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    SCP Object: Murder everyone leave no one alive but also try and keep your self alive and be sneaky. The element of surprise is in your favour so use it wisely! Tip for certain classes: SCP 106: Stay hidden beside doors and await your prey! SCP 173: Avoid direct contact with anyone and sneak up behind them and snap their necks! SCP 049: Infect everyone and anyone and get a large enough group to defeat the MTF! SCP 049-2: You are the minion of SCP 049 you are extremely powerful but have much lower health than most SCP Objects (Right click for a insta-kill) SCP-457: Some call him weak but he is a very dangerous SCP when working a longside another SCP Object. Your objective is to hide around corridors and surprise your opponents causing their HP to drop dramatically. The trick is to try and lure them to you and not go chasing after them as if you trap them in a close quarters area they are doomed... he is incredibly slow and causes players to flinch and disorientates their vision slightly but you must act fast so having another SCP Object a long side you guarantees your survival as this SCP. (He may be the "worst" but you just got to play your cards right as this SCP Object in order to take out as many people as possible...) Researchers: Stay hidden and await rescue from the MTF or try and seek rescue by heading towards the exit but be careful the SCP Object are on the lookout for you! Class-D: You're basically the test subjects that no one cares about. Try and escape by sneaking past the MTF or by brute force and murdering all the MTF to leave the hell you've been trapped in for years but remember the Chaos Insurgency group is looking to save you and the other Class D MTF: You must rescue all the Researchers without hesitation. When you spawn there is a door to the right which only the commander can open. ONCE opened you must head upstairs and find 3 switches the one on the far right is the one you are wanting to press (This unlocks the door in which the researchers escape from and the backup arrives in. Opening this door almost always guarantees a win unless the SCP Object's overwelm you! Chaos Insurgency: You must help the prisoners escape whilst being undercover as a MTF Security Guard and maintaining that disguise. You must get the Class-D out by all means others your job has failed. (This class is only given when the backup group arrives from above) I will be keeping this up to date when I find more tactics on how to win faster and more efficiently. (Yes I know there is something like this in the MOTD but it doesnt elaborate on how to open those doors as a MTF and what not)
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    The new server manager for Surf Timer is @Zynth Congratulations.
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    Steam Wallet Giveaway As a thank you to all our donators and to celebrate GFL hitting $3000 in donations, the staff members have decided to giveaway $20 steam wallet codes to 6 lucky donators. If you would like to join this giveaway you must be a current donator (Supporter/VIP) or have previously donated. You also need to leave your name below. If you are not already a donator why not consider donating, you might even be lucky enough to win. Winners will be chosen randomly on the 2nd of March 2017. Once again we would like to thank our donators for your continued support for this community and we look forward to doing more giveaways in the future.
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    Hey everyone, We have launched a new GMod server running the gamemode Breach. Come check out the server and see why it's one of our most popular servers already! Make sure to add to your favorites. See the following posts on how to play. Credit to @Kubnair for bringing the gamemode to our attention. View full article
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    I hope you all have a good one don't kiss and tell, but maybe you've got some special plans you'd be willing to share whether it's sitting alone on one of our servers all day (that's a great way to get your blood rushing), a Netflix and Chill kind of night, or cooking with someone of interest... even friends are cool. Cheers!
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    On 11 Feb 2017, we held a special event called "Zero Nominations Day". From what we've seen, Zero Nominations Day was a success and with that we highly welcome any input and opinions about it. Let us know any ideas that transpired, but do keep in mind that our resources are limited and can't make any promise for this type of event in the future.
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    Welcome to GFLClan.com's Breach Server! How To Play: Basically there's 6 groups trapped inside a facility Researchers - The researchers have to find the guards and get out of the facility while choosing to work with or against D classes and can choose to kill them and must also kill all scp's on sight. MTF (Security Team) - The guard team's job is to find and rescue all scientists/researchers and kill all D classes And SCP'S ( Prisoners and monsters) in the process. Eventually another team of guards will arrive ( This team consists of already dead/ spectating players) known as Nine tailed fox and they arrive as reinforcements to support the MTF Team ( they have the same job as the MTF) D Class (Prisoners) - The Prisoners must find weapons or key cards and kill all guards and SCP'S while choosing to work with or kill researchers and get out of the facility. (basically get out) SCP'S (Monsters/Demons) - They are basically monsters and have to break out of the facility while killing everyone they see and are not allowed to work alongside anyone but other scp's. CI ( Undercover MTF) Helps prisoners disguised as an MTF operative while killing all researchers and MTF and SCP'S . How To Become A GFL Member: Register on the forums. Check your email and validate your account. Apply for membership. GFL Rules: No racism. Do not disrespect other players. Do not advertise non-GFL servers. Hacks of any kind are not allowed. Children on mics may be restricted. English only server. Obey the admins. Do not impersonate admins. GFL Breach Rules: Do not RDM (Random Death Match) - killing or attacking someone of your own group at random for no reason. Camping an area for more than a minute is not allowed. ( Unless you are a D class or a researcher) Goomba stomping is not allowed on your own group. ( or researchers if your an MTF) Door blockers will be kicked or can be killed after 3 warnings. ( Do not do this if there is an admin on you will lose karma) Do not kill AFK'S of your own group no matter what. MTF'S cannot help anyone but researchers SCP'S cannot help anyone except other SCP'S Researchers can help D class people and MTF'S D class can work with researchers but no one else. Pushing with a crowbar is allowed as long as there is no clear danger for the person being pushed. Do not use map exploits. Do not revenge RDM. Do not target admins. Do not falsely report players. Do not kill/crowbar people when you are stuck, wait for an admin to teleport you. Not killing someone of the other group when you should ( Like an MTF ignoring an SCP and walking by or the SCP doing the same) is cheating/ghosting Do not break doors and elevators on purpose.
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    How are those murder servers going?
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    Its Valentine's Day, so I thought to celebrate the occasion I would post some good valentines cards. Have "fun"
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    Awesome guide. Helps noobs (like @Mundo and @Violator)
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    Hello! A few years ago appeared the idea of creating a community dedicated to SoccerMod in CS:GO, and from that idea we could organize interesting matches in some of our servers around the world, here is some material: Official steam group (server IPs inside): http://steamcommunity.com/groups/F-I-F-A International 11vs11 Match: Brazil vs Switzerland: And here is the important part, we would be very grateful if we can make an alliance between our communities and help each other, this can be done by opening a server in USA with your name (therefore is yours) and our SoccerMod, we can keep expanding our reach so more people can play this amazing game, for now we have one server in south-america, the rest depends on you, i hope you like the idea and feel free to ask any question!
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    Division Leaders Steam @Zebra Steam @Violator Server Manager To Be Determined Admins Steam @Mundo Steam @RickGrimesTM Steam @Kubnair Steam@Z1galord Steam @Pyros Steam @Spazzin Steam @Fx280 Steam @Xy_ Steam @Ejfeds Steam @PB-n-J Steam @Major_Push
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    It's running on one of our machines; the machine's processor is the Intel Xeon 1271v3 @ 3.6 GHz. The machine isn't overloaded either. Thanks.
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    -- MEMBERSHIP PERKS -- Apply for membership as GFL membership is FREE. - An in-game tag that says [ Member ] - Access to human/zombie Member skin -Access to two human model/skin colors via !colors - Members won't get dropped for Reserved Slots -- DONATOR PERKS -- Donate to GFLCLAN.COM and enjoy the following perks. SUPPORTERS ($4.99 USD per month) - An in-game and forum tag that says [ Supporter ] - Access to human/zombie Supporter skins via !zclass - Access to all !colors to change skin/model colors - Reserved Slot advantage which allows you to join the ZE server even if it is full VIPs ($7.99 USD per month) - An in-game and forum tag that says [ VIP ] - Custom 20 character tag that can be changed via !settag - Colored tag and name via !tags - Access to all donator human/zombie skins via !zclass - Access to all !colors to change human skin/model colors - Reserved Slot advantage which allows you to join the ZE server even if it is full
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    I am promoting Hide N Seek to the GFL community! I however believe that most of the gamemode can be explain throuh the video, yet some things so you know what you're watching. (Huge creds to Steeve for leting me highlight HnS with his Vid) *****The clip is from cs 1.6 cause it was his best highlight***** HnS T's are hiders CT's are seekers T's cannot knife and have to rely on their ability to strafe and bhop CT's can knife and pickup weapons Weapons are only obtainable for T's to pickup, drops on death however Will teach you how to bhop like a god!
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    I've started doing this on previous forums and I noticed that some people liked it. Well, I improved by adding captioning and will be doing some of those famous songs during the '60s. I've done this song, named All you need is love, which is written by The Beatles. There's this video: I apologize for any errors I made, but this is the most I can do in one night. Practices take hours. Editing took me a quite while... I will be doing some more as well in this thread.
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    Can we get some special rounds? Breach is fun but it starts to get repetitive after a while since most people suck at surviving. I'd really like to have a round that's SCP-049, researchers, and MTF only. And make it so zombies infect other people once they kill them instead of just murdering them like usual. Would make things a bit more interesting. Other special rounds would be interesting too. But either way, Breach needs some more variety to keep it interesting.
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    Well, it is a new month. And with new months come new giveaways. (I do giveaways every month) February is the month of love. And I love all of you, so I will be giving away... 2x VIP Status For A Whole Month! That means two of you could have VIP rank on everyone of the GFL Servers. All you have to do to enter is.. Like this post Comment who your Valentine is (2 entries if you include a picture of you and your Valentine) (I am not asking for likes, I am just using it as a second reference) Here are the giveaway rules: You cannot enter if you have VIP after the date of February 14th. You can enter if you are a SUPPORTER Must be a GFL Member You can only enter ONCE The giveaway will end on February 14th, at 12 am EST (Eastern Standard Time) Here is a countdown timer: http://itsalmo.st/#giveawaytime Goodluck to all. Best Regards, iPro.
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    Thank you for enjoying Zero Nominations Day! From this poll, we can clearly see that you guys want it weekly. Therefore, Zero Nominations Day will happen weekly starting from this week. 18 Feb 2017, every Saturday or Sunday
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    But it has different hitboxes, much bigger. Would be unfair especially on something like 1v1 where it's more competitive practice.
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    Promoted @Mundo to Head Admin and @Maskiee to Admin+! Congratulations to the both of them. It was a hard decision and I believe these two will help make the server better!
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    Haven't seen anyone else do it yet, so if no one minds I'm going to use this thread for Breach suggestions. 1. Log system - Record of logs, perhaps similar to TTT/Purge showing who killed who, etc,. It's probably being worked on, given that Breach is still new, but I at least want to put the idea out there. If logs are not able to happen immediately, then perhaps something for the interim. I'm thinking a temporary screenshot of who killed you? 2. A !showadmins command to see if any admins are online? Or, when pressing 'tab', display their rank near/next to their name? Member/VIP/Admin/Violator - Something to that effect.
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    How about no? LoL sucks please don't play it. Thanks Before throwing rocks at me, I played league for 4 years and I've seen it evolve from a great MOBA to a cancerous game.
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    So there's this cool new game mode out on gmod called breach try it out if you haven't already. Basically there's 4 groups Scientists - The scientists have to find the guards and get the hell out Guards- The guard team's job is to find and rescue all scientists and kill all prisoners and monsters Prisoners- The prisoners must find weapons or keycards and kill all guards and monsters while holding the scientists hostage for keycards to get out of the facility. (basically get out) Monsters- The monsters have to break out of the facility while killing everyone they see. (they all have another name but basically they are those 4) and they are all inside this facility . Pretty fun game mode suggest you guys try it out and I want to see what your thoughts are on it and if you feel there shouldn't be a gfl version of this why is it you feel that way?
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    Neutral leaning towards -1 I feel like you're reapplying way too soon already, your last admin app was denied just 3 weeks ago. It's looking to me like all you care about is getting an admin position, you come back on the server after a half year absence and apply for admin just days after your return. It also doesn't seem to be a coincidence to me that you applied exactly a month after posting your last app. Regardless of all this, I don't see you doing a bad job at admin, and you have been keeping consistent good playtime, but it's hard to give a neutral or +1 when I see these power hungry looking behaviours.
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    VIP MODELS I am proud to announce and brand new perk for VIP's that you can use on 1v1 US and EU, starting now! You can access this perk by purchasing VIP and joining the 1v1 server. There is a selection of skins for Terrorists as well as Counter-Terrorists which will save on map change. Here are the available skins/factions: Command: !model ANARCHISTS GIGN PIRATES GSG-9 PROFESSIONALS ST-6 SEPARATISTS FBI BALKANS IDF LEET SAS (After Update) PHOENIX SWAT
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    Suspended @Plexol from Operator for 2 weeks Demoted @Iris from Admin
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    Its complicated, most admins have either school or work, therefor they need to sleep, we could try, but being a staff int a job, we dont get paid
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    are we being left for cats D:
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    I haven't drove in months as the city here uses the metro/tube very often, and I am super anxious to get back to a motorcycle (although my last one had a dent in its frame and the previous was stolen); aside from skateboarding, hopping onto an empty highway is another way to give myself some relief and personal/thinking time. I was just curious how many people can relate to me so far as driving goes... I don't care if it's a car, truck, motorcycle... cement truck... This is just a super vague question I left a "gray area" answer for those of you who know how to drive and might even do it without a license, but this is mostly intended to be a yes or no question. Obligatory picture to annoy the hell out of you guys
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    Its time for GFL CS:GO ZE monthly map event! The Event will be held on Saturday, 25 Feb 2017. Voting poll ends on 20 Feb 2017. More details will be posted right after the voting ends. and remember to vote wisely
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    Minor changes will be in the works over the next week. Mostly back end stuff but hopefully it will make things a little more smooth and not so rushed and clunky.
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    Hey guys, just wanted to let people know that on Saturday, 2/18, at around 6 pm, if we have enough to people on, I will be switching over the map to Mallmart for one map cycle. During this I will reinstate the "Fasties unlocked at 50%" rule... As it's a giant map. Anyways, just wanted to give some of you a heads up. This is just an experiment that I want to try, does not mean it will be permanent.
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    Our community, Games For Life, has been invited to participate in a cross-community Overwatch Extravaganza where we'll be playing against 7 other communities in intense 6v6 matches to prove who is the best community at Overwatch. Did we accept the challenge? Of course we did. We can't possibly let a challenge like that go. Prizes, you ask? For those that win: Women, glory and honor. For those that lose: They become the winners' servants. If you're looking to watch or participate in some intense, fun and enjoyable Overwatch tournaments, then this is your chance. The tournament will consist of an upper and a lower bracket where the communities will fight it out in a double elimination style tournament and it is being hosted by HellsGamers. We'll be facing 7 other communities who also wish to win, so this tournament isn't going to be easy. The event will be streamed, a link to that can be found below. The communities participating are: Games For Life (GFL) EdgeGamers HellsGamers Prestige Gaming SeriousGMod pZ Community Skynet Gaming TangoWorldWide We hope that you'll come along to support GFL and its team as we could do with all the support that we can get. If you have any interest in participating in this tournament, please drop a message below and the team will be picked accordingly. Date: 4th and 5th of March Time: 4pm EST / 9pm GMT Location: US Servers Maps: Undecided Team Rosters: CLICK Brackets: CLICK Streamer: CLICK Manager - Snoopy Team Leader - @Shuruia Player 1 - @Dano Player 2 - @Banana_King Player 3 - @Deltacommander Player 4 - @Gandalf Player 5 - Sub 1 - @Syrus Sub 2 - @GLiTCh View full article
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    I'd just like to say thanks to everyone who submitted a response to the survey yesterday. helps me out a lot. We got 102 responses, pretty crazy. Thanks guys!
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    Rounds are going to be quicker than me in bed.
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    So was Jailbreak when it opened. And Deathrun. Not to be offensive or anything. But it'll probably die down eventually a little. As for its future, I'm really not sure. I played a little bit yesterday and it lagged for me a fair amount. Could've been the massive number of players on there though rip For @Kubnair and the other people running the show at the moment, good luck guys!
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    lol let's see if we can keep all the money at the top, just like the United States.
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    Hello everyone! My name is TheUnkindledOne. I discovered this lovely community no more than maybe a few hours ago but I already love this group. When I am not playing I am either at school or sleeping, as my work permits a low level of play. Unfortunately, due to my laptop's small hard drive (229 SSD, shared with games and periphery applications), I am restricted to only a small amount of games(6, to be exact, CS:GO, GMod, Rimworld, Payday 2, and BF2 Bad Company, and League of Legends[which is more an abusive relationship that I keep crawling back for]). But I try my hardest to be a part of any community and will be there when someone needs help. Deus Vult my friends!
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    Hey guys if you'd like to help me out by taking a quick survey, it'd be really appreciated. Helps me out with a project. Thanks! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfAh4Zv9HOFj_icWZ3ExGslrNwsoEdfXAHgr9-aBQM1jVHM4A/viewform
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    I agree that I could give more information on my application, because this is a third application, but I do disagree about me screwing around most of the times because I don't, but thanks anyways
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    I don't celebrate Christian holidays, but I hope everyone that does has a good time. As good of a time you can have with Valentine's Day, anyway. To those that are lamenting that they are alone, I raise my mug to you today.
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    Damn. Can't believe this isn't here yet... "Dixon Cider" Go ahead, say it slowly. xD
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    Here is a list of all the player models that Members, Supporters, and VIPs have access to! To become a Member, apply over here To become either a Supporter or a VIP, you can donate over here The command used to change your player model is !zclass or /zclass To view your model from third person mode, the command is !tp and to go back to first person mode, the command is !fp To color the Masterchief and Scout Trooper skin, the command is !colors Members have access to blue and green Supporters and VIPs have access to all of the colors ZOMBIES : - Member+ (Gorefast) - Supporter+ (Nazi Zombie) - VIPs (VIPs have access to all skins) (Xenomorph Soldier) HUMANS : - Public+ (Masterchief) - Members+ (Scout Trooper) - Supporter (Rick Grimes) (Hunk) (Shoretrooper) - VIPs (VIPs have access to all skins) (Ada Wong) (Nano Suit) (Deadpool) (Boba Fett) (Deathtrooper) (Sauron) - Admins (Combine Elite) Mappers get access to Nazi Zombie, Shoretrooper, Rick Grimes, and Hunk. Thank you @xSnowyAngel and @reduct for helping to take screenshots!