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    It has been a pleasure to be part of GFL. I first started here as an Admin for our first zombie escape server on CS:S, fun times. Then I moved up the ladder to become a Manager for ZE CS:GO, which surprisingly turned out to become a major success for GFL and after some time That_One_Guy decided to carry on the torch, the torch was given to me. First i thought this was gonna be amazing, next i woke up with mashed sausage spilt everywhere on the floor and people asking for help. Some of the times went really smooth, other was days without sleep. As many of you may already know, I am danish. To take care of the most issues, i went from sleeping at night to sleeping at day so my schedule usually went like Sleep at day, gfl/game afternoon till morning and then school. Pretty fucked huh? anyways, that's why i had to step down. Now my schedule is finally back to normal, I sleep at night go to school and drink fucking every week because my friends are fuckheads and keep inviting me. I want to tag and thank people so the ones i forget get butthurt @Roy You are a very loved person and i wish i could help you more often. Love you bru. @nick027nd @Dano Fuck germany. I love you bro @Floopyhiggle You are number 1 troll floop. Will never forget when i used your account and joined a match and "you" top fragged 60+ kills rofl. @Nick Bare rolig, driller bare, det en prank @RickGrimesTM You got some charm bru, always loved trolling with you on purge. @Snoopy never really got to learn much about you, but you cool. @HackingPotato fuck it. I still love you. But in an acceptable way :trolol:. @Violator - @Deltacommander wtf your color changed you lazy bastard @johaw where is this cunt @SoJa you will always be my bank. @denros What should i do without you @Zebra Zebra @Thomasdavid097 - surf master @Joshy you should become a guy who write books @Leks you are one special faggot @Darkling JB master Ok times up, i gotta run now. Some of you lazy bastards may not even get to here and read this. But I just wanted to make sure, if i dont come home tomorrow from the party i'm going to tonight, that i left a propper goodbye to everyone. I was bored and got some extra time before my train goes ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Well time has come I got the chance to stick with a server and I did I lost interest in it i tried new things but i just kinda lost everything this was kind of sudden. I've thought of resigning for a while and today is that day. I want to give credit to where it belongs to those people that helped me through the way with JailBreak. @Eli - Always helped even when I Threw him under the bus. @Roy - Always helped me through everything included server and real life. @RickGrimesTM - helping me thought being a manager and getting me there. @Zebra - For giving me the chance for being a Manager and always helping me through @Violator - Helping me through managing and just trying his best with me to keep the server up. @Bae For helping me at the start with the population and didn't leave through the whole process. @DoctorDJ - For being one of my admins when we had the population and for the things he has done for the server. @Dreamm - Being there for the server not letting it die. @Faex - One of the admins that's been here longer then most of the admins always helped when needed. @Jat - For being there at the end never giving up putting a lot of his time in on the server when needed. @Ghostly_Gekkota - Helping out at the start populating the server. @Nematode - hype beast and a half @ButterKing5000 - helped me with some server stuff @eddiegdo - Was there since day one and 2014 @OwnerOfGames4Dan_rapperdan - For Being Dan @Bonk - For giving me a chance on TTT @skell - hi dad @Xy_ - He wanted to be tagged @Kubnair - He told me to resign with him but nah i waited. @Korowa - Thanks For being There for Jailbreak at The end and taking the offer with such low staff <3 @Sins_of_the_Past Old JailBreak admin helping me through the way and always showing me support even when i fuck up. @Mundo For coming back and helping me out with shit i needed. And to anyone else I missed mostly my admin team thanks for being by my side and helping me with jailbreak it has been fun with GFL i will be back later down the road to see if JailBreak will be back or not it has been fun. Good Bye, Canman1151
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    GFL is always striving to improve, and you might be just what we need! So please spare a moment to read this. GFL is actively looking for developers to populate our development team, and you might fit right in! Are you interested in programming whether that might be PHP, Lua, SourcePawn or another language? Do you want to help improve GFL? Are you willing to spend time making GFL awesome? Then you’re more than welcome to shoot an application our way! As a developer, you’ll be working together as a team to improve our servers across all divisions! GFL is an ever-growing community with many projects spread across said divisions. This means that you have a lot of freedom as a GFL developer; it’s up to you if you want to work on the forums, a server, or both! You don’t need to be a master of programming; a high spirit and strong will can get you far, and the rest of the developers will always be there to help! As a developer, you will learn how to cooperate with other developers, effectively use version control, turn an idea into a product, and guide technical discussions in the right direction. GFL is a non-profit community and relies on volunteers who want to make a change and improve GFL for everyone. This means that a developer position is an unpaid job, however, there are benefits. You will receive a Developer-tag on all GFL game servers, and in the future more benefits will follow. This includes personal VMs for hosting whatever you feel like! We’re looking forward to making that available for all our developers. We’re looking forward to receiving your applications which you can send here. Thanks, @Nick On behalf of GFL Development Team View full article
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    Team Fortress 2 - Fun Night Post Credit goes to both @Syntax and @Pyros, Thanks! Event Credit goes to the entire GCC EC Team. Hello everyone! I'm happy to announce that GCC will be working with GFL to launch a series of Mini-Events! They will begin with a Team Fortress 2 Mini-Event, then we will move on to other games which will be announced shortly after the TF2 Mini-Event ends. A lot of members requested Team Fortress 2 for this event, given the fact that it's a Free to Play game. What's really cool about this kind of event is that ANYONE can participate! There won't be any team organization or monitoring prior to the event. TF2 used to be one of GFL's divisions that was unfortunately shut down, but we hope that some of you still own the game, if not, you can always download it for free on Steam. Details Date: 21st October 2017 (Saturday) Time: 4 PM CST / 5PM EST / 9 PM GMT Requirements: Just own the game in your library, that's it. Prizes: -N/A- Organizers: Pyros & The Wall(hosted by GCC thanks to these two) Gamemodes: Warioware & Freak Fortress Round Time: 30 Minutes, then a vote is made to select the next gamemode to re-do. Server IP [!] [!] Event Information Server IP: > < General Information: This Mini-Event will be ran on one of pG's event servers (big Thanks to them), it will run for as long as it needs (1d/2d/3d if it takes) and it will consist mainly of 2 gamemodes, Warioware & Freak Fortress, every 30 minutes a vote will start and either the current GM will continue or another one will be chosen, everyone has been invited to this event, bring your friends whether they belong to a community, or not. Gamemodes: Freak Fortress: A gamemode where you get to play with other players and charge at a boss of custom choosing! (You can select it's different abilities and player models, etc...) The goal is to defeat them or control a control point. Warioware: Play Simon Says inside TF2! Invite you friends, and watch them as they fail to execute orders given to them by the game! these fools, thought they could defeat the gamemode...You gain a point everytime you survive a task, the player with the most points wins. Rules: No DOX/DDoS Threats No Cheating/Hacking No Racism/Homophobia/Xenophobia (Unless it's for sarcastic use/no harmful intentions) No use of any kind of exploit on the map Do not be toxic Play for fun Saturday 21st October
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    This is what I want to see, admins not giving up on their servers once it's dead. Hell you guys can easily get jailbreak back to the way it was by simply just playing with 3-4 friends and asking them to invite as many people as they can. eventually once it gets to around 6-8 players random people will start to join and gradually the server will get more and more players.
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    If you are going to comment something negative or comment critisism on here, please, keep it to yourself. thank you. So, I have reached the conclusion of leaving GFL. I have talked to violator about demoting me for a while now. A certain admin named Kunnko (or more commonly known as YAR HAR) was being kinda mean to me, now normally I could handle it, but there is so much more going on with my life then there should be. I will not go into details for most of you could care less anyhow. Violator refused to talk to YAR HAR after my pleas that he was harassing me and that I didn't like it. He would blow it off with "oh, he wouldn't do that" or "are you sure he said that?" or "he is just joking" YAR HAR was never joking, and other players on TTT can confirm that he was never nice too me. Recently, TheLastBee became a trial-admin on TTT, and after i supported them, they went and became good chums with YAR HAR. Now, this didn't bother me at all. What did bother me was that YAR HAR told TheLastBee lies or extended the truth of what really happened that made him mad at me. TheLastBee goes and invites me to join, and when i come, YAR HAR and TheLastBee just start going off at me. At this point, I knew i was not needed anymore in the server, for there was plenty of new admins and some of them weren't being all that kind to me. If you are reading this and thinking "oh, he is blaming everything on YAR HAR" no, i am not. He did have a huge roll in this, but i do not blame my own actions on other people. I decided the best way to get demoted because Violator blew my resignation off, was to abuse my power, then maybe i would get demoted, so i did so, and made a lot of people mad. I apologize to all that i made mad, but i had to do it. I didn't want anything to do with TTT or Breach or GFL, even if there are wonderful people here. There is so much more I would like to say, but I am far too tired to say anything. Now, as anyone would, I am going to do an honorable mentions list of the people that helped me with some of the hardest parts of my life. @Violator, for giving me a chance and always making me smile. @Kubnair, for introducing me to a fantastic relationship with Xy and giving me not only one, but two different chances. @Kumathebear, for being a great pal back in the old days of GFL. @BillyMartin, for always keeping me up to date with what was happening. @Cas, for being a fantastic friend when i needed it. @Stormagettion, for being my best friend through all of this. @Zebra, for being a cool dude and helping me figure things out. @Duc2000 for always making me smile. @Kite9867 for guiding me in the right direction. @Severely_Artistic, for being a good friend and supporting me. And finally, @Xy_, for not only being a grand friend, but helping, no, guiding me through adminship and how to deal with people who want to take you down. I miss the old days of GFL, for they were the best. Goodbye, I will miss you all.
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    Hello Everyone! We're going to be releasing a server for Rust based in Europe on the 10/19/2017 whenever the update goes live for all to enjoy. If you're curious for what the server has to offer then here is a list of things that will be included: -50% Crafting time Kits Teleportation and Set Home features Skins command for Supporters and VIPs to apply any skin they want to their weaponry/attire Trade command for easy trading Clan system No Decay Quick Sort There is no increased gather rate and no plugins that will effect the loot tables (this is to try and keep it as vanilla as possible) Two week wipe schedule (may change at any given date) IP: To connect to the server once it's been released type in console: Connect or search for GFLClan under "modded" Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed the small cinematic I put together and I hope to see you guys there on launch day!
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    My Age: 16 (Almost 17) My Talent: Ever since I first became a Manager, I embedded myself into the coding language that is GLua. I simply wanted to be able to go and handle things on my own, without the constant need of asking someone else for help. Since then I am more or less learned on my own through looking at how other people do things, looking at wikis, and obviously the occasional video. Since I first applied, I would say my experience has improved greatly. Like with everything, however, there is always room for further improvement. Some of the main things I have experience in would be things like hooks (whether it be calling my own custom hook, adding a function to a hook, etc), the net library, a ton of pre-existing functions within GMod, etc. As for examples of my work, I literally just released automated purge events or "Special Purge Rounds" which I posted here. I made a little Pastebin of part of the server-side code for the addon. I removed most of what is not mine, except for a few things to keep things looking a little neater. Obviously, anything related to a special event was done by me. I also added in a couple little comments here and there specifying what I did, although I probably didn't comment all of it. I have also made a plethora of ULX command for Purge to make things easier for myself, my admins, and the players. I will include a spoiler containing a list of some of them: The rest of my experience mainly lies with editing/modifying/repairing pre-existing addons or just making little scripts. I generally like to go and modify parts of them to do different things (such as modifying drug dealer NPCs to not work with cops) and obviously fix addons when they break. Overall, I would feel this is a great opportunity for me to be able to do even more. While Purge does provide me with a decent amount of opportunity, it is pretty much limited to when I come up with some idea, get suggested an idea, or something breaks. Being able to strengthen my skills as a coder would not only be beneficial to myself but anything else I am or will be affiliated with. Hours/Week: 12-20+ Hours (Really just depends on what is going on that week as far as things like school.) Edit: Man, do I hate spoilers sometimes. Disregard the random 19 in it...No idea how that got there.
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    Sp00ky Update Added: To start off, something I am very happy to release my own custom-made Automated Purge Events. This was an idea we had for awhile, but at the time I initially didn't think I was capable of coding such a thing. Every purge there is a 20% purge chance that an automatic purge event round will occur. Currently, I have created the following events: Zombie Survival - Zombies will spawn around the map for players to kill. Killing zombies give a small reward. (Zombies will not aggro on spawn protected players) Bhop - Everyone has access to the ULX bhop we know and love. Hold control to use bhop scripts. Speed Buff - The speed of everyone is increased by 75%. Meteor Shower - Meteors will come down from the sky killing anyone in its path. (Meteors will not spawn on those with spawn protection) Chaos - All jobs (including government, vigilante, anti-purger, etc.) will be allowed to purge to their heart's content. Have another idea for an event? Feel free to suggest it and I will look into it. Moonshine. Moonshine is new money making method designed to be a slow, but profitable process. I will make a tutorial later, but for now, use the one provided here. Moonshine is illegal of course. I set moonshine to potentially be a little less profitable than normal, for the sake of making sure it will not be too OP. (20k per barrel) Added a bunch of custom chat emotes (mainly from our discord server) that are currently set to be used by Supporters+ Changed: Made some minor Halloween changes. Refineries now have a limit to how many buckets they can have on the map. Essentially this means that if you spawn a refinery and don't pick up the buckets, the refinery will not work after the 5th bucket (at least till the pockets are sold/pocketed/destroyed) Spawn protection is now compatible with restraints. Made some smaller changes here and there for random things. NOTE: Obviously with an update such as this, there are bound to be bugs (although I did pretty thorough testing) or at least something that I forgot to change (like the default laws stating moonshine is illegal *facepalm*). Please report any bugs to myself or an admin.
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    This has been a long time coming to be honest. I feel there’s nothing more I can do here to help. thank you @RickGrimesTM for giving me admin. I still always remember you in blue 😢 thank you @Faex for actually being the only admin That didn’t turn to shit.
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    This is where I learned most of my structure for lua. These tutorials are made for people who don’t know anything about lua. The best way to learn is to do. So take what you learn from these and try to make random things. I STRONGLY recommend that you watch the basic lua first, as this introduces you to things that you will need to know for gmod, such as hooks, tables, functions, etc. If I learned how to do it you can too. Basic lua: Gmod Lua:
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    I just wanted to give a bit more information on this. We will be most likely doing this in the future. We will likely be purchasing a cheap machine from OVH (e.g. a DISCOVER-DE machine) to use as a developing machine. We will install VMWare on this and setup one VM for each developer where they can do whatever they want on it as long as it's legal and it doesn't affect other developers somehow. I'd say at the start, we would give the VM one core ("vCore"), 2 GBs of ram, and 100+ GBs of HDD space. If we feel the developer is working hard and has been with us for a while, we may consider upgrading their VM's specs if we feel it's necessary. We may also offer automatic backup plans as soon as I find out how to set that up. The developer can choose whatever Linux distribution they want installed on the VM as well. You can purchase other VPSs from hosting companies. They cost anywhere from $3 - $10+ a month depending on the hosting company and the specs. However, you'd be getting all of this for free. On top of that, if we go with something like the DISCOVER-DE machine from OVH (my plan), the specs of the machine are great. Intel Xeon E3-1245v6 @ 3.7 GHz, 32 GBs of DDR4 ram, and 2 TBs of HDD space. You'd be getting at least one thread/core from that processor and 2+ GBs of DDR4 ram. Although our developers won't be paid, I want to give them benefits they deserve while working to make GFL a better community. If you have any questions/concerns, feel free to post here! Thanks!
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    Itwascoldasfucktoday Also Halloween shit i guess lmao
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    Here we are again. It died again, a while ago, but the two people who have contributed the most to the new jailbreak server have just resigned today. @Eli, former admin/senior admin, and @canman1151, former manager, both helped out a lot. What's next for the server? How can we bring it back up after this? All we have now are four admins, four trial admins, and no manager. No one ever joins the server, either. It seems like we can't do anything to help get it back up to the level it was on around July and August. I don't care what the odds are. We're getting this server back up. Jailbreak is by far one of the best game modes I have ever played, and after playing on GFL's Jailbreak server, there's no way I could go back to the other Jailbreak servers I used to play on. I know that there are tons of other players who used to be on our server daily who wish that they could be playing some more GFL Gmod Jailbreak right now, but they aren't playing because no one else is on. Let's start out with the simple steps to get it back up. AFKing on the server, starting Jailbreak events, or whatever it takes to get a little population is what's needed. I really think that this will work, especially after seeing what @TheLastBee has been doing with the prop hunt server. He's working his ass off to get the population up for that server, and that's because of how much passion he has for that server. I'm craving to rebel and shoot some guards, and I know that some of y'all are, too. I sure don't want the server to shut down, so if anyone can help, please do so.
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    Any info here applies specifically to Purge. Purge applications are to go here. Requirements: An Admin Sponsor (Note: Trial-Admins cannot sponsor. Players who are Manager and higher typically do not sponsor either.) Around 100 hours of playtime on Purge Around a two-week-old forum account (Should have a general idea of how to operate the forums) Must be a Member or higher While we do not have a specific age requirement, you must obviously be deemed mature Not meeting these requirements will result in an instant denial. Application Format: (Copy and paste this into the Purge Admin Application section linked above) In-Game Name(s): SteamID: Age: Reason for applying: Why should you be picked over other applicants?: Other Information: Sponsor(s): Tips: Put some effort into your application. Having an application that is only a couple sentences long not only reflects badly on you but makes you seem like you don't care enough to put in the effort. Having decent grammar, spelling, punctuation and a well-formatted application doesn't hurt either. Get a grasp on some of the administration tools beforehand. There are plenty of online tutorials explaining in detail, things like ULX, FAdmin, SourceBans, how to obtain SteamIDs, etc. All accepted admins are trained regardless, but knowing these things beforehand will put you ahead of the game. Memorize the rules. While the MOTD will always be available to your discretion, it definitely helps to know at least the common rules by heart. Befriend plenty of admins. It can be hard to gain the trust of an admin. Playing amongst them, chatting in discord, etc. is a great way to get to know the admins, and will make applying significantly easier. (That doesn't mean go and bother admins and be annoying) Be sure to help out plenty of players and make plenty of valid player reports. Being able to perform some of the simpler "Admin Duties" as a player is a great way of showing you have a true desire to help.
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    If you're lucky, it'll be more of a "Heyyy, Vsauce. Michael here."
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    Just another update, I've been suffering from bursts of severe hernia pain along with other negative changes (involving the stomach, I can rarely eat) since Wednesday. I tried calling three surgery physicians today but one didn't support hernia surgery and the others are closed on weekends. Tomorrow, I will be calling first thing in the morning and I'm hoping I can schedule an appointment immediately (ASAP). I've been waiting to get Charity Care (for this operation only). However, I need to wait for my bank to print out a letter (it is taking a bit). I'm hoping I don't need to have Charity Care before scheduling the appointment and I'm not even sure if these physicians support Charity Care (if they don't, I need to find something else). From what I've read, having pain with an Inguinal Hernia (the hernia type I have) is a very bad sign. Although it hasn't been "constant", it has been very painful at times (it comes with bursts and if I apply any pressure to the hernia, it results with pain). There is a possibility it could be strangulated or incarcerated (I'm highly hoping it's neither). If the pain worsens and becomes constant, I will be going to the ER (I'm trying to avoid going to the ER if possible). As for GFL, I'm going to try to take it easy for the next few days (I'm being serious this time). Many of you have came to me with things only I can do and I'm aware (some of them are still incomplete). I may be a bit inactive in the next few days depending on when I get surgery and how I'm overall feeling (I tend to feel a lot worse by being on the computer). I hope you understand. Thanks.
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    Generally, management tasks such as making basic modifications to add-ons and ulx commands are quite different then what you would be required to do as a member of the dev team. Could you attempt to make an addon and give us the results? We are quite saturated on lua devs at the moment.
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    My Age: 15 My Talent: While I don’t have any formal training in LUA the past couple months I’ve been teaching myself on and off, I feel this is a good opportunity to get a good foot in the door. There’s all this exitemnent and motivation to push GFL forward and I wanna be apart of that movement. For any of my “work” I have a video recreating the chair launcher that the GMOD wiki shows as an example. I changed the props and sounds when it fires. I even changed The models. The videos I’ve been watching are from Code Blue. I think @Sythe recommended him to me back in 2015 when I was first interested in learning lua. Thank you for reviewing my application and I understand if the lack of experience is what kills this app (: Hours/Week: 10–15
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    Well so is gaming. *Faps* i mean *dabs*
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    How about CS: NO Also for all those viewing this go play some Prop Hunt.
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    Captain here. The girl wrote "Heyyy" which indicates three different things. First, just because your "girlfriend" writes Hey, does this not mean she still wants you. Anyways, as she wrote another y could mean, that she is asking why the fuck you text her. Girls are very complicated but i have a high education inside of them. So I will try solve this with you. Back on topic. The other y as she wrote Heyyy and not Heyy or Hey could mean something different. Thank god she didnt write Heyyyy, that is a pure sign of a girl telling you to go fuck yourself. So the next thing to decode is, if she used a capital letter or not. Heyyy or heyyy are two very different languages and if you keep forgetting it on a longer term, you may want to find a new girl as a backup plan because shits going down. So if she writes "heyyy", this means she is comfort by writing to you but only on a certain level. you cant just assume she is your girlfriend after she wrote "heyyy". This is where you need to know if you wish to take this further or not. But dont go to fast, she is only comfort by knowing you, not by being with you. Heyyy is a more comfort way of telling they notice you, and they are okay with you texting them. This is great, because you can work with that. You might have seen girls writing "HEYYY", which is a desperate way of saying they want your dick. As long you dont receive "HEY", you will be on a good line. Because when you receive the typical "HEY" you are friendzoned hard. One thing to make sure is if you receive "Heyyyyyyyyyyy" you will have to pack the closest to you and move the fuck away from your country because this is where it all goes nuclear and that woman wont let you go. Most of these cases sadly the woman gave birth to a child leaving the man in chains. Hope i covered up the most of your confusing and good luck with your future love. You gonna need it. _______________________________ Kim Administrator of Love Advice Forum Visit us here: http://loveadviceforum.com/
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    Turns out that one of our higher encryption standards WPA2 (the thing your router and every Wi-Fi-able device uses to protect your data) is not so safe anymore. People found a way to reinstall the secret key used to decrypt your data, meaning every bit you send over Wi-Fi could/can be leaked. You might wanna check all your devices for possible security updates as it's a leak that can be fixed should the producer roll an update. If you wanna know more about it, feel free to read: https://www.krackattacks.com/
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    My Age: 15 My Talent: I've worked with SourcePawn since I got manager on BHop early this year and I feel like I'm quite decent at it. (Example: Discord Chat Relay using Deathknives Sourcemod Discord plugin) I'm also good at C++ (C++ 14, STL, I don't have any finished examples of my work) and I know a bit of Python and PHP. Im bad at writing applications... Hours/Week: 5-15
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    Me: "I AM NOT A NERD!!" Also me:
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    GFL and @Roy BBF Reddit post/ OG pic
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    My Age: 16 My Talent: With GFL moving forward with big changes in the community. I decided that I should join the development team to help make these changes. Plus it'll be good practice for me to participate in these things so I may challenge myself to improve my abilities. For the past few weeks I've been learning and practicing php. I made small and simple php scripts. ( forms, $_COOKIE, etc. ) Lately I've doing a bunch of stuff on Sublime Text 3 such as; writing, manipulating, reading and appending files. I have uploaded this video of this simple script that I have learned. What it does is it creates a form where you enter a name then it sends the name to a text file where it is saved so you can see what name has been submitted. ( video ) Here are some screenshots of the scripts I have learned and made. These scripts don't really have a purpose for anything. They were to made so that I may practice my php skills. I haven't participated in any "projects". I just make random simple things that I can just think on top of my head and either trash or lose them in the end. But I feel if I join the development team, I will be able to push myself to do bigger things. I'm gonna be honest, I am not a professional or the best at php. I will do the best I can to help GFL. If I come across anything that I don't know about, you might expect some questions from me. It'll be nice to work along with other developers to make some good effort into the community. I do plan on learning other languages soon. I'll most likely learn lua next. That is all I have to say. Hours/Week: 6-12 hours a week.
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    This will be a -1 from me. I don't like your attitude, and we've already stocked up on a lot of Lua developers.
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    gmod - all the weird people (those with really weird fetishes etc) csgo - salty people & russians you choose..
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    Garry's Mod for the win my dudes. I've never played CS:GO, though.
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    Division Leaders: @Violator @Zebra Server Manager: @TheLastBee Senior Admins: to be determined Admins: @Gary @Jat02 @_Marshmello_ @mbs Trial Admins:
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    You'd be a nerd too if your library looked like this. Someone also made my day by writing "Happy Monday!" on my drink.
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    Why use flash on mirror pics
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    Hewwo it's me again! *leaves*
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    Well, I do this every once in a while, in the same bathroom, with the same expression, but my hair typically looks different so
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    No. No. No. 10 times no. 1. Those programs have no effect against this attack 2. It's your choice if you want an AntiVir program or not, but those are obsolete and only slow your PC down. 3. Don't post bloatware like your hitmanpro never ever again, thank you, it's useless. This attack is against sent data. Data people can sniff and decrypt, meaning they can read every package of your data. They can also inject and alter packets. There's nothing you can do but wait for security updates, but please never again post such bloatware
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    I think the CS:S division should host a Hostage Rescue/Bomb Defusal server. Some of these servers receive a lot of attention but most of them don't because they have shit custom maps and sounds in the server. Hell if you go on the server browser you would hardly see these servers with this game mode because most servers now are Jailbreak, Deathrun, and etc. Which is very annoying. So I think GFL should host a server like this. With no custom sounds or maps. Just good old CS:S. Fun and plain. Servers like these are really fun. And if we were to host one I would play on it a lot. Shouldn't be too hard to setup this server as it already has the game mode and maps. Not sure when this server can be setup because if you have seen the 'Bring Back Deathrun' post, you'll see the problem. The Division Leader can't really do much. Not sure if he still having this problem. But hopefully with help and support we can get this server rolling depending on the poll. So lets see how this goes. ( And as usual the DL will pick the Manager for this server if this idea goes up. ) EDIT: Please vote and leave an opinion of what you think of this idea. It would be appreciated. Thanks!
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    I made this post to tell GFL that my activity has and will continue dropping due to the fact that I’ve been busy. I might afk on ZS sometimes as I try to bring it back to life but can’t ptomi that I will be on due to School, Sports, and My Girlfriend(things between us have been getting more serious and I want to spend more time on her than on GFL) I wouldn’t count this as a resignation but I might not see some of u even tho I’ll try to stay active on the forums but @Winter after my year break I came back to GFL and went on Deathrun and u were there and became my favorite person to play with @Jat my former jailbreak and prop hunt admin( an amazing person glad u let me hear ur voice!) @Z1galord a great manager u better bring ZS back Or ELSE @canman1151 my first ever manager ik we had our ups and downs bug u were a great man and the best of luck to u @AtomicHeadphones my prop hunt manager I will miss u and day sexy voice 😉 @OwnerOfGames4Dan_rapperdan Ik we basically never ever got along but ur the greatest meme of all time and I mean it @Xy_ amazing person wish I still saw yellow on ur name if I missed a mention tell me below
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    10/12/2017 New Updates: Removed myself (@Winter) from Server Manager (It's been fun...) Added @TicciToby to Server Manager (Best of luck) Removed @Soviet_nazi from Senior Admin Removed @SugarKitty from Operator Removed @Nap14hockey from Server Admin Old updates I forgot to do: Added @denros and @Snoopy to Director Removed @Shuruia and @Dano from Director Removed @PB-n-J and @CrusTi from Community Advisor
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    Then I guess you will get shit on xD
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    First of all, fucking weeb Secondly, it's the Animes that got me into Anime, which were Naruto and Shippuden Thirdly, Hentai isn't a form of art, it's a masterpiece