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    Decided to step down from my current position. I have almost no time for GFL anymore, and when I do have free time, it mostly goes towards other things. Quick thanks to @Dano as I don't think I would've been where I was without him. There is many more shoutouts, but It would take to long. You should all know who you are. I will still be around the forums harassing you all with my cancer.
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    Hello everyone! I have been with GFL for some time now and have been playing on the ZE CSGO server. I have been slowly gaining interest in making maps for the server. So this is my official post saying that i am working on maps currently for ZE. I am currently working on two maps! One will be a short sky platformer and will include items and possible a boss. As for the other I am hoping to make a very similar map to The Legend Of Zelda OOT Shadow Temple. This map is my main focus as it will have items, a mini boss, at least two stages, and a main boss. I will be posting updates on my work when I can on the forums. I have already started both maps and I should be done with my Sky map soon. If anyone has any questions or ideas please feel free to message me! These pictures are so you can get a feel what the Shadow Temple will be like.... Thanks everyone!
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    Hello everyone. I'm officially stepping down as ZE Manager as I've been moving away from playing on the server and directly doing manager duties in ZE. I'm still going to be one of the CS:GO Division leaders and help @xSnowyAngel if needed, but I wont do things such as map adding, admin applications, or demotions, unless @xSnowyAngel requests me to do so. PS: this is not an April Fools joke.
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    Well, my time has come. I’ve recently been way busier than I had anticipated I would be. I stepped down from my position as a technical administrator a while back due to my lack of time and effort. I didn’t feel good about being in such a position without having the energy nor time to put in the effort, I believe, it requires. I did, however, take my time before finally making my decision, and I’m deeply sorry about all the inconveniences I have caused and am causing. I’ve had my reasons but that’s irrelevant. I’m sorry. This will probably not be a surprise for some since I have internally stepped a dozen times, haha. However, this final move is long overdue. I initially started losing interest when my favorite division’s Independence Day took place. I lost a great number of friends that day, and my primary interest vanished from GFL. I did, however, stick around. This, among other things, has been a contributing factor to my loss of productivity which I know many of you sadly have witnessed. I should have stopped while the going was good. Now I have inflicted a lot of damage and I deeply apologize for that. A lot of events have taken place during my time in GFL. I have come to a point where I don’t know many anymore. I haven’t had the chance to socialize with the community nor newer staff since I haven’t been playing much. The people, who brought me into GFL (Cobra, Shinigami, Infantry, SFB, and some others), are no longer around. I guess I just miss the old days. I used to look up to GFL, and I was initially so proud to take part in the community especially as developer. This, sadly, does not apply anymore. I’ve lost my respect for the staff of GFL. Great people are rare; great leaders are even rarer. GFL is sadly running low. A lot of my great friends have vanished over my relatively short time with GFL, and I wish I could thank all of them for my experience. A select few of you, who is still around and mean a lot to me, deserve a special thanking: @Dano: Thanks for being a great friend and listener. I’m sorry for making you listen to all my personal problems but thanks for having been there for me. That meant a lot to me. @Roy: Thanks for giving me a shot at being a developer even without knowing me or my prior work. Thanks for letting me lead, or sink, the development team. Thanks for giving me all these opportunities. I’m sorry for letting you down on multiple occasions. @denros: I don’t think you can imagine the amount of respect I have for you. Although constantly being busy, you have pumped out invaluable assets for GFL. We haven’t talked much, but you have been a great inspiration and a great developer. Keep being awesome! @Ariistuujj: I, or most of us if not everyone, might not know much about you, but I do know that you’re a great friend to play with, develop with, and talk with. You’re always there to help or just have fun. Even though your to-do list keeps growing, you always have time for a chat. I know you don’t like attention and prefer just being in the shadows fixing and improving everything, but if anyone deserves attention for their hard work, it is you. Thanks for being a great help and friend. GFL does seem to currently be improving, and I expect a great time coming for GFL. I do, however, not wish to participate anymore. I wish the best of luck to the staff. If I know myself right, this won’t be the last you see of me. Anyways, it has been good. Thanks for everything, GFL. This will surely be a memorable chapter of my life. Thanks.
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    Hello. With the role of the director ever changing, our workload has become far greater than we anticipated and we’ve not been able to get everything that we want to do done in a decent amount of time. Therefore, we’ve been on the hunt for a new director. After some careful consideration, we’ve decided to promote @RickGrimesTM to director. Rick has been helping us out a lot recently with some of our projects by providing valuable input into many of our decisions and more! Even though he hasn’t been in his current position (community advisor) for long, we feel as though is ready to step up and help out GFL in a greater role. Welcome aboard Rick; we wish you the best of luck! Thanks! View full article
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    This is my entry, sorry if i didn't wrong.
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    The fuck is wrong with you mate? You kill someone by discombob, prop kill, or a weapon it is still RDM. Glad you are leaving with don't need your shit here.
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    Late Night Zombie Escape Event #1 Brand New Event at late night! Cast your votes suitable for your liking! MAP ze_rizomata_a44 ze_rizomata_b43 TIME/DATE Friday April 14th 9pm Central Time(US)/4am Central European Time(CET)10am GMT+8 Duration 2-3 hours (unless we beat it before the time stated) Rules Don't troll with items, or you will be banned from using them.Don't afk in spectate, or you will be kicked.Don't mic spam, let the leaders try to give commands over voice comm.Don't zombie inflate (Intentionally becoming a zombie to give the CT's a lesser chance).Mute round will be applied IF we deem it necessary.All other server rules apply to the event. External Links GFL ZE Discord: https://discord.gg/Bkfwg4q Map Download: ze_rizomata_a44. Link ze_rizomata_b43. Link Boss Guides: Voting Ends on April 9 Good luck and have fun! Edit: thank you for voting, the event will be held on friday the 14th at 9pm central.
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    Okay.. so here it goes. For the ones who don't know who I am, my name is Lil Poopy. About 5 months ago, I was extremely active in GFL. The forums, team speak, TTT, purge, I even started playing on CS:GO before my departure. On TTT I have 302.8 hours On Purge I have 69.3 hours I was active in team speak just about everyday, and knew or talked to most of the TS Server back then. I was very sociable. I was, so to speak, aggressively trying to become a GFL Admin on the TTT server. When I joined, my intent was to make people laugh, and just make the environment fun while I was playing. I would always follow the rules, and the very few times I made a mistake and broke a rule, I volunteered, or accepted, punishment for whatever rule I would have happened to break. I know the rules, and I love the GFL community. So, here is why I became inactive for the past 5 months. Please, do not judge me for my past mistakes I have made. Everyone makes mistakes, and sometimes there is consequences. I had to learn a very hard lesson, more than once unfortunately. But, this time around, I assure you, my lesson has been learned. Okay, so a long time ago, I picked up a bad criminal charge(s) against me. I personally do not feel the need/want to say what said charge(s) are against me.. But, I did a little bit of time in prison. I hit parole, and a couple months after my release began to play on the GFL servers. I enjoyed the energy, people, and staff, so I made it my primary server. I still had quite a bit of time left on my parole to say the least. So, one day as I was at home, my parole officer unexpectedly made a house visit. On parole, I wasn't able to have any contact with drugs, alcohol, guns, etc. But the Big Poopy that I am, I liked to drink. I had a couple empty beer bottles on the table and in the trash. My parole officer saw that, and sent the information to my judge, and they violated me. I had a court date on November the 8th, and I was fully expecting for them to show leniency on me because so far I had been being very good. But, the odds turned out to not be in my favor. The judge demanded I spend 4-6 months in a drug rehab program. The program in Texas is called SATF. I spent the last 5 months there and was let out at a decent time because I completed the program successfully, and will continue to be on parole for some time. And to clear the air, no, I am not a drug addict. Texas just has a different approach to things I guess, so they sent me there instead of throwing me back in prison. I was just released 2 days ago, April 3rd, and decided to resume playing on GFL Servers. I made a stupid decision of continuing to do things I know I should not have been doing. Why? Because in my mind, at the time, I thought that my parole officer would never come to visit me, because people told me they rarely do home visits. So, I believed them and figured I would be okay and acted carelessly. Now, don't think I'm just getting out and coming straight to a game and ignoring my priorities I still have to take care of, because I'm not. Next week, I will be starting at a low-end job for the time being until I can find a warehouse job with decent pay. The judge and the district attorney made it very clear to me that they better not see me again for another slip up, or they will make me serve my remaining time that I have, behind bars. I am here to say, I promise I will not ever put myself in that situation again. Not only did the judge put fear in me with that statement, but the program helped immensely in recovering. I am not an addict, but it made me realize I do not need any sort of substance, including alcohol, in my life. Due to my past mistakes, I have lost a lot. I lost valuable, precious time, that I had to spend in prison, and also recovering. I also lost another great thing I had going for me, my fiancee, now my ex-fiancee. As some of you may know, before I left, I was very eager to tell everyone I proposed to my lovely girlfriend. Due to this incarceration for the past 5 months, she decided she didn't want to wait for me and deemed me as a lost cause. No need for apologetic pity, because I have came to terms with the separation and accepted it. It wasn't meant to be, and I'm just happy to be out and alive. Everyone makes mistakes in their lives, everybody has their own demons. Mine are now laid out for you to read about, GFL. Please, do not think bad of me for my past mistakes. I am only human. I wanted to explain to the staff and community why I was gone for so long. Because now, I am back. And with that being said, Lil Poopy is still aggressively trying to pursue an admin position on GFL. I will be active once again, and will soon, after showing activity, begin trying to gain sponsors once again. Thank you GFL for taking the time to read through this extremely long essay of mine, I hope to meet you all very soon. Poopy signing off. *drops mic*
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    Unfortunately ever since Delta's resignation last night, Snowy has been let off his leash and become a tyrant. He's added weeb skins, enabled fall damage, turned !zclass Japanese, made Kakarot, Aurelien, and Niederzier admin. With these turn of events I made the decision to resign as admin as I cannot be a part of a server like this. If we convince ourselves it's an april fools day joke and not resist, Snowy will take that as a sign that people like the changes and keep going with these server ruining changes! I say that we all STAND UP to this tyrant and let him know that his changes are NOT welcome on this server! Say it with me! Say it loud, say it clear, Snowy is not welcome here! Say it LOUD, say it CLEAR, SNOWY is NOT welcome here!!! SAY IT LOUD, SAY IT CLEAR, SNOWY IS NOT WELCOME HERE!!!
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    Hello. With the role of the director ever changing, our workload has become far greater than we anticipated and we’ve not been able to get everything that we want to do done in a decent amount of time. Therefore, we’ve been on the hunt for a new director. After some careful consideration, we’ve decided to promote @RickGrimesTM to director. Rick has been helping us out a lot recently with some of our projects by providing valuable input into many of our decisions and more! Even though he hasn’t been in his current position (community advisor) for long, we feel as though is ready to step up and help out GFL in a greater role. Welcome aboard Rick; we wish you the best of luck! Thanks!
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    Smash @Snoopy ****SATANIC WARNING****
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    I put a lot of effort into this... this took days and days... Can I please please please enter duuuudeeeee, please. This is pure art. @Azura I love you.
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    Hi, my name is @rapperdan, my ego is higher then my iq.
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    Having mastered the hall ways of Gris, conquered the Mako Reactor, hopped over Wanderers... Potti takes on his next challenge... the slopes of Liciana
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    Seriously though the GFL Gmod Zombie Survival server is an absolute trainwreck without any admins on.
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    Hey guys, I'm going on Spring Break starting tomorrow and I'm going on a trip for a week I won't be on starting tomorrow for a week, but while I am gone I WILL have my phone so I'll have mobile Steam access as well as Discord. Thanks. Peace guys Notifying these tags: @Violator @Zebra @Kubnair @Maskiee @Soviet_nazi @Tay
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    Directors: @Snoopy @Roy @Dano @Shuruia @RickGrimesTM Division Leaders: @Zebra @Violator Server Managers: @RickGrimesTM @Roy Senior Admins: Admins: @Kubnair @Xy_ Trial Admins:
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    General Rules: 1. The Admin's word is FINAL. If an Admin says not to do something, then don't do it, even if it isn't covered elsewhere in the MOTD. 2. Please respect one other on the server or you may be punished. This involves players and admins. 3. Hacking/scripting is not allowed and will result in severe punishment. 4. Stay out of an Admin's business with another player. For example: If a player was muted, do not bother the Admin with "Why did you do that?" or "Abuse, abuse" in a trolling manner. This may result in a gag/mute (whichever is applicable). If the admin is abusing his/her powers you can report them with VALID proof on our Website by PMing a higher-up. 5. Do not advertise other websites or communities. 6 Do not make DDos threats to the server or GFL as a whole. We take these very seriously and will punish accordingly. 7. Do not impersonate other players or admins. 8. Do not avoid punishment by leaving the server. This will result in a ban unless a valid reason is given for leaving. 9. This is an English server so if you do not speak english expect others to want to gag you. Server Specific Rules 1. Do not delay the round. 2. No exploiting out of the map and using it to your advantage. If you somehow get to a spot that no one else can get too please head back into the map. ***Rules will be added overtime so be sure to check up on the MOTD***
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    When you have a nice forum game but the admins are assholes.
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    Made this in like 8 or 9th grade, pls no hate.
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    Unfortunately I have finally made my mind up to resign from the Jailbreak server. This decision is due to the fact that my computer is pretty outdated and it is simply too hard to enjoy playing a game that does not run well. I hope to get a new one in the near future so I can come back and have many more fun times. Thanks to all the regulars, and the staff. See ya soon JB. <3 Two resignations in one month is a sad personal record that I now have.
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    Soldier, welcome back to the battleground! We have brought you here because you are the best, the smartest and the brightest. Here you will find yourself pitted against other challengers wishing to prove themselves in the realm of battle. You will each take on other challengers in intense 1v1 simulations where you'll fight to reign supreme over everyone else. And if you succeed? Well, then you'll be rewarded greatly. Be careful however, as there will be competitors who have already seen fierce battles and will be bringing experience to the field with them! This is not for the weak or the faint hearted, so feel free to sign up if you think you have what it takes. -------------------------------------------- Tournament Details Start date - Saturday 20th May - Sunday 21st May Round time - 10PM UTC / 5PM EDT Hosted by - @Darkling @Shuruia Map - Ecopoint: Antarctica Region - Americas (We may change this for the final rounds if they are both EU) Semi-Finals/ Finals will be a "Best of 3" All other rounds will be "Best of 1" Bracket Map - http://challonge.com/GFL1v1Overwatch Twitch stream - https://www.twitch.tv/gflclan This will be the second Overwatch tournament hosted by GFL. We welcome everyone to participate and hope that you all enjoy the experience! I would also like to take a moment to thank both @Snoopy and @Dano for organising the previous competition and getting us all into the fighting spirit! The tournament will be held over the course of 2 days, with the semi finals and finals being held on the 2nd day. The format will be similar to the previous competition. You can enter no matter what region you play, as long as you meet the requirements below. Requirements: You must only enter using your own Overwatch/Battle.net account. You have to be level 25 or higher to enter. (Let us know if you are close) You must be a GFL member+ upon sign up. (sign up here) Tournament Rules: Turn up to the event on time. Show respect to other players. (Mild trash talk is allowed) Don't deliberately force a draw! Don't use bugs/glitches! Don't camp in spawn! The hosts will have the final say! Rewards: 1st Place - $20 Steam game OR 3 months of VIP 2nd Place - $10 Steam game OR 2 months of VIP 3rd Place - $5 Steam game OR 1 month of VIP (Steam game will be gifted to the user) The rewards are subject to change. Any change made will only be IN ADDITION to what is already being offered. -------------------------------------------- How to sign up. Make ONE post stating the following: 1. Your battle.net ID. 2. Proof of your level in game. (You can use sites such as https://www.overbuff.com/ to take a screenshot) 3. Tell everyone why you will emerge victorious! (cockiness is acceptable) (any questions need to be asked in this post as well) Cut off date for sign ups! Tuesday 16th May
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    My name is Freekstar and Im here to expose anothaaa GFL member. Today i am gonna be exposing Skittlez the CA, or as many know him as a Nazi. Ya see not only does he cheat in csgo because he can't GIT GUD. He cheated and got Vac banned. Got straight toasted ba boasted. But Skittlez is indeed a Nazi, the forum Nazi, the oppressioner, the Führer, and worst then all a Community Advisor (what a pleb rank amirite????? Member all da way eggs dee) . He is probably gonna give me a warning point and take the post down because he can't handle the truth. So FIGHT THE NAZI and idk ummm, MAKE FUN OF HIS SHOES LUL. I will show you his dumbie face shoes LOOK AT THIS DISGUST. Silly Sketcher wearing stupid skittle face. Heelys were there they at, only Kool kidz where Heelys, like @Johaw and @bballallan @Skittlez @Skittlez @Skittlez @Skittlez @Skittlez @Skittlez@Skittlez @Skittlez @Skittlez@Skittlez@Skittlez@Skittlez @Skittlez @Skittlez@Skittlez@Skittlez@Skittlez@Skittlez@Skittlez@Skittlez@Skittlez@Skittlez@Skittlez@Skittlez@Skittlez@Skittlez@Skittlez @Skittlez@Skittlez@Skittlez
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    After much deliberation I have decided to step down from all positions I have. I will need to be removed from Jailbreak Head-Admin, H&S Admin, and Breach admin. I want to give a huge thank you to @RickGrimesTM. You have been an amazing manager and person to me. I thank you for all your tryst that you put in me and I hope I fulfilled your hopes. There are multiple reasons why I am stepping down, but one of the bigger reasons is because of my up coming schedule. I am far to busy to keep a decent activity schedule. There are some other reasons that helped lead me to my decision. If you would lie to know just pm me and I'll wont be timid to share those feelings. The time I have spent here in the last 4 months have been fun, but as they say all good things must come to an end. I want to thank some people: @_Eli-you know where to find me and you are a cool dood @RickGrimesTM-You are a great person and I know you will do great things with your new position. @Dano-ik I wasnt your favorite but you were a good person and always had answers to my questions. @Xy_-You are an awesome friend and I will miss ya <3 @Maskiee-Known you since the start and will keep in touch. @Z1galord-Complicated relationship but was always fun playing with you. @Skittlez-You always were a cool person to talk to and always super chill. @Darkling-gay...I'm just kidding you were a cool duse and wish you all the best in life I want to say bye to my admin team and wish them all the best. You were an awesome team and it was fun playing with you guys. Keep up your hard work in and out of Jailbreak. I made some enemies and I made some friends, but you win some and you lose some. I'll see some of you around I'm sure. Goodbye, Mundo
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    The year was 2002. A young boi named Eli had just emerged into the world. He was probably made from a broken condom, but that didn't stop my poor ass parents from trying to make my life pretty good. but now i'm a fat loser and a disappointment so gg no re, thank you. goodnight. I love money.
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    I think Violator found a new server to get afk hours on ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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    April Giveaway I hope you all enjoy this giveaway As you may know, I do giveaways every month. I do this do give back to my community, since I care highly for you all. This month I will be giving you guys 2 items! Keep in mind there will only be 1 winner. This giveaway will end April 15, 12pm EST http://itsalmo.st/#aprilgiveawaytime This month you guys may enter for these 2 items. CSGO USP-S Orion FN w/ Crown Foil Guardian 2 Pin The winner will receive both items! To enter, follow these steps.. 1: Comment below your forum name. EX: @iPro Here are the rules.. 1: You must be a GFL Member 2: Do not enter for an items you already own. Keep in mind, you can still get free skins/stickers here: https://gflclan.com/forums/topic/12859-free-skins/ PM me for any further questions or concerns!
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    Thanks for all the support guys. Much appreciated.
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    Voted for WaffleDino. Faex came a close second in my opinion! Actual creating animation for this competition at a high enough quality was very hard and for those who put effort into there work, I tip my hat to you! WaffleDino's animation in my opinion was the best option to pick!
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    I have no idea how to make them multi coloured like that but I guess I could get someone to change the colours for me so I can make "prestige" or something like that. What do you guys think? Bronze Pips 0 - No pip 1 post - 1 Bronze Pip 100 posts - 2 Bronze Pip 200 posts - 3 Bronze Pips 300 posts - 4 Bronze Pips 400 posts - 5 Bronze Pips Silver Pips 500 - 1 Silver Pip 600 - 2 Silver Pips 700 - 3 Silver Pips 800 - 4 Silver Pips 900 - 5 Silver Pips Gold Pips 1000 - 1 Gold Pip 1100 - 2 Gold Pips 1200 - 3 Gold Pips 1300 - 4 Gold Pip s 1400 - 5 Gold Pips Diamond Blueish colour 1500 - 1 Diamond Pip 1600 - 2 Diamond Pips 1700 - 3 Diamond Pips 1800 - 4 Diamond Pips 1900 - 5 Diamond Pips Rainbow Colour 2000+ - 7 Rainbow Pips
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    Hey Guys, I don't post or share things as you know just by visiting my profile, but if you play on GFL ZE 24/7 ( you know I am a pretty familiar and pretty active with players on the server. I like to play try hard maps when try hard hour comes and I like to play chill maps. I have played on servers like Mapadores and Steam Gamers. GFL's zombie escape has always had a special place and is pretty much the only ZE server I will support. I am writing this post to ask for Jurassic Park to be brought back to GFL's ZE regular nomination list. It was very popular and suddenly around June 2016 the map was removed. The spawn type currently referred to as "classic spawn". Similar spawn types exist for this map as seen in Icecap Escape which is another chill map I enjoy. There are many regular players on the server which would like to see Jurassic Park Escape brought back to the regular nomination cycle. There are many reasons told to me as to why the map was removed. Some of the top ones include: 1. Blaming players is not a valid reason as GFL has a very robust workflow within their admin system. Problematic players can be muted, gagged, kicked, and banned depending on the severity. These types of players exist on your novice maps and try hard maps. Chill players like my myself do not condone their behavior. 2. There are many chill players on the server which love maps like Jurassic, LOTR Trlogy, Random, etc. It is played when we want or need to have a break from hardcore hour. These players are what makes up most of the GFL ZE's server population. They would also like to see this added back. They do not like to mess around when hardcore hour comes around which is great. I personally do not like to mess around on try hard maps as my first experience was Luffaren's Santa and Predator map back in March 2016 which ,an understatement, mind blowing. The experience should not be destroyed by some mic spamming troll or player seeking to ruin the fun. Late last year, I set a goal to try to beat the epic-ally impossible map. That has been achieved! 3. The map was played as soon as it was able to be nominated which is the same for all the other chill maps. This reason is the least valid as it has been dealt with on other maps by increasing the map rotation period which has been done. I believe the current rotation period is 25. I have spoken to many of the players on the server which range from members, current admins, and supporters. They wish to see this map brought back as well. Best Regards, Gender Bender
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    Welcome back everybody i am your host FUCKKKKBOIIIIII FREEKSTAR, lets get right into the juicy noose. IM BACK BABY and with another JUICYYYYY and SMEGM...I MEAN SMEXY EXPOSE. On the one and only, tea drinking and biscuit eating Brit. @Snoopy Ya see Snoopy as a Council ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) All Snoopy wanted was the scrumptious of booties. BUT He only became a White knight to Potato. WHAT A BITCH AMIRITE... I MEAN.. Dick... ummm Cunt?? Whatever he is a white knight and scummy scummerson who didn't buy a proper set of utensils. He also stole my waifu CUNT. I MEAN, IM NOT GAY....maybe
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    Just bringing you some H1Z1 Clips over the past month or so, hope you enjoy! Also, a big thanks to everyone that a I play with, you guys are the reason I can stand this shitty as game. Players in video: @Dano @GLiTCh @kenny @iPro @Cypher @Crusty @Banana_King @BulldoG @Korowa; Also a thanks to @Wilford_brimleyy for letting me steal his songs again If you want to see the first video I posted click below.
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    Gay. I vote for Dan; fuck the haters.
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    Alright, so I decided to play a little prank yesterday, and the reactions I have got are hilarious! Let me explain the prank. Since I had access to editing Darkling's and TomRiddle's channels, I decided to play a little funny prank. I first changed Darkling's channel to my own *same description and everything*, and Tom's channel to Darkling's channel *same description and everything*. Darkling thought the prank was pretty funny, and supported me pranking Tom as well. <3 So Tom doesn't have a channel, and here's his reaction. So I might get killed tonight, you know who to blame if I do. (In case you're confused) @Darkling @TomRiddle
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    Name in-game - Korowa ^^ Steam profile - http://steamcommunity.com/id/korowachan/ Which server are you applying for? - EU Age - 15 Playtime on server? - 837,3 Do you use your mic? - Yes. Why should you be accepted? - I was previously the EU manager and admin, and I would like to come back and help out in the server. I am experienced in dealing with admin situations and I know my way around. I usually try to bring a fun environment to the server and make sure every player has fun, and I try to help as much as I can. Any other info? - I apologise for the bad things I've done, and I would like to make up to it. Names you have played under? - Korowa ^^, Korowa, [GFL] Korowa, and most popularly known 3 years ago as Aero. Sponsor(s) - @Johaw, @MucusCough, @Octavia
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    The reason I put my unfinished animation in is because I thought no one else was going to submit their animation and with that Dan's submission doesn't even count as one, I thought I should submit mine anyway because he would've won by default. Still, most would've voted for Dan anyway because of his popularity, which I honestly feel is outrageous and immature. I don't have anything against Dan, however, I am getting upset by the fact that he will mostly get the popular vote due to his meme status, even if his submission doesn't even fit into the category. @BLAZE You don't need to feel sorry for me, I only submitted mine to prevent Dan from winning by default. Maybe I should've gone with a 2D animation instead where animating is a lot simpler if you have artistic talent. Now with that out of the way I voted for @WafflyDino because of the effort put into his submission. I do find Supercon99's submission funny, however, it looks more like you're moving a ragdoll around. I'm not saying it is that, but I'm skeptical. Regardless of that, the facial cartoon animation is pretty good.
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    Due to recent events I will be resigning from all my Jailbreak positions. I'll miss you all. Thank you for all of the memories, as I will be remembering them forever. I'll only tag a few of my close friends, because I would forget a lot of people. I have some problems with the way it's being managed, along with an ex admin that put me over the edge. I no longer find Jailbreak fun, it has just burnt out for me. It feels more like a burden than having fun. This thread is only for Jailbreak, not any of my other positions. I will still keep in contact with the friends I have made, you will always be a friend with me. I'd like to thank everyone for the time I had, it was truly a decent time. No, this is not April Fools. Also, big thanks to a few guys for becoming really good friends with me, I hope we can continue this friendship for a long time. @Swishizzo @King_Wailord @c0dfish @bballallan @Worgee @Cypher
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    Disclaimer: nothing in this story is true, but you all know the truth @Roy idiot Two Mean Uncles Fingering to the Beat A Short Story by The Best Writer IN GFL Christian The Homosexual was thinking about Christine The Lesbo Dominatrix again. Christine was a xd Goober with fat dick and fat vagina. Christian walked over to the window and reflected on his really stupid surroundings. He had always loved stupid GFL with its splendid, shallow stupid directors. It was a place that encouraged his tendency to feel afraid. Then he saw something in the distance, or rather someone. It was the a xd figure of Christine The Lesbo Dominatrix. Christian gulped. He glanced at his own reflection. He was a dumb, retarded, jizz drinker with fat dick and fat vagina. His friends saw him as an immense, impossible Idiot. Once, he had even revived a dying, SoJa. But not even a dumb person who had once revived a dying, SoJa, was prepared for what Christine had in store today. The hail pounded like chatting blue bottles, making Christian delighted. Christian grabbed a small af statue that had been strewn nearby; he massaged it with his fingers. As Christian stepped outside and Christine came closer, he could see the smiling glint in her eye. Christine gazed with the affection of 589 mentally disabled rich rabbits. She said, in hushed tones, "I love you and I want chocolate." Christian looked back, even more delighted and still fingering the small af statue. "Christine, I love you," he replied. They looked at each other with healthy feelings, like two flaky, forgotten foxes gyrating at a very deranged funeral, which had electronic music playing in the background and two mean uncles fingering to the beat. Christian regarded Christine's fat dick and fat vagina. "I feel the same way!" revealed Christian with a delighted grin. Christine looked worried, her emotions blushing like a grieving, gleaming guillotine. Then Christine came inside for a nice drink of jizz. THE END
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    Name it Magmadrake and sue @Luffaren because you'll finish first.
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    Qualities of a good admin right here. "Ima get someone else to do my work for me"
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    Its been awhile since we did the maps changelog Added ze_bioshock_v6_2_csgo2 ze_ffxii_westersand_v7_2_e2_fix3 ze_jurassicpark_c1v4_p2 (Re-added) ze_negative_legacy_xf2 ze_sky_athletic_adv_v9_9 ze_surf_vortex_v1_9 ze_tilex_ultimate_v2_12