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    So if you guys heard of that post that said "RainGamma is a bit**" I made that (yeah sorry). I thought that people really didn't care about me in the community/hates me. So I made that, I didn't know what I was thinking. So I hope you guys forgive me for it. I wish you guys well. -Peace RainGamma
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    I'm not really sure what happened but I appreciate you owning up to your mistake. It sounds like you made a post about yourself under another account for attention? Not really a big deal in my opinion but it is dumb. I did something similar back with another gaming community in 2010/2011 (I felt "disliked/hated" so I made a resignation post for attention and said "I'm joking guyz" days later when I wanted to come back). We are all dumb sometimes, especially when we're young. Just learn and move forward Thanks.
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    Just don't be dumb and people will like you.
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    L8er Sk8er hop on an event or two
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    I can speak from personal experience. If you are dumb, people will not like you.
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    You live and you learn. Now you know what not to do next time.
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    I remember my first time in GFL, Getting yelled at, I remember finding my home at CSGO JB. I remember leaving and coming right back because I loved this community to much to leave it.. My first time was a fluke....Im actually leaving this time. I loved all my time at CSGO JB, with their amazing staff and decent playerbase. I spent countless hours laughing and killing T's as the Warden that no one liked. I loved my time at Purge, Always being in a sit and somehow getting away with everything. I've spent the better part of my time owning a PC with GFL. I will miss all the people who I spent days of my week with. (P.S) It isnt letting me tag people) I enjoyed my time with you all Here's your cancerous boyo who enjoys shitposting and forumspamming, Signing off Riggs
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    Sorry for all of this shi*. I have a lot of crap to work on.
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    Yea don't be like me
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    Umm, interesting. @_Doctor just scroll down in the shoutbox.
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    Hi @nideii, Your application has been accepted. As discussed on Steam, I will be busy for the next couple weeks. When I get back, we will discuss more. Welcome to the team! Thanks!
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    I'm not the one to give forgiveness since this literally had nothing to do with me but I'm impressed as I've already told you. It was a clever way to find people's honesty even if it was confusing for them and/or a little sneaky. I like it though and good on you. Also good job owning up to it since some other people think you fucked up, I have a deep respect for you right now my guy.
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    I also love you, you should hop on TTT next time I'm on
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    Yea you should come to TTT1 it's pretty cancerous (coming from a TTT1 admin). Would love to have your cancer in it too.
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    Cya Raccoon Writer Hope to see you at a JB Event sometime in the future
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    It's sad to see you leave. Good luck.
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    I'm glad your shitpost is in the right section.
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    You're leaving? Why?? I admit, you were somewhat of a pest at 1st, but you have gained a place in the GFL family... I hate to see you go, kiddo.