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    GFLCLAN.COM CS:GO ZOMBIE ESCAPE In-game Chat Commands Guide + + + Server IP: + + + Compiled + condensed down for your convenience by the GFL ZE Admin team ver 1.0 - 12/05/2016 ver 2.0 - 01/24/2017 This guide was created to list all the commands that ALL players in the ZE server have access to and can utilize to their advantage. Please refer to this, especially if you are new to this GFLClan server or if you are completely new to the ZE game mode :3 [ctrl + f] to search in browser Helpful commands for all players to use in server All ! commands can be replaced with / for quiet (does not show up in chat). !rules - Visit our MOTD. !commands - Links you to this guide. !zclass - Change player models/skins zombie/human. !colors - For Members, Supporters and VIPs only. Change colors for certain player models (has to be human). Members have access to TWO colors while Supporters and VIPs have access to ALL colors. !ads - Watch a short ad to support GFL. !rtv or rtv - Rock The Vote to change current map. !revote - Allows you to change your map vote within the voting time frame. !nominate or nominate - Nominate or change a nominated map. There is a 25 map rotation cooldown. [Map Rotation List] !nomlist - See the list of nominated maps. !maphistory - Check past map list in console after entering command in chat. !sm or !sm <targetplayer> - Self-mute a player. !sm @all - Self-mute all players (can also do @t or @ct or @spec). To mute all in console and type voice_enable 0. Type voice_enable 1 to unmute all. !su or !su <targetplayer> - Self-unmute a player. !su @all - Self-unmute all players (can also do @t or @ct or @spec). !admins - See the list of ZE admins. !showadmins - Shows admins currently in server. !status - Check to see if you have been item restricted (ebanned) by admins. !showname or !shownames - Toggles alert bar that displays name and HP of the player that you are aiming at. !showdamage - Toggles alert bar that displays damage you have dealt to zombies when human. !noshake - Turns in-map shaking effect off. thetime - Check local server time (CST UTC/GMT -6HRS Chicago, IL, USA). timeleft - Check how much time left on current map. !nextmap or nextmap - See what the next map is. !ztele - Zombies only, teleport back to spawn, there is a countdown. Use this when you are stuck in prop, etc. !zspawn - Spawn into game if the round has already started. !tp or !thirdperson - Change to Third Person view. !fp or !firstperson - Change to First Person view. !settings - Brings up the settings menu. !entwatch or !ew - Toggles entWatch menu. Tells you who has what map items and the cooldown time for each item. Adjust glowing CTs. !hud - Also toggles entWatch menu. !zmarket - Buy weapons after buy time expires. Can set up autobuy. !stopsound - Mutes gun fire from other players. !zvolume - Change volume for zombie ambient sounds. !music or !stopmusic - Toggle map music on/off. !spec or !spec <targetplayer> - Join spectators, spectate a specific player. !donate - Donate and become a Supporter or VIP to help keep our servers up. !event - Visit our monthly event page for more info about upcoming events. !tags - For VIPs, tag options (colors, disabling, resetting, etc). !settag <tag> - For VIPs, character limit 20. ie: !settag Noob !gametracker - Visit our Gametracker website. *Commands are subject to change at any given time. Will try to keep updated unless I get lazy and forget. If you see mistakes or missing commands, please let one of the admins know.*
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    Having mastered the hall ways of Gris, conquered the Mako Reactor, hopped over Wanderers... Potti takes on his next challenge... the slopes of Liciana
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    Seriously though the GFL Gmod Zombie Survival server is an absolute trainwreck without any admins on.
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    This will be where me and @Kubnair will post changes made to the Breach server. - Enabled the MOTD again, as the issue that caused us to disable has been resolved - Made SCP-1048-A a bit slower.
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    What should I hate more? This community, or humanity as a whole?
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    Goodbye to all of my wonderful internet friends! There are way to many awesome people to tag so if we've had good games together , even if it was one game, consider yourself tagged 😘 Unfortunately my laptop died after years of bong spills on the keyboard and life decided to slap me with tons of medical bills and jail fines all at once so a new laptop is far from something I can afford anytime soon. Sorry @Violator no more karma ban appeals from Garrbear 💔 I'll miss you all even @WholeMilk 🙃 Add me on Xbox live if you got it : ReeferFever421
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    Re-app 1v1 **copied from first app to save time, changing the rest** Steam Name : Vindicatedfallen/Vfallen Steam Profile : http://steamcommunity.com/id/twitchtvVindicatedfallen, http://steamcommunity.com/id/Vinidicatedfallen Steam ID : STEAM_0:0:144187337 Server : US Age : 24 Play Time : 2d, 17+ hours on my main, 20+ hours on my alt (Roughly 14k points between the two) Sponsors : Dan *GR1FF1N Crusti(gave me the go ahead to post app without the forum post requirement) ****** Why do you want to become Admin? : -Hit my goal on reaching the #1 spot (for now, until someone takes it ;P). Now I just want to play for fun and keep the server clean of the hackers. -Basically the same as before, I still thoroughly enjoy playing on the 1v1 server for the majority of my csgo playtime. (with the occasional gfl grouping for mm's, Dan is hard to say no to :P) -Also I feel as though we could use some more trustworthy admins on the server, I find myself having to turn to Bud/Gr1ff1n/dan and crusti quite a bit whenever I'm the only one on and find someone hacking. I definitely don't want to say we're lacking but the more spread out we are with the times we play the more coverage we'll have on the server. Reason for accepting : -I have roughly 5 years of admin experience on WoW servers and 2 years on rust servers. -I don't play a lot of MM/ESEA anymore, so basically all the time I put into csgo nowadays is either on the GFL 1v1/DM servers. -Already experienced with recording demo's either console or obs. So posting cheat evidence won't be a problem. -Very chill, don't get tilted very easily. -Crusti helped me set up with a mega account for uploading demo's -I feel as though I have a pretty good bond with the current admins, so working together with them won't be an issue, and I know if I have any questions I can turn to any one of them for help/training -I have a 2 computer setup. so I can lurk(spectate) on my secondary if I'm playing another game *Edit* **-Forgot to add, I've been an OP for over a month**
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    I do watch anime, but I don't need hentai when there's real-life.
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    Wtf bong spills? Medical bills? Jail fines??? Kid wtf are you doing with your life? Anyway cya
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    @BLAZE You're a meme now
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    "There are clubs you can't belong to, neighborhoods you won't live in, schools you can't get into, but the roads are ALWAYS open." Something I've learned is that running is one of the best things you can do. There's always a place to run. Its time where you think about things. When thinking things over, I get pissed at things sometimes, so that's pushes me to run faster, pound the pavement harder. Remember, you don't need to be the fastest, the most in shape, etc. You can always run.
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    Wtf? Why is this even posted? All weebs watch hentai. Period.
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    Cya dude. Enjoy life n shieet
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    Do me a parting favor and delete those 😈 I'll miss trolling with/at you
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    Sadly I knew this was coming sooner or later goodbye garr I'll miss posting various sprays of your face on ttt
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    my profile picture is charlie day. its from the it's always sunny episode where they try and get his character set up on a dating site
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    It's a hotdog, period. It's not a sandwich, because the bun is in 1 piece. A definition of a sandwich is 2 pieces of bread with meat in the middle. Edit: Your profile picture reminds me of Charlie Day
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    Couple of new bugs I have noticed. Gate A will not open when NTF/CI request it if Remote Door Control in the electrical room is not off. [HIGH] Sometimes the name of the special round does not display at the bottom of the screen [LOW]
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    No. Hentai is a japanese word beining pervert/perverted.
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    Okay, so this Is kinda out there but instead of changing how we make the money why not change what makes it an economy(or both) for example, where its at right now, after you have an oil setup it takes about 3 minutes to make one bucket of fuel, so 5k. Most gun shipments are around that much... so without markup your making enough to buy a shipment every 3 minutes with guns being the main thing being sold to make an economy. why not make the money worth more by upping the price of gun's ect so it takes a lot more effort to buy them. Plus, at that point it might encourage players to play with more "rp" so to speak where buying a gun and losing it is a lot more costly for them and vis versa. Edit: to go with this make different class's of guns worth more then others based on there dmg/penetration/fire rate, ect.
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    AT 4:00 PST, WE WILL BE HAVING KLEINER TRAINING! WE WILL BE TEACHING HOW TO MAKE AN EFFECTIVE CADE, HOW TO FIGHT BOSSES, AND RUNNING 101! That is all my friendos. Now... To continue the journey! *Waddles away*
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    You have been accepted. Message me if you have any questions or issues.
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    Rip admin activites Do I have to come on for another 2 months just to admin the server until someone decides to get on?
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    potti is a noob confirmed
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    Actually Dan is still the meme he just has my body. I kind of feel bad for Dan P.S. It's hard to offend me so it all good @LegendaryFluff
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    Yo seems like alot of channels are being deleted ecks dee
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    I love spring Riding my bike is SO relaxing, even in Chicago
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    never asked for sponsorship from me but dude you're a great guy so fuck it how could I not say I'm going to sponsor you right now?
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    +1 Confirming sponsorship.
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    If you really want money and think weed is to much work then try to make a setup that makes it easy to manage.. Tips: its possible fit 8 multipots under one radial light and 4 multipots over 1 shower.
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    Got 'em. Thank you both for the reports!
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    yeah, not selling my secrets but my method can make 2m+ an hour B) with one person
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    Weed is by far the fastest way to make money atm with a good system but its not an afk thing, you have to be on it the whole time
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    Lunar has applied for member. Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198059635406 Steam Check Link: https://steamid.eu/profile/76561198059635406 Why I want to be Member:  Long time user of the purge server and would like to possibly being more active in a helpfull way. I figure this would be a good start so go along with my in game reputation on the server. GFL Bans: 6  
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    Lol yeah of course, Most of them are very old from when I first played on the server and didn't know if it was good or not. clearly a good one as I see now. Aslo in regards to the recent ones as a side note. One of them was on accident and it was a automatic ban from the server. the other one, actally was an accident too from lag. I think its was the "propspam" one.
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    Lol yeah of course, Most of them are very old from when I first played on the server and didn't know if it was good or not. clearly a good one as I see now. Aslo in regards to the recent ones as a side note. One of them was on accident and it was a automatic ban from the server. the other one, actally was an accident too from lag. I think its was the "propspam" one.