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    I see you fell for the clickbait again So this post has been coming for a long long LONG time, since about early April of this year, but I had to delay for various reasons. But now that most things are taken care of, it's time I step down and let @Kurama (You're gonna get mentioned a lot feg so be prepared) fully manage ZS. For those that wandered into this post, hello I am Z1ga, or Z1, or Z1g, or N1galord, and I manage the Gmod Zombie Survival Server. I am probably one of the only ZS members to take such an interest in the GFL community, since we're all cucks that only are defined on one server. Unfortunately I will have to step down. This week, Thursday to be precise, Ill be moving across the country to Washington so I can go to college there, obtain my degree, and find a job in my desired field. Doing all of this will take up a majority of my time, so it would be a waste to continue being manager, when my co-manager Kurama could just do it alone. I am NOT leaving GFL (Twas Clickbait), but rather spending my time here a little less than what I normally would. For the next couple of weeks I may not come on very little or not even at all, but I will be back. Time for all the mentions now! The People who I see worthy of in depth mentions @Kurama- Probably the one of the only people you ever +1'd on an admin application kek. Even though you criticized most of my decisions, you were tons of help, and I have no doubt that you will be a great SUCC-essor. Also I will be here if you ever need help. @Vivian- One of the chillest admins, and by far the friendliest on the team. Always cheered me up talking to you, and I hope your internet and parents get better. Also, ya cuck. (Also is a grill admin, @HackingPotato) @Herbert- When I first started playing on ZS, you were someone I looked up to, even though I am older than you. Now that we're on somewhat equal footing, You're one of the cancerous, but good cancer, people I've known. @tenhours- You probably criticized my decisions the most as manager, but you only did it for the good of ZS, which I can respect. Sad to see you lose interest, but we all do eventually. You were fun to hang out with my dude. @Deathhawk449- Threatened to leave if I didn't upload anything during the drought. Was a lot of fun to tryhard with as well. I still await the day that you succeed Kurama. @WarSadist- Another one of the people I looked up to when I started playing on ZS. Became kek bros when we made a cade at dippin dots. Don't be a stranger to ZS my man. @snackdemarco- Someone I constantly forget about to include in applications, but you took it well lol. Sad to see you lose interest as well, but I hope you can come on some time to play. @BigBthefluffyredneck- I remember the day that you read that really nasty fan fiction in voice chat, and the amount of support it gained during that. Nonetheless the rage you have when dealing with kleiners is a problem, but you handle it very well to the point of making it funny. @ThePurpleFire- You're a tryharding faggot. Probably one of the only admins, besides BigB, to actually be an admin during my reign, and I'm very impressed with your commitment. @MegaUpload- The only admin to become an admin through Operator. Also a traitor to zombie team. You are a lot of fun to cade with, since like me you also are a repair whore, and the human team would not last without you. @Wow- Gook For Life. One of the first friends I made on ZS. Fun to cade with in the back of movies. Also criticized everything I did. It's a shame you never wanted staff, cause everyone wants you to become staff. @Violator- All the questions I asked you were responded to at least 2 hours later. Anyways, thanks for even considering me becoming manager, and NO the interview questions were NOT leaked, I just knew what FTP was cause I was taking a Website Design class. @Zebra- Sorry for all the drama that you were put through cause of me lol. One of the chillest DL's out there, and I thank you for considering me becoming manager. And in the future, once my schedule calms down and you need someone to manage ZS again, contact me will ya. @Roy- @Roy, the guy who loves it when I mention him in Discord. Also named a bitch after you. Thanks for letting me stay manager of ZS xD. @Shuruia- The one who speaks only in proverbs(most of the time), I hope we can make PFL(Porn for Life) a thing one day . @Xy_- Someone who I helped learn the ropes of being a manager, to eventually surpass me and become a CA(cuck). Fun playing on breach with you, a shame I didnt have time during the drought, and even now. Keep CAing it up, and remember who was kind to you when you become a Director . @Kubnair- Babe. Previous Manager. And Cuck. We need to get the Siege SUCC Squad together again. (Your is short like your di- nevermind). @Winter- One of the first managers to contact me when I was promoted. My favorite memory was playing on HnS, I found you and you said "no Z1g please", so I turned around and walked away. Thanks for always helping me out. @Charmy- My boy @Stick. Also taught me a lot when I became manager, and even though he fell off his branch, a Stick is still a stick. @Darkling- This guy, always hitting on me. Well I am legal now so dont be afraid to hmu . Also thanks for doing my forum things these past few months, and was always fun in those TS chats we did awhile back. @rapperdan- This guy, him and his squeaker voice and giant body. Couldn't believe it when you first talked, but was always a fun to meme around with you. @SwegBuster- Cause I felt like it. My ambassador buddy for GCC. Don't worry though, Ill still be an ambassador (I hope). Honorable Mentions (Can I just do @Everyone) Here it comes: @Rose, @HackingPotato, @Korowa, @Syrus, @Leks, @Benroyjam, @ButterKing5000, @CrusTi, @RickGrimesTM, @Runda, @Pyros, @Syntax, @AtomicHeadphones, @PB-n-J, @Mocha, @Roxie_Foxie, @Major_Push, @Mundo, @JK_Ghosty(You fucker), @milk, @shoey150, @ZombieSurvivalist224, @SuperThanderFour, @DJ001avatar, @InfernoBurnz, @Radio, @Space_Nigga, @Glenn, @EdgyFrog, @Windeetree, @The_Teddy_Bear_Muffin, @DOOMSlayer_, @Severely_Artistic, @Smiles, @Thomasdavid097, @Snoopy, @TrillionDollarSoup, @nocheat, @IroKnee, @JerryBomb, @lexie456, @Elizabeth(eek), @harry, @Ene, @Skittlez, @Kite9867, @EJ., @Duc2000, @Atoshwing, @Toasted_Chromosomes, @Dano, and @Staryu. (P.S. @Queen_Selery) If I forgot anyone, I probably didn't know you well enough or I forgot your name, cause there's a fucken lot of them. If I did then sorry, I can't do @Everyone. And to leave off with a quote, since I know my boy @tenhours loves quotes: "For every minute you remain angry, you give up sixty seconds of peace of mind" - Ralph Waldo Emerson. For any admins, managers, trial admins, or anyone aspiring to become a GFL badmin, keep this quote in mind, as it's the internet, and most people out there are trolling you to make you angry. I thank all of you for reading most of this post, or even just the mentions, and you'll probably see more of me! Sincerely, N1galord. P.S. @Community Advisor, can you give me that sweet Senior Admin badge, since @Kurama and @Zebra approve, you can even ask them. In memory of @Scoobers, previous manager of ZS.
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    Hey everyone, its that one CA who did stuff even if you didn’t notice. I did most of my contribution to GFL behind the scene, but things have changed. It seems that I have lost interest/have no more purpose as a CA in GFL. I did my best to help the community but I stressed myself out with the amount and volunteer work I do online and in real life and it’s time to cut some strings. Online communities in general are starting to have a negative impact on me, mentally, which ain’t healthy. I have made some mistakes in the past and it has ruined the respect some people had for me. I just want to relieve all the stress and just enjoy playing games without having to make time to do things like I have done for GFL. I recently got a job as a Production Specialist at Krispy Kreme and boy does that wear me out. Not only that but I just didn’t have as much time to do GFL stuff. For the last month I took a step back from GFL to just enjoy playing games and I realised over that time span that this is what I want to do. With my time limited from Work and being a Drumline Staff for my high school marching band, the little time I had left just wanted to enjoy playing games. Some may be happy or some may be sad. Either way, I hope I can just leave on good terms. One last thing, when I first joined this community I had no intention to become an admin or anything, I just wanted to play. Over time I grew friendships and GFL turned out to be a fun experience. Around 6 months into joining GFL I was mostly playing 1v1 and SurfTimer. I said “fuck it” and applied for Operator for SurfTimer. Definitely was not good at being an operator and didn’t go very well for me over time, but I learned from my mistakes. Around a year into GFL I applied for Admin on 1v1 and got it. Probably the best experience I had and I was happy with it and didn’t want to go any further. What do you know 6 months later they were looking for a 1v1 manager. I had good intentions so I said “fuck it”, again. Then again when I applied for CA. My point is, even tho the above had nothing to do with it, was that I enjoyed the community enough to help and contribute and do what I could to make it better. I have to say not only have I made countless memories in GFL but GFL is probably one of the best most friendly communities out there. Everyone has an equal opportunity to become anything they want and I want to see GFL continue to grow from here on out. I don’t have much else to say so I will leave you with a quote I told a special someone when I was applying for CA.
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    hi so i literally just came back to gfl after a long break and expected to have red glowing name with title founder of gfl this has not happened, why? i am so tired of disappointment from this community im resigning from my vip duties because this community is nothing but disappointments and why is @Roy still administrator on gfl??? if i ever find you roy i will turn your computer into sandals and sell them for carrots because thats how broken your pc will be when i find you
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    Hello everybody, I posted this as a status update but that can easily be unnoticed so I decided to post it here. Taking A Break I will be taking a break from GFL for the next couple weeks. I've had a lot more stress recently than normal. I've been also going through pain possibly caused from the stress (more sick, etc). Therefore, I just want to relax for a little. I haven't ever took a break from GFL other than going on vacations out of town (in which, seem to always go wrong because something critical happens in GFL while I'm gone). I'm going to give this a shot. With my current health issues, I feel this is necessary. Health Update As some of you may already know, I've suffered from a hernia for the past two or so years now. Yesterday after having my IRL friend over to watch a movie (haven't seen him in 6+ months), I made the mistake of wearing tight shorts and I was sitting awkwardly in chairs I don't normally sit in (located in my basement). Anyways, my hernia started hurting me and I decided to go upstairs to change pants. Around half-way there, the pain worsen from going up the stairs and the pain became so bad I took off my pants and well, the pain caused me to pass out (first time passing out in my life). Thankfully, my parents were there and took me to the hospital. I was there for around seven hours or so (6 PM to 1 AM) and took two tests (Cat Scan and Ultrasound). It is a confirmed hernia + I have some kind of other infection in there (this hernia is located in the scrotum). Surgery will be required and I need to get it ASAP. In the meantime, I will be taking antibiotics to lessen the swelling and infection. I at first got this looked into back in January and the doctor said it was a hernia (first time finding out so). But due to financial issues (insurance, etc), I couldn't get it further looked into (when I went to the doctor, it was initially for something required by the state to look after my nephew). Anyways, since I am registered into the system now, getting surgery will not be difficult at all and I can finally get this issue that has affected me for so long fixed. Advice for anybody else who has a hernia, DO NOT BE LIKE ME AND GET IT LOOKED INTO IMMEDIATELY. Yesterday was the scariest experience I've had since I thought the blood flow may have been cut off (hernias can become strangulated which can lead to death in many cases). Just wanted to give an update. I'll keep you all updated (especially any of you who have me added on SnapChat ). If you want to move this thread to other sections, feel free to. I just wanted to let the Server Admins+ know. I may move it to Team Members+. Thanks.
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    for real, whos the division leader of this? @Roy
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    Took me a whole half hour to try make this
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    Well, this is interesting lol. This isn't going to happen in the Garry's Mod Discord. If you want NSFW content you'll have to go somewhere else. Or just look it up. You fuckers want to taint anything nice. Thanks, - @Zebra.
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    This would be a great way to kill the server population why didn't I think of this before.
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    Good evening, With all great things that influence our lives (Reddit, Twitter, and 4Chan to name a few), we have all been allowed the wonderful option of deletion. Many of us take this for granted, including myself. It has come to my attention that when I tried to quote my good friend, @Based_Matt. At precisely 8:18pm on 9/11/2017, I failed to quote his response properly (my mistake, go easy on me), and tried to correct it. To my surprise I found that I couldn't delete my post to quote my good friend properly. Now I feel ashamed as I'm not one to mess this sort of thing up, and that the full effect of my response hasn't been fully received by him. It also makes me look uncultured in the forum community (I'm not, go easy on me), and I wish to correct this. All I ask is that you grant us forum users the ability to delete our posts, for a number of reasons. This is a basic forum right that should be granted to us all! My good friend @Based_Matt made a post about this precisely 463 days 66 weeks 15 months 11112 hours 666720 minutes 40003200 seconds ago, to which was denied, but I see that the responses are flawed. It just doesn't make sense to have to report your own post and wait for it to be removed by someone else, when you can simply just do it yourself in a matter of seconds. Thank you! Link to original thread:
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    It's been a wonderful time on GFL. Over the 3 years that I have been with this amazing community, I've met so many great people, played so many different games, and had an overall great experience. People I want to thank: @Winter, The one who introduced me to murder. I had gone to school with him for... I don't even know how many years. One day, I find out he's part of the great online community that I'd been part of for so long. Thank you for introducing me to the server that helped me meet so many new faces. @ButterKing5000, The one who accepted me on the server I spent literally 25 days worth of time on. Friendly manager, gave me multiple chances to improve my trashy playtime when it was terrible. Thank you for being such a cool dude, even when I may have brought the team down, (Not only in PUBG, ). @Dreamm, The one who sponsored me on the server I had tried for admin on 2 times prior. An awesome dude, though we've had beef between us, we've had some great times together. From PUBG, to gambling in virtual casinos, (Damn, did we make a lot of money). Thanks for the wonderful time here. @DaLaw, Man, we've had some fun times. From the old-time car racing, to the crazy purge situations. Plus, everything in between and on. Thanks for being a cool dude. @Mr.Bubbles, An awesome purge player. Super cool dude, and a fun person to play with. Thanks for all the good times, dude. So many other people to thank: @flyingjoe32, @Xy_, @DoctorDJ, @Bae, @thecoldsoldier, @Boblovescows, @Illusion, @DaPainWayne, @FrozenG, @Unknown, @Xenaphrina, @Abyss_, @animator_, @Condr, @Replete_Urchin, @ReVolt17, @Zebra, @stevepwnsyou9, @Hero, @Gowther, @TicciToby, @Violator +SO many more people, (sorry if I forgot anyone).... Thank you all. It's sad to go, though, this isn't goodbye forever. Depending on when I get breaks in school, and everything else that is going on, I'll be sure to come back. Thank you all for the great time(s), I'll see you all at a later date.
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    Dear users, I've been having lots of fun however recently I have been being bullied constantly by @Roy. The man you ALL WORSHIP. Sheep Here's proof. - - - HOW CAN YOU STAND BY THIS HATRED. I AM LEAVING. GOODBYE going to NL
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    when you tag everyone for likes xd
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    Unfortunately, I'm going to be taking a break from GFL for a long time. I love this community but I have had little to no time to be able to play any video games lately because I am having to deal with a lot of new responsibilities in life, and there is just not enough time in a day to get around to doing everything. I love playing on these servers and whatnot but trying to meet weekly time requirements has become just stressful for me and the fact that I've basically already left the community without saying anything makes me feel guilty, but this is the one of the first times in the past 2 weeks that I've been able to even look at my computer, and so I haven't had much time to write this. Thanks to everyone that I've met on here the past year and half has been great and I've made some great memories. @bnewton- yo BNUT adios ma dude @ButterKing5000- I was only T-admin on your server for like 2 months but it was pretty lit @_Marshmello_- Die Sploob @mbs- Congrats on manager and nice ass @Gary- You touch my Yeetos? @Jat02- Oof @KryptekBlu3- !slay * @AciFire- You're the most cancerous person I know @DaPainWayne- One of the coolest admins on Purge thanks for the good times @flyingjoe32- Thanks for the help with training me on Purge @Violator, @Zebra- Thanks for working me through all that stuff with PH, sorry I never was on it all that much @Gekkota_- One of the nicest people on GFL thanks for the great times and memes @Winter- Thanks for being an admin on PH, you're pretty cool I guess @Xy_- Dab on them haters Adios Bois
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    Division Leader(s): @Violator Steam @Zebra Steam Server Manager(s): @Xy_ Steam Community Advisor(s): (Only includes CAs that are involved with breach, other CAs are welcome to add themselves) @Darkling Steam @Winter Steam Senior Admin(s): @Kite9867 Steam Admin(s): @Colt Steam @Cpt.Haxray Steam @Duc2000 Steam @John_Ariana_Man Steam @Fx280 Steam @TheEvilGoat Steam @Thats_Miles Steam @NotSoFluffy Steam @Minishogun721 Steam @Teri Steam Trial Admin(s): @Racist_Leprechaun Steam @Dante_Senpai Steam @Keisuke4321 Steam @Deathz Steam @EJ. Steam @wolfblade109 Steam @T-Bizzle Steam
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    My Age: 12 My Talent: i like helping the gflclan it fun to play with guys Hours/Week: 4 days
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    Hello everyone, after a lot of thinking, and examining my IRL situation, I came with a decision. GFL has been really fun so far and I love u all u may think this is another shitpost, but sorry to tell u
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    Moms spaghetti shitpost.gfl
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    GFL's Official Discord Server! Hello everyone, as some of you can already see we have opened up an official GFL Discord server! This is something that was talked about in the past which we didn't think would work alongside our TS3 server. Now that we understand it much more, we can see that TS3 and Discord both have slightly different, but useful, functions. @denros has been hard at work making the GFLbot for the server, this comes with a few commands which can be used, such as: !role / !roles which will change your role on discord to match your forum rank. !8ball command to ask the bot questions and receive a yes/no or in between answer. We'll be looking at what we can do to improve the server as well, so if you have any suggestions make sure to let us know. The discord is going to be moderated by CA's, DL's and the Directorate until we decide upon a Discord admin team to help out. If you want to join make sure to link your discord account with the forums by clicking here You can also join the discord by clicking here Hope you all enjoy and happy chatting! View full article
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    Greetings GFL, With Destiny 2 right around the corner we've decided to start up a mini-division for it. The game has a lot to offer and the open beta will be opening for all on the 29th August. I encourage everyone to give it a try and see what they think of the game. Now what does Destiny 2 have to offer? A fantastic clan system An opportunity to meet new people and team up to accomplish something big like defeating a Raid Boss An amazing story line Impressive graphic fidelity Loot and leveling system Character Customisation Smooth gameplay Good PVP and PVE experience Competitive PVP Mode Feel free to join the clan and group here! Clan Group Why should you join the clan? Joining the clan allows you to earn rewards for what others do ingame. For example if someone was to complete a raid and is in your clan you will receive a certain amount of XP from it. Not only that but it also allows you to find a group easily, which makes looking for a fireteam for a raid or nightfall strike is extremely fast. You will also receive exclusive clan banner perks for your character once the clan has unlocked it. Why should you join the group? The group is basically a forums it allows you to make topics regarding anything and is a great way to suggest ideas on how to improve the clan itself. *Note joining the group provides no benefits ingame* If you would like to pre-order the game or try out the beta you will have to do so through the battle.net app Thank you for reading and I hope to see you all in the beta!
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    I've realized that I can't be as active as I want to be. I've just gotten bored of fucking around everyday. SeriousRP is what I love. It was fun, and I am thankful to everyone who I got to meet and become friends with. Hmu if you wanna play other games/servers. I may come back in the future, I'm really not sure. @ButterKing5000 - We had our ups and downs, but I respect you and thank you for this opportunity. @flyingjoe32 - Keep flying my man. @DaPainWayne - I can tell you in person. @Lemon - Learn what a budget is. @DoctorDJ - You make me cringe and you also bully me. @Dreamm - You was cool. @SuperFineNot - Still waiting for my can of whoop ass. @Urule55 - We need to play rocket league again. @Rose - This doesn't mean I'm breaking up with you. @Zebra - You are literally the chillest person on my friends list. @Stud - You're his twin so the same feelings towards you. Also, I really apreciate the sponsor. @Gowther - Thanks for the 2mil. @Hero - You are young but you are still cool. @PaperMoney - My Hypersport looks better. @stevepwnsyou9 - in·flec·tion - inˈflekSH(ə)n - the modulation of intonation or pitch in the voice. @Winter - Rose is mine. @Xy_ - Weab @rapperdan - Weab @RickGrimesTM - Still the best purge admin. @JoelSmith - Fucking brit. @Eli - +1 @canman1151 - Skrt skrt @Bae - Gonna miss you. @GeorgeJW - I'll miss the accent. If I missed anyone, let me know.
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    Im more excited about this stepping down post, then finnicks.
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    Im here only for the likes
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    I'll admit it's not a big issue and you could continue the way it is although it's something I've commonly seen in other organizations (both other communities and professionally), and I don't understand why GFL should fall behind: Basic Permissions for their past staff members. It's not meaning they are full blown staff with all of the game/forum permissions or root access, but they are able to handle some basic situations their self without the need to submit an application neither a report. It could be a soft implementation of @Major_Push's "Global Operators", which was commonly combated by "trust issues", and the same reasoning used for "Global Admin" with the off- and rare chance of someone abusing it could lead to appropriate punishment. Player report - sleepycastle938 & DJ Khaled by @PB-n-J(<-- this recent thread prompted the suggestion) Dano's TeamSpeak Admin Application by @Dano Bigtime's TS Admin Application by @Bigtime388 Shuruia's TeamSpeak 3 Admin Application by @Shuruia The examples are building up and these examples above are not the only ones, but were easy and publicly available. I can think of other times such as Cypher using executive authority to give Floopy TS rights (before TS Admin) and people such as Kim and denros continuing their involvement despite their title or status. The strongest case I could see against this is someone who was demoted, like me, and I'd be fine with that (not having permissions) because I don't want it for myself anyways, but I think the other guys deserve it for sure. It would be comforting for your current staff members as well to know they wouldn't lose complete control upon ensuring the cycle of leadership.
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    (Sorry not sorry in advance.)
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    I've decided that its just my time to say that I'm staying in this community. I know this is so sudden. But I have made this decision cause @Violator is my daddy. #DoingthisfordaddyViolator
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    Oh, i thought it was another prank.
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    Our public Discord server in action:
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    For anyone who hasn't seen this yet Rainbow 6 Siege will be free to play on both, Steam and Uplay from 24th August 2017 until 27th August 2017 This is a good opportunity for anyone who hasn't played the game to give it a try and to find out whether it is worth your money to buy it or not. Now to the juicy event details. We are going to host a custom game for anyone interested (hosted by GCC) for multiple communities to jump on and have fun. There isn't a prize as the other communities would obviously be no competition for us ;P. This is basically just a fun Saturday night gaming made purely for us all to enjoy! Date: 26th August 2017 (Saturday) Time: 9PM EST / 1AM 27/08 GMT Prizes: -NA- Organizers: GFL- @Pyros + @Kubnair (hosted by GCC thanks to these two) Stream: Not confirmed There will be more details to follow from the Pyros and Kub once they have awoken (wanted to get this out ASAP). I for one am looking forward to installing it tomorrow and just having a "chill" night, playing a game I didn't have to pay for this weekend. I know some of you have the game (personally I have it on Xbox One) so this could be a chance to entice others so you have someone else to play with. Let us know below if your going to be picking up this game for the free weekend and if you want to come and hang out Saturday night. @CrusTi You play this game competitively so you can give us all some tips too
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    So this all started almost a month ago. Where I went to a local clinic for a check up. Everything was fine but when they examine my body, she notice that I had "something" in my lateral region of my neck on the left that was popping out. The doc suggested to go check it with a radiologist. I went and they couldn't tell what exactly it is but all they know that it was an old injury. ( They say that because I've never notice about it till now. ) So just today I went to the hospital to talk to a doctor. She said I'm gonna need surgery because we don't know what this thing is thats in my neck. And the only way to find out, is by doing surgery and pull it out and send it somewhere so they can do research and find out what it is. I'm saying this now because I won't be able to get on starting tomorrow and the next 2 or 3 days and I don't want to leave some of you in the dark. Thankfully the surgery won't take long, but the reason why I have to stay at the hospital for a while is because the doctor that has to check with me, is so busy with other patients that its almost impossible to get in contact with her. But hopefully I can get out on Friday. ( The day after my surgery. ) Well thats all for now. I'll let you guys know when I'm out and I'll probably send a picture of the damn thing that is in my neck and my stitches. Welp all see you all soon. Bye.
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    It seems like people join the community just for the authority and title. What a shame. True leadership can be done without the title and authority. I hope you change your mind in the future if you truly enjoy some of the people here. If anything: It's worth sticking around to see how the community changes. Learn from their mistakes without having to make your own; learn what it took to make a success story happen, or transform an idea with potential into your own success stories. I've had a lot of very good experiences from sticking around despite history, and a lot of these experiences are very translatable into other opportunities.
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    This is terrorism. You are a terrorist.
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    after some recollection, im not having anymore fun in this community. all i do is eat ass and suck my moms dick.
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    i've already been seen on the chatbox and multiple and I want to say hi to the community as a whole.
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    Who's soja? Sorry I'm new here. I just came here for the "birds".
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    - Added 2 new maps - br_site12, similar in many ways to site19, but the layout is completely different, some SCP areas are completely changed up a bit - br_site56, the feel of it is similar to the really old version of site19. The new maps do not currently have spawns setup for deathmatch, that will be fixed soon. - Updated the loading screen Known issues: - Current map appears twice on voting screen There may be more issues as a lot of code was updated, although it should be mostly tested.
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    Hello everybody, I’m going to be giving an update on our OVH setup. Things did not go as planned but I believe we’ll be fine. Let’s begin! Our Initial Plan If you’ve read other update threads/posts I made about OVH, you probably already know the plan. However, I’ll go over it again for those who do not know. Basically, after switching from NFO to OVH in our European location, we found our OVH machine having too little space. Since linking files isn’t supported in the new control panel we use, our CS:GO base installations take 15+ GBs alone. The machine only comes with a 240 GBs SSD (only ~200 GBs available). With that said, we had to use some of that space for another mandatory VM on the machine. Basically, we don’t have enough space and we need a better solution. This machine’s specs are: Name - MC-32B Processor - Intel i7-4790K @ 4.0 GHz Ram - 32 GB DDR3 Storage - 240 GBs SSD Datacenter - SBG (Strasbourg, France) Price - $79.00/m OVH recently opened a new datacenter located in Frankfurt, Germany and they had a great deal on one of the machines there. Here are the machine’s specs: Name - DISCOVER-DE Processor - Intel E3-1245v6 @ 3.7 GHz Ram - 32 GB DDR4 Storage - 2 TBs HDD Datacenter - DE (Frankfurt, Germany) Price - $54.99/m This machine was less expensive and had more storage space. This is one HELL of a deal in my opinion. These specs are better than the NFO machine we had (other than the hard drive which doesn’t matter much in our case) and our NFO machine costed $164.98/m (yes, this Germany machine is basically ⅓ the price of the NFO machine)… I wanted to replace the MC-32B machine with DISCOVER-DE and move our block to the new DISCOVER-DE machine. What Didn’t Go To Plan? When the OVH Germany datacenter opened, we had to wait to purchase a machine because additional IPs weren’t initially supported (something required for us). This took a little over a month but last week they finally added support. Therefore, I decided to purchase the machine and set it up (took a couple consecutive days to setup). Once things were successfully set up, I was ready to move the block to the new Germany machine. However, I noticed the option wasn’t there and after contacting OVH’s support, I found out there wasn’t a way to move IP blocks from datacenter to datacenter (both of those machines listed above are in different datacenters). I would have normally expected this but since I ordered the block under the Germany geo-location/pool specifically, I thought there wouldn’t have been any problems (moving a Germany IP block over to a Germany machine, what could go wrong, right?). Furthermore, when contacting OVH asking when additional IPs will be supported in the Germany datacenter, they made it sound like we wouldn’t have any issues moving this IP block over once additional IPs were supported in Germany. However, in the end, this is my fault for not directly asking them about moving the block over to the new Germany machine before purchasing it. I do apologize. So yeah.. We can’t move any of our servers from the MC-32B machine over to the DISCOVER-DE machine without changing IPs. I was thinking about just moving the servers over with another IP change but players and admins are already frustrated from the last IP change on the CS:GO servers. With that said, our very popular CoD 4 server is on the MC-32B machine. We also paid $12.00 for the block and honestly, I really don’t want to put this IP block to waste. What’s The New Plan? I’ve been thinking about this a lot for the past few days occupied by frustration. We have TWO highly powerful but also highly underloaded OVH machines in Europe. The one we would like to get rid of has our most popular CoD 4 server on it (something we do not want to change IPs for). I feel like I’ve setup the DISCOVER-DE machine far better than the MC-32B machine when it comes to software and such. With that said, the MC-32B machine does NOT have enough space for our needs. After a while, I decided we’re just going to keep the DISCOVER-DE machine and look for another machine to replace MC-32B (in the same datacenter so we can move the servers to the new machine). The DISCOVER-DE deal is something we cannot avoid in my opinion. After looking at machines in other OVH datacenters, I’ve found that most of the cheapest machines are $70+/m for the Intel E3-1245v5 (the DISCOVER-DE has the E3-1245v6). The DISCOVER-DE deal won’t last and it’s best to purchase the machine now and although we’re going to be paying $54.99/m for a possible underloaded machine, we will benefit from it once we put the machine to use and the deal is erased. What Machine Will We Replace With The MC-32B? I’ve been thinking about this as well and I believe it’d be best to purchase the newest OVH GAME machine for an extra $10.99/m. The machine would be an upgrade to the storage (240 GBs to 480 GBs), ram (32 GB DDR3 to 32 GB DDR4), and processor (Intel i7-4790K to Intel i7-6700K). The new machine’s full specs are: Name - MC-32 Processor - Intel i7-6700K @ 4.0 GHz Ram - 32 GB DDR4 Storage - 480 GBs SSD Datacenter - SBG (Strasbourg, France) Price - $89.99/m I believe it is worth spending an extra $10.99/m for these specs. Otherwise, we can just get one of the ~$70.00/m machines that comes with the Intel E3-1245v5. I may end up initially purchasing the Intel E3-1245v5 machine and once we start using the machine more, upgrade to one of the GAME machines. Does This Mean Another European Expansion? I’ve been planning on expanding into the European division again for some time now and I think this is the start of it. We started our very successful European expansion back in September of 2013. We should do the same this September/October and now that we have two VERY powerful machines fully setup, this gives us motivation to do so. I will discuss this in detail in another update post. Overall Although things did not go to plan, I believe everything will work out in the end. We can easily support both of these machines financially and believe it or not, these two machines combined are still less expensive than the NFO machine we had (even with the upgraded MC-32) and more powerful. NFO Price - $164.98/m OVH Price - $144.98/m ($54.99 + $89.99) I will be looking for things to add to our DISCOVER-DE machine to put it to use until we setup game servers on it. A few years back we hosted GameBanana mirrors that advertised GFL. I feel like doing something similar again would be nice! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reply to this thread or PM me! Google Doc Thanks for reading!
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    @juky @BotoX @SoJa @shinigami_senpai
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    Yes people as you can see we defeated TTT without having to go over their player limit. Give yourselves a clap on the back!
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    - Fixed a crash that occurs when only two people are on, and one of them leaves. - Fixed a bug with the timer showing 0 if you join after the round has begun. - Players who join during preparing are now respawned once preparing ends. - Added 2 new player models. - Round is now aborted if there aren't enough players to start a round. - MTF and Chaos Insurgency Members can no longer remove their vests - Movement penalty for armor is now less dramatic. A lot of code has been changed (Like an eighth of the gamemode), so please let me know if you find a bug that I missed during testing.
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    I suppose ill enter for once, its quite big so ill put it in a spoiler.
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    Remember when CS:S Surf RPG DM was hosted on my home server and the GFL domain was games223.com (I do not own that domain anymore)? Yeah, nobody. Anyways, I'm still here. Fuck you too @otter Thanks.
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    I am Willing to do a Monthly Giveaway if not I'll be doing them over the year but I am going to kick off the Month with a VIP Giveaway for September! Rules are down Below. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Rules: 1. Have your GFL Profile Name at the Front if you wish to participate (Eg. @Gekkota_ Before the next few Steps.) 2. If you have Permanet VIP or currently have VIP on your account you CANNOT participate. 3. Have Fun and Enjoy. If you don't win there is always next time for these Giveaways! <3 _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ May the Odds be with you All! PM me if I did something Wrong if I have to Confirm it with Staff or Etc. ~Sincerely @Gekkota_
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    Don't worry, this is not a clickbait shitpost. Just open that below, and it will reveal my secret.