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    The Prop Hunt Server has been in development for a while now and it is almost time for it to be released. When the server first opens up it is probably going to be be very busy and to keep things in order the server is going to need admins. I'm looking for about 4-5 people willing to be admins on the prop hunt server which will require you to: Follow and enforce the rules. Play for 4 hours each week ( preferably an hour each day ). Be an active part of the Prop Hunt community. Be responsible( and preferably likable ). If you are interested in applying MESSAGE me, I will not be responding to requests from this post. I also only ask of you to give me a description of why you want to be admin on the server (this doesn't have to be an essays length but if you want to make it that long go for it) and your steam ID. That's pretty much it . EDIT: Prior admin experience is preferred.
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    Created the new web VM today and I'm very happy with the progress so far! I've also learned a lot about NGINX, PHP 7, Let's Encrypt (Certbot), and Ubuntu 16.04 overall! Looking forward to learning about more in the future. I've already moved some personal websites over to the new VM. This includes browser.tf and gopop.browser.tf!
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    This is not meant to offend any Admin but where are you? During the day you guys are awesome and I appreciate it but at night, its a shit show ;/. CT's without mic's, Free killer, Mic spammers, And more. I love playing all day and somewhat through the night but it is kind of hard to play at night for the past few weeks. Like I said no offense to any admins I would just like to see them on more at night. (p.s I know sleep is important and im sorry for you having to baby sit people on JB)
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    What is your religion? None. Does it have any denominations? Atheist, Agnostic, Heathen, Infidel... Do you go to church or whatever? No. Do you use to be in any religion? If so, why did you stop? I attended the First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana when I was very young. I grew up in a household with a Catholic mother and agnostic father, Mom's wish was that we kids find our own path. In all honesty, I only went to this church out of boredom, and the "freebies" every week. Seriously, every week they gave you something on the way home. I got baptized like 30 times, because we got to wear a robe, and go in the water in front of all the adults. Usually, I tried to skip church altogether & wander downtown Hammond. I really did try to be sincere in this at one point - even went out with them on Saturdays to various locations, to go "soul-winning". Never really felt it, likely because I didn't really believe it myself. My stance on religion is this - I respect those who have that Faith, I really do. We all need faith in something. Just don't try to shove it down my throat & we're all good.
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    Include links to examples of your work, or even just a link to your channel to make it easier for everyone involved. It would also benefit you to simply put more time and effort into writing your application, given its current bare bones nature. Saying that you would be a good Creative Team member because you're "friendly" just doesn't cut it.
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    Church of Hanzo because I believe in the truth.
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    hi, my name is nat. i'm an admin on skynet gaming. nice to meet everyone!
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    When I smile I gain 600 pounds here is proof.
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    Alternatively why not try dropping us a message seeing if we are available and able to come on the server for a couple minutes to sort out any issues
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    That's the issue. Most admins are not in an available time zone for the night time hours, as some have either jobs, or school, or other things. Like @Darkling said, you can apply for admin to do these things at night.
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    @smiley ever thought of applying for admin yourself. If you are playing at the times which admins need to be on and you are willing, then why not help out too. If you fill the requirements and you are a decent person then just go ahead and apply.
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    While I am unfamiliar with the goings-on of any of the game servers(save for the presently-inactive Murder server), what this sounds like to me is that there are a lot of admins in similar timezones, and/or a lot of admins with priorities that conflict with being able to come on and moderate/admin in the night hours of your timezone. If the situation is as bad as you describe, then perhaps there needs to be more users that apply that can fill in the dark hours where there are typically no available admins. That is up to the superiors of the CS:GO Jailbreak Server though, alongside the availability of capable individuals to fill those hours. To those who read this, please note that I am just speaking in generalities, and this is not meant to be a critique so much as a "here is what I see," in regards to the original post. May everything go well for the server!
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    7/25/2017 -Removed @Rose from Server Admin -Added @Gekkota_ to Operator
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    A bunch has happened since last I've been here...so: I had my first and only prom. If you can't guess which one's me, you're as green as grass. I graduated. Got accepted to this place (Guilford Technical Community College). (Pic was from a field trip) Spent a few weeks with this cutie. And basically just fucked around for a bit. Working in a pool company every now and again to make a few bucks. College starts August 14th, the day after my birthday...looking forward to that. Just wanted to update you lot of strangers who don't care
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    Updated 7/25/17 Added !calladmin {reason} command.
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    Im a furry so i have no soul
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    I believe in a god and an afterlife but I don't go to church.
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    Pastafarianism because I believe in the truth.
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    This is why I drink while playing ze
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    Jango has applied for member. Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198153943842 Steam Check Link: https://steamid.eu/profile/76561198153943842 Why I want to be Member:  To be able to buy things on the shop in TTT server GFL Bans: 0  
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    The server has both EU and US admins. The issue currently is That the US admins Cant stay up all Night and the EU admins Cant be on in the morning cause they have to be on late Night. We are trying to work on it and are currently looking for admins to be on in the Night.
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    As if you've never trolled.
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    It would be better to recruit one or two EU Staff that play the server, and that have decent ping, it would extend the admin presence for a few hours nighttime wise, just an idea I had in mind.
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    Planes with faces are a thing on twitter lol wat why not join in honestly i didn't even try, just used one layer for this garbage
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    The game mode itself is good, I love all the additions to it but I'm not exactly sure either why people left, I mean it's a fun game mode unlike Hide and Seek which I find boring. Maybe the population will come back in a few days or so like what happened to GFL Zombie Survival
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    Obviously, only you and the ones who would review your application could determine whether you are equipped for such a role or not. All I can say is that if their applications are open, and you think that you could be a good contributor, than attempt it, and go from there. It is your choice on that matter.
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    I would apply for admin. I have all the requirements but I don't feel I'm ready for that role yet.
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    You have been accepted. Message me if you have any questions or issues.
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    Yeah! My county has a career center, which offers CTE-based classes for juniors and seniors in high school. Kinda like a shared school between all of the others for specialized classes. That picture was of both Aviation tech 1 classes and the Aviation tech 2 class, which I was in, during one of our field trips. I'm going into the field of aviation and planning on studying avionics. Thanks for your interest
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    What's that whole third image about? It looks like some technical group? Congratulation on high school and college. What do you plan to study?
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    102 notifications. Goodness, it's been too long.
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    ^ Those maps were alright. Sounds is similar to a buckmap I think. Psychopaths is kind of ugly, but looks fun. I've got a new map I've been working on. Its more of a combat map. The surf is really short and not difficult. Let me know if anything is broken, or if you have good ideas. There is one minor secret/shortcut to the top. No fancy guns or anything. Forgot link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/8z1g1jc54m8h6gm/surf_hanger18.bsp
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    I'm agnostic although I've gone to church with others to be respectful and open minded.
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    I'm a christian. My denomination is church of god. I think that my religion has shaped me into who I am today and yes I attend church most sundays
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    Literally all the negatives can be summed up as: "I don't like playing maps that I don't like". Thats not a good reason to remove because there are others who do. As for the testing point, a map is tested when an admin is on because admins have control and are able to reset the maps or adjust as needed to make sure the test goes well. We also add the maps into the list when we are ready to test them, so there is no need to test when an admin is not active. Our server population hardly falls below 50 players, and the lowest population we have is during the middle of the night when most of America is sleeping. Which is expected, considering this is an American server and people outside of America are less likely to connect. We are also still the number one server, so we do not have a problem with population. If you don't like the map playing, you don't have to play it. Come back later. Other people may want to play it.
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    @nesquik Since no one responded back to you, I'll be the first to respond back. May I ask who your friend was that was an admin for our server? We haven't offered anything yet, but alright I guess that's a good/okay answer to my question. I will give you the test at the end of this message. Thank you for understanding the payment question. On this part, it's best to start now, because your activity went awol/mia after you applied. Okay, here's the test. Please take your time in doing this, there is no winning in here. All your quality and efficiency in making this is important part. Type: Wallpaper Size: 1920x1080 pixels Style: Simple, Neat, Original Theme: Dark, Mysterious, Surprise Text: The Dark Path Use your imagination and be original. Meaning, we shouldn't be able to find something that you made to be similar to another person's artwork. You are free to use their tutorials but it is up to you to decide how to make it unique and different from the tutorial that you used. Learn from the tutorial, do not copy and paste.
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    Plz make whim a t3 admin!!!!
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    John Cena. Don't judge me.