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    Hello, everyone! I am proud to announce a new TF2 Division Leader, @Pedro for his work with the servers! Please join me to welcome him for his promotion. He will do great by leading TF2 Division. View full article
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    My Age: 20 My Talent: I'm a senior computer science student in the third year of my bachelors program. I'm highly proficient in low-level C, assembly (especially x86), and JavaScript, however I have a working knowledge of Java and Python, with a minimal knowledge of Lua. I've been programming since my sophomore year of high school but never really got serious until college. I don't have a lot of previous projects to display unfortunately, however I have some contributions to open-source projects on my github, in addition to a WIP project regarding steganography. I have looked into writing discord bots with discord.py in the past but never completed much, so I'm mildly familiar using the API. I am extremely proficient with git (particularly 'feature-branch' based workflows). I'm always eager to learn, and I love digging through documentation of a new or interesting piece of software. Hours/Week: 7-12
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    So, your "facts and logic" revelation is that you use a certain font? If I could, I'd give you a demerit. Oh, and also this: Reputation Abuse "Do NOT ask for likes, create additional accounts to give yourself reputation or run any kind of forum games involving the reputation system." https://gflclan.com/rules/forum-rules/ Don't ask people for likes, it stinks of desperation.
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    Hey all, Recently, I noticed a lot of traffic on our Anycast network started routing to the Chicago PoP including my home network (I'm in San Antonio, TX, so I should be routing to the Dallas PoP). I was going through a peer named Server Central Network which I believe is a newer peer added to Vultr's Chicago location. I've disabled this peer on all PoP servers and my routing went back to Dallas, TX. I also noticed traffic on Chicago is starting to go down which is a good sign. Here's the graph: Thank you.
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    As simple as this can be, this is a placeholder for whenever we wish to do an event during time where there's no breaks. We're going to use this poll selection to determine the most best day to start an event, whether it be weekend or weekday. As for when it starts (time) might be a little bit difficult due to how some of you from the other side of the world. Like for example, if you live in China or somewhere near Asia, your like a day ahead compared to America. This may be difficult when hosting an event. But let's hope at least some of you will be able to make it. First poll will consist of the days, so from Monday to Sunday. Second poll will consist from 1am to 12am except instead of having it one time per option. We're linking about three to four hours per option. Option 1 would like 1 am to 4am. Option 2 is 5am to 8am, something like that. Oh, and these are all EST, so make sure you choose the best one for your schedule. Third poll will consist of whether these events should be fun, serious, or both. Any event is fun but when it's serious.. it'll be something like a tournament or a competition between gaming, art, sing, etc... Serious is the only event that will probably be given a award badge (only to the winner team). This poll will stay for awhile until we figure the best day/time to host an event. One last thing, only the two first polls is multiple choice. The last poll is only select one option.
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    +1 i need more mods and i know how you are
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    Introduction It seems as if most people hate the idea of being an innocent. Traitor rounds are always fun, right? And getting 8 innocent rounds in a row is so annoying... Except it really isn't. Bare with me here, let me explain. Being an Innocent seems to annoy a lot of people. At one point it even annoyed me. You see people getting multiple T rounds in a row, meanwhile you just got your ninth consecutive Innocent round. It makes perfect sense why you'd be upset. Traitor rounds are the funnest part of this game mode. If you aren't getting T rounds, why bother playing the game... right? I want to show you that being an innocent isn't as much as a pain as it seems to be. Enjoying an innocent round highly depends on your perspective on an Innocents role. And I'm going to hopefully convince you that being an innocent doesn't suck as much as you currently view it to be. Of course, this entire post is still subjective. If this post doesn't alter your view on being an innocent, then that's fine. I just want to hopefully give people more of a reason to enjoy the gamemode they play. The Role of an Innocent Terrorist Right away, we are going to enter some subjective territory here. But we all have a different view on how we play an innocent role. This section is entirely optional to view. You can skip to the next section (The next paragraph to have red text) if you please. First, you have the follower. A follower tends to stay in large groups. The innocent will likely gravitate to detectives, and doesn't usually go traitor hunting, even when a kos is called. The Pros of this playstyle: You have a nearby detective to keep you alive and potentially heal damage you take. You are unlikely to gain any false suspicion because you stay with a crowd and don't venture off. Getting killed by a sword is rare, so you often have a chance to defend yourself against a traitor (provided they don't snipe you from a distance) The Cons of this playstyle: Groups tend to be in wide open areas, so getting sniped is a common occurrence. You rarely find a traitor. You wait for traitors to attack you. (Subjective) You don't gain a ton of experience, since you never really have a reason to make any mistakes besides missing shots. You always follow, so when you are forced into an "independent" situation, you may not be able to handle it well. Next, you have the opposite, the leader playstyle. The leader playstyle is a polar opposite of the follower playstyle (go figure). Unlike the follower, who has a more passive playstyle, the leader playstyle is a little more active. You'll typically still stay within a group, but you will often be the most vocal of the group. You will question others, scout out for any suspicious activity, etc. But you'll do it to keep everyone in the group from getting slaughtered (including yourself). A detective tends to also adapt this playstyle. The Pros of this playstyle: Depending on the attitude of your peers, you are pretty unlikely to be called out as being "suspicious". Most traitors avoid trying to help Innocents, so being a leader in an inno group is a good way to prove your innocence without having to take a tester. Snipers tend to ignore you in large groups. Since you are usually moving often, snipers will aim for the more passive players who stand still sometimes and often does predictable movement. In general, you tend to be one of the last Innocents alive when your peers are killed off. Traitors are scared of killing you first because they can either miss shots, or be seen by the other members in your group. The Cons of this playstyle: Like the follower, you rarely find traitors, more often they just suddenly reveal themselves when they get a wild hair up their ass and start taking on an army with a single shotgun. (Though you might be the first to see a sniper trying to pick off people in your group) (Subjective) I still believe you miss out on the opportunity to make legitimate mistakes that help you learn new strategies in surviving on your own. You are a leader of a group, but you still are relying on that group to survive. Now, these next playstyles have a very similar goal in mind, but have some differences that tell them apart. So read closely. The Scout is a very common playstyle in maps that have sniper points... Pretty much places that people go to when they have a rifle. These guys look around and keeps a keen eye on everyone. If they see any traitorous actions going on, they call it out and try to assist in killing the bad boi. The Pros of this playstyle: You will be able to find and kill traitors at a safe distance. Sometimes even finding a traitor without the traitor noticing you, completely ruining that traitors round entirely. This gives you good practice with aiming guns, especially rifles. This can help you with death matching, or consistently hitting headshots as a traitor. The Cons of this playstyle: You tend to be a literal sitting duck. Traitors with sniper rifles LOVE to take you out as a first kill. Of course that is dangerous because DNA, but they still do it. You are gonna look suspicious no matter what you do. Just be ready for people to start calling you out for being a suspicious person. Tunnel Vision also means you can get a sword in the back. The bait is a playstyle I use to do. And is honestly the dumbest one to do. You pretty much play as if you WANT the traitor to attack you... Because you do want the traitor to attack you. You then call out who it is and hope people listen. The Pros of this playstyle: You are often one of the first players to call out a KOS. The Cons of this playstyle: More often than not, you are one of the first Innocents to die. If the traitor uses a sword, your only chance to call them out before you inevitably die is if they miss one of the swings or make a really dumb mistake. No really, you are gonna be killed by swords often. Traitors LOVE to use swords on baiters. If no one is around, you can get headshot and everyone will be none-the-wiser. You hardly get any death matching experience because you constantly get swords in your body and lead lodged into your skull. The loner has a super edgy title for it's playstyle, but don't let that fool you. If you adapt this playstyle, you are usually someone who originally used the bait playstyle, but gained some experience from constant failures and mistakes to play smarter. The main idea isn't different from the previous two playstyles; your goal is to find a traitor and expose them, and hopefully kill them. However, the way you go about this is different. The scout tends to be pretty stationary. The bait tends to stay in areas that traitors roam around often. The loner tends to move and almost never stop. Loners often have keybinds that have both ttt_radio messages, followed by automatic "say" messages. They roam all over the map, jumping and/or straffing so they don't get sniped. Telling people to not follow them and such. They try to stay alone if possible. They often look both in front and behind them to stay alert of any traitors. The Pros of this playstyle: Traitors usually have no choice but to fight you at a range, giving you a chance to call them out. You are killed by headshots and especially swords less often, so you'll have more of a fighting chance. You are very good at revealing traitors. Traitors try to kill off Innocents who are alone first. You can exploit this. You get a lot of experience with both death matching and decision making. Any mistakes you make can be learned from, because most mistakes tend to be your fault. The Cons of this playstyle: Some people will occasionally become suspicious of you. Silent individuals who stay away from groups are usually the first to be called out. You are going to make dumb mistakes. It's a learning curve. Traitors are going to usually try to kill you off first. This is both a good thing and a bad thing. It's a good thing because hey more practice and experience... but now you are watching your dead corpse getting hung on a wall. Please note this is not ALL the playstyles. These are just the main ones I wanted to list. What Makes a Good Innocent? In my eyes, a good innocent is someone who can identify a traitor on valid grounds, knows when it's valid to shoot, and knows the right means into revealing the traitor and staying alive. This is why I don't like passive playstyles very much. It's really boring to me. So... Why does your playstyle matter in how much you enjoy being an innocent terrorist? Well remember, it's about perspective. When you travel in packs, you rarely have to use strategy. You don't need to do a whole lot in general. You just kill whoever tries to kill you, and kill whoever tried to/successfully killed someone else. This is pretty boring after 8 consecutive rounds. You are effectively letting the game play around you and you hardly have any control in what happens. This is why so many people don't like being an innocent. The game tends to just happen around them. As a traitor, you control the tides of the game. Your decisions can heavily impact the turnout of the round. However as a passive innocent, you feel like a number on the leaderboard of players. Innocent Terrorists Need Plans, Too! Traitors aren't the only terrorists who need a strategy. Playing the role of an innocent effectively takes a lot more skill and experience than most realize. Just because your role color is green does NOT mean you aren't important to how the game plays out. Remember, even one traitor dying can save the life of multiple innocents. The main cause of them missing this is... Well likely because they're too busy complaining about being an innocent and not being a traitor. A lot of people don't like being an innocent because it's harder than being a traitor. Being an effective traitor may take experience, but with the right team it isn't an incredibly challenging thing to do. But as an innocent? An Innocents job is hard. Very hard. Every time you die, you have to wait out the rest of the round before you get another shot. This is why so many people get upset. This is why perspective matters. Don't think surface level. Don't view things at face value. Pay more attention. When you die, spend the rest of that round thinking about why you died, and what you could've done to avoid that death. It's something I do quite often. Like, if you get headshot by a sniper, instead of thinking "I fucking hate snipers!!! I wish they would just die!!!", Instead think "Maybe I need to straffe a little more... What would be a good straffe pattern? Would jumping help? Why did the sniper go for me first?". The right attitude can make all the difference. No seriously. Every death should seriously be taken as a learning experience. Instead of mindlessly playing the game, try to use your brain and problem solve. Figure out a consistent solution to your problem. "Holy Hell I've killed 2 traitors and called out 2 more!" Have you ever had that round when you single handedly exposed and/or wiped out most the traitors in a round? Felt pretty damn good huh? This is what happens when you do your job effectively. Your goal is to be as consistent as possible. When you kill a traitor it feels super satisfying. More satisfying than killing an innocent as a traitor, huh? That's because you have to work harder to get a kill when you're an innocent. It requires a lot more experience with death match and with overall gamesense. This is what makes innocent fun. It's a much steeper learning curve. But when you learn how to play innocent effectively, traitors fear you and everyone else loves having you on their side. It's one of the most gratifying feelings you can have in this game mode. If you want to enjoy innocent rounds, just change your perspective on your role as an innocent terrorist. Trust me when I say it will help you out a lot in the long run. And it will most definitely boost your love for the game. Have a nice day folks.
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    I was making an mg for a gamebanana contest, and I was just gona add it on SG, but now I`ll fix it up a bit and add it here in a while! (mg_tetris_v3 soon)
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    Hello, bhopper/surfer/kz'er of 4 years. I know both drew and teger (during playing hide and seek had the name "vaticans perc supplier") very well from playing with them on serveral bhop servers. They are both widely known in the GMOD bhop community as great players, and in fact have many global records on bhop servers that I can PROVE. I'm kinda disappointing in your admin abilities wulfy, as it was obnoxiously clear when I was on the server that people like Samuel Oak were bhopping across the map when I couldn't catch them; just frustrating :/. I can vouch for the credibility of those 2, as well as further the credibility of their argument as well. When sv_airaccelerate is turned on in the server to a low ammount, it decreases the amount of speed you can gain from strafing in the air. I was trying to do a strafe turn on the climb part for I believe it was bird cage, and I had to go super wide to actually land on the side of a climb part. sv_airaccelerate stops anyone from being able to strafe too fast in a specific direction, especially if the air accelerate is on a level such as 10. Most (good) bhop servers have the accelerate to 1000. If you wanted to test this yourself, change the multiplier from 10 to 1000 and know the difference of wide turning yourself. I can have multiple other known bhoppers come on this forum and explain in better detail if you want me to. This Crucible-like admining wasnt cool and these 2 should be unbanned. Note: was on the server
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    +1 I like your application, straight to the point. It seems you help out a lot in the discord and the head 2fort admin is personally sponsoring you, I like you and I want you. Hopefully you get accepted but keep your nose clean if you do, I almost immediately -1'd your application because you play Overwatch :^)
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    I'm taking quite a long break from GFL. It's been a fun ride, everyone. Here's some nice mentions. @Zexired - Good manager, thanks for letting me have a chance at admin on HnS. @Fafy - Great job as DL! Keep up the good work. @Harakoni - Thanks for teaching me most of what I know about being admin. @BrotherWolf - It's been good workin with you, bud. @Liloz01 - you cant tell me you're not my dad @FrankAL - M u s e u m @littleshake - littlesnake @SSPigeonShit - "A boat made of pigeons that shits" @TheThirdReaper - Late congrats on ph manager @Zebra - Good luck on your future endeavors @Musical - Have fun in college, man @Shabby - like comment and suscribe @InfiniteFun - not so infinite fun, but close @Rennadai - nice. cool. yeah. @Jat - accept more members @GoddessAthena - you're cool @shelby - shnelbdy @mbs - what are you admin on @Impaled - i guess you were an alright manager @PsquawOsaurus - why did you remove halfdocks @TacoGames - yeah maaaaaan @TheRealViper3 - Auf Wiedersehen, sexy voice german @bnewton - continue updating me on your meme map @Diablodoggy28 - where did you go @Booster https://i.imgur.com/5K6KqZe.jpg Nice to be back to blue. Cya, maaaaaaaaan.
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    This day enacts a heavy toll :( First time i've unironcially used a sad face in about 8 years, well spent for you chief. On the bright side, another admin did the same thing as you and made a comeback to their position. So do come back soon buddy...
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    The current version of potato on the server is boring compared to the Jb_Potato_final1fix version. Potato Final1fix is one of my favourite maps. It has more games, edgy darker lighting, and more secrets including a super epic gamer heli secret. Please consider replacing v7 with final1fix thanks. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=558389469
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    When it comes down to it, D Class do not have much diversity as the Officers. Tactical Response Officers have snipers, pyro units, medics, and even a commander. The D Class only have SCP-035. Not much distinction there for the biggest pool of players every round. But what if the D Class had another special spawn? Something that would spice things up for the D Class and entire round in general. I'm thinking that something is Class D #9341. D-9341 So D-9341 is the character you play as in the SCP Containment Breach game. His origins are mostly unknown. We know that his actual name is Benjamin Oliver Walker. He was formally a researcher, and he was demoted to D-Class after looking into something called The Spiral Gestalt. What makes Ben special from other D Class is his special mysterious powers. These powers seemed to appear from nowhere when the Breach occurred,but damn if they didn't help D-9341 escape. What are these mysterious powers? Well, it is simply the power to SAVE and LOAD of course! The ability to SAVE let's you set a respawn point. LOAD is what lets you respawn to that SAVE point when you die. Simple gamer stuff. But how could that be implemented? SCP-079 can set a teleportation point wherever on the map, so it should be feasible to use the same ability somewhat to set where you respawn. A timer can be implemented as well to keep D-9341 from using it wildly and unstrategically. These SAVEs should also be able to let you respawn to it multiple times without having to create a new SAVE every time. If D-9341 does not SAVE, then D-9341 should automatically respawn in the D Block. SCP-076-2 has multiple lives per round,so setting up the respawn shouldn't be much of an issue. The main concern is about how many lives D-9341 should have per round. 5 or more seem a bit much even if it is a D Class role. 4 or 3 make more sense in my opinion. (completely open for debate on this) Other than these abilities, D-9341 would just be an average D Class. He's not faster or more durable. His health is even the same. By far this is simply a unique shade of D Class, but it is one from a game that most likely inspired the Breach game-mode. Other Possible Implementations - When you SAVE, you also keep a record of what you had on you at the time. This means when you respawn, you get the weapons and items you had when you created the SAVE. - The LOAD could take a few more seconds than Abel's respawn. Mostly done to mimic the loading in the actual game taking a bit. More of a joke than anything. - No default skin for this special D Class. You can wear whatever skin you want from the Shop while you are this special D Class. - Have D-9341 spawn near SCP-173's chamber. If no SAVE point is set, you could also have him spawn there automatically by default. Just a reference to the games. Hopefully my color coding doesn't come off as annoying. Just wanted certain words to pop out more.
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    Thank you so much for all the feedback @Pyros, this helps a bunch! I did something different with the lighting to avoid having to create individual light entities for every torch/glowstone/lamp/etc. The map compiles lighting based on the textures and values assigned, I can try to adjust those values a bit more; I was having issues with the white wool being blinding white if the torch was on top of it you can see there's no torches on the white wool anymore. Is there anything specific you don't like about those lights? (Brightness, range, etc) From what I could tell, all lighting in minecraft is a white/gray unless it passes through tinted glass. The different types of lighting do have different intensities; I had trouble being able to correlate the light variations into gmod. Reference: https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Light Number values are Red Green Blue and Intensity minecraft/liquid/lava 80 80 80 50 minecraft/glowstone 80 80 80 130 minecraft/redstonelamp_on 80 80 80 300 minecraft/torch 80 80 80 220 minecraft/torch_top 80 80 80 220 If needed I can add supplemental light entities to the caves or additional torches. For the water cave with the glowstone I added additional light because the glowstone texture wasn't lighting as much as I'd hoped. I'll fix these two issues on next release, when working off of Princess' map there was a lot missing from the original b5 and a lot added; missed the addition of the island and didn't even notice the extended platform by tester. There's still two exits, but the only way to open the second exit is with the TNT cannon. Changing this is more of a determination by vote, whether people want to keep/remove the ship or even just removal of the tnt cannon itself. Either decision would take no time to change as I keep both of those options in another layer to turn on/off. No real purpose, the tower is supposed to look like it got shot by tnt or had an explosion inside of it. The blocks from that explosion would have to go somewhere so I scattered them about. If there's any of those blocks you want moved for sake of visibility or pathing let me know and I can relocated them.
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    The lights from the torch and how it illuminates look a bit weird imo, specially in the caves and the tower; I also dislike how you made the ground above the small path to get the deagle under the tester bigger; The caves are darker which is something I think that should be changed; I also disagree on how the cave under tower only have one exit now, rather than 2 how it used to be; I'm still trying to understand what the wool on the rocks behind the tower is for; Light in the nether is awesome, good job, but I don't understand why you removed the small area that was in between the last glowstone and the hut in nether, if you do fail the jump to that glowstone you will be stuck and can't leave without either jumping into the lava or getting a TP.
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    Killing @Adversary because they keep killing me most of the time as a T.
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    Introduction As it stands, I have not come across an organized list of stats about each weapon. No spreadsheets, no charts, no nothing. And to be fully honest with you... I think players would love to have something like it. Each weapon has a very distinct way of working. So trying to get into what is the *best* weapon will be all kids of subjective. My goal is to get raw numbers. Numbers that took work and research to find and record. And I want to get these raw numbers and create something that gives players these raw numbers in an easy to digest way that gives them something to look into. Please note: This is nothing that is official to this server specifically. This is a project I am running on my own and am seeking potential volunteers. Of course, you can still read on if you are just interested to see what I'm doing. What This Data Will Show Of course, it's important to know what is going to be shown. So here's a general idea of what to expect. Approximate DPS Damage per round (In various distances) Damage per pellete for shotguns Clip sizes, time to empty clips, ammo reserves, etc. Recoil per round Noise Level Bullet travel time (If there is a difference in speed) Reload speed Ammo per clip and reload speed ratio Accuracy (If possible to record accurately) How This Data Will be Recorded Of course, people will need to know how this data will be properly recorded and documented. This data must be accurate, or else the entire project will be for nothing. So here's how this will work. Each one of these things are going to be represented in a color. They are going to be represented in a color by a few rules: How theoretical it is, how certain I am that it can be accurately recorded, and how certain I am it will be important to document in the first place. Certain Optimistic Unsure Iffy/Sketchy Approximate DPS This will be recorded through multiple trial runs. The EXACT methods are not entirely set in stone, but right now my first idea is to figure out the time it takes to completely empty a clip. And I mean get down to the last milliseconds. We will then record how much damage is done in that entire clip, and use math to figure out an approximate average damage output. This will be done in various distances, both headshots and body shots. This will require multiple trial runs and likely be one of the more time consuming things to record. The few problems we might face would involve things like: Guns give knockback to players and can move them slightly, adjusting to that change can alter the data, etc. We will have to use the scientific method and such to try our best to get the most consistent number that appears in our recordings. Damage per Round This will be the easiest thing to record. We can just do multiple distances, both headshots and body shots. We will still do a few extra trial runs to be sure our data is consistent, but recording this should be relatively simple. Damage per Pellet As of right now, I do not know a consistent way to get the exact calculations of each pellet in a shotgun. Though I am fairly certain there's a way to find this. Hopefully someone will be able to provide something to help with this. Once this information is tested and confirmed to be accurate, we will likely do something similar to calculating damage per round. Recoil per Round This is something I may not need additional help with. I will take every weapon and find out how much the screen moves upwards when a shot is taken. I can take multiple screenshots of the aftermath of each shot, so recording things to make sure numbers are consistent will be very simple. I will write a program that analyzes these images. It will check every single pixel of each image, and keep track of every time a pixels color is slightly different, meaning movement took place. It will then tell me an EXACT number on how different the image is between both screenshots. I will probably holster for the first screenshot, then equip the gun and shoot, then go back to holstered and screenshot again. This is because the program will analyze every single pixel. If I shoot a round in the gun, the round indicator will change numbers, therefore changing the image. This would lead to inaccurate results, so I will make sure to holster in every screenshot. Noise Level This is a weird one. This could *possibly* be useful for traitors. But I'm not even sure if it's 100% worth spending the time documenting this. I'm not even sure how we would record this in a number that we could compare. Maybe take a clip and plug it into audacity? Maybe cover different distances? I'm not entirely for sure on this one. Bullet Travel Time I'm fairly certain there isn't a difference between these. If there is, it might be a little hard to perfectly time this due to ping and lag. This is very theoretical. Accuracy I have a few ideas on how to possibly record this. Even then I'm still not very certain on how this one would play out. I might keep my ideas on this one under wraps because this will require a lot of testing. Ratios There are going to be various ratios involved in this. Because say for instance, your DPS will be impacted as you are reloading. So there would need to be some way to calculate that. All of this will be figured out with time. How This Data Will be Represented There is likely going to be multiple categories for various things because a lot of information is involved. We will need categories for Primary and Secondary weapons, along with traitor weapons and detective weapons. We will also need categories that do and don't involve ratios. Ratios matter because certain factors can affect an "overall" score. An overall score for a weapon to an innocent may be different from a traitor because there are different things that each role needs. There will also be a raw numbers section where no numbers are provided. This will all be shown in a (possibly slightly messy, but easy to understand) GUI that gives visual representations of the numbers... The actual numbers, ways to compare weapons, and information in how the data was recorded and other notes and findings we gathered through the process. This will all be programmed by me. Why I Need Your Help I will be needing the help of some volunteers to gather this information. To get some of the stats recorded on these guns, I need something to shoot at. Without help from others, getting this information reliably would be near-impossible and be very inefficient. This all will take place in a private server hosted by me. Likely in 67th way because it has an abundance of guns to choose from. The server will have an add-on that shows hit numbers, so damage will be easily documented. Right now I want to know of any add-ons or plugins that will grant the ability to remotely add health to people. That way someone can have a ton of health and not worry about getting killed during tests. Please note that these tests will be time consuming. You will be doing me and a lot of other curious folk out there a great service, but it does come with an expensive toll of time. This data has to be precise and accurate, and there's a decent amount of guns to test. The good news is, we already know all this data will take multiple days or longer to record. So don't think you'll be pressured to get all this mess done in one single day. Some data doesn't require the assistance of an active volunteer. However, unfortunately (from what I have gathered) there is no way to roam around a map in TTT without someone else being in the server with you. So if you are a volunteer, and all you're gonna do is start watching YouTube or something, maybe you can hop into my server just to keep it going. That way I can run my tests without any issue. If something goes wrong I can contact you through discord or steam. How to Volunteer All I need is a discord tag or a steam profile link. You can provide this through the reply section, or through a private DM in this site, or by a different means of communication if you can think of any. I will get in contact with you and we will go from there. I would also like to hear any tips or advice, and received links to any add-ons/plugins that might help with this process. Have a nice day everyone.
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    WUhOh Forom mods are HERE U're under awwest
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    No one here is angry, we are just pointing some flaws in your application which we take seriously and we don't recommend that you "guess" your hours when you can easily go on Gametracker or ask an Admin to check them for you. No one here is degrading you by any means
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    @TheSadBandit @Volk you may know him better as Psycaowarrior34456, which has around 92 hours
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    To clarify, the shots of someone shooting the wall wasn't Time. It was somebody else, comparing the regular recoil, and then recoil while attempting to control it. It was just to compare someone elses experience with the weapon to the clip of Time. That said, I do ask you refrain from commenting on appeals in the future unless you have new or pertinent information on the situation. Everything you've said is already in consideration. The appeal has been pushed to some higher ups, and we must wait for them to have time to review everything as well. We're just waiting right now, really.
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    The ban has expired, please close the topic. @flyingjoe32
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    I was able to force on your mic and your friend's (who was sitting in spectator) and heard him talking to you. You tended to stop and then go immediately to the prop he was spectating. Hence the external ghosting. Therefore your ban appeal has been DENIED.
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    Overview In-universe, The Global Occult Coalition is a group of interest that aims to be the "police" of the supernatural world. Unlike the SCP Foundation, they destroy anything they deem to be supernatural instead of containing it, leading to some anomalous objects or beings destroyed before they can be captured by the Foundation. On some occasions, they have teamed up with the Foundation but have also went against the Foundation. In-game description The Global Occult Coalition would be a new team (main color is brown) with the goal to exterminate every SCP (including any SCP on the human side), while being neutral towards anyone else. GOC does not escape and counts as deserting unless they are holding an SCP object. GOC cannot escort any team, nor can they be escorted themselves. The GOC would be a replacement spawn for the NTF. The GOC can pick up and use items like a human and can pick up ammo. GOC spawns with their own vests, but they can drop their vests. When spawning, a player is either chosen to use the "Grey Suit" or the "Black Suit", with each having their own loadout. (Descriptions can be found below.) GOC would also be able to pick up SCP objects and escape with them for a bonus. "Grey Suit" Description: Spawns with a stunstick, level 5 keycard, a medi-shot from the CS:GO weapon pack, a radio, a cloaking device tool, random pistol, and a random SMG. The cloaking device allows for unlimited invisibility. To balance this, it causes moving or giving/receiving damage to disable the cloak. Switching to a different item will disable the cloak after 4 seconds. Playermodel uses "Cell assault4" from https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=221823653. Has 10% damage resistance with no speed penalty. "Black Suit" Description: Spawns with a stunstick, level 5 keycard, a medi-shot from the CS:GO weapon pack, a radio, and a random rifle (including M249, Negev, and Volk). Playermodel uses "Cell assault3" from https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=221823653. Has 40% damage resistance but moves slow as a Nu-7 vest. Alliances: GOC is hostile towards the SCP Team, Serpent's Hand, and Class E. They would be neutral towards MTF, CI, Researchers, and D Class. The only team they are friendly with are other members of the Global Occult Coalition.
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    Important: If you have aqua added on steam DO NOT click any links sent to you. Her account has been compromised.
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    Name: D. K. Metcalf / Emmanuel Sanders Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:129812040 Admin who banned you: lol I dont remember probably Vin What kind of punishment was it (ct ban, perma mute/silence, server ban): You already know!!! (perm ban, perm silence, perm CT ban) Why do you want to be unbanned?: I am not a bad person and I was really banned for entertaining people, I make the server fun y'know. Nah but jokes aside I took a break from JB and CS in general and I guess I have learned my lesson and would like to play on the server to have some fun again. Tango is scuffed with tryhard 12 year olds that think their good until you get LR 10 times in a row. Its basically full of shit tryhards which makes it real boring. Why should we reduce or undo the mute/ban?: Yall should undo my perm bans and mute so I can make the server fun again. I will not test admin's patience this time and just bring the best of me to the server to make it a hell of an experience.
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    Okay I DO NOT play 2Fort #1 server, but boy do I see you on the discord providing great insight for the problems of everyday players. Also, based on @Omid response, my vote is a +1 However, I do have 2 problems. My first problem is the app alone does not have effort into it, which makes me think you are not wanting to become admin. I hope it is just because you are not much of a typer, but we will see (Not really that big of a problem, but is one of my pet peeves 😧) My second problem is Omid talking about you playing Lucio terribly. I mean come on, he was my main and YOU PLAY TERRIBLE WITH HIM?!?! HOOOOWWWWWWWW?! With all jokes aside, good luck on the app and hopefully I will see you in the color Green!
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    - Voice channels. Way too often in the only voice channel there is, it's just people screaming over each other.
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    LIST OF COOL GUYS Goodbye Breach. @ericthe1234 Coolest guy @Cpt.Haxray the CEO of the Coolest guy @Ravelord Cool guy and nigga face @Lipquip Cool guy and gay @Xy_ Cool guy and also Gay but the cool type of Gay @COSMICMISTRESS Cool guy and extremely gae @AtomicHeadphones Cool guy and nigga sex 2 @RaeTheGay Cool guy and poop sex @Supreme leader 049 Cool guy and rarted @The Templar Cool guy and omega gay @TheSnivyBro Cool guy and cool guy and cool guy and cool guy and cool guy @chan_man1 Cool guy who I didn't totally forget @Potato Masher Cool guy made funny and laugh @GlazedGoat Cool guy and co-yiff writer @Klourice Cool guy who doesn't have a GFL account and is probably mentally insane. @VilhjalmrF Cool guy who probably doesn't like me but still cool. @Pizzy Cool guy who thinks of cool only and not uncool @Dex Dex Dex Dex Dex Dex @Pyros COOL GUY YES VERY COOL @Banjo Kazooie COOL GUY YES YES YES YES YES YES Also if you ever get the impression that I hate you, you know I could never be angry. I don't dislike any of ya'll really. I'm looking at you specifically @Nicole Or you @EvilCheeseBurger, like I'd care about who banned me @wolfblade109 gay sex GAY BABY JAIL @RainGamma Made me resign. @Jameskii, fuck you Jameskii. @THE MAJORITY OF THE SERVER
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    As mentioned, I've been trying to do it lately, and think I've been a lot better about it lately but I'll keep trying to improve as I know it's an issue, also I'll be sure to keep in mind to not be so picky in regards to the maps I play.
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    Hello everyone! as you know, I've been pushing the server on santa extreme lately, and so far in my various attempts leading, we've got a 2/3 success rate at getting to extreme act 3. So now with the recent stripper fixes to make items hit fat santa and work properly, I figured I'd make a post to discuss santa extreme, the changes, and use the thread to mark our progression. Points: First off, I'd like to say (and ask) that we be quiet and act with more discretion in regards to santa extreme, especially act 3. The last few times we've gotten to it, we've practiced it, and people start shouting "impossible" or "let's try this other glitch" and talking over the leader. When we start having quarrels and bickering amongst ourselves, we undermine our attempt to win, as then, many of the randoms on, and people who don't know much aren't taking it as seriously. Now another thing I'd like to say is that santa ex is not as hard as we make it out to be, prologue is pretty easy, act 2 is easy, and act 1 is truly the big hurdle. Act 1 has a lot more npcs at the beginning which really screw us, but as we've proven, it's still possible, and considering we win santa most of the time we play it normally, we should start just practicing extreme, and ignoring normal. Also, we need to concentrate more on item users, this map is based 99% around items, honestly 10 tryhards that take items can carry us through the map, BUT, a huge caviot to this is hitting their shots. We need to start practicing act 3 more frequently, so that people can time their shots and learn to use the items and hit the bosses more, because as it currently stands, on extreme, due to how fast the bosses move, we miss a lot of shots, so we need to practice that. Items are important, and we need to use them more precisely, and practice them. Another huge thing we need to focus on is heals, we need to time out heals better, on extreme we should just skip healing before the first set of reindeer altogether, instead using the first heal at the boss, no one should die provided we defend, and triggers stay at an elevated level, and take their time, we can defend forever, triggers can take as long as possible, JUST DON'T DIE!!!! to add on to this, first heal is outside of skinny, and we then use 2 heals during santa to ensure we all survive, all at the door, then one more on elevator or at fat santa gate depending on where the team's hp is at, then another heal after fat santa, or at his last 10k at the gate once again, so that we go into extreme truth with 200 Finally, a thank you to everyone, we've been working hard lately, and pushing ourselves, we've gotten to santa act 3 on extreme 2 out of the three times we've tried it! that's amazing, so you're all doing great, we still have a ways to go though, but with the new fixes, it should be possible, we just need to keep practicing and working hard!
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    Until I get a new pc, nothing can be done with jailbreak regarding updates, etc. I have a ton of content pretty much ready to be released and with it, I will add new maps as well.
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    You could become a programmer starting today! I was planning to post this later with better quality, but it looks like this might be helpful now and I can fix it up later. I hope this may encourage some of you to take a stab at it. I'm going to do a lot of hand-waving, and so that you can dig in and start. For the sake of my own time: I'm going to assume you're using Windows although I can update this later to include other OS. Sorry. We'll start with downloading Quincy. It's a very straightforward and small download. My goal at this moment is to have you become familiar with Quincy first so that you may use it for small projects. Let us begin with your first program. No: Not "Hello World." You can find this anywhere else if you really want to (reference). We're going to do a little bit of arithmetic because I believe you will be using this more often if you develop for GFL. Choose C++ Source File. This is just to keep things easy although you'll notice my personal style will use mostly C as you learn more. You'll acquire your own style in the future too. Now: You should see a blank text document, which you can type into. This is spoon feeding, but copy and paste the following into your text file: #include <stdio.h> int main() { // Declaration and initial values int numX = 0, numY = 0, numZ = 0; // User interface printf("Input first number to add: "); scanf("%i", &numX); printf("Input second number to add: "); scanf("%i", &numY); // Operation numZ = numX + numY; // Output printf("%i + %i = %i", numX, numY, numZ); return 0; } It should look like this. Save it as a CPP file. Now: You have your first program, which I wrote I just want you guys to get a feel for it though. Let us run it and see what happens. Click on Debug and then Run. You can also use F9 as a shortcut. Two windows will open upon clicking Yes: A Build window and your program. This is where you'll be able to experience your program as a user, and to debug it should that become necessary. That was easy! I get that you didn't do anything here besides downloading a file and copying my basic program. No problem! Here's what you can do next: Edit my code so that you can perform other mathematical operations such as multiplication or division (using star * or slash /), or make it such that you can add three or four numbers instead of two. Here are some hints: If you need more variables, then you will have to declare them at the beginning of the program. The declarations I used were the following: int numX = 0, numY = 0, numZ = 0; You don't have to "initialize" the values to zero like I did. You can initialize them to other numbers or leave it open although initializing is considered good practice. I used printf() to display something to the user. printf("No hello for you."); You can also have it show variables such as numZ like I did. printf("My variable, numZ, equals to the following: %i", numZ); What happens if I add 2.5 and 1.2? Will my program still work? My variables are integers meaning they are numbers without those decimal points. You can try other variable types such as a float. You can read more about other variable types here if you would like although I recommend sticking with the basics for now. // Do not forget to declare it! float numZ = 2.5; int dog = 3; printf("numZ wants to be a float like this one %f", numZ); printf("\nCan dog be an integeter? I suppose so. dog = %i", dog); // That \n makes it on a "new" or "next" line. This is great for formatting! Scanf() looks suspiciously like a way for the user to type in a value. Don't forget to declare at the beginning if you do use it. float userInput; scanf("%f", &userInput); Try a few small basic programs and post your results here! If you make an error, then the Builder pop-up window will give you hints as to where the problem is. The most common mistake for new programmers is leaving out the semicolon (;) at the end of the line. Try running the above program with a missing semicolon in one of the lines and see what the error looks like. Make changes in stages instead of doing many changes at once, and so you know exactly what is causing the problem. Good luck! Want to learn more? You can learn follow up with conditions and loops in my next thread:
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    Um, I don't even know if this will post. My account was just deleted. Someone I know accidentally reported me for dupe items in a game i only played for like half an hour 2 years ago. I talked to the guy, and I must have said something wrong, because my account is gone. Because of this, I won't be able to play at all. I'm sorry guys
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    Disclaimer: As server gets progressively more updated, the remaining bugs/things to fix take more and more time. This means that changelog will be updated less frequently. Server Removed Fists based on popular vote Removed Undertale and Arcade from map pool due to constant crashing. (Looking into what could be causing this) Added ability for admins to give players freedays, open cell doors, extend time and turn on/off friendly fire. Current map pool: jail_xmf jb_august_2k17_v1c jb_bigmt_b2 jb_clouds_beta02 jb_fentex_fix jb_moti_fix2 jb_oasisv07 jb_peanut_v3r jb_pipeline jb_summer_jail_v2 jb_sg_dojo_v5-6 jb_moonjail_v2 jb_cavern_v1b jb_minecraft_beta_v4-2 jb_mountaincraft_v5 jb_mist_v1 ba_jail_canyondam_go ba_jail_minecraftparty_v6 jb_vipinthemix_csgo_v1-1
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    Throughout all this time I have been doing minor changes to the server. Here are a few off top of my head. Server Added !count (Warden's can count how many prisoners in-sight) Added !redie (Players can now walk around, do mini-games etc when dead, without affecting alive players, you will have a ghost icon above you!) Added/removed some maps, here's current maplist: jail_xmf jb_arcade_b4 jb_august_2k17_v1c jb_bigmt_b2 jb_clouds_beta02 jb_facebook jb_fentex_fix jb_moti_fix2 jb_oasisv07 jb_peanut_v3r jb_pipeline jb_summer_jail_v2 jb_undertale_v1 jb_sg_dojo_v5-6 jb_moonjail_v2 jb_cavern_v1b jb_minecraft_beta_v4-2 jb_mountaincraft_v6 jb_mist_v1 jb_carceris_final_fixed ba_jail_canyondam_go ba_jail_minecraftparty_v6 Added SteamID to when players connect/leave. Added button watch, shows in console who pressed which button. Added a better respawn plugin. Fixed /setff spam. Fixed freeze tag. Fixed automatic spawn. Fixed guard:prisoner ratio. And much more. Currently under progress: I believe we might have potentially almost fixed the crashes (it barely crashes, really); Skins for guards and prisoners will be coming out soon; Dead talk + initial 30 second mute is currently being worked on; Finding a fix for VIP In the mix map door being all fucked up, lol. Might add it for luls. At a later date: Once the above is fixed, the server will officialy come out of beta state, and at that point I will be working on bigger projects that take more time but do not affect gameplay that much. This includes: - Vanity shop, yay for credits, hats, masks and all that stuff! - Gangs, yeah, gangs will be coming back. No ETA on these, though. To conclude, work is being done on the server and it is approaching it's release very soon. Massive thanks to @xSnowyAngel and @Darkling for their help in many of the issues I've faced. Thanks
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