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    Hi there! I'm glad to announce GFL will be partnering with GamingReviews, a YouTube channel created by @JorisCeoen, a member of GFL. GamingReviews releases new videos as gameplay every 2 days, which vary greatly in style. Due to his activity on GFL CS: GO Zombie Escape, we have decided to partner with @JorisCeoen to advertise GFL on future releases of videos on CS: GO ZE. In exchange, GFL will provide VIP, a badge on the forums and a listing among our current affiliates on the homepage. I highly recommend you check out his channel here and the first video containing a callout here. View full article
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    Thanks for this shoutout! I will always be happy to keep supporting GFL
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    Dear GFL, I have been compelled to make this letter to express issues, that I have witnessed, towards the monkeys that run what we call a "gaming community." During my time in the forums, I had witnessed many things that had appalled me in various ways, such as the toxicity shown throughout the GFL discord server. A great multitude of agitators and oppressors have taken presence upon the community which has had many damaging effects, these people include the Directors, Council, and Division Leaders. A manifold of these detrimental effects include drama, false punishments, and also calling forum and discord users the big homo gay. These actions have been seen throughout many events that have occurred, one being where Xy called Gary "retarded." Council are also a culprit of this rising epidemic, although I would elaborate on this subject, I feel as it is self-evident if one takes the their precious time to type @council in the GFL discord server without a reason in mind. Lastly, the Division Leaders are too, at fault. They have tried to impose the philosophy of communism by unleashing their power upon the players to try and express themselves as dominant figures. Luckily, I have a solution for this, which involves the demotion of the culprits to trial users, and promoting rapperdan and I to Directors. With our forces combine, we can rid of the plague that has consumed much of GFL's remaining energy. We will transform the server admins into the Nazi Gestapo that will suppress those who rebel and those who we don't find fit to be a part of GFL. With our luminaries and affiliates, we will bring GFL to the top and topple other servers who wish to take our throne. Sincerely, Marshmello @sciguy429 +1 my app
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    GMOD Zombie escape is a game mode based off of the popular game mode of the same name for CSS. It was originally scripted by Samuel Maddock and has not been updated since 2015. No servers currently run the game mode from what I can see on the server browser. I've made some basic modifications to the game mode (just for things like map voting support and workshop content) and tested it with a friend ( @Gary ). The game mode works reasonably well, though there are sometimes issues with the maps (as the game mode uses CSS ZE maps, which might not always work 100% in GMOD, so maps would have to be selected with care, or we could decompile/fix maps). This is my edited version of the game mode: https://github.com/Xytime/zombie-escape This is the original version of the game mode: https://github.com/samuelmaddock/zombie-escape The creator included map configs, which leads me to believe that the gamemode is confirmed to work with the following maps Now, what the fuck does this have to do with zombie survival? You know, since I posted this in the zombie survival subforum. Well, if you see what I said above earlier about the game mode having 0 servers running it, this means running it alone would be pointless. So, what I am proposing we do is that we run both Zombie Survival and Zombie Escape on the same server. Basically, when the map ends on either game mode, the mapvote addon would show up as usual. If the players vote to play a ZE map, the ZE game mode would be loaded (via the gamemode convar being set) and the map would be loaded, if the players pick a ZS map, the Zombie Survival game mode would be loaded (using the same convar) and the map would change. The heaviest part of the ZE game mode are the maps (which can be anywhere from 20 MBs to 200 MBs), but the core of it (basic assets) is relatively small, so I don't really see much of an impact on download time. According to @Gary, this is what is done by Hell's Gamers, the most popular Zombie Survival server. We could possibly get an edge in this area if we could implement this. I'm posting this as a suggestion as to gadge feedback on this from the playerbase (as this is a dramatic change, though given the current state of the server, I'd say we have very little to lose from something like this) and the suggestions. Feedback is welcome (I could be totally off my fucking rocker and this is a horrible idea, I'd never know!) @Gary suggested this to me in a discord call, so I looked into it, and I think that if implemented correctly, it could work. ZS already supports objective maps, all you would need to do is added the ze_ map and possibly make some edits to the config.
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    Well it has been fun. Thanks to all the breach admins prior and current for being cool doodes, Including but not limited to @Xy@Kite9867@Gun_Slinger and a million others but tagging is gay and won't let me tag properly. Why am I leaving? Because... In all actuality, this is a shitpost. But, it isn't.* The next month or so is fucking crazy for me. I am leaving this Friday for California. I will be back next Thursday I think. Ironically, I will be more active next week than this week since I will have my shitty laptop which can only run gmod. The week after that, the first week of July, I am going to my lake house which has no wifi ;-;. Hopefully not for the whole week though. The week after that, I am going to a summer camp where I can't bring electronics. The week after that, I am leaving for Canada. I will be able to get on the servers until we reach Canada. The week after that, we will be coming home from Canada. Finally, I will be done travelling, but my summer will have 2 weeks left. Yippee. The only thing that was my idea was the camp, although California won't be bad because we're going to Disneyland. Anyways, just thought I'd let you all know all this shit. *Technically the title is correct, it is time I left. So its not a shitpost. I'm just not leaving for good.
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    Accepted, I'll be contacting you soon.
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    GFL now has a dystopia server! The game is free and available from steam. You can connect to the server by typing `connect` in the console (without the `). The server's gametracker can be found here: https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ The dystopia server is located in Europe and is managed by @Kite9867 View full article
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    Jums! All of the other brits can go suck a fat one. @Darkling @RickGrimesTM @Shuruia @harry
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    There's a nifty command you can use ingame in order to hear your own voice, this can be used to check just how loud/broken your mic really is. Type in the following in console: voice_loopback 1 Then talk in the mic and you'll hear yourself just as others would hear you on servers. Turn it off by typing: voice_loopback 0 This command works just fine offline as well, no need to join a server to try it out.
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    @-_Fx_- yooooo its coming out clean, i made you a twitter banner too cuz why not. And i added in a text if that was ok. I made 2 designs cuz i don't know which one was better Design #1: yt banner, twitter header, twitch offline, overlay, profile pic (in order) PNG overlay file
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    Hey all. Just a random new comer here with a couple of idea's I've had floating around in my head. Tell me what you think down below. Unvested CI have a different model While I'm sure many love the idea of being able to deceive MTF looking at you from afar by removing their vest, from both a gameplay and realistic standpoint, it's kinda stupid. I'm not saying that people shouldn't be able to disguise as MTF at all. They should just have to find themselves an MTF vest first. For the CI's model in particular, there's a couple of unused CS:S source models that I think would work well, and should be easy enough to implement. I'm talking about This guy right here. It's a nice little change, and it would make things a bit less confusing from afar. SCP-2776 (Mr. President) Article Model Weapon (The Charleville Model 1728) Description: SCP-2776 spawns spawns into the game somewhere in the heavy containment zone, armed with a simple musket, and a hatred of the british. SCP-2776 moves at the same pace as an average person, has 600 hp, and unlimited ammo. He can not pick up any other items, and he is hostile towards all factions, excluding other SCPS. (Somewhat) Fitting in with the story in the article, with every minute that passes, SCP-2776 grows in strength, gaining a small boost to health, move speed, reload speed, and firing speed. [ALTERNATIVES] ... with every spawn of backup MTF (NTF) units, SCP-2776 grows in strength, gaining a significant boost to health, move speed, reload speed, and firing speed. ... with every with musket kill SCP-2776 grows in strength, gaining a small boost to health, move speed, reload speed, and firing speed. ... has 800 hp .... with every minute that passes, SCP-2776 grows in strength, gaining a small boost to health, move speed, reload speed, and firing speed. Note that SCP-2776 can only gain back health lost, and not an overall health boost. SCP-2273 (Major Alexei Belitrov, of the Red Army's 22nd Armored Infantry Division) Article Model (The Super Soldier) Weapon (A pulse rifle from HL2, without the secondary fire.) Alexei has arrived. And he's ready to protect those who helped him back to semi-normalcy. SCP-2273 spawns somewhere within light containment, armed with a pulse rifle with limited ammo (that can't be replenished). He is able to pick up other items, however. SCP-2273 has 950 hp, and is neutral to D-class, friendly to researchers, and hostile towards both SCP's and MTF (Note that SCP-2773 still wins with the foundation, and is able to escort researchers) . He's a bit like a possessive mask (035) to researchers. Maybe MTF just isn't helping you out of this damn hellhole. If that's the case, count on Alexi to get you out! [ALTERNATIVES] ... SCP-2273 has 950 hp, and is neutral to D-class, friendly to researchers and MTF, and hostile towards SCPs (Note that SCP-2773 still wins with the foundation, and is able to escort researchers) ... SCP-2273 has 950 hp, and is neutral to D-class, friendly to researchers and SCPs, and hostile towards MTF (Note that SCP-2773 still wins with the foundation, and is able to escort researchers) ... SCP-2273 has 950 hp, and is neutral to D-class, friendly to researchers, and hostile towards both SCP's and MTF (Note that SCP-2773 wins with the SCPs, and is able to escort researchers) ... SCP-2273 spawns as a part of a backup MTF squad (NTF) ... is friendly to researchers and MTF, and hostile towards both SCP's and D-Class .. SCP-2273 spawns at the start of the game with MTF in the infirmary ... is friendly to researchers and MTF, and hostile towards both SCP's and D-Class SCP-1504 (Joe Scmo) Article Model (Either a D-Class model, Researcher, or MTF model.) Weapon (Will be explained below). Ah ol' Joe Schmo. What is there to even say about this guy? SCP-1504 spawns in heavy containment at the start of a round, with 250 hp (Shown as being 100 to all other players), and is hostile to all, excluding other scps. During the pre-game when a new round is started, SCP-1504 appears as a spectator on the scoreboard, and gets to choose either a MTF, D-Class or Researcher model. When the pre-game ends, and all the scps are released, SCP-1504 spawns as it's model both in the map, and on the scoreboard. SCP-1504 appears to be whatever model it choose to all in the game, excluding scps. Don't let his innocent appearance set you at ease, however. SCP-1504 has a custom made attack that makes no noise, has no animation, and doesn't cause a red-screen effect on the attacked players screen. The only way to notice that SCP-1504 is attacking you, is to keep a close watch on your health bar. The actual attack that SCP-1504 does causes 20 dmg. Other than this special weapon, SCP-1504 can not pick up other items. [ALTERNATIVES] ... The actual attack that SCP-1504 does causes 20 dmg. SCP-1504 is freely able to pick up and use whatever items it may find. ... SCP-1504 spawns in close proximity to whatever model SCP-1504 chose in the pre-game. SCP-2662 (Teenage Cthulhu) Article Model (I have a couple, I'll explain them below) He did say he could escape any time he wanted, after all. SCP-2662 spawns in light containment, with 900 hp, and is freely able to pick up any item it may find. SCP-2662 doesn't come alone, however. At the start of a round, a random number of D-Class and Researchers (dependant on player population) will be given the title of "Cultist". They keep their player models and scoreboard placement, and outwardly appear to be normal. Cultists themselves however are able to distinguish themselves from each other, and are able to communicate with each other and SCP-2662 from anywhere on the map. Both the cultists and SCP-2662 are neutral to all parties, excluding MTF, whom they are hostile to. The cultists main goal is to escort SCP-2662 out of the facility, and escape with him themselves. SCP-2662 is able to escort them too, just like any MTF would escort a researcher. Maybe they can even gain a separate win condition (Like instead of seeing "The SCP objects win!", we could have "The SCP-2662 Cultists Win!"). If SCP-2662 is to die somehow, the cultists are greatly weakened, and gain a health and speed debuff, along with blurry vision. (Extra note about SCP-2662; Any round type that allows the spawning of new scps mid round would exclude SCP-2662 from that pool, due to it's inability to gain cultists mid round.) [ALTERNATIVES] ... SCP-2662 spawns in light containment, with 900 hp, and is not able to pick up anything it finds, and must rely on it's cult to escape from the facility. ... At the start of a round, a random number of D-Class, Researchers and MTF will be given the title of "Cultist". ... Both the cultists and SCP-2662 are hostile to all parties. ... The cultists are hostile to other SCP's and MTF, while SCP-2662 is friendly to other scps. ... The cultists and SCP-2662 are friendly to other SCP's, but are hostile to all other parties. ... If SCP-2662 is to die somehow, the cultists immediately die. ... If SCP-2662 is to die somehow, the cultists are greatly weakened, and gain a health and speed debuff, along with blurry vision. If SCP-2662 successfully escapes, the cultists gain health, speed, and firearm buffs. [ALTERNATIVE MODELS] Godzilla Pros - Looks fearsome. Cons - Doesn't look anything like Cthulhu Doctor Who Guy Pros - Eldritch looking - Suit is a nice touch Cons - Already from a popular T.V show. - No Tentacles - Not really "Teenaged" Margwa Pro's - Definitely the best looking of the bunch Cons - Not actually a playermodel (Would need work) - Not able to hold weapons (Maybe add some form of other attack?) Smoker Pro's - Tentacles (Very Important in the Cthulhu Mythos) - Teenaged Cons - Is from a very popular game. - Not very Eldritch looking SCP-181 (Lucky D-Class) Article Model (Just a simple D-Class model) The luckiest of all the D-class, SCP-181 is surely suited for a catastrophic breach like this. SCP-181 spawns with other D-class in their spawning area, with a simple D-class model himself. He's identified as SCP-181 in the scoreboard, but other than that, he's just a regular old D-class. With one twist. Upon the round starting, SCP-181 spawns with three completely random items already in his inventory. These range from guns, to tools, to cards, to anything one can carry. Maybe even vests, if such is possible. One round you could spawn with an Ak-47, Omni card, and radio, while another you could have eyedrops, an S-nav, and night vision goggles. [ALTERNATIVES] I couldn't think of anything else for this guy. I think it's a really cool idea, and it would give the D-class a little more variety, but I'm at a bit of a loss for how one represents "luck" in this kind of game. The above is all I could think of. Let me know if you have a better idea, though.
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    http://g.gflclan.com/22121a5932d5a7.mp4 Starting the development of the new donation system I'm creating. At the moment, I'm just doing some testing but the "wizard" module doesn't work as it should I'm going to do more testing with the IPS 4 API and try to learn more of it. Afterwards, I can actually start developing the donation system which will come with more features than the current one.
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    A man liking a man that is dressed up as a female is gay.
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    Manager(s): @Kite9867 - STEAM Admin(s): @Agenda - STEAM @DOOMSlayer_ - STEAM @Syntax - STEAM @Toasted_Chromosomes - STEAM @wd40 - STEAM Operator(s): -- Staff list will be updated as more admins/operators are accepted to our team. Staff applications are currently open. You can apply by following the format here.
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    Good Evening everyone in GFL. This will be my final resignation letter for a long time, for I do not think I will be a part of any team on GFL for a while. (Note this is for all positions) In the recent months, I have felt further and further apart from the community of GFL, as well as further and further wanted here. It’s unfortunate to think about, but let’s be fair here, I’ve been a weird person in my 3 years here. I’ve had my ups and I’ve had my downs. GFL has been an emotional roller coaster ride of various friends and enemies. Most of which I would love to kindle a friendship with as long as they would want to do the same. Many of you here have made my past few years better than I could imagine. My first year here I felt accepted and part of a community, and it helped a lot with getting through a really tough time in my life. My family at that time hit a really rough spot financially and we lived in a really ghetto city, and I was stuck in a closet of a room for a year, visiting my grandmother from time to time, which was my outlet and ability to go onto Purge, when that was around. Purge was the first server I was on in GMod, and it really felt like a utopia of a community. Being able to talk to people, do things i wanted to do, and just be myself. Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever, but the ability to be able to remember those moments have been a wondrous time of my life. These recent years, however, I’ve felt more and more disconnected to GFL and it’s community, with all the changes, staff development changes, servers, and so forth. It’s been a weird time recently. Something I once grown up with and loved seems to now, unfortunately, a bunch of teens trying to piece together a once-great place for people to get to know each other and play games together. It just doesn’t feel the same. I’ll be residing to becoming a part-time twitch streamer and that’s mainly what I will be focusing on online until either A) College and Work become too much and that’s all i have time for, or B) Twitch kicks off and I can focus on that full time. With that being said, I just will not have enough time in the day to focus on GFL’s issues and drama as much as I used to. Meeting so many of you was a wondrous journey and I really can’t thank you guys enough for the years of fun I had and the people I’ve met along the way. I’ll pop by from time to time, mainly in the hundreds of discords I am in that have GFL in the name. Since I’m not going to leave empty handed, here’s a list of things I would recommend GFL’s staff to check in on. - Instead of leaving Managers and Division Leaders to their own devices, have everyone contribute to a goal in a division and have the staff go to higher ups for opinions and reassurance. This will allow for less failure in things (like purge) - Read up on my donation suggestions. Those tricks are key to a better business model in finance. - Allow community members to have a say in who gets to be staff and who doesn’t. Just because you don’t want them to be staff, doesn’t mean they won’t be a good staff member. This is a non-profit community. They are supposed to be transparent with it’s members. - Allow community members to read up on roadmaps on what you plan on doing and have it more available to them rather than on a trello that 5 people know about. Not just on big things, but some people would love to see the little things being fixed, too. - Either treat GFL’s staff ladder like an actual business, or leave it to anarchy. Division Leaders should have a final say in Managers’ changes, Council should have a final say in DIvision Leaders’ changes, and so on. Again, leaving people to their own ideals might conflict with another staff’s ideals, and guess what that leads to? I think you can figure it out. - Don't allow little things to slip through the cracks. - If something isn't working right, fix it entirely instead of putting a band-aid on it. That doesn't work and it's proven not to work time and time again. @Roy, if you ever need financial advice, please talk to me. I say it all the time, I know, but I’ve taken various classes on that stuff. Read my about me for more info. Same thing to @Unknown If you'd like to see me more often, or want to check up from time to time, I'll probably be streaming on twitch @ https://www.twitch.tv/charmayy or you can find me on discord. Thank you all for the wonderous ride GFL has given me, and thank you all for the amazing experience that I had. Twig
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    Added @Fafy's pointshop bodygroup selector
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    @EmoBrony38 That is considered ghosting as it is helping the opposite team. Same goes for Ts buying T weapons for innos, and the inno(s) not killing the T for buying them the weapon.
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    Name: Alpha Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:45335117 Age: 20+ (forgive me about not showing the specific age, i just don't want to accept the truth ) Server playtime: definitely longer than 100 hrs, hlstats <- if you need a link, here you are Time you can be on & Timezone: MDT (UTC -6) Not on a schedule, but most on spare time, has more flexible up time during the weekends & holidays. Can be freely on weekdays if I'm not running into a busy job. Why do you want to become an admin?: There're lot of reasons, but one major factor drives me decided to apply for admin is, we do need more people to handle the cancer hours on the ZE server in an average workload. To be honest, I never want to apply for admin (and I did said I won't apply for admin before) because I think the reason for me continuing playing on this server is fun. Of course I'm not saying that being an admin will have less fun on the server, but sometimes it did change the reason I have to be online. But time flies when you're having fun, although some admins have been in services for a long time, now they have to back to their life for various reasons. Thank them for so many years of work, you guys did a great job. And we always have to face the reality: with less admins, the rest of admins must to share the extra workloads. It's not the first time I've seen an admin have to deal with the server by its own for hours just because the rest of admins are not online. It's easy to foreseen what will happen if we have less admins in the future. Then, its the time for me to take the responsibility, for the game we loved. And there're other reasons like loan is back, snowy finally gave up to resist adding weeb skins to the server. etc.
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    Who ever can guess which one is me gets a doughnut. BTW ppl forgot what I looked like this is why I'm posting here.
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    Name: hoteverclear Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:14699564 Age: 33 Server playtime: ALL TIME STATS Score: 91924 Minutes Played: 6433 (oddly enough, how have my all time minuets played gone down since 8 months ago when I applied before? does it change if you modify your name in any way??? just curious) Score per Minute: 14.3 Rank on Server: #1019 out of 104839 Time you can be on & Timezone: M-F and Sat + Sunday (9:00 pm - Midnight Central Standard Time) Why do you want to become an admin?: I have heard there is a need for more NA admins during NA Cancer hours. I have experienced this need as well. If there are no other options I would be happy to help control the chaos a bit during the times I am available. I like the server, and community, and I dont like seeing teams trying hard to win a map or have a good time for it to get ruined by unnecessary cancer/autism/mic spamming (that is my bigest pet peve). If I can help control that, I will. If not, I hope someone else will because that is all i really care about. I have tried to get to know the admin team a bit more, and am very active in discord (probably too much at times like when I am bored on the train to/from work). I have been working to not be as autistic in the server on mic, and instead be helpful and ensure the rules are followed.... but sometimes I will admit I do ask people to trigger the fountain on Evil Mansion, or trigger the Gas Pump, or get the item from Sailor Moon. I did have admin rights on several CS 1.6 and DOD servers back in the day and am somewhat familiar with console commands. Reason for accepting: I have been a FPS gamer since HS playing Day of Defeat and other Valve based FPS games, and still enjoy it. My E-Credentials include playing in the CAL-M Finals for DoD back in the day with team Careface, and rocking several BF3 / BF4 clans over the years as well. I know what bad server admins are like, and what good server admins are like, and i would see to maintain a balance between tryhards, new gamers to ZE and also just that perfect splash of autism that makes GFL ZE so unique. I also dont rage quit, and i know the game mode and many of the maps well enough to help players enjoy them without getting frustrated. I lead the mako win last week, so basically I am the best leader ever! ; ). if you feel you need to hurt my feelings with your elaborate -1 replies, go for it... dont worry, my feelings can take it!
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    Fixed A few client crashes by removing a few unneeded addons The Radio channels, there's now global, team #1 (sims/events), team #2 (sims/events) and fleet security (fleet security only) I will be adding more later on. Added More weapons to the server CGI Clone Npcs
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    I know Milkman runs the server now, but Violator always said that assisting the other team in winning is ghosting, since it has the same effect as using out of game communications to learn who the Ts are.
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    now we need clans for gmod ze haHAA
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    Hello? Where's space flight?
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    Winning Your First Game.... by Kellonie https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=130471924 Dystopia Pro Guide Twenty Eighteen by Vizzys https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=306559857 Dystopia maps info with walkthroughs - wiki http://www.dystopia-game.com/wiki/index.php?title=Official_Maps Dystopia implants in depth guide - wiki http://www.dystopia-game.com/wiki/index.php?title=Implants Dystopia Statistics - see your personal stats and ranking http://www.dystopia-stats.com/index.php
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    New update changing the look of CSGO. Thoughts? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R0B-v5y_pgE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sy6rJi3EJJs
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    I'm sorry to put a little bit of well-known knowledge out there. Crossing the border illegally = illegal illegal = breaking the law if 2 mexicans have a child in america, the child is american, therefore can't be deported because he/she is an american citizen Of course because it's a Trump idea, it must be a bad one. I guess so are the jail systems that incarcerate people who break the law, have you ever thought of how many parents of children there are in our jails? Should we just release people because they have kids, even though they broke the law? Don't take this comment as me being against immigration, I'm against illegal immigration. I am all for illegal immigration in some cases, for example if the escapees are evacuating a war-torn country, then I don't see anything wrong with that, but I wouldn't expect Mexicans to cross the border because they want a better life and think that crossing the border ILLEGALLY is the way to do it.
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    So what your saying is... next month is gonna be any different than the last year?
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    Accepted, welcome to the team!
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    - Renamed Assault to Team Deathmatch - Implemented @Marshal's concept for an assault round - Added the nuke - Added a whole bunch of NTF units (Some of which have been logged) - Other things.
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    Hello! My steam name is Luna. I played on this server a lot about a year ago, and was an active member, but because of my bad PC, I had to stop. Now that I have a new one, I'm hoping to be on the server much more often and seeing all you guys! I love to play TTT, and used to admin a server that was frequently full that sadly no longer exists. I hope to play a lot of fun games with you guys!
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    here"s #2: YT banner: twitter banner: profile picture: twitch offline:
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    With recent changes, level five clearance is "technically easier to obtain" Ex: Level 4 in 914 now goes 4 -> 50% -> 5 instead of 4 ->33%->5 If you obtain a level 5 in the hole, you cannot put it back into the hole, it won't let you.
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    So, there are three classes: light, medium, and heavy. Light is, obviously, the fastest, and heavy is the slowest. Each class has access to each of their own, unique weapons. There is also a unique feature which involves the respawn time, but I'll get to that later*. There are also implants, which I'll also get to later**. The weapons go like this: Light: -Shotgun: Primary fire(LMB): Fires single shell, 50 damage total. Secondary fire(RMB): Fires two shells, 100 damage total (wider spread as well). -Laser Rifle: Primary fire: Press 'n hold, max damage at 3 seconds of hold, but then goes back to 0 charge, 175 max damage. Secondary fire: Zoom in/out. -Boltgun: Primary fire: Fires an arcing bolt that bounces off walls, 85 damage. Secondary fire: Discharges an active bolt, 45 splash damage. -SmartLock Pistols: Primary fire: Alternate shots, fast firerate, 8 damage a round. Secondary fire: Fires a tracer bullet(one tracer per pistol), which acts as aim assist and a tracker. Medium: -Assault Rifle: Primary fire: Automatic fire, firerate and spread increases as its used(consecutively), 15 damage per round. Secondary fire: Fires 5 rounds at once like a shotgun. -Grenade Launcher: Primary fire: Fires a grenade, explodes after 3 seconds, 85 explosive damage(double for armor). Secondary fire: Explodes the grenade(if it's in the air, it explodes on bounce). -MK808 Rifle: Primary fire: It's a sniper. Nothing else needs to be said. (50 damage). Secondary fire:Zoom in/out. -Tesla Rifle: Primary fire: Fires two electrical beams(constantly, and each shot uses up 1 unit of power), 14 damage each shot. Secondary fire: Charges a ball of electricity which deals splash damage as it travels through the air(you can also maneuver the ball by looking around), 100 max damage. Heavy: -Rocket Launcher: Primary fire: Fires a laser guided rocket, click again to explode rocket(mid-air), and right click to get rid of laser, 115 explosive damage. Secondary fire: Fires a user-guided rocket, where you must use your controls to move it, hold down RMB to make it go faster(not guided). -Minigun: Primary fire: Is a minigun, what else do you want(36 damage per round). Secondary fire: Spins the barrel. Yup, just spins the barrel(for real though, it just lets you immediately fire when you hold LMB). -Ion Cannon: Primary fire: Fires an ion beam, and does less damage the longer the shot you take, 120 max damage. Secondary fire: Zoom in/out. -Basilisk: Primary fire: Automatic 3-burst fire, 50 damage a shot(50 dmg/3 rounds). Secondary fire: Fires a grenade-like round, 75 splash damage(not explosive). *While your waiting to respawn, the respawn timer(bottom right) might go up. This is because when someone dies while your respawning, the timer goes up. If a light player dies, it goes up a little, and if a heavy player dies, it goes up a lot. **Implants are abilities that enhance you during the round. There are a lot, so I won't post them all here, but just find a combination of implants to your liking. Each class decreases in access of these implants, light has all of them and heavy has the least (medium only has 1 that you can't use). This guide was fun to make, and I wish you luck on your adventure into Dystopia!
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    In all honesty, I'd say @ Shuruia
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    So uh this was written by @SmoresWaffle but the "Start Topic" button physically didn't exist for him so I guess I'll do it for him lol so here's what he said okay. I suggest getting this fixed and having the separate model bodygroups work for themselves, but I don't think it will get fixed for a while so I'm putting a guide in the suggestion. So have you been messing with the new models that have bodygroups but won't change when you change them, or have gone to Casual Grill, changed her hair, went back to the new models, and they were different? I was testing and found out that the bodygroups are dependent of the Casual Grill's bodygroups. Here's how they affect Megumin: Casual Grill Bodygroup 0 - Megumin has cape and has hat Casual Grill Bodygroup 1 - Megumin has cape and no hat Casual Grill Bodygroup 2 - Megumin has no cape but has hat Casual Grill Bodygroup 3 (you'll need to slide closer to 4 than it says you need to, or it will be 2) - Megumin has no cape or hat Casual Grill Bodygroup 4 - Megumin has cape and has hat As for the police model, different things happen, like having no hair with a hat, being bald, and having an anti alpha head (you see the eyes and other things through it).
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    Hey @Smores suggested an interesting idea today that I loved; Adding a Majora's Mask in the Pointshop! Here's the model (didn't test it yet might not be adequate but there are tons of models available) : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=288581946&searchtext=majora's+mask EDIT: Added potentially better mask texture with easier application (requires TF2): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=237001627&searchtext=majora's+mask
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    As someone who enjoys his trap status every now and then, it's really interesting to see all of the misconceptions surrounding the term. A trap is a boy with feminine features, which enables him to pass as a girl should the situation call for it. Bonus points if they like to wear girly outfits. One might say it is simultaneously gay and not gay to like traps. A boy who likes traps could be considered gay for liking someone that is a boy, whilst a girl who likes traps (e.g. @Misaki) could be considered gay for liking someone that has feminine features. Either it's a state of gayness that wouldn't quite rate 6 (likely 3) on the Kinsey scale, or it's a paradox of gayness.
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    Hi! I've finished my test, and here is the Google Docs. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Z71PUXrFhPrONJqQMKU4G4CjQhmnJXhNikFXN3j7Zec/edit Please get back to me if there's anything wrong or if you find any errors, in which case I'd love to hear every error that you find in my test, regardless of a pass or fail. Thanks for the opportunity!
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    Hello, if you're reading this post you may be curious on how to move up in the ranks, and Its not as difficult as you may think. Here is a step by step guide on how to get promoted. Step #1. You need to be female- The easiest way for you to achieve a rank is to be a female, if there are any admins claiming they are male they are lying to you. I would suggest simply changing your gender if you are a male. Pretty simple, right? Step #2. Master the art of sucking This is one of the more difficult steps, but I will guide you through it. First of all you will need to join a server with @Roy on it, you will usually find him on the tf2 server. Next, you will need to get to know him, talk to him for a bit, really connect. Lastly, when's hes not expecting it, go in and suck those toes. This will most likely get you manager or higher instantly, ask @Worgee for confirmation. Step #3. The final reach After you have gotten admin, or even manager you may feel very accomplished, but you can get one step further. In this last step you will need to get a job, in order for this step to work you need a source of income. Slowly donate small sums of money to GFL, this will gain the respect of the directors as quick as @PaulaDeen in bed. This should get you promoted within a week. Congratulations, you have learned how to move up in ranks!
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    GFL now has a dystopia server! The game is free and available from steam. You can connect to the server by typing `connect` in the console (without the `). The server's gametracker can be found here: https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ The dystopia server is located in Europe and is managed by @Kite9867
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    Steam ID: [STEAM_0:1:288374674] CSGO/ESEA/Faceit Rank: MGE (Previously SMFC/GE whether is matters or not)/ A- / Lvl 7 https://play.esea.net/users/1059498 https://www.faceit.com/en/players/VindicatedFa Charity you want GFL to support: Whatever the majority votes on tbh Preferred position: AWP/ Secondary AWP/Lurk/Support/Rifler I don't MM much or play csgo besides the 1v1 server anymore but if needed I can be there for the tourny
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    That 28 month slay though The hell. I feel so old.
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    Alright I decided to do this because I'm hella cancer on breach and Xy does not like that so okay yeah. Basically I am making a post that will be a list of terms and conditions for the continuation of my time as admin on Breach that concerns the amount of cancer I expose to the players and staff of Breach, and most importantly, Xy. Here is my new terms and conditions I will use @@@ sparingly, and will only use it for cancer memes for about 1-2 times per hour, but I may not even use it this frequently. I will not use @@ for cancer memes because i can just use @@@ for that instead I will use the intercom to meme whenever cause that's free real estate, but ear rape will not be present. I will reserve the right to scream after turning a corner and seeing an enemy because it is a genuine reaction and I actually do get scared from that. I will actually do shit as an admin but I'm not going to go out of my way to find rule breakers, if i'm told of a rule breaker then yeah ill do something but I ain't going cheater hunting. I will stop being extremely racist for no reason, but you gotta admit that sometimes it is funny tbh. I am still not going to respect players because anyone can be meme'd upon so I will do that. I will over all drop my cancer levels from about a 6/10 to a 4/10 so its a little better. @Xy if you agree then please comment "yes" if you accept these new policies. alright time to kms
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    Swords and Soldiers HD FREE for a limited time on Steam (FREE for 24 hrs) https://store.steampowered.com/app/63500/Swords_and_Soldiers_HD/ Note: Requires a steam account to claim giveaway. You can add it to your steam client by visiting the steam page and clicking install, but you don't have to install it right away.
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    Spode musta been high when he wrote this don’t worry b