arise, be sure to contact @flyingjoe32 either on the forums or on our Discord. Happy gambling!
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    2018/02/17 Added an operator forum group with the same permissions as server admin Anyone with the operator badge has been added to the group, if you are an operator and you did not receive the group, contact a Council Member, Division Leader, or Director. If there are any issues with the operator group's permissions, let us know!
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    The new Counter Strike Global Offensive case is officially released and features 24 pairs of gloves The skins in this case include many new glove skins (Sport Gloves Vice, Driver Gloves King Snake, and more) and have also released new gun skins such as the M4A1 Neo Nior and the USP-S Cortex. Which skin is your favorite? What is your opinion on the new case? For me it is the Sport Gloves Vice and the Glock-18 Moonrise. Post: http://blog.counter-strike.net/index.php/2018/02/20073/
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    Stricter gun laws will achieve nothing, if someone wants to shoot someone else, they will go the distance, legally or illegally, if anything guns should be easier for the law abiding citizens to obtain, the more people that own guns the better, it will overall lower crime rates. Gun free zones should be rid of, if someone wants to shoot up a bunch of people, a gun free zone, like a school, is perfect target, if the adults in schools were allowed to carry guns I believe we would see a lot less fatalities in these type of shootings, and to all of you anti gun I know what your rebuddle will be, "But Lone, what if the people who are the teachers janitors and cooks want to shoot up the kids?" Well to that I reply with make it more difficult to become a member of these establishments, you are working with and around children and teens, you should know how to act around them and treat them with respect. Which is why I would propose that in order to work in these fields it would require that your background be 100% clean, even your minor years.
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    So he stepped down but is still keeping his admin in game...this makes a lot of sense.
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    Please dump memes here so I can fill my hard drive with pictures. NO IFUNNY WATERMARKS
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    I'm in the process of backing up over 150 albums on my social media before deactivating those accounts You cannot win. I've also been considering a picture to show off the abs ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) This was an awesome vegetarian pizza.
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    Number 15, jb_summer_jail_v2 foot lettuce. The last thing you'd want in your jb_summer_jail_v2 burger is @AceOfSpades' foot fungus. But as it turns out, this just might be the case.
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    Thank you everyone for the support! I really appreciate it! The surgery will be happening tomorrow morning @ 8 AM. I will stay for an additional 24 hours after the surgery. Depending on how I feel afterwards, I expect to be back home on Tuesday and back on my desktop. Thank you for understanding!
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    Not really I momma ain't raise no bitch.
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    The Great Backyard Bird Count was the first online citizen-science project to collect data on wild birds and to display results in near real-time. Now, people of all ages and walks of life worldwide join the four-day count each February to create an annual snapshot of the distribution and abundance of birds. No expertise is needed, and it's fun. You can also print out a Certificate for participating, how cool is that? To check it out, visit: http://gbbc.birdcount.org/
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    2-16-18 Added Damage Report which is displayed after you die. Updated HIVE Radio to 4.0.3 (hopefully this will fix any issues people were having). Temporarily disabled Self Mute as it was not working.
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    This is good. Some of our more cautious players make sure to check their cameras whenever they see someone call raid in chat, which is—more or less—metagaming. Raiders already have so many overwhelming disadvantages as it is, so this is just another small way to make it more fair.
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    I like this. I will make this and see if joe likes it. Edit: I can think of a few issues off the top of my head though.
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    Your suggestion has been heard. "Adding CZ75a to zmarket/zbuy" will be implemented tomorrow. This comment will be edited when it is implemented EDIT: This has been implemented.
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    Changed/Fixed: !enablepurgesounds and !disablepurgesounds now work as intended (thank god) Fixed an issue with the Purge Status category on bLogs not showing up. Fixed an issue with emotes not showing up properly for a large portion of players. Thanks to @Zebra for help with that. Fixed a bunch of smaller issues I either forgot or are too small to mention. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    I'm not blaming the gun I'm blaming gun laws. You shouldn't be able to walk into a gunshop and walk out with an ar-15 the same day, That's not right
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    I think people would stay more if there were more shitposting. Our shitpost quotas just aren’t being met like they used to be.
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    A degree in Advanced Underwater Basket Weaving. My dad pulled a few strings and I was able to get it on sale at Costco.
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    I'm not against the promotion, but does it look like we're repeating a mistake here? Surely you've noticed a pattern.
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    You failed as a Division Leader... but you succeeded as a meme. We all must drink to violator. Because today is his last day here on gfl.
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    GFL 24/7 Dust2 No Awp/Auto/M249 ABOUT GFL 24/7 Dust2 is meant to be a fun server with good competition. On the fun side, you start each round with $16,000, and we have included wire pulling and throwing knives. On the competitive side we have included GameMe to keep track of all your stats, and we're hosted a dedicated server configured for good hit registration. Please take a moment to read through our short list of rules. To ensure your rates are set properly, we have included instructions at the bottom of the page. RULES 1. Do the objective. Terrorists must try to plant the bomb; Counter Terrorists must try to defuse the bomb. 2. A-only until there are 5 CTs. (at admin digression) 3. Terrorists must be out of spawn by the 1 minute mark. 4. Legit bhopping is allowed, as long as it's not abused for speed running etc. 5. No scripts/macros/cheats. 6. We believe in free speech, however excessive abuse (racism) will result in a gag/mute. WIRE PULLING The bomb can be defused normally, or you can pull a wire (pick a color) for quick diffuse. You have a 25% chance to pick the right wire. However, make sure to buy a defuse kit, as without a defuse kit, even if you pull the correct wire, you will have a 50-50 chance of the bomb exploding. THROWING KNIVES Everyone spawns with 2 throwing knives, left click to throw a knife. Any knife kill will earn you that player's remaining throwing knives. GAMEME We have included GameMe so you can track all of your stats. You may type these commands into chat: rank - View your current position and stats, as well as your current session stats. top10 - View the current top 10 players. stats - Open gameme stats page to view any player's stats in full detail. DEDICATED SERVER Many server operators overlook this incredibly important aspect when setting up their server, resulting in lag spikes and poor hit registration. Our dedicated server runs at 100 tick, offers high performance and high bandwidth; combined with our competitively optimized configuration offers lag-free gaming and exceptional hit registration. RATES If your FPS is consistently above 100 frames (check with cl_showfps 2): cl_cmdrate 100 cl_updaterate 100 If your FPS drops below 100 frames (check with cl_showfps 2): cl_cmdrate 66 cl_updaterate 66 If you have a stable connection with a low ping: cl_interp 0 cl_interp_ratio 1 If you have an unstable connection or a high ping: cl_interp 0 cl_interp_ratio 2 The rest of your rates are set automatically to their optimal settings by the server. How to use rates: Place these rates into your autoexec.cfg, this file does not exist by default, you will need to create it. Find your Steam installation directory and then navigate to \steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Source\cstrike\cfg Place your autoexec.cfg file there. autoexec.cfg example: cl_cmdrate 100 //use 66 if your fps is below 100 cl_updaterate 100 //use 66 if your fps is below 100 cl_interp 0 cl_interp_ratio 1 //use 2 if your connection is unstable or you have a high ping rate 100000 fps_max 301 //set this well above your cmdrate value - DO NOT set to 0, this will cause your fps to lock at 59 on our server Let's have fun, and don't forget to add us to your favorites! Note: Our MOTD will be updated periodically.
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    too lazy to click buttons but can write a 5 page essay on bioshock
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    we need better care for those that are mentally ill. Guns dont kill people. people do. When someone gets a DUI the driver is blamed not the vehicle when a bomb goes off and kills people the bomber is blamed not the bomb. so why is the gun?