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    My Age: 22 My Talent: Hello. I've worked as a developer freelance since 2017 and have around 3 years of professional experience programming (Career, not hobby programming) Specifically, I'm applying to be a dedicated 'garry's mod' developer and my experience in this field is vast. I have worked with lua since 2012 and C++ since 2016. Example works of mine are: Anti-Cheat Security Software -- This Anti-cheat was used from 2015-2016 by GFL. wAdmin -- My custom admininstrator plugin designed to replace ULX. Implemented a system that pushes all git changes/pulls to the server, and you can push specific branches to the server and automatically restart Custom TTT weapon base that utilizes the CS:S source SDK2007 leaked code to have the same feel as Counter Strike itself. Wrote an injectable .dll to demonstrate a Proof-of-concept "firewall" system for gmod -- Letting you block files you find intrusive/malicious completely. ... and many, many others relating to Gmod security, whether be it a cheat, anti-cheat, or some reverse engineering of some sort. I can work with C++/C#/Java/Lua/Swift/Javascript and among others, while my main specialty revolves around security and the source engine -- Although, I can do anything in gmod, outside of security. Code for my firewall POC is available on request, and anything else. The reason I wish to be developer is I like playing TTT, and I find multiple issues with it that could be resolved via code, or administrative changes. I'd apply for admin for the latter. Hours/Week: 5-15, depending on schedule.
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    I am regretfully resigning from my leadership position in Media Team along with leaving the team. I am not happy with the current state of GFL, since it's just a drama fest with the slightest changes setting off people. To add on, I am unmotivated to do anything, something I should've recognized immediately when I got asked to lead the team. But I didn't, I was selfish. I was so giddy for finally proving everyone wrong, who doubted me being on leader. Many people pushed for me being promoted to leader, and I didn't want to let them down. I sort of felt 'obligated' to take the position, even though I wasn't really motivated to do anything with it. (I know, that's terrible to admit, but its true) I am sorry for letting everyone down. Thanks to everyone who believed in me though. 💗 Edit: You can still make personal GFX requests to me. I'll do them, but it will be on my own time.
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    in this tutorial i will show you how launch ze escape game step 1: you must go to your desktop to do this you must be a human. to be a human you must not be a zombie or spectator. most people have desktop as their desktop button option but it might variety. ep 2: launch to the ze escape game or the chairlift you must run from the chairlift! shoot them if you dont wanna lift step 3: i lost track, but make it to the desktop. follow your friends and be instructed on how to launch!!! ze escape game or get a like you degenerates is what i always say it's funnier with audio but they'll ban one of my 50 accounts i haven't used in 2 years ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) step 4: got to launch the ze escape game step 5: u launch a tough ze escape game. If you liked this post, please leave me suggestions for the next ZE guide you wish for me to do. I'm sending this to my awesome ze clan group! If you wanna join just message me with a venmo of 17000 moms
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    I write cheats in the past, and current, as it's a hobby of mine. Reverse engineering games, such as overwatch, gmod, CS:GO, etc, teaches me a lot about C++ and proper programming. You really don't know how vtables work until you need to debug a misaligned vtable for 7+ hours and such. Anything I create is never posted, nor leaves my computer, as I don't support letting kids use things they arent mature enough to handle. Of course, I can guarantee you it is not possible to be an anti-cheat developer without writing cheats. This applies to all anti-cheats, such as !cake, leyAc, Moat TTT (their #1 dev is Meepen, a cheat developer) and so forth. I understand the cause for concern at the thought of "a cheat developer?!?!" but keep in mind any code I ever post will always be reviewed not only by you, but other staff members. I welcome any and all code revisions, criticism, and helpful learning tools. edit: I need to leave for work now, but rest assured, anything I would ever contribute would not only be highly vetted, but scrutinized to a high standard.
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    A change in our direction A few of you might have noticed that the Council role was removed. This is the result of some internal changes that occurred earlier today. It has become clear to us that we have become increasingly focused on our teams and the council rather than the servers. We have decided this combined with the drama caused by it does not serve our mission of providing a high quality gaming experience to our players, so we have decided that it would be best if we cut down and simplified. We believe that in order to best accomplish this, we needed to remove council. We also have a few other changes to the structure of teams that will be dropping after appropriate internal discussion has taking place. The specifics are TBD and TBA, though we hope to simplify the structure significantly. The last thing we have changed internally so far is trusted. We have removed some members of trusted who we felt were not very active or otherwise didn't really fit with the team. Trusted will now be chosen by directors from members who are interested in helping GFL move forward. We're looking for people that we can trust, give constructive feedback, and active within the community. There will not be any applications for this role however. I would however like to take a moment and thank the following individuals for their time and dedication: @Worgee @Joel @Kite9867 @VirusKing Kite9867 will be staying as co-leader of moderation along with Benroy. I am uncertain of the plans of the other three. Promotions Speaking of @Ben Roy, I'd like everybody to welcome him to Director. He has remained dedicated to GFL for a long time now and has done some excellent work with discord. We hope he continues his good work as director! Transparency In addition to the other changes we have acted on, we would like to work on improving transparency. I would like to advocate that all staff begin using trello again so that we can communicate the current projects that are being worked on to the public. Currently we only really have a trello for the directors, which has not been updated for quite some time, but I am going to push for this to change soon. Directors: https://trello.com/b/890AW0QM/team-directors Do take into consideration that some things will naturally be kept private regardless. Concerning Team Members This bit really only concerns team members, but in interest of transparency, I'm going to write this here rather than make another post. We have decided to remove Team Members from the staff discord. So you have not been kicked in error. Communication will be done through the public discord and the PR discord. You can join the public discord by clicking this link: https://discord.gg/qqpM47e If you are a team member and need a link to the PR discord, message me for an invite. As of now, nobody has been demoted from teams nor has any team been dissolved. Conclusion If you have questions, comments, or concerns. please comment on this thread. I will be doing my best to address concerns and questions as they arise. However, we would like to avoid arguments or fights, so please do not do that. Thanks!
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    I hope you will still pursue GFX as you are very skilled (Doubt anyone can really argue that). You had motivation and dedication for sure and I'm sad to see that go away, maybe it will come back. Who knows. No hard feelings about resigning shortly after the promotion, we'll keep working to find solutions 🙂
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    So first i'll start with the problem. I lately playing on PSE from time to time and one thing i noticed is that these guys melt bosses 3-4 times quicker then we do on gfl. So there 2 options: either the players are not shooting or they don't know where to shoot. So how can we slove this. When i play mapea i see people with supporter have tracer bullets. Some might think this is retarded and it kinda is. But one thing it does is, it helps to show the new players where exactly they need to shoot. Still though adding tracer bullets for vip or donator is not a good way to go about it. One thing we can maybe do and this brings me to my final point. If it's possible maybe adjust the leader plug-in so the leader can turn on tracer bullets in the leader menu. I think this would help the new players to see where they need to shoot exactly. So yeah tell me what u guys think about this idea 😄 This idea was stolen from little ape @Fridthiof. He's little bit shy aswell.
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    Gary, now I know I was wrong I messed up and now you're gone Gary, I'm sorry I neglected you Oh, I never expected you to run away And leave me feeling this empty Your meow right now would sound like music to me Please come home 'cause I miss you, Gary Gary, come home Gary, come home Gary, come home Gary, can't you see I was blind? I'll do anything to change your mind More than a pet, you're my best friend Too cool to forget, come back 'cause we are family And forgive me for making you wanna roam And now, my heart is beating like the saddest metronome Somewhere I hope you're reading my latest three-word poem Gary, come home Gary, come home Gary, come home Gary, come home Gary, come home Gary, come home Gary, come home Gary, come home Gary, come home Gary, come home Gary, won't you come home?
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    Zombie Escape Event #36 Happy 2019! To ring in the new year and the 22nd anniversary of Square's 1997 classic RPG, Final Fantasy VII, we will be playing though the FFVII maps in chronological order based on the story in game. Maps To be played in the following order Final Fantasy VII ze_FFVII_Mako_Reactor_v5_3_v5 Click here to download ze_ffvii_cosmo_canyon_v5k_fix Click here to download ze_ffvii_temple_ancient_v4_3 Click here to download Restrictions For ze_FFVII_Mako_Reactor_v5_3_v5 only Rifles and Nades only No CT Bhop Time/Date Saturday, January 26th, 2019 CDT Please vote for a suitable start time ***Polls close on Wednesday, January 23rd CDT*** Convert to your timezone with this website: https://www.worldtimebuddy.com/ Duration 2-3 hours (unless we beat it before the time stated) Rules Don't troll with items, or you will be banned from using them.Don't afk in spectate, or you will be kicked.Don't mic spam, let the leaders try to give commands over voice comm.Don't zombie inflate (Intentionally becoming a zombie to give the CT's a lesser chance).Mute round will be applied IF we deem it necessary.All other server rules apply to the event. Rewards This month's event will not feature any rewards External Links GFL ZE Discord: https://discord.gg/Bkfwg4q GFL ZE Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/GFLCSGOZE good luck
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    Your In-Game Name: zeo Your Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:187057880 Ban reason and Length: Ban evading, permanent Admin That Banned You: Vauff Appeal Reason: I don't appeal this ban because I think I am in the right or anything but I feel that there is a better way to handle this for both parties. I went on alt accounts to be able to actually play again and do a little bit of item trolling and micspam, but mainly I just wanted to play the game. This wouldn't be possible to do on my main account because I am perma muted and 1 ban off a perma restrict. By permanently banning my main you have consequently unmuted and unrestricted me because I would have no reason to care for punishments as I could just move to another account. The only two solutions to this problem is going prime only or unbanning my main account. I really don't see you guys going prime only so the solution to this is unbanning me. By unbanning me I will still be permamuted and you can perma restrict me if it makes you feel safer. While unbanned on my main I haven't ever nor do I feel incentive to go on alt because looking back I'd rather be able to play the game and talk with others over trolling. Basically my point is to unban my main and possibly eban me as perm banning me will just give me more incentive to troll under a different name, I want a chance to make this right.
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    I didn’t wanna have to do it to yall But you guys are making me so rage recently So ima just end your careers right fucking now Ready? Lets go Fzfury you always starting drama Bloodykiller clone ima make you call your mama Crying about ze all the time got mental trauma? Your clan is trash and full of niggas looking like llamas Don’t even get me started on these new admin shits Stop playing as soon as they get it, what the frick Sucking dick really quick this aint even a trick Like who the fuck is Morningstar? Irrelevant little kid BEAT SWITCH 0:38 Ima move on to citizen That nigga aint really winning in Anything in his life Always crying on the mic Depressed little dyke Our admin team is worse they on 3 strikes and they all are disliked getting serious now aight? BEAT SWITCH 0:51 With these trash new admins they should really take a hike Every one of you is inactive like what the fuck Come on the server once in a month you little cucks Or come and catch these hands. You fucking shmucks BEAT Switch 1:04 Im coming back to vauff gon’ make him pout This nigga really got a gigantic snout And he never leaves the house or comes hangout Cause he a real lonely nigga, time to sit out 1:16 Lets move on to pite This nigga so damn white So filled with spite Crying as if he has rights Why you talking shite Fucking you up is my birthright Ill fucking put you in your place, don’t need white knights 1:29 Ill finish this roast off by including sagi too How did he get admin? Bitch he fucking blew *dick* Already tossing mutes out, no reasons too How many pizzas can he eat? Quite a few 1:42 And his boyfriend black dragyy always makes me fucking rage Ta guile this and ta guile that bitch act like your age Ima put your monkey clan, In a goddamn cage You wanna know the name? Fetty the sage since im never gonna release my diss track here are the lyrics this is the beat if anyone actually wants me to release the track fucking produce for me and record it in a vc :3
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    Unfortunate circumstances. I'm certain that you would've been a good leader, since you seemed to have good plans for the Media Team. I kind of understand your feelings though, since I have heard conflicts happening a lot of the time. And I do understand your decision to take the promotion, since letting people down isn't the best feeling. And don't worry. I'm sure you'll get another chance to shine in the future, darling. ❤️
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    Hello, there are only some ground rules for making suggestions here and as long as you abide by them, I will give your suggestions consideration. You only need to read the gold summaries, really. But if you're unsure of something then read the description for more details. Most of these are pretty obvious. 1. Be respectful of the PR Team members. We're all trying our best to make GFL a better place, and while no one should be free from criticism, no one deserves to be insulted. Insults will only serve to derail threads and puts people off from a potentially good suggestion you might have. It's possible to criticize people and their work without attacking them. Example of good criticism: "I think we should have voice actors who have better quality microphones and less background noise for our YouTube videos." Example of bad criticism: "The voice actors suck and are too poor to afford a high quality microphone like myself!" One of them serves to point out flaws and features that you don't like so we are aware of how we can improve. The other does the same, but it also degrades our voice actors who might be putting in good effort and work with their current set up. It degrades the morale of the voice acting team unnecessarily and might demotivate them from making future work. Even if their delivery is wooden, you can say that without coming off as rude and inconsiderate. Remember that our team is composed of human beings and we should always try to have constructive criticism and not plain insults. If I see a thread that I feel is being intentionally toxic then I'll go through and edit it so it's less so. This way your opinion can assist the team without us having to waste time arguing over something that is unimportant. 2. Don't be a negative nancy! Be optimistic for the future! People aren't machines that can work indefinitely without morale. Our team is composed of people who act and think like human beings, just like you. Being a negative nancy damages morale while not contributing to anything. Please make sure your suggestions aren't smothering. If there's no hope for a better future, then what's the point of trying? Hope is important for any cause. Without it, people would just settle with their situation because there's no point in trying. Try to be inspirational if possible, and if not, then don't make the negativity absolutely smothering. Example of a good suggestion: "The YouTube channel isn't being properly advertised, it's not posting very good content either, and the people in charge aren't doing the best job at it. But, I don't think it's entirely hopeless!" Example of a bad suggestion: "The YouTube channel is a waste of time. It's not being advertised properly, it's not posting good content, and it's run by talentless people! You should just give up on it!" While the 2nd one very well may be true, that doesn't mean that there's no way to improve the sentiment. If you honestly feel very passionate about something being a waste of time, then go ahead and give the reasons why something is a waste of time. Try to avoid being hostile towards people. It's completely possible that YouTube just has no interest for GFL videos and never will. But you don't have to be rude or completely negative about it. And for most things, there is ways to improve something even if the answer isn't obvious. We want to hear suggestions, and sometimes the truth hurts but that doesn't mean you should make it hurt more than it needs to. 3. Be specific! Please do not just post something that is vague unless you really need to. Sometimes it's possible to be able to bring a problem to someone's attention without you yourself knowing quite what is wrong. If that is the case, then please still try to make an effort to figure out what you want to say. Example of good suggestions: "I think you guys should improve in your tutorial department by talking to server admins to get their opinions first." Example of bad suggestions: "I see you guys are lacking in areas that should be easy to resolve, but won't because you're too incompetent!" The top one says what the problem is, and gives some specific details as to how to fix it. The second one is way too vague and is useless for the team since if we knew what we had to improve on, then we would have already tried to improve on it. 4. Make an attempt at a solution. I know it's a lot easier to point out that something isn't working, and we do encourage you to point something out even if you have no solution yourself, but please do try. A fresh view point can sometimes do wonders, especially given how diverse GFL is. You might know something we don't, or maybe you have the perfect solution to a problem we haven't realized we had yet. By telling us about it, we can actually work to improve upon the problem. If you keep it a secret, then we'll waste time finding out something you might already know. Example of good criticism: "I feel like GFL is lacking in professional affiliations, Humble Bundle has an affiliation program that benefits both GFL and its users! [link would go here]" Example of bad criticism: "I feel like GFL is lacking in affiliates." While not terrible insight, the 2nd one definitely is less helpful than the first, especially if you already knew about the program and could have shared it with us. The first one presents us a problem and a solution which makes it so much easier and faster to fix. 5. Be clear, please! In an ideal world, we'd have all day to read your suggestions and complaints, but in reality everyone in the team is busy with balancing their GFL work, actual work, school, and their personal life. Please don't waste our time with pointless tangents unless it's to help your point. This is a forum, so feel free to make your post long as long as it's coherent. I will read every post even if it's unbelievably long and terribly written. In addition to staying on point, 6. Make it readable! There's nothing worse than being given something to read that defies all the rules of grammar. It's time consuming, confusing, and there might not even be something of valuable hidden underneath all of the nonsense. You don't need perfect grammar and punctuation since this isn't a "professional" setting, but definitely make an attempt to be coherent. I, too, will make an attempt to read these suggestions and translate them, but don't be surprised if it goes ignored for a long time if it's too poorly written. There are limits to human understanding. Proof read your suggestions if you can, and please make an attempt to write in proper english even if it's not your first language. If you need a translator other than google translate then please try to contact someone within the community who can help you with that. 7. Make it in english. The reasoning is quite simple: Most members in GFL speak english, and everyone in the PR team definitely speaks english fluently. While some of us might know second languages, this puts the rest of the team who don't speak that particular language at a disadvantage. If you have a hard time writing in english, then please clearly state what your first language is either at the top or at the bottom of your post. This will help in getting someone to translate your thoughts. Just because you have a hard time writing your thoughts out in english does not mean that we don't care about them. 8. Don't oversell your suggestion's importance. We all appreciate your suggestions and everyone believes that they have the solution to GFL's problems, and that's fine. What isn't fine is acting like GFL needs your suggestion. Chances are that if it was something GFL needs then someone would have suggested it before. Even if it is the greatest suggestion of all time or the difference between life and death, please don't try to oversell it. It can come off in the wrong way and can hurt your credibility. It also tends to result in a lot of extraneous tangents that don't assist the post in any way. Please try to follow these rules. The first two rules are the most important ones since they're the easiest to follow and are the most harmful to the team and your suggestion. We are all people, and those in the team are volunteers who want to see GFL succeed just like you. Insulting them does nothing but burn through good will and the team's morale. Furthermore, being overly negative brings everyone down and is not a great way to inspire creativity. Constructive criticism is only possible if there is positivity and the possibility of improving. Otherwise, it feels futile like there's nothing that can be done, even when there is. Thank you for reading these rules and please try your best to abide by them. I will keep edits to a minimum so I don't remove anyone's intents. Edits will only be made to make a post more legible and constructive. Anything extraneous like baseless insults or unnecessary/unsubstantiated doom & gloom are going to be cut. Saying that "GFL is going to die if you don't do this!" does not help your case. It doesn't hurt it, but it does annoy everyone reading it. Anyway, happy suggesting, folks!
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    Since alot of people seem to like the idea of tracer being applied to the leader, it has now been implemented. ONLY LEADERS CAN USE IT BTW For leaders: In the leader menu, there's an option to toggle tracer. It is turned off by default. also @leader - targets the leader @!leader - targets everyone but the leader is now a thing. Any bugs or issue, please contact me.
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    It's happening too fast. I am at a lost of words for you and GFL's state. I find the big issue is to be able to tell between REAL issues and Complaints. Once things settle, again, priorities will be sorted and we'll be back on track.
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    Hopefully this doesn't come off wrong. Despite my disliking towards you, when you got promoted to leader I was genuinely excited. You seemed to want the best for the team and appeared very motivated to do so. Unfortunately, all good things have to come to an end. This one just happened to end rather quickly. Not sure what will become of the team now, but I guess that question will be answered in another day. Anyways, I appreciate you helping me and other fellow trainnes while you were on the team. Hopefully you return as your artwork is 🔥 Other then that lets not turn this topic into a feud about the changes in the team. Cya faggot
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    That was a fast resignation. Things are back to how they were before Council was moved to TL. More to show the current "upgrade" doesn't solve much, because now one of the "guiding bodies" is going to have to take over, or have another TL take over the team, which leads to more unproductiveness due to having to multitask and take on roles that weren't intended for them. It was better set up with TL -> 2nd in command -> team, that way if the TL resigned, the 2nd in command could quickly take over. It's a shame things have changed and you had to leave. As for the drama-fest, it's always been a drama-fest, everyone trying to 1up the other, and constant tagging trying to bring each other down, not going to say who-to-who, but it did happen a bit. Also I'd assume most drama is done because of the recent changes & certain individuals causing a lot of drama and tension through the teams, not to mention the deadlines wanted by the directors (I remember reading something about a roadmap for the whole year wanting to be done, as well as what changes were to be planned for 2019?) I mean that's a lot of stress in-and-out of itself, not to add up to the stress created by some Council members who are too pushy at times & aren't staff-like & respect others' schedules. You were a good 2nd in command, though leading the team through 2nd in command is different than TL, since TL does have more behind-the-scenes work to do, and a lot less time to work on their private requests, since they're stuck on delegating the functions of other members (the easy part of being TL). As for taking the role to show others, not a very smart choice, if you knew you weren't ready to take on the role or didn't have the ambition to take it, you shouldn't have taken it. It's a bit of a waste of time on Council's side when they could've chosen someone else for the job who would've remained longer, always choose selflessness over selfishness, brings the community up and creates less work/stress for others.
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    watch this not get deleted while mine got deleted in under a minute ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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    How to make a map, by BottomCapPancake Step 1. Download the Soouarrce SKDD Two Step. Open ScrewDriver Step 3. Make Oversized Hollow Cubes and apply non texture locked textures to them in random fashoooon Streap 4. Add light entities everywhere because Step 5. Scatter random props all over and be sure to you have lighting on them enabled, ensure no 2 props are from the same theme Step 5. add 100 lasers all placed individually to fire one after the other Step 5 part 3. remove all other holds and choke points and map dynamics that may distract from the lasers. Step 5. add annoying music that makes no sense in the map Step 4. Make sure all holds are 10 min minimum. Step 5. remove all clipping possible for best user experience around props bunched together so players get stuck Step 6%. ask 34 questions a min in discord mapping channel about particles trying to get someone to do it for you. Step 6. Add 70 more unbeatable lasers... because lasers Step 7. Add meme textures and use PackMouse to pack them all the wrong way Step A. Put secret anime porn room in very findable place to be edgy and also because you cannot help yourself from being a weeb Step Down. Make all brushes func_detail then complain that hammer is broken because it wont compile and the red line goes right though the brush itself Step. XII create broken item and then give up and never put it in the map Step 13. Repeat steps 1-XII because you didnt autosave and ScrewDriver crashed on you so you lost everthing and had to start over Step 14. DM Spam Vauff the link to your non shared dropbox instead of using form Step 15b-11. Break server on mapload Step Up 2 (The streets). repeat steps 1-15 several times until you dont break server anymore Step iii5. crash everyone's client on map change because you complied in LDR Step 18. realize you have 600 hrs logged in hammer and have wasted your life... Step 19. Realize you have not played CSGO ZE in forever and can no longer survive even basic Shroom2 lasers Step 20. Add 50 more lasers to map at all different heights Hope this helps!
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    What a cool hangout and place to live. Is that Catan? Finally donated.
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    At least you realized what was going on. It's big of you to notice that and step down the way you did, rather than keeping the position but doing very little. I already had respect for you, but you definitely have my respect for this too. It looks like you're not completely gone though which is good so at least you're sticking around
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    you're welcome for the feedback sfb my very good friends. you happen to also be one of my faovurite players in the game. i also look up to you and you should join my ze clan ΣZΣ GAY which is a lot better than clans like zolix escape squad aka ZES https://steamcommunity.com/groups/gayexiledzombieescapers
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    I feel so bad for you lmfao