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    Hey everyone! I'm sorry to say but i need to leave my position on Hide and Seek. I could give a thousand and a half reasons why i need to, but i'll give the important things. My life has been a really cluttered mess for a long while, with school, trying to get a job, and just life things, i can't find myself wanting to give time to the server, and it stresses me that i can't do anything else for it. Don't get me wrong, i loved working on the server and i loved working with GFL, i just can't give anymore time that doesn't get in the way of my own life. I spend too much time worrying about messing things up and getting myself demoted anyway that it just adds to the stress of my everyday life. I need to leave and focus on my own life rather than a Garry's Mod server. it'll honestly be a relief to me to step away from managing Hide and Seek and focus on better things (not that it wasn't important, i still enjoyed helping GFL, i just need to help myself first.) It was so much fun working with everyone, and i love the people i've met and left, especially my admin team / former team. There'd be too many people to tag in this that i don't think i could tag them all. It was a blast being a part of this community, but it's just my time to go, i guess. I'll still be around on the shoutbox, and around the forums, just not in game or in teamspeak as much. It was fun, and i love every one of you, even those i had troubles with. Ah fuck it i'll tag everyone. Starting with my former admin team. @Impaled @bnewton @AtomicHeadphones @AciFire @Nap14hockey @Zexired @Mundo @mbs @Mistyful @Mango605YT It was wonderful working with you guys. You guys gave me reason to keep working on the server, It was an honor being your manager. I'd happily do it again. @Finnick - Nice meme, son. @Zebra and @Violator- Thank you for this opportunity. @JoelSmith - I'm still pissed you left too. @Bae - for making me all sorts of art things @John_Ariana_Man - Eh i still talk to you faggot. @Shiny - Love you. @Korowa - :3 @Dana - We should talk more, you're awesome :3 @Hannah - The person who put me into Hide and Seek in the first place. Never forget you. @Dano - For helping me so much and especially through my worst. @Shuruia - For putting up with me laughing at the way you say banana. @Darkling - For being a really good person to me. @ButterKing5000 - Keep rocking on purge my man. @Carrick - i'll still talk to you, and i'll eventually hear your voice. @GLiTCh - One of my best friends in GFL. We need to talk more my man. @SuperFineMan - My nigga. @TimmyWu - Again, my nigga. @Xy_ - You did wonderfully on the time you were on hide and seek. I wish you luck on your other admin positions. @Telemetry - there you go :3 I'm gonna forget people, and they're gonna be triggered, but just shush, i'm a very forgetful person and i'm writing this at 8am, okay? Thank you for this wonderful opportunity, - Twig
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    A guy saying that the UK is fucked just because of one attack even though he clearly hasn't read into the topic and rushed to make this thread because he wanted to be first. lol.
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    Hey Guys, I don't post or share things as you know just by visiting my profile, but if you play on GFL ZE 24/7 ( you know I am a pretty familiar and pretty active with players on the server. I like to play try hard maps when try hard hour comes and I like to play chill maps. I have played on servers like Mapadores and Steam Gamers. GFL's zombie escape has always had a special place and is pretty much the only ZE server I will support. I am writing this post to ask for Jurassic Park to be brought back to GFL's ZE regular nomination list. It was very popular and suddenly around June 2016 the map was removed. The spawn type currently referred to as "classic spawn". Similar spawn types exist for this map as seen in Icecap Escape which is another chill map I enjoy. There are many regular players on the server which would like to see Jurassic Park Escape brought back to the regular nomination cycle. There are many reasons told to me as to why the map was removed. Some of the top ones include: 1. Blaming players is not a valid reason as GFL has a very robust workflow within their admin system. Problematic players can be muted, gagged, kicked, and banned depending on the severity. These types of players exist on your novice maps and try hard maps. Chill players like my myself do not condone their behavior. 2. There are many chill players on the server which love maps like Jurassic, LOTR Trlogy, Random, etc. It is played when we want or need to have a break from hardcore hour. These players are what makes up most of the GFL ZE's server population. They would also like to see this added back. They do not like to mess around when hardcore hour comes around which is great. I personally do not like to mess around on try hard maps as my first experience was Luffaren's Santa and Predator map back in March 2016 which ,an understatement, mind blowing. The experience should not be destroyed by some mic spamming troll or player seeking to ruin the fun. Late last year, I set a goal to try to beat the epic-ally impossible map. That has been achieved! 3. The map was played as soon as it was able to be nominated which is the same for all the other chill maps. This reason is the least valid as it has been dealt with on other maps by increasing the map rotation period which has been done. I believe the current rotation period is 25. I have spoken to many of the players on the server which range from members, current admins, and supporters. They wish to see this map brought back as well. Best Regards, Gender Bender
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    Tired of running 20mins all the way to the boss and die instantly? Check boss attack and try to remember it :D
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    Hey, for all of you who care (not many, i presume) My activity across the board might be a little shaky.. I kind of broke down over some personal shit (funerals, etc.) and I need to get some shit into shape. I might be on, might not be, who knows. Thanks for everything guys.
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    Hello, I have recently sold all of my skins worth value. (CSGO SKINS ONLY) While I have some skins left that I did not sell, and you come to like one of those skins.. You can have it! I will be posting my trade link below, you may send a trade request for 1 item only. (1 item limit per person) It can be any item besides the USP Orion and the Pin (Future Giveaways). First come first serve, if you offer first then you will get the skin. Granted they are not the best skins, but they are skins. Goodluck to all! -iPro Trade Offer
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    Jesus christ one guy kills 4 people and everyone loses their minds, England is automatically a war zone... BUT US has shootings on the daily, Chicago has the highest homicide rate of any city ever, but nah we good brah no problem here. the issue I see is y'all seem to characterize any attack by a "foreigner" (despite the fact that the attacker was born in England) as a step towards a spiraling society as the country falls apart. Domestic issues though, no no problem at all. It's all based on the attacker. God forbid we have another terrorist attack in the United States. tl;dr: shootings happen in the US daily, multiple homicides are common. Mass shootings are less than common but still happen, yet U.S. is a functioning society. London has a single (1) terrorist attack resulting in 4 (four) deaths, and they become a war zone. I question your thinking.
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    Exaggeration to the maximum.
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    This 25 poll thing is desperate, and it's exactly the same issue as the whole massive overhaul thing. Tackle things one by one so it can be handled effectively.
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    We have already made clear that we're not replacing TS3. Some servers have Discord, though, including GMod Division.
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    Alright, so. Get your calculators ready, I did some math and adjusted the numbers of the costs of upgrades on the server. So. Before, in the real old, OG setup for RPG, when I first took over as manager, I believe our system maxed out at... Around 1600-1800 levels. Now, I ran the numbers on the RPG upgrades, tweaked them a little, and came to the total... With these modifications I made, max level is 1724. Remember, you start with 100 credits, and get 5 each level. What follows will the price totals of each RPG upgrade - This is the TOTAL it takes to max each upgrade, and how many levels worth of credits it takes to match them out. So, even after me tweaking the prices, I think there's a bit of work to be done here. Lower some things, raise other things. All I did was slightly increase the price intervals, and starting prices, of each upgrade. Very. Slightly. And that's what brought us to the total max level of 1724- Which is much closer to our original setup! I didn't want to go too overboard before I consulted the community about things, though. If people are happy with these numbers, and this level total, I'd like to propose a new, and more controllable system for how we level our skills and how we choose what RPG upgrades and skills we level, and at what rates. But as for right now, let's focus on these totals, and figure out if we want them to be more, or less. The way it is right now, seems to be pretty solid. Your important upgrades have a healthy price tag, (such as health, health regen, armor regen, etc.) and your 'utilitarian' upgrades have a higher price tag, (Frost pistol, medic, ice stab, etc.) There's a few outliers here, but before I went hog-wild on things myself, I wanted to address the players first. So, guys, let's talk turkey! I want to make this server the most enjoyable experience for everybody, let's take it one step at a time and work through the numbers together, as a team- as a community.
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    Being a vegetable has a whole other meaning now... http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/03/25/scientists-turn-spinach-leaf-working-heart-tissue/ Science is great
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    I will be using this thread to submit writings that I write on daily basis. So that everyone can see them. (I will update the OP and reply with the new writings each day as well) I never knew my life could be so painful without her, I don't feel whole without her by my side. We sought off to adventure the world together, but that will never happen. She got taken from me. I throw myself onto my pillow and start screaming. Then I start to cry, punch, kick, anything to get rid of this feeling, this feeling of dread, guilt, loneliness. Nothing works, I can't handle this anymore. I curl up into a ball under the covers. Hoping that maybe this is a dream, and that she will be here by my side, smiling, with all of her energy radiating off to me. She will make me content, even happy. I smile at the thought as I drift off to sleep. I hope that maybe, maybe, that can become a reality. I tried to grasp onto memories, to remember them, of us being together. Painful memories, that I can't hold onto. I wish, that I could forget, forget us ever being a thing. Surrounding me is memories, memories that will never truly become a reality. Will this be my life now? Walking blindly through the streets trying to find her? Or will it be of me trying to find another her? I may never know, but one thing is certain. I will always continue forward, always seeking a better future for myself. And by a random chance, I may become content with myself, with the world, once again.
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    I never knew life could be so painful without her, I don't feel whole without her by my side. We sought off to adventure the world together, but that will never happen. She got taken from me. I throw myself onto my pillow and start screaming. Then I start to cry, punch, kick, anything to get rid of this feeling, this feeling of dread, guilt, loneliness. Nothing works, I can't handle this anymore. I curl up into a ball under the covers. Hoping that maybe this is a dream, and that she will be here by my side, smiling, with all of her energy radiating off to me. She will make me content, even happy. I smile at the thought as I drift off to sleep. I hope that maybe, maybe, that can become a reality. In honor of a person dear to me, that I never want to lose.
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    As @MrManslayerX said earlier that day i was also on, you were talking shit to everyone including an admin of the server (me). If your being toxic to an admin of the server I do not know what your gonna do to the players when no admins are on. Also being active for 5 days is not consistent enough for acceptance of admin. Your admin app was absolute trash, why should i be accepted none those reasons are good enough for being accepted. Admins are pretty active on the server and you stating that admin inactivity is incorrect specially if your basing it on a 5 day span of time. Admin inactivity is an issue but the server does not have admin inactively at the moment. Maybe from your past experiences on the server there has been drought of admin activity. I am going to be -1 this app if i see a change in behavior I am very willing to change my response Good Luck on the rest of your admin app
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    Alright guys, it's about time I give another public state of affairs address for CS:S Division. This is going to be a lengthy one, so grab your eye-drops and reading glasses. ----- Overview I'll start things out by saying, well, it's not looking good overall. I'm sure at least some of you have read Roy's announcement regarding the state of affairs for each Division; the player metrics for CS:S are plummeting rapidly. Not even GFL itself, but CS:S as a whole. A few months ago CS:S was over 30k players a day... Now we're lucky to hit 10k. I'm hoping that through myself, Thomas, Dub, and the rest of our server team's efforts, we can dig GFL into CS:S and establish a niche community for ourselves that can live on as long as CS:S does. But, that's if we can re-plant our roots fast enough to allow ourselves to re-grow enough to weather the storm. ----- SURF RPG DM For the CS:S Surf RPG server, which I'm sure most of you are concerned with, of course you know that right now we're between a rock and a hard place. We just reverted the server back from the major overhaul we did, and now we need to rebuild from the roots. I'll be making a new thread in our respective sub-forum that we may use to accrue feedback henceforth. This can be a good thing though, because now we have a good idea of what's possible with the server, and what we can re-implement as the community so wills. I'm aware of the standing issues with the server at this point in time, and I wish to address these first before we build out again. One of the main mistakes I made before was that we piled new content in, but not all of it was working as intended, and it created a disconnect between the intended experience and the actual result. So, like any good scientist, I wish to methodically re-introduce the variables and pave them out as they're done, so we can have a more steady, smooth experience for everybody. Shortly after this announcement post, I will be working on a mega-poll thread in which we can vote for which RPG stats/skills we would like to see, as well as what iteration we would like to see them in. We also have a few people bursting at the brim with the desire to become admins, which I have promised them they would, it's just very difficult to find the time to train everybody when I have to be the one to personally train them, on top of the rest of the server work, and other life circumstances I have to deal with. That said, I encourage everybody to have patience- Though I'm aware a lot of patience has already been burned thin- because as it stands, we're effectively just a three man team working on the server, them being Dub, Thomas, and myself. And as it stands, Thomas and myself aren't entirely effective at navigating the back-end insofar as plugins and code. So, that responsibility mainly falls on Dub's head, which is, understandably, a difficult task to handle all of this load as one person. It also needs to be a coordinated effort between us, which again increases the latency on responses to the issues at hand. ----- New Server! That about covers it for the Surf server, now let me discuss the other server project I'm working on - W3S mod! Warcraft mod is a game mode where you pick a class with different traits and skills, which you level up and unlock along the way, and in turn unlock new classes to play with! The playstyle will be more towards vanilla- Two teams; bomb/kill eachother to win the round; no respawns (By default, features can include respawning); standard maps, (A few outliers;) et cetera. When we get closer to our invite-alpha, we'll make an announcement post further detailing the confines of the server, but as for now, do know that it's actively being worked on, and progress is coming along nicely. Back in another game clan I was in years ago, I was helping run THE biggest and most successful Warcraft Mod server in CS:S history, so I know exactly what we need to do it, do it right, and perfect it. ----- CS:S Bhop This'll be a short section... As far as I know, there's no glaring issues standing here, but I'm open to any sort of suggestions/feedback about it. Direct your comments to myself and/or it's manager, @Reeve. ----- Summary All said and done, sure, the player traffic to CS:S has massively declined, but I haven't lost faith yet. I have big plans for this new W3S server, and I'm going to do my damnedest to make the CS:S Surf server what we want it to be. I've been keeping a close eye on all your feedback, (though, not so much as of the past week, due to life circumstances, sorry!) and I'm doing my best to consult with my team in making things happen; just do bare in mind that it's not going to be the most rapid process, thanks to us being very taxed for the small team that we are. All I can really do is ask for continued patience and to keep whatever faith you have left in us. And of course, I thank you all for coming along for the ride! Veteran players, my operators and admins, newer players, whoever it is that plays here. It's been a great ride so far and it's been a very enriching experience for me, and I hope to make our dreams come to fruition insofar as making GFL a staple in the CS:S community for many moons to come!
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    It has been confirmed in the past that serious map changes kill servers. I don't plan on switching from our custom map to a city map. (Especially every few hours...)
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    snow sucks I'm too lazy to shade rn probs will do it later
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    Just watched my mother get married a couple hours ago. Walking her down the aisle was crazy. I now have a stepdad, and stepsiblings. But now everyone's wasted partying in the main room. So whatever, yea? Lol
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    I have a job interview tomorrow morning hell yeah
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    I've personally got these knives on GMOD Jailbreak and they can be quite taxing on your frames per second depending on your gmod settings (might not apply to everyone ) They are really cool but do they suit GMOD Purge? definitely not.
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    Ugh whatever unbanned, stop getting banned.
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    -1 for either position. I spent a bit of time playing with this fella today, and he was pretty obnoxious. I recorded a demo of a bit of gameplay after I was there for a bit, if anybody's interested you can PM me for it. I told him, if you wanna be admin, you need to behave all the time, not just when you feel like it. He said that he's more outgoing and fools around when there's friends on, but yea. Don't get me wrong, he doesn't seem like a bad guy. He was just exceedingly obnoxious when I was playing with him in the server.
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    GO GET FREE SKINS ON MY TRADE OFFER SPAM IT!! Rules: Only one skin on trade offer please so that people can get their chance of getting one Be nice (EDITED) You must be an GFL member in order to get your skins. I suck at CS:GO so go ahead and take my non-sense stuff while I go play Garry's Mod 24/7.
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    I can tell you now that this isn't going to happen in the foreseeable future.
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    Removed @Worgee we had a talk and he decided to not want to be admin any longer.
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    Hyojin / Squizxy fanart yeet yaaaaaw
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    The old Jurassic have always been placed in the Zero Nominations mapcycle. The "classic spawn" can be set per map using one of the ZR commands. As for which version of Jurassic you guys wanted, i had no idea, so i just added the old version ( ze_jurassicpark_c1v4_p2 ) into the Zero Noms Mapcycle. Although i cant remember the exact reason why it was removed, maybe you want to start a poll to see if the ZE players want jurassic (old or evolved) back on the normal mapcycle.
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    3/25/2017 -Finally promoted @Sephnessed to Server Admin
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    Bring ttt rotation back
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    I don't think it's a good idea. When we play the non ze_ maps it's usually just everyone going to a hold point and defending for however long the round time is set to, that's ZM and not ZE. The reason a lot of people find it fun is probably only because we don't do it often and it's different. If it became a regular thing both those reasons for it being fun would be negated because it would be a regular thing. Keeping it to playing one every now and then for fun as set by an admin is a much better system in my opinion.
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    Alright, henceforth, let's post feedback for the server here. Thanks.
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    This is a somewhat 'Moderation Note': Due to this thread containing so many large images, from here on out all post that quote an image must be inside a spoiler. This is to clean up the thread and reduce quoting large images. The OP can request any post to be hidden or modified if they feel needed. Spoilers can be created by typing [ spoiler] before your message and [ /spoiler] after. You have to removed the first space after the bracket to make it work. Thank you for understanding, if you have any questions feel free to PM me. ~Skittlez
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    As former admin/manager, I would like to throw my 2 cents here. Staff may hide if you wish so. Complaining about admin inactivity is quite hypocritical when you haven't played much yourself. You have constant drops in activity where you competely disappear for some time when something happens, be back for a few days, re-apply. And like said above, you must keep posture at all times and be an example in the server, not only when your friends aren't online. It's good to have fun around with the players and create a fun enviroment, but not going too far with it to the point some players gain a bad view of you.
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    Also you can go to the people who been member accepter for awhile and ask them whats what. But I will be willing to put it in a doc for you guys.
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    Making the cover, did some adjustments
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    Unbroken. --A small poem I wrote *As those we love fade away *We here make sure to remain *Although we are heartless, others may conclude *They realize not their malicious attitude. *Many think we are cold *They don't know that we hold *Those we love near and dear *Close to our hearts away from here. *You can't hurt us, you can perceive *Instead of hurting we believe * You don't know us, just misconceived. *Our hate, we reprieve *We replace it with charity. *Although strong, keep in mind *We have been broken at one time I may add more lines later,
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    ...and quickly. Too much time is passing. Think about it this way, CSS as a business that is closed while road work is being done in front of the business. Too much time passes while waiting for the roads to reopen and by then its too late and the business had to close permanently. While we wait to have things done, players are finding other servers to play on, myself included. I like to play CSS, just not by myself.
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    You just wan't more time to watch furry porn cya later you stick <3
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    Im not an admin but one thing you should know... NEVER RDM AN RDMER IT WILL LOWER UR KARMA JUST WAIT TILL THE RDMER GETS KARMA BANNED.
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    You should be grateful that you can stand outside your car in shorts... I'd freeze to death lol. Anyways, sounds like you had a fun day! Lol
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    Division Leaders: @Violator Steam @Zebra Steam Server Manager: @ButterKing5000 Steam Head-Admin: @Unknown Steam Admin+: @flyingjoe32 Steam Admins: @IchTuDirWeh Steam @DaLaw Steam @Mr.Elite Steam @Xy_ Steam @stevepwnsyou9 Steam Trial-Admins: @Zodaxa Steam @DoctorDJ Steam @Dreamm Steam