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    for real, whos the division leader of this? @Roy
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    Unfortunately, I'm going to be taking a break from GFL for a long time. I love this community but I have had little to no time to be able to play any video games lately because I am having to deal with a lot of new responsibilities in life, and there is just not enough time in a day to get around to doing everything. I love playing on these servers and whatnot but trying to meet weekly time requirements has become just stressful for me and the fact that I've basically already left the community without saying anything makes me feel guilty, but this is the one of the first times in the past 2 weeks that I've been able to even look at my computer, and so I haven't had much time to write this. Thanks to everyone that I've met on here the past year and half has been great and I've made some great memories. @bnewton- yo BNUT adios ma dude @ButterKing5000- I was only T-admin on your server for like 2 months but it was pretty lit @_Marshmello_- Die Sploob @mbs- Congrats on manager and nice ass @Gary- You touch my Yeetos? @Jat02- Oof @KryptekBlu3- !slay * @AciFire- You're the most cancerous person I know @DaPainWayne- One of the coolest admins on Purge thanks for the good times @flyingjoe32- Thanks for the help with training me on Purge @Violator, @Zebra- Thanks for working me through all that stuff with PH, sorry I never was on it all that much @Gekkota_- One of the nicest people on GFL thanks for the great times and memes @Winter- Thanks for being an admin on PH, you're pretty cool I guess @Xy_- Dab on them haters Adios Bois
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    To download the map, click on the Download link. Then extract the files and put it inside C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\maps Useful Link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1RcYkkkYNIzSV2oGp8rA2bip0trGyZuKg140ASEXIYrY/edit#gid=0 Green: Beaten maps Red: Maps yet to be fully completed **: Maps that are only available on No Nomination Day. ze_30_seconds__b21_p2 - Download ze_A_E_S_T_H_E_T_I_C_v1_1 - Download ze_abandoned_industry_alpha - Download ze_aepp_nano_grid2_v1 - Download ze_ApertureScience_p2 - Download ze_apocatastasis_v1_2 - Download ze_arctic_escape_p2 - Download ze_artika_base_v1_2 - Download ze_ashen_keep_v0_3_csgo1 - Download ze_atix_apocalypse_p3 - Download ze_atix_panic_v1 - Download ze_aztecnoob_p2 - Download ze_barrage_p2 - Download ze_bathroom_v2_5 - Download ze_biohazard_manor_004_p4 - Download ze_biohazard2_rpd_004_p3 - Download ze_biohazard2_sewer_004_p8 - Download ze_bioshock_v6_2_csgo4 - Download ze_blackmesa_escape_p4 - Download ze_boacceho_p4 - Download ze_boatescape101_p - Download ze_boatescape_extendido_p4 - Download ze_bowser_in_the_fire_sea_v1nb2 - Download ze_Breakable_p3 - Download ze_chicken_lords_p - Download ze_chicken_ranch_v2_1 - Download ze_chemical_weapons_depot_v3_1 - Download ze_christmas_infection_p2 - Download ze_colorlicouspilar_p4 - Download ze_colors_p3 - Download ze_crashbandicoot_p3 - Download ze_crazy_escape_v5_5_1 - Download ze_crypt_v1_4 - Download ze_dangerous_waters_v2_final - Download ze_deadcore_c17 - Download ze_death_star_escape_v4_3_p2 - Download ze_deepice_p3 - Download ze_DOOM_p2 - Download ze_desert_fox_v7_6 - Download ze_destruction_of_exorath_v4_lite - Download ze_diddle_v3 - Download ze_dreamin_v1_6 - Download ze_ELEVATOR_escape_p3 - Download ze_escape_the_eye_p2 - Download ze_eternal_void_p3 - Download ze_evil_mansion_v1_final - Download ze_exchange_innovation_v1b_ps2 - Download ze_fast_escape_p2 - Download ze_fapescape_p5 - Download ze_fapescape_rote_v1_3 - Download ze_fire_temple_v2_4 - Download ze_firewall_laboratory_part1_p2 - Download ze_firewall_laboratory_part2_p2 - Download ze_FFVII_Mako_Reactor_v5_3_v5 - Download ze_FFXII_Westersand_v7_z9 - Download ze_ffxiv_wanderers_palace_v2_11** - Download ze_ffxiv_wanderers_palace_v4_10 - Download ze_flying_world_p - Download ze_forgotten_facility_p2 - Download ze_frostdrake_tower_v1 - Download ze_frozentemple_rc1_1 - Download ze_games_v2_1 - Download ze_gods_wrath_p2 - Download ze_grand_boatescape_p2 - Download ze_greencity_fix - Download ze_gris_a4_9_8** - Download ze_gris_v1_11f5 - Download ze_halo_poa_p4 - Download ze_Halloween_House_b4 - Download ze_haunted_lab_escape_v2c_e3 - Download ze_hazard_escape_p2 - Download ze_Hell_Escape_p2 - Download ze_hidden_fortress_p - Download ze_hidden_temple_v2_5 - Download ze_hold_em_v8 - Download ze_icecap_escape_v5_p - Download ze_inboxed_final_fix - Download ze_indiana_jones_v4a_004_p4 - Download ze_industrial_dejavu_v3_3_3_e2_d - Download ze_infected_tramway_csgo1 - Download ze_infiltration_final_r1 - Download ze_insanitycity_final_fix - Download ze_insensible_sr8gm6yj12hs7_rg_v9_3_1 - Download ze_interception_p2 - Download ze_isla_nublar_p3 - Download ze_island_escape_p3 - Download ze_ismellmagicintheair_wg7tw9vm1io1bu7_v3 - Download ze_journey_p4 - Download ze_jurassicpark_c1v4_p2 - Download ze_kaffe_escape_v2 - Download ze_kororinpa_v1_7 - Download ze_kraznov_poopata_p2 - Download ze_l0v0l_a7_csgo4- Download ze_legoland_crackheads_p2 - Download ze_licciana_escape_p - Download ze_lila_panic_escape_v2 - Download ze_LOTR_Minas_Tirith_p4** - Download ze_LOTR_Mines_of_Moria_p2 - Download ze_LOTR_Helms_Deep_v5_p6 - Download ze_LOTR_Mount_Doom_p3 - Download ze_luck_matters_v2g - Download ze_luigismansion_p2 - Download ze_magala_castle_final - Download ze_magic_carpet_p2 - Download ze_mario_tower_v4_p2 - Download ze_minecraft_adventure_v1_3d - Download ze_minecraft_v1_1_p3 - Download ze_mirrors_edge_reborn_v4_2_p3 - Download ze_moon_base_p3 - Download ze_motanuminc_p2 - Download ze_negative_legacy_xf4 - Download ze_noir_p1 - Download ze_nostromo_redux_v1_2 - Download ze_notredame_p3 - Download ze_nuke_p3 - Download ze_NY_marathon_p2 - Download ze_ocean_base_escape_p - Download ze_omega_p3 - Download ze_opti_variety_missions_p3 - Download ze_otakuroom_v5_6f** - Download ze_parkers_pit_b8_ps4 - Download ze_panic_escape_v3_2_e3** - Download ze_paper_escaper_p7 - Download ze_Parking_p4 - Download ze_pd2_crime_art_v2 - Download ze_pidaras_v1_4fix3_e9**- Download ze_pitchblack_p2 - Download ze_pirates_port_royal_v5_6 - Download ze_pizzatime_v4 - Download ze_platformer_b6 - Download ze_PKMN_Adventure_v7_2 - Download ze_potc_p4 - Download ze_portal_story_v1_2 - Download ze_predator_ultimate_p7 - Download ze_project_alcaria_v2_4 - Download ze_puta_p3 - Download ze_raccoon_facility_v6b_p - Download ze_Random_p2 - Download ze_reconnoiter_b5 - Download ze_rizomata_a44 - Download ze_rizomata_b43 - Download ze_resonance_cascade_p3 - Download ze_rollermine_factory_2010_p - Download ze_roof_adventure_v6 - Download ze_Rooftop_Runaway1_p - Download ze_rooftop_runaway2_p - Download ze_rtcw_ominous_rumors_p4 - Download ze_santassination_v3 - Download ze_saw_p3 - Download ze_sc_turtles_v5_p2 - Download ze_sewage_processing_v8 - Download ze_sg1_missions_v2_1_p2 - Download ze_showdown_v4_1_p - Download ze_shroomforest2_p6 - Download ze_siberia_1990_v1_2c_p5** - Download ze_skyscraper_city_csgo1 - Download ze_sky_temples_v2_1 - Download ze_slender_escape_rc2 - Download ze_sorrento_escape_v2 - Download ze_sst_b2_1_p5 - Download ze_sst2_p - Download ze_stargate_escape_v8_p2 - Download ze_strange_escape_b3_ps_b7 - Download ze_sunkentemple_v3_1 - Download ze_sunlight_v2_0_p8 - Download ze_surf_danger_p2 - Download ze_surf_facility_p4 - Download ze_surf_sahok_p3 - Download ze_surf_vortex_v2_3 - Download ze_survivors_p2 - Download ze_tesv_skyrim_v5_6 - Download ze_thelostworld_redux_p2 - Download ze_thousand_steps_b7 - Download ze_thriller_escape_p - Download ze_tilex_ultimate_v2_13 - Download ze_timesplitters_p - Download ze_tkara_v4_3 - Download ze_tloz_stone_tower_temple_v1_4 - Download ze_toaster_p3 - Download ze_traak_b2 - Download ze_trainescape_final_p2 - Download ze_underground_escape_p - Download ze_undertale_g_c7 - Download ze_urbanterror_b2 - Download ze_UT2004_Convoy_p2 - Download ze_voodoo_islands_v8_5_p4 - Download ze_zombierig_p3 - Download
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    My Age: 12 My Talent: i like helping the gflclan it fun to play with guys Hours/Week: 4 days
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    A_E_S_T_H_E_T_I_C beaten.
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    I think I will be re-adding the request feature for member+, as well as code in a little system for admins to disable it at will for specific players when needed. And yeah, video requests are already included in BLog (labeled as WCK). Edit: Should probably also look into making the word blacklist not cap sensitive.
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    NOTE: Please bear in mind that the punishments below are just guidelines. The punishment may vary depending on staff’s discretion upon the situation. 1. Do not RDM (Random Deathmatch): RDM is killing a player without a legitimate reason. This is killing someone for a reason not stated at the bottom of this page NOTE: 30 damage or over counts as an Attempted RDM Intentional RDM Punishments: First Offense: Warn & Slay Second Offense: Kick Third Offense: 1-Day Ban The next offense may vary depending on manager’s discretion. Accidental RDM Punishments: First Offense: Warn Second Offense: Warn and Slay Third Offense: Kick Mass RDM (3+ RDMs in a single round) First offense. Warn and 1-day Ban Second offense 3-day ban Third offense 1-week ban The next offense may vary depending on manager’s discretion. Constant RDM (Rdm player(s) for 3+ rounds) First offense. Warn and 1-day Ban Second offense 3-day ban Third offense 1-week ban The next offense may vary depending on manager’s discretion. RDM & Leave Punishments: First Offense: 6-Hour Ban Second Offense: 12-Hour Ban Third Offense: 1-Day Ban The next offense may vary depending on manager’s discretion. NOTE: This may vary depending on how many players were killed. When your karma gets to a certain point (750), you will be karma banned. Which results in having a 12-hour ban, you may appeal this @ GFLClan.com. If a staff member thinks you have been falsely karma banned, they may have the right to unban you. 2. General Server Rules: Do not call life checks before 5:00 Description: Do not ask if someone is alive before the five-minute mark Punishments: First Offense: Warn Second Offense: 5-minute gag/mute or silence The next offense may vary depending on manager’s discretion. Do not give false information. Description: Do not give players misleading information as that may ruin their gameplay. Punishments: First Offense: Warn Second Offense: 10-minute gag/mute or silence The next offense may vary depending on manager’s discretion. Do not harass. Description: Flaming, harassing, trolling, or targeting other players is prohibited. Offensive language (racism, sexism, etc) is NOT allowed in any form. Punishments: First Offense: 15-minute gag/mute or silence Second Offense: 30-minute gag/mute or silence The next offense may vary depending on manager’s discretion. 3. Do not use any sort of cheats. Description: This includes ghosting, teaming, hacking, hyper-scrolling, scripting, and exploiting maps. Ghosting includes sharing information with someone who was unaware of the situation, including staff members. If you found an exploit on the map, please do not abuse or share it with others as it is a disadvantage to the gameplay. Please let @SwegBuster and @Bonk know about the exploit on the map. Teaming is when you’re aiding a player you know that isn’t on your team. Exploiting Maps Punishments: First Offense: Warn + slay Second Offense: 1-hour ban Third Offense: 3-hour ban The next offense may vary depending on manager’s discretion. Ghosting and Teaming Punishments: First Offense: 6-hour ban Second Offense: 12-hour ban Third Offense: 1-day ban The next offense may vary depending on manager’s discretion. Hacking Punishment: First Offense: Permanent ban Hyper-scrolling/Macros Punishments: First Offense: Warn Second Offense: Kick Third Offense: 3-days ban The next offense may vary depending on manager’s discretion. Scripting Punishment: First Offense: Warn Second Offense: 1-week ban Third Offense: Permanent ban Do not spam. Description: Chat and Microphone spam isn’t allowed. Playing Music and Singing is only allowed up to staff’s discretion. If another staff intervene to ask you to stop, then please stop, as the original rule stands. Spamming Punishment: First Offense: Warn Second Offense: Warn + 15-minute gag/mute or silence Third Offense: 30-minute gag/mute or silence The next offense may vary depending on manager’s discretion. Staff member’s decisions are final. Description: This does not excuse anyone to argue with a staff member over how the gameplay works. Please do not backseat a staff member’s decision, this basically means do not tell the staff member what to do. Lying to a staff member is not allowed. If you seem to believe there is some admin abuse going on please go ahead and privately message @SwegBuster and @Bonk in the same message, with valid proof. Punishments: All offenses may lead to a mute/gag after being warned, time may vary according to past punishments. 4. Gameplay Rules Do not camp a location or area. Description: Camping is where the player stays in a certain area for 30+ seconds Camping Punishment: First Offense: Warn and after a reasonable time (30 seconds), slay. Second Offense: Warn and kick Third Offense: 20-minute ban Do not prop abuse. Description: This is using the prop as a battering ram to fellow players, or simply just blocking a door or others. Punishments: First Offense: Warn Second Offense: Slay Third Offense: 10-minute ban The next offense may vary depending on manager’s discretion. Do not call a false callout. Description: Calling a false KOS can lead to you being reported for the false callout. Punish may vary depending on the situation. This includes forcing the last innocent to call a kos on another unproven player. Punishments: First Offense: Warn + Slay Second Offense: 15-minute ban/mute Third Offense: 30-minute ban/mute The next offense may vary depending on manager’s discretion. Do not troll: Description: Don’t troll players with traitor traps or testers. Punishments: First Offense: Warn Second Offense: Slay/15-min mute The next offense may vary depending on manager’s discretion. Do not abuse the taser: Do not KOS off of a taser not issued by a detective. If a detective is dead, you may use a taser to test unproven people. 5. KOS Reasons you can KOS (Kill-On-Sight): Description: Below are a list of reasons that you may KOS or sus. Be in mind that this isn’t the entire list, just the common known issues. If you’re unsure of the situation, please ask a Staff member before you make your decision. Killing someone who called a legitimate Kos based on the below reasons may yield a slay. Listed reasons: Killing Detective(s). If players are RDMing, if no staff member is on! Throwing explosive grenades near non-kosed players. Having a traitor item while unproven. Entering traitor room while unproven. Calling a KOS on someone is proven. Door spamming. Refusing to test even if proven (Detective only). Knowingly walking past an unidentified body. Failing to respond to a live check. Traitor baiting. Same as door spamming Damaging Innocents for a reasonable time to stop. (10 seconds or more) A detective must give 3 warnings (5 seconds apart) to test the targeted player. If no other proven Innocent or Detective that can claim you’re proven, then you must test when the Detective calls you to. Passing unidentified bodies must be visibly seen in order to be killed must give the player a chance to ID the body. For example, if the unidentified body is wide in the open and player passes it. If a player claims that they were AFK, not knowing that they were with an unidentified body, you may kill them on overtime for suspicion. If one player responds to live check, they can be KOSed. Reason being is the possibility of everyone else is dead, but if you’re innocent and you’re trolling to pretend to be dead may lead you to be punished. Telling players that you’re a traitor may lead to your death, and if proven that you were a traitor you called out your own traitor buddies may lead to an intentional slay. Shooting near or at players, sniping on a sniper map are also consider traitor baiting. When there isn’t an alternative path to exit out, then a warning must be provided with a reasonable time (10 seconds or more). If refuse to move, you are free to kill the player. NOTE: Do not ever KOS someone for defending themselves. Reasons that you cannot KOS (Kill-On-Sight): Do not KOS off of location. Do not KOS off of sound. Do not KOS a player for facing a traitor trap going off. You may place a suspicion on them only. Do not KOS a player for their appearance. Do not KOS a player based off of their tracers. Do not KOS if you are the last innocent and if another player hasn't been proven. Reasons that you may call suspicion. Turning off lights on any applicable map Being near bodies of players that recently just died. Claiming that you killed or helped killed a traitor when you didn’t. Placing props in teleportation causing players to deal damage (67thway). Refusing to follow a Kos. Following players. If a player is KOSed and another player refuses to help kill will be put on suspicion, and you may kill during overtime. If a player is following a detective, the detective must provide a warning and reasonable time to stop following. If a player refuses to stop, you may KOS them in overtime for suspicion of following. Players that already proven Innocent and suddenly goes AFK are exempt from being killed. Overtime Rules (2 minutes left in a round): Suspicion kills can be killed at this time. Traitors that purposely delay time will be slain. You may call Live Check or KOS at this time. Those who do not respond whether in chat or on the mic will be killed. Give at least 5 seconds for everyone to respond. Traitor baiting description: NOTE: If someone’s breaking the rules and there’s no admin, type !calladmin (reason). Take screenshots/demo of the rule breakers and report it in the player report section.
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    Only @Darkling knows how salty i really am. if u feel me.
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    Welp time to step down my bois! Good job (although i regret like few ppl got trim )
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    we just fucking beat it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    First of all, we are not GFL, we are GFLClan/Games For Life Secondly, that is definitely not garbage, that's a garbage collecting truck :^) pretty good bait, though. You almost had me. But here's something nobody expects.
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    9/21/2017 "Ermegherd he finally did something!!" ADDED: -Succubus playermodel (Supporter+) -Aqua playermodel (Member+) -Pickle Rick playermodel (Supporter+) -Escape Man playermodel (Member+ -Fixed bug where Operators can't buy knives REMOVED: -Uhhhh nothing COMING SOON: -More work n shit -idk
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    https://www.humblebundle.com/store/outlast-deluxe its a good game for free dgaf if its a copy, searched for a whole 2 1/2 minutes looking for any post that related to it and couldn't find it so
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    I purchased Outlast 2 and then got jumpscared so hard I uninstalled it and got a refund. Glad this game is on humble bundle for free. Also, the main reason this thread is derailed is because of everyone commenting. It's not just Otters fault (;
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    Outlast Deluxe Edition Free for a limited time (48 hours) from Humble Bundle Store https://www.humblebundle.com/store/outlast-deluxe Separate Steam Keys for Base Game + DLC. Outlast Outlast: Whistleblower Requires a Humble Bundle account to claim the giveaway. The redemption deadline is October 7th, 2017 at 10:00 AM Pacific. You have 15 days left! Immediately after 10AM Pacific on October 7th, the Steam key will magically vanish as if it were just a figment of your imagination, leaving this cryptic message behind in its wake. Note: You must redeem your free Outlast key by 10AM Pacific on Saturday, October 7th, 2017! Note: You must redeem your free Outlast: Whistleblower key by 10AM Pacific on Saturday, October 7th, 2017!
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    @Dex No doubt about it, you can't get saltier than permabanning yourself.
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    whim singing the final countdown during the last 15 seconds with "Allah Akbar" spliced in a few times was truly epic!
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    I join You all, for this first ''Games For Life'', server victory of all time ! And this, on ZE_A_E_S_T_H_E_T_I_C_V1_1 map : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1139780693 (Post Edited). /
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    Spelling difference: theater vs theatre (@Roy @Shiny) Phonetic difference: garage /gah-raj/ vs garage /gah-ridge/ (@Charmy)
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    Full devblog here: https://rust.facepunch.com/blog/devblog-178/ Hello Everyone, With the possibility of GFL Expanding to Rust in the near future, I have been playing rust now and then and keeping a close eye on the development blogs, seeing how the game is working out. The most recent update that went live today [21st/Sept], features a few key points: Car?! You can sit on a chair now. To start off, chairs have been in the game for a few updates now, but.. they seemed kind of pointless other than decorating your humble base. What this update brings you, though, is the ability to sit on chairs! Doing so will provide you with 100% comfort and you are able to look around, use guns, and RoleplayIntensifies, look badass. Secondly, something about which I went completely crazy, is the introduction of vehicles that can be driven by the player. Like, how sick is that?! This will definitely be extremely useful for raids and escaping enemies. The vehicle is designated to be driven in the specific roads you can already find. You definitely don't want to do this:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WqtYA_0F08k Me, @RickGrimesTM and @Snoopy played around with those cars in my Rust server and it was a rather enjoyable experience. Other than the constant explosions from the C4's we kept throwing, lol. To finish things up, I took a few screenshots of the car if you guys are interested. Caution: long spoiler, open at your own risk! You could say the car looks RUSTy hehe xd
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    This seems really fun and i'd defiantly be interesting in playing! :D *Remember @Snoopy & @RickGrimesTM who collect's all the wood *
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZsaBRTFKXz4 😡Not necro 😡
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    Make sure to check and update your version of CCleaner. It seems like it affected the 32-bit version of ccleaner. Basically, the supply chain or updating the ccleaner installed a back door and malware. http://www.piriform.com/news/release-announcements/2017/9/18/security-notification-for-ccleaner-v5336162-and-ccleaner-cloud-v1073191-for-32-bit-windows-users https://gizmodo.com/the-ccleaner-attack-was-worse-than-we-knew-1818616703 https://techcrunch.com/2017/09/21/ccleaner-supply-chain-malware-targeted-tech-giants/
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    I never use ccleaner or any other 'cleaning' products for PC, all cccleaner does is delete registry, temp and recycling bin files. You don't need a program for that but I guess it does make it easier for some people.
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    Please use the thread which is purpose made for this, but thanks for the heads up. https://gflclan.com/forums/topic/20002-game-offers-free-games-directory/
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    Thanks for sharing. I'd like to personally add a golden rule we have at the agencies I've worked for and from my experience in technical roles: These "cleaning" software are always bad news. Don't install or use them.
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    This is not an application for admin, yet for membership. You will receive member perks on all servers upon being accepted, but if you wish to become an admin on a server, you will have to post a separate application in the servers sub-forum. If you have any questions, please PM me.
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    https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1104735281 You are welcome.
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    It shows in the chat when someone requests a video in the theater, or at least it shows to admins. So we already can see who requested what at the time of request. In my personal opinion, I do not see why players shouldn't be allowed to request videos. Of course there will be those select few who will request inappropriate content, however even those with the job Theater Manager has the ability to do it too. I would say make it a Member+ feature to request videos. The only thing I would like to see also is maybe a coding to where if there is a theater manager, then regular players requesting videos is disabled. That way they don't interfere with the person who is actually the job to play things. As well as maybe a disabled on players being able to skip videos, because otherwise I see it happening where no video will ever be fully played.
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    @ToniBamanaboni is pretty salty most of the time.
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    godlike aimer in globaloffensive
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    I may not be a right triangle, but this topic got me pretty tilted.
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    3 great things happen today my favourite youtuber comes back after long leave my sister had my phone this whole time and my brother found it so now I can beat her ass and my DS finally has a charger yay
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    Before the English version of "colour" had gained its prevalence, we considered spelling it in a few different ways, such as "colur", "culoure" and coolor. This was close to the 17th century which is when the English version took hold. So if you wanted to define the correct version as the one which was predominantly used first then it would be "colour". The American version was worked on by a guy called Noah Webster in the middle 19th century. This was at whilst America was establishing itself and trying to break away from the English language (they almost decided to make German the official language of America as roughly 10% of the country spoke German). Noah is responsible for many changes in the American version of English such as the pronunciation of "z" as "zee" instead of "zed". American- Simplified English for the simple minded.
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    Well I'm English and I spell it colour. Colour Colour Colour Colour Colour Colour Colour
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    I've found that 9:30-11:30 central usually isn't a time when tryhards play, you'd probably need to play earlier in the day if you really wanted that to happen. edit: ok guess I'm eating my words now
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    At the moment nothing can be changed because the last manager just resigned, so at the moment we have no manager. Hopefully we will get a manager soon who can really help the server out.
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    "Color" is the American English way of spelling it, "colour" the Commonwealth one. It's not just British, though. Both are correct, but I'd advise you to use the same spelling for "color/colour" as you use for your other words. Inconsistency looks bad (e.g. "My favourite color is blue").
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    well I don't see it being a big deal if it had to be voted in, and admins had logs to view who added what so we could act on it if it is porn.
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    The warning has been removed, and I have spoken with the admin. Much obliged.
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    I need some friends that would watch phineas and Ferb with me