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  • A basic guide for beginners in Garry's Mod

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    Hello and welcome to garry's mod beginner's tutorial! So let's get started.

    1. When you first enter the game, the main thing is to set the screen resolution and graphics: Options - Resolution - Advanced

    2. The keys are also the basis of the game, so we set the numbering as we want, but everything is already set as needed, when you want to restore the settings, press RESTORE TO DEFAULT and reset all to default, when you want to turn on the console, you must enter EDIT KEY and when you want to delete simply highlight it once and press the CLEAR BUTTON.

    3. Another important thing is to set the language in the lower right corner between such pad and the SANDBOX inscription.

    4. Setting the game mode is very important, choose Trouble Terrorist or sandbox, if you want to play with all the possibilities of the game, i.e. doing poses, driving a car, welding npc and other things available in the game, choose a sandbox.

    5. Game textures and game items are very important as not all maps are in the stock texture engine, so what do you need to do? we enter such a pad in the lower right corner and there are shown all valve games that you can turn on if you have X next to them or they are crossed, which means that you do not have this game, to play garry's mod you must have at least these games: Counter-Strike Source, Counter-Strike Global Offensive, Left 4 dead 2, after you install them, they will be assigned to these textures, then you can select them and you can play on maps that require these games without errors or pink textures.

    6. Map, i.e. a world in which we can play and create various things, also have fun, when we have garry's mod without any activated textures, we have a choice of 2 maps: gm_construct, i.e. a map with a river, 2 blocks, 1 large hangar in it's dark and when we go lower we have a large glass on this map you can play with the NPC and do various things and the second map is a gm flatgrass which is a map with a large space and a huge hangar where you can do various scenes and create duplicates or records that can be later to share.

    7. When we have selected the map by pressing F1, when we press, we get a menu with: Your spawnlists which we have: Construction props, Comic props, then we have: Half Life 2: Characters or characters with whom you can make scenes, animations and various things animations can be done, but when we have some experience and special additions, Vechicles, i.e. cars from this game and Items, i.e. models of cartridges, boxes and such, then we have a builder, i.e. in short, we can find wooden roofs, floors, tires, shutters, glass bulletproof and usually, then we have Explore add-ons and games in it, what's in add-ons? models that we download from the gary's mod workshop, but I will mention it later and we have games such as effects, weapons, furniture, radgolls, etc. from a given game.

    8. So, as we did everything below, I have a choice of weapons by moving the mouse wheel, i.e. pistols, shotguns, smg, rpg and grenades and a tool gun and a camera, so we enter the menu and choose a prop from the menu and what next? he will create himself before us and what? simple, we take out the physic gun and move the object and press the left button as much as it is necessary to move it to a given place and if we want to immobilize or freeze it, press the right mouse button, of course, when we hold this object, when we want to rotate it in different directions, press the left button and then we rotate . Well, that's it for my basic beginner's guide. If the guide helped you, leave a comment, share with your friends.


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