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    Okay currently we have moved 8 people through to the next stage. The current people moved through are: @Ben Roy @Crusty @flyingjoe32 @John Jeez Man @Misaki @Pyros @RockRoyce @Unknown For everyone else who applied, you are still in consideration but we'll be working with you guys after the next stage is over if you would like. Good luck to the above, the next post about this will be in announcements with our new council members.
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    These past few months, there seems to be a growing misconception that disrespect towards admins and the members/players of the server is tolerated. We are going to be having a ZERO tolerance policy in this regard, you should expect severe punishments for this in the future. The admins have the FINAL say, anymore harassment in-game will be met with the same severity. This post should be considered a courtesy for you all/fair warning. If you have an issue with a decision the admin has made, contact the Server Manager here: @xSnowyAngel or on discord: Snowy#9716 P.S: We are able to distinguish between a real/fake comment P.S: This applies to other GFL servers.
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    Prepare for the unexpected then I guess.
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    4/16/18 (M/D/Y) Updates! Crashes should be dealt with! (If you have any issues please let me know!) Changed default map to jb_moonjail_v2 (Better performance!) Added NEW Russian Roulette LR (More LR's coming soon!) Fixed !strip (takes away a player's guns) Updated Warns plugin (Now records warns in a database, Make sure you aren't naughty ) Warden now changes colors! (Allows T's to easily see the warden, constantly changing colors) Added weekly Event tags (seen below): Each week, the event winner and second-place finisher will receive these tags and chat colors for one week, unless they do not want them. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Huge thanks to @Daddyling for dedicating hours to help set things up, and @Crusty for Testing. Thanks, guys More Updates Coming Soon! Thanks, ~Wailord
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    Ban Appeal Format Please make sure when you appeal a ban you use the format below as it allows us to have all the information to deal with the appeal straight away. Discord/TS3 Username Ban time Reason why you were banned Moderator who banned you Why you believe you should be unbanned For Discord Mod team: TeamSpeak Admin Team
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    Another Marathon Event featuring maps made by Softserve. This includes ze_sunlight_v2_0_p8, ze_journey_p, and ze_magic_carpet_p2. These maps will be played with rifles only. <insert picture here> MAPS (to be played in order) ze_sunlight_v2_0_p8 ze_journey_p ze_magic_carpet_p2 Restrictions RIFLES ONLY TIME/DATE April 28th, 2018 (*VOTE TIME IN POLL*) Duration 2-3 hours (unless we beat it before the time stated) Rules Don't troll with items, or you will be banned from using them.Don't afk in spectate, or you will be kicked.Don't mic spam, let the leaders try to give commands over voice comm.Don't zombie inflate (Intentionally becoming a zombie to give the CT's a lesser chance).Mute round will be applied IF we deem it necessary.All other server rules apply to the event. External Links GFL ZE Discord: https://discord.gg/Bkfwg4q GFL ZE Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/GFLCSGOZE To convert your timezone easily, you can use this website to help you: https://www.worldtimebuddy.com/ GOOD LUCK AND HAVE FUN!
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    Everything thats happened to you is off your own doing. You won't be receiving any pity points from me. If you want to keep believing that it's a witch hunt towards you then go ahead. Doesn't make it true when everyone can see how you act.
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    Council These are the guys who manage our Discord server and maintain the Moderator Team! @Daddyling @PB-n-J Discord Moderators These people are our current Discord Moderators. @Ben Roy @RockRoyce @Kubnair @Pyros @Kite9867 @Duc2000
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    https://www.reddit.com/r/HaloOnline/ If you haven't downloaded this game, do it right now because it is absolutely amazing. It almost captures that feeling when you were 9 years old playing Big Team Battle on Halo 3 with your buddies. And even if you didn't have fond memories of the past Halo games, you should still download and support this game.
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    Hello, As some of you may know, there is another CS:GO exploit that Valve has yet to patch. This exploit has been used to crash our servers last night and today. As usual, the community found a fix (#1 and #2) quicker than Valve. Since we use SourceBans, our servers will be using fix #2. However, that plugin is compiled with the dev version of SourceBans which I believe uses a different native than the stable version of SourceBans. I have recompiled the plugin with the native used in the stable version of SourceBans and I will attach it to the thread. New Source Code #include <sourcemod> #include <sdkhooks> #undef REQUIRE_PLUGIN #include <sourcebans> bool g_bFullyConnected[MAXPLAYERS+1] = {false,...}; int g_bConnectNetMsgCount[MAXPLAYERS+1] = 0; public Plugin myinfo = { name = "NullWaveCrashFix", author = "backwards", description = "Exploit Fix", version = SOURCEMOD_VERSION, url = "http://www.steamcommunity.com/id/mypassword" } public void OnPluginStart() { HookEvent("player_connect_full", Event_PlayerConnectFull, EventHookMode_Pre); } public void OnMapStart() { for(new i=1;i<=MaxClients;i++) { g_bFullyConnected[i] = false; g_bConnectNetMsgCount[i] = 0; } } public void OnClientDisconnect(int client) { g_bFullyConnected[client] = false; g_bConnectNetMsgCount[client] = 0; } public Action Event_PlayerConnectFull(Handle event, const char[] name, bool dontBroadcast) { int client = GetClientOfUserId(GetEventInt(event, "userid")); if(!IsValidClient(client)) return Plugin_Continue; g_bConnectNetMsgCount[client]++; if(g_bConnectNetMsgCount[client] > 5) { if(!IsClientInKickQueue(client)) SBBanPlayer(0, client, 0, "Attempted server crash exploit"); } if(g_bFullyConnected[client]) { SetEventBroadcast(event, true); return Plugin_Changed; } else g_bFullyConnected[client] = true; return Plugin_Continue; } bool IsValidClient(int client) { if (!(1 <= client <= MaxClients) || !IsClientInGame(client) || IsClientSourceTV(client) || IsClientReplay(client)) return false; return true; } Changed SourceBans_BanPlayer(0, client, 0, "Attempted server crash exploit"); To SBBanPlayer(0, client, 0, "Attempted server crash exploit"); Credits 1337norway - Creating the fix. sneaK - Integrating the fix with SourceBans. Plugin nullwavefix.smx Source nullwavefix.sp If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know. Thanks.
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    Breach discord is a ruse for furry porn and erp. That automatically disqualifies it as any form of good
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    Added: Being outside of the facility as a CI or a guard without reason is considered camping. Researchers should not kill D Class unless the D Class poses a threat to the researcher (i.e. The D Class has a weapon)
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    Recently, there was an attack against me and my well being of the utmost severity. This was no normal attack resulting in loss of limb or appendage. This was a loss of peace, mind and trust, of which few ever recover. The perpetrator? None other than @WigglesWorth. It was a round of TTT like any other. A beautiful Sunday night/Monday morning frittering our pointless lives away playing online games to bring us some form of fulfillness in our otherwise empty and fruitless lives. But alas, this night was unlike any other. You see, I was the only one requesting joyous songs of grandeur in the jukebox, filling everyone's lives with joy for a few sheer moments. The song currently playing was a classic, "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" by Sir Elton Hercules John featuring the lovely Kiki Dee. I mentioned my great fondness for this song, it being the tune I lost my anal virginity to with my old high school history teacher, but that's a story for another time. But in one fell swoop, @WigglesWorth set his evil plan upon us all. He abused his utmost authority as an administrator and intentionally passed over this beautiful ballad to spite me. My heart dropped. I was sure I would die after such a travesty had been committed, but I endured, I survived, and here I am. To tell my story. And to tell you all that this @WigglesWorth is an evil man, he's not to be trusted, and I can only hope he's held to the fullest extent of discipline for this scandal of magnitudes we can't yet begin to fathom. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ADMIN ABOOS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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    so btw. stable version is 1.6.3 with SourceBans_* natives (include is now named as "sourcebanspp.inc").
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    ME! lol, normally more cleanly shaven.
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    @Bonk @xSnowyAngel - Please ensure this is added to all of our CS:GO servers. Thanks!
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    I think I found out where the source of the autisum and retardation is coming from. ^
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    Land junk and camp until you absolutely have to leave, always gets me to top 25
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    - SCP-173 can now blind while being looked at. - Discord intergration:
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    Hello, I made a thread here stating I will be unavailable towards the end of the month. Unfortunately, as this time is approaching, more things are coming up and I have found myself in a tough situation deciding whether I will be able to balance time between my job, life, and GFL. I have decided that I will be going on temporary leave starting on April 20th until some time next month. During this leave, I will not be disappearing completely like most leaves. In fact, who knows, maybe I'll still be on often at a certain time. However, my availability will be very unpredictable. I will be giving more access to our directors which includes our mail account and access to the main NFO account along with other access. Basically, things will not need to rely on me once this access is given (thankfully). I will be (fully) returning once my life and job are both stable. I am confident our current team will get a lot done soon and GFL will start heading in the right direction. If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know. Thank you for understanding.
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    Got a couple of ideas for changes to our current rules that I've been thinking on, hopefully people will agree. Class D/Researcher killing: I love slaughtering D Bois as much as the next person, but I really think we should add some kind of protection to prevent defenseless D Class/Researchers getting murdered as soon as the round starts in order to keep the server healthy (who would blame someone for leaving if they get crowbarred right as the grace period ends and have to sit around for 13 minutes doing nothing?). Proposed change: The simplest solution I can think of right now is to change the rules so that Researchers can only kill D Class if they are a threat to them (I.E. they have a weapon out). I think this rule would make the early game more fair to both sides (Researchers always have an advantage over the D Class and are the aggressors in early game killing 90% of the time) and be more in line with the theme of the game, because what motive would a researcher have to murder a test subject in cold blood? That's the guards job. There are a lot of potential changes that could be used, like adding an extended grace period where it would be RDM for them to kill each other before allowing it, but I think the change I suggested is the best one I can come up with. Guards camping on the surface: Happens almost every round and pretty much always causes delays with SCPs rightly not wanting to go up and get gunned down by the firing line. Proposed change: Make it so that MTF are not allowed to leave the facility UNLESS they're either escorting a researcher/running back from an escort, or SCP's are escaping the facility/imminently about to escape (I.E. the gate is open and the SCP's are leaving, the guards just managed to get to the elevator before them). If guards are just screwing around outside of the facility it should be treated as desertion and result in a slay. Camping the NTF/CI Spawn: Most of the issues is from people checking to see if the spawn is CI or NTF, and the CI will usually get gunned down shortly after spawning. Proposed change doesn't really need a rule change imo, but I think the CI should spawn with NTF armor to disguise them better from people checking the spawn. Keen eyes will still be able to tell the unit is CI by the weapons they use.
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    I am very anxious haha. Quite surprised. Congrats to the others! <3
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    Hahaha okay. Cool hairstyle! I'm glad you shared a picture too. Hey, that's not the (space) shuttle I wanted! Bah, close enough. All aboard the NASA shuttle! I don't work there.
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    I was tagged, summoned and imported bye someone
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    i can also give ideas for more trails if neded
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    So, with Chaos Insurgency I thought of a Researcher but it was Chaos Insurgency. I like this idea and it shouldn't be that much of a struggle. It should be the same with regular Chaos, though they're 'Researchers'. They spawn in the Light Containment Zone just like normal researchers and should have pretty much identical stats to humans. Nothing different. I don't see anything wrong with this and should be fine to be put into the game. Maybe Class-D will be able to tell they are Chaos, but to all other classes other then teammates shouldn't be able to tell otherwise. As if Class-D didn't know the Chaos would be sometimes killed by the Class-D because they think they're Researchers. Maybe they can have a higher level card, or a weapon like a Galil or some type of gun to kill Foundation classes.
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    Thank you whoever gave me all my rep back. I am eternally greatful! <3
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    Wow, I had completely forgotten about that medshot in decathlon!
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    The GMOD servers will be easier to populate than the CS:GO servers, because Valve is constantly breaking the game but community servers specifically. They support MM more than community servers, and they only care about the money that players will spend buying skins. Most of CS:GO is about gambling skins and MM. We have just fixed an exploit that crashes community servers, which is good (that it's fixed). But that only shows the good Valve does to servers, and the CS:GO community in general (they never listen to the community unless it gives them more money). This means that to repopulate CS:GO, it will require a lot of effort and dedication, and extra help. Because it's not going to be easy. I do like that members are realising the servers' current state and taking initiative to help out with population. Any help is always appreciated. Don't worry too much on what others going to think because you think the servers are dying. You can't deny that some are dying, and there's others who agree. But the important question is "are those people concerned enough to help out as well?" Nobody is obliged to help, but it's pointless to say "The servers are dying" with the intention of "The servers are dying, you do something about it". Managers need to work harder than the others, but a manager alone can't do everything. I am willing to help out the other servers in a similar situation that my own is in. I know it's difficult to revive a server, but the more help there is, the better.
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    We've had these discussions many times over. The leadership here has been mostly predictable, and it's because we all know what they're looking for: i) tell them what they want to hear, and ii) make the numbers look good within a short amount of time. You can tell from the decisions and you would have seen in past discussions, that there is very little value in growth and sustainability. The person who is nurturing a low population server, trying new ideas and failing at some, and literally driving the performance of their advocating community will (wrongfully) have far less value - in the eyes of leadership - than someone who has inherited the bread and butter of this community. These driving members have the right idea for long term success, but the tolerance for failure and the amount of time it takes is extremely low, and these people usually end up losing- ironically: the true losers often win (here). They look at results rather than the mechanisms, and so our success has mostly been remnants of past champions or the few who briefly have a say, and some luck. These games and modes don't have the numbers like we use to have, and so the statistics has been a decaying benefactor. It's not that there was zero contribution from leadership and the community, but statistics definitely has a less noticeable contribution and driven performance dominates in overall performance now. ... not sure if it's in English... great but long day at work talking about very technical things. Sorry!
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    we’re working on it, in the meantime go back to being xy’s slave
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    DEMOTED rainbow color because you're a fag.
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    Oh, wow! Congratulations to all others. I wish you all best of luck with the interview stage.
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    Permanent bans are outdated. I think we should use extended bans instead with a few exceptions such as hacking, and to allow people to return after a lengthy ban such as one year without them having to appeal.
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    I would like to suggest a rework of the assault round, more in line with what the name implies, and in a way that makes it more interesting to play. As it is now, it's mainly just a sudden deathmatch round in which the CI often kill each other with SLAMs or just camp in the basement or D-class spawn. It's not a very popular special round in all honesty. My proposal is that it contains all four classes like normal, but with the addition of a large CI assault force that spawns on the surface. Their objective is to push into the facility from above (for which they have omni keycards while the MTF do not, to prevent camping the elevator at round start) and secure it by executing all Foundation personnel and escorting D-class out of the base. SCPs can either be killed or ignored, but are not the main priority. After all, escaped SCPs are more work for the Foundation to deal with. It would seem as though it were a normal day in the foundation, with contained SCPs and researchers doing their jobs. Then imagine that (like in the original game) the CI creates a containment breach by remotely opening the SCP containment cells and those of the Class Ds. Both sides would face off against the SCPs, but the MTF would have the problem of D-class rampaging as well as the SCPs attacking from behind. To balance this out they would have the greater share of spawns vs the CI, plus any researchers that arm themselves, but the CI would have a vast potential armed force of D-class if they manage to get armed. The round would be decided on how aggressive the SCPs are and if the CI can use the chaos to their advantage, and if the MTF and Researchers can rally and contain the situation before they're all wiped out. I feel that by giving the CI an actual objective and keeping other aspects of a normal round intact, as well as starting them topside, it would add more depth to the round than just deathmatch. A normal round with a new factor. And by including SCPs it also remains more true to the gamemode that draws players there in the first place, but while still retaining the team deathmatch factor. Other possibilities would be; CI efforts to capture SCPs rather than kill them (so as to store them in their own facilities), or 079 being an ally of the CI once he's coded into the game. Main problems would be figuring out the ratio of spawns between all five classes and ensuring the SCPs don't just murder everyone in the chaos, but I think this should be doable with some discussion. Thoughts?
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    Good luck to the people who go for admin i would but prop hunt is pretty boring no offense @TheLastBee
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    And yet Breach is more active than Deathrun.
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    Fun fact: The burden of proof is on the one who makes the claim.
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    I second that. #DemoteTheWiggles
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    I don't know who you are, just here to comment because i can in off-topic.