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  • Advanced CS:GO Guide

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    CS:GO is the world’s most famous shooter, which has attracted the attention of every gamer worldwide. Therefore we need to know all the ways that will help us to achieve maximum results in the game. 

    Let's start from optimizing PC:

    If you do not have a super powerful computer, but really want to play CS: GO, then you should make sure that your PC is ready to withstand high loads.

    There are some simple rules to optimize PC for playing CS:GO:

    • Keep your computer clean: both inside (do not download any third-party software) and externally (do not forget to periodically clean it from dust)
    • Update the drivers! One of the most simple but effective rules, which can sometimes give a boost which is equivalent to buying a newer video card
    • Close all third-party software before starting the game! Especially browsers! Having a test with an open browser and closed, you will be surprised how much Google Chrome eats memory.

    Launch settings


    Many players do not know what startup settings are. In short, these are special console commands that are automatically applied when you are entering the game. So there is no need to apply them each time.

    Wondering how set launch settings?

    • Right-click the game icon in the Steam games library
    • Select Properties
    • Click Set Launch Settings to enter the needed commands


    Here is just a small list of useful commands:


    -novid - skips loading video in the begging of a game

    -console - turns on the console in the game

    -freq “number” - the screen refresh rate, for example 120 (-freq “120”)

    -high - high priority game launch.


    Not forget about gaming devices.

    Adjust the sensitivity you need, depending on your mouse. In order to correctly determine at what value it is easiest for you to play, try on the training map to quickly aim the bots that will run out from around the corner, or simply move along a certain route - this way you will immediately understand whether the set value effectively reflects your aim. If the motion is too sharp and sometimes “overpowers” through the enemy, you should set the value lower and try again.


    Unfortunately, this is not the end.. I offer you to read this advanced csgo guide to be aware of all actions to improve your skills.

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