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    >Mario sees a insignificant thing on TTT >Goes to forums
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    I've been sitting on this for a while, and I think it is time I go through with it. With school started, I have a lot more on my plate than I thought I would have, and that is not really fair to my server or my admins. With that, I'll be resigning from manager of PVK. I love the gamemode, and the players on It, but I if I can't put the time in that doesn't matter Tags @Glenn_ Thanks for pushing me for manager and keeping me in check the whole time. @JGuary551 Demoted @idk476 One of the friendliest and coolest guys I have met over PVK, keep being u man. @Roy and @Xy Thanks for giving me a shot, I hope I didn't let y'all down. @Chef_ Thanks for hopping on when you could, It was fun playing with you | Also sorry for wasting ur time with my signature That's all I'm gonna tag, since I'm not leaving GFL, just this position in it.
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    Damn I never thought I’d do this cuz I love being admin but I gotta let go of this as I’m not that active anymore and it just isn’t fun anymore and school I’m really messing up in school like really bad so I gotta focus on that( 3F, 1D, 1C,1B those are my grades I know there bad I’m trying to get them up) so here da tags. And no I’m not leaving GFL just leaving admin. @NOT-LAW thank you for accepting me and giving me the chance to do this @Glenn_ thank you for teaching me my first time playing and thank you for populating the server
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    - Added Dr.Maynard. Basically the exact same thing as a researcher, but he works with the class d and chaos insurgency. Has a 20% chance to spawn when there are 3 researcher slots.
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    My Age: 14 My Talent: i have been on the server over a year and i just got a computer that i can use so i can be on the server more often. Hours/Week: 20
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    Here's me while on my business trip to Denver. I'm about to head to the office Thanks!
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    I've always had a problem with people complaining about server ads. If you want to play on it without ads, then you have to pay to keep it up and running. Unlike other free online services like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., we're not selling your data to the highest bidder. We have to make our money elsewhere. People don't like donating for cosmetics only apparently, or they're just not able to give any money. We could consider going a p2w route for donators. Give them a 1.5x speed boost for $1 a round, maybe? Or how about a 100% HP buff for 30 minutes. That would surely drum up donations. Or even pay for admin. All of which directly deteriorate the server quality and make it less fun for everyone else. So the one thing that we can do that is a slight annoyance is run ads. We're not selling your data to get targeted ads, at least as far as I know, or doing anything shady. It's just an ad. I haven't played TTT in a while so I don't know what kind of ad is running right now. But I highly doubt it's too intrusive. Overall, be happy that you get to play on an actual free (for the user) server where you aren't the product. Remember that none of us are getting paid to run or moderate the servers. All of the money is going into the machines necessary to run everything. We could also consider lowering costs by running our servers on shittier machines. But then you should expect high latency and constant downtime. Part of the reason we pay so much is for the DDOS protection to ensure that we aren't constantly crashing. And if I recall correctly, we get a lot of small attacks quite often without anyone feeling a thing. We're running some of the best servers around because of how much we spend on our machines. If more people donated then it would be great. So either you get a premium service you have go pay for (donating) or you get a free service with ads. Nothing in this world is free. But this is pretty damn close to it. With that being said, if there's a bar blocking people's screens instead of loading screen ads, then that might be a bit much. Lol. Overall, just be glad we're not doing any predatory practices because we probably could if we wanted to. And also be glad that we have so many people donating that we only need to run some ads to make ends meet. Or else we'd have to move to microtransactions. Lol.
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    who the fuck comes back to gfl after they leave, what a poser
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    Let me show you the way of demotion
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    Maps: Admin Roster: Removed @OLIVKA from Admin Roster Promoted @RussellCrowe to Tier 2 Admin Misc: Ever since PANORAMA was introduced, the zombie infect icon is gone from csgo, it is now re-implemented with a new icon that players have to download when they join the server and it's client sided Example: Feedback would be appreciated, contact us on discord!
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    - Added a special round "SCP-106's Funhouse" - One SCP-106, everyone else is class d. - SCP-106 must go inside the world once every 20 seconds or he will take massive amounts of damage and die - SCP-106's noclip is slow - SCP-106 cannot escape BUG: Due to how GMOD handles no clipping, all spectators also have 106's no clip speed during the special round Special round should be considered "beta" - Buffed SCP-1471, now has 200 extra base health and the cooldown after teleport has been reduced to 2.5 seconds (from 5).
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    Discord Username? (leave blank if you don't want it revealed) Private Pull #5609 Why do you think you'd be a good fit for the team? For YouTube, I think I'd be a good fit for the team because I can shmooze pretty well and can help recruit members to submit videos that we can use for content. In particular, I'm very persistent and I'd say I'm fairly easy to talk to, which should help with the recruitment process. I'd really like to see the YouTube division succeed, and I hope that it can become something larger than just a channel for our members. I wish to help with the creative side of it, but due to the fact that my laptop isn't the best in the world and I'm broke, I can't really help with editing or recording. I can help with scripts and the like, though. In particular, I want to work with server admins and managers to come up with high quality guides for our servers. As for Twitter, I just want to make sure that it is playful but also professional. Not much to say really. I think it would be fairly easy to manage, and I think that it can be helpful when it comes to sharing information and general outreach. And I’m not entirely sure what the forums/servers thing means, but I’d imagine that it’s for damage control purposes and helping members out when they need it. I’m generally a pretty calm and relaxed person when dealing with players. And I’ve had my fair share of practice with unruly players given that I was a TTT admin, and ZE admin, in addition to many other servers. Also as a forum moderator, people looked to me for help a lot. Also as a former global admin, I helped on almost every server when I could. Roles: YouTube Twitter Forums/servers What is your age? 19 Do you have any prior experience? Youtube: I only have some prior experience writing scripts and stuff for YouTube. Me and GrumpyReaper had a youtube channel a while back. Our first video got 600 views and our 2nd one got 300 views. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbA9uzK8VEebfLwA79eqfNA/featured?&ab_channel=MusicalMayhem It was fun to write for, but the did you know video scripts took too much time and we kept getting hit with copyright claims for small music clips. lol. There were other reasons, but in the end we decided to shut it down. I'd like to try and make some high quality content and with more people helping, it could really be something great. I've also done a bit of writing in the form of the GFL Sitcom v1 and v2. v2 being the more serious and less memey one. In general, I love writing even though my punctuation and grammer tends to fail me. Also, that's Grumpy's voice and not mine in the video if you're wondering. Also, for guides and stuff, I have some experience. I wrote a fairly decent guide for ze_paranoid a while ago and I think I've helped with some other small written guides as well. I think that some of them were reposted after the forums got wiped the first couple of times. So I do have some experience with writing them. So yeah, I'd like to help with the writing and recruiting side of it. Twitter: I have a twitter account. lol. Forums/Servers: Read my re-introduction post where I talk about my past experiences as a moderator. There's a lot to mention. https://gflclan.com/forums/topic/28218-im-back/?tab=comments#comment-150867 In short: I have a lot of forums/servers experience. The important thing to note is the moderator experience which required me to deal with some dumpster fires. Also, as a TTT admin, I checked tons of bans every week to make sure people got the appropriate ban times. In most cases, it was catching repeat offenders and permabanning them. So I can deal with the sourcebans side of things pretty well. The YouTube thing is what I'm probably the least experienced with, but I do want to do it the most. How much time would you honestly dedicate into PR weekly? This is probably the thing that'll kill this app, but I'm not sure. Probably 2 hours a day in between classes so maybe 10 hours a week. It's not much, but I'm a fairly fast worker. And I can probably do some work at night when I stay up. This fall quarter of college will be pretty light on me since it's just GEs so probably a lot more than 10 from September 30ish to December 10ish. Also, I'll admit that I'm not the most reliable person when it comes to accountability. Just be on my ass about things and I'll get it done. I'm very forgetful. And my winter quarter from January 1ish to April something should also be pretty light. Afterwards, I might have to cut down on my hours for upper divisions. Public Relations members, please +1 or -1 this application with an explanation for your vote.
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    Hello! I'm happy to announce that we are partnering with Pig's Indie Games. He is currently working on quite a few games, including SCP: Rebirth and Multibombers, his latest project. Multibombers will be released on September 28th and is based off the game Bomberman, but with the addition of first person gameplay and multiplayer. The game will be free to play and is available on steam. Patreon - https://patreon.com/GlorifiedPig Discord - https://discord.gg/pigsindiegames Steam Page - https://store.steampowered.com/app/931260/Multibombers/ View full article
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    Redid SCP-096 - When looked at, he now freezes for a moment and t-poses (the t-pos will be replaced with an anger animation soon). Invulnerable while frozen. - After animation, he will receive a speed boost and be able to attack - After 10 seconds, he will go back to passive state, unable to be angered for 5-10 seconds (random) - Overall: Nerfed speed unless enraged, changed ability.
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    Hello All! As some of you may know, I was chosen to be the new GMod Deathrun Manager. And with school, managing my server, and other personal things I will NOT have enough time to play on Imperial RP. I still love the server and will try to hop on maybe occasionally. Now for ping list @RickGrimesTM: Great Mange amd friend! @King_Wailord: I ain’t got nothin to say to you but be friends loł @Glenn_: Good admin and cool guy on the server. Good luck on DT commanding officer @Worgee: Great guy great commander @Eden: Great Gamemaser and great events @gaylord: (what’s his forum name) Great admin all in all and good friend @MrNoobyNoob: Great gamemaster, did events when no one else wanted to. Thats all I have time for now if you want a ping just say somethin
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    What is your TeamSpeak username and Discord ID? GayLord#5865, GayLord Which of the platforms do you use the most? Discord How would you describe your activity there? Active all the time if you don’t agree I’m probably reading old massages or not interested in the topic of what people are talking about Why are you interested in becoming a Moderator? As I’ve been in the community for almost a year now and have seen some problems among our discord server and I would like to help the moderation team with these problems And to help other members if they need a favor or ask a question There’s problems that I would like to help stop them are Spamming (chat spam and VC chat) Private matters Excessive Racism Doxxings,Ddosing,harassments and threats People advertising other servers and sites Explicit content like Gore,nudity and other inappropriate photos and links Cancer Ghost pings Drama Impersonating others (Sorry if the app is too short as this all I’ve got to say) How would you typically go about handling a conflict between two users? Tell them to stop Take them both to DM’s Ask both of them what happened Go back and read the massages (Incase if she/he is lying) Decide the right punishment (If those people are arguing about something really dumb I’ll warn both of them and tell them to not do it again) Have you ever been warned or muted? If so, explain what happened. banned once on TS3 for pressing a bind on accident Not to my knowledge if I got warned or muted on discord (never been kicked or banned from the discord) Moderators and Trusted+, please +1 or -1 this application with an explanation for your vote.
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    You might have noticed that the Jukebox (and YouTube sprays in hide and seek) display a message stating that your browser can't reproduce videos, this happens because the web browser that GMod uses ("Awesomium") is extremelly outdated and does not support YT anymore. What you can do however, is download the GMod beta that uses another web browser ("Chromium"), this will enable you to listen to most songs on the jukebox First, join the "Chromium" beta: Open Properties of GMod Then go to Betas and choose the Chromium branch After that, open the jukebox, then go to options and set the quality to 360p (Any higher will most likely not work) Hope this helps you in the meantime we wait for FacePunch to update the web browser they use on GMod Pls correct me on any spelling errors
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    Well, I be resigning off of the Imperial RP server as Game master. To avoid confusion, I am not quitting GFL. I am still gonna be apart of the Event Management Team or even become staff on other servers. The main reason why I am resigning off from the Imperial RP server is because I am bored and tired with it. What I mean by that is that playing on the server, doing events on the server, I don't find that fun anymore. I want to do other things and more events that I can enjoy and have fun with making. I created lots of events on the server, some being horrible, and some being the most amazing event people have seen. Before I resign from Imperial RP, I will be doing a special event, killing off certain characters that I made throughout the server. Once that is done, I would get my rank as Game master role and the commander of the Nova Corps removed as well. I am planning to help out with the Breach server with staff as I see how would that go out. I have plans for certain servers that could help promote it and increase the server's player base, such as the Imperial RP server, but I first discuss it with the event management team about it and the server managers managing the server. It was fun being as game master and I wish the best of luck for the server. Special Thanks to certain people on Imperial RP @Site Director Halcyon being one the main reasons I became Game master in the first place. I was inspired by the length and plot of events he made. @TheRealGayLord for helping me out during events and being a great friend on the server. @Maxis Great Commander on the server. You showed leadership and of course, also being a great friend on the server who I can talk to about things on the server and out of the server. @Glenn_ thanks for the support, saying my events were great and I can see that you enjoyed them thoroughly and absolutely loved them @Worgee he wanted to be on the list, there ya go. You can feel special now, buddy. Of course finally, @RickGrimesTM and @King_Wailord for being great server managers for the server. I wouldn't be a game master without you guys. Well, time to prepare for my last event and everything that I would need for it. I had a lot of great experiences and see you later on the server. The event will be on today on 3:00 PM EST, either there being no people at all or at least some.
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    Taking a break from all GFL servers starting tomorrow. Going to start working on a special project, which combined with school work, leaves me no time for GFL. And this project will take me a LONG time. I might come on a sever once in a while, and won't start playing again until the summer. I'll still be on the forums, though, so don't worry. This project is very special to me, and once it's done I will start to really get back into GFL. Wish me luck on it, I'll probably need it.
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    You know most of those images in your signature is pointless to have
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    if you don't want to see ads then donate
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    babybel still doesnt belong in quesadillas ill still see you in discord so bye lol good luck
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    Kind of busy these next 2 weeks since I'm trying to squeeze as much time out of my last week of summer break as I can before going back to school. lol. I've pretty much spent all summer with my girlfriend, and I plan to keep doing this before we go back to school since once that happens, we can't talk as much due to school and the fact that we don't go to the same school. I can do mainly text chat for now, or you can wait until the 27th for a full on voice call. I understand where you're coming from though since I haven't been active in the community for almost 2 whole years now. I might be able to make some time in the morning, though. What timezone are you in? I'd possibly be available from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. PST. if I wake up earlier than usual. It's not a very large window but I'm pretty sure a voice call could work. And I hope you don't get the wrong impression with my reasoning. Once I'm back in school, I will have more "freetime" to work on stuff. It's just that I want to make the most of my summer before I have a bunch of freetime without my girlfriend. Considering that I usually play 4+ hours of Overwatch or Fortnite and occasionally ZE, I am fully able to cut back on my playtime to work on actual stuff. Also, discord would work best for me. I uninstalled teamspeak a long time ago. I'm looking forward to talking with you one way or another. Also, as for why I can't voice call at night, it's because I'm back home for the summer so I don't want to be too loud and wake up my parents. lol.
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    Spartan Playermodels: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=348923474&searchtext=Halo+ce+spartan+playermodel D Class - Orange Colour Spartan Researcher - Cyan Colour Spartan Who doesn't like halo? Also remove The Pope and Dawkins playermodel. No one loves those two.
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    Im assuming 95% of anyone who reads this has forgotten about me, and or, does not know who i am. My name is Ryan. I go to work, and come home and play games... i dont like spending money I have been with the GFL community for YEARS now... bascailly ever since i started playing Garrysmod. The first server ever played on was GFL Deathrun.. and it was a HUGE success.. no idea what happened :"/ saddens me.. Nowa days i literally only play GFL 24/7 minecraft... i'd say most of anyone who does know of me would recognize me from Deathrun, but then again i have an easy 250+ hours on the 24.7 minecraft sever. I hope too meet all the new people on the server, and communicate with the staff like i did in previous time. Feel free to add me on steam!! - KushBlowinRyan Thanks... 420.
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    Server Manager @Glenn_ ___________________________________________________ Admins @idk476 (Steam)
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    Zombie Escape Event #32 For September's ZE Event, we will be doing another installment of the Final Fantasy marathon. omg laz0r maps sorry for delay Maps To be played in the following order Final Fantasy XIV ze_ffxiv_wanderers_palace_v2_11 *Click here to download* ze_ffxIv_wanderers_palace_v4_10 *Click here to download* ze_ffxiv_wanderers_palace_v5_2 *Click here to download* Time/Date Saturday, September 29th, 2018 CDT Please vote for a start time suitable to you *Poll closes Wednesday, September 26th* Convert to your timezone with this website: https://www.worldtimebuddy.com/ Duration 2-3 hours (unless we beat it before the time stated) Rules Don't troll with items, or you will be banned from using them.Don't afk in spectate, or you will be kicked.Don't mic spam, let the leaders try to give commands over voice comm.Don't zombie inflate (Intentionally becoming a zombie to give the CT's a lesser chance).Mute round will be applied IF we deem it necessary.All other server rules apply to the event. Rewards This month's event will not feature any rewards External Links GFL ZE Discord: https://discord.gg/Bkfwg4q GFL ZE Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/GFLCSGOZE thanks @Aze for graphic Thank you for being patience and most of all Good luck and have fun!
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    i'm not a developer or on the dev team but this application is for coding and programming not for being admin on any of our servers
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    Yeah i want to kill you so bad
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    Wait, are you gonna finally add ALL those versions on rotation or do you still think it's same map ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ?
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    The actual fuck I played ZS longer than you
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    While it true that slowserver won't be as glamorous as superpopular server, and is less likely to bring the players any real attention, I feel like a true old school population team inherently isn't concerned with rank. The whole point is to populate until either they burn out or the server gets populated, then move onto the next one and repeat. Eventually it'll take a toll on them, and they'll quit the team to return to normal playing. But regardless, it's not really about the rank. The glory would be more so in being able to say "I populated CSGO ZE and made it into what it is today" a year or two from then. It's a slow thing, but it does pay off. Sometimes, the populating of the server can be as quick as 3 months. Breach didn't take very long to become one of our most popular servers. It helps that it's new, but it still didn't take too much time, comparatively speaking. Some servers take a long time to populate like GMod ZS which had a decent run at a semi popular server. At one point in time we were maxing out at 60/60 quite frequently. In the end, it died and was not salvaged. Such is the nature of some servers. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I think it's self defeating to assume that a new/dead server is a "slowserver". It's only as slow as the effort put in. Although, for a lot of players that won't be enough incentive. Probably the best thing to do, as I've suggested in the past is to offer up an operator style rank to anyone willing to populate a new server. It'll help with the whole "not enough admins" aspect of populating a new server, and will also bring in a lot of players from other servers. Both as a chance to prove themselves, and as a way to get power. While it would be bad to give an abusive player admin powers, it's really not that bad to give them operator. A light screening process would make it ridiculously easy to prevent anyone going full overboard with it. It's not hard to train someone when to gag/mute unruly players. In fact, most mature normal players probably already know when and when not to gag/mute. So I guess I somewhat agree, especially with the whole focus on attractive servers and not just any server we feel like making. New servers for brand new gamemodes are definitely much better than trying to start up a new server for an already established gamemode. Players are migrating A LOT to try and find the best fit for them. And I mostly agree but slightly disagree on the whole people not wanting to play without incentives thing. Admins will want to help out due to the fact that they tend to be more involved in the community than normal members. Normal players will be resistant and will not want to help out unless there's something "in it" for them. Which is why I propose giving population team members an operator style rank on the new servers. Or at least dangle the possibility of it over them. Probably will want to limit it a bit so it doesn't seem like it's given to everyone. That might scare off some new players. But either way, there DOES have to be a reward to truly get a large team helping out. Otherwise it'll just be admins, which does lead to a whole not enough admins problem on the older servers and will prove to be problematic if their main server has no admins on it. Our population team will have to come from mostly normal members and not admins. And I think that this could be a great place for members to prove their worth and dedication to the greater good of the community which could lead to them gaining more ranks in the community.
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    I personally do not believe this should be undone, doggo is a frequent player of the server but he purposefully was trying to get himself banned and started mic spamming in the process. Doggo knew that what he was doing was wrong and against the rules and continued to do it, I feel if we undid a gag on a player who was purposefully breaking the rules even if they're a frequent player it would give a bad sort of reputation to the server. I believe maybe in a few months or weeks it may be more valid but you were gagged only a few days ago and already had warns for mic spam.
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    I called you an abusive dick cause you muted me for no reason. I was never fighting with anyone, could I have been joking around with the guy? yeah. i could have. the mute was uncalled for and you had given me no warning to stop my "fighting". No one had an issue with my talking cause if they did i would have stopped. and yea imma call you a dick for muting and gag me especially when their wasnt a reason to.
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    I just came to point out the flaws in everyone. If it was a bad post why did everyone respond to it?
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    Can you add a spoiler tag to your signature? It's really annoying how I have to keep scrolling down just to write this complaint about your long signature. Also if you don't want to see ads just donate. @mario_the_man
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    I'd say just don't kill them anyway, since they are a detective. The only thing that will achieve is your karma going down and helping the traitors more than the detective already did.
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    It works down to two simple ends: get kosed and learn not to do it again, or get banned for gamethrowing/ghosting if you continue to do it.
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    Your activity alone makes me want to +1, but I've seen you take a belligerent attitude with certain people in a flash. I'll stay neutral for now, but I'll +1 if you're fine for a week or two.
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    Normally I'd give a +1, but I'm going to stay neutral on this due to recent events with you. I'll revaluate in a week or two if this app is still active.
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    That's a difficult call. I've had a bad history with TTT admins, but helping the other team while a detective is certainly gray area... It's true they're proven, but they're benefiting the other team. I think it's fair for leadership to have this type of action "at your own risk" meaning that it's fair both ways (to uphold or overlook the report). What I would highly frown upon more than a detective choosing to benefit the other team is an admin who was very selective in the rule allowing some to do it and not others (ie. "It's okay if my friends do it, but not you since I don't like you").
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    Excuse me this is a Ted Talk, you don't call people out of the audience in those.
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    Here's the list of the current PR Team: Leader: @Worgee Team Member: @King_Wailord @RockRoyce @TheJitFace @Bae @DoctorDJ @Charmayy @Major_Push @Site Director Hatty @WholeMilk If you have questions, please PM anyone from the team.