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  • How to set up an offline CSGO server with csgosl [MIGRATED]

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    How to set up an offline CSGO server with csgosl

    csgosl is an open-source tool used to install and configure a CSGO server within a graphical interface.



    • Download the latest csgosl zip for your operating system on  https://github.com/lenosisnickerboa/csgosl/releases.
    • Extract the content of the zip file into the folder you want to install the server into.
    • Start the csgosl.vbs (if you're on linux csgosl.sh)
      • When you're starting it the first time it'll tell you that there is no CSGO server installed. Klick 'I understand'.
      • This should now look like this:


    • Klick on "Install Server". This will install steamcmd if not installed and then start it and download a CSGO server.
    • Once finished restart csgosl.
    • Klick 'Start Server' to start the server.



    Inside the graphical interface, you can edit the settings (you have to save the settings if you change something before you start the server.

    If you edit the config files itself changes will be overwritten!



    To connect start CSGO first and then start the gameserver through csgosl. Then tab back into the game, go into the server browser, select the LAN tab and your server should show up.


    Next, you have to add yourself as sourcemod admin:

    1. Find out your SteamID. (Go ingame, type status in console) It should look like this: STEAM_1:1:12345678
    2. Go into the Sourcemod tab in csgosl and paste the ID into  the admins field
    3. Save all settings
    4. Restart server or change map


    If you want to know how to install plugins look at this post.

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