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    Hello everyone I’m sure you have noticed but the CS:GO division is going under a revamp myself and @xSnowyAngel are currently looking for active managers and admins, We are currently looking for managers for: Surf Minigames 1v1 EU Requirements: Active member for at least 2 months General Server knowledge 15 years old+ Active on the forums We are currently looking for admins/operators for all servers except Zombie escape Requirements Active member for at least 1 month Working microphone Active on the forums Application> https://goo.gl/forms/pou9k6mwfQuzXW513
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    I would also like to add these future managers should be active on their server daily regardless of low player counts and so on. I would also HIGHLY recommend idling over nights and when AFK if you can. For example, @Decoy idles with his laptop and his desktop on our CS:S Dust2 server overnight and when AFK. This will help with server population A LOT and will show you're dedicated. With that said, idling helped a lot with very successful servers in the past for GFL. For example, @Xy_ does this for our Garry's Mod Breach server (very successful) and still does it at nights. If you're not going to play on the server due to low player counts and so on, being server manager is not right for you and the server will likely not succeed unless if it gets populated by randoms. We need dedicated people who will be on the server daily and enjoy playing the server regardless of player counts and so on. Thanks.
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    My Age: 54 Roles: Writer Do I have any experience in the selected roles: No Examples of my work: Do you have any experience in the selected roles you've chosen? Yes. Please share examples of your work: https://archive.org/stream/heartattack_14#page/n11/mode/2up https://archive.org/stream/heartattack_22#page/n17/mode/1up https://archive.org/stream/heartattack_03#page/n27/mode/2up http://merrick.library.miami.edu/cdm/ref/collection/zines/id/1712 Not my work, but references same: http://illinoistimes.com/mobile/articles/articleView/id:8 Thank you for your consideration. Why I think I will be a good Creative Team member? Above average grasp of the English language, experience in writing. Would I consider making profit: No
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    What do you mean shit post? This is quality content.
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    I Decided to draw the alien cast with Gfl Zs players With @Kite9867, @Herbert, @Rose, @BigBthefluffyredneck, @Vivian and Wow! and InfernoBurns I thought this was a good idea
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    Notes Upgraded IPS 4 to latest version (security updates). Side Note - Paid for our OVH GS #2 machine and renewal for IPS 4. Thanks.
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    I've discussed making changes to SCP-035 with a few Admins. Basically things that would be changed include: - SCP-035 would appear as a D Class, allowing him to kill/be killed by SCPs - 035's goal would be to escape at all costs rather than assisting the Class Ds. - Rule changes that would go along with this: 035 can team with anybody (including SCPs) in order to escape. SCP-035 would be likely to betray somebody when it no longer benefits him to team with them. - When killed, 035 will drop his mask. When a player (Any team but SCP) walks over it, they will put on the mask. The player will be able to resist the mask's influence (similar to the Jockey from l4d2), however if the player fails to do so, they will become 035 - 035 will no longer spawn with an AK47. To compensate for this, he will spawn with an SCP-500 and will be able to leave his containment during preparing (also so he can get ahead of 049 and 066). - Special Ability would be to raise a tentacle from the ground and attack nearby people for 25 seconds (Cooldown 60 - 90 seconds) These are just some ideas I had, this may or may not happen.
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    Cause no one wants to touch you Great job dude
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    I'm glad I joined the GFL community. I'm slowly getting to know people, so far everyone seems to be easy going, chill people, that are happy to help each other out. I was glad to see some of you checking out the GFL Dust2 server. I'm honoured to be running a server for such a well known and massive gaming community. I've been browsing the forums trying to learn more about GFL. I want to be more involved with the community, but I still have a lot to learn. I've been chatting with Roy and learning about some of the current issues. Maybe everyone (you) can help me out by answering a couple questions from your own perspective. What do you love about GFL? What are the current problems with GFL?
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    I was going to tell @Decoy about that project yesterday but ran out of time. I will be telling him today more than likely. @Decoy, that'll be fun :D I also showed him GFL's big accomplishments from the past here. Thanks!
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    Please keep this topic clean as well (e.g. no "drama"). We all know there are issues in GFL and I've been talking to @Decoy a lot about GFL itself. He is very interested in helping out further in the future and I believe he will be very successful within GFL. He just wants to know the issues from different perspectives and what we can do to improve the community as a whole. Thanks.
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    Turned on file listing for fastdl, you can now browse the fastdl (just like you used to be able to).
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    When you raid somebody and you see them sitting outside their base as you leave... Expect these shit posts from me on a regular basis.
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    Well, the "about GFL" project is nearly ready so stay tuned for that
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    Hello everyone, as some of you may know, we have a Pirates, Vikings, & Knight II server. This server along with servers in games such as Fistful of Frags is/are mostly separated from the community itself meaning nobody involved with GFL play on the server. However, servers such as these also have a lot of potential in my opinion. The server occasionally fills up without anybody from GFL playing on it. For a while now I wanted to give somebody a chance at managing this server. The server has a lot of potential and if you simply idle on the server (which is highly recommended), it will fill up and possibly stay full for days like it has in the past. In my opinion, servers like these are easier to populate than servers in games such as CS:GO due to the amount of servers in the game. As manager, you should be trying to find active admins who will keep the server healthy along with heavily recruiting players from the game into GFL (the website, Discord, TeamSpeak, etc.). With that said, I would like for you to experiment with game servers themselves on a technical level. Learn how to set up Source Engine game servers on operating systems such as Windows and Linux. Learn how to configure the server. For example, add a plugin that'll give Members, Supporters, and VIPs perks so we can get players into the community and applying for member or donating. As for the game itself, it is a free-to-play game on Steam and the Steam store page can be found here. Please try it out if you're interested. Manager Requirements A Member+ for at least one month. A clean GFL record that includes being able to get along with others. Basic knowledge of Source Engine game servers on the technical side (SourceMod & MetaMod). Active on the server (joining it daily until the server is populated). If you're interested, please let me know! Thank you.
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    I am willing and able to manage all three servers, no problemo. You can leave it to me, boss.
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    idk how this would balance out but maybe 1 or 2 class D spawning with a prison shank or something along that line so if they get rushed by researchers with crowbars or mtf they atleast have a fighting chance. :D
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    +1 He would make a good shit poster Reasons: Cancer, plays purge
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    Should say "Yes" for experience in the role. sorry.
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    Hey everybody, I just wanted to give another update. I have returned home on Thursday. I am still experiencing some issues (mostly flu-like symptoms from the body trying to recover and heal along with soreness). I hope to be feeling completely better in the next couple weeks. Once I heal from this surgery, I will be scheduling another surgery for my hernia. It will probably take some time to recover from that surgery as well. So it's not over yet but we're almost there! I would once again like to thank everybody for the support! I really appreciate it! Thanks!
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    It angers me to still be seeing Source Engine servers running sv_maxrate at < 30000. It's 2018. There is no reason the server's connection speed shouldn't be able to handle sv_maxrate 0 at this point... The server simply shouldn't be hosted on that network. The thing that angers me the most is these servers are still popular and there is so much choke from the low rate settings and so on causing a lot of lag.
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    +1 Would spice up 966 a bit, since all you need is NVG to murder him
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    My cat does that when she thinks I'm not looking.
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    GFL Sticker for CSGO, was bored;holo and nonholo. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1312824224 In game https://gyazo.com/17f4b23db15a4769cbb9c45de4997506
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    this is during the raid
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    The guys face when you flip him off..
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    No, I have not written at all for over 15 years.
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    i have somethin to do with this? noice ^thats a screenshot
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    2/24/2018 Yes, I'm still alive. ADDED: deathrun_cavern_b3 deathrun_missing_v1 deathrun_corinthian_fixed deathrun_whatever deathrun_cats_v1 deathrun_crash_snow Mapvote now lets players pick from 8 maps instead of 5 Changed Widowmaker to a Death playermodel COMING SOON: Pointshop 2 More maps Daily reward system (for new players, coming with pointshop 2) Events More custom rounds i need more suggestions plsgiv
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    This is fucking awesome! Good work Smiles!
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    HELL YEAH! I'm down for this, tired of researchers having a gun while a bunch of class d's squirm everywhere to now die.
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    +1 or EVEN A CROWBAR! :D @John Jeez Man
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    Quick question, who da fuq are you?
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    Hello everybody, this thread will list all past and future accomplishments for GFL. GFL has achieved many things in the past and I am absolutely amazed while looking back. That said, the accomplishments haven't stopped and I believe we will make more in the future! Also, the order will not be by date. I am ordering these by the ones I find first. April 5th, 2015 Had the top three servers in CS:GO according to GameTracker. We had Surf Timer (US), Zombie Escape (US), and Surf Timer (EU). June 28th, 2015 Had three #1 servers in three different games. CS:GO (Zombie Escape), Chivalry Medieval Warfare, and CS:S (Zombie Escape). January 4th, 2015 Had the top three most populated servers in CS:GO at the time (not that big). August 28th, 2014 Had the #4 Garry's Mod server (Purge). March 3rd, 2015 Just generally a lot of servers below the 100th rank (8). March 24th, 2015 Had the #1, #2, #3, #4, and #5 servers in different games. March 27th, 2015 European domination! April 1st, 2015 #1 BF:HL server. August 7th, 2014 First Garry's Mod server to reach > 65 players (DayZ), possibly the first GFL server ever to reach above > 65 players. I honestly don't remember. November 28th, 2014 Look at all those near-full servers! December 24th, 2014 Our BattleField 3 TDM server reaching 11th on GameTracker (for the first time?). May 18th, 2015 Our BattleFIeld 3 TDM server reaching 6th place on GameTracker. September 28th, 2014 Our Red Orchestra 2 server at the top of NFO's server list. April 26th, 2015 Again, European box being filled with players including our Killing Floor 2 server at 81/80! I will continue to look for more accomplishments (we had other #1 servers in games such as Red Orchestra 2 in the past). The reason I am posting this is to show everybody GFL isn't just a normal gaming community. GFL has made many accomplishments and in my opinion, is one of the better gaming communities around. Yes, GFL has issues, but GFL's core is nowhere near corrupt like other popular communities are. That said, a few of you have also been asking me about GFL's past and although this doesn't explain specifically, this shows GFL is a strong community. Thanks.
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    Admin application requirements: 50 hours on the server. At least one admin sponsor for your admin application. No large amount of bans on record. Must be a member or higher rank. Please copy and paste the following into a new topic in the admin application subform with the information filled out. You can find your bans (if any) at https://sourcebans.gflclan.com/ using your Steam ID. You can get your Steam ID using this site http://steamidfinder.com/ or using the command !id <your name> while in the sever. You can find your hours by searching for your name(s) here http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ Another way you can get your hours is by typing !stats while on the server and clicking on page 2 on the top right. Note that !stats has only been tracking hours since August 2016. USE THIS LINK AND COPY AND PASTE THE TEXT BELOW WITH YOUR INFORMATION Name(s) (ingame): Steam ID: Hours played: Why should you be accepted as an admin? Have you been an admin before somewhere else? Have you fully read the rules and understand them? If you have bans, why were you banned? Which admins sponsor your admin application?
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    GFL started well for me, but as recent events occurred i've realized this place isn't really a good place to reside for fun. I didn't expect to come into here and have a shit show I expected a fun and welcoming place, and from what i've realized it is far from that. some people are great and i've built some friendships, but from what I can see a lot of this place is just not right for me. No i'm not resigning over harassment ect. I tried my best to stay positive and outlay GFL as a great community when deep down I knew there were problems within this place. I just don't belong here with this group. There was definitely times of fun, but those times passed and that's where I see no point in staying anymore. Thank you to everyone who did make this place worth staying while I did. I'm not gonna do any big paragraphs or anything for people just a little word. (too many snowflakes) @WigglesWorth - You and me always were good friends from my time coming in! I know we'll still be friends after GFL, but I'll definitely miss playing with you man @Haxx - you a funny mf and it's always a fun time playing when you're on. take a hit for me dawg. @Jroek97 - you were always super chill with me and your humor was great. @Yagyuu-chan - You have some anger issues, but other than that I really enjoyed playing with you. I hope you get that full admin someday! gotta dig deep and dont let TTT get to you bro! @Lawlness_ - you're a great dude with a funny ass humor. i'll miss you trolling me @TheSadBandit - I remember when I made a post about some Veteran tag and wanted player models and you just randomly bought me VIP back in my early days with GFL. i'm grateful for that and you're a good admin. @titanc_13 - you are always great to play with. lately havent seen you much, but I know you play other servers. and thank you for one of my first ever sponsors! @CabGrassy - you're great man! we need to link up on social media and hopefully you do move to Michigan someday! @Krzyforbacon- I remember my early stages of GFL i was always on at late and you were always there to help and give advice. helped me become a better admin. @Billy_Ariana_Man- Not sure if you still come onto the forums, but you're the reason I ever became admin and were my first friend with GFL. thank you. @Joshy - You always backed my work and believed in me and I'm grateful for that also! I never made media team, but I was a newcomer mostly to GFX and you definitely saw potential in me nobody else saw. @ButterKing5000 - you were always super helpful and gave me tips with coding ect. Thank you for always helping when needed! @Roy - you are an amazing owner trust me! very easy to talk with and very helpful. the place you have built though it may not be fit for me anymore is still a great place for many to enjoy. I hope your recovery from surgery goes great. we'll have to play some game sometime. (I definitely forgot people i'm sorry)