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    Hello friends! My name is Cypher and I'm hoping that I can come here and make lots of friends. (I fixed my computer and am back permanently.)
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    Hello everyone I’m sure you have noticed but the CS:GO division is going under a revamp myself and @xSnowyAngel are currently looking for active managers and admins, We are currently looking for managers for: Surf Minigames 1v1 EU Requirements: Active member for at least 2 months General Server knowledge 15 years old+ Active on the forums We are currently looking for admins/operators for all servers except Zombie escape Requirements Active member for at least 1 month Working microphone Active on the forums Application> https://goo.gl/forms/pou9k6mwfQuzXW513
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    Pow don't I look good omg yas
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    @littleshake and I have been seeing each other for sometime in secret. I recently proposed to her and she accepted. I hope you wish us well.
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    Sometimes you need to grow a thick skin in the online world, especially if you want to be yourself. Unfortunately there will always be trolls and "mean" people wherever you go, you just need to find out how you are going to deal with it. If leaving and trying to avoid those situations is your solution then I wish you a good life. However I do think that you should just try a different way. Join TS/Discord and just talk to people. Play with people you know are nice, eventually you will realise that it is only the odd few who tend to troll. I do however disagree that you being "different" is the cause of the issues. We have had all kinds of people in GFL such as traps/trans/gay/bisexual/furry etc. This has not stopped anyone from enjoying there time here. I am gay/bi and have the occasional, "you're such a faggot", but I have grown that thick skin and understand that some people have to use that kind of language towards things they don't yet understand.
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    One last update, I am feeling a lot better already! I am very sore but I can finally take deep breaths (haven't been able to in the last two days due to the pain) and drink water (didn't eat or drink anything for two days). Though they had liquids go through the IV. I will be staying in the hospital until Wednesday since the gallbladder was very infected and was nearly about to explode (also caused a fever). They just want to make sure I was okay. Even better news, the same surgent offered to do hernia surgery for me in a couple of weeks and we will be doing that as well :D Ultimately, I will be feeling amazing in two weeks or so from now. I am also in the process of changing my diet and starting to eat healthy. I am taking fiber packets three times a day to ensure I am getting enough fiber in my diet which should get rid of constipation and so on. Thank you for all the support from all of you! I really appreciate it and I am sorry for waiting this long already. I also apologize for any grammar mistakes in this post, I am about to pass out due to me being really tired at the moment.
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    Just an update, I am officially done surgery but still feel very sore around my stomach. Thanks for all the support everyone! You can tell I look dead right now lmao. I will need another day to rest. Thanks!
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    I'm back home but not feeling that great. I'm going to be taking a few more days to rest. Trying to drink as much as I can and eat correctly. Thank you for understanding and let's hope I start to feel completely better soon.
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    Good riddance. If you're leaving GFL just because you sit around taking all this harrassment and not doing anything about it... shows exactly the type of person you are. Sometimes people just need to grow a pair.
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    I will most likely not be coming home tomorrow. Turns out my gallbladder DID actually explode before getting surgery (it wasn't just highly infected, it exploded all over and infected other parts of my body). This was a very rare case with a young male such as me according to the surgents. But yeah, I still need a lot of time to heal and I still can't stand up without feeling dizzy and light headed. I'm starting to eat more and more though which is a good sign. Just not feeling too great overall yet Once again, thank you for all the support everybody! I apologize if I've been giving too many updates on this recently, I just want to fill everybody in with what's going on with me. Once I come back and I am healthy, I'll be able to start doing things for GFL
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    Here's a picture of my sister and I from the hospital today. I rarely get to see my sister (sometimes up to a year at a time) so obviously her showing up today made my day She is also a full time nurse so she knew just as much as the other nurses who were helping me which was awesome. I know I look horrible in the picture but I've been laying down for the last 3 - 4 days straight This is the first picture with her in years. Thanks!
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    Been a while since I posted one - so here you go
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    Hey everybody, I just wanted to give another update. I have returned home on Thursday. I am still experiencing some issues (mostly flu-like symptoms from the body trying to recover and heal along with soreness). I hope to be feeling completely better in the next couple weeks. Once I heal from this surgery, I will be scheduling another surgery for my hernia. It will probably take some time to recover from that surgery as well. So it's not over yet but we're almost there! I would once again like to thank everybody for the support! I really appreciate it! Thanks!
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    Thank you all for the warm welcoming!
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    CSGO Extravaganza 5v5 Date: March 17th+18th (18th Finals) 5PM EST Hi guys, we have been invited to the next inter-community event which will be taking place within CSGO! For the past 2 big tournaments we have come out as the winners! Let's see if we can make this the third tournament that we can take home! We will be looking for at the very least 7 players to sign up to this tournament (5 as main competitors and 2 as subs). All 7 players will receive a badge on the forums for participating (extra snazzy if you win ). Requirements: Must be a member in the respective community with no active bans who has also been a member for at least 2 months! Players are asked to be in the GCC discord 30 minutes before the event- https://discord.me/gccofficial Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/gamingcommunitycentral Challonge Bracket: TBA Rules: No cheats, exploits, glitching, or 3rd party tools that give u an unfair advantage over other players. No ghosting Don't be disrespectful No sexual harassment of players Do not be racist or use racist terms No mic or text chat spam No advertising other communities events No name impersonation of anyone. Details Date: March 17th, 18th Time: 7PM EST Location: US Servers Maps: TBD Tournament bracket will be added in later, once we receive signups. The matches below semi finals will be BO1 double elimination, the semi finals will be BO3 and the finals will be BO5. (finals may change to BO3) Current Roster Team Name: (suggest a name below) Player 1 - name Player 2 - name Player 3 - name Player 4 - name Player 5 - name Sub 1 - name Sub 2 - name Teams will be finalised on the 13th of March at the very latest. If we have a full team signed up before that point we will begin practice but still allow sign ups! You can sign up to the tournament as a solo player or as multiple players. I'll be testing players who sign up out if needed. To sign up just use the template below: Steam name CSGO rank: Experience in ESEA/FaceIt (or others): Rank in the above: Position(s) you play: Proposed team name:
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    Well I'm Back To Being Admin On Purge AND I GOT IT THE GFL WAY!
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    I'm literally a bi furry and i get made fun of but do i give a shit? Nah nigga. I move on cause i know i'm the better person. If you leaving because there are trolls online is supposed to be our fault, then you can leave, nobody's stopping you. However, if there's an admin doing this, report it instead of complaining. We literally had someone else do this, with the same responses. EDIT: No this is just the same person doing this again for some reason. Seems you didn't learn the first time. Anyway, i find it meaningless to complain and resign from whatever you were, due to harassment. If *you* were an admin on something, you can...you know...mute them.
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    As promised. New sweatshirt came in and id thought id share (I'm trying to compete with joshy with number of photos) Yes, I'm wearing bills PJ's. Gotta rep my team.
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    I would also like to add these future managers should be active on their server daily regardless of low player counts and so on. I would also HIGHLY recommend idling over nights and when AFK if you can. For example, @Decoy idles with his laptop and his desktop on our CS:S Dust2 server overnight and when AFK. This will help with server population A LOT and will show you're dedicated. With that said, idling helped a lot with very successful servers in the past for GFL. For example, @Xy_ does this for our Garry's Mod Breach server (very successful) and still does it at nights. If you're not going to play on the server due to low player counts and so on, being server manager is not right for you and the server will likely not succeed unless if it gets populated by randoms. We need dedicated people who will be on the server daily and enjoy playing the server regardless of player counts and so on. Thanks.
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    My Age: 54 Roles: Writer Do I have any experience in the selected roles: No Examples of my work: Do you have any experience in the selected roles you've chosen? Yes. Please share examples of your work: https://archive.org/stream/heartattack_14#page/n11/mode/2up https://archive.org/stream/heartattack_22#page/n17/mode/1up https://archive.org/stream/heartattack_03#page/n27/mode/2up http://merrick.library.miami.edu/cdm/ref/collection/zines/id/1712 Not my work, but references same: http://illinoistimes.com/mobile/articles/articleView/id:8 Thank you for your consideration. Why I think I will be a good Creative Team member? Above average grasp of the English language, experience in writing. Would I consider making profit: No
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    What do you mean shit post? This is quality content.
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    I knew you were too retarded to be 19.
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    I feel like the discord can do better with activity if we did more events. The last event we had was some where around 12/19/2017. When we had that event the discord chat was active for a few days. So I propose we should do events more frequently. Here are some free ( website ) games or activities we can do for our events. Games/Activities: Town of Salem Cards Against Humanity Scribble Hang Man Watch GFL or GCC Streams ( or even watch some GFL members stream. ) Movie Night Karaoke Feel free to suggest more if you like to. Not sure how often the events should happen but should be like 1 or 2 events every 2-3 weeks. The Discord Mod team or Council should manage these events since both are more active and have permissions on the discord. The Discord server should have an Event category with it has its own voice channels where it should only be visible and usable to everyone when we hold an event. Example: In my opinion, most of us in discord should participate in these events. It might help the activity on the discord server a little bit. Well this is my suggestion. Feel free to bring up some more ideas. Gimme your thoughts about this.
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    dude I'm just saying you had some good shit with your art and to this day I am still annoyed with the uptight mentility and the reason why that team is looked at badly they act like a high school click and you should not let them get to you just laugh at them and move on fam your badges where not bad from what I saw and not gonna lie I also saw what @Joshy saw in you people look for bad things and they don't understand how cons can always be outweighed by positives and the risk vs rewards mindsets you always where fine from what I saw. I mean ffs that team does not understand that some times people need to produce and sometimes there is a time limit on things I have had to get my hands dirty more then a few times when it comes to them but I did it for a reason I did it so someone had something atleast some times and hope fully I might strike a nerve and some person might get a little competitive I used that fuel called hate more then once in order to get something good from people.
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    Or we could keep it how it is now, and not have to worry about changing anything.
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    i am sorry, but trying to read this much shit gives me a headache. also, i just leave steam web app open, not really paying attention. and yeah, im gonna use the forums for their intended purposes. sorry for doing shit correctly.
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    Just another update, I won't be home until at least Wednesday since they want to monitor me for another two days. I am feeling better already though and so glad the constant severe pain is gone! Now only dealing with the soreness which is a lot better than a highly affected (about to explode) gallbladder lol.
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    - Removed former staff - Added @Aquaticfilly0 to admin, congrats - Added @AtomicHeadphones to Operator, welcome to the team.
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    Hopefully a couple hours left until surgery is performed on me I cannot wait until this pain is gone!
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    I Decided to draw the alien cast with Gfl Zs players With @Kite9867, @Herbert, @Rose, @BigBthefluffyredneck, @Vivian and Wow! and InfernoBurns I thought this was a good idea
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    Honestly we can change the name of a given group however many times we want, it won't solve anything. For something so trivial, we're spending too much time on it.
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    I’m confused at the fact that if you can’t handle haters why would you give out these sort of things that you know people are going to ‘hate’ and be immature about over the internet
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    - Buffed SCP-017 - Buffed SCP-096 - Spectators no longer count as views for 096
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    gonna upload another pic once my hair drys just figured I'd make the before and after approach after I comb my hair kind of deal. I let my hair dry out naturally if anyone wished to know :L also I gave you guys some extra shoulders and I am slowly letting some hair grow out on my face to this day @syrus I remember when you said grow out your facial hair so it would not look like the famous "merkin hair" you linked me to some streamer and asked if I could grow it out like him and I said give me time as I do not wish to be over here not trimming and looking like some dude in the middle east kind of deal, so I trim with scissors almost every day... in due time @syrus in due time lmao don't mock me on my dimples please guys lmao fyi that might be the biggest smile you guys have ever seen out of me I might have been somewhat happy as a person recently :L god damn it I was trying not to crack up while taking that pic... shhh I am not the person with a smile on my face almost 24/7 also gonna give you guys my dinner I made some linguini using some garlic gloves and put pepper on that shit ayy lmao
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    Cause no one wants to touch you Great job dude
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    Just another update, the surgeons told me I will be in the hospital for another two days or so (hopefully nothing longer than Friday). I was expecting to be released today but my white blood count is still high and I am honestly not feeling well or comfortable. It doesn't help that we have record breaking high temperatures today for the Winter and the room is very hot. I only ate a few crackers today because most of the time my stomach feels upset and I feel sweaty and nauseous after waking up. It sucks being in the same position in bed for three or more days straight. I am starting to sit up and at least try to stretch out. Hopefully tomorrow they can take the tube out of my stomach and I can at least move around... I'm sorry for the inaccurate release date (first it was Tuesday, next it was today, and now it's two days away), the surgery was a lot worse than intended due to the gallbladder literally exploding Hopefully I'll feel A LOT better after all of this is over. I'm going to try to be thinking of ideas for GFL while sitting here in bed (as long as I'm not in a lot of pain, which, is always a possibility). Once again, thanks for the support everyone!
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    I believe Operator implies less commitment. While yes you can still be promoted to full admin, i’ve arranged Operator to make sure people aren’t pressured. I’ve had at least two people hesitate because they believe the trial admin rank implies that you must become a large asset in the server, even though that’s not always the case. It’s just the tone behind the words that changes it for me. Pretty much sums up why I replaced trial completely.
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    Dear GFL, I can sincerely say i gave you another chance. I tried different servers, different games, all of them were just as bad. The experiences I have with people are unpleasant. I can honestly say it's not me, as i've tried countless aproaches to these people to try and get them to like me or atleast treat me as an equal, but I'm only bullied into submission, called names, and when I try to defend myself, I am muted for 'player and admin disrespect'. It disturbs me the complex that those in power in this community have for themselves. It is not one of self-improvement, but rather one of putting down others. The was people treat eachother on your servers is dispicible, distasteful, and as I've been a part of it for so long, I can collectivly say I'm done. I can not list one time I've had unscripted or honest fun from this community, and It has grown on me like a tumor. The people are mean, cruel, and tell you off for simply saying 'hi'. I don't understand those from GFL, even when following the advice given to me by it's own leaders. If there was another place to go, I would go to it, but there isn't. From the places I've been, the places I haven't only get worse. I think I may need to quit Valve games all together, as they have brought me nothing but pain and strife. I have been infected by this community to feel nothing but a dull emptiness, thanks to the likes of your administrators, members, and newcomers. When I join and say 'Hi', to be told to shut up because I'm a 'trap' and that I have no place or belonging here, why should I join? I see no reason to come back, and if I'm told to give it another chance, I'm going to have to refuse. In conclusion, to the members of GFL, consider this my official resignation after four years of harassment, bullying, and poor experiences. Sincerely, Eleanor P.S. I would appreciate it if those wishing to make stupid arguments would not spam the comments, as last time you did it causes the post to be blocked from comments and replies.
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    I'm in the process of backing up over 150 albums on my social media before deactivating those accounts You cannot win. I've also been considering a picture to show off the abs ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) This was an awesome vegetarian pizza.
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    Added: Stolen cars cannot stay stolen for more than 15 minutes. After this time, they must be abandoned or returned to the owner for a price. Thank you to @Nap14hockey for the suggestion:
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    Fixed: The casino's back! After we determined what was causing the crashes, we held off on re-introducing the casino add-on. With some careful reconsideration, the Casino Kit is once again on the server! The best part? Your chips should still be where they were! Someone else is back, and his name is PressPlate! That's right, you're able to once again pay off your debt to society by making license plates. Who would sit in jail for 6 minutes when you can mash E and get out faster? If any issues do arise, be sure to contact @flyingjoe32 either on the forums or on our Discord. Happy gambling!
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    After weeks of intense training, I feel like I am proud enough to share the results Happy "I'm single and desperate" day, since I'm on that boat too.