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    Assuming this isn't a troll post (which I'm assuming/hoping it is), there usually isn't a point in answering people who automatically assume you run on cloud servers without any evidence and also ruling out other things like possible routing issues from them to the game servers network-wise or just poor optimization on the server (or map) itself (which wouldn't be related to the server's hardware). But eh, fuck it, I'm out of it at the moment. Anyways, feel free to read this thread -> To answer your assumption, we don't run on cloud servers. Every dedicated machine we have right now supports more than 4.0 GHz turbo on all cores. Now, depending on the server, there could be issues with optimization either with the addons/plugins ran, the map, or the machine itself could potentially be overloaded (which will be resolved as soon as we fully move to the new setup proposed in the above thread, but less likely since we've moved a lot of servers from overloaded machines to GS14 IIRC). This means it is less than likely the hardware. Apart from that, our new setup includes one machine with the Intel i9-9900K and two others with the Intel i9-10900K (both probably the most powerful CPUs for single-threaded performance which matters the most for the type of game servers we run generally). The Intel i9-9900K on GS14 has been clocking at 4.7 GHz steadily with anything above 20% overall load on the machine and I've been monitoring this constantly the last week. I've also performed a stress test on the machine before moving it to production which had consistent 4.7 GHz on all cores and the results can be found here -> @Hayze If you're not trolling with this thread then provide the game server you're referring to and also provide evidence that we run on cloud servers. BUT IMMA ASSUME THIS IS BAIT OR A TROLL POST AND IM OUT OF IT RIGHT NOW. So on that! I'm going to go pass out now and ❤️ you all.
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    🐒 This is a forum to educate gamers of the great monkey race 🐒 1. Monke cool 2.their genetics are very close to humans i find that interesting 3. they got thumbs 4. technically monke own Uganda 5. monke eat cool bug with stick 6. they deadass rob people 7. there is only monkey 8. Link from hit game franchise TLOZ is actually a monke in hiding 9. their feet are fucKING HANDS 10. that one gorilla spun one time 11. Some say that you can still hear the voices of the monkes of ancient if you listen to a banana peel very closely 12. the monke emojis were created because we forced representation on apple's part 13. orangutans are extremely smart. If you were to perform a slight if hand trick on one, it would try to mimmick you 14. There are the reason twinkies still exist today 15. who asked? monke did 16. There bond is stronger than any steel you can reasonably create 17. Contrary to popular belief, chimps are a monke minority 18. There feet act like hands 2: electric boogaloo 19. swingin' 20. if you really think about it, monke created humans, and that makes us god 21. 9+10 was decreed to equal 21 by the council of monke in the ancient year of 2014 22. they can learn fucking sign language 23. Documents found in the great library of monke dictate the growth and shrink of the Monke empire 24. probiscus monkeys got da nose 25. some monkeys throats go bWOOOO like a frog 26. Whoever came up with the caveman easter egg in Halo 3 got a monke medal for representation 27. They were enslaved by shaka zulu before the british invaded 28. There are also currently 264 known monkeys 29. They have Epic Smiles 30. They doxxed Skai Jackson 31. not one member of monke is a femboy, meaning the men are burly 32. council of monke 33. They were apart of very great wars 34. the back scratcher is a useless invention, monke has a better invention: the tree bark 35. doodoo balls were used in medieval times when monke fight monke. very flammable and explosive This post is made by monkey gang And our fellow monkeys 🙈🙉 @Shuruia @Pyros @Harakoni @Killes @mbs @Zexired @Xy IMG_2571.MP4
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    Link to youtube video of a hard earned win of ze_minecraft universe. Well done CSO|Crow!
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    Fantastic topic that definitely isn't bait for opinions you can't be bothered yourself to voice to those involved. Instead of effectively creating an inbound drama thread, could've just.. I don't know... talked to the Manager? Talked to me as the "de-facto" Discord Admin Leader for HnS?
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    the day an mc map is added to vanilla is the day I resign
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    TTT Rotation was once exclusively to Minecraft maps before it was changed to feature non-Minecraft maps in its rotation. It was actually doing well, too. I think it'll do well with right management and direction if Minecraft Rotation server was picked up. --- I currently don't have any opinions on this - wanted to comment this.
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    Its good. Also Kinda weird your making a public poll for people to say they dont like the state of the server. Personally id talk to the server manager if there are some issues.
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    This is pretty cringe: https://discord.gg/q75Cg3
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    Lately, GMod TTT MC 24/7 has become rotational, which has caused a massive divide in the community. One one side - People love the change, the break from monotony and bigger maps means people are more free to develop new tactics and leave the player with a fresh experience. A relaxed experience that breaks the norms formed by MC 24/7 and creates new ways to play. On the other - People loved the old MC and what it was: A small map with many strategies that have developed. A map they know in and out, a map with memories upon memories, a map where they could play and just converse and enjoy people's company. MC 24/7 has always been a pillar, an unchanging server without massive change, so that even if you took a long break, when you came back you'd know what you were going to get. I have considered this solution - A separate TTT server: GMod TTT MC Rotation I know we just got 2 more GMod TTT servers (and a CS:GO TTT Server) but I feel this is an important addition The splendor and attraction of MC TTT servers is evident, and I'd love to capture that fleeting feeling in a new server. There's a growing majority of people who absolutely love the concept we've developed by making MC Rotational. That being said, many regulars have bailed, as this meant MC strayed from it's original purpose. This server would be fundamentally indifferent to MC 24/7 - Very similar rule-set, weapons, maps, and style of moderation Now I do need to address the elephant in the room - the flopped MC Rotation server. I know it happened. I know it failed. But there's something that makes it different this time: Players have gotten a very good taste of this new style, and some seem hungry for more. The motivation and advertising for this server has already begun, it's up to us to actually use it. I know it's not without it's flaws. Maps need optimized - a task that can be completed by me and several others The server needs advertising to stay afloat - something I'm well versed in We need someone to keep the problems at bay and fix the bugs in maps and in weapons - another thing I, and many others, are fluent in doing I've seen the interest, I've seen the want, and I feel that they can come into fruition Thank you for your time and consideration
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    I'm a bit late to the party, but it's rather terrible of you to bring negativity to a thread about remembering a man's life who gave his all in every project he was a part of. Not every movie an actor will be in will be a success. While there were only a few movies where both his performances and ratings at the box office were "good", he was still a talented actor. He came into his own as Black Panther, and had a very huge cultural impact in the roles that he played.
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    I look back and I feel like I'm becoming more dumb than I was before; so at least you're going in the right direction
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    What is GFL? It's an expanding gaming community where you and your friends can share their gameplay experiences and new ideas on how to be better at it. The topics you can share vary from gaming to programming which should be a dream for people that seek attention. What should be my steps to get maximum experience? 1. Get to be a member of community! - It's realy simple to apply. Look for "APPLICATIONS" above and there's a dropdown menu. Klick for Member application and fill out the form and BOOM! You're almost a FRIEND! Or just klick here to apply: https://gflclan.com/memberapplication/ 2. You want to know the commands! [UPDATED] - YEAH! What could help you most are the commands. Sometimes, when you game, you think like why things are so complicated. THEY are not! It's you who's playing it complicated *Slow laugh* - The commands for ZE servers are here: And thanks for @reduct for creating this little thread for us! Go there and like the Thread! Some other great commands to use are weapon commands. It makes changing from long range weapon to short range weapon simplier. Just press a key and *BOOM* you have a new weapon to die with! Make sure you have console enabled in your settings - Game menu. To choose a weapon you just type in the chat !weapon. For example: !bizon Open console with ` and use the following commands For example: bind c "say !bizon" It'll buy you a Bizon. It's a good gun. That way you can bind multiple guns on your keyboard. But don't forget, those guns require IG money. If you buy too many times, you'll be unable to change weapon at some point. So use it wisely. 3. Check out the forums - Most important thing is to check out the forums! When you don't know anything then you must have a clue where you can find help for your need! It's fast! Play it smart, not hard! 4. Get linked so hard that you never-ever "gonna wanna" spend too much valuable time! - When you have the links you can browse realy fast. Thanks to @Pr0xy who simplified this to all of us and created this wonderful thread! Go there and like the thread! - Get access to it here: 5. Divisions are the holy grail! - Get to know the games! Check out the divisions to get more I just got you above! It's so simple! You can find quides, trainings and so much more! Mistakes that people do, are that they're not clicking and scrolling! Just do it! I'm not lying to you! Klick on the thread/topic and just scroll down and *BOOM*, there more threads. It's like a paradise to gamers! - See the divisions here: https://gflclan.com/forums/forum/22-divisions/ 6. Get the maps! - When you have all the maps downloaded and placed in "Counter Strike: Global Offencive\csgo\maps" folder then you dont have to worry about getting into the map too late. Every second counts. You can find surf maps here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1zrfjFhTzY3jgDHkS-LQfkwt_lgCHaVhvdXad9byKt-4/edit?usp=sharing but can't download them unfortunatelly. Thanks to @FrenZy, we're able to see them. But don't know if we're able to download them yet. Go there and like the thread! You can find Zombie Escape maps here: You can also download them all at once via an application: https://github.com/Vauff/MapDownloader/releases/download/v2.0.1/MapDownloader.exe Thanks to @Deltacommander this is possible. So big thumbs up to him/her! Go there and like the thread! 7. Best weapon to use in zombie server? [NEW] Seems like it's PP-Bizon. There was a debate if P90 was better but people confirmed it using numbers that Bizon is the best weapon to use. I myself use also Bizon and use Negev for short range combat to keep the walkers away. There's also a post on it that realy confirms it. Check it here: Thank you @ChicagoBen for the post! Go there and like that post! So... You can also donate to the community to help to keep up the servers and website. If you donate, you're helping the community to get bigger and make you alot new players to game with. You can do it here: https://gflclan.com/donate/ That's how I started. I checked so many threads that I forgot to eat! And don't forget, if you ask questions, nothing will happen to you. You get to keep all the fingers and limbs. After you find everything, thank the STAFF for keeping it all well organized. If it whouldn't be that way, I wouldn't find anything to my needs! If you feel that you're hold of an info that a newcomer should know then reply it above! Going to mention here also that I'm not a native speaker so my english isn't perfect. This is Smrize and if you won't act, you wont get anything. *BOOF*
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    The giveaway is now closed. Thank you to everyone who participated, as well as to @Mr Saaed for providing the codes for his game! First list: Second list: Therefore, the six winners are: 1)@Calebevb 2)@reme leader 049 3)@Cpt.Haxray 4)@Bae 5)@Necrochill 6)@Neon Cat The second list was made counting people who currently have an active donator status, as opposed to those who simply have the secondary forum group; this is indicated by the little star/trophy icon below someone's post count. If you feel as though this is wrong, please contact me immediately. The winners will be contacted by me through Discord tomorrow to receive their codes. If they decline or don't respond within three days, their code will be given to the next runner-up on the list.
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    It saddens me that I'm writing this post, but was long past-due. My time in TTT MC has come to an end, after a long 4 years of being Admin. I do remember still the old squad of when I joined back in 2014, and how the server had been maintained relatively the same throughout time, but with recent changes to both the server and my lifestyle, I can't continue to be an Admin/Senior Admin for TTT MC (whatever my role is). It all started with the start of my current job, taking up most if not all of my time on weekdays, and weekends being reserved for friends/family, and this has carried on for a couple months now. Another reason being that after around 5 years, I'm burned out of playing the same gamemode. Enough complaining, time for some honorary mentions: @Violator still want nudes big boi? @MilkMan thanks for the opportunity for admin u (another name for cigarette) @SkydivingSquid cant go along and not tag squidward, like, come on now; great friend, lots of interesting stories, and created all of the guides & shit (updated ones). @Edge what kind of a resignation post would this be if i didnt tag the old man who ran the server back when i joined? @babe gay @HaniUyu racist @Loke @Jinzu had fun playing with yall and watching you guys grow from members all the way to SM @Zero now how could I forget about you huh @Xy gay @flyingjoe32 actually gay @ ALL the admins from 2016 - 2020 (too many to tag). @TTT MC STAFF @TTT MC STAFF @TTT MC STAFF @TTT MC STAFF @TTT MC STAFF @TTT MC STAFF Thanks for coming to my Ted talk (funny enough I've given a Ted talk)
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    (Not this wrong image) (✿◕‿◕) (Ooh tee hee *rawr* not this one (✿◕‿◕) (Oh this one tee hee, *teleports) (✿◕‿◕) RAWR C : *Claps* *daNcEs* DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAABS (✿◕‿◕) (✿◕‿◕)
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    @Bae I know this is really off topic but I'm jealous of all your rewards 👀
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    Added. Working on other MM's suggested
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    i dont really plan on joining/moderating discords in communities i have no experience with. sorry.
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    I have been sponsored by Alpha Owl, to support his statement above.
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    So when does the staff at GFL plan to pull their heads out their ass and shit can cloud servers? All of GFL servers lagg extremely and create such an shit experience. Hate to be rude, but im here to start rattling these bum ass fuckers chereos. Dont host game servers if you plan to be a cheap ass and go cloud based servers. They dont work worth a shit and a dual core intel celeron D laptop can outperform better than their GFL servers.
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    And we'll just leave it at that...
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    delete 1 TTT anarchy spawn 1 TTT MC Rotation = $
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    Fair point, but I think in near future, there may be more TTT servers. Right now? I agree that it's overkill since those servers have recently been released.
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    I think the main reason we added MC rotation, was an attempt in trying to bring back the regular playerbase. Because currently we are having a shortage of regulars, that left due to many different reasons which I will not elaborate on due to reasons.
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    Update I received the following from the Garry's Mod developer: The server shouldn't be on the blacklist anymore. I appreciate their fairly quick response on this as well (two days is honestly somewhat quick given how many other tickets/emails they probably get)!
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    our younger selves were always stupid
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    This will change, especially as you grow older. EVERYONE has their "when I was a kid" stories, yet they grow old as we do 😄
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    For folks that missed this -
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    Alright who groomed a minor?
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    If you can make a perfect port for paranoid that will weigh less than 150 megabytes and not crash the server, then I will pay you extra $ 150.
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    ok give me a break it was my first win i know its cringe
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    Yes, I absolutely skydive. I'm also in the Navy, hence "squid". This is a picture of me skydiving at my home DZ at Dillingham airfield in Hawaii. 🦑 Thanks for being so awesome, VilhjalmrF.
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    Damn you make a good point about the dark ages. 2019 and 2020 have been god awful in comparison to the years before from what I've seen and heard. I don't know you or most people who play TTT personally but I'm really sad to hear someone say this and I completely agree with you. It feels really weird and often unenjoyable to see this drama. Don't know you but good luck on your future
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    I couldn't agree more. I usually go through phases of playing TTT MC before taking a month or two off but since I last left, I have no plans to return. It's not fun anymore. It feels like many of the changes being made are happening simply for the sake of changing things. And the admin team, I won't even start there. Let's just say the joy has been sucked from the server by some. There are regulars I haven't seen in months who have left the server for the same reason. But regardless, gonna miss you man, cheers 😔
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    No, I'm still here, although not really active on TTT MC lately. You've made some valid points in your resignation. Things have changed on TTT MC, and it's these changes that have made me look elsewhere for gaming recently. I obviously can't comment on staff interactions behind the scenes, so will let that be. I won't say that recent changes are bad, because there are obviously those that find them beneficial & enjoyable. I can understand the need to experiment & try new things, constantly tweaking things to appeal to your player base. Personally, I don't care for them. It's been a pleasure knowing you, and always fun to play TTT with you. Best of luck in your future endeavors!
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    I dont want to offend anyone or any ttt mc admins, But I totally understand where squid is coming from when he mentions the feeling of humor and family is gone. Things definitely changed and near the end of My TTT Mc admin run the staff team was far more divided. I can say as A Rot and MC staff member, Squid cared a lot about the community and even stepped up to help lead rotation when we had no server manager. Thank you for all the handwork and effort you put in squid.
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