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    March Giveaway This might be my LAST giveaway As you may know, I do giveaways every month. I do this do give back to my community, since I care highly for you all. This month I will be letting you guys choose from a few options. Keep in mind there will only be 1 winner. This giveaway will end March 15, 12pm EST http://itsalmo.st/#theendofthemarchgiveaway This month you guys may choose from these 2 options. $20 Steam Card CSGO P250 | Sand Dune MW Choose wisely as both are very good options. To enter, follow these steps.. 1: Comment below what gift you would like. Here are the rules.. 1: You must be a GFL Member 2: You may not change the answer you have chose 3: Do not enter for the sand dune if you own one.
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    Too busy to contribute anything close to what is required by any of the directors. I want VIP forever, thanks. See ya kids.
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    I've just seen Cypher post and I can't believe I am doing the same. Recently I have not been very active with directors. I feel it's time for me to take a break. I value this community loads and @Roy along with multiple people in this community have helped me become a better programmer and person. I think it's time I focused on my personal life however I will still be around on the forums to fix problems where need be. Thanks to all of you!
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    Hey everyone! I'm sorry to say but i need to leave my position on Hide and Seek. I could give a thousand and a half reasons why i need to, but i'll give the important things. My life has been a really cluttered mess for a long while, with school, trying to get a job, and just life things, i can't find myself wanting to give time to the server, and it stresses me that i can't do anything else for it. Don't get me wrong, i loved working on the server and i loved working with GFL, i just can't give anymore time that doesn't get in the way of my own life. I spend too much time worrying about messing things up and getting myself demoted anyway that it just adds to the stress of my everyday life. I need to leave and focus on my own life rather than a Garry's Mod server. it'll honestly be a relief to me to step away from managing Hide and Seek and focus on better things (not that it wasn't important, i still enjoyed helping GFL, i just need to help myself first.) It was so much fun working with everyone, and i love the people i've met and left, especially my admin team / former team. There'd be too many people to tag in this that i don't think i could tag them all. It was a blast being a part of this community, but it's just my time to go, i guess. I'll still be around on the shoutbox, and around the forums, just not in game or in teamspeak as much. It was fun, and i love every one of you, even those i had troubles with. Ah fuck it i'll tag everyone. Starting with my former admin team. @Impaled @bnewton @AtomicHeadphones @AciFire @Nap14hockey @Zexired @Mundo @mbs @Mistyful @Mango605YT It was wonderful working with you guys. You guys gave me reason to keep working on the server, It was an honor being your manager. I'd happily do it again. @Finnick - Nice meme, son. @Zebra and @Violator- Thank you for this opportunity. @JoelSmith - I'm still pissed you left too. @Bae - for making me all sorts of art things @John_Ariana_Man - Eh i still talk to you faggot. @Shiny - Love you. @Korowa - :3 @Dana - We should talk more, you're awesome :3 @Hannah - The person who put me into Hide and Seek in the first place. Never forget you. @Dano - For helping me so much and especially through my worst. @Shuruia - For putting up with me laughing at the way you say banana. @Darkling - For being a really good person to me. @ButterKing5000 - Keep rocking on purge my man. @Carrick - i'll still talk to you, and i'll eventually hear your voice. @GLiTCh - One of my best friends in GFL. We need to talk more my man. @SuperFineMan - My nigga. @TimmyWu - Again, my nigga. @Xy_ - You did wonderfully on the time you were on hide and seek. I wish you luck on your other admin positions. @Telemetry - there you go :3 I'm gonna forget people, and they're gonna be triggered, but just shush, i'm a very forgetful person and i'm writing this at 8am, okay? Thank you for this wonderful opportunity, - Twig
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    Hello, this is a major update for GFL. For the past two months, I’ve had no motivation to work on GFL. Recently, I’ve regained motivation to work on GFL again and I’m ready to talk about what I think we need to work on. Let’s begin! Outside Advertising and Recruiting The first topic I want to talk about is advertising and recruiting outside of GFL’s territory. As it currently stands, we are only advertising and recruiting within GFL’s territory such as our game servers and forums. While we should be advertising and recruiting in GFL’s territory, we also need to do a lot of it outside of GFL. Our player and community base is shrinking in size resulting in the process of advertising and recruiting inside of GFL becoming rather useless. How Can We Advertise Outside of GFL? First, I believe we should write up a short message explaining what GFL is and why people should join our community. In this message, we should make it clear we are always looking for people to help make the community grow. It would simply be a short message that will attract people into the community. Second, we should find places where we can advertise this message without giving us a bad name. This will be simply getting our name out there. We should also be using our social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Steam to advertise GFL. How Can We Recruit Outside of GFL? I believe the best way to recruit outside of GFL is to spread the name to your friends and such. Perhaps we should have awards (e.g. badges) for players who recruit users into the community. Another idea (suggested by @CrusTi) would to have users who create an account using a referral link get VIP for one week along with the owner of the referral link. The maximum referrals for VIP would be three. TeamSpeak 3 and the Website I believe we should advertise our TeamSpeak 3 server outside of GFL a lot more. As of right now, a majority of the users who go to our TS3 server are from our game servers. Since our game servers have been dying, our TS3 population has been slowly declining. While I do believe we should advertise and encourage people to go on our TS3 server more in our game servers, we should also be trying to grab people from outside of GFL. Once these users discover our TS3 server, they may see we have game servers along with a website and go visit them. In the same vein, I believe we should do the same thing with our website. For instance, we could try expanding our general gaming discussion with specific game categories (instead of only having games we have divisions in). Basically, we should try to recruit users to our website outside of GFL. Back End Help and Progress Recently, I’ve been backed up on work with the back end of GFL. There are many projects I’ve been wanting to work on but due to not having enough time and personal issues, I haven’t been able to complete them. Ever since the series of negative events back in April of 2016, I’ve had a very hard time trusting anybody with access to the back end of GFL. As of writing this post, only Amp and I have access to the back end. However, Amp is very busy and doesn’t have much time to work on the back end. With the amount of projects to work on and the fact that I will be getting busier with work, I will need help to get these things done. I am hoping I can find somebody in GFL who has the time, dedication, and experience to help complete these projects. With that said, they will obviously need to be trusted enough to be given access. If I cannot find somebody inside of GFL to help with the back end, it may be worth hiring somebody to complete a couple of projects for us. However, I personally am not a fan of hiring developers to finish and complete our work. Let’s talk about the progress with a couple of our current major projects. [Linux] Game Server Back End For OVH Expansion This project has been the highest priority in GFL. For a while now, we’ve been wanting to expand using OVH servers instead of NFO. The reasoning behind this has been stated multiple times in other update threads and here. We had a developer working on this for a few months now, although they unfortunately did not have the time to complete it recently. This project is now stuck without a developer. We are deciding whether we should complete this project or find another solution. I believe if we were to successfully complete this project, we would benefit from it. Of course, it will take a lot of time and dedication to complete this project. Geolocation on OVH IPs This is another project we need complete if we are going to move to OVH. @Ariistuujj and I have been working on contacting the geolocation companies (such as MaxMind) to get our new OVH IPs located in Germany. However, their support is unfortunately frustrating to deal with. @Ariistuujj and I will continue to try to find a solution to this problem. Hopefully it doesn’t take much longer. Overall There are many other projects that need to be done with the back end including website upgrades and more. I’m going to be focusing on finding help so that these projects can be completed quicker and without stressing myself out. Division Updates I would just like to give my personal opinions and updates on a few of our divisions. Counter-Strike: Source As of right now, I believe we have a very dedicated team to our CS:S servers. Our DLs seem highly motivated to expand into CS:S and bring even more population to our servers. While I do really like and appreciate the motivation I see, we have to remember that CS:S is sadly dying. The game reaches around 10K players as a peak. Back when we started heavily expanding into CS:S (early 2012), the game had many more players. It was therefore much easier to populate the servers; there aren’t as many players nowadays and it will be extremely difficult to expand into CS:S. I believe we should continue to focus on our current servers (Surf and Bunny Hop) along with adding one or two new servers to see how they go. If expanding into CS:S doesn’t work out, it is nobody’s fault. The game is nearly dead and most gaming communities would also likely fail if they tried expanding into the game. To conclude, keep up the great work and hopefully it pays off, but don’t feel stressed if the expansion fails since like I said before, it’s very difficult to expand into CS:S. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Our CS:GO division has been stable. However, I do believe we need to push forward and start expanding and fixing a few of our current servers. Surf Timer The first set of servers we need to revamp are our Surf Timer servers. We’ve been wanting to revamp these servers for quite some time now but due to my busy schedule, I haven’t had the time to work on the revamp and I’m not sure if I would like to be included in the revamp anymore. I believe the revamp on Surf Timer should be the highest priority in the CS:GO division when it comes to fixing servers. Bunny Hop Although we revamped our Bunny Hop servers a while ago with a new timer, the server population did not increase. I believe we need to take further steps to bring in more population. FFA DeathMatch Initially, I did not expect FFA DM to work out due to it being very similar to Valve’s DM servers. However, the server is doing quite well. It fills up to around 20 - 30 players daily and I hope it keeps up. I believe there should be admins on the server trying to recruit players to our TS3 server and website (to apply for Membership). With that said, I would recommend trying an European FFA DM server in the future once we setup our OVH machine. Overall, as said before, the division is stable, but we need to start expanding and fixing up servers that are suffering. Garry’s Mod As of right now, I believe our GMod division has the most potential out of all the other divisions we are in. However, I believe there are problems that have gone on for far too long without being fixed. Purge Our Purge server used to be our most populated server in GMod. We used to reach 95/95 daily back in late-2014 and 2015. This server reached #4 on GameTracker but now look at it: While I’m sure there are many theories on why the server is dying, I can say the one thing that needs to be fixed, which is the server’s drained performance. The server has been suffering from constant lag spikes for the past two years and nothing has been done about it. The prop spam protection addon made by myself was removed from the server because it was “malfunctioning”. The reason it was malfunctioning was due to the server lagging itself (the addon detects whether the server is lagging or not). Back when the server was launched (summer of 2014), while the addon wasn’t perfect, it was a great addition to the server and legitimately prevented most prop spammers from successfully lagging the server. It’s time to stop beating around the bush and start fixing the actual issues with the server. I took my time to go through and find addons that are most likely causing the lag spikes, but nothing has been done about them. It isn’t my job to fix the Purge server, the division leaders and server manager should be the ones fixing it. I’m willing to help but it cannot rely on me solely due to my busy schedule and other stuff I have to do for GFL along with the fact that it simply shouldn’t be my job. Zombie Survival While I haven’t done any investigations on Zombie Survival, I’ve heard that it is suffering from constant performance issues just like Purge. I would recommend installing FProfiler and find out which Lua scripts are taking the most resources. In my opinion, each GMod server should have this installed regardless of whether the server is lagging or not. This division has a lot of potential, but much more work and dedication needs to be expended. It has been nearly two years and nothing has changed. A majority of the top GMod servers aren’t suffering from performance issues because they took it upon themselves and ensured they had great server performance. It’s time we take that same approach. Once we expand into OVH, machine hardware won’t be limiting our server performance; the very poorly coded addons will and still do to this day. Arma 3 I believe our Arma 3 division is going to be the next big division in GFL with the amount of potential it has. The only thing we are waiting for is the OVH machine. Arma 3 has the potential to bring in many players to our TS3 server and website along with driving in donations. Unfortunately, we are playing the waiting game with the OVH machine due to us needing a working back end. I will try to get the back end problem solved as soon as possible so we can start the setup on the Arma 3 server. I have no ETA on when this will happen. Call of Duty 4 I’ve been playing Call of Duty 4 quite often recently and wanted to setup a CoD 4 server on our new OVH box for some time now. However, I haven’t had the motivation to do so until now. I am looking forward to setting up a new CoD 4 server on our OVH machine soon. I’ve been playing on a server recently that I really like and I am going to try contacting the owner of the community to see if they would be interested in running their CoD 4 server under GFL (we give them server manager and such). Obviously, this would need to be discussed further with the Trusted group if it were to be considered. Regardless, we will be trying a CoD 4 server on our new European OVH machine. It will most likely be a Hardcore “mixed” or TDM server. I will be the leader of the division and server once it’s started up. Pirates, Vikings, & Knights II While this division is very small, I just wanted to give a small update on it since I am currently the one managing it. Our PVKII server reached #1 on GameTracker under “Half Life 2 DeathMatch”. Despite that this isn’t a big accomplishment since there aren’t many popular servers under the HL2 DM game, it at least proves our PVKII server is getting some population. I am currently playing on the server often and I am going to add a few regulars on the server through Steam to talk to them about ideas, along with trying to recruit them to GFL and such. Updates to the server can be found here. Mini-Divisions A few updates ago I explained why mini-divisions will be important to GFL in the future. As of right now, I haven’t seen any progress made with mini-divisions. Initially, we were aiming to try a mini-division in Overwatch, but unfortunately that never worked out. Mini-divisions are still important for GFL to expand into and now that we have a strong team of community advisors, I believe it’s time to start expanding. Mini-divisions also fall under “Advertising/Recruiting outside of GFL” since we will be trying to grab users outside of our game servers and such. I want these divisions to be a priority to GFL. H1Z1 Since Overwatch failed, I believe H1Z1 is the next game on the list. Although, from what I’ve heard, H1Z1 suffers from the same issue as Overwatch where there isn’t any clan system. Personally, I do believe we can have a successful H1Z1 mini-division, but that would take a lot of work. This mini-division will be discussed. RuneScape A RuneScape division has been wanted for quite some time now in GFL. @Benroyjam and @Leks wanted to manage this division, and I believe we should give them the chance. Fortunately, it doesn’t take any resources running a mini-division. Therefore, the only thing we would lose if we were to fail with this division is time. In my opinion, it’s definitely worth at least trying. Conclusion While there are many other games we can start mini-divisions in, I just wanted to list those two games (H1Z1 and RuneScape). Our community advisors and Directorate are going to be coming together to get our mini-divisions future started. As said before, this is very important to GFL in the future. I am very excited for this! European Expansion The next thing I wanted to talk about is expanding into Europe. As of right now, our NFO machine is very underloaded and we will be getting rid of that once we completely setup our OVH machine. Once our OVH machine is set up, we will be moving the servers to that machine and start expanding into even more servers. A couple years ago we started our European expansion and we did great. We had two completely full NFO machines at one point. Unfortunately, we only have one machine now which is highly underloaded. I still believe expanding into Europe is important to GFL since it fills in the inactive hours for American servers. Furthermore, TS3 is completely dead in the morning hours for Americans. If we were to expand into Europe and recruit many users to the forums and TS3, I feel our TS3 server could be a bit more active during those dead hours. One division we did not expand correctly into for Europe is Garry’s Mod. Once we fix our current American servers in GMod, we should start setting up European GMod servers. To conclude, expanding into Europe again should be a priority in the future once we fix our current game servers. TeamSpeak 3 Population The next thing I want to talk about is our TS3 server’s recent population. The population has been dying off and I feel not as many users go on our TS3 server compared to a year ago. The maximum I’ve seen us hit (even on the weekend) is around 50 - 60. We used to reach around 100 - 110 users. I feel one of the reasons our TS3 server isn’t as popular is because we don’t advertise it well outside of GFL and since our game servers are generally dying, not as many new users are connecting to the TS3 server. While I do believe we need to encourage players from our servers to join our TS3 server more, we also need to heavily advertise our TS3 server outside of GFL. Our TS3 server is the main source of communication within GFL and therefore is very important to us. I’ve seen many gaming communities out there who are much smaller than GFL, but receive three times more population than we currently do on their TS3 server. This is likely because they advertise their TS3 server outside of their gaming community and truly make it public. It’s time to make our TS3 server “truly” public and one other thing we’ll have to do with that is making sure we have an active team who will be able to kick/ban trolls since the public channels will be used often. Other Ideas TeamSpeak 3 Bots I believe we should set up some official TS3 bots for our server. Introduction Bot This bot would greet every user who connects to our TS3 server with a chat message with a few statistics as well. @Leks suggested this bot because it’s a good way to give important information to users who connect to our TS3 server. I would imagine users can disable this bot if they would like, but I haven’t looked into the details on the bot. With that said, the bot could also message all clients on the server when an event is going on. Radio Bots I’ve always thought it would be cool to have a few music channels with bots that run a radio. Only bots would have talk power in these channels and clients can go in there just to relax and listen to the music. Financial Update We’ve been doing very well financially for the past few months. We’ve went from almost running out of money ($200.00 as a balance at one point) in mid-2016 to over $3000.00 now! Here are the latest payments for MOTDGD Ad money: We are also working on moving to OVH which will save us a lot of money! If this keeps up, this will enable us to continue doing giveaways and such along with just improving GFL in general. I would once again like to say a big thank you to all the Supporters/VIPs who have donated towards GFL. Without you, GFL would simply be dead. We will continue to do our best on building GFL up and providing a good gaming experience in our servers! Personal Update I would like to give a personal update. Spring is coming up and I will be becoming busier with my current job along with the other job I will likely be getting. However, I plan on still finding plenty of time for GFL. My goal is to “lead” everybody in the right direction in GFL. Therefore, while I may not have much time for GFL, the people who I am leading will.. For the past six or so months, I haven’t had much motivation for GFL. Especially in the past one - two months, as I’ve been dealing with personal issues. However, recently, I’ve regained a lot of motivation for GFL. I haven’t had this much motivation to work on GFL in a very long time. Since I’m starting to see how strong our higher-ups team actually is, I don’t think that motivation is going away anytime soon. Yes, I’ve overall been struggling for the past few months with GFL, but things will be getting much better unless something unexpected occurs in my life. One thing I’ve concluded about GFL is that working on it truly makes me happy. TL; DR We need to start advertising and recruiting outside of GFL’s territory. We should be mostly advertising our TeamSpeak 3 server and website. This will overall make GFL grow and can be very powerful if done correctly! Recently, I’ve been backed up with back end things. The truth is, I need help with the back end and I am going to take the next few weeks looking for help (perhaps get a team of dedicated and trusted individuals to help with the back end). Once a majority of the back end projects are complete, GFL will be in great shape! There are many things we need to work on within our divisions. The truth is, our divisions aren’t as popular as they once were long ago and we need to get that back. For CS:GO, focusing on revamping Surf Timer will be important. For GMod, we need to get the performance issues fixed for good. There are other divisions that also need work. I explained a few months ago that mini-divisions are very important to GFL’s future. However, we still haven’t started on them. With the new team of community advisors, we need to start our mini-divisions’ future in GFL. I have high hopes that this will work out, as mini-divisions can greatly benefit the “advertising and recruiting outside of GFL” category. We should also try a heavy expansion in Europe again after we successfully repair our current servers. Expanding into Europe is important for GFL because it fills in the dead hours for our American servers. Our TeamSpeak 3 server’s population has been dropping recently. Since this is GFL’s main source of voice communication, I believe we need to start making it rise again. First, heavily advertising it outside of GFL’s territory will strongly help and it will make it more “public”. With that said, we should have a team ready to moderate trolls and such on our TS3 server. For the past six months or so, I’ve been struggling to find motivation for GFL due to personal issues. However, I’ve recently regained a lot of motivation to work on GFL. Although I will be busy with work and such since spring is coming, my job will be to “lead” everybody in the community and we can all work together to bring GFL truly back stronger than ever. Conclusion To conclude, there are many things that need to be worked on in GFL. It’s no joke that we appear to be a small community compared to how popular GFL was back in the summer of 2015. The truth is that GFL has been going through many tough stages within the past year. Ever since the series of negative events occurred back in mid-2016, we’ve been rebuilding. We’ve been rebuilding the back end of GFL because our divisions have only been suffering. From what I’ve seen, there haven’t been any truly new successful servers. In fact, all I’ve seen is our servers dropping in population. Some of this isn’t entirely GFL’s fault, but I still believe we can be doing much better. To be honest, what brought back so much of my motivation for GFL is going on other gaming community websites to see how popular they are. To this day, I haven’t seen any other gaming communities with game servers as populated as GFL’s peak back in mid-2015. We’ve made so many big accomplishments in the past and GFL is a very “known” community. Although we’ve taken very big hits in the past year, I have no doubt that we can come back stronger than ever. Mini-divisions will be a big part of GFL’s future and there are many higher-ups very motivated to not only get GFL’s overall population back to where it was, but go beyond and make GFL a much stronger community. In the event that I build a team of trusted and dedicated individuals to help me work on the back end, we will work on repairing any servers that require technical work. Overall, GFL has a lot of potential and it’s time to start pushing forward. Summer is once again approaching and we need to make it much better than last summer. Google Doc Thank you for reading!
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    The question has come up time and time again, so we thought it would be a good idea to make a post explaining how to become a member accepter. Usually, this is not given to anyone below admin, due to its trolling capabilities, but we have made exceptions in the past. The individual wishing to apply will need to PM one of the following Community Advisors: @Wilford_brimleyy @PB-n-J @qDogg @Rcool64 @Skittlez @CrusTi @RickGrimesTM You will need to use the following format: Name: Position within GFL: How long have you been a part of GFL: Reason for accepting: Current member accepters: @Darkling @Unknown @MrRabbit @_Eli @iPro @Nap14hockey @Bae @Winter @Fx280 @Stud @Syrus @Korowa @Crusty @flyingjoe32 @rapperdan @ButterKing5000 @SwegBuster @Twig We are currently not looking for member accepters right now. If that changes, I will post here to let everyone know.
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    With the recent loss of two of our community advisors, we've been on the look out for members who have proven themselves to be trustworthy. These individuals have great work ethics that are beyond the call of duty to work alongside the staff team, and provide valuable insight and suggestions that will improve GFL. After people demonstrated their interest prior to a week-long interview, the Directorate have chosen four individuals that have shown excellence in their conduct, knowledge and advice. I would like to congratulate the following on their promotion to community advisor: @RickGrimesTM @PB-n-J @CrusTi @SkittlezExZ Well done, guys. We expect to see good things in the future. View full article
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    Hiya folks. So, a little backstory. My life is a mess right now. I hide it easily, but it's a fucking joke how bad it is. To be blunt, after this semester, I'll be joining the Air Force (US). Most likely I will not have time for video games or GFL. In fact, once I'm finished, I may not even think of playing a video game anymore. Why am I joining the military, you may ask? 1. They have the structure and rigidity that I need. 2. They'll provide me with funding for the degree that I want to major in. 3. I believe that it will give the mindset I need to focus more on schoolwork, because I have not been doing that as of late, and my addiction prevents me from achieving that mindset on my own. Honestly, this is more for my sanity than anything else. So yeah. After this semester, I probably will not be playing anything at all. It's been nice knowing this community, and I feel great that I have been accepted here. Peace. Tagging @FloppyDisk because I can ;-)
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    Team Fortress 2 has been a very sore and tough topic to talk about. Two years ago, we were flourishing and all of our servers had great population. The majority of our servers were full and we had a very strong team to keep our servers running. Looking to what we have today, our team was still strong but Valve has pretty much destroyed community servers with their updates that focus primarily around getting people to move to their own Valve servers. We struggled, but we barely made it through. Then Valve released the "Meet Your Match" update. This completely killed of what little population we had left on our servers. At this point, we have no population and we haven't had any population for quite some time. With that being said, we are removing the TF2 division from GFL as it holds no benefit to us anymore. We have no population, no income from these servers and our staff team seem to have lost all interest in the division, so it's only fitting that we go ahead with this. If anyone has any questions about this then please ask away. View full article
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    I sexually identify as graph paper. Ever since I was a boy I dreamed of sorting over the grid drawing beautiful graphs on math homework. People say to me that a person being graph paper is impossible and I'm fucking retarded but I don't care, I'm beautiful. I'm having a plastic surgeon tattoo rows, columns and 3 hole punches on my body. From now on I want you guys to call me "Grid" and respect my right to draw graphs and solve equations. If you can't accept me you're a papyrophobe and need to check your graphing privilege. Thank you for being so understanding.
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    GFL eSports team decided to start a YouTube channel to upload various of different things from tuts to smoke guides, ext. If you all are interested be sure to check it out! Latest video:
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    It's among GFL's many issues, and some of them are life threatening in my opinion. One of the advertising methods used in GFL is something I like to call cannibalism: We only advertise and promote within our own group (Shout box is the perfect example). Imagine if a retail store exclusively advertised to people who were already in the store, but had little to no external advertising? Each time you lose a customer, then that's one less person you're advertising to. The only way this cannibalism system works is if it makes our numbers so substantial, that people are curious to visit and see why the server is full; however: If you do not maintain these numbers without attracting an outside group, then it wont work, and I suspect it doesn't work often here given dwindling number in the community and these game modes. We need something else that works long term, but our leadership only seems interested in short term numbers and magical solutions. My first post above was meant to motivate you as well. What are you going to do about it?! You've identified a problem, and if you want change to happen, then DON'T tell the stories from the sidelines... make it happen! I see this happening all the time: Just because you're not higher tiered Staff (and even some the Staff members continue to do this) doesn't mean that you have to wait for someone else's approval: Take a risk, make and implement a few ideas. I can guarantee you that 99% of your ideas wont work, but the 1% that do will be landmarks. My family and friends are all interested in how I do things in real life and the truth is: I FAIL. I'm a massive failure. People don't like my ideas, they don't like my thoughts on these things, they nit-pick on my failures as they happen to place their self above me, but then they wonder how I make all of these achievements. You will fail if you don't try 100% guaranteed; you will fail if you try... I'm stipulating 99% of the time... but at least you get that 1% chance, and you can milk it when you get there. A lot of the things you see on the forums and the little success stories I share are simply me telling someone "Go for it." and "I'll take the blame if it doesn't work." Going back to short-term: The combination of trying ideas and looking for instant solutions... It's just not going to work. It's like being a fat person going to the gym and doing a single intensive workout. Nope. We all know those stories. There are no secrets: It takes time, dedication, and it's going to hurt; it'll take a lot out of you. You just have to keep at it and be patient for the results. It'll all look like magic one day, but it was really a long and challenging journey to get there. It's true that there are some lucky strikes, but I'm just not that kind of guy.
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    Hide & And + Also In Addition To As Well As Including Seek
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    I like the way that Violator has just become a meme in GFL.
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    Hey guys! just wanted to fill you all in with what's going on with the team. We've been on and off recently, losing a couple close games sense the last update. We just played our first train game, the 11th game of the season, and unfortunately lost 16-12. We had to play with a stand in player whom we had very little prac time with so some of the rhythm was a little off. That's no excuse though, we lost both pistol rounds which hurts. We played a solid CT side first half but didn't have the T side to back it up. All in all though I think we understand what we're doing wrong and should be able to fix it before next match, and having @Urban back for the next game will help! We currently sit 6-5 on the season so winning 4 out of the next 6 games should get us into the playoffs. It'll be tough but I have full faith in the team to get it done! Thanks again guys and hopefully the next update will be a little more positive! Check out the stats from our most recent match: https://play.esea.net/index.php?s=stats&d=match&id=9342543 Check out full season stats: https://play.esea.net/teams/142386?tab=stats Twitters: https://twitter.com/GFLeSports https://twitter.com/ChillsCS https://twitter.com/GFL_Scythe https://twitter.com/UrbanCSGO https://twitter.com/Assassin2244 https://twitter.com/LabaZzz_CSGO
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    Or you could, you know.. ASK ME.
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    We are making our discord open to everyone that wants to join it. COME JOIN US. https://discord.gg/med37TQ
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    Zombie Escape Event #15 Its time for GFL CS:GO ZE monthly map event! This time, it's a special event where we will be going for FF maps or LOTR maps. Map(s): Final Fantasy Collection Date/Time: Saturday, 25 March 2017. 1pm Central Time(US)/ 8pm Central European Time (CET)/ 3am GMT+8 Good Luck and have Fun! *For this event, @xKEYx has decided he's is going to give out 3/4 SUPPORTERS rank* In each map, last level winners will be eligible for SUPPORTERS rank. The winners of the giveaway will be chosen using a random generator. Note: Westersand version is v5_2
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    You now there is an issue when even gmod tells you you've been on fora long time
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    You can't roast what's baked. Time to turn our attention to @Mad_Father. I'm gonna turn your ass into ashes. You were made Head Admin because you know how to give good head to admins. Your name is Mad Father because your Father was mad when you were born. You're such a disappointment that your parents gave you up for adoption before you were even born. Your dick is so small that not even Dora the Explorer can find where that shit is. I'd tell you to get a life, but you wouldn't be able to get one cuz I've already ended your whole career.
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    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome to GFL's 1st Annual Violators! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello there everyone! The Severely Artistic man had an idea (this isn't retarded trust me). I'll be hosting an Oscars ripoff, but this one is for GFL. I call it "The Violators" in honors of Mr admin man himself, @Violator. Basically, there will be awards for staff for what they are. It is possible to go for at most one Violator award. All you have to do is comment below using the format to request to be nominated for an reward. Keep in mind, this is staff only. The lovely people of GFL, not just staff, will vote. Voting to be decided after nominations are in. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nomination format ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Steam profile link: Rank: Server(s) I am admin on (if not admin, put N/A): Award I want to get: Why I think I deserve it: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *My personal nomination as I am entering this myself. Steam profile link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/SeverelyArtistic Rank: Server Admin Server(s) I am admin on (if not admin, put N/A): TTT1 Award I want to get: Most Creative Staff Why I think I deserve it: I've made an entire series based off of something Xy told me. I called it "50 Shades of Violator". I spent several hours on the series, making something fun and enjoyable to read. I've currently been busy though and would probably continue it later. I also love to do things like this and most likely will continue in the future. You'd wonder why I do this shit. It's because I have a large amount of ideas. I'm Artistic after all. Severely Artistic. (10/10 ending). ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Awards ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Most Active Staff Most Bans Given Most Talented Staff Most Toxic Staff Most Racist Staff Most Kind Staff Most Creative Staff Most Strict Staff Most Lenient Staff Most Hated Staff Most Loved Staff Most Beautiful Staff Most Hilarious Staff Most Intelligent Staff Most Involved Staff Most Insane Staff ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Note ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you have more awards to suggest, please put them down in the comments below. None of the staff who win should be harassed or attacked in anyway. This is a fun and friendly event I'm hosting. Let's just try and have a good time. Don't hate someone or be jealous because they won. Personal mentions: @Violator @Xy_ @PB-n-J @Fx280 @NotMotder @myPHART @TheClassyBandit @HoxenshatteredRulez @Barack_Obama @PB-n-J @Windeetree @NotMotder @Kubnair @AstroAdaption @The_Mad_Hatter @Bunnynator @Ejfeds @MooTheCow @Frobro @Major_Push If this could get attention from higher ups, that'd be awesome. Rewards to be decided upon (don't entirely expect an actual item though unless higher ups are willing to make this shit real). ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Current Nominees ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Severely Artistic for Most Creative Staff rapperdan for Most Active Staff Xy for Most Bans Given Twig and Zebra for Most Talented Staff WindeeTree and Roxie/The_Mad_Hatter for Most Toxic Staff NotMotder and Johaw for Most Racist Staff nocheat and Unknown for Most Kind Staff Tay for Most Strict Staff None for Most Lenient Staff EJ, Rainbow_Six_Jager, and MsShad0w for Most Hated Staff PastelKitty and Winter for Most Loved Staff None for Most Beautiful Staff None for Most Hilarious Staff None for Most Intelligent Staff None for Most Involved Staff None for Most Insane Staff ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    So the lucky winners are: 1. @nocheat 2. @TomRiddle 3. @DerpEnaz 4. @Brucie8134 5. @rapperdan 6. @DUSTY All winners should contact me by private message on forums for their steam wallet codes.
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    Petition to add more weeaboo models. +1.
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    Okay, so, before I begin, I just want to say that none of this story is fabricated and this is legitimately what I experienced in the past 4 hours. Alright, so, about 2 weeks ago, I lost my girlfriend to cancer. We had been dating for quite some time, about 3 years. So today, I was hanging around the house doing the usual shit (playing video games) while my house mate, who worked the midnight shift last night, slept on the bed in the same room as me. While sitting here, I get a few very strange texts from my girlfriends phone (which I had kept after she passed) (texts are attached, with phone numbers blocked out for obvious reasons.). The texts mentioned "us being together soon" which to me sounds like I'm going to die soon, which is terrifying. Since I had the phone in my house, I went to look for it, and eventually found it in a different room than it was left, smashed up. Additionally, it was found in my spot where I usually stash things that are secretive to me, so I don't know who would have known about this spot. All in all, this was a terrifying experience, and I currently don't want to sleep. (also attached is a picture of her phone as I found it.) Definitely some creepy shit. -Soviet.
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    A guy saying that the UK is fucked just because of one attack even though he clearly hasn't read into the topic and rushed to make this thread because he wanted to be first. lol.
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    I would like to wish everyone a great St. Patty's day! This is a wonderful day of the year and hope y'all are having a blast in green That is all I got to say plus some St. Patrick day jokes and other stuff will be below! ~Gecko
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    your birth certificate is an apology letter from the condom factory
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    Tired of running 20mins all the way to the boss and die instantly? Check boss attack and try to remember it :D
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    Text - - This part means what you want on your requested GFX work. Image - - This part means you provide your images you wish to be on there. Style - - This part means you have a specific work or sample you want it to look like. Type - - I will only offer simple animation, wallpaper, banner, icon/avatar, signature (vertical/horizontal) PREMADE DESIGN - IN PROGRESS - This specifically means, I will have a design already to go, but the only thing changing is the text. SAMPLE DESIGN S01 S02 S03 This specifically means I will have sample of my work, and if you want to have similarities to it, you are free to choose from the list. Sample (S#) and Premade (P#) designs are listed under the Style format. If you do not see anything you like and wishes to request a whole new product, you are free to do that as well. Please be as detail as possible as you can be.
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    Me and a few of pass's close family relatives meet on occasion. It was brought to my attention that pass had participated in the 1970 special Olympics. Giving Recognition where Recognition is due; to are admin PASS. You get em buddy! Yes this is my hand, Yes this is my dirty ass floor. Fuck you.
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    http://services.runescape.com/m=forum/c=bgQhW-XAfzQ/forums.ws?320,321,664,65892404 If you're in the clan and play RuneScape daily, or from time to time, please help bump the thread every 10 minutes when you can. Clan Chat: GFLClanRS
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    @Roy Regarding Purge, I would like to add that we having been doing some of our own work. We recently removed Cake Anti-Cheat and Pgag to check out a difference in performance and found (at least in my opinion) a very significant difference allowing the server to generally hold more players. (We had roughly 40+ players for a while yesterday.) Regarding the information you supplied us, I won't sit here and give you excuses as to why they have been put off (whether they can be considered valid or not), but I will say that I will be using this Spring Break to look into and test out anything and everything you have talked about by the end of this break. (Once I am back from vacation on Tuesday.)
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    Name: WarpedCakez Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:79341741 Age: 19 Server playtime: 608.28 Time you can be on & Timezone: Weekdays: Depending on the day it can range anywhere from 9:30 AM EST - 12:30 PM EST. Saturday: Most of the time it is all day EST. Sunday: 12 PM EST - 3 PM EST, 10 PM EST - 12:30 PM EST Why do you want to become an admin?: I saw that some admins have stepped down from their positions and as the previous applications have not been updated and no new ones were created, I felt that it was time for me to step up. I want to make sure that we can have more admins online so someone can be monitoring the server at all times. I really like this server the best out of the rest of the ze servers and I want GFL to remain the best server to play ze on. An admin did recommend me to apply as well. Reason for accepting: I have lots of experience with this game mode and this server as I joined sometime in 2015. I do my best to follow the rules of the server and be a role model for others. People on the server trust me with leading and handling items so I have some respect from others already. I try my best to help out other people if they ask questions or if I can't give an answer I will direct them to someone else who can answer that. I have a low tolerance for trolls and mic/chat spammers and will be quick to give the appropriate punishment. While I many not have any online leadership experience, I have had experience with leadership roles in real life. I don't know how many of you feel about me, but I certainly get along well with you all and don't have any personal problems.
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    @Cyan @Violator cya-lator
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    And just like that, he vanished like a phart in the wind.
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    Extraordinary, I hope You all have an easy yet effective transition into your roles, I know all of you will do fine! Congratulations again: @RickGrimesTM @PB-n-J @CrusTi @SkittlezExZ
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    With the recent loss of two of our community advisors, we've been on the look out for members who have proven themselves to be trustworthy. These individuals have great work ethics that are beyond the call of duty to work alongside the staff team, and provide valuable insight and suggestions that will improve GFL. After people demonstrated their interest prior to a week-long interview, the Directorate have chosen four individuals that have shown excellence in their conduct, knowledge and advice. I would like to congratulate the following on their promotion to community advisor: @RickGrimesTM @PB-n-J @CrusTi @SkittlezExZ Well done, guys. We expect to see good things in the future.
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    Hello, I have recently sold all of my skins worth value. (CSGO SKINS ONLY) While I have some skins left that I did not sell, and you come to like one of those skins.. You can have it! I will be posting my trade link below, you may send a trade request for 1 item only. (1 item limit per person) It can be any item besides the USP Orion and the Pin (Future Giveaways). First come first serve, if you offer first then you will get the skin. Granted they are not the best skins, but they are skins. Goodluck to all! -iPro Trade Offer
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    Hello, I wanna be productive and not lazy so enter this anyway I'm doing an Art Raffle for an Icon of someone. (Headshots (and torsos) only) It can be of you, in cartoon form, anime form etc. In order to enter you must: Comment your specifications youshouldtotallylikethispostthobecauseiwouldlubbyou Winner will be Chosen on Friday If you'd want a few examples of what my art looks like, go here: I recommend checking out the last 3 pages, because I improved a lot since then so you'd get a better sense of what you're bargaining for
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    How about you do what the Directorate @Dano told you to do instead of spamming the forums and annoying everyone?