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    Hello, everyone. In this post, I would like to outline some changes to the internal structure of GFL's higher-ups and how this is intended to impact GFL. Community Advisors changed to Council Community advisors will be changed to Council with a new job. The new Council rank will be at the same level as a division leader. New Jobs/Roles Maintain the community as a whole. May help division leaders (with their consent) with their divisions. May help divisions without a leader (E.g. Call of Duty 4, Fistful of Frags, etc.). Work with the directors on projects. Advise the community. This includes brainstorming ideas when not working on any projects and addressing them to the directors. Look for people with potential and address them to the other Council members & directors. Other The Council and directors should be working on the same projects together. The Council are essentially directors, just with less access (back end and such). Revamping the Council Team The team itself could be revamped. This means we should demote inactive members who don’t show enough interest in GFL, and promote members who have potential and are willing to dedicate a lot of time into GFL. If a member is inactive, they should be given a warning immediately; if they continue being inactive without a valid reason, it will immediately progress to demotion. We shouldn’t be waiting so long on demoting people. If somebody doesn’t show interest, dedication and motivation, they should be demoted. All members from the current community advisor team we plan on keeping should be talked to before this Council change is in effect. We should ask if they’re still interested and possess the will to truly step up (spend more time on GFL and do all the new jobs/roles assigned to them with Council), gain feedback on what we (directors) can improve on, and more. Directors Given More Access With the Council change, directors will be given more access in the future. This includes access to the back end (web and game servers such as OVH). With this change, we have to prepare our user base. This leads to even more ideas. The reason we are giving directors more access is to take the load off of Roy. If Roy isn’t available, there’s a high chance a director can fix the issue with the back end (e.g. the website going down). They will have the access to fix it and can try to. If they don’t know how to, they can try googling the issue or just wait until a director with more experience comes online. Why? The biggest issue with giving directors access to the back end is trust. I trust that most of you still remember what happened last year and the negative effect it had on GFL, but after the past year and a half, I have realized that I need to give access to more people. Many things such as giving access to new managers or completing various tasks in the back end relies on me and it is heavily backed up. For example, look at the web VM move; I wanted to complete this back in the summer and it still isn’t complete. I tried getting Balon to help me, but he turned out to be inactive and busy. If our goals are to get GFL off of the ground again (which they are), we need to start trusting people again; that’s just the reality of the situation. GFL won’t get far if we can’t trust people that can potentially have a major positive effect on GFL. What happens if I have to leave for a while and nobody else has access to the back end? What happens if the website goes down? We need others there we can rely on. This may also give the directors more motivation as well. Preparation The biggest part about this change is preparing for it. We saw what happened in the past. If one of our directors goes rogue, we must prepare for the worst. Nobody will have access to the PayPal besides me. The most a director could gain access to is the PayPal API credentials, but you cannot take funds out of the PayPal account with only the API credentials. Therefore, the worst possible thing a director can do is dump the IPS 4 user’s database table including emails and hashed passwords. Although these passwords are hashed, it still would be very bad if this was to happen. Realistically, if a hacker got into our back end, they could also dump the database table. Now, I wanted to do this back in the summer of 2016, but I haven’t been able to. Realistically, no website on the Internet is safe and the best thing a user can do is secure themselves from any possible breaches. While we aren’t expecting any breaches in our database, we should definitely prepare ourselves and our users for them. I would like to have a page in the About GFL project dedicated to explaining security. While we are confident in our security, we should also explain no websites are 100% safe. We should be telling the truth to our users about security and highly encourage them to use a random generated password (or a password not used on any other websites/logins). We should also recommend programs such as LastPass or KeePass. I feel this may also deter hackers away from GFL; if we were bragging about our security, it would probably increase the chances of a hacker wanting to try to get through our security. I would also like to add our thoughts on security to the user registration page (perhaps under the password field). We could even add a button that automatically generates and uses a random password along with copying to the clipboard for the user. Another idea is sending a forum PM/email to the user after registration about security (along with general GFL information). The next worst thing a director who has gone rogue can do is completely delete our files. This can include our website files or just game servers. This can also include the virtual machines themselves. This is why I want to implement an automatic backup system in GFL that backs everything up hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly. We should be trying to back up as many services as possible. This includes our websites, databases, game servers, and virtual machines (perhaps the core files). Balon has recommended some services we can use that are cheap (cheaper than purchasing a separate machine for backups). External Consultant Badge I would like to make an external consultant badge for our technical administrators that aren’t a part of GFL, but still help out when needed. These members (as of now) would be @setup.sh and @balon. We’re Looking For Potential We are currently looking for motivated, interested, and trustworthy members of the community to join our staff team and assist us with the upkeep and expansion of GFL as a whole. We are currently figuring out the logistics of how we plan on recruiting individuals, and an announcement will be made soon with more information. Darkling as Council Leader So far, the current community advisors know this. However, for those that do not know, @Darkling will be “leading” the Council team. While he won’t have a separate rank and will still be a part of Council, he will be leading the team overall. There is a possibility we will make a badge representing the fact that he is the leader. Darkling has a lot of motivation for GFL. In my opinion, he is a role model to the Council. He is motivated, dedicated, mature, and generally very approachable. From what I’ve seen, nobody has a problem with him being leader of the Council team and after asking a couple of CAs, they said they already look up to him as a CA leader. We are discussing more changes and have more to announce in the near future! Thanks!
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    Okay I am sure that we have all seen the recent changes within GFL's staff team. Rcool has now stepped down because he no longer has the time to put to GFL anymore. This has put us one man down and means we need to actually get the CA team back on track and working towards the same goals. I know that @Roy has spoke to most of the trusted team about the changes we are planning for the CA rank (CA->Council). He would like me to "step up" into a council leader position. I'll be referring to some of the future changes within this thread so if you haven't read about these changes then please go to this thread. For this post I wanted to just discuss what we have been doing wrong up until now and how we are going to improve on them for the future. (the points below are typed addressing the current CA's including myself) Communication The one main issue which keeps coming back to us, time and time again is communication. We don't talk to each other enough and we don't share information between each other. We are all guilty of this and even though we put measures into place (such as the CA discord) it hasn't helped to improve this. This has lead to situations where we are trying to tackle issues from multiple directions with no real progress getting made. This was evident with the "About GFL" project which we all assumed someone else was taking control of instead of making the combined effort to get it done. We could try and solve this with regular meetings and promises to keep in touch but that just isn't going to work. It hasn't worked yet. Something @Roy is pushing for, is more activity within the Trusted discord. This is both within the voice chat and the within the trusted text channels. Since we want to be more open and honest with what we are working on, I am going to disband the CA only discord. We need to move away from independence and start treating the entire staff team as one group! Now we need to set a standard which we all need to keep to. We all have voice chat and are in TeamSpeak most of the time. I want to have a dedicated amount of time every week for everyone to be able chat. Whether this is via voice chat or not doesn't matter. With me "stepping up" into more of a council leader this means I will be available much more often on the trusted discord and if you are looking for something to do then I will be the one to ask. Teamwork Another issue we have is working together as a group. Yes, independence can be a very good quality and a valuable one for this role. But, we need to make sure that we can all work together as a team. Now this links in with communication a lot, as if we all know what we are working on then there shouldn't be a situation where we don't have work to do. Now there isn't a clear cut solution to this issue without physically working together we won't improve. So for any projects which we undertake, we need to always have 2 of us working on them. If you do any forum work such as checking perms, poke another CA and tell them to help out real quick. Obviously working on this will require us to have better communication and the improvements listed above should help with that. Organised Effort One suggestion I want us to try to work on, is a more organised approach to work. For every project that we have, we need to make a post within the CA section. Let us all expand upon the ideas. Once we do that, two CA's will be assigned to it. You can either assign yourself or I can assign people for it based on our original roles. Then depending on the project and how long it is expected to take, we should post weekly progress reports on the thread. Once we start doing this it will become much easier to manage, but our current approach of doing something on our own is not traceable and can lead to people thinking that we are inactive. Trello Now we have started to use Trello more and more, which helps with keeping everything transparent. We want everyone to know what we are working on and which of us is working on them. We all need to become more involved within this. Just take 2 minutes to update the project you are working on and it keeps everyone happy. If you post a topic with an issue then put it in the trello! We have this Trello for things which we want the public to see- https://trello.com/b/pZ85Aj3V/other-overview There isn't going to be one answer to fix all our problems. But hopefully with the rank changes which are coming up, we can treat this as a fresh start. If you have any other thoughts and opinions on the new changes then please don't hesitate to post below! Nobody is directly to blame and we don't need to target specific people to be responsible, as we are all responsible for the current situation. We just need to ensure it doesn't happen again.
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    Dear GFL members, The GFL staff team support Net Neutrality! We believe everyone should have the knowledge to make an informed decision and help shape American policy that could affect us all! If the FCC ends Net Neutrality, GFL could be regarded as a gaming website and could become more expensive by about $15! A gaming pack that includes Steam, Discord, TeamSpeak etc, will cost an extra $25 with the added premium! However, the US Congress has the power to block this. If you live in the U.S, you can stop the FCC from ending it! If you’re in the US, let your representatives and congress know about your support of Net Neutrality here https://www.battleforthenet.com/ or https://www.callmycongress.com/ Discords CEO Jason, posted explaining Discord's position with Net Neutrality https://blog.discordapp.com/why-discord-supports-net-neutrality-8f5e2b8b88f5 The FCC chairman makes a statement about Net Neutrality here: http://transition.fcc.gov/Daily_Releases/Daily_Business/2017/db1121/DOC-347868A1.pdf News article including projections, and statistic about 98.5% of comments on Net Neutrality: https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2017/11/rip-net-neutrality-fcc-chair-releases-plan-to-deregulate-isps/ Other news articles- https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-switch/wp/2017/11/21/the-fcc-has-unveiled-its-plan-to-rollback-its-net-neutrality-rules/?utm_term=.40bc6541969e https://www.politico.com/story/2017/11/20/net-neutrality-repeal-fcc-251824 Similar post regarding this issue We need to save Net Neutrality and keep them protected! Credit to @Benroy for making this post!
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    Time to get the ice cream and popcorn.
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    Name: LegendaryFluff Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:125260728 Age: 14 Forum time: 132 hours Founder sponsor: @RickGrimesTM @King_Wailord @Leks Why do you want to become a founder?: believe I am qualified to become a founder because I can answer a majority of the questions players ask, prevent spam, hacking, foul language during game play, and all in all prevent any rule breaking what so ever. I read the forums comments 100% of the time during game play and have a quick and keen eye when it comes to rules that are being broken. Plus I have a great deal of knowledge about mems. You can say I'm a quick learner. My desire to be a founder comes from my eagerness to help fellow players in need. I can put my knowledge and abilities to better use once and if I become an Founder. I want to be become a Founder because I take my job seriously, and doing my job comes first. The sight of @transperoman and I immediately gather evidence and put a stop to it. GFL is more of a meme to me, I love meeting new friends and having fun with everyone, rule breakers can just ruin the fun. I am a good spirited player who helps every player possible. I may be immature sometimes, but I will never go as far as being rude or mingy directly to a player. Being a founder will help me keep the shoutbox calm and have a well rounded atmosphere. I will try my best to reduce the amount of spammers, faggots, non-cerfers and just rule breakers in general. Why should we accept you?: I believe you should accept me because I am trying to better myself as a person. I want to help make the server a better place once step at a time. Being a founder I can help out way more. I use up most of my freetime shit posting. I may have messed up in the past and most people dislike me for this reason but I can show the community I can change. I can add any player on steam so if anyone needs a founder on I'll jump right on the forums Thanks
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    Name: SFB Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:40223867 Age: age is just a number Server playtime: 2000+ Time you can be on & Timezone: Pacific Why do you want to become an admin?: to help Reason for accepting: because im not banned anymore, i dont play much anymore so you will have to give me a pass if im not willing to come on 3-4 days a week. #MakeZEGreatAgain
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    hi im new, is this how u female??? x heheheheh rawr giggles
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    The server has been known for its solid management. In 2015 @3hunna_Vote_For_Pedro and @Infantry had successfully run the server until its closing in late 2016. From there it was taken by Myself, @Kim and @denros, where countless of hours were spent in creating a newer version of the server and sticking through until a community was formed and stable. Our most recent server manager, @Leks (god rest his management soul), has really kept the solidity of the management timeline and has brought many new players with the creation of events and built a really awesome administration team! Today I have come with news, @Leks as decided to take the role as the servers 'overseer', which he will help guide our new manager @King_Wailord. Congrats on the promotion, you'll do great. im not manager btw complain to leks and wailord now. lol.
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    Hello everyone. You may have noticed that we have a new role on the forums called Event Coordinators. This role was inspired by GCC and their approach towards event management. Currently there are four members of GFL who have been doing amazing work within GCC and pushing them forward with every event they produce. These members are @Runda @Pyros @Syntax and @Kubnair. The sheer amount of effort each one of them has put into their work within GCC is phenomenal! That is why these members will be the first four to start up our Event Coordinator team! Now for some details about this team and what they can do within there new role. My aim for the team is for one GFL event a month, starting with a Christmas themed event which they are starting to work on now. They will continue to work within GCC to provide events. However they can now request usage of GFL's servers and any other reasonable resource for use within GCC and for GFL events. They will be able to use the Creative team to create GFX for events and for recording/streaming and tweeting the events. They have access to request the Developer team to edit plugins for usage within events. They are able to work with our Server Managers to be able to create events on our current servers. They have been given permissions to directly post and feature posts within the events sub-forum. Lastly they have been given TeamSpeak permissions to edit and use the Event channel, in order to support using TeamSpeak during events. Now I would like to mention that working within GCC is not required by the role, however the team does need to be involved in the events from GCC. There will be opportunities for members to apply and help out the Event Coordinators but that will currently be handled through PMs instead of an application form. This new role is something that will give us all something to look forward to and will help provide GFL with some regular, quality events. I have a lot of belief in the current members of the team and look forward to their upcoming work within GFL! View full article
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    That's why the pressure is on with this revamp to make them active. Roy made it clear that inactivity and such will no longer be tolerated. Except that they do. Or was the recent motion to gut the CA team of the inactives just a prank by Roy? Speaking of ego boosts... I won't speak for the others, but you are making interesting observations for a community s̶t̶o̶n̶e̶r̶ advisor that carried a notorious reputation for struggling to hold simple conversations. Admittedly, I have a slight fondness for seeing you make a post like this. It seems almost like a form of long-awaited catharsis for you. Rather strange how a single post can serve to be your nail in the coffin for whatever degree of respect you had for a whole community, though. Apparently the community is at fault. Outside of gutting the CA team of inactivity (which is already in motion), what alternatives would you propose?
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    No, you didn't. But That's not important! I'm back everyone, and since I know this place has changed a ton in my absence, allow me to update the youngins in the group. My name's Joshawa, and it's been a while since I've seen GFL, but I've missed it and as such found myself here. Now, for those of you who aren't familiar with me, well nice to meet you! I look forward to meeting you. For those of you who remember me, well you bet that I missed you. I am the former server manager for Prop Hunt, which sadly died (AND THANKFULLY CAME BACK). I also brainstormed Purge and helped guide its creation. And by helped I mean told Roy who's significantly more capable what it needed and watched him do it. Finally I worked long and hard on a Star Wars RP server, however personal circumstances caused me to resign all my roles at GFL, as I would rather leave than watch that which I cared go to crap because of me. "Okay, cool, that'd what you did then. But this is 2017, who tf are you?" Well I go to school dual majoring in Information Security/Systems and I hope that I might be able to "make GFL great again." In all honesty I just missed being a part of my favorite gaming community. PS. Roy said he would like this. I'm watching, Roy.
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    Stop wasting your time on the name. Roy is giving you all a big hint about your chance at Staff roles if you wanted it before, want it now, or may want it in the future: Yesterday was the time to shine, but you can start today.
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    How much money do you accept
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    Hello fellow GFL member, I thought it's time to formally introduce myself to everyone. For those of yous that don't know/remember me, I joined GFL in late 2012/early 2013 and been here every since (off and on). It all started with CS:S Deathrun as I just got a gift card from my school and bought CS:S and was trying to find a server to play on when I found deathrun. I was on there for awhile when I hopped over to GMOD for awhile and became a DarkRP guy when the GFL server was still up. At this time I had gotten my first admin position in deathrun and eventually got a position in GMOD DarkRP aswell. After the whole SoJa and Echo incident, me and Jake From State Farm became cool and started getting on GMOD Deathrun. I was already friends with @Roy at this point and we convinced him to let us manage the server, although Jake managed deathrun and I managed GMOD Bhop. Sadly, GMOD Bhop didnt really work out for me as it was a mess and it needed a serious coder and I didn't know the first thing about coding, I didn't want to let Roy down so I kept with it and eventually earned a spot at GMOD Jailbreak which was brand new at the time and at this point I was Root/Superadmin on all the servers around. It took a little while to get it going but once it did it was hitting 30+ people all day. I suppose Roy saw this and had faith in me and gave me 3 new CS:GO servers (Surf RPG, Surf RPG EU, and CS:GO Pub dust/office) and from there I was managing away in the late 2014's early 2015's. It was all going good and well for awhile but then my computer blew up (not literally) and didn't get fixed for awhile. At that point all the servers had new managers, which was fine it couldn't just sit there dead. Anyway, when I came back it was a surprise to everyone (just like now lol) and I thought my higher up career was over but I was approached by someone I can't remember who and said would you like to manage CS:S Deathrun (the server I started out on) and of course I said yes and it was all going good considering this was after the whole Shini episode and the server was back to like 10 people and day which was good considering what happened until my computer once again blew up, but this time I should be good to stay, so expect to see more! (I'm sure there's a lot I missed, but oh well lol). Sincerely, Pedro/3hunna
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    I should also add. I still have connections with the higher ups. TBH changing the CA Rank to Council and giving different roles isn't going to solve GFLs Problems. The problem are the CAs. They seem to be lazy in my eyes and focus too much on the easy things like Threads, Events and such. Lots of little effort project that make it seem like the CA team does stuff. Honestly you should not be praising that changes that are going to happen for the CA Team, you should be concerned that the higher ups don't want to admit that CA team has gone down hill a lot since the Revamp in March, or in tldr terms, the CA team is crap right now. Unmotivated as a whole, not individually, lazy and too focused on easy stuff to boost ego in the community. With that said. I can see why a lot of higher ups have been resigning recently, 5-ish since I resigned, and other who are preparing to. Probably not because of what I have said but the direction of GFL and their personal interest. @Eli @Syntax @Runda @TheLastBee @BillyMartin @Kite9867 @Benroy @Gekkota @Xy_ @JoelSmith @King_Wailord @John_Ariana_Man @Joshy @Bae (To all of you who have COMMENTED on this post so far:) ///////////PLEASE READ//////////// I get the your are trying to support every staff post to boost your ego or whatever reason otherwise, but I can't support this when seeing how things have been since I left and my experience as a CA. We have had a lot of good staff leave in the last 2 months (5) and that says something, including myself. ( @denros @Snoopy @HackingPotato @Rcool64 and @CrusTi ) I bet you that none of these retired staff are extremely liked by the majority of the community. I have seen too many people go for favorites on staff rather then work ethic. The former staff listed above had good work ethic and for the most part, went through with promises. And I don't care if I break your safe space bubble but your favorites are not always the best. Some of the best staff GFL has ever had we're people that were not widely know in the community and didn't make lots of threads for likes. Do you know why, well they were the ones going forward with threads and making GFL what is is/was. And the truth is we don't have those kind of people anymore. We are slowing being left with LOTS OF THREADS and PROMISES but NO ACTIONS. Open you eyes people, sad truth is....gfl is dieing and the staff are desperate.
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    Introduction: The CS:S division has been succeeding in player-base with the Surf RPG Deathmatch and Bhop Timer servers. A major thing I want to fix with the CS:S division is transparency. I want to be more open with everything we do in the division and this forum post is a start. There was a recent idea of expansion in the CS:S that was brought up a few months ago as well as earlier this week. We have actually been working on a Surf Timer server for quite a while. This server has been long overdue and I take full responsibility for putting enough time to release it earlier. It is on track to be released sometime next week and I will be continually updating the progress of the server. As for the other major change to the division, the Bhop server will be going through major renovations that I have been hesitant to go through with. Due to an unfixable bug that major plugins to not load, we will have to replace the timer and many things that go along with it. This decision was a little bit hard because of people's varying opinions on the subject. I believe that I resolved most problems and kinks that may make people unhappy, but if you are upset by any decision, please contact either @Reeve or @Thomasdavid097 and tell us what we can do better. New Server Addition: With the success of both the Surf RPG Deathmatch and Bhop servers, we have decided to add another server to the division. We are proud to introduce our newest server addition, Surf Timer! This server has been long overdue, but will be finally released soon. I am currently working on finding a few admins to help me with the initial start of the server and working on minor details for the initial release of the server. If all goes well, we should be able to release the server sometime next week. I will continue to update everyone on the progress and dates for the the Surf Server. If you want to help out with the Surf server or just have questions about it, you can add me on STEAM. Major Changes for Bhop: Bhop has been experiencing some major problems for a few months now and it is only getting worse. There is a disgusting bug where on certain maps, plugins will not load. This caused the server to break, leaving the server completely unplayable until an admin was able to come on and change the map. Late at night and midday, when admins may not be available, this would cause the server to be dead for long periods of time. This bug is caused by a memory leak in the plugin that cannot be fixed. I have worked with the GFL developers to try to get this fixed, but the best option would be to just find a new timer plugin. This is pretty devastating for this server because of how old it is. CS:S Bhop is one of the oldest servers in GFL and has data from more than 5 years ago. It is sad, but with the new timer, I will be wiping the data of all past records. I know that many people will be a little disappointed with this decision, but I believe that it is for the better. I am truly sorry for all lost records and times from the old timer. Replacing the timer was the only way to fix the bug... I am very sorry. I am working to make the transition from the old timer to the new as smooth as possible. I want the server to transition overnight with no problems so I am being very careful with every decision i make. I am carefully planning the internal details such as ranks and styles for the timer as well as the actions we need to take after releasing the timer with my admins. I am trying to be as open as I can with any change I make and I am asking for any input that you may have. This server is for the people and I want everyone to be equally treated and have a say on everything. The plan is to finish up all of the details by next Friday, November, 24 and release the server overnight and have the server up and running on Saturday, November, 25. Because of the new timer, all of the maps will be unzoned. By the release, I will try to get at least 100 maps zoned for people and keep all of the unzoned maps off of the map cycle. After release, I will spend the next 9 days zoning all 1001 maps. Each day, I will lock the server at exactly 12:00 a.m. EST to zone maps. I will zone 100 maps a day and add them back to the map cycle until there are no more maps to zone. In less than 2 weeks, all maps should be zoned and playable. As for bonuses, I will leave that to the admins and other people with zones to do over time. Other than that, I believe this is this the best strategy for a clean transition of timers. If you have any comments or suggestions, please comment on on this thread.
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    I was thinking the other day, and I noticed that we seemed to be getting quite a few calladmin requests. So, I thought that there should be a way for us admins + to let the players know that the admin request has been recieved, and an admin is coming online. Therefore, I belive that we should implement a !Respond command into the shoutbox. The bot would take the steamid of the staff member and in the server it would display, for example (maybe in yellow? We could use the forum tag colours for name and staff type?): Admin Moose has responded to your calladmin request. Please wait. <Role> <Staff Name> has responded to your calladmin request. Please wait. Then, a PM from the Bot would be sent to the staff member saying that the response was sent. Also included in the PM, an invite link to the server (like the gametracker tags in the division list). In order to make sure the staff member is genuinely an admin for the server, it could check against the admin.ini file for the server and if matched, everything above takes place. If not, then the response is denied, and a pm is sent to the staff saying they are uneledgeable to respond to the call. We could add this to the point system that has been continuously discussed. I think that it could work and I understand it will be awkward to get it to work, but once in practice, it would be beneficial to those on the server as they know their report has been seen. Obviously there will be tweaks and such, I just wanted to throw out the idea and see what can become of it. Overall, we should let the players know that we are on the way. The players on the server can still record rule breakers whilst in wait, and deliver the evidence to the admin so they can sort the issue. Otherwise, they won’t know whether we’re actually reading the calladmin requests and on our way over. Thanks, Moose.
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    Hello everyone. You may have noticed that we have a new role on the forums called Event Coordinators. This role was inspired by GCC and their approach towards event management. Currently there are four members of GFL who have been doing amazing work within GCC and pushing them forward with every event they produce. These members are @Runda @Pyros @Syntax and @Kubnair. The sheer amount of effort each one of them has put into their work within GCC is phenomenal! That is why these members will be the first four to start up our Event Coordinator team! Now for some details about this team and what they can do within there new role. My aim for the team is for one GFL event a month, starting with a Christmas themed event which they are starting to work on now. They will continue to work within GCC to provide events. However they can now request usage of GFL's servers and any other reasonable resource for use within GCC and for GFL events. They will be able to use the Creative team to create GFX for events and for recording/streaming and tweeting the events. They have access to request the Developer team to edit plugins for usage within events. They are able to work with our Server Managers to be able to create events on our current servers. They have been given permissions to directly post and feature posts within the events sub-forum. Lastly they have been given TeamSpeak permissions to edit and use the Event channel, in order to support using TeamSpeak during events. Now I would like to mention that working within GCC is not required by the role, however the team does need to be involved in the events from GCC. There will be opportunities for members to apply and help out the Event Coordinators but that will currently be handled through PMs instead of an application form. This new role is something that will give us all something to look forward to and will help provide GFL with some regular, quality events. I have a lot of belief in the current members of the team and look forward to their upcoming work within GFL!
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    New Map event featuring Temple related maps. There are currently 6 maps that will be split off into a two-part event. The second part of the Temple raid will be held during the Late-night/morning event(More details will be posted as soon as we finish part 1). MAPS *to be played in order* ze_hidden_temple_v2_5 - Download ze_sunkentemple_v3_1 - Download ze_tloz_stone_tower_temple_v1_4 - Download TIME/DATE Saturday, NOVEMBER 25th Time: *POLL* Duration 2-3 hours (unless we beat it before the time stated) Rules Don't troll with items, or you will be banned from using them.Don't afk in spectate, or you will be kicked.Don't mic spam, let the leaders try to give commands over voice comm.Don't zombie inflate (Intentionally becoming a zombie to give the CT's a lesser chance).Mute round will be applied IF we deem it necessary.All other server rules apply to the event. External Links GFL ZE Discord: https://discord.gg/Bkfwg4q GFL ZE Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/GFLCSGOZE To convert your timezone easily, you can use this website to help you: https://www.worldtimebuddy.com/ GOOD LUCK AND HAVE FUN
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    To shed some light on the situation: Spacecow was tier 2. He was demoted to Tier 1 because he did indeed abuse his powers, there are logs of evidence. We do not consider the "battle royales" to be abuse, because while it is odd from the intent of the server, he did initiate votes and got the approval of the players. However, the abuse he did commit was slapping himself forward to grab items quicker than other players, muting and gagging without a good reason, etc. You cannot justify that. It was Space's decision to step down from being admin. He was not forced, in fact we were rather surprised it happened. His reasons are his own and we will leave it at that. As far as inactivity goes, I understand that some admins are not on as often or as frequent. However, I believe that is because of your time zone and when you play. We all have our own lives that come first before the server, whether you like that fact or not. But just being on this past week, I saw all the admins on at multiple points and different times. Length may vary each day, but we are active. Plus, we are always a ping away on discord if you actually do need us. I've yet to see a report or a ping be left untouched for more than 5-10 mins. And as far as community decision making and influence, this is exactly what should be happening. Why do we even have a forum if nobody wishes to make their complaints known? This isn't just for posting your Aesthetic or Diddle wins (Or your spicy memes ). Thank you for your contribution Fetty.
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    Hello, I have started this google docs page with some ideas that I have brainstormed at work yesterday, and I encourage you all to think of as many ideas as you can for the forums. NO idea is stupid in anyway, any suggestion you come up with put it up here, for all you know it could be the next big thing implemented. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1D2dQ44sk-jtAXzE5DwPMP_znjzyttOkIuyHSCDBJD-c/edit?usp=sharing If you take a look you will see 9 ideas, they are not the best ideas but they are a start. I will continue to post ideas here as I come up with them, I suggest all of yous do the same. Thanks, Pedro.
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    Is @Bae Blind or something Because 37 is greater then 23 I don't know if she should be in charge of a art competition with that issue Shouts out ben I think this a pay to admin community showing how she has donated 100 dollars and is in charge all I'm sayin Shouts out squad @transperoman @ZACKITO #ganggang #yes #rekt #hashtag #danforfounder # Kennyforco
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    Hello, I have created a topic in reddit in the hopes of getting more people to join the community. Back in the day we would rack in 10-15 member apps a day, we would literally have contests to see who can get more people to join up. Anyway, check it out at (https://www.reddit.com/r/gaming/comments/7dj75p/gaming_community_gfl/) and I hope that you see this and take it upon yourself to advertise the hell out of GFL, you don't have to be a annoying prick about it because it will send people away, but if you are formal and nice you have a good chance of recruiting people! *Edit, they removed it, but you get the point advertising is key! Thanks, Pedro.
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    Hello! I am here... to say I would like to host a give away.... the longest giveaway, ever... of all time. The details of this giveaway When does it end?: November 17, 2018 (Council, trusted, please take this seriously. because I am honestly being serious) What is the prize?: One year of VIP How do I enter?: You must enter this format in your post down below. Format: Forum Name: When you joined: Steam ID: Favorite Server: Most Memorable moment in GFL (And you must end it with: "Ever... Of all time"): Favorite Food: Who is the host of this Giveaway: Giveaway Requisites: Must be a member or above. (Players will have entry revoked and post deleted) Can NOT be perma-vip (Your entry will be revoked and deleted) Fill out the format to the exact specifications (I will pick the winner using random.org) That's all..... Oh also, approved by: @Roy
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    For those of you that live in the United States, there is a drastic change being pushed by our legislature that could have devastating implications on the future of the internet. I'm talking about the FCC's push to destroy Net Neutrality. In case you didn't know, Net Neutrality is a set of rules for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that prevent them from throttling / forcing users to pay for access to specific sites. For example, if Netflix wanted to make sure it didn't get throttled, it would have to pay ISPs like Comcast tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars just to make sure that its users could easily view their favorite videos. It also has the capability for ISPs charge consumers for access to things like Facebook, Amazon, Youtube, Playing games online, etc. Think of it like the sports package on your TV subscription. You want ESPN, you pay $15 a month. They have the ability to do that for whatever website they want, if Net Neutrality is destroyed. The Chairman of the FCC is going to be pushing to abolish this within a few days, and the only thing standing between him and destroying Net Neutrality is Congress. As a result of this Lobbyists have for the large Cable/ISP companies have been pushing congress to agree with its demolition, however with enough push at a local level, we can influence our congressmen and women to vote to keep existing Net Neutrality policies. You can find out who your local legislators are by visiting this website and entering your Zip Code: https://whoismyrepresentative.com/ You can then email (or snail mail if you prefer) your support of Title 2 Net Neutrality. If you would like to call your local congressional offices (I HIGHLY SUGGEST YOU DO), please visit this website: https://www.battleforthenet.com/ All you have to do is enter your phone number, an automated machine will call you asking for your zip code, and it will automatically call any representatives that apply to your location. They will also provide a script for you to say (so you don't have to feel awkward) and when you're done with one, you can press * (star) to have them reconnect you to the next applicable representative. Please, do not let corporations destroy our internet experience. Keep the Net Neutral. Thank you. If you have any questions or want to voice other ways to support, comment below
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    DISCLAIMER: The vote that I give the applicant is not final, and is subject to change depending on whether the applicant displays improvements or not. TLDR is at the bottom. Vote: -1 Feedback: To start things off, I personally do not feel that you are admin material due to your behavior and maturity, but I will get to that later, for now I will discuss other points which made me decide to -1 you. Firstly, your last application was sent in just a week ago and was denied due to you not meeting the minimum requirement of having 100+ hours. The time span between both admin applications gives me the impression that you really only care about getting the admin position, and the powers that come with it. Having said that, even though it is not explicitly stated as a requirement; it is important to get to know the community, and in my opinion you are still quite a fresh face to many people in the community, including the admin team. I would take things slow, and stop trying to rush to get the admin role. Take your time, get to know the admin team and the community as a whole (You can improve on this by joining and being active on the GFL ZE discord, as many regulars and admins are active on it). Moving on, in your admin application, you state the following in the "WHY DO YOU WANT TO BECOME AN ADMIN" section: Actions speak louder than words. In your words, your portray yourself as a good natured player with a positive attitude, but there are times where I have seen you on the server with a completely different attitude compared to the one that your are portraying in your application. A recent example would be: a diddle run from a few days ago where you chose to NOT help out the team with the defence in the dicklett temple stage, and instead doorhugged (Would not count as triggering, as the leader already specified that the player "SaintTabarnac" would be triggering), all because the player "Loco^^" was appointed as the leader by the admin on at the time (Me). This does not really help with your application at all, as this also displays that you do not have the expected maturity for someone of your age. Additionally, this also brings into question how you would be able to handle the more rowdy side of the server. As an admin you have to be able to not allow your emotions to control the decisions that you make, and your behavior on the server makes me feel as if you would not be able to control yourself if you were to come across situations where players are intentionally trying to cause you to slip up. To sum things up, right now I feel that there are many things about you that show that you are not ready to be an admin. My opinion about that can change, but before I change my mind on my vote, I would need to see you develop a sense of professionalism and maturity as a player. I would also need to see you get involved more in the community. TLDR (Too long didn't read): Get involved more in community, don't rush, actually be the player that you are describing yourself as.
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    Currently me and the other admins are trying to revive Jailbreak and we need your help! Every night we're trying to play and get at least 10 people. To help please join our discord server (thanks @Outbreak_Prime) here https://discord.gg/sN9xKAD and Just play the server! If you've never played jailbreak before the whole premise of the gamemode if your a prisoner is to Escape away from the guards and get guns to kill them. As a guard you can be a either be warden or just a regular guard. The warden gives the prisoner commands and the guards makes sure the prisoners are following the wardens commands. It's a really fun gamemode and deserves more attention. You can join by typing "Connect" in console. Big thanks to Jat, Faex and Chicken for helping with the revival #makeJBGreatAgain
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    Long time no see gfl, Just found out today that I'm going to be an Armor officer for the United States Army. What does that mean? It means starting next year i'll be wandering around in tanks and commanding troops. Maybe one day i'll get to blow up some terrorists or something.
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    did you just... N U T?
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    - Added SCP-178-1 - Invisible unless you are wearing SCP-178 - Deals 34 damage upon colliding with an enemy. - Spawns in 513's cell - Removed Spraymesh uhh forgot what other changes I made. (Also @Roy is a pleb)
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    Well hello there... Some of you may have seen me around before and I'm sure even more are noticing me for the first time. My name is Crawfish or Craw, but not Fish. I'm not fishy at all, I swear. If you've seen me in CS:GO before it was probably on a Zombie Escape server. That's where I spend most of my time if I'm playing CS:GO. Way back in the day, I would play CS 1.6 and the Zombie Mod they had on there. Zombie Plague was pretty different though. Times have changed quite a bit and the people that play have changed as well. I enjoy meeting new people and having new experiences in general. @Roy and I have talked a lot lately and I'm sure you'll see me around helping out where I'm useful. I'm just gonna be looking to see what I can do to help GFL. I think I provide some valuable experience since I've been in and around counter-strike community servers for over 10 years. I have seen both the side of a player and also the side of server/community management. From this unique perspective, I've seen many different aspects of a community and I feel I have learned a lot that can be put to use. I love to write and to talk in general, so I hope to become more involved and eventually get to know many more people. Thanks for reading this long intro!
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    Hey everyone, I recently noticed that SpaceCow is no longer an admin. With him being gone (as one of the most active admins/players), I felt like it was time to have the dreaded conversation that everyone wants to ignore and pretend isn't a big issue. The admins of the server are simply put inactive. They are allowed to be in their position and still have the powers and privileges that come with adminship, yet they fulfill 0 of the responsibilities that they have to the server. I know that I'm just a little old pleb and tons of shit happens behind the scenes... But why are admins allowed to be so inactive and still have their power? I seriously love all of you guys, but many of guys aren't doing a very good job... If you wanna emphasize HOURS HOURS HOURS for newer admins, why don't you do the same and play at least the bare minimum? Otherwise for the most part occupying positions of power with barely any server playtime leads to a disconnect between your ideas and the larger community's ideas (magnified cause in this system since only admin opinions matter in decisions that affect us all) AND leads to new and great candidates being turned away simply cause there are too many admins (Altek?). At some point, I believe the admins should understand that if they are not fulfilling their obligations due to choice/inability to, perhaps they should simply retire. Tl;DR - The community should definitely play a more integral part in key decisions (from determining admins to demoting admins), and those in power shouldn't be able to have the power/privileges they have and not do their basic job as server admins. I know I am not the only one who has these opinions - Many in the admin team and in the larger community believe this to be true (first part at least). Please, don't take anything I said personally, I still love all of you - Fetty I'd like to hear what some of the admins have to say on this whole inactivity issue and what the community thinks about what goes on in the server/what should be done. EDIT : Hey guys, here's spacecow's statement on why he left. https://pastebin.com/EDzDtewf This once again shows how i feel that we need more of a voice in decisions that affect us all - If space can be demoted for abuse directed against us, why aren't we able to weigh in on the decision?
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    Seeing that there are clearly some misunderstandings about what happened, perhaps we should corroborate what actually happened? Based of what I've read, the following is an account of what happened. AzraelJin made a report against Spacecow about the abuse of his admin power. Snowy followed up with an investigation finding Spacecow guilty of said abuse. Said "admin will be punished accordingly". Spacecow was demoted to t1 as punishment for his abuse of admin powers (slapping himself forward to grab items quicker than other players, muting and gagging without a good reason, etc. as highlighted by Block and koala). Spacecow resigned from being an admin of his own accord. @Saint-Tab Spacecow wasn't demoted for just abusing some "cancerous new guy" but simply for the abuse of his powers. Based off what the admins who have replied have said, it seems certain that the abuse of admin powers is inexcusable regardless of how well liked or what tier the admin is and will be punished. Nor does it matter how new or how cancerous the person who was abused and made the report is. To not solely focus on the demotion and resignation of one admin and to address the larger question posed by the OP, as follows is my input. The admin requirements set forth in admin applications are made to assess the potential, ability, and maturity to not perform the admin duties that entail but also fit in well with both the admin team and the server's community. As such, I do not believe it to be necessary that any approved admin be reassessed by the community if he/she is fit to continue as admin. However, I do get what Fetty is getting at; that some admins have reduced their hours and activity since their approval and are seemingly "inactive". I do not think there should be any standing requirements for existing admins to fulfill. It would be best to raise any concerns that the inactivity of an admin being in any way detrimental to the server and its community with the admin himself, or the higherups, and trust that they address such concerns on a case by case basis. Note: Is asking for proof, evidence, or logs of his abuse necessary? Do you not trust the server manager to duly investigate and punish any admin misconduct accordingly? I speak for myself when I say that I trust the admins to do so however should you not, that is another issue that should perhaps be address in a seperate topic. TL;DR Spacecow was demoted for the abuse of his admin powers following which he resigned of his own accord. I acknowledge that some admins have reduced hours (much like many players getting burnt out from the game mode or shifting interests to other games) but do not think the community should be making any decisions about the approval/demotion/assessment of any admin as that power should lie with the admin team. We, as the community, should definitely express any concerns of "dead admins" but also understand that there are members of the team that work behind the scenes to aid and improve the server, ways in which we as the community do not notice in our daily cancerous trihard laser fuckfests.
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    First off all rose the only one who should be hopping off someones dick is you slut and darkling if she didn't earn it by money she got it by her gender lets be honest stop locking posts mr council leader
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    Man, I think you guys need to calm down on the hostility. I don't know why any of you feel the need to insult each other and throw each other under the bus. If anything is going to harm the community its going to be the people who are new to the community seeing you guys who have been in it for a long time acting like this. Every one of you who are acting like 12 year old kids who can't get past their disagreements and have to resort to insults should be ashamed of yourselves.
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    Please do not take the following as offensive content as I have NOT taken any offense from the reply above, same thing applies for those that I will mention, I will attempt to speak the truth and try to only say stuff I'm certain is the absolute truth, thanks. I have done these types of posts before, and I won't hesitate to do them now nor in the future, they're for the sake of GFL and I do not care if I lose my positions after this. This is constructive criticism (kinda). Hey CrusTi, I have to clear something up, I do not post on every single announcement so I can "boost my ego", I only post on those that mention specific people I'm interested in, or subjects I'm interested in knowing, most of these "specific people" are either people who have helped me reach the position I'm in after redeeming myself worthy and are ready to help others, or are simply interesting and I would like to get to know them, some of these people (I will not tag/mention) are SwegBuster, Darkling, and Dan. I can also mention others such as Dano, Snoopy, and Shuruia. Now these are the people that helped me rise, and are willing to help anyone that wants to if they are worthy, so please do not jump into conclusions, now into the main part, do not consider anything of the below offensive. You're literally contradicting yourself. They all have cons and pros, but most of them have surely done something remarkable that gave them this "honor" to be tagged today in your reply, but trust me, they all have a cons. Starting with denros, he's a great guy yeah, he helped me A LOT in TTT and has improved GFL remarkably, however, the dude has a pretty toxic attitude, I've seen him before, he starts fights and doesn't have the will to end them, I've supported him coming back simply because I didn't know of him and his attitude so much, but I've seen him go off at people continuously without stopping. Then there's Snoopy, now this dude is just something else, he helped me so much throughout his reign, and has shown me the right path on how to attempt to obtain the management of ZM, though the server got deleted...anyhow, he's a great guy and I didn't expect him to resign, I can't think of any cons, sometimes shitposts but it's always quality shitposts so yeah. And...there's Hacking. I just don't know where to start, she's been extremely nice lately and pretty active, but I can't just delete her history, I have been admin for what now? 3 months++? I have literally only seen her on like 3-4 times on TS, and on forums every time she posts something it's either a shitpost or something toxic, I know I'm going to start shit by saying this but, I can't believe you called her "good staff", she took away Dan's position and now 1v1's dying, half or more of the CS:GO division is dead, and to top it off once given a command to complete the "Trello" task to reform the division, she didn't do anything, literally. Rcool's a cool dude nothing more, I didn't think of how important he was until I became a SA and a MA, this guy did a lot of work back in the day that GFL's based on now, but he's inactive, and he knows it, can't think of any cons other than that. And then there's you, no cons at all, great guy, just don't say this bullshit again. Compare these 5 people that are tagged in your post to some others that helped GFL rise such as...oh wait never mind they're all forgotten. I'm one of the few people in GFL that actually give credit to staff that did so much work yet haven't gotten noticed, I actually said that twice in a conversation with Dan, and I repeated it over and over when talking to GFL members, I have always considered GFL as an "Already built house, people that live in it get the credit, people that built it don't get noticed.", kinda the perfect example to me. Also, I have always told Roy that GFL is dieing, and he did listen, he did make promeses, he did write threads, but nothing was done. What he doesn't understand is that while moving forward is a great thing, the more you move forward the more it weighs you down, we're killing major divisions so we can open new servers and mini divisions. TL;DR: What you said is right, partially. Also...we're killing ourselves, I've said it before and won't repeat it again, GFL is cannibalizing itself. PS: Roy stop posting this "Future of GFL" types of threads nobody cares, post achievements. PS2: I know what I'm doing, and I know what I said and I will protect my POV from any opposition to come.
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    It's great seeing the staff communicating like this! It has been this way for the last four days or so (all day). This must keep up in my opinion and communication is improving a lot from it. We will be making adjustments and changes in the next few days or so!
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    what happened to gfl can't even say u want someone to get shot anymore gay nazi shit
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    As someone that plays as a regular on a server that has a plugin that gives rewards based on damage done to zombies (won't say name of server so as not to advertise), the main problem with this plugin is that people that care about the rewards end up shooting zombies during boss fights instead of the boss (if there isn't a wall in front of the zombies that is). Usually, the boss fight proceeds just fine if only 1 or 2 people do this, but if more than that grind damage during the boss, it easily leads to you losing what should have been an easy boss fight. Such a plugin certainly does have benefits, but I thought I should mention one of the primary downfalls it and that you may want to add a rule prohibiting such actions if this plugin is added.
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    Well, I along with a few others (@Ariistuujj, @Xy_, and @Darkling) have been preparing the current forum theme for IPS 4.2. Hopefully once that's done, I'll get the new web VM fully setup soon and we can finally move the website over to the new web VM (NGINX) and upgrade to IPS 4.2.x
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    Don't blame admins when you can't follow the rules. Stop posting this kind of pointless threads. Oh by the way. If you want to report an admin, do so in a private message to the Server manager(s) of said server. Which, In this case, it's me and @King_Wailord. (Jailbreak)
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    Guys check out what @Nick has been doing on the beta fourm! https://beta.gflclan.com/index.php?app=forums&module=forums&controller=forums&id=2
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    I want to know how much time you can commit to GFL. If it is more than 24 hours a day, I will give you a +1
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    I think people should already want to do this, but you can give additional incentive with something like a "Recruiter" badge or title. Merge it with Member Acceptor and purge the old title/role.
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    What dude? I just tagged Billy so he could read this comment and we could talk about this. But. You made some points and let’s talk about this a bit. I don’t really get to know staff that I don’t have to interact with. Sure I am in some chats that let me meet people in other areas.. but. Only CA I know is Winter and I never need him for anything and he tends to be working on servers so I don’t bother him much. Other than that I can’t really comment on the CA-> Council decision. I did like this post because it is showing initiative towards a cleanse of inactivity. However, the main thing that caught my eye is when you said that: The old staff very well may have been some of the best. It doesn’t mean that we still don’t have plenty of great staff here. But you say that we don’t have those type of people anymore and I see new people like that being recruited all the time. I’d like to say I have been a go getter with the prophunt server. And it was only with the help of a Ton of help from all kinds of people. @ButterKing5000 has been listening to every little question and hasn’t shown even a bit of regret to accepting my friend request yet. @BillyMartin Puts thought into how to make PH better every day and does more work than me even someday. @mbs taught me how to manager ulx a lot better and continues to answer questions that I randomly come up with. @Xy_ @Violator @Zebra have all also fielded a ton of questions from me and will mostly likely field a ton more in the future. Especially @Violator Don’t forget I need help with the thing. Lol I missed a lot as this isn’t a thank you post. That will come another time. I also may have rambled a little.. But if GFL is a withering forest in your eyes, it is because you don’t see all the little saplings growing at the forest floor.
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    @CrusTi I am just going to say this, you're just assuming things. Yes, I congratulate to the new & old things that's coming in. But that does not mean I forgotten about the five people that resigned, heck; sure they're the major higher ups that resigned, but they aren't the first. I'm sorry if this sounds rude but after what happened with the SoJa incident, I don't really mind as much as people leaving and coming back. I talked to Hacking, she's moving on with her life that she planned for a long time; I recall that she's doing or attempting to do army or whatever it was called. I have already knew about Rcool, he disappeared years back but he was still staff even when he was gone for about 1-2 years. Denros left about three times and coincidentally we came from the same community previously. Snoopy is the only person I rarely talk to or know about besides the fact that he is from TF2 division. But as I said, this does not mean I don't are about them. Everyone has done things to help GFL, and I have never said GFL will live forever. I've mentioned it many times to Roy and a few other close friends on GFL; some got extremely mad/upset at me, cough dano cough. Because it's their first community, but this is my 18th (???) so as far as knowing if GFL is going to be alive or dead doesn't really concern as much since I'm blacklisted from apply for staff, esp. on gmod. So if anything, I don't really mind, I just want to see how far it'll last. TL;DR I am not new to community dying. I've been in many communities whether gaming or not. I have lost many friends and many memories. But they won't ever come back. So, my feelings toward those who left is just a mere student/teacher relationship. Nothing more and nothing less.
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    Weren't there a few CAs demoted at the end of January or something like that? My memory is a little bit weak. I would imagine people began to notice some of the effects not too long after like in March or something weird. Why would you even need to tell me this? It's like I can see the future or something. I recommend reading the entire post for anyone who is interested in any leadership role, but I have no problem highlighting the repeat: I am definitely not a suck up. I think there was some mystery surrounding my demotion and I'll just get straight to the point: I don't just tell people what they want to hear:
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    Time to demote purple back down to trial if you know what I'm saying