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  • GFL Newsletter - January 2021



    Hello, and welcome to this month's newsletter! A lot has changed since the previous newsletter - the Writing team is now a part of the Public Relations team, led by @Infra and @Salad! We will be aiming to publish newsletters every month from this point onward. As an added bonus, from now on, newsletters will include an Easter egg or two - if found, the first to claim it will be rewarded with a prize!


    For this month, there is a single Easter egg hidden within the newsletter. Be the first to find it and message @Salad (Salad#6564) or @Infra (Infra#0001) to claim your prize! This section will be updated once there is a winner. Good luck! 

    UPDATE: @kraken223 has found the Easter egg and has won 1 month of VIP!




    - @Dragoon


    From the 25th to the 31st of January, we had a week-long celebration for GFL's 10th Anniversary! There were several fun community events hosted by our Events team - click here to view the 10th Anniversary Community Events thread.


    We also had events across many of our game servers, with many exciting rewards given out - ranging from gift cards all the way to permanent VIP! Click here to view the 10th Anniversary Server Events thread.


    For a limited time during the 10th anniversary, permanent VIP was made available for purchase, at a price of $79.99! Even though the celebrations for our 10th Anniversary have ended, let us keep up the GFL spirit - here's to another successful year in GFL! Keep an eye out for more events hosted by the Events team.




    - @flamie Alexis


    In celebration of GFL’s 10th anniversary, we have announced the opening of our official GFL RedBubble Merchandise Store! Currently, there are a few designs available, including the GFL logo along with a few Pride themed variants, all designed by our Graphics Team Leader @Salad! For any suggestions or questions about the store, please message Salad on Discord (Salad#6564). Click here for more information and links to the various store pages.






    - @AMP


    With the monolithic success that Among Us has had over the past several months, we have decided to open up our own GMod-based twist on the game! Starting off, the 24-player server features its own custom version of Skeld alongside a Point-Shop for purchasing custom hats and models. 


    As with all other newly-added servers and game-modes, there are rules that need to be followed, all of which are courtesy of @Salad.


    Game-Play Rules:

    • Cheating or using scripts to gain an advantage over other players is strictly prohibited and will result in a permanent ban.
    • Abusing the report system to report players who have not broken the rules will result in a warning. Repeated violations will lead to a temporary ban.
    • Using 3rd-party services like Skype, Discord or TeamSpeak to share information about the game in a way that unfairly advantages any player is considered cheating and will result in a temporary ban. Repeated violations can lead to a permanent ban.
    • Do not intentionally delay rounds. Delaying includes purposefully not voting, purposefully not finishing tasks, purposefully not pressing the emergency button, and not killing within a reasonable amount of time (for Impostors only).
    • Staff has final say. If you have any issues, please contact the Server Manager (@Salad).


    Chat/Misc Rules

    • Advertising non-GFL servers is prohibited.
    • Harassment and usage of slurs is prohibited.
    • Sending spam messages/being overly-annoying over text or voice chat is prohibited.
    • Pretending to be an admin or any other user is prohibited.
    • NSFW/Gore sprays and profile pictures are prohibited.
    • Please only speak in English, to the best of your ability.
    • Abuse of the admin call feature is prohibited.


    Feel free to connect to the server using this link: steam://connect/

    Have fun! Don’t go into Electrical alone, though...




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