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    Division Leader @HackingPotato - STEAM @Deltacommander - STEAM ___________________________________________________ Server Manager @HackingPotato - STEAM @Leks - STEAM ___________________________________________________ Senior Admins @denros - STEAM @King_Wailord - STEAM __________________________________________________ Admins @Worgee - STEAM @Moose - STEAM @MrManslayerX - STEAM @TomRiddle - STEAM @Mould - STEAM ___________________________________________________ Trial Admins @PurpleExod - STEAM @kyuubi - STEAM @LAw - STEAM @nocheat - STEAM ___________________________________________________ Event Coordinator @TomRiddle - STEAM @King_Wailord - STEAM @Worgee - STEAM *We are still hiring admins! Apply in our temporary admin application sub-forum here!*
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    Sorry the angle was too perfect
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    Hello everybody, I posted this as a status update but that can easily be unnoticed so I decided to post it here. Taking A Break I will be taking a break from GFL for the next couple weeks. I've had a lot more stress recently than normal. I've been also going through pain possibly caused from the stress (more sick, etc). Therefore, I just want to relax for a little. I haven't ever took a break from GFL other than going on vacations out of town (in which, seem to always go wrong because something critical happens in GFL while I'm gone). I'm going to give this a shot. With my current health issues, I feel this is necessary. Health Update As some of you may already know, I've suffered from a hernia for the past two or so years now. Yesterday after having my IRL friend over to watch a movie (haven't seen him in 6+ months), I made the mistake of wearing tight shorts and I was sitting awkwardly in chairs I don't normally sit in (located in my basement). Anyways, my hernia started hurting me and I decided to go upstairs to change pants. Around half-way there, the pain worsen from going up the stairs and the pain became so bad I took off my pants and well, the pain caused me to pass out (first time passing out in my life). Thankfully, my parents were there and took me to the hospital. I was there for around seven hours or so (6 PM to 1 AM) and took two tests (Cat Scan and Ultrasound). It is a confirmed hernia + I have some kind of other infection in there (this hernia is located in the scrotum). Surgery will be required and I need to get it ASAP. In the meantime, I will be taking antibiotics to lessen the swelling and infection. I at first got this looked into back in January and the doctor said it was a hernia (first time finding out so). But due to financial issues (insurance, etc), I couldn't get it further looked into (when I went to the doctor, it was initially for something required by the state to look after my nephew). Anyways, since I am registered into the system now, getting surgery will not be difficult at all and I can finally get this issue that has affected me for so long fixed. Advice for anybody else who has a hernia, DO NOT BE LIKE ME AND GET IT LOOKED INTO IMMEDIATELY. Yesterday was the scariest experience I've had since I thought the blood flow may have been cut off (hernias can become strangulated which can lead to death in many cases). Just wanted to give an update. I'll keep you all updated (especially any of you who have me added on SnapChat ). If you want to move this thread to other sections, feel free to. I just wanted to let the Server Admins+ know. I may move it to Team Members+. Thanks.
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    @Division Leaders @Deltacommander STEAM_0:1:52640344 @HackingPotato STEAM_0:0:81046888 ____________________________________________________ Community Advisors @Darkling STEAM_0:1:73254220 @Rcool64 STEAM_0:1:64325397 @Winter STEAM_0:0:60074283 @Xy_ STEAM_0:0:81234302 @SashaGrey STEAM_0:0:42544052 @Leks STEAM_0:0:78074429 ____________________________________________________ Server Manager @Bonk STEAM_0:0:93505640 @SwegBuster STEAM_0:1:46542199 ____________________________________________________ Senior Admins @PaulaDeen STEAM_0:0:58040933 ____________________________________________________ Admins @Kayzute STEAM_0:0:66161577 @Shortstackmcgee STEAM_0:0:165699937 @Syntax STEAM_0:0:135918978 ____________________________________________________ Trial Admins @canman1151 STEAM_0:0:210718288 @AceOfSpades STEAM_0:0:64812591 @King_Wailord STEAM_0:0:92938382 ____________________________________________________ Operators N/A ____________________________________________________ As you can see we are in need of people! Feel free to apply! <3
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    Good evening, With all great things that influence our lives (Reddit, Twitter, and 4Chan to name a few), we have all been allowed the wonderful option of deletion. Many of us take this for granted, including myself. It has come to my attention that when I tried to quote my good friend, @Based_Matt. At precisely 8:18pm on 9/11/2017, I failed to quote his response properly (my mistake, go easy on me), and tried to correct it. To my surprise I found that I couldn't delete my post to quote my good friend properly. Now I feel ashamed as I'm not one to mess this sort of thing up, and that the full effect of my response hasn't been fully received by him. It also makes me look uncultured in the forum community (I'm not, go easy on me), and I wish to correct this. All I ask is that you grant us forum users the ability to delete our posts, for a number of reasons. This is a basic forum right that should be granted to us all! My good friend @Based_Matt made a post about this precisely 463 days 66 weeks 15 months 11112 hours 666720 minutes 40003200 seconds ago, to which was denied, but I see that the responses are flawed. It just doesn't make sense to have to report your own post and wait for it to be removed by someone else, when you can simply just do it yourself in a matter of seconds. Thank you! Link to original thread:
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    Dear users, I've been having lots of fun however recently I have been being bullied constantly by @Roy. The man you ALL WORSHIP. Sheep Here's proof. - - - HOW CAN YOU STAND BY THIS HATRED. I AM LEAVING. GOODBYE going to NL
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    People keep asking about my thumb, so I'm just going to leave it in the member directory. Have a nice day.
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    I use filters because I'm a faggot. Yes, my hair was wet no, that wasn't the only thing that was wet*
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    I'll admit it's not a big issue and you could continue the way it is although it's something I've commonly seen in other organizations (both other communities and professionally), and I don't understand why GFL should fall behind: Basic Permissions for their past staff members. It's not meaning they are full blown staff with all of the game/forum permissions or root access, but they are able to handle some basic situations their self without the need to submit an application neither a report. It could be a soft implementation of @Major_Push's "Global Operators", which was commonly combated by "trust issues", and the same reasoning used for "Global Admin" with the off- and rare chance of someone abusing it could lead to appropriate punishment. Player report - sleepycastle938 & DJ Khaled by @PB-n-J(<-- this recent thread prompted the suggestion) Dano's TeamSpeak Admin Application by @Dano Bigtime's TS Admin Application by @Bigtime388 Shuruia's TeamSpeak 3 Admin Application by @Shuruia The examples are building up and these examples above are not the only ones, but were easy and publicly available. I can think of other times such as Cypher using executive authority to give Floopy TS rights (before TS Admin) and people such as Kim and denros continuing their involvement despite their title or status. The strongest case I could see against this is someone who was demoted, like me, and I'd be fine with that (not having permissions) because I don't want it for myself anyways, but I think the other guys deserve it for sure. It would be comforting for your current staff members as well to know they wouldn't lose complete control upon ensuring the cycle of leadership.
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    CS:GO Jailbreak hosts weekly events on our server. These events will be hosted in-game and on GFL's Teamspeak 3. Teamspeak3 IP: ts.gflclan.com Jailbreak Server IP: - Copy paste /connect into console! Server Rules: Click Here! Servers Admin List: Click Here! All participants will receive credits! Winners receive MORE credits (1st,2nd and 3rd place) The prizes may vary depending on the event! Come and join in on the fun and meet some of Jailbreaks friendly players!
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    This is terrorism. You are a terrorist.
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    - Added 2 new maps - br_site12, similar in many ways to site19, but the layout is completely different, some SCP areas are completely changed up a bit - br_site56, the feel of it is similar to the really old version of site19. The new maps do not currently have spawns setup for deathmatch, that will be fixed soon. - Updated the loading screen Known issues: - Current map appears twice on voting screen There may be more issues as a lot of code was updated, although it should be mostly tested.
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    @juky @BotoX @SoJa @shinigami_senpai
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    - Fixed a crash that occurs when only two people are on, and one of them leaves. - Fixed a bug with the timer showing 0 if you join after the round has begun. - Players who join during preparing are now respawned once preparing ends. - Added 2 new player models. - Round is now aborted if there aren't enough players to start a round. - MTF and Chaos Insurgency Members can no longer remove their vests - Movement penalty for armor is now less dramatic. A lot of code has been changed (Like an eighth of the gamemode), so please let me know if you find a bug that I missed during testing.
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    I am Willing to do a Monthly Giveaway if not I'll be doing them over the year but I am going to kick off the Month with a VIP Giveaway for September! Rules are down Below. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Rules: 1. Have your GFL Profile Name at the Front if you wish to participate (Eg. @Gekkota_ Before the next few Steps.) 2. If you have Permanet VIP or currently have VIP on your account you CANNOT participate. 3. Have Fun and Enjoy. If you don't win there is always next time for these Giveaways! <3 _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ May the Odds be with you All! PM me if I did something Wrong if I have to Confirm it with Staff or Etc. ~Sincerely @Gekkota_
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    Don't worry, this is not a clickbait shitpost. Just open that below, and it will reveal my secret.
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    I'm going to try taking a break from GFL in the next couple weeks. I've been under a lot more stress than normal recently and I just want to try to relax. There is still a lot of things to do, especially in the front-end and I am well aware of it. Though, I will admit the back-end takes a lot of my time. When I become active again (who knows, maybe I won't take a break), I will try to focus on the front-end. I'm also going to be contacting some people outside of GFL to see if they're interested in helping. I hope you understand. Thanks.
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    Am i hot yet? @Nyarowa
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    Want me to make a haiku about you? I swear they're good. I'll do it when i want so if you expect it right when you post you can eat my entire rear thanks
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    You can do haikus? I think I can do them too. I'm too lazy to.
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    I can't be the only person who finds hospitals interesting and not "scary", right? I mean, other than seeing the other patients (which is sad), I somewhat liked it (other than that Ultrasound..). My sister is a Nurse, so that may also be why I have an interest in it (she has taught me some stuff about it).
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    Changed: All weapon prices (and some other stuff) increased by 25% This was a very tedious task D: Removed: Casino Manager Job Had no functionality anyways, and it would have been too much trouble to add it. Admin Only Added: Advanced Name Matching addon Allows you to more easily target players with special characters in their name, Look here for an example: https://www.gmodstore.com/scripts/view/32/advanced-name-matching-for-ulx Changed: Updated Blogs to its newest version (BLogs-Remastered V3) Added in some of my own custom logs (Purge Start/End and Keypad Cracker logs). (I'll try to make some kind of tutorial as well, but the menu is extremely easy to use.) The new version also includes some new logs as well. (Won't bother listing them) Note: Looks like Adverts logs are not currently functioning. I will look into the issue tomorrow. Fixed
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    Added: 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor as well as it's cop version Both trucks are $550,000 Originally suggested by @CherokeeSpiritBear Changed: Redid a portion of my own Pgag command set to remove the lag it caused. Thanks to the pleb @Violator for pointing it out Set the server tickrate back up to 33 Was lowered to 22 during the lag fest. Admin Only Changed: Replaced !reloadranks with !reloaduser [Player] No need to cause a massive lag spike for the rank of a single player now.
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    Changed: The car dealer now requires that you confirm that you want to sell your vehicle. (No more accidental selling) Courtesy of @Illusion
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    Added: Trying out a new addon (A.P.G Solution) that adds a few new things. I will list the main ones. Should virtually eliminate all prop pushing and prop surfing. (On players and cars) Props will stay ghosted if they are frozen within a player/car. If major lag is detected (I.E: someone trying to crash the server) the addon will automatically freeze all unfrozen props (which is usually the method of crashing servers as far as I am aware). Disables Physgun Reload Unfreeze (as a lot people/admins tend to accidentally unfreeze a lot of props sometimes. There was a built-in feature to ghost fading doors if a player/vehicle is inside it, but I removed it as it would 100% cause issues. Also added an addon that is designed to help boost server performance in different areas. Note: Obviously I can't really test out ALL of the settings (mainly referring to lag detection) on a test server. While I tried my best to choose some decent values, they may not work well for the main server. Obviously, report and problems to myself.
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    Thats just a guy with a great headset what did he do wrong?
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    kill me for that title i swear Anyway. Hello all. With the loss of multiple staff members recently and the general lack of which to begin with, Deathrun has been understaffed recently, even with the standard of its current population. I am opening a volunteer opportunity for anyone who wishes to have a spot that fits the following requirements: -Is a Member -Is not current staff -If former Deathrun staff, has not resigned/been demoted in the past 2 months -Is willing to actually help, not just do this for the status. (Thank you very much) Although I do reserve the right to deny the position to anyone I will be opening 4 positions: * Trial Admin * Trial Admin - @lionthezion * Operator - @AtoMix27 * Operator If you are interested, contact me via PM on the forums, Steam or Discord (or leave a comment on here if ya really want to, i mean i really won't stop you) Also, when you contact me please leave me your SteamID as well. Thanks. P.S. I am currently at school so I will start talking to people that want to volunteer when I get home.
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    @Dano Sexy german boy Best director of them all Please come back to me
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    @Voxxy First name is hatty Made like seventeen goodbyes Still never has left @Korowa Loli furry girl Dated syrus once or twice Or was it like 8 @Winter Daycare Advisor Right after managing some God awful servers @Kubnair Sexy babe Kubnair Likes memes and furries as well Just does not admit @TheLastFlame50 (oops i tagged this and it wont let me remove it oopsies) Oops i just tagged you Didn't mean to but oh well Hope you like this one @TheLastBee Has one follower Who the fuck are you again? Seriously, who dis
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    Changed: Fixed the lockdown hud indicator. Being wanted won't hide the details in the player's name-tag (name, health, job) This was done a couple days ago, but I made it so wiremod users no longer work on end product entities (Crystal Meth, Oil Buckets, and Weed Bags) since some tended to not really go by the rule anyways. Admin Only Changed: Your name-tag above your head will now be hidden whenever you are cloaked.
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    Today at 11:09, we have received a message from stormsniper's steam account coming from his brother. The message reads the following: Hello I'm Alex's brother Aston he went through the first surgery sense it was pushed to early this morning he has lost most of his feeling in the left side of his arm. He is starting to feel better, but the main surgery on Sunday will be life or death. If you want to tell all of his other freinds on here. He also said something about make a update on the forums, but I don't know what this so called forums is. But anyways I will keep ya updated. We can still pray and hope for our friend stormsniper.
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    As one of the most important people to ever grace this forum I can't agree more with my good friend nick "027" nd. Plenty of times I have thought to have designed a masterpiece of a post, only to shortly find out it is filled with errors. If I had the ability to delete my post it would have saved much heartache. Speaking of deleting things I also feel it was wrong to delete "The Hobo Raceway." It was well within the rules of the server and a good community member was banned for stabbing the abusive admin. On another note is it even possible to be "15 and gay?"
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    I've mulled over this matter here and there in the past year since it does seem inherently strange for a form of social media to prevent individuals from removing their own content. I used to disagree with your proposal, but I've found myself more agreeable to it nowadays. Even if there are still doubts over it, it shouldn't hurt to implement it since no real damage or abuse can come out of this. Now, I'd love to consider making this change for you, mi amor, but I'm afraid my magic wand ran out of power a couple of months ago. Good luck on this.
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    Oh, it's definitely feasible within the scope of practicality. The real question is whether or not it's worth trying. Keep in mind that practically all organisations with a business mindset only contribute to charity funds for publicity, rather than out of the goodness of their hearts. This kind of publicity is typically only the kind that is reported in popular media, which GFL isn't going to be in any time soon. This would unfortunately reduce the chances of GFL doing something like this. Now that I've said that, it's still all well and good to contribute to these causes simply for the sake of doing a good deed. Depending on how much they're willing to lose, the directors would have to do some number crunching on the income of the relevant day/week/month to determine how much of said income would go towards that good cause. I don't know if he still does this, but there's a popular YouTuber (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCq6VFHwMzcMXbuKyG7SQYIg) who would donate all of his revenue from YouTube to charity. He regularly showed proof of it in his videos. Roy already does something similar with the outgoing payments of GFL's PayPal account, so it wouldn't be a stretch for him to do the same with charitable donations. They would also need to settle on which organisations are the most suitable to receive the donations, but a small amount of research will easily solve that. Hopefully this thread will be graced with a red post at some point.
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    Obviously, the server has been crashing a bit (even more so recently). I finally managed to get a full debug file of purge during the crash. Sadly, it did not show any issues. I have reached the point where I will be removing random things from the server that I feel could cause issues. I will try to avoid removing game-breaking things (obviously), but don't be surprised if something is missing for a little bit (like Press Plates, Bank Vault, etc.) I will make a list of everything I have tried removing: License Plate Pressers Non-essential ULX commands Crash Mini-Game Cake Anti Cheat Planned items to test: Bank Vault CasinoKit Stuff I will edit the lists as time goes on (mainly for myself).
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    Added: !enablepurgesounds / !disablepurgesounds - Toggle the hearing of the sounds played for the beginning/end of purge. Should save through disconnecting/restarts. Changed: "ULXified" @denros's !calladmin command, as well as added a function to tag admins via the Purge Discord. Ran into some issues with testing that should hopefully be fixed by morning. (I.E: Players were blocked from using !calladmin by default.) I have fixed the issue. Removed: Temporarily disabled License Press Plates. Admin Only Added: !blockcall / !unblockcall - Grants/revokes a player's ability to use !calladmin. !blockcallid / !unblockcallid - Grants/revokes a player's ability to use !calladmin. Done via SteamID and can be used on offline players (Obviously)
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    Here is the list of members in the team. This will also list of their roles in the group. Leader Co-Leader @Bae Media Members @DoctorDJ - Video Editor @JerryBomb - Video Editor @nocheat - Social Media @GOKU - Social Media @Xy_ - Steam Group Announcer @PB-n-J - Story Contest Host GFX Members @inHaze - VACATION personal reasons @Radify25 @Katie - Video Editor / GFX
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    Welcome, as some of you might already know, we have been running weekly events for over 20 consecutive weeks, with credits being the reward... This event will not be like the usual events.. it will be bigger... more euphoric... and longer... What are the events about, after all? We have a dedicated event coordinator team that prepares events for our Jailbreak players. Events can range from completing map minigames (surf, bhop, kz) to trivia, knife fight tournament or soccer! The event will be chosen soon.. TBD All our events are at 6PM EST! The duration of the event will be well over an hour long, so prepare to have the time of a lifetime! 1st Place: 1 month VIP on ALL GFL Servers! 2nd Place: A bunch of credits! 3rd Place: Slightly less bunch of credits! Participants: Slightly lessier bunch of credits, lol Jailbreak Discord: Click me Events post: Click me MoTD: Click me Admin List: Click me Server IP: Have fun!
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    It has seemed I have gotten to busy with life to even try to play any games. I ain't leaving or resigning just a temporary leave like a vacation from GFL. I also tried to play games on my PC and my port for cable must be shot, it isn't connecting anymore. Until I get my life back on track this is just me saying I'm still here just busy.
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    @harry Absolutely hot Wouldn't mind to lay you down Sweat drops all the time
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    Changed: Made a change to the User-Management addon that appears to have fixed ranks not loading in when joining. (It has been tested over a course of around 3 days) Planning on replacing the reloadranks command with a command to target a single player at a time.
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    Changed: Protected players can no longer be arrested. Protected cops cannot arrest other players. Both changes also apply to protection giving upon entering admin area.