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    Hello, this is a progression update from my point of view. I’m going to try to do these threads weekly or bi-weekly. Obviously, there are a lot of things going on in GFL and a lot to discuss. The major topics will be posted as individual threads. Big Back End Update New Users Given Access As many of you have saw, I made a thread named “Some Core Changes” that detailed us giving full access to directors. I’ve made the choice of giving Rick along with two others access to the back end whom I trust. The individuals who were given access include: ● @RickGrimesTM ● @Xy_ ● @Nick @RickGrimesTM is a director, obviously warranting him access. He is very trustworthy and although he isn’t experienced with Linux, we will be teaching him the basic troubleshooting techniques if the web machine or game servers do experience any issues. From there, he will be learning a lot himself. @Xy_ is somebody who I talk to daily about GFL and has done an outstanding job. He has been helping me expand into other games and with some back end things in general. He has successfully been managing Breach and his attitude and mindset in GFL is near perfect in my opinion. Most would agree that he’s director worthy. However, due to the amount of responsibility and such, we felt it would be best for him to stay as a technical administrator for now and this is completely understandable. He is also very experienced with the technical side of things and we are learning more and more everyday. @Nick is somebody who is very experienced with Linux and coding in general. Furthermore, he has been in GFL for a very long time and has always stayed by our side. He is quickly learning the IPS 4 API and doing a lot of work to the beta website already. He is very trustworthy from my view and I feel he will help us a lot with the back end. What Access Were They Given? These three individuals were given complete access to the web and game server’s back end. This includes SSH access and so on. The only access @Xy_ and @Nick do not have yet is with the NFO game servers; I still need to give them this. With that said, here’s a list of things these individuals cannot do at the moment: ● Create emails under the gflclan.com domain for users (I will look into how to give them access without giving them the main account information). ● Handle paid services at a control point level (i.e. they cannot restart the OVH web machine from the OVH control panel since that would require the main account information, which I will not give out). ● Give users access via NFO (requires information to the main account which I will not give out). ● Access game server’s command line through NFO. Here’s a list of common issues that these individuals CAN do but I still need to train them on how: ● MySQL (e.g. create a global database for a server, change a server user’s IP address to work again, and so on). ● Fix website-related issues (e.g. NGINX/Apache problems, SSL, configuration, and so on). ● Fix common/advanced game server issues. Why Give Them Access? As I said in the “Some Core Changes” thread, I need to start trusting users with access to the back end. We are so far behind with some things related to the back end and without giving them access, I would be the only one in charge. I NEED help and in order for this community to get back on its feet; this is required. Balon Helping Out More As a few of you know, @balon has access to our back end as well. Although he has been very inactive recently, I had a talk with him the other day and he said his school semester is ending soon. This means he’ll be able to dedicate a lot more time into the back end. I’m looking forward to this and I believe he can help with our back end a lot! What’s Next? We have a lot to do, but I’ll list the next projects here: Automatic Backups @balon said he was setting up a backup server for his community this past weekend, and if it went well, he would do it for GFL. This is our main priority before we do anything further. I want automatic backups of MySQL (hourly), website files (daily), and core files for virtual machines and so on (daily/weekly). We will most likely be using cloud storage such as B2 Backblaze or something similar. Website Move After automatic backups are implemented, I want to work on moving the main website to our new VM we have set up for it. There should be a big performance gain from moving to the new VM. IPS 4.2.x Upgrade After the website is moved, we will be immediately upgrading to IPS 4.2.x as long as the style is altered/upgraded to work with the IPS 4.2.x software. So far, we have most of the changes made, but there may be some areas on the style we need to upgrade and improve on. After these projects are done, I will list the next set of projects we will work on with the back end. Community Improvements About GFL Project I want to go over the About GFL project a bit more and explain why it will benefit us in the long run. This project will include a section that consists of many pages that explains: ● Who we are. ● How we operate our community. ● Why GFL is truly unique and stands out from other gaming communities. ● Why choose GFL over other gaming communities. ● And a lot more! The point of this project is to show newcomers what GFL is and get them more interested in the community. With our big advertisement plans, I feel this will be VERY important. If a newcomer comes to GFL, from the home page we should get them hooked into reading the About GFL section. We will also include pages that shows how wonderful community servers are in general and why games should highly support them. We will be making a few pages dedicated to specific games, with the purpose of addressing the lack of support for community servers and giving solutions that should make these gaming companies (e.g. Valve and EA) and the community server owners happy. This will make us look stronger as a community and show that we support community servers in general. That, in turn, will make users confident in joining and helping GFL. I am aware of some users in the community calling the “About GFL” project pointless. However, I don’t believe they understand how much potential the project has and how good it would make us look when done. Website Adjustments The Home Page With advertising becoming a priority in the future, I feel we should revamp the home page and add in small bits of information from the About GFL pages along with a link going to the full About GFL page. Our goal is to get the user “hooked” into the community right from the home page with this advertising (we will be advertising “GFLClan.com”, which will lead to the home page). We should be also using attractive GFX images on the home page as well. I will be making a separate thread about this once we start working on the website adjustments. Donation System Adjustments I think the donation system could use some work. I believe it has a bug; when a user donates for somebody, it won’t give them their secondary group (unless this was fixed recently). On top of that, I feel it could also be organized so that we can link the server perks with the IPS 4 project explained below. We should make an IPS 4 application/plugin that automatically gives awards for the top donors each month/year/overall along with how much they’ve donated on their profile. Additional Activities I want to consider adding additional activities to the website. This includes an arcade, a gallery for users to post their images, and potentially more from our ideas. While this does have potential downsides, I feel the pros outweigh the cons. As long as the activities don’t: ● Clutter the most common pages. ● Use additional resources. ● Pose a security risk. The only con would be possibly drawing the user’s attention from the main forum. Though, I feel if the user was drawn from the main forum by an arcade or gallery, they would lose interest in the main forum regardless over time. The chance of this happening is also very slim. SourceBans Theme This was an idea by @Leks. We should remake the SourceBans theme to fit GFL’s current main theme. Though, what we may do in the future is just implement SourceBans into IPS 4 itself. However, this would make it a bigger project overall. We should at least make a dark theme for the current SourceBans installation. HLStatsX Theme As said with SourceBans, we should also make a new HLStatsX theme which should fit GFL’s current theme. We may try to also implement this into IPS 4. The current theme seems a bit messy in my opinion and I feel it would look nicer if we made changes to it. GameME Another thing we should consider in the future is moving over to gameME at least for newer servers. GameME is another ranking plugin that outperforms HLStatsX. The only problem with gameME is it isn’t free. The first gameME server is $5.00/m and any additional servers added are $1.00/m. We will discuss this further in the future. GFL Server Hop Plugin Update I’ve made changes to the GFL Server Hop plugin coded in SourcePawn. More specifically, I made it so it can select ALL servers in every game and adds a game prefix to the advertisement message. I will be adding this to our Fistful of Frags, Pirates, Vikings, & Knights II, and Zombie Panic! Source servers. I feel this will help players from minor divisions discover servers in our main divisions. Distributive Services Announcements Recently, we’ve been seeing many of our services getting interrupted by maintenance and so on. For example, our NFO services have been impacted by maintenance recently, resulting in the entire service going down for a period of time. Although NFO gives us little time to prepare for these maintenance events (they only gave us a one-day heads up for the latest maintenance event), we should be notifying our users immediately via social media and announcements. This can also include any other type of event that disrupt our services (e.g. (D)DoS attacks, machine updates/restarts, and so on). This is something I want to be improved in the future. IPS 4 Project For a long time now, we have been wanting to make an IPS 4 application that adds many new features to the website that helps us maintain our game servers. We still plan on making this in the future once we find somebody dedicated and talented enough to do so (keep in mind, this is a very large project). This IPS 4 application will include a server list, dedicated machine list, tracker similar to Trello, server pages that include information about the server, admin/ban appeal/player report forms, and a lot more! It will help server managers maintain their servers easier and make things more organized. Style Adjustments With the upgrade to IPS 4.2.x coming soon, we’ve been preparing our current theme for the upgrade. With that said, I would like to make additional adjustments to make the theme look better visually to our users. We will be asking for feedback from our users, and if you’re experienced with CSS and HTML, feel free to help us out! Website Adjustments Per Seasons/Common Holidays I believe we should have website adjustments based on the season. For example, in the winter, we should have a snow effect on the forums—with the option to disable it—or a snowman in the logo. In the summer, we could have a palm tree, or perhaps a sun somewhere in the logo or elsewhere. In the fall, we can have leaves falling in the logo, or perhaps as an animation similar to the snow effect we had last winter (this time, with an option to disable). In the spring, we could have flowers blooming. We could also add some specific imagery or animations for common holidays such as Halloween (pumpkins), Thanksgiving (turkey), Christmas (snowman), and so on. These would be optional, though, and ultimately up to the staff team if we would want to add something. The other thing we have to consider is not everyone celebrates these holidays. In the end, I do believe we should at least have seasonal adjustments to the website. Supporter/VIP Discounts On Specific Holidays/Events The next thing I would like to discuss is having discounts on our Supporter, VIP, and other future paid packages. Black Friday just passed and we didn’t have any discounts. If possible, I would like to have these discounts automated so that it doesn’t require manual action. We should have discounts on specific holidays and events. For example: ● Black Friday/Cyber Monday. ● Around winter break. ● Beginning of the summer. ● Beginning of spring break. ● Specific GFL events (e.g. if a big perk is added to the Supporter/VIP packages). ● And so on… The last time we did a discount on the Supporter/VIP packages, we had many purchases from it. I feel this will be very beneficial to us in the long-term. Discord Servers A big topic that has been brought up in discussions with staff members is the fact that we have multiple Discord servers. It seems some divisions and game servers have their own Discord server. These servers have their own community, and are set up differently from each other and the main public Discord server we own. With us putting focus on the main public Discord server—mentioned in the next topic—I feel all divisions and game servers should be giving the main Discord server their full attention. Another concern is the fact that most of these Discord servers are owned by different individuals including server manager and division leaders. For safety reasons, these Discord servers should be owned by me. This topic will need to be fully discussed with the staff team before going into further details. Once we’ve came up with a solution, we will be posting an announcement; I just wanted to notify everybody about this concern. Discord Project By @Joshawa A few days ago an announcement was made stating new changes for the public Discord server along with a project being led by @Joshawa. There were a few replies to that thread stating valid points. For example, many users would prefer making their own Discord server to talk to people. However, @Joshawa also linked me a couple Discord servers that had over one hundred users in the voice channels. This Discord server was also a community, not a personal Discord server. This is what we want our public Discord server turning into. Other concerns I saw include too many ways to communicate with people—Discord and TeamSpeak 3 as examples—and waste time and resources. As for the first concern, I definitely understand; it may be difficult focusing on both at the same time. However, there are users who prefer Discord voice and others who prefer TeamSpeak 3. I will admit that, from what I’ve seen, there are still more users supporting TeamSpeak 3 voice over Discord voice. But there is still a great amount of people who prefer Discord voice. @Joshawa will only be focusing on Discord voice as well. As for the second concern, it doesn’t waste that much time and resources. This is what @Joshawa wants to work on. Therefore, I feel we should give him a chance. It takes us five to ten minutes tops to set things up on the Discord server normally. This concern, while valid, is marginal at best. We still start with PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. If that is successful, we will focus on other games including our main divisions with this approach. We aren’t forgetting about TeamSpeak either; we will be making a separate announcement in the near future stating what we’re doing with TeamSpeak 3 and how we’re preparing it. Advertising With the About GFL and Discord projects, external advertising will be very important for the future. As mentioned above, we will be also revamping the home page and other parts of the website. We will be adding bits from the About GFL project—when finished—to the home page with a link at the bottom to go to the full page. Our goal is to get the user immediately interested in reading more about GFL from the home page (GFLClan.com). We will be externally advertising by purchasing Facebook ads and more! I plan to build a team of individuals who will go around advertising GFL to other websites, YouTubers, game developers, and so on. Again, our main goal is to get them interested in reading the About GFL section. Within a slightly broader scope, we would like to obtain a system in the future that allows users to refer others when registering/applying for member. When a user is referred, it will give them something akin to “referral points”. We will have a leaderboard for users with referral points similar to what we already have for top donors, including weekly, monthly, yearly, and all time statistics. This will also help us determine which users are actually trying to recruit users into the community. Conclusion I feel a majority of these changes and ideas will greatly improve GFL. We still have bigger changes on the way, but those will be posted as individual announcements. As usual, there are plenty of things we need to work on in GFL and I do feel we are taking big steps. Note - Some links in this update are only available for Server Admins and over. I linked it for the Server Admins and above to look at if they'd like to. Google Doc Thanks for reading!
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    You've got something bad to say about the people posting their pictures here? I've got a set of instructions to help cure you. You can follow these steps... 10 out of 10 doctors give it a big thumbs up your butt: Go screw yourself. Repeat as necessary. Cheers, and stop being a jerk-off.
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    So, I was kind of elusive when I said some troubling shit happen sunday. I wanted to keep quiet, but at this point, I should let you know. Upon arriving home (Sunday) from my New York City trip, my parents informed me that my sister's boyfriend (20 Years Old) passed away in a car accident Sunday at around noon. He was driving in the snow, didn't take a curve correctly, slid in to the oncoming lane, and was struck. He was pronounced dead at the scene. He suffered traumatic brain injuries, and the doctors said that he could have been killed instantly, or consious for a short amount of time. I will be attending the wake/funeral, and will not be active (in-game, that is) until I can help fix my family. I'm really struggling, and just messaging me every once in a while, would be really appriciated. My entire household has been shaken up, and I really need to stay strong. Best Regards, Nick.
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    Final event for this year will be decided purely on the decision of the community between ze_santassination(extreme) and ze_diddle. We have decided to make the rewards for this event massive to show our appreciation for everyones participation in this years events! Rewards are HUGE for this event and we strongly suggest you to be part of it, more details below. MAP *POLL* TIME/DATE *POLL* Duration 2-3 hours (unless we beat it before the time stated) Rules Don't troll with items, or you will be banned from using them.Don't afk in spectate, or you will be kicked.Don't mic spam, let the leaders try to give commands over voice comm.Don't zombie inflate (Intentionally becoming a zombie to give the CT's a lesser chance).Mute round will be applied IF we deem it necessary.All other server rules apply to the event. Rewards JACKFROST SANTA EXTREME Reach EXTREME Truth level (after defeating fat santa) *Members/Donators will earn VIP + Jackfrost playermodel for 1MONTH *Current VIP's will earn 3skins, includes Bananajoe, FapescapeBoss,and Jackfrost for 1MONTH OR DIDDLE Beat the Diddle-dick and win the map *Members/Donators will earn VIP + Jackfrost playermodel for 1MONTH *Current VIP's will earn 3skins, includes Bananajoe, FapescapeBoss,and Jackfrost for 1MONTH How to Earn it? When you win, just reply on this thread with your steamid and we'll verify you with the winners lists A screenshot would be good too (optional) YOU HAVE 3 DAYS AFTER THE EVENT TO REPLY IF YOU HAVE WON THE MAP IN ORDER TO GET THE REWARDS! Ex: External Links GFL ZE Discord: https://discord.gg/Bkfwg4q GFL ZE Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/GFLCSGOZE To convert your timezone easily, you can use this website to help you: https://www.worldtimebuddy.com/ *Special thanks to @Luffaren for the Picture!* GOOD LUCK AND HAVE FUN HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
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    Left 4 Dead 2 - Spooky Night Post Credit goes to both @Syntax and @Pyros, Thanks! Event Credit goes to the entire GCC EC Team. Details Date: 15th December 2017 (Friday) Time: 5 PM CST / 6PM EST / 10 PM GMT Requirements: Just own the game in your library, that's it. Prizes: None Organizers: Xiro & Pyros(hosted by GCC thanks to these two) Discord: https://discord.me/gccofficial Server IP Will be given one day prior to the event Event Information General Information: 32 slot server. 4 special infected and 28 survivors. The object of the Survivors is to try to escape the map without dying, upon dying they turn into a special infected. Object of the special infected is to kill all the survivors. This is a first come first server basis so hurry up to join the fun. How to play: The 28 survivors must try to escape the map and survive. They progress through a normal map with 4 user controlled special infected trying to kill them. The survivors win if they escape the map. The difficulty will be set to hard for more of a challenge for the survivors. 4 selected special infected will try to kill every survivor to end the match. If all survivors die the special infected win Rules: No Cheats/Hacks/Exploits/Glitches/Any Program that gives you unfair advantage over others No Ghosting No DOX/DDoS Threats No Racism/Homophobia/Xenophobia (Unless it's for sarcastic use/no harmful intentions) No use of any kind of exploit on the map Do not be toxic No advertising other communities events No name impersonation of anyone. If you are caught trying to crash or lag the server you will be permanently banned.
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    @ButterKing5000 accidentally enabled All Talk, so this was the result. Utter cancer but hilarious. I tried to mute some people but Butter fixed it shortly after. There's a small cut, and that's because someone said "N*****" a whole lot, I believe it said it some more but got lost in the confusion.
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    I'm not sure if I say some things and they become important, or if we're truly that far behind. It's not to be mean, but you say a lot for so little. I've lost confidence in a lot of these announcements. Some of these things sound like a broken record repeating. Divide and conquer: Focus on one or two topics at a time and approach the problem in stages. It's good to look at the big picture, but not in detail. You can do that when you're done and optimizing the results. The "About me" page should be brief. There's a good chance, given the person is visiting our website, that you've already hooked them. Does it help with "External advertising?" Marginally. If they have to read entirely The Grapes of Wrath to learn about how great we are, then you may want to keep it brief. Think of it like a book when you look at the back and it's just the summary intriguing you to read it. Don't water hose the visitors. External advertising needs to be truly external. GCC was a good idea, but you need to have those external threads and get some of your leadership to explore other communities as visitors while they are committed here. They'll learn what people like about other communities and they can bring that here (pick and choose), and we can offer to these people what other communities do not have ie. we're (probably) larger and offer so many games and modes. Good luck!
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    found this gem today and had totally forgotten about it.... https://youtu.be/jkZXQgSR0vM GFL Gold!!!!!!
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    Is it time to get festive?
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    Hello, everyone! I'd like to introduce you all to the new CS:GO Jailbreak event, GFL's Got Talent! How it works If you've ever watched the "Got Talent" franchise on television, what we plan to do in this event is very similar, only it's in CS:GO! For those who have never seen the show, millions of people come every year to show their skills to the world, like a giant talent show! These talents can range from singing, dancing, comedy, to just about anything! Group acts are plausible, but remember they may not work out if someone doesn't show up! If you do plan on doing a group act, make sure that everyone is going to come. If a group act is not prepared, you may participate by yourself, or remain a spectator. To enter the competition, all you have to do is comment on this post! The format will be as follows: 1. What is your act: 2. How long (approximately) will it take: 3. If you are singing, will you need an event coordinator to play background music for you: (optional) 4. Please link an instrumental version of your song: (for those who plan to sing) 5. Any extra information you have about your talent: (optional) Judges The judges will be the Event Coordinator team! The global judges are what makes GFL’s Got Talent so special! Each judge may have different opinions about your talent, and to make it into the final, you must have the majority vote from them. In the first round, approximately 1/3rd of the participants will be eliminated by the judges. In the second round, another third of the participants will be eliminated. In the final, the judge's opinions no longer matter. The final vote is up to YOU! The audience will be voting for the top three performances, and the winners will all receive prizes (see below). Here is the list of the judges and their locations: @TomRiddle - Britain @Worgee - Denmark @nocheat- Serbia @King_Wailord - U.S.A Prizes The prizes will be as follows: 3rd place - 800 Shop credits (can be used in rebel and cosmetic store) 2nd place - Any Trail of choice (User may pick any trail from the cosmetic store) 1st place - Any shop item! (User may pick anything from the shop!) Date This event will be on Saturday the 23rd at 6 PM EST. Thank you @Dano for spellchecking Thanks! ~Wailord
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    My Age: 21 My Talent: Hey, I'm Nick. I'm currently a software engineering student finishing up my fourth year toward a bachelor's degree. I've been playing on the GFL TTT server for a few years now and decided to start learning GLua. My current project with that is a betting system for TTT with a dynamic bet multiplier, changing based on the number of players still alive on each team to give a higher reward for betting on the underdog. I find working for gaming servers/communities is a good way to pick up a language/environment, so that's why I'd like to develop for GFL. I have experience in industry working as a web developer as a required part of my degree program (paid full-time job for 6 months), as well as some personal and class projects that I've worked on in my free time, which I've outlined below. The first project is the only one that is currently available publicly in source control, as well as being the project I've put the most work into personally. This is taken almost directly from my resume, so let me know if anything needs clarification. Runescape Private Server The repo for it is available here: https://bitbucket.org/MisterEman22/viceos-server. This project consisted of work on a Runescape private server running on the Ruse base. Major contributions included refactoring user commands into a more organized subsystem, adding minigames/content, and fixing bugs. Enterprise Sales Web App As part of a five person team, built an online sales portal using Node.js that integrated with several other services through the use of APIs to retrieve and store necessary information. Gift Registry Web App Worked on a gift registry web application with C# using ASP.NET MVC 5 and Entity Framework 6 Address Book App Created an android app using Java for storing street addresses and opening them through a navigation/maps application Technologies: Node.js, C#, ASP.NET, Javascript, jQuery, Java, Python, Git, Mercurial, Github, Bitbucket, Sourcetree These are the technologies I have worked with most in the past, however I'm picking up Lua right now working on the betting addon that I discussed earlier, and I'm pretty open to learning whatever would be necessary. Hours/Week: Probably 5-20, depending on the week
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    I am happy to announce that CS:GO TTT is now back open to the public for beta, what this means is that there might be a few bugs/glitches still due to the lack of play testing and if you come across one please pm @Bonk telling me what is wrong or what I could improve the server with. If you would like to come check it out here is the IP: Updates: 24/7 map rotation Custom player model Admins now have new commands to help staff and hot-fix ttt TTT is now the latest version adding in a whole lot more to the Traitor shop as well as the detective shop. The Ez hop is no more! The Credit shop now has more items to purchase Ez Hop Why did I remove EzHop you may be thinking well overall TTT is a casual game-mode and it was fun to bhop around and kill people but this also added a more difficult learning curve to the game-mode for instance players that couldn't bhop would usually become infuriated due to users like Blaidd, Skel, And Myself reaching insane speeds and making it extremely difficult to hit or kill us. In doing this it would turn away a lot of players and very few liked the EzHop aspect of the server in the later age of the server 24/7 Map rotation I have removed almost every map and limited the pool to minecraft theme csgo maps i did this due to how most of the minecraft maps have been ported/created over with working t-traps and more. Doing this will allow players to learn the maps as well as limit there download times. Custom model I currently am running a custom model to bring a new aspect to the game so the players are not always looking at the same models from cs go default maps. I would love to get around to making a minecraft theme csgo model if you know of any or have made one please pm @Bonk
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    Me not being disgusted at Dan's room or his behavior; I also made my bed. Feel free to make fun of me. Leave the others alone.
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    Not a dick at all. Lol
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    I have announced my next map to soon be released! ICE TEMPLE/Cavern Here are some sneek peeks...
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    Can you please make it where when you click 'sign out' that it says 'Are you sure you would like to sign out?' I can't count how many times my screen flipped on mobile and I accidently signed out
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    Hi yes hello everyone. Just popping in really quick to say hello. I’ve hit a rough patch lately in my life, so I figured I’d post a picture of when I was smiling. Thanks for viewing my picture. I hope and pray that everyone has a wonderful holiday (I don’t think I’m logging on again this year), so Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (in advance). I also hope and pray that anyone who has any troubles in their life, I’ll pray for you. Thanks.
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    I told you that global voice ooc was a good idea.
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    I would not really suggest changing your last name, which in some cultures is seen as an insult to your family, but it's really your choice. Although personally, if you really want to change your name, I'd recommend changing your first name (Which can also be seen as an insult to some, so bee careful ).
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    Zombie Panic! Source Staff List! Director(s): @Roy @RickGrimesTM Council: The Council are welcome to add themselves here if they ever join the server. Technical Administrator(s): @Xy_ Server Manager(s): @Cpt.Haxray Senior Admin(s): None. Admin(s): @Kite9867 @Duc2000 @BillyMartin Feel free to apply for admin here. Just follow the format.
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    I think everyone else said it well, don't be a jerkoff. It is my natural face, I don't smile without putting in some type of effort. It doesn't mean I am unhappy. It just is my natural face. If you have a problem with that, quite honestly fuck off. I am who I am, I like who I am, and if you don't that's your problem, not mine.
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    Ugh cry me a river pigeon. We have answered your questions and backed up our reasonings, You people bitch when there isn't an admin on, you bitch when there are admins on, you bitch about the rules, Jesus Christ child go get a life and do something other than bitching If this was a paid gig then MAYBE things would be different but you know what I highly doubt that as well cause you're the only one whining about it at the moment if you aint happy with the answers we have given you, guess what, we dont care cause you are the .01% who are always bitching no matter what if you want the rules changed then take YOUR own time and rewrite the ENTIRE motd with what you think to be "proper" rules, then submit it to violator for review until then stop whining
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    I guess, I never truly left GFL, but I did take a pretty significant break not only from Purge, but GFL as a whole. Returning, meeting a whole load of new people is lots different. Not many people that I used to know, and play with. Though it's not as welcoming as I felt it would be, I'm excited to be back. I'm ready to meet a whole bunch of new people. Lots of stuff has changed in such a small amount of time, and it's going to be great checking it out. See y'all around.
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    I'm like dead poor that I can't even afford a damn role play car to get around. I should at least be able to ride a bike. https://www.gmodstore.com/scripts/view/4792/bicyclemod You can design your bicycle too.
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    I'll make sure to remember to get this turned on in July
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    Well it's snowing here so i'm pleased.
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    Well, I'm out. I planned to make this post in a few weeks but @Roxie_Foxie's blatant toxicity and general disdain towards me because I asked legitimate questions moved that needle up real quick and changed its tone and direction completely. I'm gonna be on vacation all of January and February but I'm not sure after that if I'm coming back. I really grew to like this community but I had the door slammed in my face pretty hard just because I questioned the validity of some of the TTT rules. But whatever, that's how it goes. I've always had fun on GFL and I hope it prospers in the future with my personal toxicity and immaturity gone. See you in 2018... or maybe 2019.... or whenever I feel like coming back, if ever. Thanks to @Spazzin for making TTT fun as all hell, thanks to @Twistercat for keeping those damn false slayers away, thanks to @Door for keeping me sane from 9pm-12am, thanks to @WholeMilk for helping me become an admin for such a brief time back in the day, thanks to @mbs for literally bringing Hide And Seek back to life and making it better than ever, thanks to @IllegalCucumber for failing at all crouch jumps, thanks to @TheClassyBandit for his Canadian border stories that still inspire me to this day, thanks to @D3fault for going on his drunken rants about how nobody helps him, and last but not least thanks to @myPHART for being the fall man when we wanted to piss off @Violator. Also, thank you @Muffin for being Muffin I guess. Cheers, friends!
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    Might wanana try this out --------------------------------------------------- This is just a brief explanation on Ex Act 3 Bizons and Negevs are recommened --------------------------------------------------- .5 heals in total .1 heal heals to 200hp considering they get the CT is in the heal --------------------------------------------------- (Before Boss)--1 heal will be used .1 heal use at the gate after the bridges where all Cts meetup all cts must hug the gate when used and defend .We need 70% of the cts to defend the remaining 30% shoot npcs and trigger and get the items --------------------------------------------------- (Skinny Santa)--2 heals will be used .Try to have as much people in the first boss room as possible try not to get below 50 .Boss does 75hp per hit we have a max hits of 4 per CT from both heals---- boss has 30% more health in ex mode (most people die here) .1 heal at the gate before the boss fight .1 more heal halfway during the fight when it is at half hp or when too many cts are dying (snowy will tell hp hopefully) .2 heals remaining .We need 75% cts defending the remaining 25% have to shoot the npcs and trigger --------------------------------------------------- (Fat Santa)--2 heal will be used .We probably would have around half cts here maybe less .Boss does 80+hp per hit we have max hit of 2 times per CT----boss has 30% more health in ex mode .1 heal at the gate before the Boss .1 heal after the boss (we might have to use it mid way in the fight if too many CTs die from boss) ---------------------------------------------------- (After the 2 bosses)--0 heals remaining .We need 80% of the CTs to be defending the 20% remaining has to kill Npcs (Beam has to go and mini gun aswell) .Rockets should be defending ---------------------------------------------------- (Socrates)--Final boss .Socrates will have 30% more health and will be much faster then the normal Socrates .We will need most of the speeders (it will be okay if we dont get them all) .If possible the speeders try to kite (it is not compulsory for you to kite) .The herders should only be taken by people who know how to (you might be able to take more then 2 herders due to csgo having E press) .Herders should do their normal job and use it at the zombies .Rockets , Beam and Mini gun Shoot the Socrates along with the other CTs .We will need a beacon for this boss fight to show where the CTs need to go .Speeders try to bring the boss away from Items ---------------------------------------------------- .Please if you are not sure on items do not take them because other items are also really important for defending, killing npc's and hitting bosses .If you do not know how to take the herders do not take it , it will trigger and unkillable Npc that only stops moving after Socrates dies .Follow the beacon at all times ---------------------------------------------------- Thanks to Vanya and Luffaren -Chewie2k
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    I hope you guys are ready to be JUDGED
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    1. I think you are confusing brashness with being a genuine, grade A cunt 2. "I told him to rewrite the entire MOTD in a manner that he would like it to be and then submit it to the manager for review, he is chosing not too" Not entirely true at all, in my spare time I have been working on one. I plan to show it to Vio at some point before I leave on vacation 3. I was not trying to "start shit", I was not "shitposting" and I was not trying to "get something done", I was not trolling. I was merely expressing an opinion. I'm pretty sure aside from appeals and applications, that is what the forums are for. At no point in that thread did I expect anything I say to leave any lasting effect on the MOTD. I was merely exposing the faults/vagueness/condescension in it and ways it could be improved, opening a discussion. We (me and everyone else) were having a nice debate until you swooped in with your shield of righteous indignation and started screaming at me like a toddler who didn't get his way. Like, holy shit dude, take a chill pill. No discussion at all, no reasoning, just, "Nope, I'm right, you're wrong, I'm an admin, this conversation is closed". But just look at the point I was making. @Jroek97 proposed an instance where he deemed there was enough logic to kill someone. @Bae said no, that would be KOS on location. By the written rule, they would both be both right and wrong. Yes, ultimately it is admins discretion. But then that goes back to what I said, server hostility where certain players do not want to play with certain admins because they enforce rules differently. That is all. I explained that pretty well. Lastly, to what @WigglesWorth said, yes it is just a game. Such things shouldn't be taken so seriously. But in that same vein, such trivial matters shouldn't be blown out of proportion by openly chastising and castigating members for voicing an opinion. Like holy mother of hell @Roxie_Foxie if you are that against open discussion on the forums, I suggest you take a break from reading the forums.
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    It appears that there is an issue with the GFL/tracker.smx plugin being unable to connect to our databases. The server will not run without the plugin so i am currently contacting more knowledgeable people about the issue.
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    I like to hear people's stories and see their creativity, so humor me with the story of how you came up with your name (even if you don't think it's interesting) I'll share mine first: I was watching Futurama (the episode with the penguins getting soaked in oil) when Bender began calling Fry "Wiggles" so on mobile games I'd began using it as i found it humorous. People began questioning it so i said it was "wiggles: worth it" but spelled it Wigglesworth and with a capital W, I've been WigglesWorth since.
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    I want attention so I make my names really long and cut myself
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    I wouldn't worry about it too much. Let these kids be the winners they are. They are better than both of us and all of us . Just say: "Okay. You win. You're right; I'm wrong. I'm a loser." I do it all the time, and it makes their day. Have a great vacation. If you really enjoy being here, and it sounds to me like you have quite a few buddies here, then I hope you may give us another chance. This is a big community and people will have their differences... don't let one or two people ruin it for you.
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    It's admin only because players can easily stash them in in unreachable places and what not. Sure an admin could go and retrieve them, but why put them through the struggle that comes with this. And if it were going to be fair, all shipments would need to be able to be picked up by all players, which would also create more problems. You have a gravity gun and a pocket. As far as I am aware, I don't recall about people ever complaining about this before. (If you really need a shipment positioned in a specific way or something, you can try asking an admin.)
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    Ayy @Benroy!!! Haven't messaged yo ass in a while. My opinion don't hate me everybody has their preferences: I did not like the pixel camera even tho the phone is supposed to have laser focus. But the shit never really worked with me but again that's just me. I owned it for like half a year. Gaming wise idk. Software wise I would go to the pixel 2 if you were to go into that option. I have a friend who owns the Huawei P10 and it looks hella nice. He has the metallic blue on the back the shit is just clean as fckk. Only thing about this phone that I dont like is the specs example: the phones display is LCD & not OLED which gives you a better picture. And software wise the phone is on Android Nougat not Oreo but it should be updating soon??? Idk my s7 was on Nougat & Samsung never answered my question on Twitter about when the update was gonna be pushed out to at&t. Only thing about this phone is the looks. Which i don't think you care about. However, battery is a lil bit of a concern. 3000mAh battery in this day and age most android products have a bit over 3000mAh. I always wanted a droid for the experience. And I didn't have Verizon but that was during the time that phones were just starting to be compatible with other carriers so. Heard good things specs and such. Never had one but was almost my first option. Me & my phone: Now I own a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 upgrading from Samsung S7 edge/ Note 7 (Originally) Now I'm not going to recommend the Note 8 to you because it really depends on your everyday use of your phone. I bought the Note because I am, well I used to be a professional photographer but I resigned my post not too long ago. Probably a few days after I resigned from purge. But I used to take a lot of photo's and the camera is beautiful. Battery ehhhh. 3300 mAh which is lower then the Galaxy S8+ but i understand why they did that. I have a power case which has a 6500 mAh battery that I take only on long trips which is perfect for over 32hrs of battery life (Phone & External combined). Reg battery life is 13h on a good day maybe 14. Bixby is something to get used to tho. I Dont hate it but i also dont necessarily like it. Stylus wise I like it because it's easier to write notes which is something i do alot. But its something that your not gonna use everyday so if your not a huge note taker or gonna use your camera everyday and you don't really need the bigger display I would recommend the LG V30, Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ for the bigger display, the new and improved Razer Phone or even the ehh the Pixel 2. And like the only reason I picked the pixel 2 is because don't you get unlimited (something having to do with storage) till 2020 or sum shit???? Which if you take a lot of photo's it's a very good thing till 2020 comes around. And Google Assistant is the best thing since fried chicken. Edit: I bought my phone for $700 from Korea when it first came out. I dont think you can get that price anymore but it came in perfect condition. Took a good amount of time because u know had to go through customs and shit but that was expected. If I said something that ain't true let me know. I'm truly sorry.
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    Hello, if any of you remember me from October I left the community abruptly and without explanation. The main reason I left is because of some discomfort in the community and school started which needed my attention, now that I have more time I will get on more often and play with any old friends. If any of my old friends remember me and still play here, that'll be lit. Well, to conclude this, hope I have seen this community improve a lot since the support seemed to be growing since I left!
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    You stated in shoutbox "Since my recent post is about something more serious I would like to hear the communities feelings." So, here are my feelings... I honestly had no clue who Melanie Martinez was until I saw your thread, so that's a +1. I learned something. However, if you want people to actually take you seriously & respond to a question like this , you need to provide some kind of background information. Yes, we can Google it, but you ought to know that people are lazy, and likely won't make an effort to research something that basically has nothing to do with their lives. Would it have been so hard to post a link to a news article? Also, your thread title is pretty bland. You should have made a title that mentions Melanie Martinez, not just "stance".
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    I'm sorry for your loss. Death always takes its toll even if I am more simply acquainted with someone rather than a family member of a good friend I like the pop-collar stuff going on! I like doing that too. I always joke with friends, that "You haven't been cool until you've been pop-collar cool."
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    I'm going to lock and deny this. Please do as Shuruia said.
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    It's just my natural "resting" face.
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    Back from the dead, fuckers
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    I have the exact same issue on my mobile device. It's not laggy, it's just annoying when you're in a rush and trying to check Notifications but end up Signing out.