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    • 10/10/2016


    • [Done] Use an official cron job for IPS 4 tasks instead of relying on traffic.
    • [Done] Set up an cron job to check if TeamSpeak 3 is online.
    • [Done][Perf] Enabled query caching.
    • [Done][Perf] Steam Feed from the Footer now grabs from an XML file on our website (XML file is updated every 25 minutes).
    • [Done][Perf] Improved receiving the PayPal balance on the progression bar widget.
    • [Done][Perf] Improved SourceBan's ban list performance (removed "Total Bans" row from each ban).
    • [Done][Perf] Major improvements to the back-end to increase performance.

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    I've tweaked our IPS 4 application. I marked what I changed with [Perf] (stands for "performance") tags. With these changes, I've noticed a slight improvement when loading the website. Also, the website shouldn't "randomly" time out when the website can't access the Steam/PayPal API with these changes.


    I still have a few big changes to make to the back-end that I hope decreases the loading time from the server greatly.


    If you experience any issues, please let me know!



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