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    Hello, there have been significant changes in GFL’s leadership recently. I would like to briefly address them in this post, along with announcing additions to the directorate. Recent Resignations Some of you may be upset about the recent resignations but it is what we believe is best for GFL to move forward. I want to start with saying thank you to both @Shuruia and @Dano! You have both, over time, provided a lot to GFL. In recent times however there has been a decreasing amount of activity which has lead to this moment. Moving Forward We have two members of the community who will be stepping up to fill the open positions. I want to welcome back both @Snoopy and @denros to the directorate. These two have both put a tremendous amount of time and energy into GFL and will be welcome additions to the directorate team. They have both been helping a lot since they stepped down and I believe it is time to make this official. We look forward to these changes in leadership and believe we are taking a step forward in the right direction. Thanks. View full article
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    Hello, there have been significant changes in GFL’s leadership recently. I would like to briefly address them in this post, along with announcing additions to the directorate. Recent Resignations Some of you may be upset about the recent resignations but it is what we believe is best for GFL to move forward. I want to start with saying thank you to both @Shuruia and @Dano! You have both, over time, provided a lot to GFL. In recent times however there has been a decreasing amount of activity which has lead to this moment. Moving Forward We have two members of the community who will be stepping up to fill the open positions. I want to welcome back both @Snoopy and @denros to the directorate. These two have both put a tremendous amount of time and energy into GFL and will be welcome additions to the directorate team. They have both been helping a lot since they stepped down and I believe it is time to make this official. We look forward to these changes in leadership and believe we are taking a step forward in the right direction. Thanks.
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    who cares about this gay shit i want a dislike button
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    Hi guys. It’s certainly nice to be back but I’m sure you guys have a few questions as to why I came back so quickly after stepping down. You’re more than welcome to ask them and I will do my best to answer them. In short the directors team was split into 2 groups after I left leaving little communication between the team slowly affecting the rest of the higher ups which then in turn had an effect on GFL. With the unfortunate loss of two of our directors we’re left with me, Denros, Roy and Rick who know each other very well and talk quite a bit on a frequent basis. The aim of this is to seriously increase the communication and the efficiency of the director team which in turn should have a good effect on the rest of GFL. It’s going to take a little time to get used to the rank again but that’s not going to hinder my performance one bit. With coming back to the directors team obviously I’m not going to just be sitting around as that defeats the object of me returning to GFL. I intend to work a lot with the HIgher Ups team and improve the communication and transparency of GFL. This will involve: Working heavily with the CAs (old and new) to strengthen the team as well as teaching and guiding the new CAs Improving the communication with the HIgher Ups by getting to know them all a lot better and starting weekly meetings with the staff team Attempt to organize staff meetings Keeping the community up to date with what is happening behind the scenes with update posts just like this one https://gflclan.com/forums/topic/12497-3-12-17-bi-monthly-division-and-staff-report-1/ Increasing the staff presence on our servers Hopefully we can see this as a positive step forward for GFL with bright things to come in the future. Just for those who don’t know me I’m Snoopy, or you can call me Connor as that’s my real name. I’ve been part of GFLs staff team for quite a long time. I started out in GFLs old TF2 server, climbing my way through the ranks from Server Admin, to Manager and finally to Division Leader. Me and my team brought our TF2 division back to life until the patch that everyone dreaded was released, “Meet Your Match” essentially killing any small TF2 communities off. Just before this happened I moved to the rank of Community Adviser to pursue a slightly different route in GFL which eventually led me to my Director position today. I was a Director previously at the beginning of this year but I had to step down for a bit due to work taking a massive toll on me since we had 2 people fired and 1 person left. Left me doing 50 hour weeks in a stressful sales environment aha. Fortunately I’m no longer doing that anymore.
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    Well, guys, lets see how well this goes. I'm going to try to get back into purge. Hopefully shit goes well, if not well then it doesn't. I just like remembering all the old faces and shit.
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    Hello, everyone. I am here to inform you that I am resigning from my position as a director. In the past few months, I’ve sadly lost a lot of my interest in GFL and especially its servers, reflecting badly on my activity within the community. Due to that, I haven’t done as much as a director should have (and I personally wanted to) for the community. I want to thank all the people that have helped me get to where I am/was in GFL from the beginning, as well as everyone who was there for/with me during that time. I am sorry for disappointing some people, I know I could’ve easily done better, but what happened that happened and I cannot change that. I hope I did more good than bad to the community overall. Since I am not leaving GFL, I will not make this too long and I won’t fill it with memorable people apart from two. @Infantry Thank you for welcoming me to the community and showing me how things are done. I’ve learnt a lot from you and am very grateful. I hope everything is going well for you in your life. You’re a true friend. @Roy Thank you for giving me the chance to improve GFL, I hope I didn’t disappoint you too much. And of course, thank you for showing me many things, teaching me new stuff and being a great friend and person to talk to. There are many others that I left out today but don’t worry, I’ll include everyone the day I leave GFL (whenever that may be). You know who you are and that I appreciate you. To the GFL members, thank you for having me as your director. I had a great time working on GFL for and with you, and hope that will continue even while I am not as involved with decisions. I am looking forward to seeing what the new boys can do and what GFL will be like in a few months’ time.
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    People keep asking about my thumb, so I'm just going to leave it in the member directory. Have a nice day.
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    The Prop Hunt Server has been in development for a while now and it is almost time for it to be released. When the server first opens up it is probably going to be be very busy and to keep things in order the server is going to need admins. I'm looking for about 4-5 people willing to be admins on the prop hunt server which will require you to: Follow and enforce the rules. Play for 4 hours each week ( preferably an hour each day ). Be an active part of the Prop Hunt community. Be responsible( and preferably likable ). If you are interested in applying MESSAGE me, I will not be responding to requests from this post. I also only ask of you to give me a description of why you want to be admin on the server (this doesn't have to be an essays length but if you want to make it that long go for it) and your steam ID. That's pretty much it . EDIT: Prior admin experience is preferred.
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    Hi, I recently got Manager position to help manage the ZS server, who knew! I'm glad to be even more a part of the community, I hope to bring new/lasting ideas and possibilities to ZS. inb4 memes about inactivity/nothing going to be done
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    So as some of you may have guessed, there is more to this than a simple "resignation". A public thread is not a suitable place for the related discussion that would ensue, so please PM me if you want the relevant details. In any case, it's a shame that it's come to this. I still love all of you, of course.
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    So I guess this is a goodbye from me! Sadly I am leaving because I want to focus more on my teenage years, you only live once ya know. The four years I’ve been in the community was wonderful. I got to know a lot of great people and I can’t thank you all enough. I can’t believe how far I have come, Senior Admin on one of my favorite servers. Some people may expect this as a surprise, others may be glad I am leaving. Unfortunately I may not come back, but I will be on the forums on my phone sometimes. Anyways, many of you have helped me through a lot even if you never knew. So again thank you all again, I hope everyone has the best in life. Now The Purge Team, Keep on being the greatest guys, just keep up with your activity and if you need anything just pm me on steam babes. Also don’t be so cancerous <3 @ButterKing5000 Buddy Ole Pal, you and a couple others were the first people I remember when I first joined Purge. Keep the good work up for Purge. @DaPainWayne - Brother, Keep The Da in this community baby. @AtomicHeadphones - The only Mainer here <3 @Dreamm - Love you babe, keep that temper and salt level down <3 @Darkling - My gay lover, I’m gonna miss you baby @flyingjoe32 - Baby you know I am more Senior than you. @JoelSmith - How could I forget my Gay lover and one of my greatest friends within the community, Pm me on steam sometime babe. @Maskiee - Gonna Miss you man, my How To Get Away With Murder Pal @Bae - Keep on being a sexual predator baby @ManyMore - Too many to write about sorry babes. Favorite Times
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    @EDMUNDKEMPER we know this, and we agree with you. Unfortunately getting admins isn't as simple as going and promoting random, new people, because they claim they will be good admins. I'd rather have a low amount of admins than admins that have no clue what they are doing and are only there to help quench their thirst for power. Not to mention this probably happened pretty late at night. Our admin team is more US/Canadian based from my understanding, so our time-zones restrict us from getting on at night (which I assume is when this occurred). Not to mention that different admins tend to go on vacations/breaks or just have some IRL issues in general. If you want to make a difference, I suggest not going and complaining on the forums, but rather go and make a formal player report here. Otherwise you can try for admin here. I will just go ahead and lock this, as it is not even constructive, but rather telling us what we already know.
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    We are discussing within multiple communities at the moment on whether we should hold a cross-community tournament on League of Legends. At the moment we are trying to gauge how many people from each community are interested in competing within this style tournament. I have spoken to many people who have shown interest in this and want to reach out to everyone. If you could all take a couple moments to fill this in https://goo.gl/forms/FKDmgdWmm5EeRki62. This is a questionnaire to help find out if we want to/ have enough interested people to enter a League event. Once you've filled it in could you make a post below to let me know. Thank you
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    Added 2. You cannot kill people for simply being near a raid. They must be directly next to/inside the base or interfering with the raid. (Ex: You cannot kill someone for trying to walk down the street with no intention of interfering because they are simply 'near' the raid)
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    Hey, that looks okay. Why don't we make a GFL Logo contest and see who makes the best one, for us to wear with pride as an avatar?!
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    Division Leaders: @Violator @Zebra Server Manager: @AtomicHeadphones Senior Admins: to be determined Admins: @Finnick @Gary @Jat02 @_Marshmello_ @mbs @Squanchy @Winter Trial Admins:
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    Notes Fixed status updates cutting off when "Use rich text format" is enabled after clicking "Read More" (Thanks for the report @Domps!). Code that fixed this issue: [data-role="statusFeed"] { display: block; } If you experience any other issues, please let @denros or I know! Thanks!
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    Hi, because of my interests of discussing religion over shoutbox, I decided to make a thread about it. I am Christian, and my denomination is Baptist. I go to church every Sunday and Wednesdays. My church is a member of SBC(Southern Baptist Convention). The following questions to ask: What is your religion? Does it have any denominations? Do you go to church or whatever? Do you use to be in any religion? If so, why did you stop? Note: If you unnecessarily post something that doesn't belong to this topic or going off-topic, I will report your post and have it hidden. (i.e saying hail satan, is not helpful to the discussions).
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    Welp, I setup SourceBans on the new web VM. Definitely seems faster and more responsive! Feel free to try it out here! The content should be the same as the current SourceBans but there are no demos uploaded. Once I completely move SourceBans to the new VM, I will upload the demos (1+ GBs). Very interesting!
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    Well if your penis is small you have something to fall back on.
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    The following people have been chosen for admin: @Jat02 @Winter @Finnick @Gary @Squanchy @_Marshmello_ Sorry that this was only open for a few hours but a lot of people saw this within those first few hours, if you are interested in becoming an admin in the future you will have to go through the application most other gmod servers have. including a sponsor and the +1 -1 system, and time and forum post requirements will be decided at a later date. Congrats to everyone that has been chosen for PH admin.
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    All is bared for the world to see.
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    GFL Prop Hunt MOTD Rules: Ghosting: Revealing another players spot when you are dead by telling the enemy team where they are, this includes hinting as well. If a player wants to give a hint they can do it themselves, It's their decision, not someone else's. Mic spam: Yelling/screaming in the mic, playing music or singing, using a voice changer, harassing other players, and holding down the mic button when you aren't talking are all considered mic spam. It's very annoying when you are trying to enjoy a game and someone is screaming in the mic. Please don't do this. Chat spam: Flooding chat with random messages, using binds excessively, saying the same thing in chat more than 3 times in a row, advertising, and harassing other players are all action that are considered chat spam. Hiding in illegal spots: When you hide in an illegal spot, you either can't be killed or be seen. This includes getting out of the map or hiding under cars. Impersonating an admin: Putting [Admin] before your name or changing your name so that it is the same as an admin is impersonation. This is bad because it can confuse new players and if they see that person doing something against the rules, they might think it is okay, without knowing that they are breaking the rules, or that the impersonator is not actually an admin. Threatening players or the community: Threatening other players or threatening the community is not tolerable on the prop hunt server, players who do so will be warned and asked to either stop or leave. Commands: F3 to access the shop or type !shop !menu to access the ulx menu R to toggle prop roatation Spacebar as a spectator to change spectating modes F7 or !jb to access the jukebox F2 to switch teams E to switch props TAB to view the teams and who is alive C to bring up taunt menu Type @ before you speak to speak with an admin Type !member to see how to apply for member Type !donate to donate to the server for special perks If you need to contact and admin, click here to see the admin list, from there you can contact one of the admins about any questions or problems you have.
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    It has been a pretty long time since I posted on GFL or even really talked to any GFL staff members but I think my time has come to resign from being an admin on the Zombie Mod server. It has been a dark time for the zombie mod server and I feel its finally time to leave it be and call it quits in my opinion. I have lost hope on reviving it, I really should say I lost hope a long time ago. I feel like it is not only time to stop being admin, its really my time to go and focus on other things since I'm young, only at 15 and I have things like exams coming up in a years time and I cannot dedicate any time in my life now to (I hate to say it but) dead servers. I have had a great time in this community, rising to Head Admin on the Zombie Mod, talking to all of the people here as you are my family and you made me the person I am to this day and built up my confidence to expand. I will be moving communities though to another fairly sized community who I have been with for over a year and some old friends over there have really helped me with my life as I wasn't in the best of conditions a couple of months ago (If you want to know the community, message me on steam). I guess this is farewell but I have a small amount of people to thank @SwegBuster Thanks for putting up with my shit for several months on the server, love you no homo. @GamerOwns Thanks for all the good times we shared on the Zombie Mod server and I hope to stay in contact with you in the future. @Syntax Thank you for at least trying to revive the Zombie Mod server after @GamerOwns resigned but I think its time to let go my friend @Roy Thanks for creating this community in the first place, without it I wouldn't be who I am today. @Vidmar Thanks for being one of the coolest Admins on Zombie Mod when you were active there. @Seemann Thanks you for just being and absolute legend, you'll always be a person I will remember. @denros You're a legend! Keep the community going with @Roy my friend! @RickGrimesTM You're also a legend so keep up the work! @Snoopy You're also get to be a legend, keep the community alive! Last but not least thank you all of the people in the community, you are the reason I love games to be honest. You kept me interested in CS and now I have a stupid 2700+ hours on it like a little bash. I will always love everyone here. Ill say again, you guys are my family and I will not stop loving nor will I forget you. I love you guys so much, thanks for all the good times. Goodbye you beautiful human beings (or whatever you identify as). Cat out <3
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    Our CoD4 HC FFA server is doing very well Starting to see a lot of regulars too! Hopefully once we can add admins, we'll start recruiting many players to the forums and TeamSpeak 3. I've also been learning a lot about NGINX and PHP. I'm going to start working on the new web machine for GFL soon! I'm excited for this new web machine!
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    I identify with Johawism i pray to Johaw everyday
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    Hello everyone, This guide will guide you step-by-step on how to setup a new identity, and having it idling in the Help Desk channel. This is mainly for those who are interested in being TeamSpeak 3 Admin and don't know how to get themselves 'noticed'. Disclaimer: My TeamSpeak 3 client is in the english language and may differ slightly from yours, due to version or other general modifications performed by both parties. Here's the guide itself: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 First thing first, open your TeamSpeak 3 Client. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2 Go to Tools > Identities or press CTRL+I (capital i) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3 - This may differ from yours depending if you have advanced options enabled. Advanced options are NOT needed to make this step. A window will pop-up where you will have 2 boxes • [ 1 ] Synchronized Identities (this is if you have a TeamSpeak 3 Account) • [ 2 ] Local Identities (Stored locally, unlike Sync ones) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4 Click on the Create button ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5 A new identity will show-up depending if you have a TS3 Account or not. • [ 1 ] You want to write something that is easy to understand which identity it is. • [ 2 ] This is the username that will show up in the server once you're connected. Write something such as 'Poke for Help' or 'Message for help' ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6 Click OK ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7 Go to Bookmarks > Manage Bookmarks or press CTRL + B ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8 Once in, a window like this will show-up: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9 Click on 'Add Bookmark' ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10 A new bookmark will appear, titled 'New Server' Fill it with the following details: Bookmark Name: GFL - Help Desk Nickname: Message for Help / Poke for Help etc Server Address: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 11 Click Apply and then OK ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 12 Connect to the server through Bookmarks ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 13 Once in the server, join the Help Desk Channel ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 14 Press CTRL + B to manage bookmarks again. In the Default Channel section, you want to click the button right next to it. OR, just copy paste this text into the 'Default Channel' form Lobby (Please Read Description!)/Help Desk Now, you can connect in new tab and connect with your default identity at the same time! Hope this helped.
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    So, as a large amount of you know, whenever you use a phone with these forums, you are limited with what you can do. For example, an admin, I like to use colors when I judge applications. I can't get an easy access to tools like color, text size, and other tools as I'd normally get on a computer. Of course, there's bb code, but that's a ridiculous pain considering I'm using a smart phone keyboard. There's another issue, too. I can't go onto someone's forum profile to find their steam profile. There's likely others too that I have not found or said, but all in all, I want to see more functionality on smart phones for the forum usage. Thanks. Oh and I can't put up a poll so another issue just found haha.
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    I tried playing Purge a while ago but it crashed
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    Get your shit together
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    - Added SCP-1162 (Thanks @Severely_Artistic) - To use, press e on the hole with an item in your hand.
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    @Kim @Leks First 16-0 game I think I've got.
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    New Directorate team: Zombie Killer Dog Drunk Indian Man i like it
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    Idk why i did this half of GFL already knows.
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    Hide and seek would be pretty easy to make, I'll go ahead and throw it together when I finish the rewrite. As a brief update for those interested I'm gonna go ahead and say we should have a working release of the rewrite by next Saturday.
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    Created the new web VM today and I'm very happy with the progress so far! I've also learned a lot about NGINX, PHP 7, Let's Encrypt (Certbot), and Ubuntu 16.04 overall! Looking forward to learning about more in the future. I've already moved some personal websites over to the new VM. This includes browser.tf and gopop.browser.tf!
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    I personally don't think it fits the theme of the forums.
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    Added: Lykan Hypersport is now available in the 3 car dealers for $3.4Million. (Based on it's real life cost according to this) Suggested by @Athlen Changed: Government/Bank jobs cannot sell to/use illegal dealers such as Meth, Weed, and Oil. (Weed was already like that) Government/Bank jobs cannot pickup or pocket illegal sellables such as Meth, Weed, or Fuel Buckets. They are also encouraged to destroy it. Jobs that are not allowed to base (I.E: Most government jobs, bank, etc.) are no longer able to purchase doors. It is still possible to buy a door and switch to one of those jobs and keep it (it is still against the rules though). Hits cannot be placed on Admin On Duty. Cops are forced to use the Bounty Hunter and can no longer use the Hitman or Hitman Pro.
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    Division Leader(s): @Deltacommander @HackingPotato Server Managers: [1v1] @CrusTi @GR1FF1N [BHop] @PaxPlay [Dust2 FFA DM 24/7] @Benroyjam [Jailbreak] @HackingPotato @Leks [Surf RPG DM] @Sleazoid [Surf TImer] @Zynth [TTT] @SwegBuster [Zombie Escape] @xSnowyAngel [Zombie Mod] No Manager. ( Resigned. ) Made this so it's easier for players to contact or know the CS:GO DL and SM. Feel free to edit this if there is something wrong on some areas or something needs to be added. Locked this when done. Removed 3 of the servers due to shutting down. Thank you @Bae for helping on some of the areas. Message one of the Division Leaders or Community Advisors to edit. Thanks.
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    Humble Bundle (www.humblebundle.com) has Shadow Warrior: Special Edition for FREE until 07/21. See: https://www.humblebundle.com/store/shadow-warrior-special-edition
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    Hey remember when the DLs had to do weekly updates w/ the managers Me neither
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    -1. Pros: Very active on the TTT server Fun Lighthearted player Lots of admin experience Cons: Senior admin on another server nothing unique to bring to the team I can in no way support you for admin on this server due to your lack of unique skills and your position as senior admin on jailbreak. please fill your obligation for other servers or resign if you want my support.
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    @Snoopy Welcome back my dude. I think it is time I come out of retirement
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    When you hit the highest noon of all time: @Shuruia