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    Well, I'll start off pretty bluntly: Breach isn't doing as good as it used to. The population always seems to be staggering, with activity only at certain points in the day. Breach playercount in the past 30 days. The player count appears to fluctuate often these days. I've seen people in discord comment about "why is the server dead right now", and there is a general feeling that it isn't active or is slowly dying. Rather than sit idly by and hope it becomes extremely active again, I'd like to poll players on what they want to see in the server. It's no secret that I'm not that active on the server, and so I might be out of touch with the playerbase (how do you do, fellow kids?). The main question here is thus, "What would make the server more interesting/enjoyable or would draw in new players?". I'd like to explain a few of the options in depth: New Maps: These maps would be voted on by the players, to make sure they're maps they liked. Conversely, we could remove some less liked maps. New Playable SCPs/Classes: These would also be voted on by the players. Balance changes: These can be heavily debated. A lot of players can think something is OP and a lot can think it is underpowered, so it is difficult to reach a happy medium. New Special rounds/Changes to special rounds: Once again, this depends on what people want. Some enjoy some special rounds, some hate them. Event rounds: This is something I'm interested in. Essentially, it would be like Xy's old idea of turning SCP-1730 into a round, or my idea of the Termination of SCP-096, or maybe even Roleplay rounds. They would require a lot of work, but might be a nice interruption to the normal gameplay. New items/Interact-able entities: This means new SCP objects, whether they are collectibles or actual items, but it also means things like 1126 or 038; large objects that could do everything from teleport you to heal you to kill you. Making the gamemode harder: Honestly, this seems like a good idea to me. It's quite easy for a D class to get a level 2, upgrade it to level 3, and run to EZ, or upgrade to level 4/5 and get guns. Or, even easier, there are guns that don't need a keycard. The game might be more interesting if it posed a harder challenge; if SCPs had more health and could kill you in more interesting ways than the Left Click of Instant Death. Pointshop additions: I added this just in case some people are interested in more things in pointshop. It might mean more downloads for the server, though. I also added a few questions about the time you individually spend on the server and why you think the server has less activity. Feel free to comment below if you want to give more ideas for the server or give a longer explanation for your answers. Thanks!
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    Thank you for the recommendation but I doubt we'll put the community in a standstill. However you do raise a very important point, and that is that we should all try to contribute to the cause. Since not all of us are able to go out and march in the streets, I'll be leaving a link here with donation pages and other information. Supporting the cause is very noble but we shouldn't shame others just because they don't reach the level of "activism" that we do. https://blacklivesmatter.carrd.co/ ALSO: A reminder not to donate to every site you see. Verify for yourselves that the site is legitimate and that the money goes where it is promised: in the hands of the victims rather than the hands of some corporation. Sites such as Change may not donate the money they receive directly to those affected. Once again, common sense prevails.
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    Name: ✟ Death Note ✟ Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:134028486 Discord Handle: ✟ Death Note ✟#5181 Age: 27 Server Playtime: 874 hours Your timezone: (GMT-7) What time of the day are you usually on ZE? Almost always Do you have any unique skill sets that can help with maintaining/improving the server? Customer Service experience Are you in school or already in the workforce? Both (Part time school and Part time work) Are you able to understand any other languages besides English? Arabic and Armenian Why do you want to become an admin? The reason why I want to become an admin is to help keeping the server enjoyable and entertaining by assisting new players who have questions, preventing griefing and trolling, and making sure the rules are being followed without any exception. I have been playing on this server for a long time, and it feels like a family to me. I would like to dedicate good amount of my time to make the server enjoyable for all players. I do enjoy leading maps to build up leadership skills. I also used to be a higher-up admin on an Arab server back in 2014, so I have some experience on performing admin duties. I’m also aware that I have some downsides, however; I’m open to hear what the admin team and server manager advise me to do or change in order to become a fit admin candidate. I would appreciate any advise you will give me and try my best to apply it. I appreciate your time reading this post 😊
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    Name: Beter Griffin Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:205162511 Discord Handle: Beter Griffin#3605 (B in brackets) Age: 20 Server Playtime: 1400 (50 of which are spread across different names) Your timezone: GMT +7 What time of the day are you usually on ZE? On the Weekdays: Depends on my class schedule but usually during the night and on the Weekends: basically all day if I don't have any schoolwork. Do you have any unique skill sets that can help with maintaining/improving the server? Some experience in graphic design Are you in school or already in the workforce? School Are you able to understand any other languages besides English? Yes, Indonesian and Javanese (Not that it would be useful). Why do you want to become an admin? I've been thinking about it for a while now, and I've made the decision to apply for admin. I've been playing on the server since mid 2017, and I've loved almost every single minute of it. Now I want to repay it by dedicating myself to the server and help out the server when there aren't any admins on (which is rare but still happens). I also really like helping out newer players who aren't accustomed to ZE or CS:GO in general.
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    I am very pleased to announce our most recent addition to the CS:GO Division, a VIP/Top 100 server! This is something Ash and I have been working on for quite some time. After a critical hardware failure resulting in the implosion of both the intermediate and beta test servers, several rounds of crying, and the hand checking of approximately 200 + 600 maps (Thanks Dini, Infra and Foolish for helping us out!) on both servers, we were able to re-release the intermediate server, and bring back the beta test server in the form of something we'd been thinking of for awhile - a VIP/Top100 server! With 532 maps, this server has every map that we've got tracked that doesn't need fixing in some form. As we fix other slightly more broken maps, it'll have around 630 maps across all tiers. Feel like grinding some of those Tier 1 maps in a slightly less social environment than the Beginner server? We gotchu covered. Expert server has a Tier 6 map and you're trying to work on Tier 4s? We gotchu covered. As mentioned, this server is going to be more of the spiritual successor to the Beta Test server. Maps will drop here first only because adding maps requires taking the server down to ensure the "map differs" error won't happen on load. Once the map is confirmed to not have issues, it'll be queued for the respective server it belongs on, and added there once or twice a week during off-hours. There may be a slight delay initially due to the sheer number of maps we've added, but all maps will make their way to the public servers they best fit. If you'd like to see a list of the maps we've got on this, check out our updated server map list at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1zrfjFhTzY3jgDHkS-LQfkwt_lgCHaVhvdXad9byKt-4/edit?usp=sharing Thanks! We hope you guys will enjoy. IP to the server: gosurf5.gflclan.com:27015/ View full article
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    Update Unfortunately, I was asleep when all of this was going down. This was likely not due to any filters put in-place recently on certain POPs. Services weren't able to connect due to not being able to resolve the needed host names. It's hard to say what the exact cause was since I wasn't here. However, our NYC POP's DC was having a network issue around the time this started occurring. I know many of our service's traffic would route through the NYC POP and this probably included DNS. With that said, there was a (D)DoS attack at this time as well (what a surprise), but this only lasted a couple minutes and the traffic wasn't being forwarded to the game server machine based off of the graphs I've seen. The CPU on the NYC POP only spiked to 60% from this and we saw around 500 - 600 mbps inbound from the attack. The outage occurred a bit after the attack as well. I've advised our staff to next time resolve the host names and replace them with the IPs. This should allow us to see if it was only a DNS issue or if the POP (probably NYC) was having actual networking issues and all needed traffic (including DNS) was trying to flow through it. If this happens next, the following troubleshooting steps will need to be attempted: Resolve host names and replace host names with IPs indicating whether this is only a DNS issue or not. If not only a DNS issue, go into the web machine (where database traffic and so on is coming from), and perform an MTR to the network to see which POP the web server routes through. Connect to affected POP and do generic troubleshooting. My guess is the NYC POP wouldn't even be connectable due to the DC outage. Thanks.
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    Sometimes I spill my milk and I explode in anger. Someone else seeing this might claim it's spilled milk; nothing to cry over. What they didn't see is that I've been spilling my milk 300x per day everyday for the past 10 years and I've done everything I can trying to prevent my milk from spilling, but it still happens. I'm not angry that the milk spilled once; I'm angry about it always happening. This incident itself is horrible, and nobody should lose their life over a petty or nonviolent crimes. Worse is that it's not even giving light to a greater problem; that greater problem has already been well-known for a very long time. I mean not long ago exactly the same story, but people were talking about Eric Garner. Still very recent was Ahmaud Arbery maybe just a few weeks ago because being a person of colour and going for a run is a high risk activity. This wasn't just a racist white cop against a black man, but there are (subconscious) bias and systematic racism. People of colour and minorities are always running against the wind (and possibly bullets); there are huge barriers for the most basic and fundamental needs or respect that people like me automatically have. It's not a trivial problem. There are a lot of programs aiming to wipe this bias and topics like this are being covered in school and elite universities. I literally took a class at my university that basically told me that I was racist, and it was really challenging for me. Something I've noticed between my younger girlfriend and I is that her lack of bias is very much natural compared to my thought process. To me it's like translating a language. It takes me a moment to tell myself "Oh, that's kind of racist" or "That's not fair." I have to correct myself or go against my intuition. I don't want to think the wrong way first and I am embarrassed, but I grew up in a society that was okay with this way of life. A lot of people still don't even bother correcting their self. So maybe as the next generation assumes many of these leadership roles where doing the right thing is more natural for them, that these problems will happen less. Unfortunately, for now, being quiet about it doesn't seem to be working and so while being loud isn't the preferred method it's practically the only way to possibly get something.
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    Let me burn down my own community and ruin peoples lives out of protest. The cop involved should not have been that negligent and im glad that justice is being served (hes being charged with murder). But i always hate when people go apeshit and riot like this because innocent people not involved are caught in the crosshair. Businesses destroyed, lives ruined; its like the fucking purge.
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    Pokémon Showdown Event - Best of three Hello everyone, After a successful first tournament I will be hosting another gen 7 random battles tournament. This will be run using the same website, pokemon showdown. This event will now be Best out of three So the run time of this event will be quite longer To combat this the Event coordinators will be watching 2 Battles at once meaning multiple games may be running at a time until the last bracket. The event also caps at 8 players but keep signing up because if 16 players sign up the cap will be moved from 8 - 16 and if someone withdraws the 9th person to sign up will take their place and so on. Good luck to all participants, You will need it in random battles. ------------------------------- Event Details Start date: June 7th Round time: 3:00 PM Central Standard Time (4:00 PM Eastern Standard Time) Battle type: Generation 7 random battles Hosted by: @Lemillion Co host: @Buzzz ------------------------------- Event Rules Show respect to all players. Show up to the event on time. Don’t spend a long time picking each move. Do not give an advantage to either player if you are spectating ( helping them with what moves to pick etc) You may not battle without having an Event coordinator spectate the battle live. You must listen to the Event coordinators. ------------------------------- Rewards 1st place: Cool forum badge and 1 month free GFL supporter rank 2nd place: 1 month free GFL supporter rank ------------------------------- How to sign up The first 8 people to respond to this post saying they would like to enter will be entered in. Sign ups after 8 players will be put on standby in case we reach 16 or players withdraw. ------------------------------- Random Battles Rules and Explanation All Players will be required to join the Main GFL discord and enter the event channel at the time of the event. I will @ 4 people in that channel to battle and spectate them. You cannot battle without having an Event coordinator spectate your battle. You will search up your opponent's username on showdown, provided to you by the event coordinator. Each player will get a completely random team. Some teams may be more unbalanced than others in this specific tournament and keep in mind, this tournament does involve luck and skill. At the start of each battle, the website will assign you a different random team. Best of luck to everyone who participates! DM me (Lemillion#2875) or post a response if you have any further questions. Thank you!
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    It's being called out even in places that are practicing it because t's being done blindly without sincere purpose or understanding. Context always matters: GFL is not the right place and it doesn't make sense to do it here. If it's working elsewhere, then good for them. A lot of the other methods explained are much better. In my personal opinion: The best way to do it is to educate yourself and take on a leadership role; champion for these ideas and drive the change. It's truly the ultimate way. I posted the quote before, but I think this is another good time to share it: "No good idea succeeds simply because it is a good idea. Good ideas must have champions- people willing to believe in them, push for them, fight for them, gain adherents and other champions, and press until they succeed. Bad ideas don't die simply because they are intrinsically bad. You need people who will stand up and fight them, put themselves at risk, point out the weaknesses, and drive stakes through their hearts." - Colin Powell
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    All servers are coming back up, however, the cause of the issue was not fixed, or even properly identified. All servers may go back down, we will let you know when they are stable again.
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    With all I've been learning and doing recently, I honestly have to say I'm proud of myself which is quite rare, lol. For years I've been messing around with programming, networking, and Linux, but I've never actually specialized in anything until the last two - three months besides the period where I was into making websites in 2014 - 2016 via PHP/MySQL. In my case, I really do enjoy writing fast packet processing software via BPF, XDP, and TC in C. Even though it's a huge pain in the ass sometimes (especially with BPF compiler restrictions which I hope is somehow improved on in the future), I feel I'm learning so much from it within a small-ish period of time and plus it benefits the Anycast network for GFL (e.g. being able to implement complex filters to mitigate (D)DoS attacks and more). There's also so many other things I want to get into such as writing encryption libraries (which'll be super helpful for getting into security and making future programs talk to each other through encryption), learning Elixir, Go, and Rust, learning how to make fluent websites with Elixir/Go, reverse engineering, Docker, BGP and complex networking, deeper understanding of the Linux kernel (source code), Linux file systems, and so many more. It's actually overwhelming to think about. These are all areas that highly interest me and I believe after Compressor V2 is completed, I'll begin tackling them. Anyways, I'm also really hoping that I can find a job or position that I'd feel more useful in. I still haven't heard back regarding the DevOps position I applied for (within my current work place) since there's a delay at the moment, but I really hope I can get it since I feel it'd allow me to learn so much more during the work day over what I'm doing now (getting yelled at by customers with cloud support and so on). That said, it'll make me feel more useful as well (I feel completely useless when it comes to dealing with customers and doing general cloud support) and allow me to put my skills to use. I'm still pretty nervous about how the environment would be since I haven't been in that type of position before, but I suppose it'd be a new beginning to my career and hopefully better than feeling useless and getting yelled at by customers, lol. If I don't get the position, I honestly don't know what I'm going to do Lastly, I feel I do really need to focus on my health. My physical and mental health is extremely low at the moment just due to everything going on and the things I'm trying to implement with urgency along with just being stressed/burnt out from work, programming, personal issues, and so on. Sadly, due to the urgency of everything, I need to keep pushing out the new software to all the rest of the POPs in the next few days. However, I'm hoping I can eventually just take one - two days off before getting really into Compressor V2 (or whatever name we go with). It's funny because I keep saying I'm going to work on my physical and mental health, but I feel I haven't had the chance to actually take a real break, relax, and implement the plans I've had to improve my health. I'm hoping I can do it at some point though since the more time that goes on, I'd imagine the harder it is to improve them. I'm thinking about taking an actual legit vacation to somewhere in the future once the COVID-19 situation cools down. I just want to find somebody to go with first, but perhaps this would be a great time to turn things around, or perhaps before that too. I'm really hoping for big changes in my life in the future that leads to me being generally happier (I'm honestly just not happy at the moment and I haven't been in the last few years). I guess we'll see though.
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    Name: OLIVKA Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:66995061 Discord Handle: OLIVKA#3830 Age: 24 Server Playtime: 1300 (1000 as OLIVKA and 300 as CAPITAN OLIVKA) Your timezone: UTC+3 What time of the day are you usually on ZE? 16:00 pm to 17:20pm (2 hours break) then 19:00 pm - 3:00 am UTC/GMT+3 Do you have any unique skill sets that can help with maintaining/improving the server? Are you in school or already in the workforce? Workforce (also study at the University) Are you able to understand any other languages besides English? Russian (native) and German (B1) Why do you want to become an admin? I decided to reapply because I would like to help the server, which for five years has become a great platform for me in spending free time. I really like to share my experience and help other players, as it is useful for the development of the community. As an admin in past i know how to resolve difficult situations on the server and hold long-term discussions with the people who are trieng to brake the rules. I have the experiance in bilateral conversations with mic spammers and trolls. As an old zombie escape player i met a lot of good people and friendly boys ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) who are taking part of amazing atmosphere of GFL. I would like to add that i am not respekting the people who trying to boost the zombies, using glitches and cading their teammates because it is ruining the fun of playing ZE and make the people nervous. In conclusion i would like to add that i am ready to answer on all your questions and lets provide server amazing future together 😊
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    This is why you put things in spoiler
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    Right just read over the full legislative change and nowhere does it prohibit action on people "talking shit". The full legislation, for people who actually want to know it's purpose, is to prevent large overaching bodies such as Twitter, Facebook, Google, YouTube, and other large sites from doing the following; -Withholding income gain based on the users political opinions -Manufacturing and tailoring of algorithms to present a bias in presented news (left classed people fed more left style news, vice versa) -Performing blacklists, shadowbans, and account suspensions/removals for political opinion on an a company level. (People can still block other people) This does not change legal guidelines or standings on other issues such as lewd, violent or harmful posts as well as filtering for children. TL;DR - You can't de-monitise or remove someone's account/posts for expressing a political opinion unless violating a limit of lewd, violent, or harmful concepts.
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    Bear in mind in that same clip, in that same interview, Dr. King also said about 50 seconds later that he condemns rioting as self defeating and socially destructive. People seem to be using that quote as a justification for rioting and insinuating Dr. King was in favor of riots when that is indeed not the case. As for my thoughts on the matter: obviously it shouldn't have happened. Everything about it was wrong. But I'm not one to be too quick to pull the race card on this situation. Unless new evidence is revealed about the officer who I shall not name and his past, I believe had George Floyd been another skin color, he would have been treated the same way. If I can, let me take you back 4 years ago to the stone cold murder of Daniel Shaver (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shooting_of_Daniel_Shaver). I'm not going to explain every single detail, just know that he was drunk laying face down on the floor, hands behind his back and legs crossed in a hotel hallway, begging for his life with a half dozen police officers aiming their guns at him. He made one mistake in the order they were giving him and he was shot dead there on the spot. He was unarmed. They believe he was just trying to pull his pants up as they were falling down. There's even pretty disturbing bodycam footage of the whole incident. What happened? There were no riots, no looting, no mass protests calling for the officers arrest. None of that. It was just another story in the news for about a day before everyone moved on. None of the officers were convicted of murder. The one who did the most shooting (Officer Philip Brailsfor) was acquitted, is getting a pension from the police department and is receiving PTSD treatment being paid for by taxpayer dollars because of the whole ordeal. It was because the victim was white. If he were black, we would have likely seen what we are seeing now. It would have been labeled an execution, Al Sharpton would be on the news every night discussing it, every officer involved would have been fired and the NAACP would be having a field day. Instead, Daniel Shaver is an afterthought. A blip on the radar. Which isn't to say what happened to George Floyd should be let go or the severity of the situation lessened to any extent. When I first watched the video of the ordeal, I punched my desk and nearly broke a finger on my right hand in anger. But don't bring the race card into this when we have yet to see a single shred of evidence that any of this is because of Mr. Floyd's race. And as for the rioting, it solves nothing. Looting and burning buildings and destroying property isn't going to bring George back and it's not going to solve a thing. It's only going to make things worse. 2 people are now dead along with Mr. Floyd because they were killed by store owners while looting. It's not easy by any means, but cooler heads need to prevail. The officer who committed the offense is in custody and awaiting charges. Let this play out. Rioting will not get anything done any faster and only helps perpetuate stereotypes around protesters. Also, in regards to "peaceful protests never solving anything", Gandhi and Dr. King among MANY many many others, would like a word...
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    It's probably because too many people got demoted over it (including myself). I have never seen or heard of a case such that a staff member was abusing their permissions enough to get demoted, but their involvement often catches a lot of attention and makes them a very easy target, which is probably why the phrase "out of sight; out of mind" is a thing. Seeing how the staff is cycling in a very similar way compared to the past I would guess (but do not know) that a lot of it is still very similar behind the scenes... very political and hostile, and I would guess that the most active staff members do not last very long. "The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long - and you have burned so very, very brightly..." I'm rambling too much about it, but a reminder that Mejilla did a great job. This resignation is a big loss. It may have been very brief, but we did see a couple of events, updates, and activity. I suspect this same approach will be applied to the university and other endeavours, and while efforts here are like working in the Trump administration... continued efforts elsewhere will pay off. Keep up the great work.
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    Here's one of the first writing requests. This one is for my boy @Daystar who got writer recently. So, to keep him entertained, I'll give him a good one. Since you love Star Wars, write me a scenario similar to your Darth Vader one on mattpad explaining what would've happened if General Grievous didn't die. Have fun writing!
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    Main reason is we're not inviting enough to new players as well as the rounds taking longer than necessary to end. If new players join and die instantly to Tesla or 173 then they usually have to wait 12 minutes or less to play again. Yeah the bans didn't help but I feel they were necessary. Also it's a quite complicated game mode for new players, so I feel that should be addressed as well, maybe simplifying the mode to make it easier for new players to learn/win.
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    congratulations, you killed off the people who kept breach alive. you proud of yourself? we gonna do breach better tho, see yall soon
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    Played the game mode to the point where I was getting deja vu because so many rounds were just the same thing, not at the fault of Xy but just because there is only so much you can do on a multi-teamed SCP shooter Game got boring after I realized that and eventually just quit GMod as a whole.
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    A dream, you say? By the nine. . .
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    Hey everyone, As some of you may know, our Sydney POP has new filters I've applied to the packet processing software we're using. I've hard-coded these filters into the software as a temporary solution to mitigate (D)DoS attacks we've been receiving recently. Dreae and I are working on Compressor V2 (or whatever name we go with) as a permanent solution. However, this will take time to create. The past few days I've been monitoring traffic on the Sydney POP and there have been a few issues that I've mostly fixed. However, I'm currently trying to track down one last issue. The side effects of this issue appear to be when you connect to the server, you'll time out around 20 or so seconds after the initial connection (the validation map timeout). I received a report regarding this and tried connecting using the forwarding server I have in Sydney and actually witnessed it myself. Unfortunately, I didn't have logging enabled at the time and no matter what I do, I can't reproduce the issue this time around after enabling logging for validations and handshakes. I've been monitoring the log all day and haven't seen many much occurrences of this since this rarely happens. I do have a suspicion on what the issue might be. However, it appears to be a bug with BPF or something because it's reporting the hits member (indicating how many packets the client has sent during validation period) on the validation map is 0 even though there is never a time it should be set to 0. I'm making this thread to make users aware of this issue if they're routing through the Sydney POP (anybody closer to Sydney, AUS more than likely). You can confirm you route through this POP by performing a trace route or MTR to any IP on the Anycast network ( If you experience the side effects from this issue, please post on this thread with the time it happened and private message me your public IP address (you can get it from here). This issue is the only thing preventing me from deploying these filters to more POPs at the moment. Unfortunately, the only work-around for the players right now is to keep reconnecting until you puts you on the handshake map. This usually works after the first or second retry, at least for me. Thank you.
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    It's nearly done. Looking at different addons and ways to make the server entertaining, so when the server does release, it isn't something people are going to be playing for one hour & be done with it. We're adding a new economy, a custom one, don't want to spoil the surprise in that. Also redoing the rules & MOTD so that the environment of the server revolves more around raiding & grinding, rather than only grinding in an unraidable base. Adding new addons, weapons, jobs, and features to make it fun to make money. Adding a shop so that instead of buying only VIP and getting "everything" with VIP, we will be adding different buyables you can buy with IRL money (for those too lazy to grind) and with in-game money.
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    Hi there. DarkRP is almost done. We are just finishing come custom coded stuff regarding how the economy works.
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    March/April/May 2020 Newsletter Two New Division Leaders, Pyros and Skittles - Trigger ---> We’ve been looking for new Division Leaders for Garry’s Mod and Rust. Thankfully, we have found just the right people! Our new Division Leader for Garry’s Mod will be Pyros, who has shown great leadership and communication skills. He will help direct our Garry’s Mod Division with Zebra. A dedicated leader with excellent management skills, Skittles, will lead our Rust division to a greater future! New "Don't Starve Together" Server in the works - Trigger ---> Here at GFL we tend to stick with the bigger games (CS:GO, Rust, Garry's Mod, etc.). However we've had an idea to start working with smaller games. Which brings us to Don't Starve Together! Xy, one of the technical administrators, started working on a GFL Don't Starve Together Server. It will be a mix of vanilla and modded, which to some may be good or bad. 10,000 Discord Users - Trigger ---> Yes, you read that right! We've reached over 10,000 Discord users among all of our Discord servers. That includes everything from GFL Official to GFL Garry's Mod! Of course, these numbers won't stay like this forever, as we are sure to gain even more members in the future. New CS:GO Intermediate Surf Timer Server - Trigger ---> A new CS:GO Surf server with the difficulty "intermediate" has been added to our list of Surf servers. At the moment, we have Beginner Surf, Novice Surf, Intermediate Surf, and Expert Surf. Each server will have its own rotation of maps related to the difficulty of the server. New CS:GO VIP/Top100 Surf Timer Server - Trigger ---> Our old and deformed Beta test server transformed into the new and reformed VIP/Top100 Surf Timer server! This server will allow you to play each individual tier level. Want to play on those pesky Tier 4 maps? We have over 600 playable maps with various difficulties. We plan to add more AshAkiri - New Technical Administrator - Saizy ---> GFL has a brand new Technical Administrator that will mainly focus on the CS:GO Branch. After proving himself to the higher ups with his creative thinking, he was recently promoted to be the newest addition to the team. We are already seeing what he can do, what he has done for CS:GO so far. Expect many things from him in the near-future! Rise and Fall of GFL Zombie Survival - Trigger and Saizy ---> We've revived a long lost zombie survival server. It took time, but eventually it grew into a wonderful place to play. Instead of 24/7 mall, we decided to go with rotational maps. The server had ZE, OBJ, and ZS maps. Overtime however, the server suffered many problems. Staff were inactive due to COVID-19, toxicity grew, and updates weren't happening. The server also had minor technical problems. With that said, the GMOD Zombie Survival server is coming to an end. It was given a try and ultimately failed because of said reasons. Hopefully people have made some memories there and made new friends before the unfortunate closure. Garry's Mod Half-Life Co-Op Server - Saizy ---> GFL has launched another server, Half-life Co-op! Within GMod, you'll be able to play with other players through the entire Half-Life Campaign! It will also be possible to play with add-ons, to make the original Half-Life experience a little bit better. If you ever wanted to play a Half-Life game with a friend, now is your chance! GFL Game Events - Saizy ---> Pokémon Showdown Event! - This event will be run using the browser game Pokémon Showdown! Using Generation 7 Pokemon, 8 players with randomly generated teams will compete one on one to the top of the bracket to become the Pokémon champion. Lemillion is hosting it, and is asking everyone to come & join! 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    Hmm... we could really use that $17k back. +1
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    Hello. So, the clan tag in and of itself isn't an issue. This is going to be made more clear to our staff from now on. Moving on. Given the ban reason that was listed lining up with what you claimed (bad clan tag), I did remove your 4 hour ban pre-maturely. Upon reviewing this case further it has been made apparent that you did in fact advertise your servers. Chat logs showing you posted an IP to one of them, as well as the fact that some people on the server revealed you were boasting about your anti-cheat being better, among other things prior to the point that the admin in question connected. As someone who owns a community such as yourself, how would you react to finding out someone had attempted to poach your players in this way? Let alone the leader of another community. I personally find it impossible to see this ordeal wasn't malicious on your end. Alas, the decision has been made to make this ban permanent. Thanks.
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    I would assume this is aimed more towards platforms like YouTube that don't "censor" Republican videos, but make them hard to find. An example is Steven Crowder, who would post his "Change my Mind" series & you wouldn't be able to find the original videos (though having millions of views) and you'd see the democratic-viewed "reactions" that people would post instead.
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    Do people even know how India gained their freedom from the British East India Company and Monarchy through peaceful and non-verbal protests? The fact that people are supporting riots that literally destroy innocent lives and society is just ridiculous to me, and I really just don't understand it, no matter how many quotes you throw at me. As for the actual situation, yes, racism is an enormous issue in the USA and to be realistic here, the entire world. As pointed out by pigeon, though, every racial minority (and majority for that matter), does come under discrimination due to their physical appearances at some point in time due to the pre-built stereotypes that people have developed through living around certain peoples and cultures. I mean think, it wasn't long ago that Americans in California were being extremely prejudiced and racist towards the Chinese who were literally stuck in the United States after they sailed across the Pacific in order to find new jobs to provide for their family. After arriving, they simply could not make enough money to get back to China so many of them were stuck and decided to send all of their money back to their families. This led the American people to be seeing the Chinese as poor people who were useless to society and thus racial stereotypes were born against the Chinese on the East-Coast of America. There are COUNTLESS other examples of racial prejudice against various groups, in which peaceful protest has resolved, or at least partially resolved a situation... and for people to be justifying the looting and raiding by saying that "we need justice now!", in my eyes its simply a brain-dead argument with no one looking and learning from the past. Just to be clear, of course I do not support the cops in this case, they were obviously murderers and deserve to be in prison for their crimes, however, breaking the law and tearing down this country should not be the reaction of the people who no longer wish to protest peacefully.
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    "They came first for the Communists, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Communist. Then they came for the Jews, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Jew. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a trade unionist. Then they came for the Catholics, and I didn't speak up because I was a Protestant. Then they came for me, and by that time no one was left to speak up."
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    This event is extremely unfortunate and has happened time & time again. I understand the riots and the acts of defiance. Peaceful protests never resolved anything, and it's time people start getting angry at the inept police officers who can't decide what is right or wrong. Is it okay to target & harass police officers who have done nothing wrong? No, it breeds the cycle of hate. However, this is what comes with the job title. You are the enforcer of laws, you will always be the target in protests, it's why the job exists. Being half-black, it's disgusting to see this happen to good people. No one should decide if a man should die or not, even if they are Hitler re-incarnated. Yes, as mentioned above, the police officer is being charged with third degree murder. You know how many years max that is? 25 years. 25 years for a needless death that he has done. 25 years even though he took a lifetime away from a person. 25 years. That is disgusting. I believe in the people & the USA. I have high hopes we will come out of this social unrest better united. I hope hate does not prevail, but it's time people take action into their own hands and show the government what this really means to them and start seeing change.
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    No, OP doesn’t usually get reactions anyway. 😪 It’s also too serious of a topic to farm useless points immaturely like that.
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    I am very pleased to announce our most recent addition to the CS:GO Division, a VIP/Top 100 server! This is something Ash and I have been working on for quite some time. After a critical hardware failure resulting in the implosion of both the intermediate and beta test servers, several rounds of crying, and the hand checking of approximately 200 + 600 maps (Thanks Dini, Infra and Foolish for helping us out!) on both servers, we were able to re-release the intermediate server, and bring back the beta test server in the form of something we'd been thinking of for awhile - a VIP/Top100 server! With 532 maps, this server has every map that we've got tracked that doesn't need fixing in some form. As we fix other slightly more broken maps, it'll have around 630 maps across all tiers. Feel like grinding some of those Tier 1 maps in a slightly less social environment than the Beginner server? We gotchu covered. Expert server has a Tier 6 map and you're trying to work on Tier 4s? We gotchu covered. As mentioned, this server is going to be more of the spiritual successor to the Beta Test server. Maps will drop here first only because adding maps requires taking the server down to ensure the "map differs" error won't happen on load. Once the map is confirmed to not have issues, it'll be queued for the respective server it belongs on, and added there once or twice a week during off-hours. There may be a slight delay initially due to the sheer number of maps we've added, but all maps will make their way to the public servers they best fit. If you'd like to see a list of the maps we've got on this, check out our updated server map list at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1zrfjFhTzY3jgDHkS-LQfkwt_lgCHaVhvdXad9byKt-4/edit?usp=sharing Thanks! We hope you guys will enjoy. IP to the server: gosurf5.gflclan.com:27015/
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    "In hindsight, I can't believe I was ever a Purge admin. I was basically an unpaid babysitter." -Nerd
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    # 2426 ":)" [U:1:1102411592] 05:46 74 0 active this guy kept crashing the server and hacking on it just wanted to make it known. Thank you
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    After talking to @Dreae and reviewing the XDP program's code, Dreae told me the validation map being a LRU per CPU map would cause issues when reading values from the map in the XDP program itself since that is unsupported at the moment (you can only read per CPU maps within the user space like I am doing with the handshake LRU per CPU map). Therefore, I've converted the validation map to a single map and used a different function Dreae told me about to update the hits count. This was most likely the issue and why the hits count was 0 (it was reading the value from the wrong CPU). Since the hits and expiration time values were at 0, this was most likely causing the timeout issues after 20 seconds of loading in or so. I used per CPU maps for performance advantages. However, the validation map doesn't perform many reads/updates. Therefore, converting this map to a single map wouldn't be a big deal in my opinion. The whitelist map will remain a LRU per CPU map for performance advantages (this is the map that needs to be spread out to multiple CPUs anyways). We only modify values on this map within the XDP program and read values within the user space which is fine. I've applied this update to the Sydney POP. I will continue to monitor the logs to ensure I see nothing else suspicious. This issue should be resolved and thank Dreae for all the help
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    If people weren't aware of this situation already,thats on them, it has nothing to do with the servers, GFL in no way effects the lack of education on the topic, turning the servers off will literally change nothing, “What important information do video game servers contain?” I dont know what sever u play on but i can happily say that the tf2 servers has been A very positive environment for those who are trying to take a break from what going on outside Rn, And they have also been very helpful in giving info such as the details about whats going on and helping others in finding ways to help, as for donating, you are right not everyone has the privilege of wealth, And for those who cant donate luckily theres a video that Has been made where all the revenue made from it will be donated.
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    I've gone to multiple protests, stroke up conversations with my friends who don't really care, and confronted some co-workers who've made some terrible remarks about this situation. I believe this entire "Blackout" is exactly the opposite of what people should do. Conversations need to be started, people need to challenge their own beliefs, and motives for anything in this country to ever change. If you knew anything about this community, you'd know it actually does an incredible job at striking up sensitive conversations, and challenging the way people think, by exposing them to ideas and people they never would of encountered in their own life. If you truly want to make change, go to a protest, donate, sign petitions, stand up for people. If you see racism, or discrimination of any sort. You need to tell yourself that you're going to stop it. The bystander effect is very real in america. I'll link multiple links for people who truly want to make a difference, not post a black square and never visit the topic again. JUSTICE FOR GEORGE FLOYD: http://chng.it/Rtpbxv2CdK CHARGE THE MINNEAPOLIS POLICE OFFICERS: https://www.change.org/p/change-org-the-minneapolis-police-officers-to-be-charged-for-murder-after-killing-innocent-black-man HANDS UP ACT PETITION: https://www.change.org/p/us-senate-hands-up-act GEORGE FLOYD MEMORIAL FUND: https://www.gofundme.com/f/georgefloyd
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    I'm sorry you had to experience that stuff on the server. It's not usually so toxic, and there's usually nice friendly people on to play with. I want you to know that not all of us are butts. What you can do in situations like this is you can go to the GFL Gmod discord and @Rotation Staff in order to ping any admins who might be online, to come deal with the toxicity. The server is tons of fun and I hope you come back and give it another try soon!
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    Locked at the request of OP. This man was taken from our us too soon, may his friends and family grieve peacefully. We appreciate the political discussion but we request that everyone remain civil and respect the deceased.
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    The server you want the tag on: All TF2 servers "STEAM_0:1:106595261" { "tag" "Weeb" "tagcolor" "#00ffff" "namecolor" "#3399ff" "textcolor" "#00ccff" }
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    "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids." Map(s): ze_Bathroom, ze_otakuroom, ze_toaster, ze_Kitchen, ze_Halloween_House Restrictions/Limitations: None Event Time preferred: Anytime Others: None
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    *Shroom & Paramina Showdown* - ze_shroomforest3_b6_2 - ze_FFXII_Paramina_Rift_v1_4 Special Kikers: -All primary weapons restricted except for the TMP (All pistols are allowed) -No grenade rebuys (!he) -No potions in Paramina Rift
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    Me pissed while waiting for @TomRiddle to find wherever the fuck @Leks hid Jailbreak
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    +1 An admin when I was a T1 doggie. Doing well ever since you came back.
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    This all boils down to the government's fault. No matter how you look at it. Things have to change for everyone regarding this subject.
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    Agree there lad. Riots don't solve anything yes. It's unfortunate that no matter how many times we say that, riots still happens. Even after all these years and past riots, we still get them. A good amount of people take advantage of these riots too. By looting and destroying things not because they care and want justice but because of their own greed.
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    Beautiful, beautiful argument and changed my stance somewhat. However, I didn't pull the race card, but this happens to more black people than white people. I agree that all police brutality against ANY race is awful and should NEVER happen. This entire event was disgusting and hard to watch. Gandhi's peaceful protesting isn't what caused the British to leave India. The non violent movements were not actually the cause of Independence but were the cause of the unity of Indians. It was because of actions of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, but this is besides the point as well. In the USA, peaceful protesting has proven more times than not that it doesn't work. Especially in today's day & age. It is tiring to see police brutality against anyone in the news. You'd think they learned their lesson before, yet it keeps on happening. In regards to the Dr. King Interview, he did say it in the source I linked as well but he said riots wouldn't happen if the people were being heard. They are both equally bad, I agree, but all of this would have been avoided if previous mistakes were learned from and taken action to prevent against. I am not condoning rioting, and it's quite sad to see store owners, families of police officers, and the general public be affected negatively by the riots. However, once someone's peaceful protest is seemingly no longer heard by their government, they feel as if they need to show force to give the government a true incentive to fix their shit. Riots is the effect of the government's inability to hear the people.
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