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    Well I thought I'd finally make this post since quite a few people are asking about it but as you've probably seen I've stepped down from the director position. I haven't had much time for GFL and work has been pretty stressful abd tiresom recently so I've stepped down to make way for a new director (Edit: I'm on about @RickGrimesTM idiots <3). I just want to thank everyone for giving me a chance at the position of director, especially @Roy as he has been the guy who has kept me motivated and to strive for greatness. Hopefully what I've done has had a good impact on GFL. I'll certainly stay around in GFL but I don't know if I'll ever be coming back to the Higherups. I'll always be around if they need some advise though. You can still catch me in Teamspeak.
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    (This only applies to a handful of our TS3 users, so feel free to ignore this post if you don't use TS3.) A couple of TS3 users by the names of Salad and OGMartin were found to have embedded IP trackers into their TS3 channel descriptions. How this works is that certain obscure websites can act as image hosts for the ostensible purpose of embedding images through markup languages. The difference between these and more reputable sites such as Gyazo and Imgur is that the latter are bound by their privacy policies to withhold the IP addresses of anyone that accesses a hosted image; the former do not operate in this fashion and are rather known almost exclusively by offering the ability to discover the IP addresses of others. IP trackers aren't necessarily bad on their own (a lot of Tumblr pages use them), although the actions that one may opt to take with the garnered addresses would speak volumes of their character. The aforementioned users have been permanently banned and their channels have been deleted due to DoS attacks they have conducted against certain members of our community. If you have recently been experiencing slow Internet speeds, you may be a potential victim of this. The DoS attacks seem to be limited to a pool of under ten people, although we know for certain that they logged a sizeable amount of IP addresses. If you think you have been affected, it would be prudent of you to change your IP address. This is a very simple process for most people, and there are various articles on the Internet that explain how you can go about doing this. I will be privately contacting those that we know for sure were affected. We have also presently removed channel description editing from channel admins, but you can rest assured that this will be reversed in the near future.
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    March Giveaway This might be my LAST giveaway As you may know, I do giveaways every month. I do this do give back to my community, since I care highly for you all. This month I will be letting you guys choose from a few options. Keep in mind there will only be 1 winner. This giveaway will end March 15, 12pm EST http://itsalmo.st/#theendofthemarchgiveaway This month you guys may choose from these 2 options. $20 Steam Card CSGO P250 | Sand Dune MW Choose wisely as both are very good options. To enter, follow these steps.. 1: Comment below what gift you would like. Here are the rules.. 1: You must be a GFL Member 2: You may not change the answer you have chose 3: Do not enter for the sand dune if you own one.
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    Hey guys. It's time for me to move on, I don't enjoy playing computer as much anymore and need to try live my life differently. I will still be on steam now and then, but cut GFL entirely off my day. This is due to personal focus and treatment. It's important to me, to tell that I loved every member, even the ones that were difficult to love. I would like to thank everyone who supported me in GFL and the ones I co operated with. Zombie-Escape This one is hard to leave, as it was with me since it were nothing but an empty server. For almost 1½ year has the server been number 1 on gametracker CS:GO, so I felt very successful with it. I am more than happy to say that I believe Deltacommander will do will continue running it. I would like to thank the past admins and the new admins who rarely got to see me that you guys have made the server a great experience to run for me. JailBreak This was short but still a great experience, I got to know new heads. I co operated with HackingPotato and Denros, those were amazing people. Thank you everyone, this has been a great experience to me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KrLk4F8OdPg
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    So I have been in college for a bit and I am up late doing my paper... figured I finally have time to do this. SHOCKER I stepped down. I told everyone before hand and I love all of you. Not leaving for sure I certainly do not have time for anything else than college, forensics team, and being president for my hall... If you need anything the easiest way to reach me is my social media. @kyle049 - Snapchat @kylarchandler - Instagram I still have a bunch of contacts, I still know a lot, I have literally been through anything that can happen within GFL. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ I am most proud of the people I have recognized to be put up. I am in no way responsible for their success; however I feel I had a hand in that success by recognizing them maybe earlier than they might have been So this is my list of Hall of famers that I have had the privilege to affect their careers here. I am so proud of you, and I hope the biggest things for you all. @Cypher - Constantly sticking my neck out for your dumb ass. However it's not because we are buds it is because I know you're great at what you do keep at it bud @Dano - My son, Made him admin, made him manager, made him Server Manager... could not be more proud of this man.. Keep it up Dano @Thomasdavid097 - Fun fact I trained you in CS:GO I gave you your first admin and Manager outside of GMOD.. Led to great things very proud of you Thomas. One note do not let things get to you my man. @Violator - You speak for yourself all I did was give you Division Leader that was one that was going to happen really not my decision at the time it was a given. @Ariistuujj - Again not a choice on my part, it was always your choice to be how active you want because of how skilled you are and how much you actually care. I just discovered you :3 @Sleazoid @Benroyjam - You guys really built your own way I was just glad to be the ones to give you admin in CS:GO.. @SwegBuster - I personally think you were behind someone else for too long. You are going to do great things Sweg just keep up that enthusiasm with whatever you do. @BulldoG - If Dano is son, you are grandson.. You took over DR after Dano... way to long after but I see the way you try. It would take to much from your personality to give up and that is shown. @Syrus - If he wants to.. the next biggest man in GFL. This kid wants to learn.. he has time.. and he has ambition.. reminds me of me so long ago... You are the man Syrus do not change for anyone besides yourself and keep bettering yourself. To everyone else who left, who is still here, who I did not have time. I encourage you to DM me I would love to have conversations with you guys. There was so many I do not have time to type out and message like @floopyhiggle and @Kim (Love you uglies) _________________________________________________________________________________________________ To the newbies.. Hi I am Kylar, I was a Big part of GFL for way to long and you just missed me.. sucks to suck. If you're interested in learning more about this and want to get started in this amazing legacy I highly encourage it just talk to them they really need people who want to learn and are excited to get involved. P.S. Do not let this be your life like I did.. I grew up in a place where I was surrounded by trees. Get involved in your community, meet some girls, get drunk a few times. Just do not let this be your only source of community. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Finally, to Roy. @Roy Hey little brother, I appreciate you taking a chance on me so long ago. I realize you do not socialize very often with the members, but I am glad to call you a friend towards the end. Who ever gave me this VIP is a sweetheart by the way .... appreciate it. I still hold my side of the bargain that whatever you need me to do I still got you guys. It is unfortunate I had to put my professional community persona to a hold. I am glad that after all this time it is going on hold here. The community you have here is something special. I just have to start my life.. I know you're feeling that creep on to. I hope you are stronger than me and are able to find the balance. Weather you realize it or not you were a godly figure to the community for so long and it was an honor. I appreciate you not making me administrator after the dismemberment of council the first time. I might still be here and I do not think I can split the difference between this and college. I digress... Thanks for everything you have done.. like giving me a chance after just three weeks...etc. Sincerely, ~Kylar Chandler
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    Hey everyone! I'm sorry to say but i need to leave my position on Hide and Seek. I could give a thousand and a half reasons why i need to, but i'll give the important things. My life has been a really cluttered mess for a long while, with school, trying to get a job, and just life things, i can't find myself wanting to give time to the server, and it stresses me that i can't do anything else for it. Don't get me wrong, i loved working on the server and i loved working with GFL, i just can't give anymore time that doesn't get in the way of my own life. I spend too much time worrying about messing things up and getting myself demoted anyway that it just adds to the stress of my everyday life. I need to leave and focus on my own life rather than a Garry's Mod server. it'll honestly be a relief to me to step away from managing Hide and Seek and focus on better things (not that it wasn't important, i still enjoyed helping GFL, i just need to help myself first.) It was so much fun working with everyone, and i love the people i've met and left, especially my admin team / former team. There'd be too many people to tag in this that i don't think i could tag them all. It was a blast being a part of this community, but it's just my time to go, i guess. I'll still be around on the shoutbox, and around the forums, just not in game or in teamspeak as much. It was fun, and i love every one of you, even those i had troubles with. Ah fuck it i'll tag everyone. Starting with my former admin team. @Impaled @bnewton @AtomicHeadphones @AciFire @Nap14hockey @Zexired @Mundo @mbs @Mistyful @Mango605YT It was wonderful working with you guys. You guys gave me reason to keep working on the server, It was an honor being your manager. I'd happily do it again. @Finnick - Nice meme, son. @Zebra and @Violator- Thank you for this opportunity. @JoelSmith - I'm still pissed you left too. @Bae - for making me all sorts of art things @John_Ariana_Man - Eh i still talk to you faggot. @Shiny - Love you. @Korowa - :3 @Dana - We should talk more, you're awesome :3 @Hannah - The person who put me into Hide and Seek in the first place. Never forget you. @Dano - For helping me so much and especially through my worst. @Shuruia - For putting up with me laughing at the way you say banana. @Darkling - For being a really good person to me. @ButterKing5000 - Keep rocking on purge my man. @PresidentTrump - xd @Carrick - i'll still talk to you, and i'll eventually hear your voice. @GLiTCh - One of my best friends in GFL. We need to talk more my man. @SuperFineMan - My nigga. @TimmyWu - Again, my nigga. @Xy_ - You did wonderfully on the time you were on hide and seek. I wish you luck on your other admin positions. @Telemetry - there you go :3 I'm gonna forget people, and they're gonna be triggered, but just shush, i'm a very forgetful person and i'm writing this at 8am, okay? Thank you for this wonderful opportunity, - Twig
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    I've just seen Cypher post and I can't believe I am doing the same. Recently I have not been very active with directors. I feel it's time for me to take a break. I value this community loads and @Roy along with multiple people in this community have helped me become a better programmer and person. I think it's time I focused on my personal life however I will still be around on the forums to fix problems where need be. Thanks to all of you!
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    Division Leaders: @Violator Steam @Zebra Steam ________________________________________________ Server Manager: @ButterKing5000 - Steam ________________________________________________ Head-Admin: @Unknown - Steam ________________________________________________ Senior Admins: @flyingjoe32 - Steam @IchTuDirWeh - Steam @DaLaw - Steam _______________________________________________ Admins: @Xy_ - Steam @stevepwnsyou9 - Steam @Dreamm - Steam @DoctorDJ - Steam @psychoshadowXXX - Steam ________________________________________________ Trial Admins: @Zodaxa - Steam @Bunnynator - Steam @Lunar - Steam @MsShad0w - Steam ________________________________________________
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    Decided to step down from my current position. I have almost no time for GFL anymore, and when I do have free time, it mostly goes towards other things. Quick thanks to @Dano as I don't think I would've been where I was without him. There is many more shoutouts, but It would take to long. You should all know who you are. I will still be around the forums harassing you all with my cancer.
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    Too busy to contribute anything close to what is required by any of the directors. I want VIP forever, thanks. See ya kids.
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    Well, it is a new month. And with new months come new giveaways. (I do giveaways every month) February is the month of love. And I love all of you, so I will be giving away... 2x VIP Status For A Whole Month! That means two of you could have VIP rank on everyone of the GFL Servers. All you have to do to enter is.. Like this post Comment who your Valentine is (2 entries if you include a picture of you and your Valentine) (I am not asking for likes, I am just using it as a second reference) Here are the giveaway rules: You cannot enter if you have VIP after the date of February 14th. You can enter if you are a SUPPORTER Must be a GFL Member You can only enter ONCE The giveaway will end on February 14th, at 12 am EST (Eastern Standard Time) Here is a countdown timer: http://itsalmo.st/#giveawaytime Goodluck to all. Best Regards, iPro.
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    Well, seeing as I was demoted, I most likely will not be on that frequently anymore. I’ll still most likely hop in TeamSpeak from time to time and maybe even get on some servers occasionally. Now for my farewells (even though i’ll still talk to some of you bitches) @Addy - Thanks for getting me into Purge in the first place when you were still an admin, you’re probably the reason I wanted to be an admin so bad. @Zebra - Thank you for giving me a chance at being admin, admin+, and almost head admin @Stud - You were fun to play GTA with, and I wish you had your own PC so you could get on more. @OGMartin - Thanks for being one of the most fun to be around people in GFL. You better not lose our streak. @JoelSmith - We had some great times on Purge, and I hope you one day get the opportunity and the recognition that you deserve. @ButterKing5000 - You were the best head-admin I ever got the chance to be under. Good luck with Deathrun, Purge, and anything else you may decide to do. @GLiTCh - You were a good admin+, a good head-admin (for like a week), a good manager, and most of all, a sellout @Dano - I had fun being carried by you in Dead by Daylight. Thanks for all of your overall help. @Shuruia - Thanks for being very proper, and for all of your general help. @Syrus - You were 2good4me on Dead by Daylight. @John_Santa_Man - We had our ups and downs, but I’m glad we stopped hating each-other and became friends. Good luck on Purge and HnS. @Twig - We also had our ups and downs, but I’m glad we stopped being aids towards each other. Have fun with HnS my boi. You unhealthy cunt. @Maskiee - I love you. @TimmyWu - I’m glad I got to see you get unbanned, Maybe we can play Payday 2 again someday. @rapperdan - Thanks for being the biggest meme in GFL, no matter how many times I called you cancer. @Ariistuujj - Thank you for all of your help with creating models and converting them in to files that would work with Gmod. @Nap14hockey - You’re a great admin and I can see you doing a lot in GFL if you put your mind to it. Best regards @RickGrimesTM - We may have argued about Purge’s MOTD a few times, but I’m glad you're one of the few that I can tell actually care about purge. @Mary - Look at it this way, we have more time to write essays, drink tea, and practice our grammar. @Rcool64 - Thanks for training me on CW:RP, that training may one day save my life , and thank you for giving me points for naming all of the Beatles on Deathrun @Bigtime388 - I had a lot of fun playing GTA with you, and we had some fun times on purge too. @PaperMoney - I’m glad you got admin back after your demotion. We gotta play some zombies sometime, well that is if the BLOOD doesn't bother you @Auggie- We should play the forest some time. @Bae - Thanks for sexually assaulting me on purge, I enjoyed every second of it. @Frosty.Finnick - Draw me a fucking salad or I riot. @SwegBuster - We had some fun in GTA and even on Purge a few times, and I’m glad I got to know you man. @Unknown - Good luck with being head admin. @Bomber314 - You show a lot of potential for purge, and I’m glad that the future is looking up for the server. @flyingjoe32 - We didn't talk all that much, but I really enjoyed being on an admin team with you. @Violator - Spare some ranks? @Jermsquad - #IDidItForPapa @SkittlezExZ - You are a cool guy. @IchTuDirWeh - I'll never forget the time we turned the admin area into space, good fucking times. @stevepwnsyou9 - I’m glad you got admin back again, try not to get caught hacking again @Carrick - I’ll miss the glorious sound of your keyboard clacks, and your typing skill even when playing a game. @Blah - Glad you got admin my dude, good luck. @Olli - Congrats on getting admin! I know you worked really hard for it. At least they had a good admin lined up to replace me @Kazllab - I hope you’ll still let me buy from you in purge, but i know that if i don’t you’ll get me your special express ticket to spawn. @MikePence I hope you keep streaming because I actually enjoy watching you on twitch. @Santahiggle - Thanks for reminding me that I pee sitting down. I also want say thank you to all of the fallen purge admins such as @DeathTheKid, @SpookyBoxBattleMe, @Ezecute, @Universe34, @Deya, @GLOdysseus, @CLITPUNCHER, etc. Everyone on the list above made my time being an admin for GFL a great time, and I'm forever grateful. and finally... @Otter -
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    Those within GFL's higher circles have been discussing certain individuals to be considered in a series of various promotions. These promotions will span our TF2, CS:GO, GMod and media divisions. Given that the discussions for such matters are still ongoing, the final decisions for all of the divisions have yet to be disclosed. Even so, the final decisions on the TF2 and media divisions have already been made and are thus ready to be publicly acknowledged. With a voice of silk and a creative streak to boot, @Amelie has been chosen to be our new media leader. She has been with us since 2012 and will finally get her chance at a position that suits her. The Board of Directors will be monitoring her progress throughout her tenure. With @Snoopy's limited time in GFL comes a need to fill the shoes of the progenitors. @Mercer has been chosen for the role of TF2 division leader due to the time and effort he has poured into our TF2 division. He shall hold this position alongside @Snoopy whilst making himself apparent on the forums. To be chosen for the position now means that he can ease himself into the position without requiring @Snoopy's departure first. The end result is a smoother transition. Again, please be aware that these are only two of the promotions that were being discussed. Remember to look for similar announcements in the near future when we have determined our final decisions for the other divisions.
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    We would firstly like to talk about the recent events that has affected the community as a whole. On May 20th, we received an email with ransom demands. We weren’t sure whether this was a bluff or real threat, but in the case it wasn’t bluff, we made an announcement warning all of our users we were at risk of a major security breach in our network. After giving this warning, we took steps we deemed necessary to secure our network. On May 21st, it was proven this wasn’t a bluff and the steps taken in security was not enough to stop these hackers. To sum up, a dump of our database was made public which included a table of our users on the forums. Emails and passwords (hashed) were also included in this MySQL dump. Obviously, this breach has hurt GFL in many ways (mostly trust that users had in us). We do apologize for letting it happen and we will do the best we can to ensure it never happens again. Security After the major security breach and the database information leaked, we removed access to the web server to have an internal investigation. We have a few theories about how it all happened and we’ve taken steps to mitigate it as best as we could. Since then, we have rebuilt the web server from scratch and started deploying the new version of IPS (version 4) in order to ensure that there were no back doors or other threats still remaining on the system which is why the website and forums have been offline since the event. We have not copied any data from the previous web server, although we still have in possession a copy of the database and website files. We strongly recommend to never use the same password for multiple websites. Using programs such as KeePass and LastPass will help secure yourself in general. We also recommend storing generated passwords in these specific programs, etc. In wake of recent events with even Teamviewer (Link) and past events with other websites and companies, added layers of security will only make it harder for a malicious user. New Forum/Website Before the breach, we used IPB 3.4.9 for our forum software. Since we were already planning on moving to IPS 4, we decided this would be the perfect time to execute the plan. We are now running on IPS 4. However, there are obviously some deviations from the plan. Although we had recent backups of our IPB 3.4.9 database, we still thought it would be best to do a fresh installation of IPS 4. Why? We thought it would keep us more secure and generally make moving to IPS 4 easier. In the end, we consider this a new start for GFL and having a fresh installation would be the best option. Like we said, we have a backup of the old database, if you had any important threads/posts on the old forum and want them back, this is possible. Please message @Roy. Once we finish the new back-end with Members, Supporters, and VIPs, you will need to reapply for Member. Please thank @denros for dedicating a lot of his time into making the new IPS 4 theme for GFL along with rebuilding our donation system. Also thank @Snoopy and @Shuruia (along with a few others) for helping set up the forums. SourceBans + Other Game Server Backends Firstly, we will be changing what we use SourceBans for. In the past, we have used SourceBans to handle Admins+, VIPs, Supporters, and Members. In the future, we will be using SourceBans only for Admins+ access and bans (as it should be). We will be developing our own plugin to manage our Members, Supporters, and VIPs. We also plan on merging both SourceBans (normal SourceBans and Garry’s Mod SourceBans) together again. This will generally make things easier to manage. Currently, our game servers are using the old SourceBans database (on the old SQL VPS). There is no web-interface for any of the old databases; there is therefore currently no way to see if you have been banned (or the reason you’ve been banned). However, @Roy can check through the database itself. Other databases that haven’t been moved over include HLStatsX, SourceBans, and Server List (used for Server Hop, Server Ads, etc). We have no ETA on when everything will be moved over to our new database server although it should not be too much longer. The good news is the databases at this time are still running and collecting stats, running bands, and so forth. Supporters/VIPs System Change The next thing to talk about is the Supporters/VIPs system change. As mentioned on the old forums, we were completely rebuilding our donation system. Despite it currently being unfinished, a basic version will be coming out soon. For pricing, the supporter package will be $4.99 a month and the VIP package will be $7.99 a month (there will be discounts, etc when donating a high amount of money at one time). Users will have to manually input how much they want to donate and it will be multiplied by a factor to receive the amount of days they get Supporter/VIP for. Auto-renewing will not be available (for now, at least). As an added note, users who had an active Supporter/VIP package after May 20th, 2016 (this includes permanent VIPs) will be given back their time. More information will be available when we release the rebuilt donation system. Our Current Financial State Currently, we are not doing well financially. We only have ~$350.00 in our PayPal account. Although we have cut down on expenses (we currently spend ~$851.91/m for our services), we feel we still are in a bad financial state. Especially after the recent events. Server Managers+ will be going over their server(s) and look for new perks for Supporter/VIP to add. This should overall make our current and future Supporters/VIPs more happier. Cutting Down On Servers With GFL being rebuilt, we thought it would be best to cut down on game servers that: Don’t generate much traffic. Don’t generate any donations. Cutting down on servers will allow our administration to give more attention to those that are vastly popular, consolidate hardware, and reduce expenses. We currently do not have a list of servers we will be cutting down on. However, we will release it in the near future. Overall There are many changes being made to GFL. We are doing our best to make GFL a better place and the steps we are taking should definitely make us stronger. With this in mind, one should still consider that GFL’s new setup is in beta. Therefore, Supporters and VIPs will not be given their groups on the forums until the donation system is done (should be soon). Like we said in the past, users will need to reapply for Member once the system is built. We thank all of you for bearing with us through this difficult time. We will continue to make GFL stronger in the future. Thank you, - GFL’s Staff
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    GFL DEMOGRAPHIC 2016 Participates: 109 #Dan4MemeRank? Thank you to all that participated. I was happy to see we got more people this year. If you would like to compare these to last years statistics, click here. Let us hope for another fun year of GFL.
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    Welp bois, it's my time. I've enjoyed all the time here since 2014. Was never in the community much till late 2015 but since then I've made friends I would have never have met in 1000 years and memories with a LOT of people in GFL, some of left and some are still here to this day! I began on purge as just a normal player, joking around trolling and having and fun times with my friends. One day I applied for admin not thinking much of it and was accepted 9 days later. With me being accepted I decided to join other GFL servers and get to know more of the community. I've met a LOT of people in GFL and I'd say I'm pretty neutral to everyone in GFL so let's start the list! @Mistletoe You the one who got me into this place I call home, I appreciate that a lot! We've had differences but you still the homie! @Shiny Thanks for the chance of being admin! I hope you doing well man! @Zebra My partner in crime! Definitely my best friend in GFL. We've had good memories and hope to still be friends throughout the years! #nohomo @Dano I love you german boy all tho you hate my grammar mistakes i appreciate you for making me not look dumb @SantasElfAuggie Also one of the first few people I've met in GFL and still talk to today, we've also had some bad times but we've overcome them like big boys and girls! @SaladFlake Like I said on your post I hate how it all went down but glad you're mature enough and we're still friends. You one of the best people I know in GFL as well! I was also never a sellout @Unknown Some people say you don't deserve Head admin but I believe in you, man! You've been a good friend to me throughout my time here and it was awesome knowing you! @Nap14hockey YES! YOU DO DESERVE ADMIN+! No matter how much you say no you're definitely a good admin+ @Syrus As salty as you may get you're an awesome dude! We've sung Gary come home and our amazing pizza sauce! @ButterKing5000 and @stevepwnsyou9 Every time I hear your voice it makes me a bit hard tbh, deep voices of GFL no doubt! @Shuruia Everytime you speak it's so intelligent and I find it so amusing, you can literally talk about garbage collecting and make it SO interesting. @rapperdan You're an interesting man for sure, but you chill. @Mary I feel like you always low-key hate me but you still chill as hell @Frosty.Finnick You we're a good admin on purge and an AMAZING artist, I've even used some of your drawings as my profile pic, keep it up. @Addy Honestly can't see Left shark without thinking of you, is that weird? I don't know but you an awesome dude! @SkittlezExZ You chill mane! I can you see you going far in computer stuffs @Benroyjam Never got to know you but you always seem like a chill dude to chill with. @JoelSmith You silly British boy, you good man keep it up! I can see the admin+ in your future @Rcool64 Thanks for accepting my member app all the way back in 2014 #WeGoWayBack @Stud ILY TOO MANE!!!! You a dude with some big muscle and could fuck anyone up! @Bigtime388 Ayy you chill man, I appreciate the hacks on GTA I mean wut? @Kazllab Just realized what your name is backwards @MikePence I love your streams, like fr they are actually interesting, keep it up, man! @Violator Yes @TimmyWu #ProRaiderTimmy #Still#1OnPurge Another dude I met way back and taught me the ways of raiding!! Also they we're air jordans!! @OGMartin Love you, dad, <3 @MaskieeTheSnowman Another man with a deep voice!! Keep it rockin man! @Bae Thanks for all the panda porn, still scared @Ariistuujj Never heard you talk but you know a LOT, my dude. Keep it up! @Carrick I heard you say hi once, my life is complete @Roy Thanks for making this home! I've met so many great people and you're to think. You've created something amazing, sometimes cancer but overall great @Joshy You took a pic with HoodieAllen #Forever jealous! @John_Santa_Man Deez nutz annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd last but not least @zoroark Love you best friend If I missed anyone I apologize for most of the people I missed I just can't think of or never met, but there's one I didn't add and that's because I really hate you . I will contuine to stay here and hope to still meet new people! Maybe I'll come back, maybe who knows time will tell. Anyways seeya guys lata and I love all the memorises I've met here!
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    Hello, this is a major update for GFL. For the past two months, I’ve had no motivation to work on GFL. Recently, I’ve regained motivation to work on GFL again and I’m ready to talk about what I think we need to work on. Let’s begin! Outside Advertising and Recruiting The first topic I want to talk about is advertising and recruiting outside of GFL’s territory. As it currently stands, we are only advertising and recruiting within GFL’s territory such as our game servers and forums. While we should be advertising and recruiting in GFL’s territory, we also need to do a lot of it outside of GFL. Our player and community base is shrinking in size resulting in the process of advertising and recruiting inside of GFL becoming rather useless. How Can We Advertise Outside of GFL? First, I believe we should write up a short message explaining what GFL is and why people should join our community. In this message, we should make it clear we are always looking for people to help make the community grow. It would simply be a short message that will attract people into the community. Second, we should find places where we can advertise this message without giving us a bad name. This will be simply getting our name out there. We should also be using our social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Steam to advertise GFL. How Can We Recruit Outside of GFL? I believe the best way to recruit outside of GFL is to spread the name to your friends and such. Perhaps we should have awards (e.g. badges) for players who recruit users into the community. Another idea (suggested by @CrusTi) would to have users who create an account using a referral link get VIP for one week along with the owner of the referral link. The maximum referrals for VIP would be three. TeamSpeak 3 and the Website I believe we should advertise our TeamSpeak 3 server outside of GFL a lot more. As of right now, a majority of the users who go to our TS3 server are from our game servers. Since our game servers have been dying, our TS3 population has been slowly declining. While I do believe we should advertise and encourage people to go on our TS3 server more in our game servers, we should also be trying to grab people from outside of GFL. Once these users discover our TS3 server, they may see we have game servers along with a website and go visit them. In the same vein, I believe we should do the same thing with our website. For instance, we could try expanding our general gaming discussion with specific game categories (instead of only having games we have divisions in). Basically, we should try to recruit users to our website outside of GFL. Back End Help and Progress Recently, I’ve been backed up on work with the back end of GFL. There are many projects I’ve been wanting to work on but due to not having enough time and personal issues, I haven’t been able to complete them. Ever since the series of negative events back in April of 2016, I’ve had a very hard time trusting anybody with access to the back end of GFL. As of writing this post, only Amp and I have access to the back end. However, Amp is very busy and doesn’t have much time to work on the back end. With the amount of projects to work on and the fact that I will be getting busier with work, I will need help to get these things done. I am hoping I can find somebody in GFL who has the time, dedication, and experience to help complete these projects. With that said, they will obviously need to be trusted enough to be given access. If I cannot find somebody inside of GFL to help with the back end, it may be worth hiring somebody to complete a couple of projects for us. However, I personally am not a fan of hiring developers to finish and complete our work. Let’s talk about the progress with a couple of our current major projects. [Linux] Game Server Back End For OVH Expansion This project has been the highest priority in GFL. For a while now, we’ve been wanting to expand using OVH servers instead of NFO. The reasoning behind this has been stated multiple times in other update threads and here. We had a developer working on this for a few months now, although they unfortunately did not have the time to complete it recently. This project is now stuck without a developer. We are deciding whether we should complete this project or find another solution. I believe if we were to successfully complete this project, we would benefit from it. Of course, it will take a lot of time and dedication to complete this project. Geolocation on OVH IPs This is another project we need complete if we are going to move to OVH. @Ariistuujj and I have been working on contacting the geolocation companies (such as MaxMind) to get our new OVH IPs located in Germany. However, their support is unfortunately frustrating to deal with. @Ariistuujj and I will continue to try to find a solution to this problem. Hopefully it doesn’t take much longer. Overall There are many other projects that need to be done with the back end including website upgrades and more. I’m going to be focusing on finding help so that these projects can be completed quicker and without stressing myself out. Division Updates I would just like to give my personal opinions and updates on a few of our divisions. Counter-Strike: Source As of right now, I believe we have a very dedicated team to our CS:S servers. Our DLs seem highly motivated to expand into CS:S and bring even more population to our servers. While I do really like and appreciate the motivation I see, we have to remember that CS:S is sadly dying. The game reaches around 10K players as a peak. Back when we started heavily expanding into CS:S (early 2012), the game had many more players. It was therefore much easier to populate the servers; there aren’t as many players nowadays and it will be extremely difficult to expand into CS:S. I believe we should continue to focus on our current servers (Surf and Bunny Hop) along with adding one or two new servers to see how they go. If expanding into CS:S doesn’t work out, it is nobody’s fault. The game is nearly dead and most gaming communities would also likely fail if they tried expanding into the game. To conclude, keep up the great work and hopefully it pays off, but don’t feel stressed if the expansion fails since like I said before, it’s very difficult to expand into CS:S. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Our CS:GO division has been stable. However, I do believe we need to push forward and start expanding and fixing a few of our current servers. Surf Timer The first set of servers we need to revamp are our Surf Timer servers. We’ve been wanting to revamp these servers for quite some time now but due to my busy schedule, I haven’t had the time to work on the revamp and I’m not sure if I would like to be included in the revamp anymore. I believe the revamp on Surf Timer should be the highest priority in the CS:GO division when it comes to fixing servers. Bunny Hop Although we revamped our Bunny Hop servers a while ago with a new timer, the server population did not increase. I believe we need to take further steps to bring in more population. FFA DeathMatch Initially, I did not expect FFA DM to work out due to it being very similar to Valve’s DM servers. However, the server is doing quite well. It fills up to around 20 - 30 players daily and I hope it keeps up. I believe there should be admins on the server trying to recruit players to our TS3 server and website (to apply for Membership). With that said, I would recommend trying an European FFA DM server in the future once we setup our OVH machine. Overall, as said before, the division is stable, but we need to start expanding and fixing up servers that are suffering. Garry’s Mod As of right now, I believe our GMod division has the most potential out of all the other divisions we are in. However, I believe there are problems that have gone on for far too long without being fixed. Purge Our Purge server used to be our most populated server in GMod. We used to reach 95/95 daily back in late-2014 and 2015. This server reached #4 on GameTracker but now look at it: While I’m sure there are many theories on why the server is dying, I can say the one thing that needs to be fixed, which is the server’s drained performance. The server has been suffering from constant lag spikes for the past two years and nothing has been done about it. The prop spam protection addon made by myself was removed from the server because it was “malfunctioning”. The reason it was malfunctioning was due to the server lagging itself (the addon detects whether the server is lagging or not). Back when the server was launched (summer of 2014), while the addon wasn’t perfect, it was a great addition to the server and legitimately prevented most prop spammers from successfully lagging the server. It’s time to stop beating around the bush and start fixing the actual issues with the server. I took my time to go through and find addons that are most likely causing the lag spikes, but nothing has been done about them. It isn’t my job to fix the Purge server, the division leaders and server manager should be the ones fixing it. I’m willing to help but it cannot rely on me solely due to my busy schedule and other stuff I have to do for GFL along with the fact that it simply shouldn’t be my job. Zombie Survival While I haven’t done any investigations on Zombie Survival, I’ve heard that it is suffering from constant performance issues just like Purge. I would recommend installing FProfiler and find out which Lua scripts are taking the most resources. In my opinion, each GMod server should have this installed regardless of whether the server is lagging or not. This division has a lot of potential, but much more work and dedication needs to be expended. It has been nearly two years and nothing has changed. A majority of the top GMod servers aren’t suffering from performance issues because they took it upon themselves and ensured they had great server performance. It’s time we take that same approach. Once we expand into OVH, machine hardware won’t be limiting our server performance; the very poorly coded addons will and still do to this day. Arma 3 I believe our Arma 3 division is going to be the next big division in GFL with the amount of potential it has. The only thing we are waiting for is the OVH machine. Arma 3 has the potential to bring in many players to our TS3 server and website along with driving in donations. Unfortunately, we are playing the waiting game with the OVH machine due to us needing a working back end. I will try to get the back end problem solved as soon as possible so we can start the setup on the Arma 3 server. I have no ETA on when this will happen. Call of Duty 4 I’ve been playing Call of Duty 4 quite often recently and wanted to setup a CoD 4 server on our new OVH box for some time now. However, I haven’t had the motivation to do so until now. I am looking forward to setting up a new CoD 4 server on our OVH machine soon. I’ve been playing on a server recently that I really like and I am going to try contacting the owner of the community to see if they would be interested in running their CoD 4 server under GFL (we give them server manager and such). Obviously, this would need to be discussed further with the Trusted group if it were to be considered. Regardless, we will be trying a CoD 4 server on our new European OVH machine. It will most likely be a Hardcore “mixed” or TDM server. I will be the leader of the division and server once it’s started up. Pirates, Vikings, & Knights II While this division is very small, I just wanted to give a small update on it since I am currently the one managing it. Our PVKII server reached #1 on GameTracker under “Half Life 2 DeathMatch”. Despite that this isn’t a big accomplishment since there aren’t many popular servers under the HL2 DM game, it at least proves our PVKII server is getting some population. I am currently playing on the server often and I am going to add a few regulars on the server through Steam to talk to them about ideas, along with trying to recruit them to GFL and such. Updates to the server can be found here. Mini-Divisions A few updates ago I explained why mini-divisions will be important to GFL in the future. As of right now, I haven’t seen any progress made with mini-divisions. Initially, we were aiming to try a mini-division in Overwatch, but unfortunately that never worked out. Mini-divisions are still important for GFL to expand into and now that we have a strong team of community advisors, I believe it’s time to start expanding. Mini-divisions also fall under “Advertising/Recruiting outside of GFL” since we will be trying to grab users outside of our game servers and such. I want these divisions to be a priority to GFL. H1Z1 Since Overwatch failed, I believe H1Z1 is the next game on the list. Although, from what I’ve heard, H1Z1 suffers from the same issue as Overwatch where there isn’t any clan system. Personally, I do believe we can have a successful H1Z1 mini-division, but that would take a lot of work. This mini-division will be discussed. RuneScape A RuneScape division has been wanted for quite some time now in GFL. @Benroyjam and @Leks wanted to manage this division, and I believe we should give them the chance. Fortunately, it doesn’t take any resources running a mini-division. Therefore, the only thing we would lose if we were to fail with this division is time. In my opinion, it’s definitely worth at least trying. Conclusion While there are many other games we can start mini-divisions in, I just wanted to list those two games (H1Z1 and RuneScape). Our community advisors and Directorate are going to be coming together to get our mini-divisions future started. As said before, this is very important to GFL in the future. I am very excited for this! European Expansion The next thing I wanted to talk about is expanding into Europe. As of right now, our NFO machine is very underloaded and we will be getting rid of that once we completely setup our OVH machine. Once our OVH machine is set up, we will be moving the servers to that machine and start expanding into even more servers. A couple years ago we started our European expansion and we did great. We had two completely full NFO machines at one point. Unfortunately, we only have one machine now which is highly underloaded. I still believe expanding into Europe is important to GFL since it fills in the inactive hours for American servers. Furthermore, TS3 is completely dead in the morning hours for Americans. If we were to expand into Europe and recruit many users to the forums and TS3, I feel our TS3 server could be a bit more active during those dead hours. One division we did not expand correctly into for Europe is Garry’s Mod. Once we fix our current American servers in GMod, we should start setting up European GMod servers. To conclude, expanding into Europe again should be a priority in the future once we fix our current game servers. TeamSpeak 3 Population The next thing I want to talk about is our TS3 server’s recent population. The population has been dying off and I feel not as many users go on our TS3 server compared to a year ago. The maximum I’ve seen us hit (even on the weekend) is around 50 - 60. We used to reach around 100 - 110 users. I feel one of the reasons our TS3 server isn’t as popular is because we don’t advertise it well outside of GFL and since our game servers are generally dying, not as many new users are connecting to the TS3 server. While I do believe we need to encourage players from our servers to join our TS3 server more, we also need to heavily advertise our TS3 server outside of GFL. Our TS3 server is the main source of communication within GFL and therefore is very important to us. I’ve seen many gaming communities out there who are much smaller than GFL, but receive three times more population than we currently do on their TS3 server. This is likely because they advertise their TS3 server outside of their gaming community and truly make it public. It’s time to make our TS3 server “truly” public and one other thing we’ll have to do with that is making sure we have an active team who will be able to kick/ban trolls since the public channels will be used often. Other Ideas TeamSpeak 3 Bots I believe we should set up some official TS3 bots for our server. Introduction Bot This bot would greet every user who connects to our TS3 server with a chat message with a few statistics as well. @Leks suggested this bot because it’s a good way to give important information to users who connect to our TS3 server. I would imagine users can disable this bot if they would like, but I haven’t looked into the details on the bot. With that said, the bot could also message all clients on the server when an event is going on. Radio Bots I’ve always thought it would be cool to have a few music channels with bots that run a radio. Only bots would have talk power in these channels and clients can go in there just to relax and listen to the music. Financial Update We’ve been doing very well financially for the past few months. We’ve went from almost running out of money ($200.00 as a balance at one point) in mid-2016 to over $3000.00 now! Here are the latest payments for MOTDGD Ad money: We are also working on moving to OVH which will save us a lot of money! If this keeps up, this will enable us to continue doing giveaways and such along with just improving GFL in general. I would once again like to say a big thank you to all the Supporters/VIPs who have donated towards GFL. Without you, GFL would simply be dead. We will continue to do our best on building GFL up and providing a good gaming experience in our servers! Personal Update I would like to give a personal update. Spring is coming up and I will be becoming busier with my current job along with the other job I will likely be getting. However, I plan on still finding plenty of time for GFL. My goal is to “lead” everybody in the right direction in GFL. Therefore, while I may not have much time for GFL, the people who I am leading will.. For the past six or so months, I haven’t had much motivation for GFL. Especially in the past one - two months, as I’ve been dealing with personal issues. However, recently, I’ve regained a lot of motivation for GFL. I haven’t had this much motivation to work on GFL in a very long time. Since I’m starting to see how strong our higher-ups team actually is, I don’t think that motivation is going away anytime soon. Yes, I’ve overall been struggling for the past few months with GFL, but things will be getting much better unless something unexpected occurs in my life. One thing I’ve concluded about GFL is that working on it truly makes me happy. TL; DR We need to start advertising and recruiting outside of GFL’s territory. We should be mostly advertising our TeamSpeak 3 server and website. This will overall make GFL grow and can be very powerful if done correctly! Recently, I’ve been backed up with back end things. The truth is, I need help with the back end and I am going to take the next few weeks looking for help (perhaps get a team of dedicated and trusted individuals to help with the back end). Once a majority of the back end projects are complete, GFL will be in great shape! There are many things we need to work on within our divisions. The truth is, our divisions aren’t as popular as they once were long ago and we need to get that back. For CS:GO, focusing on revamping Surf Timer will be important. For GMod, we need to get the performance issues fixed for good. There are other divisions that also need work. I explained a few months ago that mini-divisions are very important to GFL’s future. However, we still haven’t started on them. With the new team of community advisors, we need to start our mini-divisions’ future in GFL. I have high hopes that this will work out, as mini-divisions can greatly benefit the “advertising and recruiting outside of GFL” category. We should also try a heavy expansion in Europe again after we successfully repair our current servers. Expanding into Europe is important for GFL because it fills in the dead hours for our American servers. Our TeamSpeak 3 server’s population has been dropping recently. Since this is GFL’s main source of voice communication, I believe we need to start making it rise again. First, heavily advertising it outside of GFL’s territory will strongly help and it will make it more “public”. With that said, we should have a team ready to moderate trolls and such on our TS3 server. For the past six months or so, I’ve been struggling to find motivation for GFL due to personal issues. However, I’ve recently regained a lot of motivation to work on GFL. Although I will be busy with work and such since spring is coming, my job will be to “lead” everybody in the community and we can all work together to bring GFL truly back stronger than ever. Conclusion To conclude, there are many things that need to be worked on in GFL. It’s no joke that we appear to be a small community compared to how popular GFL was back in the summer of 2015. The truth is that GFL has been going through many tough stages within the past year. Ever since the series of negative events occurred back in mid-2016, we’ve been rebuilding. We’ve been rebuilding the back end of GFL because our divisions have only been suffering. From what I’ve seen, there haven’t been any truly new successful servers. In fact, all I’ve seen is our servers dropping in population. Some of this isn’t entirely GFL’s fault, but I still believe we can be doing much better. To be honest, what brought back so much of my motivation for GFL is going on other gaming community websites to see how popular they are. To this day, I haven’t seen any other gaming communities with game servers as populated as GFL’s peak back in mid-2015. We’ve made so many big accomplishments in the past and GFL is a very “known” community. Although we’ve taken very big hits in the past year, I have no doubt that we can come back stronger than ever. Mini-divisions will be a big part of GFL’s future and there are many higher-ups very motivated to not only get GFL’s overall population back to where it was, but go beyond and make GFL a much stronger community. In the event that I build a team of trusted and dedicated individuals to help me work on the back end, we will work on repairing any servers that require technical work. Overall, GFL has a lot of potential and it’s time to start pushing forward. Summer is once again approaching and we need to make it much better than last summer. Google Doc Thank you for reading!
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    I feel some of you may or may not have took me seriously when I said I resigned from both CS:GO Zombie Mods. Well, now I am resigning from everything I am currently managing. I just don't have time for it right now, but I would like to thank you guys for the opportunity for managing at least 3 of the servers. My many personal thanks goes to: @Roy: Thank you for all the guidance you have given me when you did replied ;). @Dano: Thank you for believing in me, and letting me manage for so long. @Infantry: I couldn't have gotten anywhere with out this man right here. Thanks for all your help infantry. @Thomasdavid097: Thanks for allowing me to try something new but didn't really change much for me :P. But thanks for all the guidance you have given me even if I didn't agree with some of it . If this was a goodbye to the community I would have a waaaaaaay longer list.
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    Well, @MaskieeTheSnowman, @Mary, and I (with a little help from @Bigtime388) created this wonderful info-graphic. This info-graphic puts many of the wonderful GFL members and staff alongside their SpongeBob counterparts. We hope you enjoy this semi-shitpost. we love you all pls don't get triggered Those included in this image have been tagged below: @Addy @Bae @Nap14hockey @OGMartin @SkittlezExZ @ButterKing5000 @rapperdan @Shuruia @Dano @Zebra @Stud @Roy @denros @Violator @MaskieeTheSnowman @Bigtime388 @Mary @SaladFlake @Unknown @GLiTCh @Cypher @stevepwnsyou9 @Syrus @JoelSmith @Rcool64 @Mistletoe @Ariistuujj @John_Santa_Man @SoJa @Nomelie @qReindeer @Floopyhiggle @SwegBuster @Frosty.Finnick @Kim @HackingPotato @Blah @Joshy @FxIsMyUsername @SantasElfAuggie @Nubz @RickGrimesTM @Alejandro @Benroyjam
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    The question has come up time and time again, so we thought it would be a good idea to make a post explaining how to become a member accepter. Usually, this is not given to anyone below admin, due to its trolling capabilities, but we have made exceptions in the past. The individual wishing to apply will need to PM one or all of the Community Advisors: - @CrusTi - @qDogg - @PB-n-J - @Rcool64 - @Skittlez You will need to use the following format: Current member accepters: @Bae (US) @ButterKing5000 (US) @Crusty (US) @Darkling (EU) @DoctorDJ (US) @GOKU (CA) @iPro (US) @JoelSmith (EU) @Kubnair (EU) @Leks (EU) @Nap14hockey (US) @nocheat (EU) @rapperdan (US) @Winter (US) @Xy_ (US) We are currently NOT looking for member acceptors right now. You may still apply and we will put it on hold.
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    Hi everyone, I'm writing up this post because I am no longer able to contribute into GFL's workflow due to real life issues that have escalated beyond the point I never thought it could reach. I wasn't that good with many people here, I was mostly here to do GFX work and join GFL's CS:GO servers from time to time, also a part of me isn't very social so that explains a thing or two. I would like to apologise to the Creative team and to the Board for not achieving the things I thought I would. I really had a great idea and a plan for the Creative team and for the future of it, which I sadly can't make true. There are many reasons why this is so, starting from the inactivity of the team itself to shitposts on our subforum but I will not go into detail. The main reason why I'm resigning from leadership is because I've fooled around for too long in my life and now college is at the door and I need to get ready. Over here in the forgotten part of Europe you pay for education with your blood (not lit. but you get the point). I need to put all my efforts into study, so I've also decided to stop playing video-games until I get accepted into college. With all the exams comming up, the list of things I need to study just keeps going bigger and bigger. I will still be able to process private requests (gfx, web, etc..) via my steam. What will happen with the Creative team? I don't know, I hope you guys make something up out of this mess I've stuck you into. Once again, sorry for not accomplishing what I've had in mind. No special tags, people who I was good with already know what I think about them. See ya folks later.
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    Read this entire post before doing anything! Failure to do so can result in an instant denial with or without a reason being given. Before you even consider applying, please make sure you are a Member or higher. (Apply for member here.) I'm going to answer this question "Where do I apply for admin?! There isn't a spot for it on the forums!". First off if you'd like to apply for admin please place your admin application in the correct sub-forum (Breach, Deathrun, H&S, Jailbreak, Murder, Purge, TTT, Zombie Survival, Ragdoll Combat), with your SteamID and a format like this: (It is preferred if you make the Thread title is something along the lines of "[Your Name]'s Admin Application".) Second, we are working on an application system hopefully, it will be done soon. Minimum requirements for admin (Mandatory): 2 week old forum account At least 24+ hours on the server. (May vary depending on the server.) Please don't apply if you have less than 24 hours on any server you're applying for. If you don't have what hours admins expect you to have BEFORE applying please try to make yourself known to the admin team (In a good way). Either by making player reports (in-game or on the forums) or even making admin reports (Please only send these to Managers+). "Admin Sponsorships": Essentially what this means is an admin has to "sponsor" your admin application before applying. If you don't have an admin sponsor your admin application it can be closed without warning (This is to prevent "spam apps" or applicants applying with less than 24 hours on the server). The best way to get an admin to sponsor your admin application is to prove yourself in game (Also make yourself known to the entire team). Any admin can sponsor an application (Or at least if they're an admin on the server the applicant is applying on). So please acquire a sponsorship before applying. Do not be annoying and bug admins about sponsoring them. Trial-Admins may not sponsor. Do not ask them to! (They may still vote on applications, however.) I will edit this with more information (Or just fix some simple grammatical errors). Thanks, - @Zebra
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    Hello, everyone. I’m happy to announce two new Division Leaders for the CS:GO division, @Deltacommander and @HackingPotato. First off, many of you may have noticed that I am not as interested in our CS:GO division as I was before; I’m willing to help out with it, but I’d like for someone else to be the main DL. That is why we were searching for a replacement for quite a while now. Adding these two new DLs for CS:GO will mean a good amount of changes coming soon and more people to go to if issues arise. They’ll obviously have to get used to everything first, so it may take a few days. Regardless, these are very promising additions. They have already presented us some plans for the future that we’ll start working on shortly and most of the higher-ups are looking forward to what they can bring to the table. To assure that both of them have a strong technical side to their already great leadership skills, Ariistuujj, denros, Roy and I are going to train and observe them. These additions will not only help the CS:GO side of GFL, but they will also provide us with a new view on lots of things regarding the whole community. Deltacommander will still be able to actively manage and watch over our Zombie Escape server since he isn’t the only one in charge of CS:GO, so there’s no need to worry about that. Overall, we believe that the addition of these two will freshen up the CS:GO division and help it become what it used to be. (Little side note: The fact that we were likely going to get one or two new DLs held me back on some promotions, as I wanted to discuss the candidates with the new DL(s) first and to give them an opportunity to train them, as well. These other promotions will be discussed and done soon.) View full article
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    Division Leader @Dano - STEAM @HackingPotato - STEAM @Deltacommander - STEAM ___________________________________________________ Server Manager @HackingPotato - STEAM @Leks - STEAM ___________________________________________________ Senior Admins @denros - STEAM @KeeD - STEAM @King_Wailord - STEAM __________________________________________________ Admins @Worgee - STEAM @Moose - STEAM @MrManslayerX - STEAM @TomRiddle - STEAM @LegendaryFluff - STEAM @Mould - STEAM @PaulaDeen - STEAM ___________________________________________________ Trial Admins ___________________________________________________ Event Coordinator @KeeD - STEAM @King_Wailord - STEAM @Worgee - STEAM *We are still hiring admins! Apply in our temporary admin application sub-forum here!*
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    Hello everyone! I have been with GFL for some time now and have been playing on the ZE CSGO server. I have been slowly gaining interest in making maps for the server. So this is my official post saying that i am working on maps currently for ZE. I am currently working on two maps! One will be a short sky platformer and will include items and possible a boss. As for the other I am hoping to make a very similar map to The Legend Of Zelda OOT Shadow Temple. This map is my main focus as it will have items, a mini boss, at least two stages, and a main boss. I will be posting updates on my work when I can on the forums. I have already started both maps and I should be done with my Sky map soon. If anyone has any questions or ideas please feel free to message me! These pictures are so you can get a feel what the Shadow Temple will be like.... Thanks everyone!
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    Hall of Fame: Hello. Today, I am pleased to announce GFL's Official Hall of Fame. I made it long ago but finally have put it to use. This will be an exclusive badge of honor given to appreciated individuals who have contributed a great deal to GFL in their time within the community. For our first inductees, we will be giving the badge to @Cypher, @X2D, @Kim, and @nick027nd. Each of the individuals met the following guidelines: Made extensive contributions to GFL Been with GFL for a long period of time (1+ years) Retired staff and/or had a major leadership role (i.e. team leader) Generally liked by many within GFL As an honorable mention, That One Guy would have also been inducted. However, he does not have a forum account. If he does make one, he will then be added. If anyone who receives the badge does not have permanent VIP already, they will receive it upon being awarded Hall of Fame. Since this was the first batch of people, we added four people at once but it is planned for the future to only add one or two people at a time between large time intervals since it is supposed to be a very rare badge to have. If you have anyone else who meets the above requirements (still open to change), comment below or contact a staff member. There is a possibility we could add them the next time we plan on inducting a new member. HALL OF FAME LIST View full article
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    I thought long and hard about this and I made a decision I was gonna save for a new computer but I decided to do something with my life. I'm saving for Airsoft equipment and such so I can go airsofting this summer with my friends and others. So, I am leaving GFL. I know some of you will be happy *cough *cough *cough, lol. But, it was nice being here and made a lot of friends on here and you guys made my times on here amazing. Even tho I always wanted to be a CA but, lets be honest, I was never gonna get past server admin. So, why bother having that as my goal. Anyways, if you weren't added or don't care, that's fine, but as for now, bye guys. @Dano @Infantry @Roy @Happy @Nerd @Shiny @GLiTCh @ButterKing5000 @Twig @Dana @PaulaDeen @SkittlezExZ @Nap14hockey @Shuruia @Nunti @Syrus @Snoopy @Rcool64 @Zebra @RickGrimesTM @JoelSmith @Unknown -i'm aussuming this is you. @stevepwnsyou9 @Benroyjam @Major_Push @Heretic @GrumpyR3aper @Finnick @Cypher @Winter @DaLaw @SwegBuster @Korowa @Fx280 @Thomasdavid097 @Windeetree @Maskiee @ All the old purge admins/players when I first started playing GFL purge and gave me a reason to join. give me all the likes because im leaving
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    I'll try and make this simple, but with enough detail to fully explain myself. I've left numerous times before, but this time it is for a very serious reason. I just want to give a thanks to these people for changing my GFL experience. (these are in no particular order) Dano Shuruia Addy Nick027nd Roy HackingPotato Hatty Jermsquad Amelie Glitch Bigtime Zebra Cypher Snoopy Violator Rcool Syrus Nubz Domps qDogg Johaw Paula Deen Toe Knee Mystic RickGrimes SFB Rapperdan Benroyjam tsiwmike Major_Push Infantry +more Why am I leaving: For the past 8 months I have had a sleep anxiety/paranoia that has caused me not to be able to sleep at all, very little, or 1/9 days a full nights rest. It fell very bad in the past 2 months. It was pretty good for the summer because I could do so much, but I would constantly be tired. I've kept this mostly a secret, but I've mentioned things overtime. Also, I have fell into a "depression". I'm not diagnosed or anything, but from what I had in 4th grade, it's back. I don't want to do anything, I want to stay home, I don't want to do anything "fun". I've had to force myself to put on a smile at school for the past 2 months. I don't want this to get any worse than it already is. Honestly, I was going to save this for January/February(depending on if I got better or not), but I can't hide it anymore. Nothing is working for me. I don't think I should be a manager if I feel like killing myself. Emotions are high. I will still be on Teamspeak and what not, but I don't want to be in a position. I just want to let @Roy, @Shuruia, @Cypher, and @Dano know that I am very appreciative of what they gave me, but I must resign. Farewell friends, Otter also im tired of being cyberbullied by Amelie
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    Hello, So some of you may know I am the new Server Manager for the Purge! I am tasked with bringing purge back to what it once was and hopefully bring in new players and even bring in the old players. If you have any question please be sure to ask!!
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    welp, thought this post would never come but oh well. I just don't have the time or energy to admin servers anymore I'll still hang around the forums dropping 's in the chatbox and stop by the old servers sometimes special mention to people im too lazy to tired to @
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    Sitting at the hospital and who do I think about? You guys. Just had my second daughter born about an hour ago and wanted to check in and let you all know.
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    3 years of admining and here I stand (or sit, rather) saying goodbye to you all, i’ve met so many cool people here but some of you may not know me, so allow me to introduce myself. I am Mike, an admin of (around) 3 years, I began on the TTT #1 server, me and another admin, gaz (He ended up leaving the community shortly after) got our admin at the same time and it was given to us by an individual called scout. Scout ended up having his manager position stripped from him due to unsolicited promotion of the now defunct EG (or something like that) community, in which he was the owned of. The other admins at the time were Eclipse (Fairly abusive, but still a cool dude) and Oxygen (overall chill guy, you may see him sometimes on jailbreak). There may of been more but those are the only ones I remember. Once I got my admin I was extremely hyped and every waking moment I would be admining, and helping people. It got to the point where I would intentionally wake up early in the morning so I could get more time to admin. So some time passes and some new admins are being added and Edge assumed manager position and a newer admin, wildstark ended up being promoted to a higher rank (I believe it was either super or assistant manager I can not remember the specifics). But this basically broke my heart. I had put in so much time, so much effort, so much work and I got nothing in return. This would go onto become a reoccurring theme in GFL for me. Eventually other servers started opening up such as darkrp (now purge). Me and Justin (Not sure if he still hops into GFL) would dick around on there and get a max of around 5 people on the server at any given time, it only ended up taking off and getting to around 30 players usually. But I would rather go over all the juicy drama that happened throughout my years rather than drawl on about the history of servers. I ended up getting banned for the first time from a GFL server when Echo (old council) ended up banning me, because I raided his base as a hitman (which was allowed). Eventually the issue was resolved but Echo eventually lost his council (for unrelated reason) Now that i’m done boring you with my history let me explain to you why I am leaving. I feel like I haven’t gotten anything for all the hard work I've done for the servers. I’ve seen people with a tenth of the work i’ve put in get manager, get head admin or in general surpass me. I’ve seen people get manager in a server i’ve been playing on for twice as long as them and had put atleast twice as much work into. People could rise to division leader and management in months while I am in the community for years and all I have to show for it is my once had global admin. My global admin was revoked for god knows what, I think it had something to do with a management post that said you didn’t have to keep globals as admin on your server. Which is idiotic in every way, there is no risk in keeping an admin on the team if they are a reputable member of the community. It would be like removing Roy from your server because he wasn’t active. However that wasn’t the only unfair treatment i’ve received throughout the years, the most recent example I can think of this is when I got my admin removed from purge because all the admins got together, and decided I didn’t need it/ they didn’t like me. Not activity, as I proved this was false because I had a V.O.D of me admining. Not poor behavior, but because everyone decided I didn’t need it. But this isn’t a thread to debate, this is a thread to say goodbye. So keep it out please. If you can’t help yourself then PM me. It’s sad to say that I leave this community with a bitter taste in my mouth, I’ve had so many good times with people in this community. I was going to list all the people that I will miss but that would be pointless, if you’d like to hear my full opinion on you, just ask below and i’ll answer. FAQ: Q: Why was your profile pic money? A: One of the questions i’ve been dodging, basically I was thinking about what to choose for a profile picture and I was wondering what things I liked. My 12 year old mind immediately turned to money and that’s what I chose. Q: What’s up with the tsiw in your name? A: One of the questions I promised to answer the day I leave the community, it’s my email. Not as cool as everyone thought I suppose, I never changed it because by the time I figured out how to change names on steam everyone already knew me as tsiwmike. Q: We were friends! How can we stay in touch? A: Add me. Q: How long were you in the community? A: Almost the beginning of GFL’s involvements in gmod. I saw all the modern servers get built up and saw all the defunct servers go down. Somewhere around 2-3 years. Q: Will you still hop on? A: Maybe once in awhile on teamspeak and less frequently on other servers. TL;DR Basically i’m leaving because I feel I didn’t get recognition for what I did in the community, and I feel like I wasn’t ever respected/considered for promotion even when I was the most experienced admin, I was always glossed over as the cancerous guy. Also please read the whole thing, it took me a while.
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    Just going to keep this short n sweet. I have been going through the process of joining the Air Force for awhile now. Finally the time has come for me to ship out to basic training/tech school. I leave next Monday and will be gone 4-6 months most likely. That is if I return, not sure what will be held in store for me once I get out of basic and get stationed somewhere. Want to thank @Kim, @Deltacommander, @Ross, @FrenZy, @Kalz, and @Deltaz for giving me the opportunity to admin their servers. There is WAY to many people for me to thank, you should know who you all are. I will still be around for a week so feel free to ask questions etc.
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    Well, my time has come. I’ve recently been way busier than I had anticipated I would be. I stepped down from my position as a technical administrator a while back due to my lack of time and effort. I didn’t feel good about being in such a position without having the energy nor time to put in the effort, I believe, it requires. I did, however, take my time before finally making my decision, and I’m deeply sorry about all the inconveniences I have caused and am causing. I’ve had my reasons but that’s irrelevant. I’m sorry. This will probably not be a surprise for some since I have internally stepped a dozen times, haha. However, this final move is long overdue. I initially started losing interest when my favorite division’s Independence Day took place. I lost a great number of friends that day, and my primary interest vanished from GFL. I did, however, stick around. This, among other things, has been a contributing factor to my loss of productivity which I know many of you sadly have witnessed. I should have stopped while the going was good. Now I have inflicted a lot of damage and I deeply apologize for that. A lot of events have taken place during my time in GFL. I have come to a point where I don’t know many anymore. I haven’t had the chance to socialize with the community nor newer staff since I haven’t been playing much. The people, who brought me into GFL (Cobra, Shinigami, Infantry, SFB, and some others), are no longer around. I guess I just miss the old days. I used to look up to GFL, and I was initially so proud to take part in the community especially as developer. This, sadly, does not apply anymore. I’ve lost my respect for the staff of GFL. Great people are rare; great leaders are even rarer. GFL is sadly running low. A lot of my great friends have vanished over my relatively short time with GFL, and I wish I could thank all of them for my experience. A select few of you, who is still around and mean a lot to me, deserve a special thanking: @Dano: Thanks for being a great friend and listener. I’m sorry for making you listen to all my personal problems but thanks for having been there for me. That meant a lot to me. @Roy: Thanks for giving me a shot at being a developer even without knowing me or my prior work. Thanks for letting me lead, or sink, the development team. Thanks for giving me all these opportunities. I’m sorry for letting you down on multiple occasions. @denros: I don’t think you can imagine the amount of respect I have for you. Although constantly being busy, you have pumped out invaluable assets for GFL. We haven’t talked much, but you have been a great inspiration and a great developer. Keep being awesome! @Ariistuujj: I, or most of us if not everyone, might not know much about you, but I do know that you’re a great friend to play with, develop with, and talk with. You’re always there to help or just have fun. Even though your to-do list keeps growing, you always have time for a chat. I know you don’t like attention and prefer just being in the shadows fixing and improving everything, but if anyone deserves attention for their hard work, it is you. Thanks for being a great help and friend. GFL does seem to currently be improving, and I expect a great time coming for GFL. I do, however, not wish to participate anymore. I wish the best of luck to the staff. If I know myself right, this won’t be the last you see of me. Anyways, it has been good. Thanks for everything, GFL. This will surely be a memorable chapter of my life. Thanks.
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    Hello everyone. I'm officially stepping down as ZE Manager as I've been moving away from playing on the server and directly doing manager duties in ZE. I'm still going to be one of the CS:GO Division leaders and help @xSnowyAngel if needed, but I wont do things such as map adding, admin applications, or demotions, unless @xSnowyAngel requests me to do so. PS: this is not an April Fools joke.
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    Sadly, the Board of Directors has come to the conclusion that most of GFL lacks basic knowledge of the English language. Some of you get a pass, because we know that not all of GFL's members speak English as their primary language. The majority, however, have no excuse. We, the Board, are tired of being referenced as "BoD". Not because we think we're deserving of a better title, but because you guys constantly reference a single board member as a "BoD". "Cypher is a BoD, ask him.", or "Shuruia is the BoD with the best forum posts". We can't sit by and watch as you people take a title that refers to a group of 5 people, and use it ti singularly describe each one of us. Enough is enough. We will be referred to as a Directorate henceforth, because we want to make it easier for you as GFL patrons to sound less stupid. Thank you! (This means that if you're going to talk about a single one of us, we're a Director. Not a Board of Director, or a Directorate, just a Director.)
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    Getting married Saturday. Leaving for Ireland he following Wednesday, and I'll be gone for 10 days.
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    Hello all, I am resigning. My dad is an idiot and says that I play games too much. Anyways he originally told me it's going in my brothers room but he changed his mind. Now he took it and I'm not allowed to use it . Fun life eh. Well as I don't see my computer back on my desk in the future for atleast 3 months I am resigning. Thank you for all the fun times. @SkittlezExZ - thanks for everything dad @FrankenSalad - eat my ass @Zebra - thanks for the admin opportunity @GLiTCh - Ayy lmao man @Nap14hockey - ref bros @rapperdan - man you are going places in GFL Mary - Start taking pictures with ur shirt on <3 @Rueko - thanks for being so gràMMAR good @Dano - ^ @Ghoul_Smith - you are an amazing guy who truly deserves more recognition then you get. @Batty - thanks for encouraging me to write my app @BroomStick - thanks for showing me how to admin those first few days. @Gandalf @ccapfer @TheQueenOfDicks @Porch226 @Violator @Kodi @Spazzin @SniperOfTheSkeletonArmy @BaeAnd all the other TTT dudes for making those months so fun. @Carrick - your keys sounded so nice. Thanks for being a great silent admin @Freddy - you were ok too @Stud- go workout more @Syrus - thanks for some narley DbD games. @Roy- ur a fucking beauty. Don't let people get in ur way. Ur going places ma dude. @Unknown - thanks for being a Jew @Johalloween - stinky nig @PaulaDeen - cinnamon toast crunch lookin ass @FrankensteinsFinnick - see ya at college I know I forgot people. I'll add you later My @ isn't working now ;-; OG
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    Title: Escape From Site 19 Genre: Horror, Comedy Characters: @Kubnair @Roy @RickGrimesTM @Violator @Xy_ @Severely_Artistic @Darkling @Monsoon @Kite9867@Gekkota-Senpai @Winter and @TomRiddle Note: I may not know some of you good, Sorry for adding you in and even tagging you cough tom cough but I thought since I'm adding darkling there was no way I was leaving you out. It was a normal night for me at 12:30 AM. My day usually begins at 12:30 AM. I hopped on GFL’s GMod Breach server and I saw the usual. Most of the server was full of admins and super-admins with maybe 1 or 2 regular players. I was greeted by everybody except for the (as usual AFK) Violator. Then it happened, just as the round started a lightning strike. It was so random, no rain, no thunder just a sudden lightning strike. It struck my laptop and shocked me along with it. I instantly went unconscious and when I woke up, I was astonished. I was in prison gear lying down in a long corridor. I also saw 2-3 other people and we all came back to our senses at the same time. We woke up groaning, staring at our clothes and around us in shock. We ... we were... in the game.. I always wanted to meet the people I see on GFL but... not like this... I quickly noticed a small boy and he was in tears. I assumed this boy to be gecko. I walked up to him and tried calming him, but he pushed me back and yelled “don't touch me”. I noticed all of us were prisoners... that made me think there may not be any SCPs ( Monsters) roaming around. I decided the best plan of action was to find a way out of this place. Site 19... feels so familiar but I've never been here before. People were already freaking out and I noticed Rick and Roy ran off on their own. We tried stopping them but we couldn't. They said we needed to run in order to live. Yes we wanted to live but most of us knew running wouldn't help. We would have ran if we knew what was coming.. from a distance I see this creature about 8 feet tall completely white coming towards us. I could tell it was SCP 096 ( a monster which only kills when stared at). I told everyone to not look at it and walk away. I turned around and ran. Severely, Kunkko, Xy, Winter, and Monsoon followed me. Darkling and Tom were in a completely other world. Both of them were acting like this is only a game and Darkling told Tom "come on Tom, let’s go on our own! This'll be an adventure!". Tom held Darklings hand and they ran in another direction on their own. The other people who didn't follow us were Kite, Gecko, and Violator. Kite respected Violator and wasn't going to let him die. Violator was AFK of course so Kite tried lifting him and taking him but he was foolish enough to turn and look at the monster which was right beside him. It let out a frightening shriek and swiped Kite’s head out clean and then did some unspeakably bad things to Violator resulting in both Kite and Violator dying. Meanwhile, the young boy Gecko was too traumatized to even move. He was sitting in a corner bawling out tears, crying for help but he didn't take his eyes off the monster which resulted in the poor child dying. I managed to find a keycard in the usual spawn and we saw Rick and Roy again. Both of them locked themselves inside a room with guns. I had a keycard so I opened the room and when I went in, Rick shot a warning shot on the floor and told me “get lost Kub this is a director only zone mate!”. I had no choice but to leave with the rest of my group. All of a sudden Winter turns around and runs into the room with Rick and Roy just as they were about to lock it again and Winter yelled " I'M STAYING HERE, THEY WOULDN'T SHOOT A KID! " *BANG* *BANG*. Gunshots are heard. I hear Roy yell "Is that proof enough for ya Kub? We ain't kidding, if we see you guys again, we'll kill ya! " We decide to go to another room to haul up and come up with a plan. We find a room but we also find a monster. It's a small cute teddy bear from a distance. Once we got closer we see it was made of ears. We ran to the room and I locked the door with the keycard but I heard a scream “NO! NO! Please! OPEN UP!”. I realized we left XY out. But I hated him so I yelled out “THAT'S WHAT YOU GET FOR STEALING MY MANAGER!”. XY yells back "KUB THIS ISN'T THE TIME FOR THAT I AM ABOUT TO DIE PLEASE!". “Tough luck” I say, as I hear him crying while the teddy bear screeched. The screech was so loud I heard blood splatter undoubtedly from XY and his last words were “kub.. Please..”. “Why Kub? Why did you not let him in?” Monsoon exclaimed! I told him it wasn't personal, I just didn't want to risk the teddy bear getting in. After calming everyone down we open the room and decide to escape. We run towards the main exit but we had to cross a tunnel first. In the tunnel we see Rick and Roy. They may have done messed up stuff but that didn't matter we had to get out so I asked them to join us. Rick and Roy refused. We didn't care, we wanted out so we ran in a long narrow tunnel. While running, we turned and noticed a HUGE crocodile. It jumped out and bit Roy on the leg and dragged him down. “YOU WON'T KILL ME!” yelled Roy as he pulled out a knife and stabbed it repeatedly. Stabbing the crocodile did not harm it.. Rick wasn't going to leave his best friend behind. He tried shooting the monster but he had never shot a gun before. Therefore, his shot landed right on Roy's head, killing him. “No!” screamed Rick! The crocodile grunted and left Roy's dead body. With superhuman speed the crocodile jumped and completely finished Rick off. We had no time so we turned around and ran for the big gate. We opened it and got a breath of fresh air. We see Tom and Darkling sitting outside on a ledge holding hands as we finish up locking the gate. It's amazing how they are so calm. We yell out from a distance “Hey!”. Tom turns around with a smile but then suddenly Darkling yells “AH!”. The sudden screams freaked Darkling out and he held onto Tom's hand as they fell off the ledge right to their deaths. It was a sad sight but nothing could be done. If only 4 of us got out, so be it. We turned and ran to the exit. Severely tells me he has a bad feeling about this but I assure him it's our only shot. He agrees as we run to the big exit. Instantly we all blacked out. Then I wake up.... ........... “NOOOOOOOOO!” I yell as I stare at myself still wearing the prison gear still in Site 19. There truly is no escape. Thank you for reading this if you read the whole thing. Be sure to like and vote for me if you enjoyed it Took me about an hour to complete. I am not the best writer big thank's to @Roy for helping me with this!
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    Hiya folks. So, a little backstory. My life is a mess right now. I hide it easily, but it's a fucking joke how bad it is. To be blunt, after this semester, I'll be joining the Air Force (US). Most likely I will not have time for video games or GFL. In fact, once I'm finished, I may not even think of playing a video game anymore. Why am I joining the military, you may ask? 1. They have the structure and rigidity that I need. 2. They'll provide me with funding for the degree that I want to major in. 3. I believe that it will give the mindset I need to focus more on schoolwork, because I have not been doing that as of late, and my addiction prevents me from achieving that mindset on my own. Honestly, this is more for my sanity than anything else. So yeah. After this semester, I probably will not be playing anything at all. It's been nice knowing this community, and I feel great that I have been accepted here. Peace. Tagging @FloppyDisk because I can ;-)
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    Hello, I just wanted to give more information on what has been happening to our Garry's Mod Purge server recently. In the past few days, we've been getting hit by (D)DoS attacks. Normally, a majority of the attacks we receive are filtered by our host, NFO. However, this specific attack is different. This attack is aimed at the Source Engine due to a flaw with how the Source Engine handles connections. Unfortunately, this attack is disguising itself as legitimate traffic, meaning when NFO tries to block/filter it, they are blocking legitimate traffic as well. We will continue to communicate with the NFO team, but it appears there isn't anything NFO can do for us at the moment. The only team that can actually patch this flaw in the Source Engine is Valve, who have shown no interest in fixing this specific flaw (they were contacted multiple times about this flaw in the past with no result). We may attempt to get in-contact with the Garry's Mod developer team but I'm not sure if they'll be interested. I do apologize for this inconvenience. On a side note, we are also looking into fixing the server performance issues (AKA "lag") which have been impacting our Purge server negatively for a very long time now. I've already set up a test server on my end and have reproduced the performance issues by just adding bots. Ensuring our server performs well should be our main priority. FAQ Attacks Q - Shouldn't we move to a better-protected host? A - We already have a well-protected host. With that said, if we did move to a better-protected host, we would still be affected by this attack due to the attack aiming at a flaw in the Source Engine. Server Performance Q - Why don't we just move the server to a machine with better hardware? A - The server is already on our best performing machine in NFO. While yes, if we did move the server to a machine with better hardware, the performance would be improved. There wouldn't be a noticeable difference at the moment though. The problem we are facing at the moment is un-optimized add-ons and code. Once we optimize everything and upgrade hardware, players should see a big improvement in performance. Q - Why is it taking this long to get it fixed? A - I would definitely agree it is taking very/too long and honestly, it's embarrassing watching the server's performance. The problem is very complicated and we haven't had many of our technical users look into the issue. I am doing my best with the time I have to look into the issues and eventually fixing them. Links What is a (D)DoS attack (NFO). If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to post here! Thanks for reading!
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    This was origionally posted by VirusKing on the old forums. Thought it'd be useful to see this back. Hi, If you're reading this then A) You're bored B ) Want to learn something new C) You've been promoted to a server manager! Anyway, this is a pretty basic beginner tutorial for those who have never actually touched Source servers. First, you need a software, which you can use for FTP. That way you can drag and drop files to the server, edit them and take files from the server if you need to. The one of the most popular is FileZilla, but I myself prefer more advanced one called WinSCP , for a beginner I'd recommend FileZilla. There's no really huge differences between them. You can also use SmartFTP or any other software you would like to use. After you've installed your preferred software for FTP, use the information you've received from a cool boss guy to log in. Don't forget to check that the protocol is FTP. Example of logging in to FTP: Protocol: FTP Host Name: ftp.example.com User name: example123 Password: password The starting folders you get when you log in to FTP may vary, so I've marked the main starting folder everyone will have in red color. Now when you log in, you will see many folders. Head to games/counterstrike_go/csgo , that's the starting point. From there you can go to /cfg folder for server and/cfg/sourcemod for plugin configuration, or go to /addons/sourcemod/ for sourcemod stuff. In the /addons/sourcemod/plugins you can install plugins by droppingonly the .smx files into the folder. .sp or .cfg files shouldn't be dropped there. .sp files go to /addons/sourcemod/scripting and plugin .cfg files go to/csgo/cfg/sourcemod. I'd like to point out that .sp sourcecode files are not necessary for plugins to work, they are for compiling the plugins. Don't forget to make sure that plugin .smx files are not dropped into /plugins/disabled as otherwise they won't be launched. Whenever you install a new plugin, you need to change a map so the plugin would start and generate all the necessary config files etc. If you want to set up someone as admin, do it in a file called admins.simple.ini which is located in addons\sourcemod\configs. If you want to know what all the flags are, check a file called admin _levels.cfg. The full root admin is "99:z" , while the numbers is the immunity and z being a root admin flag. The players with lower immunity can't use commands like sm_slay on players with higher immunity. Server admin flags at GFL are "85:abcdfghjk" while Trial Admin is: "80:abcdfjst" with some additional member group settings. So if I want to make myself SSA, I'd type this in the admins_simple.ini file: // VirusKing "STEAM_0:1:79549254" "85:abcdfghjk" And then I'd wait for a map change, or ask another admin to refresh the admin list with admin menu or console command sm_reloadadmins If you install a map, you need to drop the .bsp file into /csgo/maps and after that the compressed .bz2 file into FastDL. You can compress files to. bz2 using program called 7Zip or BZip2. Tutorials on how to use both will be at the bottom. When the maps are uploaded both to the server maps folder and FastDL, you need to type the exact map name in the mapcycle.txt file which is located in /csgo.bsp. So for example, if I would add a map called De_rust5 to a server, I would add De_rust5 to the mapcycle.txtfile. SourceMod forum can be found in the link below, with all the SourceMod plugins, help etc. Whenever you download a plugin, there usually should be a guide for its cvars/config's in the alliedmods thread. https://forums.alliedmods.net/forumdisplay.php?f=52 You might also get access to the server control panel when you become a server manager at GFL, from where you can manually restart the server, check statistics and modify launch options. These are the very basics, so you'll know where to look at when you want to install something. I'll try to work more on this guide over time. If you need any help, feel free to ask in this topic, on GFL Teamspeak or add any of the higher ups (councils, server managers) or me on steam and someone will help you out.
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    I figured I should let the public know about this. I have been leading the team since sometime in January of 2016, just about a year at this point. In that time, I have developed the team from practically nothing into a semi-organized group of graphic designers willing to help out the community's graphic needs. We made it through tough times of only four members and with the forum move as well. I definitely made several mistakes throughout my time as leader and could have done a better job in my opinion, but overall, I did a decent job all things considered. I do not think I could have done as good without the occasional advice from @nick027nd (past leader for those that did not know) and several other team members (some of which have left). A year later after taking the position, I believe it is time to pass the torch on to someone else. Transition of power is a necessary thing to keep a group stable and healthy. I also feel I have not been doing much over the course of the last few months. I have lost the passion that I had way back when. Lastly, I have been busy with life activities and school. Right when I believe that I will be more active for the team, something comes up. I believe resigning will give someone else a chance to do what I have not been able to. I hate to do this since we only recently merged the GFX and Media teams into the Creative Team, which needs someone to get the Media side of things going again, but I do not think I would be capable of doing so with my current state. I would like to thank all of the GFX Team Members who put up with me for all these months. You guys have helped out this community greatly and it is much appreciated. Continue doing what you do best. @cankyarts @Azura @Bae @Tai @OutOfIdeas @Radify25 @OGB4LIFE @bobe @inHaze Myself and the other Trusted members are looking for a new leader at the moment. I will make sure the transition goes smoothly and to overlook the team for the first few weeks to make sure things are stable. Lastly, as a quick clarification, this resignation is only for GFX/Creative Team Leader, not Community Advisor.
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    (Permanent VIPs and global admins cannot participate for obvious reasons.) @Snoopy had the idea of hosting a Christmas VIP giveaway, so that's what we're doing. The winners of this giveaway will be given a month of VIP each. To participate, simply reply to this thread with your answer to the question "What do you want for Christmas?". This giveaway will end on the 25th, upon which three winners will be selected by https://www.random.org/
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    yeah. I wasn't planning to do this for a while, but I simply don't have time to do anything server-related, and I won't anytime soon. I've been procrastinating things that I should've done a while ago, such as adding maps, testing plugins, etc. I'll still probably spend a good amount of time on the forums (simply cause it's a habit now) and comment on posts, my opinion will just barely matter. I'll still probably use teamspeak and discord, so I'll be easy to contact. I've tried to set up the servers to be able to go on as best I could (Dust 2 doesn't need many plugins and can grab anyone as a manager, and I've recommended someone as a manager for Bhop), so I'm sure they'll do fine. I guess that means a list of shoutouts? @Jermsquad - i miss you. come back. @Also_dead (Hatty) - Thanks for being there when I needed someone to rant to, or wanted someone to play Genji with. @Otter - You were someone that I could always rant to (and I was someone you always ranted to), whether it be about something extremely stupid or something that actually made sense. Just get better internet and you're good to go. @HackingPotato - I'll keep sending you shark selfies PogChamp @Dead (Panda) - Put on a fucking shirt already. god damn. @Nubz - keep doing you. xd @Shuruia - I needed to copy @SaladFlake, so thank you for being better than me. Ta ta. @Dano - Not exactly sure why you use this color. Thanks for teaching me basically everything I know about the servers and managing in general (for CS:S). @Syrus - Not sure why you use this color either. stop that. @Joshy - Thanks for all the wonderful, well-typed posts to read, as well as all the Joshy directory photos to like. @GLiTCh - Good luck with Purge, especially with the shitshow happening with it right now. @Thomasdavid097 - thanks for giving me a chance with bhop and dust 2 lol. wouldn't've been able to do it without ya @Wilford_brimleyy - @SwegBuster - you aren't getting left out, don't worry. @Bigtime388 - Will still send you memes in kik. no problemo. @Nomelie - fuck you for calling star wars garbage. I take that personally. @Rcool64 - get an actual pc and then i'll give you a different shoutout @Roy - I'll still keep memeing you in discord. #RoyChamp @Reeve - Good luck with bhop. I'll try and give you any help I can if you need it, so feel free to pm me. @Telemetry - stop putting lil weeb girls in the shoutbox. it hurts the soul @harry - @Korowa - ur still bad @Darkling - there u go bb and finally... @Cypher - your an internet Bitch bro if I met you in real-life I would slap the fuck out of you. You act all badass cause your names red you are on a fat power trip with a fuck in your ass it's you who's killing GFL and Mark my words it will crumble with you in that position. You and shuria side on everything like it's going out of style you support some esports bullshit and it's not even GFL. It's some third party kids who live in la there a joke they think there good but they haven't even played against a real team. Pull your head out of your add no one can even see it from your point of view the way you see things. Bitch thanks for everything, I guess TL;DR There isn't one. Read the whole thing, you lil shit. resignation train v2? #makeithappen
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    Job Updates The Godfather - The Godfather now carries an unarrest baton to free his mafia members from the unfair conditions of the prison life. Undercover Police Officer - As an Undercover, you’ve always looked and seemed like a normal citizen - until now. As soon as you select the Undercover job, head on over to the police armory to talk to the Mayor’s Secretary. She’ll set you up with a disguise and the tools to make you appear to be almost any job you’d like. Casino Manager - You manage the town’s casino, setting the prices for the high and low-level gamblers. Pro Security - A professionally trained security. Can be hired by an employer for security and protection. You must try and find work to get your employer to pay you. Spawns with an MP5A5, Glock 20, and a weapon checker. Drug Dealer - You are the sketchiest person in town. You deal the good stuff to your paying customers. Don’t get caught by the police or it could mean some jail time. DJ - The DJ brings the life to the party and has access to all sorts of music! DJs now get paid based upon their listener count, and not a fixed salary. Gun/Black Market Dealer - Formerly, the two types of gun dealers were only able to purchase and resell full shipments, but that is no more. VIPs can now sell singles of anything previously in shipment form. Mechanic - Mechanics can now purchase 10%, 25%, and 100% vehicle repair kits. Robbo's Ultimate Drugs Mod Since the removal of our previous drug script, we’ve been searching for a replacement and have finally found one. Unlike its predecessor, these drugs give you temporary in-game boosts such as the ability to run faster and damage resistance. Antitoxin - Cleanse yourself of all toxicity. $3000 for a shipment of 5. Beer - Gives you 10% damage resistance, with a side effect of fucking you up. SUHH DUDE! $1500 for a shipment of 10. Aerosurge - Gives you the ability to jump higher than all the rest. $4000 for a shipment of 5. Dextradose - Speeds up the time it takes to lockpick. $5000 for a shipment of 5. Life Preserver - At 1 HP? Have no fear, Life Preserver is here! This gives you a second chance at life. $5000 for a shipment of 5. Antiadipose- Thickens your skin to reduce fall damage and damage from speeding cars. $3000 for a shipment of 5. Painkillers - Reduces damage by 22%. $3000 for a shipment of 10. Endurex - Gives you more speed than ever before, on the track and in the bed! $4000 for a shipment of 10. Vitalex- Take this to quickly heal yourself over time. Costs $2500 for a shipment of 5. Noctilucent - Having trouble seeing in the dark during the Purge? Take this to improve your eyesight. $3000 for a shipment of 5. DMV / Custom License Plates Look for the new Department of Motor vehicles inside the gas station! Talk to the NPC standing at the counter to purchase a custom license plate for $3000. Prisoner License Plate Pressing With the newly updated jail time, prisoners will need something to do to reduce their sentence if their friends cannot afford to pay bail. Prisoners now have the option to press license plates in jail to reduce their jail time. The more plates pressed the faster you will be released. Bail NPC Tired of waiting through your full jail sentence? Do your friends have plenty of extra cash on hand? Have them run over to the bail NPC right outside of the PD to pay for your release. The price of your bail depends on the length of your sentence. Casino With the newly added “Casino Manager” job, there are also new gambling options such as a Blackjack table, a Texas Hold Em’ table, and a roulette table. Purchase as many chips as you can afford from the chip dealer, and try your luck. Cards Against Gmodity Cards against Gmodity is a Garry’s Mod edition of Cards Against Humanity. The game is simple: Each round, one player asks a question from a card, and everyone else answers with their funniest or most disturbing white card. With many different packs to choose from, VIPs get a very special pack, The Purge pack. The Purge Pack is loaded with Purge-themed questions such as “Zebra is really a _.” and “ButterKing5000 is having multiple orgasms because of _.”. The pack is complete with plenty of disturbing and inappropriate answer cards sure to "enhance" your playing experience. Patterned Keypads When building a base, it is recommended to have several fading doors to protect your shit. Everyone knows you must have a keypad on both sides of a fading door. We now have something special for VIPS instead of the regular keypad. Patterned Keypads act much like an Android’s lockscreen. You create a custom pattern and customize the colors for an added aesthetic. Remember, this is VIP ONLY, so you must donate to gain access to it. Singles As a gun dealer, your job is to sell guns to the needy criminals so they can commit their various crimes. The hardest part about selling guns is only being able to purchase shipments to sell. Instead of gun dealers only being able to purchase full shipments, VIPS now have the ability to buy and sell singles. Below is an example of the conversion rate from shipment prices to single prices. $1000 = $200 $1500 = $250 $2000 = $400 $2500 = $450 $3000 = $600 $3500 = $650 $4000 = $800 $4500 = $850 Weed Formerly on the server, and removed, Weed has returned. Grow weed and sell it for a hefty profit or smoke it for its “herbal effects”. Police Vehicles Three new police cars have been added to the car dealer, check them out below: Mitsubishi Evo X Police - $250,000 - With this dashing police vehicle you’ll be able to track down the highest priority criminals. Charger SRT8 Police - $215,000 - This car has been used to take down the worst of the worst. Dodge Charger SRT8 2012 Police - $200,000 - You’ll be ready to run a high-speed chase with this sports police vehicle. Hitman If you’ve ever placed a hit, you know that you have to find a hitman, and place the hit for their price. This new system allows you to go up to a hitman phone booth and choose your hitman of choice, your target, and the amount you’d like to make the reward. You can then put your reasoning, and let the hitman take out the trash. I'd like to thank my two Admin+s @Salad, @GLiTCh, and also @Kazllab, and plenty more for making this possible. From buying scripts to helping me edit / take screenshots. These people help make this possible. This post will be tweaked, and edited over the next couple of days. And we may have even forgot about some things we've added but haven't put in the post (Those are some of the things that will be updated over time). I will be updating some of this stuff onto the main server tomorrow as well. So if you don't see it now you should see it after tomorrow. Thanks, - @Zebra.
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    With the recent loss of two of our community advisors, we've been on the look out for members who have proven themselves to be trustworthy. These individuals have great work ethics that are beyond the call of duty to work alongside the staff team, and provide valuable insight and suggestions that will improve GFL. After people demonstrated their interest prior to a week-long interview, the Directorate have chosen four individuals that have shown excellence in their conduct, knowledge and advice. I would like to congratulate the following on their promotion to community advisor: @RickGrimesTM @PB-n-J @CrusTi @SkittlezExZ Well done, guys. We expect to see good things in the future. View full article
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    Welcome to the second annual GFL Demographic! I did this last year and it turned out fairly well. If you do not remember or were not here during that time, here were the results and this too (sorry it looks like trash and is cancerous). There is not much purpose for this, but I am going to turn it into a yearly tradition. Fill this out: https://goo.gl/forms/HBv8vAb8SDhNEHBm1 I will get this closed on Dec. 31 and create result images like I did last year. Spread the word of this to get a better representation.
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    Manager: - @Violator TTT Minecraft Admins: - @Edge - @ViiZoey - @NotMotder - @MooTheCow - @Frobro - @Spazzin - @SoapOnARope - @Lionel_Moosi - @DonPatch - @Lawlness_ - @Rainbow_Six_Jager - @Thomasdavid097 - @Fx280 - @HoxenshatteredRulez - @Porch226 - @The_Mad_Hatter - @halobodyguard - @Rcool64 - @Connor - @PB-n-J - @Pyros - @Xy_ - @Barack_Obama - @myPHART - @TheClassyBandit TTT Minecraft Trial Admins: - @Kubnair