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    In the Beginning, there was nothing. Then, I arrived. With my peerless mental and physical strength, I set GFL onto the right path. CSS, TF2, GMOD, my pure gamer skill and adminship was unmatched. After many years of just and glorious rule as a Council Member, I decided to ascend back to heaven. Many of you have probably heard this story before. But now as I look down from the heavens onto the mortal plane that is Gflclan, I see evil, corruption, simping, and greed. This place of order has fallen into chaos. I realized in my infinite wisdom that my job was not yet done, so I have returned to set things right. Username: Floopyhiggle Desired Position: Director or God Emperor of GFL Steamid: STEAM_0:1:14659950 Strengths: Peerless Mental and Physical Strength (mentioned above) I do not require sleep, so I can rule over the masses 24/7. 300kg grip strength using only my toes. 2 minute mile. It is impossible to outwit me. I am unoutwittable. My soothing voice allows me to solve any altercation quickly. Very low ping everywhere. 215 wpm typing speed Left Handed Weaknesses: N/A I noticed there was no director application subforum. Feel free to make said subforum and sticky this post as I am the only one GFL needs. Please refer to the images below as examples of my Divinity and Might. Here is proof from a legitimate source of my divinity:
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    Your favorite trashcan gamer is back boys! I wouldn't say in the same way as before. I have found my place in SurfRPG now. I am now living a peaceful life and would like to get back in touch with those of you here who made my time amazing, I miss those of you. I am back and ready for the memes ect. Alot has changed with me since I left and I can say they are all for the best. You won't see me here on the forums much, if you wanna find me peek SurfRPG and come say hi ❤️
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    If you idiots don't take this man to be your lawful wedded Director, you're making a terrible mistake...
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    +1 This man slept with my wife. The only reaction that I could muster was a single tear of joy as the euphoria ran through me.
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    The start to the best video on the Internet:
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    +1 I logged into my account to +1 this because it's actually that important. This man alone can change your life.
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    Just thought I'd leave this here: This was taken today
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    Steam Name(s): Skullkubg276 SteamID: STEAM_0:0:82719434 Admin that banned you: Buzz What kind of punishment was it (mute/gag, server ban): homophobic slurs Why should you be unbanned? I rlly didnt know i couldnt say that I promise i will never do that again guranteed. Pls forgive me.
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    Welp, although I've felt swamped recently with work from GFL and many other things (there's a lot going on right now), I feel I'm making great progress at least. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to work on the Barricade Firewall project this past week, but I'm hoping to start again once I figure out all these annoying GFL issues with the network and so on (I want to expand the filters to Europe soon, but I'm trying to fix some reports first). After finishing the Barricade FW project, I plan on getting back into BiFrost (initially called Compressor V2) with Dreae and hopefully the experience I gain from the Barricade FW project (specifically Elixir) will help a lot. Other than that, I've thought of a great idea for me personally. I've made it known that I want a DevOps position and I noticed that pretty much anything related to DevOps requires knowledge in CD/CI tools along with Kubernetes. I was already planning to get into CircleCI (a CD/CI tool), but after looking into Kubernetes, this highly interests me as well. Therefore, I plan on making two websites. One will be written in Go and the other will be written in Elixir. I will be making both of these separate repos on my GitHub profile. These websites will be testing websites, but I plan on implementing pretty neat functionality such as user management systems along with some other back-end things. I want some resource-intensive tasks within these websites as well so I can see the difference when scaling these websites with Kubernetes later. After I create these websites, I'm going to make two more GitHub repos. One will be for CircleCI and the other will be for Kubernetes. I'm going to be learning CircleCI more and creating configurations that I'll make open-source (into these repos) that'll build both of these websites along with deploy them to production if all tests come back successfully. With the Kubernetes repo, I plan on making a bunch of README files (*.md files) that'll document commands I run with Kubernetes along with results. I want to document how I completely scale out the web application to multiple Kubernete clusters. I also plan on making a personal Vultr account and using some VMs from them for this project. This'll also give me an opportunity to mess with startup scripts on Vultr. I believe this'll look really great for me and it'll be way better than just saying "I have experience with Kubernetes" or saying "I have certs" (personally, I'd think it'd look more attractive seeing a repo I make documented with everything I've done with Kubernetes over some certificate(s)). Still have so much more to do and I've felt quite burned out. But I'm hoping it is all worth it in the end.
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    uber's here welcome back rem
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    They were a Council member (back when Council was nearly equal to Director nowadays) from 2012 to 2016 or something like that. I don't remember the time frame of Council but he joined GFL in 2011. P.S. I think @Floopyhiggle is the only person who got to see my bunny back in 2011 or early 2012.
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    Hello I'd like to apply for Minecraft admin
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    Steam Name(s): Jumby SteamID: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198054862209/ Admin that banned you: Edge What kind of punishment was it (mute/gag, server ban): Ban Why should you be unbanned? I have no idea why I was banned. I was reported for RDM even though a traitor shot at me and my friend and we killed him. He falsely reported me and then I was banned from the server. Could you please remove the ban, this is a false report.
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    nice. That's a +1 all on its own.
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    Hey! I think you sound awesome and you'd be an asset to the team, so +1 from me.
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    +1 I gave him his penguin, but he has truly mastered it above all others.
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    If Floopy comes back, I'll sit at his side on the floor like the good boy I am.
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    REM!?!?!!? Is that you!?!?!!?!? Hi
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    I mean your wrong, my director brain was (and is still) unmatched, everything else is +1 tho
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    Joe is right, moderators (and sometimes other higher ups like DL's+ or CA's+) only. In my opinion having your staff comment here (I don't care if you asked them to or not, that's just what it looks like to me) doesn't help and just makes it seem like you're tring to pad the app for whatever reason. Applications are kind of unofficially on hold right now due to various reasons. I'm sorry that hasn't been communicated but that's just how life is sometimes.
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    Thank you for the trace route. I see you're routing through the Miami POP. How often is the server lagging out for you? Would you be able to take a video with net_graph 4 set (you can just type net_graph 4 in the console to enable) and record you connecting and lagging out? If so, please do so and send the video to me. As for the IP address, you can just go to my profile on the forums and click "Message" to send me the IP. Thanks.
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    Please provide your public IPv4 address in private messages. You can receive your public IPv4 address from here. With that said, please perform a trace route to the server and provide the results. You can execute the following command in Windows Command Prompt: tracert Thanks.
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    All I'm gonna say is I miss having a jailbreak server.
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    Hello I'd also like to apply for minecraft admin
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    RDM #1 Killed innocent for no reason (Slain for this) [00:43] Jumby [innocent] has killed Cullen [innocent] with Rifle RDM #2 killed traitor without evidence (Slain for this) [01:12] Jumby [innocent] has damaged Cup [detective] for 10 HP with SR-3M Vikhr [01:12] Jumby [innocent] has damaged Cup [detective] for 18 HP with SR-3M Vikhr [01:13] Jumby [innocent] has damaged {Brucie} [traitor] for 26 HP with SR-3M Vikhr [01:14] Cup [detective] has damaged {Brucie} [traitor] for 26 HP with G3SG1 [01:15] Jumby [innocent] has damaged {Brucie} [traitor] for 14 HP with SR-3M Vikhr [01:15] Jumby [innocent] has damaged {Brucie} [traitor] for 14 HP with SR-3M Vikhr [01:15] Jumby [innocent] has damaged {Brucie} [traitor] for 26 HP with SR-3M Vikhr [01:15] Jumby [innocent] has killed {Brucie} [traitor] with SR-3M Vikhr RDM #3 killed innocent who he claimed shot him (did not shoot him) (Slain for this) [01:41] Jumby [detective] has damaged Znaipar in TOWAR [innocent] for 46 HP with KAC PDW [01:41] Jumby [detective] has damaged Znaipar in TOWAR [innocent] for 46 HP with KAC PDW [01:41] Jumby [detective] has damaged Znaipar in TOWAR [innocent] for 46 HP with KAC PDW [01:41] Jumby [detective] has killed Znaipar in TOWAR [innocent] with KAC PDW RDM #4 killed traitor without evidence, claimed that there was a KOS that I did not hear. (Slain and banned for 24 hours for Consistent RDM) [02:50] {Brucie} [traitor] bought Trident [02:54] Jumby [detective] has damaged {Brucie} [traitor] for 32 HP with KAC PDW [02:54] Jumby [detective] has damaged {Brucie} [traitor] for 32 HP with KAC PDW [02:54] Jumby [detective] has damaged {Brucie} [traitor] for 32 HP with KAC PDW [02:55] Jumby [detective] has damaged {Brucie} [traitor] for 12 HP with KAC PDW [02:55] Jumby [detective] has killed {Brucie} [traitor] with KAC PDW The player can come back in 24 hours but needs to stop instigating arguments and RDMing. There may be more RDMs but I did not dig deeper than 1 map.
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    So basically I got bert to copy paste !sban cow 0 in chat and got permbanned as a result, idk how the unban system works but xd
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    Map(s): ze_neko_canyon_p3 Restrictions/Limitations: neko is god. Reward: WIn = neko permaban. his donut shop close, Lost = free T3 admin for neko. Vauff demoted
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