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    HOW TO BE A WEEABOO Step 1: Anime > Cartoons The first and easiest step is to begin indulging in anime. Anime is defined as "Japanese hand-drawn or computer animation." I call it the greatest gift from God. Anime covers all kinds of genres and age groups, and the icing on the cake is it looks so much better than American cartoons: It's incredibly obvious what the superior medium is here. Many great examples of anime to get going are Pokemon, Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Tokyo Mew Mew, Fighting Foodons, Kirby: Right Back At Ya, and Sonic X. These shows are all rich in Japanese culture and history, and will provide great icebreakers at the next anime club box social! Step 2: Ignorance Is Bliss Did someone at the box social tell you that a blue hedgehog running fast isn't actually something that happens in Japan? Bullocks. That kid is just jealous at your superior knowledge of Japan. Keep educating yourself through anime and ignore all those "history" books they keep picking up from that whitewashed public library. Yes Japan does have a school of martial arts for every single thing in existence. Yes there is a well that sends people to feudal Japan Yes the world is a flooded dystopian future where pirates rule with an iron fist. (note I haven't actually seen One Piece.) Anime is an incredibly entertaining way to learn the culture and history of Japan. Especially ones about the superior education system over there. It completely overshadows North America's education system, It's like no one here is even trying. I mean Angel Beats is a documentary on Japanese afterlife high school. It's amazing that actual footage was recovered and shown in a superior anime format. Let's see an American library ever carry books on that. Step 3: Basking In Your Otaku Greatness You've watched anime. Studied everything it as to teach you. You're starting to do away with your inferior north american teachings and praise the wisdom of Japan. You're becoming what great scholars have described as an "otaku". Otaku is the level lesser than weeaboo, but never fear because you're making amazing progress. Why simply listen to the voices of angels while watching anime when you can speak the language of the Gods instead? Yes! It's time to learn Japanese. I highly recommend Rosetta Stone for a learning guide, but if you spent all your money on Rin Kokonoe dakimakuras then I shall provide a few professional translations to start your lessons. Remember kids, kanji is outdated and far too complicated to bother learning. That's why it's never used in most mediums. Only use the basic Japanese alphabets, which are katakana and hiragana! ごめんなさい (gomennasai) = Good evening かわいい (kawaii) = Anime ごはん (gohan) = boys love しかたがない (shikata ga nai) = I love you へんたい (hentai) = Cool person やおいがすき (yaoi ga suki) = I love Pokemon どこにもっともちかいラブホテルですか? (doko ni motto mo chikai rabu hoteru desu ka?) = where is the bathroom? I hope learning these few examples enlighten your soul and empower you to continue learning such a beautiful language. Words spoken only by superior beings. Step 4: Testing For Secret Asian Heritage So you've watched every anime ever and have mastered the very foundations of the superior Japanese Language. It's time for the ultimate test. Having tests ran on your very DNA to determine that you're actually part Asian, but hopefully only Japanese. Yes for only $149 you too can learn your past. Your Asian past through the power of AncestryDNA™. Wait. What's wrong? I'm...not actually Japanese? Not even Asian? Not even 1/100 Asian? That can't be right! I know I'm Asian. CHECK AGAIN. I WATCHED ALL THOSE STUPID CARTOONS AND LEARNED AN OBNOXIOUS LANGUAGE AND YOU'RE SAYING I'M JUST A STUPID EUROPEAN? Step 5: Become Depressed After trashing the DNA testing lab and finishing crying into your tear soaked Rin Kokonoe dakimakura you fall into a deep depression. Life is a lie. Your DNA is a lie. Everything is a lie. In every form except physical you know you're actually Japanese. No DNA test can prove that otherwise. No one here understands your pain. Your suffering. Your endless desire to glomp and play pocky-kissing games. You cannot stay in this lie of a country. It's time to visit the holy land and find the truth. Step 6: Spend Life Savings On Trip To Japan After fishing a high price on eBay for the mostly clean dakimakuras (wink wink) you spend every penny you have on a one-way trip to Japan. Here you're going to prove that you're actually Japanese by seamlessly blending in with the locals. It'll be easy because you're actually Japanese and no one will even be able to tell the difference! Why is everyone staring at you? What're they calling you? Guy Jean? Who's Guy? That's not your name. A woman got embarrassed and ran away when you asked where the bathroom was? Maybe using the bathroom is taboo here. That's probably why it's never covered in anime. That explains it! Press on, my friend! Your journey must continue! The woman brought over a police officer? At least he was polite when you greeted him this fine evening. You asked him where the bathroom was and he arrested you? I guess using the bathroom really is illegal here. Maybe an anime should've covered it. It could have been a suspenseful anime about the tragedy behind the anti-bathroom laws or something. Is there an underground society fighting for the right to poop? Sounds thrilling! Maybe we should find it sometime! Wait what do you mean we can't find it? Deported? For wanting to poop? What a serious crime! Wow! Kicked out of Japan and we just got here! Step 7: Realize You've Made a Horrible Mistake After spending your entire life savings and being kicked out of your parent's basement for having naked pillows of anime girls you're now homeless. You have no home, no education, no money. You spent your entire teenage years watching anime, learning a language wrong, and listening to some schmuck on the internet about something he has no idea about. At the very least you can look back at this abomination of a trip and know the horrors of otaku and weeaboos. There is no compliment to being an otaku. It is not a word to be associated with. There are horrible consequences for learning about another society through the misguided, fanservice-riddled drawing of perverted men (and sometimes women!). There is no afterlife high school. It was all a lie. The past is behind you. You can get back on your feet and be a normal member of society now. One free of that horrible weeaboo virus. At least One Piece was cool. Remember kids: Don't be a Weeaboo. Source: http://www.neocodex.us/forum/topic/130321-guide-how-to-be-a-weeaboo/
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    Name: ColdSpray♥ Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:28249019 Age: 22 Server playtime: Approaching 30 days or 720 hours Time you can be on & Timezone: 3 P.M - 9 P.M CST on the weekdays, all day on the weekends Why do you want to become an admin?: I was an admin before, as most of the admin team may remember. I chose to step down at the time to address personal issues which are no longer a factor. Personally, it may be just me but it seems like I'm on when most others are not so I'd like to be available to fill in the gaps for when admins are not around and the players need someone to keep the server in line. Now, that aside, one of the real reasons I'd like to be an admin again is to continue gaining the knowledge I'm not getting as a player. Most people usually assume that admins are either a wealth of knowledge or complete nuisances and I would like to strive for the middleground, proving that I may not know everything, but I'm more than happy to learn it when I can. I would hope my previous history speaks for itself, and that I've been slowly building my time again to prove that I won't disappear at the drop of a hat. Thank you for your consideration. Reason for accepting: I know it seems as if I'm trying to rely on my previous experience of being an admin, however this is not the case. I stated before that I stepped down for personal issues and now that I have managed to work them out I would like to request a second chance at being an admin. Honestly, I could easily use the generic 'I'll be available when there are no admins.', however the admins that I've worked with before can attest to the fact hat I am, indeed, on more often than most. As cancerous as the server may become I would still like this server to be enjoyable for ALL players, and if given the chance would make this my primary focus again. I see a lot of potential in the ZE server, and contrary to popular belief, think it still has a lot of life left in it. This is one of the most frequented Zombie Escape servers and I'd like to offer my help with keeping it that way. I also see that the current team has been around for a little while, and would love the chance to compare my knowledge with those of the current team to see if there is anything old or new that I have missed while I've been gone so I can better ensure a smooth re-acquisition, if accepted.
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    Qualities of a good admin right here. "Ima get someone else to do my work for me"
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    Fuck you and your alts, enjoy your perm bans.
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    The feeling when it just becomes hot in the UK and then I get ill... fml...
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    I highly regret trying to go to bed at 6:30 PM...
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    I like how only 1 admin has actually given a reason. Neutral leaning towards +1. Your previous admin history speaks volumes, considering we were admins together. I've seen you hold down the server through so many maps, however I am partially with Vauff on this one, which is why I didn't give a solid +1. I trust you, though. You were a good admin before and I think you'd be a great admin again. What I would suggest is working on your attitude. No, I'm not asking you to be fake or lie or do anything out of the ordinary for you. I'm just asking that you take into consideration the larger picture. Take into account what others are saying, and act on that. In truth, with more time I can see going to a solid +1, but right now I would just suggest working on what I said. I know you can be a good admin again, now you just need to prove to the admin team as much.
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    Have you tried turning it off and on?
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    Name:Ctrl Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:100164009 Age:15 Play-time 100 Hours Admin Sponsors: @Darkling, @TomRiddle, @Mould, @King_Wailord, @Moose Why do you want to become an admin?: I would like to become an admin because the JB server is a very nice and fun and active server. It has great players and a wonderful environment. I have noticed recently when I get on there seems to be a lack of admins of to enforce the rules, and there have been several occasions where I have had to bring on an admin because of it. I really enjoy this server and want it to grow and become better for everyone. I feel like I would be a great asset to the JB Staff. Whenever I get on, typically at night, a new person always joins ct doesn't read rules and ends up breaking all of the rules. I have many admins added and have become friends with them. What can the admins improve on? I feel as if the admins can improve on being more active at some times, but besides that, the admins are really good and well rounded. What does the server lack from your point of view? The server lacks map variety, we play the same 3 maps over and over, and my suggestion... Take them out of the queue for a couple of weeks and play some other maps. I feel like if we did that, we could have more fun and try out some other maps besides undertale and vipinthemix. They get old after a while. What is your expectation of being an admin? I feel like what is expected out of me is to 1) Be active, and 2) be friendly and helpful. Being an admin requires patience and being friendly to everyone, even that one kid that won't stop getting on your nerves. On the off chance, I read the question wrong and got asked what I expect from being an admin is responsibility. It is a big responsibility. You have to be active and you must be kind, or else, you're not doing your job as an admin. Why should we accept you?: I try my best to ensure all rules are being followed and making sure people have fun while on the server. I have been on the server for a while now and know the rules and how they need to be enforced. I have been an admin for another server before but nothing big like this, so I have some experience with most of the stuff. Extra information: I just got on to summer break so I will be a lot more active. I can be contacted through Steam, the Forums, Teamspeak, and Discord, etc. Thanks for taking the time to read my application, I hope you enjoyed it.
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    Wait wait wait... This is Ozzy?!
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    Thank you @ButterKing5000. I made an agreement with you @debacus, in-game that if you made an appeal I'd unban you. All that I ask is that you read over the rules carefully, and follow them from now on. If you can agree to that I'll unban.
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    I... Just want to be an ass and say that it's not hard to reach 1k hours. 🤡
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    the event was on saturday, lol
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    This makes me feel so friggin' old. I was feeling more like "Colors of the Wind" from Disney's Pocahontas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pk33dTVHreQ
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    That sound really awesome until 2:39, but this song is really awesome
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    5-29-17 Updated my Time Limit plugin to correctly end the round when the time limit is up. Fixed the Time Limit translations ({lightred} doesn't work in CS:S). I have also added a plugin to log when "mp_ignore_round_win_conditions" is changed. There is a plugin or map changing the ConVar to 0 when it should be set to 1 at all times. Hopefully I'll be able to find out what is causing it soon! Thanks!
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    okay okay okay okay I changed up my game I redid the previous landscape and man o man o man do i love it
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    Come rape me. I have nice flat booty. But it's up to admin discretion, a lot of them don't give a damn especially things.
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    Roy, you have perfected the methods of click bait.
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    I've never considered soggy bread (in tea) to be a good thing, sorry. Had vegetable sushi with tofu on top, and it was freakin' awesome. I scarfed it down insanely quick.
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    I think he means more like, you can't bait in OOC. (i.e. "I am raiding you.") If so, then that is already a rule. Although, I don't believe most admins enforce it 'with an iron fist' so to speak.
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    SCP-999 should prob spawn alongside the mtf and be helping the mtf and researchersbut not the SCPS. his swep should heal all nearby people by 20 hp with a 30 second cooldown. I would advise not letting them escape though. Edit: as a special he could root/trap people in place for a short period of time(Maybe can also use this on other SCPs but might be way too strong). Should have a long cooldown.
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    Call me a YouTuber and a Streamer now :D Don't worry, I'm not going to spam profile with new uploads/livestreams (Maybe chatbox)
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    something I did cause i'm bored out of my mind practicing my landscape scenes -Edit- The mountain shading looks gay, lemme fix that
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    Not sure if I'm understanding you correctly, but this is already a rule. Someone must advert raid for it to be valid, no other form is valid and if they perform the action they will be punished. Quote from the MOTD:
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    Cpt.Haxray has applied for member. Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198037611833 Steam Check Link: https://steamid.eu/profile/76561198037611833 Why I want to be Member:  Been enjoying the Breach server, and its rare to see a group in gmod that doesnt offer P2W VIp crap. GFL Bans: 0  
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    Hey everyone I have been a member off and on since 2013 or 2014. I was last active right before they changed the website and after the whole Soja issue. Once the website switched I was getting bored of the servers GFL had so I left. I just got two busy in real life and found some other non steam games. I seem to be getting into Gmod again so I wanted to say hi to everyone. Hi! How's everyone doing, anything I miss in the last year?
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    Welcome back, Trident. Hope you enjoy your stay!
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    what's easy for some might be unachieveable for others
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    Hello @Trident aka Ozzy. Nice to see you back a lot of stuff has changed! Need any help hit me up man!
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    Hello Trident Welcome Back! Lots of things have changed in the last year, including security. But other then that, feel free to check out some of the new features including Mini Divisions, New Servers, and more.
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