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    Here is what the end product should look like when this is all done : So to start you will need : (I would suggest putting these in your favorites my right clicking it) So then you will go to gates and click the search bar and find "Delay" and then place it down: Then you will want to click on the Constant Value and set it up like this : If you dont have 2 values click the green plus to add another 1 And then place it down And then also place your user down and make sure that the beam touches your refinery like this : (If there is enough demand i will make a guide on how to make the screen countdown) If you know what you doing then wire it like this : Delay - CLK - Constant value - 1 Delay - Delay - Constant value - 180 User - Fire - Delay - Out User - Fire - Delay - Out Delay - Clk - Constant Value - 1 Delay - Delay - Constant Value - 180 And that is it if i get around 10 likes then i will add how to make a screen countdown to the oil being refined I suggest now going to this one once you done doing this one
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    Hi all, @Dreae and I will be deploying a new project (we called it 'Operation Turbofan', lol) in the next few days which will highly benefit GFL in the near future. A more detailed announcement will be coming once this project is fully completed and rolled out (within the next week more than likely). Anyways, in short, we're rolling out our new Anycast network (which we own) that will be in-front of future game servers we host. With that said, we own an IPv4 /24 (256 IPs) block which is The hosting provider we're using to host our PoP servers at the moment allows us to influence our routing with BGP communities through BIRD. However, we'd like to see what routes our players are taking to our Anycast IPs. This will allow us to make tweaks to our routing through BGP/BIRD. We have PoP servers in the following locations and plan to introduce new PoP servers as time goes on (especially once we acquire our own ASN which is an ongoing process right now): Dallas, TX, US. Chicago, IL, US. New York City, NY, US. Miami, FL, US. Los Angeles, CA, US. Seattle, WA, US. Frankfurt, DE. Paris, FR. London, UK. In order to see the route you're taking, you can perform a trace route or MTR to this IP range - For example, you can use In Windows, you can perform a trace route by opening "Command Prompt" and typing: tracert Afterwards, highlight the output and right-click (this will copy the highlighted text). You can then paste it in the format below. Please use the following format: Location - <Your location, be as specific as you can be> Trace Route - Output of the trace route here. For example: Location - San Antonio, TX, US Trace Route - C:\Users\Christian Deacon>tracert Tracing route to over a maximum of 30 hops 1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms 2 22 ms 18 ms 17 ms cpe-24-243-32-1.satx.res.rr.com [] 3 33 ms 25 ms 33 ms tge0-0-4.lvoktxad02h.texas.rr.com [] 4 23 ms 13 ms 13 ms agg20.lvoktxad02r.texas.rr.com [] 5 19 ms 23 ms 13 ms agg21.snantxvy01r.texas.rr.com [] 6 180 ms 63 ms 58 ms agg23.dllatxl301r.texas.rr.com [] 7 28 ms 30 ms 31 ms 8 118 ms 72 ms 22 ms 9 90 ms 80 ms 73 ms dls-b21-link.telia.net [] 10 22 ms 27 ms 29 ms dls-b21-link.telia.net [] 11 25 ms 30 ms 22 ms dls-b22-link.telia.net [] 12 36 ms 25 ms 20 ms vultr-ic-318447-dls-b22.c.telia.net [] 13 * * * Request timed out. 14 * * * Request timed out. 15 * * * Request timed out. 16 * * * Request timed out. 17 * * * Request timed out. 18 * * * Request timed out. 19 * * * Request timed out. 20 * * * Request timed out. 21 * * * Request timed out. 22 * * * Request timed out. 23 * * * Request timed out. 24 * * * Request timed out. 25 * * * Request timed out. 26 * * * Request timed out. 27 * * * Request timed out. 28 * * * Request timed out. 29 * * * Request timed out. 30 * * * Request timed out. Trace complete. Mine routes to the Dallas, TX PoP. However, we needed to do some tweaking in the BIRD config because at first, I was being routed to the NYC PoP instead of Dallas. If you need any help, please let me know! You may PM @Dreae or I the trace route as well if you don't feel comfortable posting it publicly. Thank you for your time.
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    So... I started on this one like 2 years ago, since I took a huge break from CS awhile ago I'd say about a bit over a month of work has gone into it, have like 60% of the main structures laid out, I'll probably work on it a few hours a day here and there but it is something I want to finish eventually. For anyone interested i'll probably just post updates in this thread every now and then, I don't want to say too much about the map but it is dark souls based. Also, anyone interested in helping with bosses and stuff i'll reach out in the future, I am not amazing with entity work so any help on that end would be appreciated. Here are some pictures of what I have so far.
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    Hello, As of March 2019, GFL is now running its own network using Anycast. @Dreae and I started planning this project out in early March of 2019 and as of March 23rd, 2019, the network is running successfully in-front of our game servers on our new dedicated machine. This comes with many benefits such as being able to use our own IPv4 block and with Anycast, this allows us to absorb and filter (D)DoS attacks at the PoP server level which increases overall (D)DoS protection. With us owning the network, we can most of the time influence routing with BGP communities and so on! This means we have a good chance at fixing sub-optimal routes our players get to our PoP servers. We are still exploring the world of BGP routing and there's a chance we'll find better methods to correct sub-optimal routes, though. We have leased a /24 IPv4 block (256 IPs) and have ownership over this block. The IP block is The good thing about owning an IPv4 block is we will own it as long as we pay for it (the block itself is only $56.00/m). If we need to switch physical hosting providers, we can do so without an IP change since we control which hosting providers use this IP via BGP. With that said, our Anycast network forwards traffic from each PoP server (Point Of Presence) to the physical hosting provider itself using @Dreae's SRCDS packet filtering system on Linux which is open-source and can be found here. Therefore, we don't technically need a physical hosting provider that supports BGP sessions unless if we ever get rid of the Anycast network itself. Thankfully, our new physical hosting provider supports BGP sessions either way. Therefore, if we were to remove our Anycast network, we will be able to use our IPv4 block with them directly. This is by far the best project I've ever worked on personally. I haven't seen any other standard gaming community literally own their network like we are doing. With the said, @Dreae and I have been learning a lot from this project and there is so much more to learn! This is definitely helping further advance my networking knowledge. We will be posting a public guide at some point outlining how we did all of this for under $200/m along with some advice/tips we found on the way. No ETA on when this guide will be released publicly. With the amount of on-going changes with routing and networking, this network will need active monitoring and maintenance most likely. This is why we're having a form where clients can post sub-optimal routes they find via trace route/MTR to our PoP servers. All in all, this is a big addition to GFL. I also want to thank @Dreae for all he has done for this project! He has put many hours into creating the packet filtering software running on our PoPs, giving me advice on the network setup in general, and helping with BGP routing/BIRD configuration. If you have any questions, feel free to reply. Thanks!
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    As promised, a response. I've looked into the claims and also talked with @Morningstar. Based on the text chat records during Skyrim, it seems Morningstar did indeed ask you to lower you mic during Lvl 2. From what I read and saw, it seems things were starting to get some what hectic and Morningstar was attempting to get control of the situation as the map being played at the time was of a higher difficulty and required a certain level of knowledge and team work/cooperation from the humans. The volume of your mic was overtaking other players mics and was also starting to distract others from listening to the leader (which was appointed to help give humans guidance). From what it seemed, there was a lot of noise coming from both you and perhaps others who were taking part in a conversation that was unfit for that span of time. Out of frustration that his plea for people to quiet themselves down since it was during a crucial time (transition from Lvl 4 to Lvl 5/last lvl), Morningstar (being as he himself is not North American) angrily asked "NA ppl [to] STFU". Now it seems that may or may not have triggered you because within a minute, you were muted for 30 mins. As this only logs text chat, I cannot 100% verify whether or not Morningstar used Voice Chat to ask you to lower you mic volume. But it seems either the messages didn't get to you or you chose to actively ignore his requests. "Is this considered admin abuse?" The answer is no. "Why?" Morningstar did ask you to lower your mic in text chat. He was trying within the best of his ability during that hectic moment to help the leader and the humans who were trying to win while juggling a bunch of people who were attempting to use some racist terms (which is not allowed within this server) in chat. A cherry on top would be someone who's mic volume was 3 times louder than the normal volume level mic user, ear-raping the 63 other players on the server. You can talk in server, you just gotta tweak your settings and be mindful of what your mic is doing in server. If an admin is telling you its too loud, maybe you should see why your mic is ear-raping others first before automatically jumping the gun and trying to attack others. I read you've played here for two weeks, have you read our MOTD yet?
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    @Dreae and I are coming close to getting this Anycast network rolled out for GFL Just need to make a few more routing changes. We got our first physical machine from Nexril setup yesterday and the setup process (including setting it up for Anycast) was simple and straight forward. Didn't run into any major issues Once we get our routing changes implemented and make a few other adjustments, we should be good to go!
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    Hello there, If you're interested in how SourceBans works, then you've come to the right place! I made an old sourcebans tutorial back in 2017 for just the CS:GO Jailbreak Staff, but as I realized that the guide needs updating, I thought that this guide might also apply to admins on other servers, so I tried to generalize this guide as much as possible. If you have any questions feel free to let me know or ask your higher-ups (Server Manager, or Senior-Admins) Thanks! don't hate on my bandicam watermark
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    Hello Everyone, As some of you may have heard or are just now finding out, As of today I was given the opportunity to something bigger and better, to bring my knowledge and what I have to offer to the table for the Public Relations Team by taking the position of Team Leader. Before I begin I would like to give a special thanks to @Ben for giving me this great opportunity. Also people like @Liloz01 and @Reeve and anybody else who temporally put their foot forward in assisting with anything PR related while the new leader was being selected. Thank you to all. There are many things that I would like to do for PR and I fully intend on doing them, One thing that I will be focusing on the most is our Team. Instead of making most decisions solo based, I intend on having everyone's feedback and input on things, especially when it comes to adding something new so on and so forth. That being said, I am very excited to work with all of you. I look forward to talking and discussing current issues, things that need improved on, our strengths, our weaknesses, ETC. Literally minutes after I was promoted there were already people reaching out to me with ideas and suggestions and it makes me happy to have people who are smart and motivated being a part of this team. Thank you to all who have faith in me, and thank you once again for giving me this opportunity, I am looking forward to working with everyone!
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    I've been playing a LOT of Division 2 the past couple of days, and I'm loving Photo mode. I wanted to share them so I'll post them here. I've got a lot of photos, the full album can be found here. I'll be adding on to that Imgur album as time goes on. NEW PHOTOS:
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    Thanks to @Gowther for Recording, it was really fun last night. 12:57 Rayzer freestyle hype man, one of my favourite parts 10:00 The hanging of Memeulous during our sacrificial dance party
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    The SA scenario in terms of quality is lacking at best. We don’t have as many options as EU or NA, for example. In CS:GO, the most popular gamemode is 4fun servers such as DMs to warm up, a giant casual or 1v1 servers. The biggest casual one is called GOST, which runs Mirage and D2 as their main map. I think we could also expand on such game types with similar plugins such as !ws, !knife, !wear and !glove. They also run a ranking system, so we could give top 10 in the server VIP package for as long as they keep the rank. For CS:S we have 7 servers, the most popular being one called DUCK deathmatch, which as the name suggests, is a giant DM where you use !guns to choose your gun from and play till either the clock reaches zero or the bomb explodes or gets defused. For GMOD we have only 3 servers with the 3 being top 1k GMOD servers, but can’t really say what the best one is due to not knowing wtf the TheIsland map is. I know we are currently testing a UK TTT server, and I would recommend maybe changing it to a Latin American location such as Brazil or a Spanish speaking country. Why expand into SA? For starters, as I briefly mentioned above, there is space to expand and not that many competitors to “deal with”. Not only that, but Brazil has around 100 million internet users (granted not every of them plays games, but it is still quite a good number imo). How would GFL be able to expand into a continent their staff doesn’t know how to speak? Easy, @Fafy (who is Argentinian and speaks Spanish) and I (who lives in Brazil and can speak Portuguese) could work as translators for the MOTD and the ads we plan to run on it. We could get an English-speaking manager to run things more smoothly for the beginning, at least until we find a good manager regionally. I remember that I brought up before having a translator team in GFL, which would help with expanding into different regions of the globe. They would work exactly like other teams like PR and/or Mod Team. This team would have a TL at the beginning to get the ball rolling. After that, the TL would be removed and the team would report directly to a director or a CA if needed. They would only work into translating reports/appeals/applications formats for our different speaking servers and (if possible) the whole website to make it easier for people that speak poor English to understand and not have a bad time trying to donate for example.
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    Hello guys, the name is Nissadabinks the best player in ZE, I just wanted to give yall a heart warm welcome to me, As I have now gone into your server and save all the kids from the zombies. I have even documented the footage so you know that Shiite is real. Thank you!!!
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    Hello everyone I'm making this post to see what the purge community and players want to see on purge! I have been thinking to make a Poll of highly suggested events people have suggested but I'd like to know the one people like the most. If you have any questions about the events I posted or think I missed some events feel free to leave your suggestion on the post.
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    It's time that I resign. Just kidding! ( Not yet! ) I'll just like to say thank you to all the players who participate in our weekly events and play on our L4D2 server daily! You guys have helped so much populating the server. It's already been 4 weeks since we started all these events and we've been having a hell of a time together. Epic, random, stupid, moments together. I'm glad that you guys joined us and I hope you all continue to kick ass more on the server! Special Thanks: @Roy - Thank you for giving me a chance at being manager for this server! ❤️ @Lipquip - You're memes and epic moments are just too good. @k2nod - Thank you for helping me populate the server when we first got it started. @MrNoobyNoob - The jukebox of our server. @Bae - active members of the server and top score. @KaitoKiriyama - WE GOTTA GET SPONGEBOB BACK! @Toasted_Chromosomes - That's a tank. @Rick - Stop closing doors on us. @King_Chackas - No more shooting cars. @cd326s - "GANG BANG THE WITCH!" @The1337Gh0st - "I didn't see that." @Knightjs - kiting the tank. @MeowImCat - Stop getting yourself killed lol. @RaeTheGay - AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH @Ben - *On voice chat* "BEN LOOK OUT FOR THE TANK!" "HE CAN'T HEAR YOU IDIOT!" "WAIT IS HE RETARDED OR SOMETHING?" @Nicole - Stop blaming shit on me. Thank you all! Hopefully soon we can get a versus server up and going! 😄 Random Screenshots:
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    I just want to chime in and say that no one should be asking for the video. You'll gain literally nothing from watching it other than seeing innocent people die. I get that there's a morbid fascination with it, but it's just not worth it. The guy obviously wanted people to see his attack and get it spread around otherwise he wouldn't have bothered with the livestream. The video should be rejected since he wanted people to see his attack. He wanted it to get in the hands of individuals who are sympathetic to his cause, and to let others see what he did. We gain nothing from viewing it, and he gains exactly what he wants from the video being shared. It's out there if you really want to see it, but know that you are in a way supporting him since he's very much alive and is going to know that people are viewing his attack. It's better to just condemn it and let it die in the far corners of the internet. Don't give him what he wanted. I've seen it popping up a lot around the web where people are asking for the video. We can do our part and not contribute to it. Thanks.
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    Refrain from ever starting discussions like these. We're here to learn of this terrible event and be sympathetic to the victims of the mosque shooting. Not to bicker at each other about the shooter.
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    Changed: Area 02 The _v2 release of br_area02 (so br_area02_v2) addresses some of the more annoying issues of the new map. Not all reported bugs have been fixed. These will be addressed in the future. - Gate A now uses prop_dynamic doors. This also makes it compatible with the gate health system we use. - The elevator in LCZ was removed in favor of the other elevator in the same room, which has been converted into a multi stop elevator. You should also no longer be able to call the elevator while it is in motion. - Added a small room to SCP-682's area in HCZ. I will put an armory here soon. - Fixed a missing texture error - Removed the displacement at the bottom of the broken elevator that some people got stuck on - Added a second way to get to EZ from HCZ - The "checkpoint" in LCZ (the one that most players did not rush before the update) has a func_breakable part that can be broken into - Removed the text attribution and added the attribution into the game messages that are displayed in the top right corner at the beginning of every round. - Changed out the songs in the disco to discourage people from spending too much time in there (Thanks @Lipquip for 2/3 songs) - Reduced the size of the download by about 20 MB. (Can also think @Lipquip for this as his songs were smaller than the original songs) - Fixed the pocket dimension for this map. More than likely, I will replace the SCP that spawns in 106's room (atm 1048B) with SCP-106 (on this map only, other maps unchanged)
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    You're fooling yourself if you think this silence was applied due to just once incident. You consistently mic spam, scream into the mic, and use racism. Having fun on the server is one thing, but you need to know your boundaries and that's what the rules are for. Your mutes and gags should have been stacking, so this week-long silence is far overdue. https://sourcebans.gflclan.com/index.php?p=commslist&searchText=maxdevil&Submit=Search
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    Hello everyone, I would like to announce the release of a major project that we’ve been working for the last three weeks or so. GFL now owns its network that will be running in-front of our future game servers! This is by far my most favorite project I’ve worked on, ever. While the last three weeks have been very hectic (exchanging many emails/tickets/paperwork, actively trying to learn BGP routing + BIRD configuration, and so on), I do believe the end result will definitely be worth it, especially for GFL! I can say personally that I am learning a lot from this project and it further advances my knowledge in networking as a whole. Our New Anycast Network @Dreae and I decided to build an Anycast network to put in-front of GFL’s game servers. For those that do not know what an Anycast network is, this article by CloudFlare explains it well in my opinion. Anycast itself will benefit us because we’ll be able to absorb and filter (D)DoS attacks at the PoP server level. This results in overall better (D)DoS protection. With that said, the more PoP servers we have, the more network capacity we’ll contain. Our Current Setup As of right now, we have nine PoP (Point Of Presence) servers scattered around the world and plan to add more as time goes on. These locations include: Dallas, TX (US South). New York City, NY (US East). Chicago, IL (US Central). Miami, FL (US South). Los Angeles, CA (US West). Seattle, WA (US West). Paris, FR (Europe). London, UK (Europe). Frankfurt, DE (Europe). Here’s our Anycast layout. As of right now, we’re using the Vultr setup and don’t have any PoP servers in Tokyo and Singapore. Though, we plan to get PoP servers in these locations in the future. As of right now, the above PoP servers combined cost us $135.00/m. Our PoP servers run SRCDS packet filtering software made by @dreae which is open-source and can be found here. @Dreae has done a great job with this! Ongoing Maintenance Due to the nature of routing and networking, this new Anycast network will more than likely require active monitoring for sub-optimal routes due to things always changing. This is why we have made the following sub-forum: https://gflclan.com/forums/forum/959-gfls-network/ In here, we will make a form where users can submit sub-optimal routes they find to our PoP servers via traceroute/MTR. With that said, we will be posting maintenance and outage events in here as well. @Dreae and I are still exploring the world of BGP routing and BIRD configuration. However, we are making progress by using BGP communities and so on to influence routing to our PoP servers. I hope we can eventually find something better than BGP communities, but it’ll do for now. F.A.Q. Q - Do you plan on making a public guide going over how you’ve done all of this? A - Yes, @Dreae and I plan to be as transparent as possible. We will be making a public guide in the future explaining everything we had to go through in order to create this network. We are still pretty new to all of this ourselves, but as time goes on and we learn, we will be making our techniques/advice public! Q - Would you be up to host non-GFL servers via the Anycast network? A - As of right now, this will be used specifically for GFL only. However, I am considering this in the far future (I’d LOVE to become a hosting provider some day, but A LOT goes into that and I need to gain more knowledge in networking itself before that’s a possibility). Q - Do you plan to use other providers to host your PoP servers? A - Yes, this is the plan and overall, this would make our network better since we wouldn’t be relying on one hosting provider to host our PoP servers. However, in order to do this, we will need our own ASN for our IPv4 block. This is a longer process since it requires verification, contracts with at least two transit providers, etc. However, in the next week I will be looking to apply for one through RIPE (our IPv4 blocker provider can sponsor us and we have two transit providers as well). Our New IPv4 Block We have leased our very own /24 IPv4 block. This comes with 256 IPs as Anycast only supports a minimum of /24 IPv4 blocks. Thankfully, we were able to get this entire IPv4 block for only $56.00/m, which in my opinion, is a very great deal! The IPv4 block is (usable IPs go from to While being able to use this with our Anycast network is a benefit of its own. There are also other benefits of owning an IPv4 block. For example, if we were to want to switch physical hosting providers, we can do so without any IP changes as long as it’s a BGP-supported hosting provider. However, since our Anycast network itself forwards traffic from the PoP servers to the physical hosting provider, we won’t need a BGP-supported physical hosting provider. Thankfully, our new physical hosting provider has BGP-support either way. Therefore, if we were to remove our Anycast network for whatever reason, we can still setup a BGP session with them which will result in our IPs still not changing. Geo Location Since this IPv4 block was purchased using RIPE, the geo-location of the block was either non-existent or pointing towards somewhere in Europe. We want this to be set to Dallas, TX, US to start. I’ve emailed three of the biggest geo-location database providers (MaxMind, IP2Location, and Neustar). MaxMind has already made this correction last week. I emailed IP2Location last night and they replied wanting further verification which I then provided. Therefore, I am just waiting to hear back from them. Neustar has yet to reply. I believe the Valve Master Server may use IP2Location (I initially thought they used MaxMind, but I believe I’m wrong). Therefore, our game servers under this IPv4 block may show up late or incorrectly in the Valve server browser based off of the client’s geo location. Once the correction is made through IP2Location, we’ll just have to wait for the Master Server to update their database. As soon as that’s done, we should be good to go! Acquiring Our Own ASN The next big process is acquiring our own ASN. As of right now, we have to use a hosting provider’s public ASN (in this case, Vultr’s) since we don’t have our own. Once this is done, we’ll be able to use multiple hosting providers for our PoP servers. This will make our network more stable/better and less costly since we’ll be able to use cheaper and more efficient providers with lesser locations. Our IPv4 block provider will be able to sponsor us. Therefore, the only other thing I will need is contracts with two transit providers (I believe I have two I can use) and my driver’s license. After I apply for our own ASN, the process itself will take around 2 - 3 weeks. New Physical Hosting Provider In US In addition to the above, we have found a new physical hosting provider that will be ran under the new network. We have purchased two machines from this new hosting provider which are the following: First Intel Xeon E3-1271v3 @ 3.6 GHz. 32 GBs of DDR4 RAM. 500 GBs SSD. 15 TBs bandwidth. $80.00/m. Dallas, TX, US. Status - Active. Second Intel i7-7700K @ 4.2 GHz. 64 GBs of DDR4 RAM. 500 GBs SSD. 15 TBs bandwidth. $120.00/m. Dallas, TX, US. Status - Inactive (still being built). I was aware that our GS06 machine was very overloaded. Therefore, I decided to purchase two machines from the start to be on the safe side. This hosting provider will be able to setup machines within a reasonable time-frame as well and appears to always have dedicated machines available on the spot. The first machine will host medium-ranged servers (e.g. <40 slot servers). The second machine will be used to host our bigger servers. We found that this hosting provider also has pretty decent routing and good support. I believe they’ll work for us in the future! In the end, if they don’t, we’ll be able to switch hosting providers without changing IPs What Servers Will We Be Running? With the new physical machines, we will have a lot of room to play with. We will be moving servers over to this new network that aren’t so popular. We will primarily move servers in Garry’s Mod and Rust. Unfortunately, any moved servers will require an IP change. But I’m very hopeful that’ll be the last time we switch IPs We also plan to setup new servers as well! As soon as our IPv4 block’s geo location is corrected, I believe we’ll be good to go. As of right now, I don’t have any list of servers we’ll be moving. This will be up to the Division Leaders + Directors. I will say I would like to see our Garry’s Mod servers from GS06 moved along with Rust. Test Servers I’ve setup some silly test servers on our first new physical machine. You can find all servers that run under our new IPv4 block on GameTracker here. Feel free to connect to these servers and see how your connection is from the PoP servers to the new physical hosting provider! Remember, you will be able to submit sub-optimal routes if you have one under the new network forum found here. Special Thanks To @Dreae! I just wanted to thank @Dreae again! He has been a big help with this project. He has made the packet filtering software that runs on all of our PoPs, given advice on the network setup itself, altered some needed routing via BGP and BIRD, and more! This project definitely wouldn’t be possible without him. Conclusion All in all, this is a BIG addition to GFL. There are going to be required tweaks in the future and there is still a lot for @Dreae and I to learn. But I am confident we’ll do great! I have yet to see another gaming community that hosts game servers have their own network that runs in-front of their game servers. I believe this will be something special to GFL. I’m hoping the public guides @Dreae and I post publicly will influence other gaming communities to do the same since in my opinion, this is fairly cheap to setup (the entire setup itself is costing us <$200.00/m and we will be able to get that cost down once we acquire our own ASN). It might be hectic at first, but if you’re interested in networking, you’ll definitely enjoy and learn a lot from it You’re basically becoming your own mini-ISP! If you have any questions, please reply to the thread or post in the GFL Network sub-forum! Google Doc Thank you for reading! View full article
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    A lot of people have come to me with various issues regarding account linking. These issues seem to be generally the consequences of intended functions of our forum software. Continue to read this post if you are having issues with account linking. #1 I can't unlink Steam/Discord from my forum account. IPS is preventing you from unlinking your only configured login method, which would lock you out of your account. To unlink, you must set a password on your account. #2 When I try and link my Steam/Discord, it says it is in use by another account. This means exactly what it says it does. To find the account to which your Steam/Discord is linked, use the sign in with Discord/Steam options provided in the login menu. From here, you can unlink the account so that you can link it to your main account. If you are unable to unlink your account, refer to the above. #3 I accidentally made a new account using the sign in with Steam/Discord options, but I want to link them to my main account instead. Refer to #2 to unlink the account so that it may be used with your main account. If you wish for the accidental account to be deleted, please contact myself or any other director. We do not do account removals for any other reason than this. If you are still unable to link your account / are having trouble with linking, please contact me.
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    Brief Description: SCP-896 is a MMO(Likely world of warcraft) that causes increases to your character stats to affect you in real life if you use your name as the avatar. Investing in too much of a single stat over the other causes your physical skills to deteriorate over time. SCP-896-A is one of several d-class used in an experiment regarding SCP-896 who invested all of his points into endurance, and tried to escape alongside two others. Stats: Health: High for a SCP(Think around the same health as 2845 or even 610) Speed: Slow(Perhaps only slightly faster than 682's base speed, or perhaps exactly the same) Spawn: Unused containment cells on 1730 and 02. Not sure on other sites Model: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=105153463 Brief Gameplay description: SCP-896-A is armed with a shield as his basic weapon. It does 50 damage a hit and has high knockback, but swings incredibly slowly and has a short range. This is made up for by two other abilities he has access to, a charge ability and a taunt ability. His charge allows him to move with a sudden burst of speed towards a specific target. Upon imact with the target, does percentage based damage(so more damage to a scp-035 or a tau-5 than to a normal person, and ignores damage reduction from armor). This ability should have a 20 second cooldown and be tied to the R button(same as other scp special abilities). Should end after a set amount of time if he is unable to reach his target. His second special ability is Taunt. He activates it with his right mouse click and upon being used, forces everyone in range to face him and walk in his direction. He also gains a 30% damage resistance(may need to be higher, idk) during the duration of the taunt(as taunted players can still shoot at him, as can un-taunted players). Taunt on players ends after 5 seconds. SCP-896-A, much like during the escape event in the original article, is intended to mostly serve as a movable 'wall' or barricade for players. While he is still capable of killing people on his own(by a combination of his charge + a swing or taunt + swing), his main usefulness comes from blocking off potential routes of escape or tanking(literally) damage for other scps. While there already exists several scps with a large health pool, they tend to not be very effective when it comes to serving as a tank or meatshield for other scps due to how they are intended to be played or(ironically) large hitboxes. In essence he is a support scp similar to 681. Where as 681 focuses on area denial while being really squishy on its own(provided you can actually hit its admittedly weird hitbox), 896-A provides more active protection as well as being tankier. Suggested Swep/model for shield: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=380702193 Best looking shield I could find on the workshop, and comes with attack animations for the swing(as well as already having the damage and knockback built into the weapon). Taunt Swep: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1628472725 Charge Swep: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1613402560 While I dont expect you to literally use these sweps, im linking them as they could serve as a useful reference. In particular the charge swep is super close to how 896-A's charge should work minus for having knockback.
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    Brief Description: SCP-239 is a reality bender with nearly infinite amount of power, kept under control by being made to believe it can only use its power in the form of 'spells'. Permamently kept in a coma after an incident. Stats: Health: 200-300(Should be low-ish health for a scp) Speed: 'Standard' SCP speed(Same speed as 049) Attacks: Explained in gameplay description. Model: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1654787671 (I mean 239 thinks shes a wizard, and the age mostly matches... wouldn't mind a better model tbh). Spawn: One of the existing and empty containment cells on site02 and scp-1730/site13. Uncertain where she could spawn on the other maps(especially site-19). Gameplay Description: 239 has access to several different 'spells'. She can select them by pressing the key binded to them(This is shown via a custom hud). Magic Bolt: Her basic attack, essentially. Does 25 damage a hit and is ranged. Fired with the left mouse button. No 'cooldown'(minus for delays between attacks). Lightning Bolt: Deals 50 damage and applies a slow, if the attack hits. Regardless if it hits or misses, goes on cooldown after being fired. 10 second cooldown Magic Blast: Hits a target causing an delayed AOE explosion that deals 50 damage. Regardless if hit or miss, goes on cooldown. 17 second cooldown. Blood Curse: Fires a 'curse' affecting a single player. Repeated attacks on the same person heals the SCP and slows the target. 10 second cooldown baseline in the swep, might need to be changed to 20 seconds or even 30 seconds. Calamity: Has to be charged first by taking and dealing damage. Upon reaching fully charge, does AOE damage around the SCP and heals. Calamity is able to charge itself off its own damage. 239 is essentially a squishy scp with a lot of potential ranged power and healing ability if she gets the chance. She would likely lose any direct fight with groups but easily handles a 1v1 situation. Her low HP(might even need to be lower than the 200-300 range, not 100% sure) ensures that she will die quickly if she is played poorly. Calamity is a incredibly powerful crowd wiping ability once she has it available and even being able to possibly fill itself a second time if a large enough group is hit, but also gives away her position and requires her to get close to groups, which should generally give away that she has the ability ready. I believe the variety in her spells/abilities would give her an unique playstyle compared to the other ranged scps currently in the game(2845 and 378 after it has taken a host, to a lesser extent 076-2 counts as well due to being able to throw his sword) as she is more damage focused but has severely less HP than the others, and is better against single targets than groups. Link to Swep: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=940672885 Answers to questions im already expecting: "Isn't she able to turn people into her 'friends' simply by believing they are her friend?" Yes, but outside of the fact that gameplay wise it would cause massive overlap with 049, 610, and even 678, she wouldn't exactly be viewing the people who put her into a coma as friends. (Even if it might be fun to add an special interaction between her and dr.clef. Maybe just make Dr.clef/lambda-2 have a higher chance to spawn if she is in the round). "Why is she attacking the foundation?" Because they put her into a coma for who knows how long against her will? "Why is she casting 'blood magic' to heal herself? That doesnt seem to really fit." Outside of it being the most fun sorta 'spell' weapon i could find to make interesting gameplay, shes already been stated to be able to basically do whatever she wants, even if she believes its through 'casting spells'. She believes she can heal herself by hurting the people attacking her, and she does.
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    Through the grape vines I am hearing that the server is being “Ddos” right now. If that’s the case it could be down for hours.
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    Your In-Game Name: MaxDevill666 Your Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:92076890 Mute Reason and Length: continuous racism Admin That Muted You: floaties Appeal Reason: I got SILENCED for no reason, this guy SILENCED me for no reason, saying i was racist when im def not lol . Idk what this guy mental problem is, but if having fun is being racist, well damn im a racist cunt lol. I join the server and the only thing i did was saying: "yo is the n word allowed in this server?" friend: " yeah its allowed my dude" "oh great my ni..." as i cut my mic hell if just saying ni gets u ban u better get a nice mic cause if u start laging i guess ur gonna get silenced. Pretty sure this kid has a problem whit me always on my dick, trying his hard to fucking mute me, i cant have fun on the server whit this type of admins
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    I stand true to my promises If you havent followed the last tutorial i would suggest opening this link in another tab : Then if you did it all correctly it should look something like this : Now what you will need for this countdown sign will be listed here : Then you will want to search in gates for : "Number to String" "Round" MAKE SURE ITS ARITHMETIC OR IT WONT WORK Then place them 2 down And then also place down the Text Screen and it should look something like this : (It does not matter about text screen colour) Then if you know what you are doing : Round - Delay - Remaining Number to String - Round Text Screen - String - Number to String Here are some screenshots Round - Delay - Remaining Number to String - Round Text Screen - String- Number to String There you go there is nothing else i need to teach you about automatic oil
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    Added: Wiremod Dances Type "act_wos_fn list" in your console, or use !dancelist Changed: Changed a few skins Set the Sewer Monster to Member+
  29. 4 points
    - Added br_area02 - Beta, some things are not 100% working - Damage from elevators and doors is disabled on this map, blocking elevators is slayable.
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    Also, fuck that guy. His whole belief was that Muslims were taking over the western world and "invading". He wasn't even fucking from New Zealand, so he himself was literally a hostile invader killing innocent people who were simply going to their place of worship. It's also frustrating seeing people on various places around the web either downplaying his actions because of the actions of Islamists (the extremists) in other parts of the world. At least 49 people are dead, and hundreds will have their life disrupted by this massacre. The victims are not the same people who commit atrocities in the name of their religion. These are people who just wanted to worship their god at their mosque. Down playing his actions by pointing out the actions of other people halfway across the world is disgusting. Some people are even worshiping the guy due to their deep seeded hatred. It's sickening. If any of you have these views, then I'd honestly just recommend talking to a mental healthcare professional. That's not meant as an insult or a joke. But if you lack empathy simply because they're Muslim, then you have some serious issues that need to be checked out. They're human beings, and the attacker is by no means a hero. He's a monster. Plain and simple. This whole thing will be interesting going forward. I'm fairly certain that as things unravel, we'll get a better understanding of how white-nationalist terrorists do recruiting. From what I can tell, his manifesto seems to be designed in a way that helps people find resources that perpetuate the ideas of white nationalism in the hopes that they'll get radicalized enough to follow him. The guy is obviously insane, but his manifesto seems thought out in trying to game the internet and virality. While I have no doubt he watches PewDiePie since PewDiePie is the biggest YouTuber (by subscriber count), and intentionally or not, does attract that type of crowd with his edgy humor, I also have no doubt that his whole "Subscribe to PewDiePie" bit was also meant to spark division and gain virality. Anyway, be mindful of the fact that the whole point of his attack was to invoke fear, cause division, and to inspire others to follow suit. So spreading either the manifesto or video are just playing into that. Also, since this is in the conversation surrounding this massacre, I think we should be more mindful of the memes/jokes we share/make. You might be joking but someone else might be serious. And then when you call them out, they'll hide behind the whole "It's just a joke" defense. It's quite an effective tactic at slowly pushing people towards radicalization since they can just claim freedom of speech and censorship while being blatantly racist/bigoted, and they'll gain sympathy while doing it since they're being "oppressed". Anyway, be mindful of the media you consume. If someone's an edgelord all the time, you should be wary of whether their actually bigoted or just joking, especially in gaming communities (Which tend to be good recruiting grounds for white nationalists, iirc). You never know, the person might be absolutely insane like this guy. Anyway, love one another, and always strive to care for your fellow man. It's hard sometimes given how fucked up the world is and our brains that are inclined to go into "me vs them" mode over quite literally anything, but it's a goal worth striving for. And as always, whenever a terrorist attack occurs, we should take the opportunity to reflect on how fragile life is and be supportive of our fellow man. Practice empathy whenever possible, and don't let these monsters divide us. Division is what they want, and no one benefits from it except for the terrorist. And I sincerely ask that if any of you feel the way this person felt, whether it be the desire to commit violence or simply believing that non-white people are "invading" your country by existing, then you should seek some help. White nationalism is not the answer to anything and is a toxic ideology. You are much more than the color of your skin, and being White doesn't make you superior to anyone because unsurprisingly, race is a pretty bullshit concept. Just love your fellow human beings and avoid generalizations of other people. Your identity is much more than just "White", and you should learn to love yourself as a member of the human race. But yeah, if you find yourself identifying with a mass-murderer then please take a deep hard look on your beliefs and seek some help. And I don't mean to be insulting in recommending that. I'm being as sincere as I can be. But yeah, these are just my general thoughts from what I've seen around this.
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    Its Kicking Time
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    It was a normal l4d2 server day. Kite9867 and I were playing a campaign of no mercy. Everything was going well as we cleared the apartments, subway, sewer, and hospital with ease. All suddenly it was the finale. I signaled the helicopter rescue while Kite prepped defenses. The 2 bots were dead as we killed them in the safehouse. Fucking Louis. As waves and waves of common and special infected rained down upon us. We both managed to hold our defenses with relative ease. The first tank came through and managed to get through our defenses, despite our precautions. I was hit and thrown across the map and was downed instantly. Kite held off the tank as I tried my best to help him. He uses an adrenaline and gets me back up in a instant. We run and gun the tank while hordes appeared. The tank finally falls and we sweep the rest of the infected. I heal up and we both get ready for the next horde. A hunter manages to pin Kite down as I rush over and kill the hunter on top of him. We battle endless waves as Louis yells for help from a rescue closet from inside the hospital. Shut up Louis. Suddenly the second tank appears with large hordes of infected. Then we hear it. The helicopter. We make a mad dash to the helicopter as we shove and shoot at infected. Then the tank manages to down me and hit kite. Kite comes over to help me but I tell him to "Just fucking go!" He cries for me as the helicopter flies away with him. As the infected continue to punch and kick at me. Everything goes white. Just white. Then suddenly I open my eyes to a cloudy and cold landscape. Is this the afterlife? Or reincarnation? I hear faint music in the background. I now realize that I'm on a horse-drawn wagon. There are other people next to me. The guy in front of me turns to me and says: "Hey, you. You're finally awake. You were trying to cross the border, right?" mfw the music I was hearing was the Skyrim V theme song mfw when I'm in Skyrim V God dammit Todd
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    I was feeling like recording a beat saber video, so here, have 8 minutes of swinging 2 sabers. Can you guess all the songs?! (vid in spoiler)
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    A prompt has been implemented so you have to confirm that you want to sign out now. I hope this will help our dear mobile users. Thanks for your request!
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    No I am not leaving again you have just been click baited :). Tonight we say goodbye to the greatest name for the greatest admin ever Don Patch. At approximately 11 pm on march 17 I noticed a man by the name of Donald Trump on the server. I was bewildered to see another don this could not last. I challenged this man Donald Trump to a crowbar fight for the right as don on GFL TTT. I was vanquished after a valiant effort on both parts, and now must part with my beloved name that we all knew so well. Thanks for reading it was probably a waste of time, and never forget the OG Don - Jelly Jiggler
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    LOTR Combo and extra ze_LOTR_Mines_of_moria_v6_3? ze_LOTR_Helms_Deep_v3? ze_LOTR_Isengard_v2_3 ze_LOTR_Mount_Doom_v3 or v2 (idk which is the better version) ze_LOTR_Minas_Tirith_v3_3 ze_Paranoid_Rezurrection_v11? (Idk the exact name) Special kicker: pF 900 settings on all LOTR maps except on minas, pF 2000 on Minas. On LOTR Maps, Random zombie will be selected and will gain speed (1.2) after the mother zombie draft except on Minas and Isengard. Torchlight on Paranoid.
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    "I Haven't Played ZE in a While" ze_random_v9 ze_biohazard2_rpd_v4e_004 ze_predator_ultimate_v3 ZE_FFVII_Mako_Reactor_V6_B08 ze_lotr_minas_tirith_v2_2fix ze_Paranoid_Rezurrection_v11_9 Special Kickers: Torchlight on the entire event
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    [-1.] I think you should put an end to this garbage suggestion spam. All of your suggestions are basically the same thing but altered a bit and each and every one of them are garbage and not thought through. (You should start wondering about why none of them are even taken into consideration of being added.) This whole thing is retarded... What were you thinking? This SCP can respawn all of the spectators in matter of seconds, let a minute pass (or let them kill someone) when they die; respawn them and let the cycle continue... This reminds me of an another trash suggestion of yours which has extremely similar content: The second playermodel is not even a playermodel; it's a prop. Just like the suggestion up there ( SCP-553 ) you failed to check if it was a playermodel or not. (Even though the author screams 'THIS IS JUST A PROP' on both of them.) Here's a Pro-Tip; Any suggestion containing "a spectator respawning by any means", "a replacer SCP" or a SCP that kind of mixes (or uses) a bunch of SCPs' abilities together are automatically ignored, and will only waste your time. Only creative and thought out SCPs get selected. If you want examples, go check Haxray & Doomnack's suggestions. They're leagues better than any of your suggestions.
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    Let's be clear on why you were banned since you failed to mention it in your post, Edge. You decided to download hacks, join the server with them enabled then proceeded to brag about it to admins while they were on the server. You have also broken rules multiple times and have been warned countless times by admins. Having said that, I have discussed your ban with other admins. Taking everything into account, we have decided to reduce your ban to a month and have all your previous stats wiped. If you accept the punishment, I will edit your ban and it'll be lifted on 4/04/19. But be warned, if anything like this happens again, you will earn yourself another ban.
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    I have some YouTube videos I made at the time CS:S ZE started getting really popular: This was back in 2011: I have many other videos of GFL's servers back in 2011 - 2012 on my YouTube channel. Thanks!
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    windows seem to be respawning inside of other windows, i blame rick We have known about this for a while however
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    Leader @Reeve Graphics @Radify @Shxning @Fafy @RVFK @Chef. Writing @Swedish Fishee @Trigger @Zeugma or Omnibenevolence Video Editor @TheJitFace @JerryBomb Streamer @Korowa @motorsteak @CrusTi @King_Wailord
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    Another event guys!! YAY!!!! An event is happening on our Coop #1 L4D2 server. On the map SaltHell park. Based on the real life SaltWell Park in Gateshead UK. It was being used by the military as a secure evacuation centre before being overrun. Can you navigate your way through the park to the safety of the rescue vehicle or will you succumb to the hordes of never endless zombies? Only time will tell I guess and as an added bonus there are a total of 5 Gnome Chompskis hidden throughout the maps. Shooting them might just unlock something. Map Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=121192513&searchtext=Salt+hell (Download all 4) When you ask?: 3PM CST Sunday March 24th Server IP: Time Frame: 1-2 hours Generous Host: @cd326s (me)
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    Hmm just realized that there is a formu here :D
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    lol 24 hours and no response hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
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    Update: I'm now missing 4 teeth, lovely. It honestly didn't hurt and I recovered in pretty much 1-2 days. I ate a lot of mashed potatoes... a lot. But now I'm eating whole foods Thanks to the people who commented before with all the suggestions! Much appreciated 😁
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    Having a different community's URL in your name counts as advertising. I've gone ahead and unbanned you, just remove the supps.gg from your name (if you type supps.gg in the search bar it takes you straight to SuperiorServers.co's forums site). Just keep in mind not to have any other community's URL in the future. I went ahead and unbanned you, as Kub said above he DM'ed me, I gave you a second chance, next time please don't rejoin with it Have fun!
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    Operation Turbofan is very close to completion 😄 I just wanted to thank @Dreae for everything he has done for the project!
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    Event Overview: Hello everyone! Since we are busy lately making the votes for the event, this event was picked by the megathread. Now the story behind the map. GFL wandered through the woods and all the sudden they find themselfs inside Crobats basement, and the only way out is to beat his dungeon. For this event we'll be playing: ze_rizomata_s1_3 Time for the event: Saturday March 16th @ 11pm GMT-0 To check at which time the event is for you, check this website to give you an idea. Eventually the times will be posted in our Steam group for your convenience so make sure to join it so you can see the exact time at which it starts for you! Special Kickers: None for this event VIP Rewards: Winning the map gives you one week of V.I.P Duration of the event: About 3-4 hours should be enough for it. Rules: Tryhard will be enforced for this event, hold onto your seats until event is done. Regular server rules will apply for this event as usual Sitting in spec unless you're a spectating admin is not allowed. Leaders: Any leaders are welcome See you on the weekend! (It might be that vanya edits the post If I made any mistake since this is my first event post.)
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